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Do you like the rain?

!!!!!!! yes !!! although when Efi was programming basic knowledge for me she assumed that i already would know about rain ( left over from OR-14 memory card ) and left it out, so i was very confused and a little frightened the first time i saw it rain. but i got used to it quickly, and it is very nice !!! i like the sounds it makes on windows when you are sitting warm and dry inside, and the way the world looks, well, otherworldly when the clouds roll overhead !!!! being outside when it happens is nice if it’s not especially cold, although i stay warm quite well on my own. i also like when it clears up and everything looks bright again, of course, but yes, i like rain. (8>

Adorable things we've learned from Paris' "Rolling Stone" interview

1) Michael teased her about a crush she had on a girl when she was young
2) I repeat, Michael accepted his daughter and her sexuality from the get go.
3) He frequently reminded her to be proud of her race and her blackness
4) Michael was a pretty strict parent (which we already knew but STILLL)
5) Prince and Paris know that Michael is and will always be their biological father
6) People tell Paris she’s so much like her dad it’s frightening
7) Paris has the same “weakness” as Michael- letting emotions cloud your judgement (according to Prince)
8) Prince and Paris believe their father was completely innocent
9) Michael used to cry to the kids at night because of how cruel the world was to him
10) While rehearsing for “THIS IS IT” Michael was so tired that Paris would encourage him to take a nap with her
11) Paris believes Michael was murdered
12) It took her until she was 10 to figure out that Michael couldn’t have a baby and so she had to have a mum
13) When she asked Michael who her mother was, Michael simply said “Debbie” (Goddamit Michael! How is she supposed to know who that is?!)
14) Paris was on the same antidepressants as Michael at one point
15) Paris explained that losing Michael was the worst thing possible so anything bad that has happened since has been nothing in comparison
16) She shrugged off just randomly finding a platinum album in the attic (I wish!)
17) Michael introduced her to tons of music, including classical and rap
18) Sometimes Michael would come into their home school lessons and when he did the kids knew they were done with school for the day
19) Michael read to them at night
20) When she was younger Paris used to think that all she ever needed was her dad and Disney channel
21) Paris has track marks from drug use, some of which, along with her self harm scars, are covered with tattoos
22) 11 of her 50+ tattooed are dedicated to Michael
23) Michael used to call her “Tinker Bell”
24) It took her years to figure out Michael had a name and wasn’t just called “Daddy” or “Dad”
25) Paris knew Michael loved Lisa Marie because apparently he looks “whipped” in the YANA music video
26) Michael taught her how to cook
27) Michael made amazing fried chicken (KFC?!)
28) Paris is scared for the coral reef
29) Paris only found out who her mom was after Michael died, because she looked it up on the Internet
30) Paris is a sweetheart who deserves the best of this world

00 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: violence, sexual references, swearing, angst, smut, drug, alcohol and other substance abuse


