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Helena Vocals + Acoustic
My Chemical Romance
Helena Vocals + Acoustic

a very rough mix of the isolated vocals + live acoustic performance of helena. I pretty much just wanted to see what the two would sound like together so I used my very basic knowledge of audacity to produce… whatever this is. enjoy.

Top 9.5 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

Hello my dears,

Hope you’re having a productive weekend (and are prioritising any upcoming exams over blogging… *nervous sweat bead*). And if you’re not being so productive, fear not! I know writer’s block is a pain - wait… I’ve got a better idea - fun anecdote time!

I once went to an author event, and heard Patrick Ness (author of More Than This, A Monster Calls, etc) say something along the lines of “I wish I earned enough to afford so-called ‘writer’s block’”. If I can find the exact quote, I’ll give it to you. I thought it was a great point at the time. It motivated me for a while, the knowledge that if a writer doesn’t write, a writer doesn’t eat. It worked great… until a few weeks later when I next found my head on my desk as all creativity abandoned me. But writer’s block doesn’t have to stop you in your tracks. Tackle it right, and all will be well, oh fellow author. Here’s my recommendations for how to beat a creativity crash (just thought of that phrase, I’ll admit I’m pretty proud). Anyway!

1. Change your surroundings.
Perhaps the obvious one, but there’s a reason for that! It works! How long have you been staring at that monochrome greyish wall behind your laptop? Is that sofa even slightly comfy? Or likewise, are you too comfy? Do you need a more productive workspace?

2. Take care of yourself.
Again, maybe obvious, but of course you can’t write if you’re dehydrated, or bursting for a pee (you’ve been holding it in for ages as you try to force out another sentence, haven’t you). Eat something, change your clothes, take your meds, get fresh air, have a shower, have a nap! Replenish yourself, you deserve it. This also pairs with the last one, and gives you time away from your writing project. It’s one of those 'it’ll come to you when you’re not thinking about it’ scenarios.

3. Talk about your writing project.
Find a friend, relative, significant other, goldfish, stranger etc. Tell them what’s been going on in your fictitious world. Pitch your book to them. Yes, I know you’re most likely an introvert and hate the thought of this, but your book needs you. And you’ll be amazed how interested people are by the concept of an author. People generally really love to hear this stuff.

4. Read some fiction.
Immerse yourself in somebody else’s world, get to know their characters and writing style, if not for analysis of their techniques then for a bit of fun and escapism.

5. Read some non-fiction.
Specifically on writing techniques. If you know exactly what you’re stuck on, get online, there are hundreds of free eBooks to be downloaded to help you to improve. I hear if you’re stuck on say, prologues, or tense scenes, there’s some great bloggers out there with a wealth of information… ;)

6. Do some marketing.
The other big side of being a modern-day author, especially if you’re self-publishing. You’re never finished. Go and do some networking, design a new advert or look up writing events you might attend. Revise your pre-existing blurb, get the word out about your project. This gives you some reflection time and helps you think about what really matters in your book, and means you’re staying productive.

7. Get the tunes on.
I talked about this in my last post, but it’s still relevant. Play some music, to accompany your writing or simply to listen and absorb some creative vibes.

8. Write something else.
This one’s a bit of a gamble, as it might end up becoming the centre of your attention. Don’t let that happen. Try some flash fiction, or poetry. Write a 2,000 word spin-off scene focusing on one of your side characters, or if story prompts are your thing, go on Tumblr or Pinterest, where there’s a plethora of blogs posting nothing but prompt after prompt. Find one that appeals to you and do what you will with it to get those writing juices flowing (that’s an awful phrase, I’m never using it again).

9. Refer to your outline.
You spent a long time planning this project, detailing plot points from start to finish. Have a read over it and see where you are and where the next big moment is, and assess how you can get there. Or, if your outline is only very basic, or even non-existent -

9.5 Backtrack and make an outline.
Go back a few scenes and bullet point (or making a timeline works for me) all that’s happened recently. All the movements and interactions. Then, skip ahead a little way and write the little things you’re planning for the next bit. Like a fill-in-the-blanks activity. And seriously consider an outline for the rest of your story.

How do you personally beat writer’s block? Any ancient wisdom you could impart? Or has this post helped you reach a solution? Let me know down in the comments!

Take care of yourself,

Hazel. :)

After Nationals

Request: Hey there! All good? I was wondering if you could a Seb fic where there’s a party after nationals (you can choose which glee club won; the reader in part of new directions) and all the glee clubs that were competing were there. And the reader is dating Seb but no one knows, so all night he has to watch her dancing with other people until a romantic song comes up and he’s like “screw it!” And leads her to the dance floor and its all fluuuuffyyyy?! 😍😍😍 I hope you can! Take your time, thanks xx

Notes: So, I’m actually pretty happy with this fic and how it turned out, there are some points where Sebastian says stuff I don’t normally associate with him, but I’m still happy with it, I hope you guys will be, too. 

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Reader x Tyler

“You’re going to be my date right (Y/N)?” Tyler asked and you nodded.

“Matt, are you going?” You asked, ignoring Tyler showboating in front of the other people that had gathered around him.

“I don’t know I have work.” He admitted and you pouted.

“Well I could always sneak in and help, like when the other bartender called in sick.” You offered and he shook his head.

“Unfortunately, as amazing a bartender you are, I’d get fired for letting you work unemployed, also they’d hire you to replace me.” He chuckled when you grinned.

