i know so many people who will complain about this

People who write fanfic are doing the best they can.

Sometimes that best is pretty rough. You can’t know what constraints they’re working with. Education, language barriers, learning disabilities, technology issues, illness (physical and mental), abusive home lives… there are so many, many things people struggle with who post free stories on the web.

Yet they still put themselves out there and share their work.

When I see people complaining about update times or mocking spelling issues or bitching something isn’t British enough it makes me sad. The writer did the best she could under circumstances you do not know, and no one made you read it. You chose to read it.

You could choose to be kind too. You could choose to uplift instead of tear down. You get to make that choice.

Hello sweeties! During my high school days, I had a good relationship with most of my teachers. That made class much more bearable and it’s also helpful for any kind of recommendation so here are my tips ♥

Be positive: 
It’s always nice to have people who are at least positive about class and topics that are going to be discussed. There’s so many complainers and people with crappy attitude, but that’s not going to get you anywhere.

Arrive to class on time:
I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like waiting for people. I don’t mean 15min but I’ve gone out with my friends and they’ve been an hour to 2hrs late. That has also happened for projects and presentations. You’ll always look professional if you’re on time. 

You don’t have to ask a question every 5min because you’d be interrupting. But make sure to participate if you have something interesting to share or if you have any question. That way, the teacher will know you are willing to be vulnerable to learn more. 

Be prepared:
-lion king song starts playing- ok but seriously
you don’t want to be the one screaming for a pen when you have midterms. 

Show your nice manners:
Don’t be on your phone during a lecture or even when other classmates are doing a presentation. It’s not only disrespectful but makes the person in front feel discouraged. 

Dress well:
Of course this is mostly for people who wear uniforms, because it doesn’t look very nice to have stains on your shirt or dirty shoes. But even if you wear casual clothes, try to look presentable and at least clean! 

I wrote each one of these personally, so please don’t repost. I hope this helps you, and remember to always trust yourself! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate on messaging me ^_^ © freepic icon

Love, Yumi ✨

Wow, I drew a fanart yesterday, and I’ve got a lot of rude comments (I have deleted a lot).
“This disgusting” and “shit”, “Tony’s very old,” “they are father and son” “Tony is Peter’s father.”……
Wow, how beautiful word.”Tony and Peter’s father and son”?So do they have a kinship?
My art is fanart, and In my story, Peter has graduated from university, why can’t he and older people fall in love?I just like them and ship them, if you don’t like it, you can ignore or walk away,I did not force you to come to my fanart.why are you so rude to leave a message for me?I think now that these people know how to write, and then they should know how to be polite. :(

Thank those people who encourage and comfort me, you are really kind.Oh, I just suddenly received too many negative comments, so I just……want to complain about it.I’m sorry to bring you such negative emotions.But most of the time I would be a positive illustrator, focus on my work, keep on my hobby, I promise.Thanks for your love.

Oh my god, @reapersun long time no see, although I always see you actually, but, what I mean is that we haven’t send information.I had a long time didn’t  came Tumblr, I’m very glad to see you, thank you for your comfort!

A little important message

ARGHH is the phandom really doing this?REALLY? Shaming people and making them feel bad for what kind of FANFICTION they read? Are.you.serious!? Anyone doing that should honestly be ASHAMED of themselves.
I’ve seen so many posts about “Phan smut readers are disgusting” or “Dan or Phil x reader is weird ! It disgusts me!”
Do you know what disgusts me? Your freaking behaviour. WHO gives a crap?? Let people read whatever they want if it doesn’t harm you or anyone else then why are you complaining? Just don’t read it! Don’t complain! If it’s a Dan or Phil x underage reader imagine, REPORT THAT SHIT. PLEASE DO THAT. But if it’s Dan or Phil x LITERALLY CONSENTING ADULT READER, why…WHY are you complaining? Don’t read it, don’t look for it. Same goes for Phan angst,Phan fluff or Phan smut : if you don’t like it and don’t want to read it THEN DON’T LOOK FOR IT AND DON’T READ IT! This also goes for all the other fandoms.

Thanks a lot.

Somewhere in the world, a girl with a bad haircut and bootcut jeans is sitting across from her uninterested friend. The girl complains again about the weird people in her HP fandom who ship NOT CANON ships.

