i know some people are speculating that he's young peter hale

If there was anything Peter hated, it was paparazzi. Unfortunately, as the Chief Financial Officer of Hale Enterprise, it wasn’t often he found himself able to avoid them. The little vultures were always circling, trying to snag a prize deal or secret affair before Hale Enterprise deigned to officially release a statement. The Hales ran a tight ship, however, and all employees down to the intern level were aware of the repercussions of leaking information, immediate termination the least of their concerns. He honestly didn’t know why the paparazzi even bothered, though they did occasionally have some low-level employees chance it for fifteen minutes of fame. They always regretted it.

He sighed, trying to keep the scowl off his face. Meetings had been hell today, he had piles of work on his desk, the quarterly review before the Board was scheduled for the following Monday and his incompetent staff had yet to get him all of the reports from their southern branches. Talia had been especially annoying of late, trying to get him to commit to some family outing or something, and now that he’d managed to get five minutes to himself by going on his nightly run, there was some paparazzi idiot walking towards him with a camera.

To his defense, Peter supposed the young man didn’t look like he wanted to be there any more than Peter himself wanted to be there. He held his camera loosely in one hand, not at all prepared for a snapshot, and had a distinctively nervous look about his admittedly attractive face. Peter was prepared to utilize his well-known cruel tongue though if he so much as twitched towards putting the camera in his face.

“Hi, Mr. Hale? I’m really sorry about this. I work for GF Pictures and my boss pretty much told me to get your picture or jump in a lake. I’m not really into taking someone’s picture without their consent though, so I wanted to ask if you’d be willing to let me take a couple shots?” He looked a little hopeful, but mostly defeated as he asked. After all, it was pretty much common knowledge that of all the Hales, you definitely did not want to get on the bad side of Peter.

Peter’s eyes narrowed. “What kind of article is your boss trying to put together?” He could be civil if the other man was willing to extend the same courtesy.

He shuffled his feet. “He said it’s about the Hale family’s rise to power, since you guys just had that big merger where you bought out that productions company. He’s already got a picture of your sister, her husband, and her three eldest, but he said he needed your picture too before it could go to print. And apparently it’s set to go to print tomorrow.”

“Fine, I guess one picture won’t hurt,” Peter grumbled, “but I will be looking into the story when it’s published and that better be the angle you’re going.”

The man’s eyes widened in disbelief before he nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, of course, definitely. Thank you! You’re totally saving me!”

Peter waved it off, posing to look more casual and less staged as the man clicked a few shots. After a moment, he finished, smiling delightedly.

“Really, thank you, Mr. Hale. I know you probably didn’t feel like dealing with paparazzi today—or any day honestly—and you obviously didn’t have to let me take some pictures, so I appreciate it.”

Peter nodded. “Thank you for asking, I guess.”

The man shook his head. “You shouldn’t have to thank me for treating you like a human being with a normal level of respect, but I get it. I hope you have a great day, Mr. Hale!”

Peter smirked at that response. “Yes, you too, Mr. …?”

The man blushed, ruffling his already messy hair with the hand not holding his camera. “Uh, Stiles. Stilinski. I go by Stiles though.”

Peter hummed. What a curious name. “Goodnight then, Stiles.”

“Yeah, goodnight!”

Stiles waved cheerfully, jogging back the way he’d came looking much lighter. Peter rolled his eyes, going back onto his run and making a mental note to look into GF Pictures tomorrow.


Turns out, Stiles’ story was really about what he said it was and the next day it dropped at two p.m. sharp, pictures of all the Hale family included. It was a mostly neutral article, though there was a little bit of a lean towards favoring the Hales. They had their facts straight and left the speculation to a minimum, which was preferable. Peter exited out of the article after passing his judgment and decided to put the whole thing behind him, getting back to chewing out his staff until their produced him the appropriate reports.

Honestly, he didn’t think about Stiles again until three weeks later. He and Laura had just gotten lunch to catch up on something besides work and they were trying to get back in their vehicle, their bodyguards blocking the way as best they could, when Laura tripped on her ridiculous heels and ripped her dress. The bodyguards had their hands full with trying to keep the crowds back and Peter could already see the magazines features headlines for this fashion faux pas as he moved to try and block the crowds from getting pictures of her fall.

“God, people are dicks,” a voice grumbled as another body stepped up and blocked the cameras, sliding out of a plaid over-shirt and sheepishly handing it over to Laura to cover herself. He had a camera around his neck but wasn’t touching it, instead looking genuinely apologetic. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, thank you,” Laura bit off tersely, accepting the shirt reluctantly.

“Stiles,” Peter greeted. Both the man and his niece looked at him in surprise.