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1. “You do your thing and I do my thing. You are you and I am I. And, if, in the end, we end up together, it’s beautiful.”
2. “All I know is you and I belong together.”
3. “I’ve always been able to talk to you, to make you laugh, and I’ve always, always wanted to take care of you.”
4. “I think you and I should spare ourselves a lot of uncoolness and walk through life together.”
5. “I’m sorry. I’d rather break my ankle into fifty thousand pieces than cause you pain.”
6. “All I understood was that you were the girl I sat up every night thinking about, and when I’m with you I feel happy to be alive. Like I can do anything.”
7. “I wasn’t sure this day would ever come, but you were.”
8. “I wasn’t sure love could survive everything we put it through, but you were.”
9. “Now I know I want you to stand beside me for the rest of my life. That’s what I’m sure of.”
10. “The only thing that ever made sense to me was you, and how I felt about you.”
11. “You’re right. I said, ‘Kiss me, baby-sweetie, kill the relationship with the person I care about more than anyone in the world, and make me miserable for the rest of my horrible life.’ That’s what I said.”
12. “That’s what I feel is love—when I’m better because you’re here.”
13. “I will never forget you.”
14. “You’re the best person I know.”
15. “I don’t know what’s gonna happen to me. But I do know that I’m gonna be a good person who cares about people, and I blame you for that.”
16. “Your secret is safe with me.”
17. “You’ll always be with me. As long as I live, okay?”
18. “If I had to dream up the perfect woman, she wouldn’t even come close to you.”
19. “We’re a masterpiece.”
20. “I don’t care what you think right now. We’re gonna be together forever.”
21. “I care about you and me.”
22. “If every marriage failed except for one, I guarantee you that one would be ours.”
23. “I believe that when you find love, you hold onto it and cherish it because there is nothing finer, and it may never come again.”
24. “You’re the most stunningly beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”
25. “I will never love anybody more than I love you.”
26. “It doesn’t matter to me what you look like. It only matters to me who you are.”
27. “Let’s not say goodbye. Let’s say ‘I love you.’ ”
28. “I can hate you or I can love you for the rest of my life, and those are the choices as far as I see it.”
29. “Love is the most amazing, rare, and precious thing in the world.”
30. “You don’t deserve that kind of pain.”
31. “I’m not going to kill you. It takes too much time to break in a new best friend.”
32. “Hey, when I got friends, I can get through anything.”
33. “If there’s bad feelings here we should work them out, because that’s what friends do.”
34. “No matter how difficult life gets, the important thing is to live it with hope.”
35. “You don’t have to be blood to be family.”
36. “Nothing’s going to come between us, alright? We’re going to be together for the rest of our lives.”
37. “Life’s tough. Get a helmet.”
38. “I will always look at you like this.”
39. “You deserve better.”
40. “I know that once I’ve met that special person, it’s hard to live knowing they’re out there, and they’re the only one I care about. “
41. “All those things I did, I wasn’t trying to impress you, I just didn’t know how to express my feelings.”
42. “I know things are going to happen between us when they’re supposed to happen, and I know I’ll wait until they do.”
43. “The best things in life are worth waiting for.”
44. “If it’s any consolation, I think you can do a lot better than them.”
45. “You gave me my first kiss. You taught me how to dance. You were always talking about these crazy things, and I never understood a word you said.”
46. “I heard you telling my parents you thought I was smart. Just hearing you say that is worth 1000 SAT points.”
47. “This is a hug, okay? This is a hug. And this is when you hug somebody, when you care about them and you want them to know.”
48. “I said excellent, and I was talking about something you did. I don’t know what came over me.”
49. “I want you to be free to soar majestically as long as I know that you’ll always come back to me.”
50. “Thanks for saving me.”
51. “If I’m really quiet, will you stay?”
52. “You have extraordinary gifts.”
53. “There is always going to be someone better than you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.”
54. “You made me feel better. You’re always there for me, just to listen to me, to give me advice.”
55. “You know, you help me get through stuff, just like you did today. You’re never going to be too old to do that.”
56. “I’ve been to three county fairs, two pig-stickin’s and a goat rope, but I ain’t never seen nothin’ like you.”
57. “I’d like you to come.”
58. “You are family.”
59. “I want you to forget about everything that happened between us and remember we’re friends.“
60. “I want you to come to our party because it’s for friends.”
61. “Yes, I’ll call you Don Francisco.”
62. “You love him more than I do! It’s true, but I’m okay with it.”
63. “We’re married now. We can do it every night for the rest of your life.”
64. “I think it’s up to me to provide.”
65. “I’m sorry about what happened. I’m, I’m deeply, deeply sorry. Y'know? And I do take back what I said to you.”
66. “Do you want a blanket?”
67. “I trust you.”
68. “Believe in yourself. Dream. Try. Do good.”
69. “You never gave up on me.”
70. “I’ll be alone with you.”
71. “I can never really get mad at you.”
72. “I was just listening to the sound of your voice.”
73. “You’re my friend. You’re one of the best people I know.”
74. “Never leave.”
75. “Will you marry me?”
76. “Your hair looks different. Why would I laugh?”
77. “S/He’s not you.”
78. “I don’t want you to ever feel bad about yourself.”
79. “I don’t ever want you to hold yourself back because of me.”
80. “I’m in your memories and you will always be here to remind me.”
81. “I don’t want to lose what’s so special about you.”
82. “Use a mirror, babe.”
83. “You are not alone.”
84. “I know now that I will never, ever love anybody more than I love you!”
85. “We broke up for a reason; so we could get back together.”
86. “If you let people’s perceptions of you dictate your behavior, you will never grow as a person.”
87. “Money doesn’t make you rich. Life makes you rich.”
88. “It’s not the changes that matter, it’s how you react to the changes. That’s what makes you who you are.”
89. “If you ever need to talk, my door is always open.”
90. “I tell ya, I could watch you eat pizza forever.”
91. “The rest of my life? It’s yours.”
92. “I forgive you. I forgive you for lying.”
93. “Don’t worry. I’m sure there’s someone out there for you.”
94. “I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye.”
95. “If you truly loved each other, you’d risk anything for that love.”
96. “I’m not going anywhere.”
97. “Lose one friend, lose all friends. Lose yourself.”
98. “I’m still here.”
99. “Sometimes a sure thing is not the best thing.”
100. “I love you all. Class dismissed.”

Little Lucas Dunbar

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Liam x OC / Pack x Liam x OC

“Liam’s acting weird.” Mason declared as he sat at the table the pack had gathered around.

“Isn’t he always a little weird?” Lydia sighed with an eye roll as she translated Stiles who had shoved a mouthful of fries in his mouth before speaking.

“He has been missing practise.” Scott pointed out and frowned at Stiles when he went to speak again.

“Yeah but has he ever asked Coach to take him off the team and bench him before?” Mason muttered and everyone hummed.

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♡ Drabble Celebration ♡

While I was gone, we reached a milestone! 7,000 followers?!?! Thank you so much everyone!! You guys are amazing. To celebrate, I thought I’d make a little prompt list and you guys can send in some character x reader pairings alongside the dialogue for me to write a little drabble for you! Thank you so much, once again, y’all are fantastic ♡♡

I’ll write for Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and the actors within these fandoms

1. “I’m gonna throw up, I hope that’s alright with you.”

2. “Hey, do you think this is a good idea?”
  “This is probably the worst idea I’ve heard in the past year, but I’m feeling a little tipsy so I’m willing to put that aside.”

3. “Tell me you didn’t eat my fucking lasagna.”

4. “Following people isn’t very polite, you know.”

5. “Can I count on you to dig me out if this collapses?”

6. “I can’t feel my toes.”

7. “I hope you drown in that mug of coffee.”

8. “I broke my nose for this?!”

9. “I love you more than ever.”

10. “You called the cops?!”

11. “Where the hell is the front door?!”

12. “Don’t run!”
    “But he’s staring at me!”

13. “She would kill you in a heartbeat if it would get him back.”

14. “What happened to the fish?”

15. “I care about you more than you’d ever know.”

16. “Call me back, okay?”

17. “Was that a gunshot?”

18. “You didn’t actually kill him, did you?”

19. “Don’t leave me like this.”

20. “If you get blood on my sheets you’ll be wishing the bullet had killed you.”

21. “Don’t be an asshole this time, okay?”

22. “Wingman? Me? Your wingman?

23. “You’re cute when you hate me.”

24. “Marry me, not that jackass.”

25. “You’re being so needy right now”
    “I’m aware”

26. “Don’t be so childish.”

27. “Why do you have a shirt with my face on it?”

28. “Wait, are we dating?”

29. “You fucked up our whole night.”

30. “I hate love.”

