i know some of you don't like teddy

No offense but like…. MK’s aesthetic isn’t dark woods and creepy masks. Have you seen her sweatshirt? Have you seen that slideshow she did for Ferdinand? She uses all these bright colors and “childish” patterns and honestly its my favorite thing because she could kill you if she wanted, but not before she shows u some sick spinning teddy bears on a projector.

Signs Based On People I Know

Aries: very chill, but likes to pull jokes occasionally. Really fun people once they get around you and they love to bake

Taurus: chocolate. They love food. Very quiet, sometimes shy, but also very dirty minded once you get to know them. Some of the best listeners.

Gemini: VERY short tempered and they get pissed off at certain things. Very social.

Cancer: HUGE teddy bears. They are some of the best listeners and are always there for you. Open minded, too.

Leo: Determined peeps. Very smart, both street smart and book smart. Very faithful, even through ups and downs

Virgo: Smart! Can sometimes be shy, but sometimes they are the life of the party and LOVE the outdoors.

Libra: Funny and emotional. They don’t quite get the hint sometimes, but overall they’re okay.

Scorpio: Goofy and humorous, but can be very quiet. They need a nudge for them to talk to you about them. They love music. They make good friends

Sagittarius: one two-faced bitch. Loves to act and be dramatic. Will talk behind your back and lie about it to your face. Sometimes they’re very nice though, too.

Capricorn: Quiet and a good friend. They’re very talented and are rather shy.

Aquarius: Aloof and detached, but is extremely loyal and caring. They’re there for you when you need them. They just need a little love for them to open up

Pisces: Sweet and kind. Rather quiet, but loves food and family. Can be very naughty minded, though