“You know him?”

“You remember me?”

Peter smirked. “Of course I remember the only photographer who was ever polite enough to ask before taking my picture. Glad to see your manners remain true.”

Stiles blushed, shuffling awkwardly while Laura lost some of her defensiveness.

“Oh. Well thank you, Stiles,” Laura repeated, now smiling more warmly.

Stiles nodded, licking his lips before smiling hesitantly. “No problem. I mean, you guys are people too. Sorry about your dress,” he gestured jerkily before blushing darker.

Peter chuckled. “Here,” he said, handing over a card from his breast pocket. “We have to be leaving, but why don’t you call and set up an interview for one day next week? I’ll let my assistant know to let you through and we can get you something for an article for your agency.”

Stiles eyes widened in absolute disbelief as he took the card, almost like he thought it would burst into flames as his touch.

“Oh my god, yes, thank you, of course, oh holy Jesus on a cracker,” he exclaimed in one quick breath.

Laura giggled. “Well we really have to go, but please make sure to give Uncle Peter a call. I’ll return your shirt when you come for the interview, okay?”

Stiles nodded numbly. “Yeah, sure. Thank you again.”

Peter smiled, slipping into the car beside Laura. “See you soon,” he offered just as the door closed.


What I want to talk about today, is what was the point of this scene. What was the point of the Nogitsune manipulating the MRI results so it matches Claudia Stilinski’s MRI. As in its basically the same MRI. And then the Sheriff sprouted out some line about how Stiles’ hope would be broken if he realized that his symptoms matched his mother’s disease. 

Well right after that, the Sheriff said how it was completely impossible to have the same exact MRI result. And we know Stiles’ is the researching God, and most likely researched everything about the disease his mother was diagnosed with, frontotemporal dementia. And that would most likely also include MRI scans because if his mom was getting one, he would want to know everything about it and so he would learn the impossibility of getting the same exact MRI result. So what hope would have been lost if Stiles’ would have realized that the Nogitsune was messing with his head and the things around him? 

Why doesn’t the Sheriff want Stiles to recognize his surroundings? Why doesn’t he want his son to realize that yes, the Nogitsune isn’t as clever as its trying to make itself seem? 

His wife died of something that Stiles was/is showing symptoms of. She was diagnosed with a disease that when researched, had nearly nothing in common with the listed symptoms. He had ‘noticed’ the symptoms in Stiles for two weeks, but never said anything until Melissa came to him. Why? 

It’s already been pretty much confirmed by everyone that Stiles is mostly gone and the Nogitsune in charge of the vessel. So how would showing a printed page of MRI readings change anything if Stiles’ isn’t there anyhow to look at it? 

What does this mean? It means that while we’ve been looking all over for this other possessed person, we never thought to look back at home. Of course, why would we? Papa Stilinski had no idea of the supernatural until just recently. Or did he? 

I never seem to find anything about how the Beacon Hills is basically a supernatural hot spot and it always has been because the Nematon was there to act like a Beacon. Which means, that some people of the town years ago had to have noticed the fact that supernatural creatures running all over the place. We know the Nematon was cut sometime between ninety years ago and now. I think it was cut eight years ago. Eight years ago, Malia Tate killed her mother and her sister as she lost control of her coyote form. Eight years ago, Claudia Stilinski got sick and eventually died. 

Eight years ago, if the Nematon was cut, there was a power in Beacon Hills that would have withered. Cutting something out that is essentially a part of the land itself would have consequences. Eight years ago, the Nematon was cut down and it grabbed with it three lives as sacrifices. Because you know, for a town that is constantly barraged with hunters, lizard-men, really hairy dudes with pointy ears slashing at each other, no one ever really seemed to mind. Really, the only person who really screams in Beacon Hills is Lydia. And the Nematon is a sacrificial deity, charm? I don’t know if those are the words I would use to describe the Nematon but I’m trying to think of others.

Uriel, there we go. Uriel is an angel from the Bible who is said to have guarded the gates of Eden with his fiery sword, actually be in charge of Hell (don’t ask Wikipedia says so) and one of the key Watchers during the Book of Enoch, where the other angels had slept with humans and created Nephilim.

Now, I’m going to go on a very long stretch here so things are quite possibly not going to make anymore sense. Let’s make this into a bit of an equation, shall we?

Uriel = Guardian + Leader + Watcher

We don’t even need to substitute that much do we?  

Papa Stilinkski = Guardian + Sheriff + Watcher

Where Guardian is a parent, Sheriff because Beacon Hills is his town, and Watcher because he has watched teenagers of his town turn into werewolves.