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anonymous asked:

Hello there! I love the comics and artwork you've created and was wondering how you stay dedicated with making your longer comics. I have a lot of trouble staying dedicated to the comics I'm making due to wondering what people will think of it and feeling like I can't draw anything else until the comic is done. How do you stick with making larger comics and how do you stop yourself from being in a self created art block?

hi there! thank you!!

that’s a tough question though since as of now i don’t really have particularly long comics and this tends to be a pretty personal journey that people go through to figure it out! and i wonder the same thing about people who make graphic novels!! though now i’m starting to understand more about what works and what doesn’t work regarding sticking to a longer story so i’ll try to put a list and some advice that maybe will help! :o

1. don’t go into your project expecting a masterpiece! you’re gonna stress over every little thing about the comic, editing and editing and obsessing until you get frustrated and tired of your comic because it’s not PERFECT and it’s taking you forever to make 1 or 2 pages

2. make your comics for YOU not for other people! while receiving praise from other people is fantastic, you aren’t going be satisfied with your work if that’s what you rely on to feel like you did a successful job. praise should be icing on the cake, not your reason for working

3. change your definition of ‘success’! it’s easier said than done like all this stuff, but it’s something to consider! success shouldn’t mean getting famous. it shouldn’t even be getting a certain amount of notes or anything either if you’re just starting out and you don’t have a following. if you’ve never made a longer comic before, success should simply be FINISHING! once you’ve done that you can set higher goals for yourself

4. ask yourself why you care so much about what other people think! are you afraid of a lack of response? or maybe an actual negative response? don’t let this stop you from making your comics! who cares what people think honestly, like for real!!! if they like it? fantastic!! if they don’t like it? it’s whatever, they’re entitled to their opinion and taste! i know it’s hard to hear–everyone wants people to like their stuff and it’s hard to hear hear/see negative comments. but!

you could make the best thing ever and some people still won’t like it just because it’s not their taste, not because it’s actually bad. like harry potter is super famous and praised and all this stuff and i think most people think it’s good!! but there are some people who just don’t like it or it’s not their thing! and that’s fine! it’s also a book that has some issues but people still enjoy it anyway, if that’s any sort of consolation. and there are tons of classic books that everyone’s gotta read in high school because they’re known for being amazing and wonderful and world changing or whatev but chances are you didn’t like every single one. the only time i think it’s fair to be concerned over what people think would be like…if you made something super messed up like horribly stereotyping a group of people or being real homophobic or something of that nature? in which case you should do your research but i doubt that’d be an issue haha.

5. keep drawing/writing! you are way more likely to get stuck in an art block if you stop drawing and writing. so if you’re in a tough spot in your comic or you’re feeling kind of tired, switch to something else and go back to it. if you’re not on a deadline for the comic then don’t worry about feeling this need to always and only be working on it. do it at your own pace! there’s no reason you can’t work on multiple things at once or take a break from your comic to draw other stuff for fun! you SHOULD be doing that!! everyone needs a breather from their work

6. make sure you are passionate about your story and your characters! you need to really love and enjoy what you’re working on to be able to keep it going for a long time 

7. don’t overcomplicate your story. keep it simple to start! you can add complexity as you go but if you’re worrying about complicated forshadowing and plot details and all this stuff you’re gonna get really burnt out and frustrated. you want an interesting and meaningful story but you can have one without having one thousand crazy plot things happening. one of my teachers says something i like which is “keep it simple, but not simplistic.”

this is what i got for now, i’ll add more to it if i think of stuff! hope this could help!! :’)

I really don’t care if this is going to insult people. Feel free to hate me after you saw this, I don’t mind. I love Mercy76 , I even understand why people ship Reaper x Mercy, Reaper x Soldier or Genji x Mercy. I’m someone who’s able to tolerate every ship and I would never ever tell someone that they and/or their pairing are shit. Everybody has a different taste and that’s totally fine with me. Just live and let live. But if someone insults me and tries to tell me that I shouldn’t ship this or that pairing… well, then they cross a line.
I don’t like Pharah. Never did, she’s one of my last favourite heroes and besides that, I don’t like Pharmercy. This doesn’t mean I’m dumb, gross, an asshole or homophob. Hell, I even support Reaper76 and McHanzo, but people don’t seem to care about that. I don’t understand the whole Pharmercy-Pairing and it just doesn’t appeal to me.
But that’s not a reason for me to write hate messages, nor a reason to insult people or tell everybody on the internet how much I don’t like this ship. I don’t go to the tags to tell people how dumb they are for shipping it. No, I rather stay in my lawn, being happy with my OTPs and with people who also ship it. I don’t have the time nor the energy to insult people.
On this day, it’s a little bit different. I got another hate-mail out of the blue and I got insulted again.
It’s funny that it’s ALWAYS the Pharmercy-shippers who shit on my pairings. I even got followers who like other pairings than Mercy76 and yet they like my stuff. I’m so happy to hear nice things from them, without any kind of hate. I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty angry and upset to get another message full of hate, so that’s why I made this comic. I hope some poeple can understand the way I feel, and don’t worry: I know that there are people out there who ship Pharmercy and don’t hate people for shipping anything. And I do know that there are M76 shippers who are pieces of shit. But it has only happened to me with people who ship Pharmercy, even though I don’t want to insult the whole group. It’s just about the people who hate on everything I do.

Deaf Awareness Week

Hi there! May is for many different things. EDS awareness, fibro, celiac, CF, a bunch of other stuff. 

This week is Deaf awareness week.

Here’s something you didnt know about me: I have moderate conductive hearing loss due to EDS (which is progressive). I wear hearing aids and use assistive technology to get by. 

I am oral and I dont know ASL or lip reading, but im trying to learn. 

I need captions to watch TV or Youtube videos. 

I like to use CART (real time captioning) in group conversations. 

When talking to me please face me and speak clearly. 

There are 25 million people in the united states with some level of hearing loss

most insurance doesn’t cover hearing aids but will cover cochlear implants

Deaf culture is a thing and being hearing isn’t inherently better than being Deaf. 

Everyone (especially people with chronic illness) should get a hearing test every year, just like you get an eye test. 



“Scott and Y/N”

Your head snapped up and soon as you heard your teacher say both your names,

“Wait what? I’m with Scott?” You questioned

“Yes Y/N, you are with Scott. That won’t be a problem will it?”

“No, no problem, of course not, pshhh” yeah except the fact that you’ll blush every single time you look at him.

His uneven jaw line, his beautiful eyes, that dorky smile, his body oh god his ab-

“Y/N?” Scott said, waving a hand in front of your face

“Yes Scott?”

“Are you ready to start?”