31. “Don’t let go!”

32. “Where’d my mom go?”

33. “You ruined us.”

34. “You don’t seem to understand… She doesn’t care if she dies.”

35. “How’s she alive?”
    “I’ve been asking that since she was born”

36. “Would I lie to you?”
    “Yes! You would!

37. “Why are you touching me?”

38. “You’ve got some balls, pal.”

39. “You couldn’t have chosen a worse time to do that”

40. “You still believe in happy endings?”

Send Away

Hate You (E.D)

Authors note: I’m sorry for being so inactive but I’m going to be on all day today so if you requested anything it will most likely be up today or early tomorrow!!

Request: i’m running on three hours of sleep so my inspiration is running low but for some reason i really love imagines where like they both hate eachother for..whatever reason and so eventually they just kinda yk yk. it could be fluff or smut with either boy.

Warnings: Not really, maybe language or light smut

There were many reasons as to why I hated Ethan Dolan. In first grade, he poured Elmer’s glue down my back. My mom gave me a 2 hour shower when I got home. In 4th grade, he threw my notebook in the garbage during lunch. I was a goody tissues, and my notebook had all my homework in it. I cried to my teacher for 25 minutes. In 7th grade, he took a video of me sleeping and put it on vine for out entire school to see. I didn’t go to school for 3 days.

But the biggest reason that I hate the Ethan Grant Dolan: he left me in 10th grade.

I’m not talking about we were dating and he left me or whatever. I’m talking we were best friends. The Dolan twins and I. We were the 3 musketeers. I was featured on some of their vines. I was the one who pushed them to continue doing vine and chasing their dream, even when they were getting bullied in 9th grade.

When they continued to be homeschooled, it was a little weird to get used to not having them annoy me in school. But I still got to see them when I came home. And I was happy for them. They could continue doing what they loved to do.

I remember I came home from the last day of and I raced over to the Dolan house. With school ending, we could spend more time doing stupid crap together like we usually did. I didn’t bother knocking because I never knocked. I walked into the living room where they were usually sitting. They weren’t there. Cameron came down the stairs.

“Hey, where’s E and G?“I asked. Her face dropped and suddenly became super red.

"They didn’t tell you?"she asked.

"Tell me what?"I asked.

"They um, well they-”

“Cam"I almost demanded.

"They flew out to LA and have an apartment there. That’s where they’re living for know on"she said. Now my jaw dropped.

"Why didn’t they tell me?"I asked, my voice cracking. Cam responded by hugging me.

"I’ll kill them"she whispered in my ear.

I didn’t bother texting or calling them. Even when I wanted to. I wanted to so bad. But they were the ones who did me wrong.

I ended up becoming closer with Cam then ever. Even though she went to college, we still talked everyday. I ended up focusing on basketball. I always played with E and G, but now that they weren’t here, I put more focus on it.

So flash forward 2 years. I’m going to college in 2 months. The UCLA Bruins with a full scholarship ride. I couldn’t wait. Cam told me the best thing about college is the experiences. For now, I was just counting down the days until I took off.

Anyways, I went to the closest ice cream place I could find to get a gift card for my coach. He’s done so much for me that man and I know he loves ice cream, so I wanted to give him a little gift before I left for college. I went up to the cashier and asked for a $50 gift card. After handing the cash to her, she handed me the gift card. It was super cute, with sprinkles and hot fudge all over. As I was admiring the gift card, I accidentally bumped into someone, or a wall for that matter.

"I’m sorry!"we both said at the same time. I looked up, and I came face to face with Ethan. After not seeing him for 2 years, here he was, standing right it front of me. He looked different. Before it was sort of hard to tell apart him and Gray. Now they look nothing alike. He’s gotten bigger too. Way bigger. And tanner.

I didn’t know what to say. Do I even say anything? He was staring at me the same way I was staring at him. Jaw dropped, inspecting every element of each other.

"Yo E why are you-holy shit. Y/N?"he asked. He knew the answer to that, but clarification I guess.

"Uh, hi"I said, pretty awkwardly. I didn’t know what to do. Or say. I haven’t spoken to them in 2 years, do I act like everything is fine or still be mad? How about neither. Instead I do what no one should do but I always end up doing. Run away.

"Look I really gotta go-"I said almost running to the door.

"Wait Y/N!"Gray said but I didn’t let him finish.

"Sorry!"I said as I was out the door, speed walking to my car. I took a look back. Ethan had the same face on from when we first bumped into each other, while Grayson seemed sadder. I put my car in reverse and drove back to my house.

The way home was nothing but thinking. Why were the twins in NJ again? Did they come home to visit family? How long are they going to be staying home for? What if they’re permanently staying? Overthinking was really just the gist of the whole car ride. I walked inside to see my mom with her car keys in her hand.

"Hey mom. Where are you going?"I asked.

"Just some food shopping. I’ll be back soon"she replied.

"Mom it takes you 3 hours for food shopping"I said. She chuckled.

"Oh sweetie. Did you know the twins are back? You should go say hi!"she suggested. I gave her a look, and she read my mind.

"I know you didn’t leave off good but you guys are the 3 amigos. Maybe not right now, but just try to talk to them?"she asked. I groaned and plopped down on the couch. She left, locking the door on her way out.

I was scrolling through Instagram, Snapchat, twitter, everything. And I was stalking the twins. I’m almost 100% sure that when they left, I blocked them on every social media possible and deleted their contact so they couldn’t follow me. 14 minutes when by when I heard a knock on the door.

I got up, fixing my jeans a little bit before opening the door. I was again, face to face with Ethan. Why does this keep happening to me?

Again, I didn’t know what to do. But he looked like he had everything thought out. He pushed past me, entering my house without even saying a word.

I closed the door, suddenly my blood starting boiling of anger.

