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I need matt headcanons

i’m assuming you mean besides the usual biology nonsense this blog churns out? you got it!

  • on earth, he was smart and social. the downside is he could only be one of those things at once.
    • matt: [rambling about lamarck]
      classmate: what…what does that have to do with shakespeare
      matt: why would i give a single fuck about shakespeare
      classmate: because i asked you for help on the hamlet essay
    • when he’s hanging out with people, he will act without thinking and also say ridiculous things
      • friend: hey matt, what’s 6 times 14?
        matt: what? i don’t know, do i look like an astrophysicist to you?
        friend: …i mean,
      • friend: oh shit, i dropped my hairdryer in the sink
        matt: oh no worries i’ll get it
        shiro: mATTHEW UNPLUG IT FIRST
  • he played baseball in high school
    • he was the sweetest mother hen to all the little underclassmen on the team and was co-captain with the ‘mean parent’
    • but when they were actually playing a game, the other captain was the one to interact w the other team bc matt is Aggressive And Mean against competition
    • matt’s pep talk: you guys did your best, and it was really good! i’m proud of each and every one of you! if only the complete scumbags on the Hornets would stop fucking cheating and the goddamn ump would open his motherfucking eyes, we would make a comeback
      co-captain: anyway, our actual strategy is,
  • he once tried to fight someone who was constantly being a dick to shiro (he’s like a prodigy, i’m sure some people were bitter), but the guy just laughed at him
    • because he’s a petty motherfucker, he then spread a rumor that the guy cheated his way into the garrison that went far enough that there was an actual investigation and it turns out he really did. matt claims that it was intentional. shiro pretends he believes it.
    • matt: i could’ve fought him, though
      shiro: remember that one time you punched me and i thought you had thrown a pretzel at me
      matt: fuck off shirogane, that’s last time i defend your honor
  • in space, he ends up like. making new families everywhere he goes, especially after he loses shiro. and it fascinates most species he comes into contact with.
    • prisoner: i think i’m getting sick
      matt: can i help? do you need anything? do you want my food?
      prisoner: …???
      all the other prisoners: [moving as far away from the sick guy as possible] ????
    • resistance guy he’s known for one day: i think you’ll have to go on without me
      other resistance guys: we’ll always remember your sacr– matt, what are you doing
      matt: [trying to lift the guy up] i’m?? bringing him back??
      guy: that…you’re going to get both of us killed…you barely know me…???
  • alien 1: my name is chyliorn. it means “bravery” in my language, was given to me when i reached adulthood, and i carry it with pride.
    alien 2: my name is romithast. it means “shamefulness” in my language, was given to me after i abandoned my people, and it is my greatest burden.
    matt: my name is matthew. it probably means “tree” or something, i dunno. i’ve had it since i was born, and it’s alright i guess. pretty common.
    • chyliorn: how common is it?
      matt: there were like three matthews in my school growing up. we all hung out.
      romithast: ?? if you were all from the same place, how did you differentiate between each other.
      matt: i mean, we usually went by our last names? but there were two matt joneses, so they used their middle names haha.
      chyliorn: you have…three names
      matt: yeah
      romithast: …that’s ridiculously unnecessary. i don’t like humans.
      matt: yeah yeah, can it shameful.
    • resistance captain: ah, so your name is matt? short. concise. i like it.
      matt: i mean, my full name is matthew holt–
      resistance captain: no, that’s too much. matt will work.
      • that’s how matt comes to be, literally, just ‘matt’ in all official resistance documents. at least it’s unique in space.

there are only four of these but they’re long so i hope this satisfies?? :x

Dating Montgomery de la Cruz Would Include...

I don’t know how to feel about this, but here it goes….Just a reminder English is not my first language so I’m sorry for spelling mistakes. And the gif is mine!

  • PDA
  • Lots of PDA
  • Make out sessions
  • Passionate sex
  • Sex in his car
  • Jealous!Montgomery
  • Him being overprotective
  • Playing videogames together
  • Him beating the shit out of Bryce when he makes inappropriate comments about you
  • Attending to his baseball games
  • Always cheering for him
  • Always flirting with you
  • Him beating Tyler when he finds out that Tyler have been taking you photos
  • Wearing his letterman jacket
  • And all his clothes
  • Him loving when you’re wearing his clothes
  • Hickeys
  • Him being so clingy, always has his hand over you
  • And you love it
  • Cuddles
  • Lots of cuddles
  • Getting mad at him when he’s into fights
  • Him caring about you
  • His friends making fun of him
  • “Damn man, you’re so fucking whipped”
  • “Fuck you, Bryce”
  • Netflix and Chill
  • Your friends calling you crazy when you told them you were his girlfriend bc he’s a damn cocky asshole and they don’t know why you like him
  • But you don’t care about what they say
  • Him telling you you’re the best thing ever happened to him
  • Being the only one that can calm him down when he’s angry
  • Him nuzzling his face in the crook of you neck
  • Neck kisses
  • Forehead kisses
  • A lot of kisses
  • On the parties always watching over you
  • “Get your fucking hands off my girlfriend”
  • He can be a sweetheart when its only you and him
  • Your parents don’t like him bc they think he’s a bad influence
  • So you have to sneaking around
  • But they eventually find out and they are not happy
  • You stand up and tell them you’re not going to give up on him bc you love him
  • “I love you too”
  • And your parents have not other choice to accepted it
  • “If you hurt my daughter….”
  • Him being head over heels for you
  • You being his first real girlfriend
  • Him always compliment you
  • You fell so hard for him
  • Always showing you off


things i think about

- marvin and whizzer were together for at most six months before the end of act two

- how long does marvin have until, well, y’know

- how did jason call whizzer? did he find the number in marvin’s things? did whizzer not move in two years?

- literally, who shows up to a little league game at the bottom of the sixth (possibly third, depending)? who what were you doing, whizzer?

- dear god, tell me whizzer is a nickname for something. even so, whhyyy.

- marvin’s character arc

- trina trying to be better about her thoughts/actions towards gays, but still not being perfect and wincing when charlotte and cordelia kiss in the hospital room

- trina’s complexities

- how much younger is whizzer than marvin? he definitely seems younger

- whizzer/marvin on stage chemistry during the thrill of first love. wow.

- i know charlotte and cordelia live next door, but when did they meet marvin? did they move in during the two blank years? did marvin move next to them after the divorce? what was that first encounter like?

- the amount of backlash charlotte must get at work constantly 

- how often does mendel just jump up at jason’s school/extracurricular events/baseball games like “don’t worry, son, you don’t have to be gay if you don’t want. remember all those pretty girls you talk about?“

- marvin’s “it’s been so long since i could tell“ during the baseball game. stop being such a snarky shit, marv.