What, but Roxy this makes no sense whatsoever, it’s the Sheriff!

Yup, I am quite aware that it is the Sheriff. The Sheriff of a town that is called Beacon Hills and pretty much a Bat Signal for all supernatural creatures. Besides, doesn’t anyone find it odd how little things are done even though there are so many murders taking place in the town? Murders that seem to be done by so many “animals”, and animal protection never came down to help provide a safer environment for the town?  Seems a bit fishy. 

BUT, here is where I jump off the rainbow bridge even farther. Beacon Hills is a made up town in Northern California, but I have had discussions with a few friends about how the scenery and climate don’t exactly match Northern California. 

Beacon Hills has its own mall, own downtown apartment streets, own school, pretty much everything needed to to sustain a town isolated from other people. 

So, what if, just what if. Before the Nematon was cut down, Beacon Hills was one of those In-Between-Places? A place where Supernatural creatures and humans coexisted peacefully? Halfway between the mortal realm and halfway in the mystic realm, for lack of a better word. And all the residents were aware of their non-human friends and neighbors, until the Nematon was cut down. With the Nematon cut down, Beacon Hills lost its link to the Supernatural, it basically had a door closed in its face, and a vital part of the town was lost. But the Hales, the other guardians of the town, had decided that it was too risky for the humans living in Beacon Hills to remember the supernatural, or maybe it was too painful for those people who had supernatural abilities but couldn’t access them anymore. So, Talia and maybe some other Alpha wolves went around modifying everyone’s memory. And all of the non-werewolf creatures that are starting to show up, Lydia, were not people who had banshee blood in their veins that was just waiting to be unlocked, but instead powers that had been sealed when the Nematon was cut down but could be awoken again when having a jumpstart, or a spark if you will. (Peter you beautiful horrible person, you.) 

So, the Nogitsune is buried beneath the Nematon because the Nematon was a powerful something or the other. But then the Nematon got cut down, the power lost. So wouldn’t have the Nogitsune been able to escape then? And maybe it did, it escaped to a young mother who was probably dying near the Nematon when it had been cut down, and saved her life only for her to go to the hospital and get diagnosed with a dementia-related disease because of the Nogitsune inside of her. 

ANOTHER THOUGHT. Right, so the MRI scans are the same between Stiles and his mum. But what if its because the Nogitsune, or the Void Kitsune is using those parts of the brain? Void, the absence of. The nogitsune is the absence of certain parts and that could very well include parts of the brain of the host it is possessing. So the reason why the MRIs are so similar is because it is a sign of the Nogitsune possessing people. And when Claudia died, the Nogitsune went to only other body that was in the room at the same time of her death: Stiles. 

Alright, that was a bit off tangent, I apologize. Actually, I’m pretty sure this is getting completely off the original point. I don’t even remember what that was anymore. 

Anyways, so the the supernatural activity is basically dead by the time we start the show. But then we have Peter who was being manipulated by his nurse, Jennifer into becoming the alpha. Now, I think its been speculated that the nurse was Jennifer Blake, the durach wanting to speed things up to get revenge against the Alpha pack. It could be or it could be not. But we have a catalyst either way. Everything supernatural has to begin with a spark. So Peter’s healing could have started with a spark from Jennifer because she knows she’ll need help in order to take down the Alpha Pack and the Hales were considered one of the more powerful werewolves to roam around. Pity most of them were dead. But the catalyst had been started, things were starting to get back into motion; more and more supernatural beings coming into play. But in order for the town to be as it was before, the Nematon needed to wake up; it needed its own spark so that Beacon Hills could be restored to its proper place In-Between. And who do we know who is obsessed with keeping balance of things? 

External image

Yeah, these two. Deaton, who orchestrated the Sacrifice needed to wake up the Nematon. And Morrell who is obsessed with keeping the balance and so wants to kill Stiles because the Nogitsune isn’t supposed to be here. 

And really, why would Deaton stay in a town that never really had any supernatural sightings? In a place where all its werewolves were either dead, gone, or in a coma, why not move someplace else where that was more of a Supernatural hotspot and then come back to Beacon Hills when things started rearing up? Unless Beacon Hills was a supernatural hotspot and he needed to be around because it was unnatural that something like the Nematon could be cut down. 

Ok, that’s all I have for right now. Does any of this make sense at all? Or is it just ramblings? 



Peter’s I find hard to pin down. I think it lies in: What does Peter need power for?

Maybe they straight up handed it to us. The part of the story told by Cora in “Visionary” probably isn’t a part that Peter would just hand out. Especially to Stiles. Who hates that guy.