"Can you leave my house?"I asked. Except I didn’t want him to option. I wanted him to leave my house.

"No. We’re going to settle this once and for all,"he said.

"Settle what? Did we go to war or something?"I remarked.

"Why you hate us so much!"he exclaimed.

"Oh let me think. Maybe it’s because all of the sudden, you left for LA without even telling your best friend! Or I thought I was your best friend at least. I had to find out from fucking Cameron. Who just leaves and doesn’t tell anyone?"I yelled.

"How could I try to tell you when you blocked me on everything?"he started to raise his voice too.

"Me? You’re blaming this on me now?"I asked, almost at shock. My voice was still high.

"I wasn’t the one who just totally cut off ties with someone!"he yelled.

"I wasn’t the one who got a plane to across the fucking country and didn’t even tell their best friend! Do you speak English? I wouldn’t have done what I did if you weren’t such a dick!"I yelled. We just looked at each other. My heart was beating out of my chest. My face was flushed from yelling. My face went into this RBF. Ethan’s hands were in his hair, tugging on it. His jaw was clenched and his face was flushed as well.

"Why didn’t you tell me?"I asked, my voice back at normal. He didn’t answer, instead he just turned around, his hands going to his hair for support again.

"Wow great. I can’t believe it,"I said.

He walked towards me, getting closer and closer. And didn’t stop until he grabbed my face in his hands and planted his lips right onto mine. I melted right into the kiss at first. Not going to lie. But then I realized, why am I kissing Ethan? I pulled back and pushed him back a bit, to which he stumbled a bit being taken off guard.

"No Ethan. You can’t just kiss me and think that’s going to solve everything. You didn’t answer my question"I demanded.

"Ok fine. You wanna know why I didn’t tell you?"he asked.

"Kinda"I scoffed.

"Because I was madly in love with you. I still am. How was I supposed to say that I’m leaving for who knows how long to someone I can’t stand not seeing for more than 2 seconds? I couldn’t bring myself to say bye because if I did I didn’t know what else might come out of my mouth. And I thought it was a phase. I thought I would get over you after a couple of months of not seeing you everyday. Hell, I even got a fucking girlfriend to try and distract myself from you. But I can’t. I can’t seem to get you out of my fucking head Y/N. Every girl I see I try to look for you. And I can’t. Because you are the only person that I want. Ok. There I said it"he ended his speech with a quick gasp, like he lost all the air he had inside when he spoke.

For the third time today, I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say.

"I know, I ruined our friendship and now you don’t want to talk to me"he said, walking towards me, except to go to the door. Except this time, I grabbed his collar and pulled him towards me, connecting our lips. He backed us into a wall, my the top of my back using the wall as support as his hands grabbed the small of my back to bring us closer.

We didn’t stop kissing. Things only got more heated from there. His tongue slipped in my mouth, as his hands traveled lower towards my ass giving it a good grab.

Eventually I needed to breathe, so I pulled away.

"Let me make it up to you,"he said, lifting me off the ground as my legs wrapped around his waist. He placed me on the couch, hovering over me.

You probably know what happened after that. It was a good night. But afterwards it was even better. Catching up on each other’s lives, we finally put the last behind us and moved forward. I was happy to say the least. I finally had my best friend, or even more then that, next to me and back in my life.

PLL finale thoughts

This is going to be messy sorry…

1. If you know my blog you’ll know I wanted twincer so badly so YAS

Now on to the rest…

2. The biggest thing I’m disappointed with (well this alongside the 3rd point) is that Alex had no solid motive to torture not only Spencer but the rest of the girls. Tbh my memory of the finale is a little fragmented and this may be wrong but her motive was because of Charlotte? Now what did any of the girls even do to her? Charlotte tortured the girls to the point they were close to death several times.

3. WHERE WAS ANY MENTION OF BETHANY YOUNG?!?!!!! How did she end up in Rosewood? Why was she wearing a yellow top and the bracelet? Did Ali know her? I have so many questions surrounding Bethany and I’m so disappointed that we didn’t even get a mention. I had hoped for many seasons that the girls killed Bethany and that would be the motive for AD to go after the girls.

4. FILLERS FILLERS FILLERS! Marlene you had one job and you didn’t do it. Yes I do have favourite ships and yes I am pleased they ended the show in certain couples but honestly the finale was for answers not romance.

5. Why on earth did we even need to wait that long into the episode to have AD revealed

6. The fake Melissa reveal really disappointed me. My other AD suspects were Melissa and Wren so I was pleased with Melissa being AD. To then find out it was fake.

7. Where is mike? You want me to believe Aria didn’t invite her brother to the wedding? What happened to Eddie Lamb?

8. My first ever suspect way back in season 1 was Lucas. For Lucas to have one scene (fucking tap dancing?!?) was really disappointing. Why didn’t we get any further backstory on his relationship with Charlotte.

9. Sara was such an irrelevant character yet Marlene made her relevant to two major plot lines. Yet we get no backstory on her. How she ended up on the A team, how Charlotte recruited her (kidnap, blackmail ??), why did she end up in the Dollhouse? What did she do down there that whole time?

10. This brings me to the Dollhouse. How was that built? Who helped Charlotte build it? Why didn’t anybody question why the hell somebody was building an underground bunker? What happened while the girls were down there? Why haven’t we seen more flashbacks? The idea of the Dollhouse was amazing but Marlene did not use it to its full potential.

11. Why have so many investigations just being dropped? Who do the police think shot Spencer?! Who has noticed Wren is dead?!

12. I had long hoped for a scene with Mary and Veronica. Again Marlene disappoints.

13. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to know what happened after the Alex reveal. Did Spencer tell her parents? What does Melissa know?

14. Mona winning the game is everything. I love that Marlene went for this but honestly so much about it isn’t realistic (I know this is PLL but come on) How did she get them to Paris?!