“They’re so weird!” Says she as she refreshes her many facebook fan pages. “Why would you ship something that isn’t confirmed. Most of them are even gaaaay….”

*CRASH* I break through the wall into her house, scattering my gay edits and headcanons as I laugh maniacally. “BEHOLD!” I scream. “THE POWER OF THE GAY!”

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm Pan Anon, and I wanted to know why people think having so many different labels in the LGBTQ+ community is bad. I have people I know and adults who always complain and say I should be bi and not pan. What should I do/say?

Hey Pan Anon, I’m sorry your adults keep saying stuff like that. It’s not cool. Lately I’ve been having the same issue, with more people than usual commenting on some of my pages saying the same things… It can be disheartening, for sure.

But here are some things to remember:

• there are loads of people with the same “complicated” or lesser known identity
• you being out and proud about your label makes it a lil bit safer for everyone else to do the same
• you have a huge community of people who DO believe you, accept you, and love you
• calling yourself pansexual or gray-aromantic or a demigirl will not destroy the world. It will not set the queer community back 50 years. It will not steal “resources” from anyone else.
• it’s a perfectly Human thing to do—finding a label that fits you, even if it’s kind of obscure.

We are all just trying to figure out who we are.

Some people need to chill.

Sweet like caramel macchiato. (sugakookie AU)
External image

Group: BTS

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook/Min Yoongi | Suga

Summary: Yoongi likes americano’s, but Jungkook thinks he’s sweet like his caramel macchiato.

Genre: fluff

Min Yoongi (Suga):

  • Intern at Bangtan Records (Music Producing Team)

  • 24 yrs old

  • Family members: father, mother, twin sister Yoonji, older brother

  • Friends: Namjoon, Hoseok, Jin

  • Likes: music, rapping, Kookie, coffee, Min Holly

  • Dislikes: crowded places with a lot of noise, brussel sprouts

  • Underground rapper name Agust D

Jeon Jungkook (Kookie):

  • Art student at Seoul Institute of the Arts

  • 19 yrs old

  • Family members: father, mother, older brother

  • Friends: Jimin, Taehyung, Jin

  • Likes: art, sweets, singing, dancing, memes, Suga, coffee, working out, Justin Bieber

  • Dislikes: being stressed out, how much time it takes on a project, one of his professors

  • Came up with Yoongi’s nickname “Suga” while baking sugar cookies

    • “Suga! And I’ll be Kookie! Suga Kookie!”

  • Tries to be happy all the time and bottles up negative emotions (which isn’t wise)

  • Majoring in graphic design, minoring in fine arts

The meeting

  • Cute guy in a suit came to complement Jungkook’s portfolio

  • BANG! Eyes meet!

  • Oh! He’s cute, don’t you dare screw it up Jeon Jungkook not this time

  • “Name Jungkook mine is, Hi”

  • Good job, boi

  • Jungkook doesn’t know how to talk to people (too shy)

  • Yoongi smiles

  • Jungkook’s heart flutters

  • Yoongi wants to know more about this kid and his talent

  • Jungkook couldn’t say “no” to a coffee

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Nate Bittinger


“Man, this past month has been one to say the least.. Not for just myself but so many other people I see struggling. Recently, I feel like I’ve done some growing up. The last couple days I’ve been pretty upset about letting some people go (some other things as well). But, today I woke up with a totally different mentality. Today I woke up saying fuck all the depressing stuff that I’ve been feeling lately. I’ve got goals I’ve set and they need to get done in order to move forward with life. I’ve never been the strongest mentally or physically but today I woke up with a clear mind, knowing what I have set in front of myself and knowing what it takes to accomplish these things. People will come and go, this is a fact. At the end of the day they can be replaced, your time is something that can’t be. So, fueled by the spite in my heart I can promise that I’ll work harder now to accomplish my goals and progress on without them. I’ve always been a firm believer that if you want something bad enough and work for it, you will get it. Regardless, I’ve always had this kind of outlook in life, that I always need to feel like I’m moving forward. I see so many people out drinking every weekend then complain about not having money, etc. I wish I could see more people working at 2am, like myself, than people throwing their time out of the window. Maybe I just haven’t settled yet, who knows. As of now, I have my goals, I have 2-3 people who are willing to progress with me, so let’s get it. I’m sure some people lately may have viewed me as selfish. But, if I’ve learned anything since I’ve graduated college, I’ve learned that with most people these days you have to do what’s best for you instead of catering to everyone around you. I’ve started tracking and really taking all of my goals seriously (gym, job, art). I challenge anyone else to do the same. I don’t care if you want to be the best ditch digger, let’s set goals and let’s crush them. People said they were done messing around in 2015, how far have you really come since? “