“Start what?” You asked confused

“The project, are you okay?”

“The project? Oh yes the project of course! I’m fine Scott, really really fine”

“Okay then, lets go!” He cheered as he held the door open for you.


“Alright Y/N all you have to do is walk down the hall, maybe wink at a few guys, or girls whoever you want and I’ll monitor their reactions”

“Reactions?” You looked at Scott for clarification

He gulped, “ You know, like their Body Language, facial expressions, If they flirt with you and stuff”

“Alright okay, im going” you said, then you took a deep breath in

“You haven’t moved yet?”

“I just need a moment” you gasped

Pick up line after pick up line were used on you from most people you spoke to, some were flattering, others not so much.

None of the guys who flirted with you was the one you wanted it to be. Scott. He’s the one.

“I swear to god Scott if I hear one more pick up line I’m going to explode!”

“Well you should probably cover your ears then”

“What? Wh-”

“Roses are red-” Scott started

“Oh god, please stop”

“Violets are blue-”

“Please Scott, no more” you pleaded

“Lava is hot-”

“Scott!” You warned

“And so are you” he finished

You looked at him trying to fight a smile. He may be cheesy but he is sure as hell cute.

“Really Scott?” You laughed

“What? I had to!” He exclaimed

“Why?” You needed to know why he would say something so terribly adorable

“Because I would like to take you out on a date” he said smiling, “what do you say?”

“Roses are red, violets are blue, Okay Scott, I’ll give you a shot!”

I have a college friend of Syrian and Lebanese descent, her mom is a catholic born in Venezuela but raised in a Lebanese community, to the point she has a very thick accent when speaking spanish, and her dad is an orthodox Syrian immigrant from Aleppo, whom moved here some 20 years ago. 

Today I spoke with her a lot about her family, as I’m very interested in the culture of those places, as some of you already know, and man, it’s been a shock hearing her talk about how restrictive and racist her parents are, they hate Venezuelans, they hate us Colombians even more, and they have been trying their hardest to get my friend married to an Arab man, setting her up with various “dates” with men far older than her that can only be described as creeps, basically disregarding her feelings in favor of this weird “racial purity” they want to maintain in their family and community. 

Thankfully she managed to break away from all that crap, as her boyfriend is a Venezuelan of colombian descent, her best friend is a very open homosexual man, also a friend of mine, and she’s not afraid to show just how little she cares about her parents’ views, so she’s proof that regardless of your upbringing, you can be a good person as long as you keep an open mind.

Also, she tells me she has lost a lot of family in Syria, as half of them are trapped inside Aleppo, others in Damascus, and they don’t know the whereabouts of about a dozen people, not to mention, she recently lost a cousin to a regime airstrike, and another one, sister to the former, to a lung infection, apparently as a result of all the toxins lingering in the air after so much bombing and shelling. 

So yeah, I still love arab culture, but hearing this stuff first-hand has shaken some of my views deeply. 

WOW ! can you believe it’s been a YEAR? i started this blog with just mina and i’ve been able to write so many different characters because of you guys, i met so many wonderful writers and amazing people here, coming on this blog everyday makes me really happy ♡ this blog, the muses here and even my writing have grown so much over the past year and i have to thank everyone here for it, you’re all the best! also i’ve been procrastinating this bias list since like,,, two milestones away so expect an icon giveaway soon for it too~ i still can’t believe there’s so many people that think i’m worth following, thanks everyone so much for everything, ilu all  ♡

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The LGBT Community And The Church

(I already posted this on Deviantart a long time ago, but I felt I should post this here too.)

I know I’m gonna get loads of hate for this, but I feel led to post this.
Recently I’ve been hearing more and more stuff about lgbt people against Christians who believe same sex marriage and transgenderism is wrong. They called us gay haters, homophobic, bigots, and a slew of other bad names. But that’s not what we are. I know there are some who call themselves Christians that either accept lgbt as ok, or those who truly do hate these people. But neither approach is right. They’re not being godly by doing this. (for those who profess to be Christian and think transgenerism/same sex marriage is ok, I urge you to read Romans 1:18-32 and pay special attention to verses 26 and 27. And read it from the New King James version of the Bible, not the newer versions that are more than likely watered down.)

The fact of the matter is, transgenderism and same sex marriage is wrong. The Bible states this clearly as a sin (see the reference above). And as such, we simply cannot support such practices. We just can’t. It’s not that we hate people who do this. I certainly don’t. But I feel sorry for them. I know that abuse, peer pressure, and many other things can come into play when people decide they no longer want to be the gender they’re born to be, or that they don’t want to marry/date a person of the opposite sex. I know that much hurt a lot. But doing that won’t fix the hurt. only God’s love can fix it.
Of course, transgenderism and same sex marriage isn’t the only sin that exists in the world. There are many others, and God equally hates all sin. No matter if it’s transgenderism, murder, or lies. All sin is the same in His eyes. And because we all sin, we’re all in danger of falling into hell when we die. Some people might not think hell is so bad. But it’s a place far worse than anyone can humanly imagine. Think of the most painful way possible to die. Then stretch that pain out to where it lasts for infinity. It’s even worse than that. And because our first ancestors disobeyed God and took the fruit of knowledge of good and evil at the temptation of the devil, we’re all doomed to suffer that.
But there’s a hope for us. God sent Jesus to earth, as both God and man, to die in the most gruesome way possible. and be resurrected on the third day. He died in our place. For each and every one of us. That’s how much He loves us. And in doing this, He provided a way for us to join Him in heaven–the exact opposite of hell. He covers your sin in His own blood. And that blood washes you white as snow, so you can be accepted through the gates of heaven. That is the one and only way we will be saved. No other religion will save you. No other religion is the same. In order to take advantage of that blessing, we have to confess our sins to Him, ask for forgiveness, and ask for help in loving Him and doing His will.