- what does whizzer do? does he have a job??

- did marvin date people in those two years or did he just hang out with the lesbians in his h&m sweatshirt?

- marvin singing “i never wanted to love you“ to his son. fucking heartbreaking

Bad Reputation (J.A)

Description - Everybody is against Jack dating you because of your past.
Song - Bad Reputation by Shawn Mendes
Warnings - angst, swearing, mentions of physical abuse
A/N - this is set in an A/U universe where all of the boys went to the same high school and all grew up in the same hometown in L.A, but besides that everything else is the same

“ She got a bad reputation
She takes the long way home ”

“Where have you been?” Corbyn asked as Jack subtly walked into their shared house. Jack glanced up and took notice of all of the boys staring at him, arms crossed and eyebrows raised.

“What is this? An intervention?” Jack scoffed, locking the door and shoving his hands into his pockets.

“You could say that,” Jonah huffed. Jack rolled his eyes and took a few more steps into the house.

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ri reacts to the deh soundtrack for the first time without watching the musical irl (TW; SPOILERS)
  • Anybody Have A Map?: i lov this !!!! im connor tbfh love this so much ALSO THAT LIL BIT AT THE END WAS FUCKIN LIT I AM ALSO MAKING THIS UP AS I GO IM HYPED
  • Waving Through A Window: here comes the ugly ass 11 year olds thinkin they can sing ,,,, also,,,, gna be blasting this forever
  • Requiem: FUCK WHAT IS EVAN DEAD OR SOMETHING wait is connor dead????? what ????? im so lost ?????? also,,, girl singing needs to chill but IIIIIIIIIIIIII CANNOT PLAY THE GRIEVING GIRL AND LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE also I WILL SING NO REQUIEM TONight
  • If I Could Tell Her: haha the old classic "i wanna tell you what i feel about you but i'm scared so i'll say he said it instead" i feel ya evan ,,,, also hEEEE THOUGHT THAT YOU LOOKED REALLY- UH IT WAS REALLY PRETTY LMAOOOOO SAME ALSO I LOVE YOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUU fuck that note ended me bYE
  • Disappear: "no one seems to care or seem to notice that we're there so we get lost" fuck same ???? i think im gonna cry ??? nobody deserves to be forgotten ??? could you not hit me the fuc k hard thanx ???!!! YOU STILL MATTER FUCK AH SHIT THAT WAVING THROUGH A WINDOW REPRISE IM GONE ??? THE CONNOR PROJECT OKAY SOO CONNORS DEAD AND IM SOBBING OKAY BYE
  • You Will Be Found: piano ??? will this be sad??? "have you ever felt forgotten" um yeah, "like you could fall and nobody could hear" "when you don't feel strong enough to stand...." oh why is there a tear in my eye ? "when you're broken on the ground, you will be found.....lift your head and look around" i really cant go on typin cause im sobbing cause ben platt's voice is a fucking blessing and this musical is heaven-sent and 200% of the time i really have this overwhelming desire to just end it all cause nobody cares abt me and im literally bein told i matter so yeah im fucki n in tears don't touch me bye
  • To Break In A Glove: "this glove's really cool wow" ben im in the middle of cryin and youre such a fuckin nerd i snorted,,,, are they talkin about how to break in a FUCKING BASEBALL GLOVE WHAT THE - oh now i get it,,, evan's still a nerd tho love ya ben,,, oh shit hes talkin about connor.... well okay now i know how to break in a baseball glove and feel sad @ the same time
  • Only Us: oh this is EVAN AND ZOE ,,,, zoe is connor's younger sister ,,,, are they in a relationship ??? nice + this is such a lovely love song AND THE REST OF THE WORLD FALLS AWAAAAAY WHADDYA SAY this is so Cute im here for evan/zoe ,,, laura dreyfuss' voice is givin me fuckn chills
  • Good For You: please let this be a cover of daveed & leslie's cover of good for you OH FUCK ITS NOT ALSO,, THIS IS REMINISCENT OF GIVES YOU HELL???? oh fuck she's pisseddddd that vibrato is giving me life sis !!!! YEEEEEAH I HOPE ITS ALL THAT YOU WANT AND MORE !!!! @ evan look at what you've done to your mom this isnt cool GOOD FOR YOUUU GOOD FOR YOU YOU YOU YOU!!!!! these layers fuck STOP IT STOP IT JUST LET ME OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF BEN I LOVE YOU
  • Words Fail: im not even going to attempt because im crying so hard i can barely see the screen but this hit me H A R D
  • So Big / So Small: im emotional this is so sad whY omg evan's mum deserves better ???? i love her i love this motherly bonding the breaks in her voice are really killin me the development from complete obliviousness to evan in Anybody Have A Map? to this is killi ng me

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Could you please do headcanons for platonic friendships with Starish? :3

Sure thing! Please let me know if it’s alright because I feel I have gotten a little rusty here ;;


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  • He’s that boy who’d be willing to try ANYTHING as long as its with you! So if you’re planning on hitting that all-you-can-eat ramen contest, you know who to take along!
  • Otoya would stand up for you even if he’s the only one who will support you. He’s fiercely loyal and would not tolerate someone saying shit about his bestie
  • If you love sports, Otoya would happily take you to watch soccer, baseball or even swimming!
  • Otoya would often come to you with his problems (even crush problems ehehe ;3) and would urge you to do the same because of the bestie pact :3
  • He’d take a while opening up but eventually, his best friend would be able to tell when his smile is genuine and when its not
  • This sweet pea even wrote you a song. “This is dedicated to 〇〇〇-chan, the bestest bestest friend in the universe!!!”
  • He’d definitely get you a friendship bracelet, saying he got one for all his besties and dang, you’re pretty special to him if he does gift you one.