The elephant in the fandom

I spent most of my life denying who i was. I never gave myself the chance to experiment with feelings i was having because in my world i couldnt accept that i could like men and women at the same time. I, like so many others, lived their life in a religious right family whose go to reaction to most upsetting news was shouting.

Its only recently that i have started talking about it in my real life. I told my wife after we were married and had a kid. I told my best friend for years after being the one to tease his older brother of his sexuality in my teen years. I openly mocked a gay kid in high school, never to his face but to the same friends we all had.

I hated bisexuality and called it one foot out of the closet. More importantly i suffered from depression, anxiety, rage and antisocial tendencies becausr i could not admit to myself that i was attracted to men.

And let me get this out of the way, i love the way my life turned out. I dont regret anything. My family turned out much more accepting then i anticipated, my wife is very supportive and i have a beautiful baby girl.

It wasnt until i joined tumblr and found a community that celebrated people like me. And more importantly online content like critical role that featured strongly characterized characters of varying sexualities and gender identity. All these characters were unashamed of themselves and more importantly were definded beyond just that they were gay.

Gilmore as a successful merchant and powerful mage.

Kima as a short zelot warrior to the platinum dragon god

Allura as a nation leader and accomplished sage.

Not only that but main characters that are influential and powerful warriors in their own right.

This all enabled me, amoung other things, to be honest about myself.

And then comes Tary, problematically played by a straight actor. When he came out i was reserved? Ive alluded to it before so if you want the full thing find that post. I dont really want to get into that right now. What i am saying now is that even though it is problematic i like tary’s characterzation.

He isnt as over flamboyant as lets be honest gilmore can be sometimes and no one complains about. Sam filled a role that so many people wanted, an openly gay pc. Because no matter the jokes and enduendo representation matters to those people.

And you know who wasnt represented in that show until tary was revealed? People whose lifes have been affected negatively by homophobia. People that have lived their whole life believing the way they feel is wrong.

This fandom can get so toxic out of no where sometimes. Ive seen people shout for female represention and nit pick at everything keyleth does.

Tary’s coming out probably seems trite and over used because guess what, coming out isnt easy for most people. Family gets disowned and people get pressured by the ones they love to be who they arent and sometimes people need to be reassured that life gets better and not everyone is going to hate who you are.

Instead of hating matt and sam for the negatives look at the positives. Tary is smart and capable and every bit as indespencable as anyone else in the core group and that includes scanlan shorthalt.

Tl:dr i will defend my genius little science gay with every fiber of my being.

anonymous asked:

my prediction is (if this "dont let it get popular!!!" stuff keeps up anyway), people will drive fandom after fandom away from games they like. this continues until every creator sees popularity as **HORRIBLE** and thus does not try. the indie game industry dies. the corporate gaming industry fills both the vacuum and their wallets after this as a balance. game over.

You are absolutely correct in that those people overwhelmingly target indie creations in that regard. As far as “cringy” fandom goes, everyone is quick to mention undertale or fnaf as the de facto example (and homestuck, an indie webcomic) , even though I’ve witnessed many fandoms go through the same thing and i noticed for “mainstream” franchises people don’t complain nearly as much (pokemon, anyone?)

I think the problem lies in that indie games are considered to be “niche” to begin with, so they tend to attract a certain kind of audience who hates the very idea of the thing they love getting super popular all of a sudden. (I witnessed it firsthand when people started having that shift in attitude about undertale. it used to have a “small” following too, you know).

