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EXO reaction to finding out their girlfriend is a foreigner

justmyfur said: What would exo’s rejections be to finding out that their gf is actually a foreigner because they hear their gf talk to an old friend in her original language ( like in german for example ) Sorry for the bad english I hope you understand anyways


Suho: What? Really? Let me feel the back of that foreign head of yours

Baekhyun: I’m sorry but… is there a reason you didn’t tell me?

Chanyeol: What are those noises coming out of your mouth?

Chen: *tries to speak whatever language you were speaking but fails and laughs it off*

D.O: What else do I not know about my jagi?

Kai: Huh? Why didn’t you tell me this before?

Kris: Come here and explain to me why you haven’t told me this yet

Lay: *stares in admiration* My jagi is so perfect…

Luhan: Ohhhhhhh that explains a lot

Xiumin: Wait…that was a different language…so either she is bilingual…or she isn’t from here…

Tao: Plz, I already knew that. Now let me read some real news


sarangkaeyon  asked:

Emma~ How would Jaebum and Jackson react to their super badass girlfriend using aegyo for the first time on them? [Yes, I only asked about JackBum, but that's only because I don't see MarkJin having a badass girlfriend! XD] Thank you~ - Sarang-unnie

Good thing ‘cause I can’t imagine them either :3

Jackson: I have a feeling that aegyo won’t work on Jacks’ XD He’d know that she’s using it against him. He’d be surprised at first “Oh oh oh~~ Hold on a minute.. Did you just..? [insert the gif]  OHMYGOD!! You? Doing aegyo?Since when??” Then he’ll start laughing (not in a mean way) and teasing her about it and she’ll end up regretting even wanting the thing in the first place and he’ll probably also go and make a big fuss out of it and tell everyone. I see him also whining about it. He’d do whatever she wanted (most of the time) but not without complains “Hey that’s not fair you know.. You’re cheating..” “Those are my cookies, you ate yours already” “You’re playing dirty girl~~”

I’m sorry if you were waiting for some fluff we’re talking about Jackson you see.

Jaebum: She would definitely caught him off guard. He wouldn’t expecting it so he might take some time standing like an idiot murmuring “Uhm.. Uh..” But eventually she will get what she wants plus an adorable Im Jaebum with red flushed cheeks. He would be secretly fangirling on the inside and he might or might not say whisper   “youshoulddoitmoreoftenbecauseuhmyoulookcuteandyeahishouldprobablygonowdontmindmeimjustblabbinghehebyebye”