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  • Well he has his normal stoic face but you’re one of the few to catch glimpses of his true and joyous smiles
  • “Careful.”
    “Don’t go there unsupervised.”
    “Take care of yourself.”
    “Did you eat? Do you want me to make you something?”
    “How was your day?”
  • He’s so gentle and caring, you can’t help but be like “Man, what did I do to deserve him?”
  • He KNOWS when something’s wrong for you so the best course of action is to spit it out because Masato is worried af and wants to listen and help
  • His advice to you is usually in the form of proverbs. If you tell him to not put it that way, he’d tell you in plain words
  • Ahh those handmade bentos that only his friends and lover get to taste~ oh and those judges at a cooking show
  • Masato wouldn’t exactly come to you first when he has a problem but hey, the psychic bond where you just KNOW something’s wrong applies here. Eventually, when confronted, he pours out his heart
  • You’re on his list of favourite people when you become his friend. He is extremely loyal to you and although he never says it, he expects the same from you. He takes your bond with him as a friend very seriously because he treasures you and it’s special to him


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  • You know that you’re friends with Natsuki when he offers to cook for you. ALERT: DO NOT ACCEPT THE FOOD!
  • The sweetheart here would do anything to see his best friend smile, even if that means dressing Syo in a pink tutu
  • When he doesn’t hang out with his lover, he’s usually pleading (read, dragging) you to visit any sort of zoo, animal shelter or café so you have some fun XD)
  • Hugs! Hugs! Hugs! More hugs!
  • Natsuki would tell you little stories. Like for example, how he used to be with Syo as kids, his lover, his childhood, thoughts and dreams. In return, he expects the same from you too!
  • He would insist that you get matching piyo chan accessories just for the heck of it XD
  • He likes carrying you around for some reason. You, Syo, his lover and Nagi are his main carry victims


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  • He’s that guy who would roll his eyes at you and warn you when you threaten to chug a bottle of tequila but he would hold back your hair when you throw up because “What will you do without me, huh? sighs
  • He can be a little playful and teasing when he wants to be.
  • He never lies to you. So if you’re thinking that flamboyant neon pink dress looks stunning on you, he’d be the one who’d say it looks stunningly awful.
  • He would happily take you to the library and book store if you adore books like him. Psst, that restricted section is where you have your deep friendship talks.
  • He always cares for you, although it may sound rude at times. He just wants the best for you
  • Tokiya’s shoulder is always available when you need to cry and vent. He will listen and comfort, being so gentle despite how icy he looks outside
  • He’d often chastise you if your eating habits aren’t too healthy. He even offers to cook for you because he’s kinda your momfriend XD


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  • If your this guy’s best friend, you’re pretty important to him alright? You happen to be able to handle his quicksilver mood and see his feels beyond that confident smirk
  • Somehow everyone thinks you and Ren are going out but you’re just best friends XD
  • He speaks his mind to you, although he’s hesitant at first. Besides you, it’s usually his lover or Masato who hear his thoughts
  • You’d often meet for lunch and drinks. Ren’s a good conversationalist so it’s never boring when you two talk
  • You and Ren have insider jokes and nicknames for people you two are acquainted with. Example- “Sourpuss (aka boss) says I have to work overtime rennnn”
    “Run from work then~”
  • You have found yourself a bestie who’s a therapist, beautician, fashion expert and adventurer all in one
  • He’d jokingly flirt with you but he would never cross that line unless the two of you start feeling the hots for each other haha


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  • Gym buddies yo.
  • He prefers to talk about issues when you two are working out together. Syocchi may not look like it but he gives great A++ advice when you need it
  • He’s that boy who will beat up your bullies for you because his best friend is special and important to him
  • He’s gonna drag you into Prince of Fighting hell with him. He needs someone to gush over the series with haha
  • Syo would ask you how he looks when he has this appointment coming up. In a way, you two are each other’s fashion police. He even visits the boutique often with you
  • If he doesn’t have a lover, he always saves you a ticket when he goes for any sort of special event because hey, friends are almost family.
  • Damn all those emoji filled conversations which only you and Syo seem to understand and laugh over


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  • He’s kinda a bit possessive over his best friend too. “Hsssttt…my bestie..shoo shoo.” He only means good though! XD
  • He has really deep emo talks with you from time to time. God knows why but he usually ends up sobbing by the end of it and you need to comfort him
  • Cecil appreciates someone who listens and tries his best to listen when they approach him with their problems
  • He’s rather easygoing and would like it if his bestie tagged along when he wanted to explore places and try out food. Example- waffles
  • Calls with him usually range from 4 seconds because he accidentally hung up to 2 hours because he has a lot to say
  • He once took you to Agnapalace and thou were bestowed the honour of “Prince Cecil’s treasured friend”
  • You’re one of the few people whose words he takes seriously. Also you happen to be one of those people who kick him into the bath along with Camus

Okay Tumblr is the last place I would talk about sports, but holy fucking Odin’s shit y'all.


Y'all need to know. I grew up with the 2005 Astros. I watched them fail over and over and get shit on and ridiculed by everyone. Houston is my fucking city, okay????? Everyone cares about fucking dumbass Dallas, but Houston is where it’s at and between having the Super Bowl and Harvey and WINNING THE MOTHERFUCKING WORLD SERIES I hope my city starts to get the recognition it fucking deserves.

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I had a thought about the teacher au No matter how many times Whizzer corrects him, Marvin won't stop calling baseball practices "rehearsal" (he def only does it bc it pisses Whizzer of)

holy shiT!!! i literally laughed out loud at this idea pffft. it’s too real.

  • marvin: how was rehearsal?
  • whizzer: what?
  • marvin: you know… baseball rehearsal
  • whizzer: it’s baseball practice
  • marvin: whatever. 
  • marvin: did they know all their parts?

i can just imagine whizzer getting more and more distressed. that hairline just keeps receding in marvin’s presence.

  • whizzer, walking over from coaching: they’re practising for a game this weekend
  • marvin, waving at them: oh! break a leg!!

the students are all snickering as whizzer rubs his temples yet again that day. the kids definitely think it’s the funniest thing and it becomes one of those inside jokes (a school meme if you will). marvin finds it hilarious to wind whizzer up and he always talks about how funny he is to his drama class.

  • whizzer: we don’t mention the m word on the field
  • marvin, whispering: *gasp* …macbeth?
  • whizzer: what..? no! MLB, for god’s sake, marvin.

this is so ridiculous, i’m in love with it. please always discuss the teachers au with me, i love it to death rhdfjsk

Gone - Part One


Summary: Viv has had enough of constantly feeling like she didn’t belong to the Sanctuary and confronts Negan.

Word Count: 1055

A/N: I really wanted to write something angsty (kind of? Idk.) I’ll probably do a part two for this! Let me know what you think about it and I hope you enjoy it!

Warnings: swearing, violence, overall angst

Tagging: @haleyea, @warriorqueen1991@wolfgirl1074, @jml509, @negansoutpost, @collette04@jdms-network, @negans-network

Let me know if you want to be tagged!

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(gif originally posted by @jdmfanfiction)

Viv entered the room and when she spotted him, she strode across the room and punched him right in the face.

Negan stumbled back, not expecting her punch to be that strong. Or being on the receiving end of a punch at all.