It’s quite ironic that many of these small fandoms consider themselves to be the “good” communities, yet they actively wish failure on the creators. When creators cannot support themselves financially, they stop making content in order to make ends meet. (making a game is a lot of work, and in many cases quite expensive. “normal” kickstarter goals are hardly reflective of the real cost of making most games) 

I do not assume malice on their part, because I honestly don’t think they realize the problem, nor do I think they are ever going to. The creator’s failings really doesn’t affect them at all in the long run. they can just move on to another piece of media to consume and the cycle continues

modern au where morgana suspects merlin is gay and so when she realizes she’s gay and hints at him about that they end up coming out to each other

and merlin! is the first and only person morgana’s ever told! or who knows! even though she’s maybe known for a long time! and morgana! is the only person merlin’s age that knows about merlin! and the only person he’s ever told instead of them figuring it out (because gauis found out when he found merlin’s gay porn lol and he thinks hunith knows but he hasn’t Officially Told her and will knew he had a crush on this boy when they were little but he was straight so it Wasn’t The Same) and morgana! who merlin’s always thought of as kind of cold and standoffish, hugs him and won’t let go and cries after they tell each other and chokes out “i’ve never known anyone else who was gay, thank you thank you”

they’re both so high off the fact that Someone Knows and they’re always giggly at each other and make silly gay jokes (gwen: hey look a rainbow’s out! merlin: you know, i don’t see many rainbows. morgana, smirking: really? *giggle giggle* merlin: well, not many actual rainbows *giggle giggle* maybe other types *giggle giggle* arthur: what?)

they don’t know each that well outside of this one thing, but they’re constantly talking to each other about it and they’re the friends who shop together and text each other constantly while they’re with their friends together and complain about the Straights and Judge People (honestly 80% of their conversations that aren’t directly gay jokes are them Judging People Together) and they can’t go to pride events where they live because Uther, so they road trip together other places, and they’re so physically affectionate too, particularly morgana

and! everyone! starts to think! they’re together! and they keep giggling about this which only serves to make everyone more sure, like arthur gwen merlin and morgana go on a trip together and arthur and gwen are dating so they’re going to share a hotel bed, and morgana’s like “merlin can share with me *giggle giggle* we don’t mind heehee”

and arthur and gwen! get all jealous! but don’t quite understand why because they haven’t both quite worked out that they’re not in love with each other but in love with merlin and morgana respectively, and arthur’s just sitting around that whole trip like “i’m not sure whether to fight my sister or merlin for this and i’m not sure what’s up with any of it but i Don’t Like It”

because you know merlin and morgana would only encourage people thinking they’re together once they found out people thought so, because if they didn’t think they could come out anyway they’d be like “how many of our friends’ heads can we screw with heehehe” so morgana’s texting merlin like “elena just asked me if we were together and arthur was there so i said i wouldn’t tell her that but that i did know youre well hung af and arthur turned an alarming shade of purple and excused himself, you can thank me later” meanwhile merlin’s texting morgana like “how! can percy not realize! i’m gay! we’re sharing a room and i only wore tommy hilfinger black briefs to bed last night THIS IS A TELL TALE SIGN!!!! and yet he just asked me if i like freya oh my god”

Reid to Me

Summary: Reid x Reader. The Reader is a writer, who struggles to find the right words. But after a rough case, those words are all he wants to hear.

Author’s Note: This is my piece for @passionate-hedgehog‘s fic exchange! I was so excited when I saw I was lucky enough to be given the incredible, lovely, and ever-kind @reiding-and-writing, who gave me a lot of free reign in terms of plot. So here you are, dear! I hope you like it!

Words are all she has sometimes. Not that she minds, her whole world is constructed in syllables and letters, series of meanings strung together. Language is something she is especially grateful for when Spencer is away. Phone calls and text messages are the best forms of communication when he’s out in the field. Those words are her lifeline, letting her know that he’s okay, that he’s thinking of her, that he’ll be home soon. Sometimes she’ll slip handwritten notes into his bag, and he will tuck cards into random places around their apartment for her to find. It warms her heart each time she opens a drawer or turns the corner only to discover a piece of paper covered in his messy scribbling.

She has always been a writer, a teller of stories and chronicler of tales. It hasn’t always been easy. Copywriting, freelancing, editing. More often than not, her work has been putting words into someone else’s mouth for them. After months and months of rejection letters however, she finally received her first acceptance a month ago. Her own novel will soon be published, a work of her own to grace the shelves of bookstores and libraries. It’s her biggest accomplishment, but at times it’s hard to feel proud when her boyfriend quite literally saves lives for a living.

