i know shit all about baseball

This is the dumbest shit but something I will take from the DCEU to my fucking GRAVE is the idea that Gothamites are fucking WILD about football. They are so goddamn viciously into football they will riot about it, they will get so angry about it, they are so into their mad team of underpaid underdog scrappers. 

Meanwhile, the Metropolis football team is like… all shiny and well funded and shit. Lex Luthor owns them. They just buy all the best guys from all the other teams and always win and it’s infuriating.

So Bruce buys the Gotham football team just to give them a bunch of money to trash the Metropolis team. That’s 100% his reason for it. (that and city morale) But it’s the pettiest billionaire shit. 

Meanwhile Superman is like “oh, I like baseball. ha ha”

He does not like baseball; he just hates the Metropolis team because Lex owns them and he knows it’s wrong. He’s Metropolis’ golden boy or whatever, but he is secretly petty about this and cheers for the Gotham team. I don’t know why I feel that is important. It just is. 

ok but i feel like townsend tries his best to be a good father to zach u know like

  • he takes him out for dinner sometimes even though its really really awkward bc theres nothing for them to talk about?? they have no idea how to deal with each other bc townsend didnt even know zach existed til like 2 days ago
  • he tries taking him to a ball game one time but both of them are ridiculously twitchy about being out in the open for a while after all that shit went down and neither of them really likes baseball anyway
  • one time zach overhears his dad saying to abby how he doesnt know what to do right around zach and everything he does seems to be wrong and zach feels guilty because hes not trying to make things hard for townsend its just that hes struggling too
  • so he tries also like suggesting they go to a football match (given that baseball didnt work) and they kind of enjoy it
  • abby starts coming along sometimes and then suddenly cammie is too and then joe and rachel and its like zach has this whole family now when he didnt use to have anyone
  • hed be lying if he said he didnt tear up just a bit

I just want to see an interview with Anthony Ramos. Like, he’s the youngest member of the leading cast, he originally had plans to play baseball in college before falling into theatre, and he plays two of the four people that Hamilton loved most in life (not counting the other 7 Hamilton kids). I want people to hear him talk about feeling too “ghetto” to be in the show and how Lin told him that he was great and he didn’t need to change at all. And I want him to talk about his connection with Philip. And like there’s just a bunch of shit that people need to know about Anthony Ramos and his portrayal of John Laurens and Philip Hamilton.

so to elaborate, so far: 

-bill pullman’s character has stalked ellen degeneres, showed up at her window at night, followed her, sent her faxes, sent shit to her house, gotten her chased with a baseball bat, and gotten her fired from her job

-his ex showed up and assaulted her in her home

-even though they know about all of this, including an incident where she fainted at an opera, everyone is acting like she should just get over this, including the police, because comedy(?)

-on top of that there is another guy who i am horrified might end up with her in the end who is doing the same thing by basically throwing himself all over her when she has expressed clear disinterest

-dean stockwell is a private investigator who she hires to get rid of him and maybe kill him (?) and he switches sides to work for the ex, and shows up at her house to possibly kidnap her (?)

-the scene ends with her hit by a truck and they play it for laughs

-there are still 30 mins left

-this movie can eat my entire ass