His head swayed back and he stared at her with half lidded eyes, impressed by her. But her rage held the power of a wildfire and his growing smirk, only fueled her anger even more.

She narrowed her eyes and shook in silent anger.

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Author’s Note. I´m actually really excited to be sharing this with you guys. It´s my first Losers Club imagine and with one of my favorite characters. Really hope you like it and request for more. 

Originally posted by dailylosersclub

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au idea where marvin meets whizzer bc he’s the pitcher for jason’s baseball team. like,,, it would explain why jason likes him so much, and they’d first meet during one of jason’s games that trina drags marvin to, and he’s grumbling about “i really hate baseball” and then all of a sudden there’s a “ouch. well somebody isn’t good at sports.”
marvin turns and sees this v pretty man and whizzer’s just smirking like a little shit bc he can tell marvin doesn’t play sports. and marvin’s pissed bc the cute pitcher is reading him so well, so marvin would come back with something like “i’ll have you know i’m just fine at sports. i just prefer hobbies that require a bit more brains. like chess.” and whizzer would laugh (kinda like the laugh before he says “i’m not sure jason”) and shrug before walking away. and it’s after that that marvin realizes that jason’s pitcher has the most perfect, long legs and the right baseball pants look great on him.

and then marvin always looks forward to taking jason to practices and games bc “the pitcher’s handsome” (followed by jason: “yeah, and our team lost.”)
and whizzer would be a teasing little s h i t i’m telling you. like sending winks marvin’s way and sauntering over to him in his cocky i-know-i’m-pretty way, and marvin would be freaking out over how the handsome pitcher’s hair never seems disheveled even after wearing a baseball cap for hours at a time

and,,, yeah. that’s it. i’m just rambling but can you IMAGINE


Ok, here’s a small break of MiniCat and Poly!BBS since this IS a majority H2OVanoss blog, but there will be regiments of the great crew and their many, many ships anyway. So yeah ;D

Jonathan felt like signing up for football and joining half his squad. But then he thought about joining Craig and Brock in wrestling/rugby… Or maybe Soccer with Brian and Arlan{Droid :D}… Or he could play baseball….

He sighed, “Mom, Ii don’t know what sports to do this year.”

“We’ve got the money this year and the Fongs really want you to join Evan in football and hockey.”

“But you know I can’t skate worth the shit… We’ve been stuck in North Carolina before dad did his bullshit.”

His mom sighed but nodded, “Okay… Football?”

“I’m… I’m all skin and bones, i have no muscle, mom. I’ll be destroyed on the field.”

She shuddered and hesitated before looking over the sports paper.”You’re ankle isn’t well enough for it either, you could do swimming or wrestling or even tennis.”

Jonathan beamed at the mention of tennis and swimming, “Is there golf or bowling sports, mom?”

She shook her head, “Tennis and swimming like usual?”

“And Track.”

“Jonathan, honey, that’s how you broke your ankle. We’re not having another re-run of this.”

Jonathan sighed, one hand gripping his elbow of his other arm, “R-Right… But… tennis and swimming are… majority girls’ sports.”

His mom’s tone grew irritated and harsher, “Honey, don’t talk like that. To hell with those who call you gay. Even if you are, that doesn’t give them a reason to tease you for such silly labels.”

Jonathan flinched and nodded, shrinking back a bit as he glanced at his mom, “Same old sports every year I guess.”

“They need more variety. How about clubs, honey? What clubs do they have at this god forsake average high school?”

He let out a breath he’d know idea having held in and looked over the sheet of light neon green paper in his hands, “Gamer’s club. I’d like to join that one…”

“Done deal, how much is the entry and what is the requirements?”

“The requirements is having two or more game consoles at home and paying the entry fee of 20 dollars. Members must be responsible of taking care of rental game discs and being able to have enough anger management to handle future rage games and what not. Members will help achieve a goal of becoming possible game testers and designers in the future.”

She nodded, “Alright. Next one?”

“Student council, I want to try for that one this year mom. The entry fee is 10 bucks actually and the requirements is attending over 85% of the school year and having a G.P.A. of over 3.5″

His mom nodded again, “Sounds good to me. You’ve always been straights A’s and B’s.”

“There’s another one, mom. I think Evan’s attending this one too, much like the Gamer’s club. Lui might be in it as well, Maybe Tyler and David!”

“Get on with it, hun, what is it?”

“Upstander’s Club.”

“No hun, not this year. It’s never helped you with the bullies despite being it’s leading member. Absolutely not.”

Jonathan sighed but nodded anyway, “Art Club? The entry fee is 5 bucks and the requirements is 75% of the school year attended and a G.P.A. of 3.”

“Alright, any other clubs, Jon?”

Jonathan shook his head before casting his eyes over one last one, “Actually… This one. The entry fee is 15 bucks but it’s opened to everyone.”

“What is it hun?”

“It’s the poetry club.”

His mother seemed drawn back by his interest for poetry, “Shakespeare? You can’t even comprehend a chapter of a book yet, hun, I don’t think you can-”

“It’s writing poetry mom. You’ve seen me write a poem for you before.”

“Jonathan, it’s going to worst the cause of people calling you… gay.”

“What? No it won’t…”

“You aren’t doing any sports but Tennis and Swimming, you’re in the  Gamer’s Club, student council, Poetry club, and the art club.”

“Yeah, I’m a normal boy with normal interests and a very frail body. It’s completely fine, mom.”

“Fine, but if you get bullied, you come to me or the guidance counselor automatically.”

He nodded solemnly, already knowing he’d run to his best friends instead. His friends who actually did sports and athletic things….

There’ll be a part two later on today~

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one of these: drummers bang harder, singers do it louder, bassists do it deeper, guitarists finger faster. Punk!top!Phil being in a band and pastel!Dan thinks he's hot af and wears a baseball cap with one of those quotes on @ a m&g and looks bomb af

I know this is new in the inbox but LOOK AT IT I HAD TO

I changed it to a beanie and combined all because idk I’m pure sin I guess. Sorry about the song lines because I don’t know how to write that shit. It’s here anyways tho.

This got long AF and also, when Dan first meets the band at the m/g it’s not expressly shown that Dan’s consenting, so I made Phil a sweetheart who checks in a lot because guys CONSENT IS IMPORTANT

~Nothing was added because I felt it had to be~


- To say Dan’s excited is an understatement. By some miracle, he scored tickets to a concert for his favorite band, Shameless Color, and a pass for a meet and greet with the band! He’ll get to meet PJ (lead singer), Chris (bass guitar), Hazel (Electric Guitar), and Phil (drummer). Mostly, Dan is excited to meet Phil, whom he may or may not have a huge crush on. After hours of deliberation, he decides to wear his one pair of black skinny jeans, his pastel pink crop top and matching converse, and a beanie he got from the merch store, that’s also a soft shade of pink, and has in solid black text, the phrases “Singers do it louder, Drummers bang harder, Bassists get deeper, Guitarists finger faster” in four lines on it, carefully arranged so Dan’s curly fringe falls over his forehead.