Today is one of those days. All morning and all afternoon she has spent at her desk. Occasionally taking a break to pace the living room or grab coffee and a pastry from the café below them. She sits, she waits. The right words do not come. They are elusive, just out of reach, taunting her. So close and yet so far. With Spencer gone, it’s lonely to be in the apartment. A perpetual state of waiting and wondering and hoping for time to pass quickly. For the return of the things she loves most. Her words. Her love. Her confidence in her own abilities.

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you'll always be the one that keeps me crazy inside

for @bellsblake! happy birthday hannah <3

fluffy high school prom au, friends to lovers with a bit of fake dating!

rated: teen+
[ read on AO3 ]

Clarke often teased Bellamy by saying that he could read through anything, that it would take the book spontaneously combusting in his hands to startle him out of his literary worlds, but it was clearly not true. Case in point: he looked up now as she stormed into his living room, scowling at her phone.

“What happened?” he asked, carefully bookmarking his page before setting the novel aside. This had all the makings of a minor crisis, and he wasn’t sure yet whether to be more concerned for his best friend or whatever (whoever?) had pissed her off. No one could hold a grudge like Octavia, but no one could plot revenge like Clarke and that was scarier, in his opinion.


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Social Media Platforms AU: Haikyuu!!

These are some headcanons about the Haikyuu!! crew, on various social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. (This list contains AsaDaiSuga, Iwaoi, Kuroken, Bokuaka, Tsukkiyama, Kagehina.) I’m putting them under a Keep Reading because it’s a bit lengthy!

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more than beautiful

authors note: this is based on something that actually happened to me. constantly, people always tell me how pretty i am and how i should model and blah blah. it’s super nice and i’m not trying to sound like i’m complaining about those compliments. BUT sometimes it sucks, especially in a world where physical appearance is so important ( unfortunately ). that being said, not many people tell me i’m funny, or nice, or honest or anything like that. anyway, i’ve had several guys tell me that they’re in love with me only after literally a few weeks of talking. it breaks my heart, because as much as i want to believe something as romantic as that, i can’t because i just know that they only like me for my looks. i literally dated someone who only wanted to get in my pants and unfortunately it took me a while to realize that. i’ve learned a lot from this, and so to this day, it’s hard for me to believe any guy that says “no no your personality is great too.” anyway, i thought i’d write about it

“Don’t walk away from me like that Y/N.” Shawn spoke harshly, grabbing your wrist as you attempted to walk out the door.

"Don’t touch me please.” You said softly, trying not to get angry at him. He let go quickly, and started rambling.

"I’m sorry okay? But you can’t just leave now, I love you.”

"No you don’t Shawn. It’s been three months.”

“I know, and maybe it’s crazy but it’s true okay? I promise, I love you, how could I not?”

"You can sit here and tell me all you want that you love me, but I won’t believe it Shawn, and I’m sorry, I wish I could.” Before you could open the door to leave, Shawn came up behind you and hugged you tightly, holding onto your waist and calmly saying into your ear, “Why not baby? What’s wrong? Please tell me.”

Now you were putty in his hands, and the whole world stopped as he held onto you. He made you feel so special, and he made you feel wanted. How could you walk away from this?

No. You couldn’t let yourself believe anymore sappy romantic talk. You couldn’t let yourself fall for someone else after what’s happened.

“Don’t call me baby.” You said harshly and pushed yourself away from Shawn, reaching for the door again.

“Not everyone’s a shallow douche like your ex Y/N. It’s not healthy to push yourself away from people that love you just because of the fear that they might be lying.” Shawn raised his voice, so you could hear everything he said even as you walked down the hallway and into the elevator. You ignored his remarks and bit your lip, waiting for the elevator to go down.


It’s been one week since you broke up with Shawn. One week since he put your little puzzle together, and tried to convince you that he loved you. Shawn was such a lovely boyfriend and a sweet kid, making you feel bad for leaving. But then again you weren’t sure if you wanted to let yourself believe that he was a nice person. He confessed his love to you only after three months of dating or so. That freaked you out, reminded you of your last boyfriend who ended up using you. You didn’t want to be used again, and you weren’t going to let Shawn fool you into thinking that he loved you for more than your body. You wanted so badly to believe it, but you just knew the real reason he was with you.