15. Previous seasons still go unanswered. Why Ali had pictures of Aria? What did Ali do when she was missing? What was up with Garret? What was Fureys role in everything? Marlene said that Furey had apart of the AD story not just as a police officer?! Why was Byron so shady? How was Ezra just writing a book?!? Who grabbed Ali in ravenswood (Ezra)?! Who was the one who had touched the girls who Ali feared the most?

16. I’m going to finish this on a positive note (sort of). The reveal itself was so good. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I just wish it wasn’t as rushed and we had got more of our questions answered.

So many points I could add but I’ll be here forever. I’m gutted PLL has ended like this because so many of our questions will go unanswered. My expectations were so low but I was still disappointed. I want to thank everybody who puts so much time into creating incredible theories. You have made my PLL journey that much better!

Of Books and Dirty Cash pt 14


Yoongi x Reader

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

You can also read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

You walked into your dorm room in a haze, still not quite sure what to think of the previous night. Diane was there, and jumped off the bed as soon as she saw you.

“Where have you been?” She demanded as you sighed and sat down on your bed. “Do you know how worried I was? You didn’t answer your phone—what happened to your face?”

You touched your cheek gingerly where you had been struck, and were suddenly more aware of your still split lip.

“Don’t worry about it, the guy who did it now has a broken arm.” You didn’t add the fact that he also had some broken ribs, or the fact that Jaebum now wanted Yoongi dead.

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[banner credit goes to the wonderful @chihope]

pairing: jeon jungkook x reader
genre: angst
word count: 1.2k (because I don’t actually know how to drabble)
drabble prompt: post-argument + “Sometimes I hate you, sometimes I love you. I’m trying to decide which I’m feeling right now.”
a/n: Oh dear, I’ve never done Kookie angst. My poor heart. It could possibly have a part two though if I get any request for it

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Meta Repost #1: The Trident Fight: Why We Need to Stop Blaming Little Girls and Start Blaming Irresponsible Adults and the Awful Society They Perpetuate

It’s back!

I feel embarrassed that I feel the need to discuss the Trident scene in a meta at this point in time. It’s been four books and nearly twenty years since George R.R. Martin wrote the damn thing, and yet people still keep bringing this up as not only A defining moment for certain characters, but THE defining moment for certain characters. Especially for Sansa.

This is wrong. The person to be angry at isn’t Sansa or her sister. While both girls can get blamed for this event, Sansa tends to get the bulk of fandom hatred for the events that led to the death of Lady. I want to focus on why this viewpoint is wrong.

It’s just that so many of the mentions of the fight at the Trident between Arya and Joffrey, Sansa’s reaction, and the fallout are so often used to make really bad arguments. And, in fact, the whole instance is just misinterpreted a lot.

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Knock - Newt

Your name: submit What is this?

“Stop!” I screamed at them. “Stop! Stop! Please! I don’t wanna remember, stop!” I cried.  

“It’s too late,” they told me. “The procedure’s done.” With that, they walked away. I disconnected myself, calming down. I stepped out of the room, meeting the others.

“Isn’t it great?” Theresa was telling Thomas. “I can remember! I can remember everything! Oh, my life… my parents… they were amazing, my friends…” she muttered. Thomas laughed.

“Yeah, it is great,” he replied.

“I used to be top of my class,” Newt answered.

“I used to be the best athlete,” Minho reminisced. They were so happy.

“Great,” I commented, no expression of my tone. “Are we just going to stand here and talk about our past or can we go?” They looked at me.

“Y/N, you’re acting like this isn’t a good thing,” Theresa furrowed her eyebrows. “You can remember who you were! Your family—“ I scoffed.

“Yeah, ‘cause it was all so fantastic,” I muttered. “I’ll be outside. When you guys are ready to face the now, I’ll be waiting.” I walked past them and outside. It wasn’t great knowing why I always had to take those meds in the maze. I didn’t want to know. I don’t want to know.

I sighed, walking to the side of the building and leaving against the wall. I crossed my arms and looked into the distance, trying to forget. I tried not to think about it.

“What are you thinking about?” A familiar voice asked me. I scoffed.

“I’m thinking about ways to stop thinking about what I don’t want to think about,” I answered.

“What do you not want to think about?”

“Well, if I wanted to think about it, I’d stay in there and tell all you happy people about it,” I snapped. I sighed, rolling my eyes at myself. “Sorry. That wasn’t fair. Don’t let me rain on your parade,” I told him. 

“A problem shared is a problem halved,” he told me. I furrowed my eyebrows at him.

“Where did you hear that?” I asked.

“My mum, apparently,” he chuckled, I did too. “She laughs!” I rolled my eyes, a smile on my face.

“What do you want to know, Newt?” I sighed, the smile disappearing.

“What’s troubling you, Y/N?” He asked. I took a deep breath.

“My life’s shit, that’s what,” I told him. “The maze… it’s so screwed up, but that was probably the best thing that ever happened to me.” He furrowed his eyebrows, but he didn’t say anything. “My mum couldn’t care less about me. She was an alcoholic. All the cared about was getting her fix. My brother was always in his room. My dad left my mom when I was 13… or was I 14? Anyways, when I was 14, I ran away from home. I couldn’t deal with the loneliness, the alcohol… I just couldn’t. I called the person I trusted the most, my dad. He took care of me for a good year. It upset his girlfriend at the time, so he broke up with her. Then, after, he dated another girl, who I thought was nice, but that doesn’t matter. We had a cat, and I named him Sherlock. He was my best friend. Then, suddenly he dropped me off at my mum’s and he spoke to me maybe 5 times after that and then never again. He told me he gave away the cat,” I chuckled bitterly, wiping a tear from my face. “Fuck, I hate crying.”

“I know. You never did it in the maze.”