- Dan gets to the concert and his seat without a problem, and loves every second of it. Towards the end, the band starts a tradition they’re famous for- each member of the band pulls someone up on stage for a song and dedicates it to them. Occasionally, they’ll let the person do something- try out the drums during a solo, strum some notes on the bass or guitar, sing the chorus… things like that. Dan has to admit he’s disappointed when Phil pulls up some screaming teenage girl and throws his arm around her, pressing a kiss to her cheek while she introduces herself. Hazel had told him to stop being a flirt, and then they played her a song.

- “Alright, so this is our last song,” PJ says to the crowd, laughing at the sounds of dissent his words are met with. “I know, I know. So, who’s the lucky one to join us on stage?” His green eyes  scan the front row, finally landing on Dan. “How about you, in the very sexy beanie from our store?” With wide eyes, Dan points to himself, mouthing ‘me?’ “Yes, you, don’t be shy. As Dan climbs up onto the stage, Hazel begins to play the opening chords of the band’s first ever recorded song, ‘With you.’ “What’s your name, pretty boy?”

- PJ passes the mic to Dan, who holds in in shaky hands. “Dan.”

- “Well, Dan, this song’s for you!” The song is loud and beautiful and soulful. Every now and then, Dan can’t help but shut his eyes and let the music surround him. Before Dan knows it, PJ is offering him the microphone again with a huge grin.. “Your time to shine, Dan.”

- “With you I see in color, I’m finally alive. If I ever could, I would be with you day and night. But most days the world spins on without us and you’re left behind. After all this time gone by- I still wanna be with you.”

- The stadium cheers, and Dan sheepishly hands the microphone back to PJ. “Stay here,” PJ whispers with a smirk, and finishes the song, thanking the crowd, finally bidding them goodnight and leading Dan backstage with the rest of the band. “Dan, let me tell you, your voice is fucking amazing. And Love-Eyes-Lester over there couldn’t stop staring at your ass. Are you coming to the meet and greet?” Slowly, Dan nods. “Great. See you there.” PJ winks and disappears, leaving Dan to be led back to the main area by a security guard.

-Dan can barely contain his excitement, but because of being backstage, is last in the M/G line. It doesn’t matter to him too much, band he passes the time tweeting and scrolling through tumblr. Eventually, Dan reaches the front, and is met with three beaming smiles and a raised eyebrow from Phil.

- “Dude, your singing is awesome,” Chris says, uncapping his silver sharpie and scribbling a signature on the folded edge of Dan’s beanie. 

- “Really, it was amazing!” Adds Hazel, taking Chris’ sharpie to put her signature on Dan’s hat as well. She then passes it to PJ, who adds his, winking at Dan, and the three of them walk away, leaving Phil, who signs Dan’s beanie last. 

- “You’ve got a nice voice,” Phil says, giving Dan an obvious once over. “It’s true, y’know.”

- “What is?” Dan asks, stumbling over his word in nerves.

- Phil smirks. “Drummers bang harder.”


- “You’re honestly too cute, and too fuckable in those jeans, pretty boy.”

-”Thanks?” Dan says softly, like it’s a question. Getting hit on by your celebrity crush is something that only happens in fanfictions.

“’sides, what’s a baby pink wearing twink like you doing at a rock concert?”

- “I like your music,” Dan defends, but instead of meeting Phil’s brilliant blue eyes, he’s staring at Phil’s lips and the moonlight glinting off of his snakebites. “What’s a hot punk drummer like you doing hitting on a fan?”

- “Touche,” Phil laughs. “Does that mean you won’t object if I invite you back to my hotel room to… spend the night?”

- “I think I’d be okay with that.”

- Phil offers his arm to Dan, and leads him to the waiting limousine, where Chris, PJ and Hazel are already waiting. “After you,” Phil says, opening the door for Dan.

- “Called it,” PJ laughs, and Hazel rolls her eyes before handing him a twenty. “Hey, Dan!”

- “Hi,” Dan says shyly, and Phil climbs into the limo as well, in what’s admittedly a tight squeeze. “Well, I guess I’ll have to sit in your lap,” Dan teases, which makes everyone laugh and- is Phil blushing?

- “C’mere,” Phil finally chuckles, pulling Dan into his lap and kissing Dan’s cheek, using it as a guise to whisper in Dan’s ear. “Can’t wait to get back to the hotel and make you fall apart beneath me, pretty boy.” Dan shivers, and Phil pauses. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. If you get uncomfortable, you tell me, and we’ll just watch a movie, or I’ll make sure you get home safe, okay?”

- “Believe me, I want this,” Dan murmurs, and subtly grinds down onto Phil’s lap, earning him a quiet growl and two hands on his hips, Phil’s fingers warm on his bare skin. For a moment, Dan worries he’s gone a bit too far, but Phil leans in close and starts whispering into Dan’s ear.

- “Is this okay?” Dan whimpers and nods. “Can’t wait until we get back to the hotel, hmm? You’re just too desperate.” One of Phil’s hands slips into Dan’s skinny jeans and plays with the waistband of his boxers, making Dan’s breath hitch. The rest of the band either don’t notice or don’t care as Phil begins to trail kisses up and down Dan’s neck, dragging his lip piercings over the tender skin.

-After what feels like an eternity, the limo arrives at the hotel, and Phil literally sweeps Dan off his feet to carry him upstairs, followed by the wolf whistles from Chris, PJ, and Hazel. “Almost messed up during our last song because I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you, pretty boy,” he purrs, setting Dan down to unlock the door to his room, and immediately pulling Dan inside. “Can I kiss you?” He asks.

-”Fuck yeah,” Dan breathes, and then he’s being pressed up against the door, Phil’s mouth on his, hands on Dan’s waist, and hips firmly up against Dan’s. A little unsure, Dan reaches his hands up to tangle in Phil’s hair, pulling gently to keep him close. Suddenly brave, Dan grinds into Phil, which makes both of them moan at the friction. 

- “Can I take this off?” Phil mumbles, toying with the hem of Dan’s crop top.