He texted you almost everyday since you left, and you wanted to reply to at least give him a bigger explanation. He already knew you were scared and that you simply thought he only wanted you for your looks, but there was more to it than that. You just didn’t want to have to explain yourself, and so you didn’t. Instead you sat on the balcony of your apartment building and read some dumb magazines about healthy living. The mail kept sending them to you even after you emailed the company telling them not to. Oh well, the more you know about healthy lifestyles, the better. Right? As you continued to read you heard the doorbell. You got up thinking it was one of your roommates who was out doing who knows what. But why would they ring the doorbell? They live here, they have a key. Confused, you opened the door to see the last person you wanted to be talking to. Shawn.

“Before you slam the door in my face, I just want to say some things. Please.” Shawn pleaded with you, his eyes wide. His hair was a mess and the buttons on his shirt were done in the wrong order. He was a hot mess and you didn’t know what to say, so you rolled your eyes and tapped your foot as a signal for him to talk.

“You don’t have to believe anything I say, but it would be nice if you tried. Look, I’m really sorry. About everything. You were right, about one thing at least. It was a little fast of me to be saying things like I love you even only after three months. And I’m sorry for that. And this is probably going to make me sound crazy but being away from you just made realize that I do love you. And not because you’re hot, or because you’re good in bed.” Shawn’s face got hot, and he scratched the back of his neck.

“I love your jokes, and when you make fun of me when my voice cracks. I love the way you wear my merch to bed, and how you tweet out telling people to buy my music on iTunes. I love the way you pronounce certain words, like the way you say voz instead of vase.” He was rambling and rambling and at first you weren’t listening, until he said something that caught your attention.

“I’m not going to lie to you Y/N. You’re beautiful. Your body, your face, all of you, is beautiful. But you’re more than that. You’re more than beautiful; you’re funny, you’re kind, and you’re the most honest and real person I know. One of the reasons why I liked being with you was because you always knew just what to say when things were wrong. I love your ideas, not your touch. I love the way you speak, not the way you feel. All that shit is just a bonus. You’re more than an attractive body Y/N.” Shawn sounded out of breath and you were on the verge tears. You heard plenty of rants, from plenty of boys saying things along the lines of what Shawn was saying, but they were never this in depth and meaningful. That scared part of your heart told you to ignore all of it and to slam the door right there. But your emotions were touched, and you felt yourself being exposed, for who you were. It was like Shawn showed up just to rip away all your skin to look inside your soul. To look inside to see all your wounds, and all your scars, only so he could tell you that he loved them. And that, those were why he was with you. Those scars and those wounds were what kept you together and the fact that Shawn was saying he wanted them, was blowing your mind.

“I hate to keep talking, but if you really don’t believe me, I can prove it. We can do something like, I don’t know, I’ll delete you off snapchat so I don’t have to be looking at you physically when we talk, and we can just text or something. We don’t have to FaceTime either. We don’t even have to have sex. Or even touch, or kiss or whatever. Just let me prove to you that I’m here to stay. That I’m for you, not your body.” And after he said that, you just knew. Shawn was willing to give up all the physical aspects of a relationship just so he could show you that he really loved you for more than all that.

So you walked right up to him, placed your hands on his face and kissed him. You didn’t know what to say and as much as you wanted to see if he could handle not touching you, you wanted to touch him. You couldn’t put your words together the way he did, so how else could you show him how grateful you were for him?

“Thank you Shawn.” You pulled away and thanked him, letting yourself believe in everything he said.

“You believe me?” Shawn was surprised, he probably was ready to have the door slammed in his face. But you didn’t want to keep living in fear, just like he said during your last argument with him. You wanted to love someone again, and you wanted it to be real. And Shawn was making it real, but he was making it better than real.

“I believe you.”

Season 10 - the verdict

If you’re just reading this to pick a fight because your taste differs from mine, then I suggest you don’t read further. However, if you’re up for a civilized discussion and exchanged of opinions, then go ahead :) I’m certainly not one to critize just for the sake of complaining, but I’d like to express my views on the latest season that has let me down.

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SM has been like this since ages

Here we go with a really L O N G ASS explanation about SM and he’s promoting ways.