Of course that isn’t easy. Many Christians make it think that’s easy, but it really isn’t. Jesus Himself expressed that the gate is narrow. (Matthiew 7:13-14) You’ll have to risk many things. Your friends and family may hate you for your faith. Satan and his demons will try every way possible to beat you down and break you. Holding onto God during troubled times seems impossible. And sometimes you might let go and slid backwards. But God won’t let go. No matter how many times you sin again, God will welcome you back if you repent. Even if it happens 1,000 times, He’ll still take you back that 1,000th time. Sounds like an impossible love, but God can do the impossible. You may even have to die for your faith. It’s hard to believe that won’t happen here, but all around the world, Christians really are dying for their faith. America is one of the few exceptions to that so far, but we will even be persecuted even to death here too. It might not be immediately, but it’s coming someday. But even with all these hardships, the reward is more than worth it. With God’s love, you don’t have to fear dying.

That’s not to say Christians can’t be friends with lgbt people or other sinners. Far from it! We’re supposed to show kindness and love to these people, just like God shows love to us. It’s not the people we don’t like. It’s the sin. And we’re not trying to be pushy or disruptive when we tell others about our faith. We’re spreading the wonderful Gift Jesus has provided for us, and we want to save as many people from the depths of hell as we can. And the church that says lgbt things are ok is making this hard. They’re not being biblical when they say this. And more people need to call them out for it. Same for those who truly do hate on/judge those who aren’t Christians. There are few who are truly believers. It’s a sad fact, but it’s true. But by making this journal, I hope to make some people think, and move toward joining God’s family. God bless you all! 

In all honesty I would fully understand Paramore being completely done with going on social media and having all their mentions being people saying, “When’s the album gonna be done?”

First of all, they’re not working on commission for us. It’s not like they’re obliged to make the album we want, when we want it. Fans need to stop acting like we’re entitled. Art is first and foremost for the artist. Paramore have always been a band that focuses on self-expression and they make it clear they make music for themselves, so let them make it the way they want to in the time they need. Let them enjoy it. They don’t need to release another album. They’re a huge band who have been working from their early teens, they can live just letting what they already have out there sell with the money they will have earned and saved. This is their baby. 

They also probably don’t know how long it’s going to take. Not everyone knows what goes into making an album, but there’s a lot. It isn’t just going into a studio and writing a song every day. There’s songs I’ve personally been writing that have taken months because I want to get them perfect and have the right structure, add the right embellishments, work on the right harmonies. Even songs that take a day to write can take longer to mix to perfection.

Then there’s meeting with the label to pitch your album and see if they’re happy with it too. There’s a whole load of promotion that needs to be planned out - it isn’t just “Hey let’s release this single tomorrow!” PR have actual plans worked out. Interviews that are planned, contacts in different magazines/radio stations etc to see who can promote it and when. There’s people who listen to singles and songs and review them to be put on the album covers to promote it more. The artwork has to be designed, they have to decide how to premiere the singles and who with, and that’s after deciding which songs are single-worthy. 

It’s a lot of work. Appreciate it, guys. Let them do their thing. Don’t pressure them and turn something they love into something that causes them stress. I know what it’s like to be in that position and it isn’t nice. They’ve played with us, they’ve laughed about the constant tweets, and now it just seems to be getting old. It isn’t everyone, of course, but some people are just crossing the line.

Like maybe when Hayley tweets about something close to her heart, like promoting other women in the industry, or her religious or political views, or her family, don’t go, “Cool but NEW ALBUM.” Like appreciate what she’s trying to say instead of completely ignoring her and whining because she isn’t telling you about the stuff you want to hear. Fans need to stop being so damn entitled and impatient.

Anyway, rant over.

Get it Right (1/?)

Sebastian Stan/reader. 

This is my first time doing fanfic so I’d love feed back!

Originally posted by jamesbuchananbarnesisbae

“Our next guest is an up and coming singer-songwriter who is setting the world ablaze with her latest single ‘got it right’. Please welcome (y/n)!” I hear Ellen say my introduction from off stage and have to be reminded by the stagehands that I need to start walking. I can’t believe I’m here, on Ellen. I was just a normal girl living in Wisconsin and playing my ukulele for fun when I started writing songs and I guess they were good enough to be picked up by a record label. I honestly don’t know how it happened, I just know I’m incredibly thankful that it did.

As I’m walking out onto the stage I force a smile on my face. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely happy to be here, but my nerves are definitely kicking in. I give Ellen a hug once I’m close enough and give the audience a small wave before taking my seat and crossing my legs.

“(y/n), it’s so great to have you here”

“It’s great to be here” I reply with a smile.

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be-more-boyf-riends  asked:

okay so for ur RichJake stuff!! I have a headcanon that, after the original party at Jake's house, everyone makes fun of Rich and constantly taunts him for the fire. They mock him for it and despite the fact he probs has PTSD from the incident, they won't let him forget it. But!! Jake!! Is like!!! How dare u touch my strong strawberry BF and he gets /so angry/ at ppl for it! He knows Rich can very easily handle himself but hearing other ppl talk about his bf like that makes him so angry! il them

jake overhears some people talking bad about rich and hes ready to FIGHT and rich is like hey dude its fine i dont care but jake insists he will Protect ™ but people are also like jake why are you still friends with the guy who burned down your house? you deserve better and that really hits rich and jake sticks up for him and hes all like because hes my best friend!!! my boyfriend!!! 

anonymous asked:

What bothers me most is after Louis tweeted in the comments section people instantly started blaming larries for stuff. Some one said, "it's good to know everyone supports each other, much love to the family." And an anti came and said, "stop making everything about Larry! Its not real they don't want to hear about it!" Like they go out of their way to bash Larry even before it's mentioned

i was hoping that people could put their differences aside just this once and act like adults. it’s not about what you believe for crying out loud. harry just lost a parent.

Black Sails Episode 5; The Moment Silver Realizes Madi Done Drunk The Flint Koolaid

And It is killing him softy as fuck! Omg my bae is unraveling over his queen and it’s breaking my soul and yet I love it.

“Flint’ s War.”

It’s like even though Silver is still committed to the cause there’s this other side of his brain fully waking up to the knowledge that they are all fucked. It’s becoming entirely to unnatainable and yet as Billy said, they keep following Flint down this rabbit hole but the wrench in this is Silver watching from the outside as Madi plunges.