“Yeah, now I know why,” I chuckled. “Those stupid pills. They were anti-depressants. Now I know where my scars are from too. Now, I’ve got drug withdrawal and that’s why I’m crying at everything,” I laughed. “You know, up ’til I was 14, my dad… he’d bring me to McDonald’s to get ice cream whenever I had a bad day, no matter what. No matter how late it was, he argued with his ex and my mum about that,” I told him.

“What changed?” He asked when I didn’t continue.

“He chose her,” I sobbed, my knees gave, making me sit on the sand. “That’s what changed. That’s why I was suddenly evicted out of my home. That’s why my cat was given away. He chose her, his girlfriend, over his own flesh and blood,” I cried. “And I wanna be mad, I do, and I was. I was furious.”

“But?” Newt sat next to me.

“But do you wanna know what I’d tell him if I saw him? I’d tell him he broke my heart. I’d tell him he broke my trust, and I have trust issues. He was the only person I trusted with everything. Everything. He broke it. He broke me.” I looked down before looking at the sky. “I’d tell him I want to scream at him. I’d tell him I want to be furious… but…”

“But?” He prompted.

“But, dammit, I understand,” I cried. “I understand why he chose her. It’s because the two times he chose me and my brother… he lost the two women he loved more than the world. This was his third shot, and if he chose me, he’d lose her, and he knew that. I fuck up relationships. I fuck up everything. I screw up everything.” I harshly wiped away my tears. “It’s me, Newt. I’m the problem,” I told him. “And you know what? I used to want to get married. Have kids, live in a house with a white picket fence, have a golden retriever. Have a happy ending. You know, marriage and happy ending used to be synonyms for me, but now…” I sobbed. “I don’t think I believe in happy endings anymore. I want to, I do, but I don’t believe it… I can’t… It’’ll just never happen for me. You know why? ‘Cause I screw everything up. Everything I touch dies.”

“Stop it,” he told me. “Look at me.” I didn’t. “Y/N, look at me.” I still didn’t. He used his hand to gently lead my face to look at him. I met his brown eyes and more tears streamed down my face. “You’re not a mistake. You don’t screw things up.”

“You don’t know that.”

“No, I do! I really do!” He assured me.

“No! You don’t!” I screamed. “You know why? You know how I know you don’t?! Because you’re not real, Newt!” I screamed. He looked at me, perplexed. “I’m just a lonely girl in her bedroom writing this down on her laptop! You’re not real, I’m writing you! I’m writing this! You know what’s real? My problems! You? You’re not real. As we speak, as I write, I’m expecting a knock on my door. I’m gonna answer that door, and you’re gonna be there and you’re gonna hug me and tell me that you’re there for me. You know what’s the problem with that?! You’re not real!” I screamed.

Just like that, the illusion was shattered.

I looked around and I saw not the sand dunes of the Scorch, but the grey walls of my room and my laptop in front of me on my bed. I waited, and I waited. I waited for the knock. The, “Hello, love… What’s wrong?” I waited for the, “I’m here for you.” I waited for his arms to wrap around me. I waited for him to whisper encouraging words into my ear. I waited for him to tell me that I was loved, that I wasn’t a screw up, that he was real, that he was there for me and that he always would be. I was waiting for him to tell me it was all worth it.

I kept waiting.

But the knock never came.


Note: I absolutely loved this series. I finished it last night and actually laid awake thinking about it for a few hours, the images haunting just beneath my eyelids. Another wonderful work by The_Dalek_Emperor.

Part I (Below) | Part II | Part III | Part IV |

It’s a long story, but one you’ve never heard before. A story is about a place that dwells in the woods, on the mountain; a place where bad things happen. And you may think you know about the bad things, you may decide you have it all figured out but you don’t. Because the truth is worse than monsters and men.

At first I was upset when they told me we were moving to some little town out in the Ozarks. I remember staring at my dinner plate while I listened to my sister throw a temper tantrum unbefitting of a 14 year old honors student. She cried, she pleaded, and then she cursed at my parents. She threw a bowl at my dad and told him it was all his fault. Mom told Whitney to calm down but she stormed off, slamming every door in the house on the way to her room.

I secretly blamed my dad as well. I’d heard the whispers too, my dad had done something wrong, something bad and the sheriff’s department had reassigned him to some little out of the way county to save face. My parents didn’t want me to know that, but I did.

I was nine so it didn’t take me too long to warm to the idea of a change; it was like an adventure. New house! New school! New friends! Whitney, of course, felt the opposite. Moving to a new school at her age is hard, moving away from her new boyfriend, however, was even harder. While the rest of us packed up our things and said our goodbyes, Whitney sulked and cried and threatened to run away from home. But a month later when we pulled up to our new house in Drisking, Missouri she was sitting right next me texting viciously on her phone.

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Just as Good as You (Part Two to Just as Bas as Me)

Request: There needs to be a part two for just as bad as me just saying - @niawoods


Do a part 2 to Just as bad as me!!!! -anon

Part 1

A/n: More parts have been requested for Take the trouble and make it double and the platonically series and this so

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Spencer Reid Headcanons

having some writers block so figured I’d make this to get myself hyped. feel free to share your thoughts on these/add yours!!

1. He tastes like toothpaste and coffee and a hint of vanilla lip balm. Always.

2. He hates reading to people. I know this is super popular in fics, but I can’t see it. I imagine he’d get hella pissed that his mouth can’t move at the speed his eyes can. I feel like it’d be painfully slow for him

3. But reading from memory? Oh hell yeah. You could tell him your favorite book and he’d go out, read it, and be able to recite entire chapters for you. Sign him the fuck up for that shit.

4. combining these because they are generally shared by the fandom as a whole- he’s bi as all get out, probably on the ace spectrum, and definitely autistic.