- Giggling, Dan takes his hands from Phil’s hair and pulls away from the kiss. “Depends. Can this come off too?” Dan raises an eyebrow as he unbuttons the top button of Phil’s shirt. Phil nods, so Dan lets Phil take off his shirt and then focuses on undoing each button of Phil’s shirt, finally pushing it off his shoulders. “You have more tattoos than I thought,” Dan says, running his fingers over the colorful images.

- “Well, I don’t normally take off my shirt for just anyone,” Phil laughs, and kisses Dan again, more passionately this time. “This would be more comfortable on the bed, you know.”

- Dan doesn’t stop kissing Phil, just pushes him toward the bed and down onto the mattress, climbing onto his lap and straddling Phil. He slowly starts to properly grind against Phil. “Lube?”

-”And condoms. Nightstand.” Dan breaks the kiss to grab them, gasping when Phil chooses a place on Dan’s neck to suck a dark hickey. “Remember, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want. Even if we’re in the middle of fucking, say the word, and I’ll stop.”

- “You’re overly cautious,” Dan says.

- Phil laughs. “Better than not at all. Can I take off these skinny jeans, pretty boy?” Dan ignores the question and gets on the floor, working at the button of Phil’s instead. “That’s not what I- oh.” The rest of Phil’s sentence is cut off with a deep moan when Dan starts mouthing at Phil through his boxers, teasing him. “Fuck, Dan c’mon,” Phil pleads half-halfheartedly, but he smirks when Dan quickly strips out of his own skinny jeans, so that now they’re both in boxers. Phil pulls Dan down to the bed and flips them over, so that he’s on top of Dan. “This okay?”

- “Yeah, yeah, stop asking, dammit,” Dan rambles, working on taking Phil’s boxers off, which makes Phil laugh.

- “Alright, alright.” He strips away Dan’s boxers and grabs the lube, coating his fingers in it. “You ready?” Dan nods, so Phil rubs his finger against Dan’s hole until he relaxes enough to slip the first finger in. Painfully slowly, Phil thrusts the one finger in and out until Dan’s whimpering and holding onto Phil’s wrist to try and get more. “Patience, pretty boy,” Phil coos, but adds another finger, scissoring Dan open and searching for that spot. He knows he finds it when Dan arches off the bed and cries out Phil’s name. After that, Phil quickly works Dan up to four fingers, and pulls away to roll on the condom and lube himself up. 

- “You’re fucking huge,” Dan says suddenly, looking up at Phil. Before he has the chance to reply, Phil can’t help but notice how fucked out Dan already looks with his neck covered in bruises, his eyes glassy, lips red and swollen, and curly hair sticking to his forehead where the beanie that’s stayed on doesn’t cover it..

- “Hands and knees for me, love,” Phil says instead of really replying. “Are you sure you want this?”

- Dan moves on the bed until he’s comfortable, and smirks. “More than anything I’ve ever been in my life.”

- Without warning, Phil starts to push in, giving Dan time to adjust every inch or so until his hips are pressed against Dan’s bum and both of them are breathless, Phil from how tight Dan is, Dan from the stretch. “Tell me when I can move, pretty boy,” Phil whispers, peppering kisses over Dan’s back and shoulders.

- After a couple of minutes, Dan says he’s ready, and Phil starts with a slow pace, gently rolling his hips, until Dan’s begging for more, harder, faster, please, Phil! Before long, Phil’s fucking Dan so hard that the headboard bangs against the wall with each thrust, the space between the sounds filled with Dan moaning and letting out a litany of things like ‘yes,’ ‘there,’ and ‘oh god.’

-”Fuck, Phil, I’m gonna-” Dan cries, and Phil leans over Dan to bite at his neck.

- “Come for me, pretty boy. Come untouched, on my cock.”

-”Phil!” Dan screams as he comes, and Phil follows moments later with loud moan, nearly collapsing on top of Dan, before having the sense to pull out and tie off the condom, chucking it in a wastebasket.

-”You go clean off, I’ll change the sheets, okay?” Phil says softly, and Dan nods, standing up and wincing before sitting back down.

-”Not happening. Guess drummers really do bang harder.”


-Mae (JFC I don’t know how to end things I’m sorry this is so shit it’s one am)

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Svt as high school boys

Seungcheol: that super nice senior that does the intercom every morning and who greets the school with a cheesy joke. never has a girlfriend but is always really nice to girls. going to a big university on a scholarship but never talks about it because he is Humble as hell. all the teachers love him his literature teacher cries when she thinks about him graduating. is the Best Friend. doesn’t play a sport but you know damn well he’ll be at every sporting event, front and center with his face painted. hates art but took it all four years because jeonghan asked him too. always buys the entire lunch table cookies. drives a minivan but his friends don’t care because he drives them everywhere for free. model student every teacher uses him as an example for academics but also morals. basically everything you wanna be but you’re never jealous because he’s just THAT nice.

Jeonghan: is /that/ kid that doesn’t do SHIT but still gets good grades. sits behind the bleachers when they have to run the mile during gym and then starts running again when the fast kids pass by. doesn’t help with group projects. really charming though so it’s hard to stay mad at him. drives the Cool Car. i’m talking like a lexus or something. daddy’s money boy except he never talks about it. always well dressed. intimidating at first but is actually a big sweetheart when you get to know him. sports? what is a sport? has only been to one football game because seungcheol dragged him to it. will fight anyone that makes fun of chan. always challenges the teachers. and is almost always right. extremely smart but doesn’t brag about it. probs will end up at fucking harvard or something idk. everyone is jealous of him like JEALOUS jealous.

Joshua: listen. this boy. he’s the kid that you’re like eh? about all throughout school and then you see him at the five year reunion and suddenly he is Daddy material and has a foreign wife and seven different mansions spread out throughout the world. but really. he’s just a big dork. really reserved. is the class president. is the president of like everything actually. national honor society. spanish club. japanese club. humans vs. zombies coordinator every year. nobody knew but he’s fucking competitive. like. he goes to his first football game as the class president and suddenly he’s standing next to seungcheol, screaming that the other team deserves to get run over by a semi. administration has to tell him to cool down. so quiet in class but the teachers low key love him. he’s so smart. valedictorian smart. he gets into like every university. goes to one close to home tho bc he’s a family kinda guy. cries at graduation. everyone has a weird crush on him but no one will admit it.

