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I just want to see an interview with Anthony Ramos. Like, he’s the youngest member of the leading cast, he originally had plans to play baseball in college before falling into theatre, and he plays two of the four people that Hamilton loved most in life (not counting the other 7 Hamilton kids). I want people to hear him talk about feeling too “ghetto” to be in the show and how Lin told him that he was great and he didn’t need to change at all. And I want him to talk about his connection with Philip. And like there’s just a bunch of shit that people need to know about Anthony Ramos and his portrayal of John Laurens and Philip Hamilton.

why does everything collapse | timsteph mix

i’ll eat all your cereal but i’ll never be a smoker, cause the second cigarette always make me feel like shit [no this is just a soft indie tendermix about these two teens who try really hard]

Shoe Box - Barenaked Ladies | Sleep Talk - Diet Cig | Death as a Fetish - Starfucker | Lone Star - The Front Bottoms | Love You Madly - Cake | Give Me a Reason - Sick Of Sarah | Broken Cash Machine - Modern Baseball | I Know Not to Count on You - Sleigh Bells

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hi kimani, so there's this show on fox called pitch and it's really great. like really really great! its main character is a very powerful and complex black woman and she is amazing and the cast is diverse and they are ALL complex and it deals with feminist issues and it talks about anxiety and mental health and a lot of important things! it's about baseball but it's so fun and it doesn't matter if you don't know shit about sports. you can watch it for free on the fox website if you are in 1 / 2

2 / 2 the US or Canada… anyway i’m saying all this because the first season is about to end and it may get cancelled and it’s truly one of the most important shows on tv right now, and i thought you might be interested? or maybe if you publish this one of your followers might be… i don’t know, it’s truly what we need (representation!!!) and it would be sad to see it get cancelled while many mediocre shows succeed :/ More people should watch it! Thank you so much Kimani!