I’ve been a fan of mostly all of SM groups since like 10 years except maybe TVXQ/DBSK, I started as a SJ-KRY Stan and I knew nothing about other groups and the internal dynamic of the company I was like this for like 3-4 years till SJ “Mr. Simple” era, to be clear ALL YOUR GOING ABOUT TO READ IS JUST MY EXPERIENCE AND OPINION FROM MY SM FAN VIEW SO…

ALL of the SM artist have had this kind of “scandal” in their own way and in their biggest era, BUT not just SM makes this, YG, JYP and smaller companies makes this to let their ongoing and growing groups get bigger in terms of numbers, if I have to put this in other way it’s like a competition between companies to prove which group of theirs is popular.

You’ll see, in the 2nd generation of K-pop groups like SJ & BB debut, it’s pretty known VIP’s and ELF’s are like enemies, just like EXO & BTS and their own fandoms (EXO-L’s and ARMY’s), the problem it’s not the publicity tactic that the companies held (I said that’s not the problem cuz this method is hold by numerous and different kinds of companies PUBLICLY since the 50’s), the problem is when it is not well managed.

SM is one of the 3 biggest entertainment companies all over Korea, you know when you are the best student in your class all the professors have an eye on you and even if you commit small mistakes everyone is just like HOW, IS SOMETHING WRONG GOING ON? SM maybe is one of the 3 biggest but is kind of dumb when it came to manage scandals, yes they paid for ulzzangs to promote THEIR GROUPS not just NCT because Instagram, Vyrl and other social media caught the attention not just of Korean citizens but international community, but they kinda choose the worst of the worst ulzzangs not because they’re not popular enough cuz clearly they’re more than influential to gain the attention not just from NCTzen’s but the web media, I said worst of the worst because most of this ulzzangs usually express how they gain money.

I mean by this when you are a true fan maybe low-key but true fan it is just to noticeable from the other part of the world but this is the problem whenever SM applies this method to promote their groups, SM groups have (not said by me but by ex-trainees that now are in other companies) the hardest and difficult trainee period, let’s take Johnny as an example:

Johnny was a trainee for 9 years, he travel to Korea periodically for 4 years and until he end high school he went to Korea permanently until now, when he started proper trainee system in SM he trained everyday for more than 16hrs not just dancing, he practice singing, learnt Korean properly, MC training, modeling, singing and other stuff that comes with being an SM wanna be Idol. Being an SM trainee is enough to learn how is to be an idol with out being one properly.
There for why many sm trainees leaves the company at an early beginning.

Returning to the point, SM is paying ulzzangs to attend NCT’s events not because they don’t care about the fans (well knowing SM maybe there’s a little of that) but because NCT is a rising group (and they have now other ways of make them bigger not like in SJ or SNSD era that they only have TV and that’s too much) they need to get known in what ever way they need to being known.

Yeah, it’s kind of well actually it’s very frustrating that they don’t get on count NCTzen’s efforts, because well SM could have pay those Ulzzangs to promote them on SNS but they don’t pay them to vote for them on public charts, believe me SM has their restrictions it’s like a rule between companies, they may pay to people who know nothing about their groups but the play fair and square.

We have to keep supporting our boys on order to make clear all this bullshit other fandoms are creating of our boys cuz if we just keep there staring and complaining we are going to give them the reason. It’s funny tho cuz many idols were ulzzangs before being trainees so we have to support them and SM if we want them to be bigger and keep the support of their company.

I love NCT too much, they give me enough synergy to start my day and makes me happy, please other fandoms don’t take this tactic to depreciate our group, we NCTzen’s have work since they were trainees to make them be where they are, if you don’t know you have to look at their ments when they won an award, SM artists in general are so thankful to their respective fandoms and even their antis because of we they are the groups we stan just like your fandom work to make your group’s grow we have work as much as they so please.

Edit: I wanted to explain this but turns that I only got angry and spit whatever came to my mind don’t judge, is 3:00 am and I have a headache I’m going to edit this properly later with links and other stuff.

-do you ever wish there was a way to block one particular person from reading your stories. like, everyone gets to read it but you, stop it. your comments annoy me every time

-also while im ranting about things that annoy me, people who complain that a story that is DONE hasnt been updated. 

Rainy Days- “Please dont abandon this fic i liked it so much :( :( :(((( UPDATE SOON ITS BEEN A YEAR”

like fuckin- its DONE. ITS OVER NOW. I get private messages about ‘abandoning’ secret santa and updating it and im like “??????”

i get this on every completed story. just because its on ao3 doesnt mean its perpetual?! it stops at some point!