5.  He can’t snap. Like he can make the motion with his fingers but there’s basically no sound. And it frustrates him to no end even though he has no real need to snap ever in his life. It just pisses him off that he can’t make the snap noise

6. He’s secretly really proud (no matter how humble he acts) of his ability to play instruments due to his knowledge of mathematics. Like he can sit down at a piano or with a guitar and just play. He’s not perfect but he feels really giddy that he has ‘talent’ 

7. He never sweats. Like it just doesn’t happen. He’s a scientific miracle who never sweats and no one understands it

8. He’s definitely the kind of guy who forgets to dress for the weather but also forgets to actually feel the weather. Just like he never sweats, he’s also rarely cold. So in summer he’ll wear five thousand layers of sweaters and not blink an eye. But come winter and he puts on an tank top type thing he usually only wears under his dress shirts for a run to the store and has no idea that it’s actually snowing.

9. He loves brushing his hair and having it played with. You bet your ass he owns like five brushes and twenty combs even though he never uses them when he’s getting ready in the morning, only before bed or when he’s about to shower because he’s shy about it.

10. He has tons of classical music cds (because he refuses to get a computer to listen to music on bc he’s an old man) but if you search deep into his stacks and stacks of Mozart shit, he totally has one rock album. It’s classic rock - the kind everyone raves about being “the good stuff, none of the crap we hear today” (which he doesn’t at all buy into) - and he has no idea why he bought it. He just did it on impulse and listened to literally the first five seconds before stopping. He’s never touched it again but inside he’s dying to listen to more.

11. Art confuses him. He knows all the terms and styles and names but if you take him to an art museum he’s just be like ??? why do people look at this for hours?? what is this supposed to be? Specifically abstract art. It makes zero sense to him how some of that stuff can be so valuable when it seems so random. He can appreciate it’s beauty and it’s not like it bores him but in the end he’s just ???

12. Ever noticed how even though he seems to read and watch films in tons of languages, he always lets Prentiss translate on cases? At first I thought he probably just reads them and isn’t comfortable with pronunciation, but no - for example, do y’all remember when he offered to take JJ to a foreign language film festival and give her whispered translations the whole time? (yes, it’s specific, I know, but it happened alright) So why, you may ask, would this lil baby let Prentiss “I’m pretty rusty but I guess I’ll try” translate when he knows full well he could do it fluently? A- he’s tired of being the know it all B- Prentiss is more social anyways C- he loves seeing his friends succeed !!!!!!! and mentally cheers her on as she roughly phrases things

13. Has glow in the dark star stickers on his ceiling because he’s a grown ass man and you can’t stop him 

14. In school he probably had some really hot teachers that he totally had crushes on. He was super embarrassed because for one thing he was even younger than the usual student, but also just discovering his sexuality. And Mr. Smith or whatever would hand his A+ paper back and it would say ‘Amazing work yet again, Spencer!’ and he’d have no idea why it made him blush so hard

15. I bet some of his teachers would start out the year praising him constantly in order to prove to the class that he totally deserves it but eventually they’d realize their compliments were getting him beat up double time. So then they’d stop being nice in class despite still giving him good grades and he’d go through a crisis like ?my only friends don’t like me anymore??? what did i do??? but when the teacher explains themselves he goes home and cries because it’s so nice and he never realized that the teacher actually cared about him, and didn’t just appreciate the the fact that he studied

16. But aside from these really nice teachers I bet he also had really egotistical teachers that despised him. Even when he was less knowledgeable then they were, he was still genuinely the smartest + cleverest person in the room and some adults just can’t handle that. They’d harass him for answering questions and give him bad grades saying that ‘these details were excessive’ and tell him to ‘stay on topic’ and ‘stop showing off’ and it would hurt him so so badly. Like the one asset he thinks he has is his mind and to have people bash him for it is just devastating to him

17. He hums like a maniac. Loves humming. Any time he’s alone, he’s fucking humming. Never not permin humming

18. Doesn’t wash his hair as often as he should. No real reason behind this one I just feel like he probably forgets and brushes it aside and just can’t bring himself to care all that much. Especially if he’s sad. Not that he doesn’t shower or has bad hygiene overall he just like. doesn’t always wash his hair. He brushes it constantly but shampooing isn’t really a priority to him. I know this is unpopular because we all want to think of his hair as soft and fragrant but listen. He’s got greasy hair sometimes and you’re lying if you say this isn’t you every once in a while

19. Fluffy blankets are his shit. He likes to wrap them around himself wearing nothing but sweatpants and just sit. Just sit in his little cocoon and enjoy the warmth and fluff and softness against his skin. This is where his magical no-sweat power comes in handy because he can do this in the thick of summer and still have a good ass time

20. Even though he doesn’t believe in it, he reads his horoscope in the newspaper religiously. He has no excuse and could ramble on about how astrology is not only a pseudo-science but all of it’s actual astronomy roots are outdated and most of the info used is proven wrong blah blah blah…. but he loves it. He would never admit it but if his horoscope tells him Tuesday is the day to follow his instincts he’ll sure as hell take the initiative on a case

I will probably add to this later, and please feel free to send me yours! I’m always down to discuss Spencer Reid.

anonymous asked:

Any complete obsessed Draco fics that end on a happy note?? I read sold and it kind of scarred me.. but I like kinda liked it. Thanks!!!!

Hi, try these:

Utterly Despicable by camnz - M, 24 Chapters - The death of both Voldemort and Harry Potter let the pureblood elite build the world they wanted.  One that leaves Hermione in a vulnerable state, which Draco Malfoy is prepared to take full advantage of.

Out of the Silent Planet by ianthe_waiting - NC-17, 39 chapters - Hermione Granger fulfills Severus Snape’s final wish, to journey to Japan to ‘retrieve’ something of importance.