In “Visionary”, the narrators may be unreliable, but the visuals seem to authentically represent the action that went down back when, and the first scene sets up Peter’s motives for what we witness the rest of the episode.

The prelude focuses on Derek’s fear of the hunters, and Peter’s fear for Derek.

I don’t think this is his only motive in the episode. He’s terminally incapable of actually talking about anybody but himself, and he makes his motives as he consciously or subconsciously understands them clear:

Cora: Ennis? Why would he choose him?
Peter: Why not? Ennis needed a new member for his pack. Paige was young and strong. Doing a favor for Derek meant Ennis would be in good with Talia. Back then, everybody wanted to be in good with her.

In pursuit of his goal, he learns something else: Derek’s kinda a giant, lil’ bit pig-headed derp. One that needs protection.

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I'm On To You, Jeff...

I keep thinking about the episode and specifically about Malia and what exactly her purpose in this season is. However, the more I think about it, the more suspicious I am that Malia is tied very directly to this whole plot line and I think something very, very important is going down. Specifically, I think that if there is a second Nogitsune as has been speculated, it’s her. Let’s go over some things that I and people in the fandom have noticed:

1) This is a brilliant catch by alarmingstatue (http://alarmingstatue.tumblr.com/post/77850934349/just-adding-my-two-cents-into-the-malia-nogitsune-meta) that shows quite clearly the similarities between the Nogitsune’s eyes and Malia’s:

2) I’m still in the belief that some of the things brought up in the first episode are still profoundly relevant now, and one of the main reasons I believe that comes from the return of the hunter lady from the beginning of the season. She had kept Talia’s claws, and spoke of wanting to find a “she-wolf”. At the time, a lot of people assumed this meant Cora, but considering that Cora is irrelevant to this season and storyline I really don’t think so. So why had the hunter lady taken Talia’s claws?

Why does she ask Chris what’s going on with Allison? It could be a hint that the metas going around are correct and Allison is indeed also possessed. However, it also means that whatever she’s looking for, she suspects that it takes the form of a young woman. Therefore, Allison is a suspect to her. But she’s missing what the claws actually mean. When Lydia listens to them, she learns (or at least seems to learn) that Malia is Peter’s daughter. Or perhaps she has been able to find the memory contained in the claws and the hunter lady knows Peter Hale has a daughter, who would presumably be a young woman due to Peter’s age and, due to genetics, is probably yes, a she-wolf. She doesn’t know that Malia is a were-coyote and not a wolf, and if my thinking is correct we’ll get some insight into how were-coyotes come to be. However as is shown in the Hale family having a genetic werewolf trait, if she was after Malia, yes, she would assume she was a she-wolf.

3) Malia said she couldn’t shift back into a coyote, but yet at the end of the episode, she turns her eyes blue and walks away from the asylum after Stiles has been repossessed, smiling and looking as though she achieved something. This happens at the end of the episode, which means it’s not there as a throw-away thing, it’s meant to be dramatic and it means something. I would not be surprised if Malia has been lying this whole time. What exactly she’s lying about, I don’t know; she could just be lying about not being able to shift, but I think it could even be more than that. She could be lying about what happened to her family, lying about who she is and her connection to the situation, or something else.

Malia has been part of several suspicious scenes. When Meredith is on the phone and talks about “one of them” being behind her, it’s not only Stiles behind her, Malia is there too! She also very convincingly manages to form an emotional attachment to Stiles, but there’s something sinister about it too. When Malia punches him, he falls directly onto the grate looking down at the basement, where he was caught in one of Mr Tate’s bear traps ! Malia also wakes Stiles from his dream with the Nogitsune (seemingly!), and very quickly establishes a relationship with him that culminates in him giving himself to the Nogitsune to save her. That, combined with her change of eye colour and her creepy smile at the end of the episode, convinces me that there is something definitely up with her. Who smiles after finding out that their new love interest gave himself over to possession? She even kisses him after finding out his marks are almost gone.

CONCLUSION: I’m prepared to be wrong, but I think Malia Tate is our second Nogitsune if there is indeed a second one. She is helping the Nogitsune attached to Stiles, as is shown when it temporarily is shut out of Stiles’ mind in this episode (hence “let me in,” and Meredith mentioning “one of them,” as Stiles was not currently possessed at that moment, rather, Malia). The Nogitsune we’re familiar with, unable to get back into Stiles, jumps around between hosts such as Oliver and I suspect that officer who knocks Stiles out, but wants to get back I to Stiles, hence why he does give him the injection and so on. Malia helps the Nogitsune get back into Stiles by convincing Stiles to let it back in, by tricking and manipulating him (trickster spirit, guys!).