- i get that my ao3 and fanfiction and wattpad exclusive fans dont know my reasoning for doing things and not doing other things, but the amount of flack i get for incomplete stories is bananas. Paw Problems had no where to go!! i had a plan but getting there was agonizing and it was going to suck so i didnt do it, id take it down if people didnt prefer i didnt. I’d take down the monster in the room too but im proud of whats there even if i might not update it, at the very least soon. commenting on other stories asking me to update the story you want, especially new stories like Knighted annoys me. dont do that. complain in the comments in that story if you really insist on doing it

- if the story has been out for a year and you notice there is a mistake in it about something regional since i am an american writing about france, i guarantee you i already know about it. you really dont gotta leave that brand new comment about it. i know i accidentally say dollar sometimes out of habit. know about it, shelved it, try to avoid it. if i do it in new stuff yes tell me i will fix it. been out for a year? already know. i am open to fixes and stuff in stuff i am currently working on but i am really not going to double back to fix the time i said dollars in rainy days. super not gonna, honestly just cant be bothered. shoulda done it then, didnt.

- before you try and make fun of me for saying something lame and obvious, perhaps take a moment to consider that ~~that was the joke~~ 

- and FINALLY 

i know i was complaining a lot just then but seriously i do appreciate everybody who reads my stuff. All that annoying stuff is a ridiculously small fraction of the larger voice, it only got my goat because i just published a new story and people were getting sassy with me in PMs. 

I seriously get so many kind, in depth, encouraging messages. Just today i got a freaking full page review on rainy days that almost made me cry, talking about me personally as the author and how my style and choice of phrasing raised the story to a new level, and i was like “!?!?!?!”

the art, the messages, the kind words, the support, all of it means everything to me. People go out of their way to tell me they love something, and plenty of people manage to give the same critiques and requests as seen above in a polite and positive way. Its just the people that dont that annoy me because ive SEEN people do it nicely, and i know that they just didnt try and thats dumb. it makes all the readers look bad and thats not fair. so dont be a butt, and i freaking love everybody who reviews my stuff. any time i get like an english class ass break down on my use of scene setting and shit i almost cry, seriously. i love it. 

frankly at this point i'm not even mad whenever light gets dom

like, their dom efforts are ridiculously well organized. i have a real life friend in light who showed me a bit of their dom threads once (i promise i’m not a spy, just a curious kiteling in wind) and i couldn’t believe my eyes! we all joke about lightning flight being the “spreadsheet flight” but honestly, light is at the very least, a very close second, if not on par with lightning!

their entire organization looks so streamlined, their dom team leaders are super dedicated and even tho i know many people in light don’t take part in dom battles and such, when light is pushing it always feels like the entire flight is behind the push! not something i have seen with many flights! personally i’m happy being in a flight that’s not really dom oriented, but for people who like dom light flight must be heaven~

also bc some people complain about never getting the 15% dom benefits and stuff: i have met many many super kind light flighters on the forums who offered to buy things for other flights on dom discount! we’re not missing out! (and those few extra gathering turns really don’t mean much either, considering 99% of the time all you get is dirt and sticks lol)

tl;dr: light flight puts a shit ton of effort into their dom pushes and when they get dom it’s well fucking deserved! they must’ve bought trained and exalted like 50,000 dragons this last push alone!

(also every time the fodder prices go up all the other flights can make a pretty penny selling their dragons so stop complaining, i made like 200k treasure selling dragons to light this push!)

anonymous asked:

hello, I don't know much about asexuality or aromantism and I was hoping I could get more info.. I know asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction, and I know that many ppl complained about b*ghead but from what I got it's completely normal to kiss someone if you're aroace so i really dont know why jughead being aroace is impossible rn just because he kissed betty (correct me if im wrong btw i really dont know much about aroace ppl)

You’re right, people who are aroace can like kissing, though many do not like it.

However, it’s not really the act of kissing by itself that erases Jughead being aroace, it’s the intention behind it. Media almost always shows kissing on the lips as a romantic act. Riverdale is definitely within that scope in which kissing = romantic. So by having Jughead kiss Betty, they’re saying Jughead has romantic feelings for Betty, which erases his aro identity. 

Plus, we know the writers are not going to portray Jughead as ace either, so it’s erasing that as well.