I love how Silver perks up every time he sees Madi. There’s this yearning in his expression that somehow everything is ok when she is there. It’s very clear she is precious to him though we’ve heard it already. It’s clear she is THE most important person to him.

While both Billy and Flint are friends to Silver and vice versa Silver has always been a pawn to be used. They’ve both been propping him up just to be in control which shows in some ways a lack of faith in BOTH sides that Silver can ACTUALLY lead.

Which is why it is so poignant that Madi is the only one who thinks that he doesn’t need anyone to be a King. Also imo why he really will step up knowing she’s hurt or in danger the next few episodes. I think BOTH don’t understand how much they need that tether to each other. Silver is going to go into some Woodes Rodgers territory on that island giving no fucks about no one.

This review is all over the place but I think so much stuff happened with Silver this episode. What’s noteworthy is that Silver DOES know that Billy is right. He does hear exactly what Billy was saying and alarm bells were going off. I mean even when it came to choosing he thought foremost of his choice effected Madi, her mother, and her people.

As Billy said, it was Flint’ s deal with the Maroon people not his OR Silver’s and Silver is still following Flint of whom now Mask is tied because of the fate of her people.

Can we talk about this “what is enough?” theme? When Silver asked Madi that I immediately thought of his canon backstory and my eyes welled because there is this underlying insecurity regarding love and even friendship. That now finally he has found both that he could be abandoned in both.

To him Madi is enough. Madi loves John so much. We watched her grief at losing him, her earth shattering moment when finding out he was alive. Silver never saw that so its relevant for him to ask as we don’t know if they’ve exchanged ILYs yet. They fell in love in the middle of a war. But Madi is bound to her cause which is to free her people. Though her mother obviously got it right like Ruth said and I think like any perskn she has to go through some thangs to learn that for herself which is when she will be able to give Silver the answer.

Which means Maroon camp shit…😣😣😣

Anywho, I bout cried again when he kissed her forehead and leaned against it. We know he made his decision after being slapped ( literally! Hands is my OG. Those slaps had me dying. If you ever wanna see what a tough love parenting moment looks like in this time period). He knew he was going to have to make a plan that entrusted Madi wit Flint. Kofi would only hand the cache to Madi or Silver so Madi would have to go to the exchange while he took care of Billy.

He was scared and torn but he put his trust ( Madi, his one precious thing) in Flint’ s hands as he asked him to do. That’s pretty much what this episode was about. And so he had to have her close. He couldn’t even tell her his worry. LA did a great job portraying his vulnerability.

I appreciate Madi so much. She is being logical to the best of her ability in an impossible situation. She is doing her best to fix what Billy broke but she is flailing. She’s put trust in Flint in part because of Silver and in part because Flint working that magic with The Koolaid. She’s much like Silver, a good, strong rational person trying to do what’s best for the people they care about. Which stands to reason if he turned Silver’s hate to loyalty then Madi didn’t stand a chance.

Flint also wants Nassau. Silver could give no fucks especially when The Spanish roll in. ( knew this shit was happening). Flint s probably going to run back ready to fight now because you know that my red psycho can’t resist a bloodlust challenge and with Billy gone Silver officially rules the army.


I mean…yeah that’s going to be it. The camels back has been breaking but a M.I.A. Madi and a true to form Flint is going to push my baby over the edge.

And finally Jesus Madi, I know the Maroon issues may feel like only yours but somebody ( Kofi, I’m side-eyeing you. You know you report wifeys drama) should have told him about Julius matching on Nassau. I think she knew Billy would have to pay the price but my naive wise Queen did you think.that would be enough?

Silver couldn’t kill him. I like this. What changes this?!

I have so many more thoughts. I am up for discussions.

dungeonmaster66  asked:

I love how Japan hasn't been hit with the same political correctness binge that the West has sadly fallen victim to. I hope the West can recover, and fight back against the left, but my question for you guys is this. Do you guys experience a lot of racism in Japan? Well, Jackson more specifically. I love Japan, and disregard those who call it a "racist country" without actual FACTS but some people consider it racist. Would love to hear answers from you two on the credence of this.

People in Jaoan that we have met mostly dont know about how much people in the US love Japanese stuff. Not too long ago, some people came to our house and saw us watching dubbed anime and thought it was so amazing that other countroes like anime. They didnt hit the wall and demand that it be kept in Japan or get mad over people trying to learn Japanese over here. People here are way more relaxed on the subject.

Now if youll excuse me, i am going to go watch the japanese adaptation of the powerpuff girls. You will notice that i wont have an internet fit because of it.

Hey man, also trans dude here. I get the bathroom thing, I’ve… Well, I’m workin past bad things in the past to be whole enough to go in them more. The last time I safely went in one my heart was so loud I couldn’t hear beyond it and I was sick with fear. It kinda felt good after but all the awful past stuff kinda, sucked. But, people keep checkin the bathroom door when I use the girlsroom and givin me side eyes. So, some days I pass, others I don’t. I usually just use the handicapped ones.

Also the family defendin you thing, yeah. My Mom still phrases me as “A man trapped in a Lesbian woman’s body”. Which is wrong on all levels, I’m ace and she knows it, and my first signif was a guy. So, yeah.

I guess I needed to, ‘talk’ to another guy who gets this. Thank you. You’re awesome. Also your hair is rad.

Not A French Mistake After All

Prompt: Imagine Sam and Dean existing on the same dimension as Jared and Jensen. They are sent to protect you. However, you work on the Supernatural set, which can lead to certain trouble considering the Winchesters and Jensen and Jared look the same.

 Word count: 2650-ish words. 

 A/N: As I said, it’s impossible for me to write short stuff so this will to be divided in parts. I wanted to make a French Mistake kinda thing but there are far too many of those out there, so I thought: what if they were all in the same dimension? And this happened. I hope you enjoy it. 

Pairings: None (yet!) 