Jun: the foreign kid that shows up sophomore year and suddenly everyone is like yes. plays a weird sport like hockey that no one ever goes to watch but when they find out he’s on the team the stands are packed. is the only one on the team that looks good with a hockey mullet. is super quiet but when you get to know him you’re like jun shut up. greasy. uses pick up lines on all of his friends. tries on his teachers for better grades. hardly works. he doesn’t give up. the really popular kid that’s simultaneously weird as hell. nobody knows why he has so many friends. he’s kind of a nerd. will wear pajamas to school and will not care. “jun for the last time put your hood down”. will be right next to seungcheol at every game but doesn’t yell. thinks his friends are way cool. everyone has had a crush on him at some point. could be dating twenty people at a time but is always single. “I like to keep them guessing” *winks*. eats the entire cafeteria at lunch but never gains a pound. girls are jealous of him because he’s THAT pretty. has tried out to be the mascot every year but is always told no.

Soonyoung: never alone. is friends with literally every person in the school. even the teachers. works at the front desk in the office and all of the moms love him. “why can’t you date soonyoung, he’s such a nice boy”. seems dumb as hell but is actually really smart. no one knows that though. also does nothing during group projects. has played varsity soccer all four years but everyone knows that his favorite thing to do is dance. made a dance crew sophomore year and they perform at all of the assemblies. and it’s not actually cringeworthy. the school fucking loves it. underclassmen love him. probably has something to do with the fact that chan’s his best friend. they’re always together. chan pretends to hate the doting but he doesn’t. soonyoung spoils all of his younger friends all of them every one of them. will do anything for anyone. teacher’s pet but not the annoying kind. uses a nub of a pencil all year long and has one notebook he uses for every class.

Wonwoo: super hot kid that everyone is like “omg he’s such a bad boy” but no. he is a Nerd. mingyu always makes fun of him. tries so hard on homework and projects he’s really Extra. “you were only supposed to make one organelle model wonwoo not the entire cell”. doesn’t like confrontation. or gym. terrified of giving presentations. i’m talking near tears in the bathroom beforehand terrified. mingyu has to cheer him up. has lots of friends but doesn’t like to go out a lot. tried to play baseball freshman year, was not his thing. sticks to school instead. really shy around strangers but catch him in a good mood around his friends? doesn’t shut up. really looks up to seungcheol. will glare at anyone that’s talking while the teacher is talking during class. always has his headphones in. literally unapproachable in the hallway. enjoys the readings they have to do for literature and history and everyone hates him for it.

Jihoon: Resting Bitchface King. everyone just assumes he’s mean. he’s not though. such a sweetheart. gets really shy around anyone he isn’t close to. pretends to be writing when the teacher asks a question because the thought of talking in front of the class makes him want to die. you thought wonwoo was bad? jihoon has thrown up twice before his language presentations. tried choir freshman year. hated it. liked the teacher though so he helps her pick songs sometimes. she’s an old lady and probably jihoon’s best friend. is only ever talkative at lunch when he’s with his friends. awkward. so awkward. has weird quirks he’s so embarrassed by but half the school loves him. sweatshirts every day. 90 degrees out? sweatshirt. has to change in the bathroom during gym because he’s so shy. did I mention he’s shy? group projects scare him. waits to do his homework until midnight and then hates himself in the morning. never learns.

Seokmin: takes the fake baby class because he thinks it’ll be fun. was very wrong. late to everything. “you’re tardy again”. but he was only talking to soonyoung. all of the upperclassmen’s favorite. so nice to everyone. even if he doesn’t like them. that’s when it’s the best. super sarcastic to people he doesn’t get along with. backhand compliments? master of them. and no one suspects it. teachers pretend to be annoyed with him but they love it. brings joy to everyone’s lives. literal sunshine. hasn’t ever done a thing wrong. in choir. self proclaimed leader of the choir. can play the guitar but cannot play the piano. so bad. sings the national anthem all the time for sporting events. doesn’t actually like going to the sporting events though. his attention span is 0. common sense is iffy but academics? top notch. top 10% of the class and everyone is surprised and he just smirks. everyone thinks he’s cute. the janitor thinks he’s cute. he’s oblivious. sometimes will go into the office when soonyoung is working and yell minghao’s name into the intercom to embarrass him.

Mingyu: fuckboy. mingyu is a fuckboy. if mingyu would have grown up in america he would have been a fuckboy. mr. know it all. wears chubbies. plays baseball and girls (and boys) come to watch just to stare at his ass. he’s a catcher it’s just out there. towers over everyone in the hallway and he loves it. “mingyu is dumb” but mingyu has a 4.4 and offers from all of the good baseball programs in the country. gets asked to prom by seven different people but goes with wonwoo instead. everyone thinks they’re dating. but mingyu is still a fuckboy. “that girl has asked you out four times why don’t you just tell her straight up no” “I like the attention”. fiercely loyal to his friends. someone told wonwoo his glasses were ugly once and mingyu literally threw them into the dumpster. with the help of minghao. it was like a cheesy movie scene. rolls his eyes way too much. teachers cringe when they see his name on their roster. he’s always on his phone. never pays attention. still gets a’s. “seokmin is literally the most annoying person I have ever met” “mingyu”.

Minghao: everyone thinks he’s a fuckboy. is not a fuckboy. hates being the center of attention. will run away. really good at science but he hates it. really not good at history but he likes it. who is hannibal? minghao doesn’t know but he can tell you all about the WAR ELEPHANTS. “hood down, minghao.” he’s almost as bad as jun. also plays baseball. is the pitcher. his long limbs have people SHOOK. sometimes struggles in school but is a very hard worker. never gives up. in soonyoung’s dance crew and is always practicing. his life is sports. dresses oddly but it somehow works. pretends he doesn’t know jun in the hallways. but jun is the only one he’ll talk to when he’s sad. sawed through the table in i-tech. literally did not give a shit. hates spirit weeks. has no school spirit. cannot wait to graduate he is Over high school. doesn’t want to go to college. considers finding a sugar daddy.

Seungkwan: “STOP SCREAMING DOWN THE HALLWAY SEUNGKWAN YOU WILL SEE HIM IN 50 MINUTES”. is that underclassman that stops in the middle of the hall to talk to someone and blocks everyone. pretends he’s sick all the time so he can take a nap in the nurse’s office instead of going to class. attached to vernon’s hip. hates broadcasting but takes it anyways because vernon is. theatre junkie. front row for all of his friends sporting events or shows. makes posters. loudest person in the building. embarrassing. jihoon avoids him at all costs in the hallway. “STOP RUNNING AWAY JIHOON I LOVE YOU”. lit the fireproof table on fire in chemistry somehow. took anatomy for the hell of it and puked when they had to dissect the cat. is the lead in all of the plays. co leader of the choir with seokmin. them together? the poor choir teacher has lost years off of her life. the gym teacher hates him. doesn’t participate in anything. sits on the ground and pokes the field hockey ball with his stick. “move”. also wears chubbies. does not give a fuck about his image.