 Characters: Sam, Dean, Charlie, Crowley, Kevin, Cas, Jared, Jensen, Misha, Mark, Felicia, Osric… For now. 

 Warnings: I think none.

 It was a cold, dark night. The moon was covered by grey clouds, a small drizzle was falling, wetting your hair. There was nobody out, except for you. Everyone was paranoid about certain events like cattle mutilations and some disappearances, but not you.

You weren’t just a fan of Supernatural, you worked at the set as a runner, you knew the whole cast and even were friends with them. Everyone from the cast and crew loved you. You were brave and smart, which kept you calm during these awful situations; otherwise, you would be locked on your panic room, thinking it was some kind of demon after you.

A thunder fell a few building away from you, scaring you.

“Calm down, (Y/N). It’s just the rain” you told yourself, easing your breath. You kept walking all the way to the alley you used as a shortcut to get to your department. It was a safe route, you knew it, therefore you weren’t expecting to find one of the missing people there, less to say four of them, all wearing creepy black eyes.

“There she is.” One of them said, you recognized him as the clerk from the store you bought your grocery from.

“Mr. Hoffman, what is going on? I thought you were missing.” You said, your voice came out trembling, you prayed this was just a nightmare.

“Mr. Hoffman isn’t here, child, but I bet you know it… Deep inside you.” His voice was no longer the warm one he used to welcome costumers to the store, it was now cold and breathy, like a snake.

In fact, you were very sure these people were demons, however, you didn’t want to believe it. If, by any chance, demons existed then there should also exist hunters and angels and….

A familiar roar filled your ears. It sounded just like Sam and Dean’s Impala, the one you had drove around set with Jared and Jensen just for fun. It also looked like it. The black car appeared behind you, in the avenue and two men who looked terrifyingly similar to Jared and Jensen went out of it, carrying rifles loaded with, you guessed, rock salt. They fired the demons, who immediately ran away, disappearing into the night. All of them ran away, except one who hit you on the head, trying to take you with him. You fell into the wet floor, falling into a deep dream where this was just a prank from Jared, Jensen and Misha.

“You okay, sweetheart?” The one who looked like Jensen asked. You had just woken up, in the backseat of a black Impala which smelled nothing like the one on set. It smelled of leather and whiskey, with a pint of cologne and sweat. You sat down and stared at the two men. The one that looked like Jensen seemed to be taller and more muscular than the actor, he had scars instead of the oh-so perfect Hollywood skin, and scruff growing evenly –unlike Jensen’s- and he had more freckles. The other man, he also had freckles and green eyes, his hair was shorter than Jared’s and broader shoulders. They looked more like brothers than Jared and Jensen did, however, they still had too many similarities not to confuse them on the street. ‘But they can’t be…’ You told yourself. Of course they couldn’t be, Sam and Dean Winchester were some fictional characters from Supernatural, and that was all. You pinched your arm, thinking it was a dream, but you didn’t wake up. ‘These motherchuckers are pulling a prank on me… Again.’ Your vision was blurry, which could justify why they looked slightly different from the actor you knew well.

“Jared, Jensen, this is not funny.” You argued, the men shared a glance and one of them, Jared, looked back at you while the other, Jensen, focused on the road.

“Excuse me?” Jared asked.

“Excuse me?” You mimicked, “C’mon Jared! I’m not a fool, you and Jensen have been trying to prank me since forever, but I won’t fall anymore. That’s what Misha’s for.” You crossed your arms over your chest, both men sighed tiredly.

“I swear I’m sick of those two…” The one driving whispered, and the other one agreed.

“We are not Jared and Jensen. Our names are Sam and Dean Winchester, like the ones from the show…” The one that looked like Jared explained.

“Knock it off, moose! My head aches and it’s your fault, isn’t it enough for you?” you were starting to get mad, however, your vision had been adjusting and you could tell for a fact that they did looked different somehow from Jared and Jensen.

“Look sweetheart, you don’t want to believe us? Fine! But you’re in danger and we’re taking you to a safe place, wether you like it or not!” The one that looked like Jensen growled, he was very pissed off but when was Dean Winchester not?

“Why don’t you call them? I mean Jared and… the other one.” The younger suggested, you nodded and looked around for your purse, which was right next to you, on what would be the floor of the car. You took your phone, which had the screen broken during the fight, and searched for Jared’s phone number, you dialled it.

“Hey, (Y/N/N), where are you? We thought you’d come to Jay’s party” Jared spoke, he sounded a little drunk. You had forgotten all about Jensen’s party to celebrate his new twin babies.

“Yeah, sorry er… Something got in the way.” You explained, the man that looked like Jared, Sam, was making you a sign not to tell them about… well, them.

“Is that (Y/N) you’re talking to?” You heard Jensen ask.

“Yeah, want to talk to…”

“Hey, (Y/N/N), why aren’t you here?” Jensen asked drunkenly.

“Sorry Jay, something’s in my shoe.” You said, remembering the code the Winchesters used. Dean gave you a death glare through the rear view mirror, but Jensen was too drunk to understand.

“Too bad, but we’re celebrating some other time, right?”

“Of course, I wouldn’t miss it. Twins are a big deal!” You tried to sound as cheerful as normally.

“Yaaay!” Jensen drunken-celebrated, you could see his idiotic moves in your mind.

“Let me talk to her!” Misha pleaded, he was ALSO drunk. ‘What is wrong with these guys?’

“Meesh wants to talk to you, see you tomorrow, love youuuuu.” You could hear both Jensen and Misha fighting over Jared’s phone.

“Hey (Y/N)!” Misha cheered childishly.

“Hey Meesh…”

“I miss you! Why aren’t you here? You promised we’d do the choreography you taught me!” Misha and you had been practicing it for months, it was some strange choreo you found online and, since Misha was up to doing weird stuff, you decided to show it to him.

“Maybe on some other time, love.” You sighed, not knowing when you would see them again.

“You better! I want to move it, move it,…” Misha sung, and the rest of the people at the party followed. They sounded all drunk, which you knew was too fun to watch. Sam urged you to hang up, and with all the pain in your heart, you obeyed.

“Meesh, put me on speaker.” You asked and Misha did, “Boys, I love you, I promise we’ll meet very soon, and we’ll celebrate Jenny’s twins and every other thing that happens. I have to go now, bye.” And with that, you hung your phone, holding back the tears.

“It WILL be soon, promise.” Sam spoke with his usual puppy eyes.

“Yeah, whatever, why am I here anyway?” You asked bitterly, putting your phone on your purse.

“We told you, you’re in danger.” Dean responded in the same bitter tone you used.

“Those were demons and they were trying to take you to this new leader that is rising, trying to take over hell and…” Sam tried to explain. “Why aren’t you surprised?” He asked, concerned for your lack of shock.

“I am surprised.” You answered. “It’s just… I don’t know, I guess I always believed that the show was more than just some TV crap… Only I figured it would be on another dimension, like ‘The French Mistake’…” you explained.

“The french what?” Dean asked with a frown.

“Mistake.” Sam repeated, looking at his brother. “It’s an episode from the show.”

“Oh, so now you watch it too. Awesome!” Dean bursted sarcastically and Sam rolled his eyes.

“Not now, Dean.” He pleaded, but Dean was far from over. The brothers started discussing about why it was bad for Sam to watch Supernatural but not for Dean to be all over Grey’s Anatomy, which gave you time enough to take everything in.

Sam and Dean Winchester in flesh and bone were sitting in the same car as you, in the same dimension as Jared and Jensen and you were in danger, supernatural danger. If anyone had told you this would happen eventually you would’ve thought they were crazy, but there you were at the back of the Impala listening to the Winchester boys have a normal brother argument.

Dean drove for other two miles before parking in front of an odd looking cabin in the middle of nowhere. A safe house, you guessed. He opened the Baby’s door for you and led you to the front door of the cabin which Sam knocked twice and then once and then thrice. Charlie opened the door.

“Hi! Do you have her?” She asked in her usual cheerful tone and Sam nodded, Dean pushed you lightly so you stepped forward. Charlie’s eyes roamed all over you, scanning every feature before her eyes landed on you (Y/E/C) ones. “Hi, I’m Charlie.”

“Hi… I’m… I’m sorry, aren’t you dead?” You asked, knowing it was not polite to ask those things, but you were too overwhelmed by her presence it was impossible not to ask. Sam and Dean rolled their eyes and Charlie gave you a warm smile.

“I was, yes. But I’m back! The TV show is quite belated.” She explained and pulled you inside the cabin, Sam and Dean followed, closing the door. You noticed Kevin and Cas were there as well.

The cabin was well illuminated which helped you noticed details like how Charlie’s eyes were actually brown and not blue like Felicia’s, or how Kevin’s hair was curly. Castiel’s vessel, Jimmy, was just like Misha except he had less crinkles and lighter blue eyes, almost platinum.

“I bet you know them all, sweetheart.” Dean said to your ear, he was standing right behind you and you could tell he was mocking you.

“Yup…” You replied with a sigh.

“So this is (Y/N) everyone, although you already know that.” Sam spoke and Dean walked towards a mini fridge that was at the other side of the room, taking two beers for him and Sam.

“Want one?” He asked and you shook your head in response. “Your loss.” He shrugged his shoulders and sat next to Kevin at a wooden table in the middle of the room. Cas was standing at the opposite corner, next to a tiny window.

“You may be wondering why we brought you here.” Kevin spoke and you nodded. “I bet these douchebags only told you the basics". 

 “Not so much the basics, they just told me I’m in danger.” You chuckled. Kevin and Charlie looked at the Winchesters in shock. 

 “YOU DIDN’T EXPLAIN?” Kevin shouted, Sam shrunk on his seat and Dean didn’t even wink. 

 “We figured you’d be better at it.” Dean simply said, taking a swing on his beer. 

 “Oh right, so just kidnap a poor girl and bring them to us! After all we are the only ones that know what’s up!” Charlie mocked sarcastically, she looked kind of angry. 

 “Look Charlie, want her to know? TELL HER! I already did my part.” Dean threw a fist on the table before leaning on the back of his chair, a big scary frown on his face. 

 “FINE!” Charlie bursted, you never thought you would ever see her angry. The red haired looked at you and gave you her best calming smile. “There’s a new leader in hell, for some reason he wants you, and he’s sending every demon that follows him to get you.” 

 “THAT’S WHAT WE TOLD HER!” Dean bursted, standing up and dropping the chair. 

 “Oh…” Charlie said, and then everyone proceeded to look at you. You felt uncomfortable, not knowing what to say or how to act.

 “Is… Is that it?” You stuttered. Dean rolled his eyes, Sam and Kevin sighed, Charlie bit her lip and Castiel just stood there with his usual squint. 

 “We know nothing more, if that’s what you expect.” Castiel spoke, his voice was way lower than Misha’s fake one. It gave you the creeps. 

 “Crowley is supposed to be here to tell us all he can, but that son of a bitch is…” Dean was suddenly interrupted. 

 “Late?” Crowley asked, appearing behind you. You turned around to face him; he was taller and skinnier than Mark. 

“Hi love, I’m Crowley, nice to meet you.” He extended a hand towards you, and you shook it. After that, Crowley looked over at Sam. “Moose, mind letting me free?” He asked, you look over to the roof where a pink devil’s trap was drawn. Sam stood up and scratch a corner with a knife. Crowley walked out and Sam proceeded to grab a pink spray paint can that was close to the door, he painted the scratch to make the trap useful once more. 

 “Pink?” You asked, trying not to laugh at how not-badass it looked.

 “It’s all they had in store.” Sam explained.

 “Unlike stores on tv, they don’t always have red paint.” Dean said. You rolled you eyes. 

“What’s with you tonight?” Kevin asked Dean. The hunter groaned.

“I’m tired, and I had to go save some damsel in distress who called me Jensen. Sue me!” Dean really seemed to be bothered about his actor doppelgänger. Everyone except Cas and you laughed. 

 “Oh, poor Dean is hurt.” Kevin chanted.