Vernon: really quiet. gets embarrassed by seungkwan all the time. loves it. nicest kid in the school. invites kids that are sitting alone at lunch to sit with him. actually uses the library to study. dresses like a fuckboy but is not a fuckboy. really shy. rivals jihoon and wonwoo. people watches. made a mixtape that seungkwan blasted through the school so now everyone knows he raps. it wasn’t cringeworthy. is really close to his history teacher. he sometimes eats lunch in the room with the guy and they just talk. sits behind the front desk in the office while soonyoung is working during his study hall because he hates how loud the classroom gets. works at the attendance office. moms also love him. “well if you can’t date soonyoung, at least go for that hansol boy”. family guy. rarely goes out but when he does. wild. a big nerd when he’s with his friends but is super reserved around strangers. the mystery guy of the school that everyone wants to know.

Chan: baby. he is but a smol child. jeonghan’s baby? no. everyone’s baby. forgot closed toed shoes once for his lab so seungcheol walked around barefoot for an entire hour. mingyu gets him a bag of cheetos every day after gym. soonyoung drives him to school and buys him whatever he wants at the gas station every morning. revels in this shit. super smart probably the smartest out of all of them. “joshua I’m going to be a better class president than you”. really involved. soonyoung’s dance crew? check. junior honor society? check. student government? check. cried once when he got a really bad score on a test. wonwoo skipped a class and got a detention just so he could sit with him. shy with girls. shy with everyone. the teachers love him. the principal loves him. staff loves him. “i’m not supposed to pick favorites, but your son is my favorite”. has matching folders and notebooks. color codes his notes. always wins spirit week. stays after sporting events to help clean up the bleachers.

What Are the Chances

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Prompt: Hey! Love your blog so much! It’s absolutely amazing. I was wondering if you’d be able to do something where the reader was the younger sibling of Negan’s late wife? And they got split up. When Negan captures Rick and the group he sees the reader again? Thank you so much! – Via @papa-maddox

Ships: None
Words: 1,126
Warnings: Curses
Category: Reunion


You were knelt on the forest floor, the smell of rotting and damp leaf’s all around you. As always you could still taste the rot on the air, usually this would make you gag but after having to endure the smell for years the stench seemed to resonate with you, reminding you that you were never safe. That held true for your current situation.

You were in a line with the rest of your group, beside you sat Rick who was shaking. You knew why, Maggie needed to get to Doctor Carson at the hilltop for there was a possibility that something bad had happened to her unborn child.

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So my internet went out so I went to check it and couldn’t fix it so came upstairs and all the bedroom doors are open. I locked them about 10 mins ago. The entire upstairs now stinks of rotten egg.
Iv watched enough horror to know where this goes, iv locked myself in my room with my big ol baseball bat and I’m going to stay awake until morning.
Iv searched the house and nobody is here but if the stairs creaks one more time fuck this shit I’m out.

At what point do we learn to talk like grown ups? Like you see these adults in public and they see a friend and they’re all like “oh hey Cheryl how’s the family? Did you hear about the new subdivision being built?” And Cheryl’s all like “the family is great. Thomas just had a baseball game last night. Also yes I think it will really enhance the neighborhood and hopefully increase the value of our house when we are ready to sell” LIKE WHAT THE FUCK. How do you know when to all the sudden speak properly and shit?? Does it just hit you?? I’m going to be 40 years old and see someone at Walmart and be like “hey bitch it’s been a min. Wanna go buy some vodka and get drunk in the Taco Bell parking lot?”

that site going around selling their own merch featuring harry’s album artwork? they’re peddling bullshit that this isn’t a copyright issue.

they say they’re not violating copyright, but they’re making $$ off someone else’s artistic output. all they’ve done is take the images and slap them on t-shirts and shit. that’s not design, they have not altered the work by 10%. i had a friend get c&d’d by MLB for using SILHOUETTES of baseball players on his designs, so the idea that using harry’s back is fine is absurd. he’s clearly identifiable, it’s not just about his face. people are idiots.

FURTHERMORE – if you don’t know who’s running that site, you don’t know where your money is going. if they refuse to identify their urls, why would you give them money? they’re probably larries, let’s be real.

don’t support this kind of lazy capitalism. you’re better than this. 

(will they get sued? no. they’ll get a c&d (cease and desist) and orders WILL be canceled. it’s only a matter of time.)

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What about non Yankees blogs? Like maybe just general baseball I’m pretty new here and need more people to follow

Well, general baseball is definitely found with my aforementioned girls @theonewiththebaseball and @baseball-babe. They’re the most neutral out of everyone I follow and they’re always open to talking about any and all teams. @sean-rodriguez loves the Pirates but she’s versed in all things baseball, as well (plus she’s extremely kind so jot that down.)

Some other baseball blogs I personally enjoy are:

@lovelymimmim likes the Rays and Athletics but she doesn’t limit herself

@joey-votto loves the Reds and (for some reason that’s beyond me) Andrew Benintendi but I love her anyway

@cryingintheclubhouse is Giants trash but she’s also fairly open and loves to argue with me about Greg Bird

@fruitsalat (posts sports on @matszuucc) she knows her shit and she’s hilarious

@judgingbelli has Dodger blue blood coursing through her veins and writes amazing imagines

Other treasured baseball-posting mutuals whom I love:

@yamackdaddy (posts baseball on @youretherealmvp)

Just Friends (A Janthony Fanfic)

I know I’ve been MIA but I wrote this this weekend and here it is. This is an au high school fic. This is VERY au, more than I usually write, but it was a lot of fun doing this one. Please just assume that Jas, Anthony, Oak, and Pippa are all the same age in this. 

Let me know how you like it! 


“Ugh…” Anthony groans, the sweat forming on his brow.

“Anthony, it’s not gonna fit,” Jasmine bites her lip, releasing the breath she was holding in, “It’s too big!”

“Will you relax? It fit before…” Anthony moves her hands away and gives it one final push before it’s jammed inside.

“Aha! I told you it would fit!” Anthony steps back from his locker, hands on his hips, and a smile on his face. He looks over at Jasmine who has her arms crossed against her chest.

“I told you not to bring your guitar case in the first place but you’ve proved me wrong once again Ramos.” She walks over to her own locker and opens it, grabbing her books for the day.

Anthony closes his and leans on his side, facing his best friend. There was only five minutes before their first class of the day but he was willing to wait for her.

He wasn’t sure why it happened, constantly waiting for Jasmine, but it did.

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