 “Do you want to be the one on TV, Dean-o?” Charlie asked with a pout, laughingly. 

 “We promise, you are hotter than that actor… Although he has a prettier skin.” Crowley said in the most sassy way possible. 

 “KNOCK IT OFF!” Dean shouted and everyone got quiet. He gave you a death glare and walked over to a door at the back of the cabin, entering it and shuting it loudly. 

“Party-pooper.” Crowley whispered, Charlie, Kevin and Sam agreed with a giggle. 

 “He doesn’t like the tv program. He says it’s humiliating.” Cas observed. Sam cleared his throat and focused on Crowley.

 “So, what do you got?” 

 “It’s definetly bigger than we expected…” The demon started, “Turns out the lady here is a re-incarnation of a goddess who just so happens to be our bad guy’s bride.” Crowley informed, throwing an arm around your shoulders. Unlike whenever Mark did the same, Crowley felt cold, numb… Somehow dead. 

 “His bride?” You shuddered, saying it out loud was a lot worse than hearing Crowley say it, far worse than you expected. The king of hell nodded and your mind started spinning, the sudden realization of how big this was. Not only were Sam, Dean, Charlie, Kevin, Cas and Crowley real, but the fact that you were in danger was to much to handle. Your head started spinning faster and faster, you felt your heart on your brain and your brain on your stomach, you had nausea and possibly a fever, everything was so overwhelming.

Lights went out. Your head hit the floor so heard it left a huge bruise, but you were unconscious so didn’t notice.


Soooo I hope you liked it, I’m planning on doing a few more parts, depending on how many people read it.

Now for the important question. As a Dean girl, I thought of doing this a Dean fic, (in fact I even announced this as a Dean thing) however I already have one . So I figured it would be the best if YOU, yes YOU, picked who you want me to pair Reader with or if you don’t want it to be a pairing thing. Either way, remember requests are always open so feel free to ask here if you want me to write anything in particular.

Thank you so much for reading this, and double thank you if you read up ‘till here. Love you loads, I promise I’ll update more often. xoxo

Okay, so this isn’t linked to fandom stuff, but it’s an important subject that keeps on coming up in my thoughts and I feel like I need to say something.

Don’t fake happiness when you’re upset/depressed.

I know this might work for some people, and it’s good for you if it does. But I know a lot of people try to smile when they’re going through tough times, though in actual fact it deeply affects them. Wearing a fake smile or laughing  to pretend you’re okay, when in reality you go home and cry in agony each night; that’s not good for you. 

I’ve experienced depression before, and it usually feels impossible to be happy a lot of the time. Some things (like looking at memes) gave me temporary relief, however, they were often self-deprecating and overall, it is not good to put yourself down, even if it seems like a funny joke. 

Saying all this, I’m no expert, so if you know anything else about this sort of thing, or if I’m wrong about anything, please let me know.

So, here are some tips that (in my experience) seem to work:

Surround yourself with good friends

If you feel like you’ve found good people that you strongly believe are trustworthy, try to open up to and confide in them. Having strong connections is like having a safety net to fall into: they’ll always be there for you in troubling times and will help you get back on your feet. It’s important to build relationships with others instead of always isolating yourself, as this can make you overthink and stress even more about your problems. I know it’s hard if you’re antisocial (like me), but even online friends or close family can let you get it out of your system.

Seek professional advice

As daunting as it may be, there are people who are specially trained to help you deal with stress and sometimes, it can actually help you get a lot off your chest. Personally, I have never really talked to any specialists about my problems, and I don’t think it would do anything for me, but everyone is different and it’s good to try whatever you can. Again, if you are antisocial, this may not be very helpful for you, so please continue reading if you know this won’t be of any use.

Find a hobby you enjoy

This is often overlooked when it comes to taking care of yourself, but it is equally as important as the rest of this advice: find something to take your mind off it. Keeping your mind relaxed is a great way to calm yourself down; taking time to de-stress is vital and it is almost impossible to function well unless you have time to enjoy yourself. It doesn’t matter what it is: reading, writing, drawing, watching TV, colouring, gardening; pamper yourself as a treat for making it through today; you’re doing well, buddy.

Don’t take your problems out on yourself

Though I’ve mentioned this already, blaming yourself for your problems is bad. Never think it is your fault for your problems, and never believe anyone who tells you it is. You are the victim and it is important that you feel safe in your own body. Sometimes, it takes a long time to get through trying times, but it’s okay; you will make it out alive. Don’t tell yourself you can’t, because you will only become upset and be back to where you started. The first step in moving forward is to believe you can.

Don’t take your problems out on others

Heavily linking to the previous tip, it’s also a bad idea to be rude to others, taking out your worries on them. If they are not the cause of the trouble, they are innocent and don’t deserve to go through what you are, no matter how much you’re hurting. Instead of doing this, try to help others. Helping people can make you feel much happier and it gives you something to stay busy.

Don’t leave work until the last minute

This is a trap that I have succumbed to far too often, and it is a terrible habit to fall into. Try to do as much work as you feel able to as soon as you get it, or you will become stressed. I’ve left work ‘til the day before since I started school, and it definitely contributed greatly to my depression. Only recently, I began doing work earlier, and it has done wonders for my wellbeing. Try not to see work as an obstacle; rather, a mark off your checklist.

And finally, if none of these work, join a friendly community

I found this to be what helped me most. As you can probably tell, I am a big fan of Yuri!!! on Ice and I have been in this Tumblr community for a few months, and it has helped me immensely. Joining a community full of friendly, loving people–even if you don’t do much talking, simply observing– allows you to see the good in others, and may uncloud your mind a bit. Seeing and hearing nice things = positive = good. 

Ahh this long a rant is very unusual for me and I apologise for cluttering your dash if you have to scroll through this.

So, I know this probably repeats a lot of stuff and won’t be useful for everyone, but I hope it at least got into some people’s thoughts. For some, happy things just don’t interest them, and they’re fine with whatever they have; I get that. But often, sufferers have clouded minds and do not know what will help them, so offering suggestions can help.