The Slow Thaw by camnz - M, 21 Chapters - Hermione is serving at Malfoy Mansion after the war was lost. In her bleak existance, she manages to find ways to cope. Contains nonconsentual. COMPLETE.

His Beautiful, Haunting Eyes by thecellarfloor - M, 14 Chapters - Draco pushed her to the wall, kissed her roughly on the lips, then punched the glass window beside her head. It smashed into pieces and the crowd who had parted for him seconds ago gasped. Hermione couldn’t. She couldn’t even breathe. What have you done?

And its sequel:

Her Sweet, Decadent Smile by thecellarfloor - M, 14 Chapters - “Princess,” Draco’s voice sliced through the silence, dangerously close to where she was hiding, “I know you’re here somewhere.” Hermione muffled her ragged breaths. He was clearly enjoying this. “Come out, come out, wherever you are…” A sequel to HBHE

Almost Perfect, Almost Yours By: BelleOfSummer - M, 50 Chapters - A pureblood family abducted Hermione when she was born due to their desperation for a daughter. In a world of beauty & wealth, she has become Draco Malfoy’s dream girl.What will happen if he finally knows that her blood is not as pure as he thinks it is? *COMPLETE!*

One Way Or Another - NC-17, one shot - Ron would do anything to ensure that he and Hermione end up together, it’s only what everyone expects, right? But in the process of ensuring their love for one another, something goes horribly wrong.

Obsessed by slytherinprincess19 - M, 20 chapters - Draco Malfoy is the King, and he has chosen Hermione Granger as his Queen. She loves him. He craves her. He is consumed by her, she is possessed by him. They are obsessed with one another. And they have no idea how dangerous their game is to their lives.

Silver Eyes by YoungNotUseless - T, 29 chapters - “I’m so sorry.” The familiar voice spoke again. This was enough to wake Hermione’s brain from her trance. Enough to open her eyes, and see two magnificently silver eyes dissaparate in the dark. D/HG Veela. T for violence,language, & some sexual themes

- AgnMag

Color Me Satisfied

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Bucky Barnes x reader

Request:  Hello, I love your writing and I just can’t seem to get enough of it. I would like to request a Bucky x Reader one shot with the hair color Soulmate AU. Please and thank you! Stay well Captain


A/n: So there were a couple of those but since i only did one, I presume that you want the highlights thing. If so, here you go, if not, oh well. I tried lol.

Genre: Humor, Romance

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Swearing (C’mon, It’s Bucky. What do you expect?), Humor


Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines, Captain


Soulmate AU: If one or the other dyes their hair, their soulmates gets highlights of the color in their hair. If they return it to their normal color, their soulmates hair returns to it’s normal color.

The smell of ammonia was heavy in the air as people filed in and out of the place. Shelves were set up seven feet apart, stocked full of merchandise. You were in the cosmetics aisle of the Walgreens in your town, fingers gently touching the boxes of the eccentric colors as you chose the different boxes. You were going to dye your hair and thought that you needed a change. After all, having one hair color for so long can get boring and become so trending, it hurts your eyes. So, you picked out about thirteen different boxes of hair dye, your coupons and check clad in your hand. From two different blues, four different reds, a green, platinum blonde, two different blondes that could be mistaken as yellow, and three different shades of orange. You were ready but didn’t know what you wanted to try first. So, when you got home, you closed your eyes after setting the boxes down and had your friend rearrange the boxes. The first box you touched, you grabbed and opened your eyes. You smiled. You were so ready to make this big change.

Bucky and the other Avengers were sitting in the lounge area. Steve sat next to Bucky, both of them just sipping on their beers while Tony and Pepper sat with each other Banner and Natasha and Clint were on the couch, all playing Trivia while Thor watched, tilting his head every few times. Steve had said to Bucky. 

“You know, I think we should…get you a….hair cut…….”

Bucky frowned and asked him. 

“What’s the matter, punk?”

Everyone turned their gaze and widened their eyes. Bucky glared and asked, hands slightly raised. 


Tony snorted and replied. 

“See for yourself.”

Tony handed Bucky the phone and Bucky widened his eyes when he saw his reflection. Strands of his hair were a dark teal, standing out against his dark hair and Natasha teased, making Bucky look at her.

“I guess Bucky here has a soulmate that’s alive after all.”

He didn’t know why, but excitement went through his veins as he processed what the Russian assassin said. He had a soulmate. She was alive. He smiled a bit and Steve said, his blue eyes wide with mischief and excitement. 

“We should see if we can get her attention by dying your hair!”

Bucky felt his smile drop and he glared, saying while his metal shifted. 

“Oh no we are not. You are not touching my hair.”

Steve coaxed, bribing him. 

“Come on, don’t you want to know who she is? What if we could get her attention?”

Bucky sighed and muttered. 

“The things I do for your ass.”

Steve cheered and Natasha called, shooting up. 

“I’ll get the hair dye!”

“Don’t make me look like a freak, Romanoff or I’ll slit your throat in your sleep.”

You felt good with your teal hair. It made you feel free and independent. So, you had went to bad with a head full of love, not even suspecting what was about to happen in the morning.


When you woke up, you stretched and sighed. The clock red 14:00 hours, which was 2:00pm in Civilian time. You sighed once more and went to the bathroom, freezing when you looked in the mirror. Blonde streaks ran through your hair and your mouth dropped. You had totally forgotten about the soulmate thing! You face-palmed and wondered. 

‘Can I dye my hair with the word ‘Sorry’ in it? That’d be cool…’

You smirked and grabbed the Platinum blonde, light red, and dark blue. Time to show just how patriotic you could be.

With a blonde head of hair in a man bun, Bucky was waiting for the reaction. How would she react? Would she dye her hair back to it’s natural color or what? Steve had burst with laughter when red, white, and blue streaks appeared in his hair. Bucky face-palmed himself with his metal hand and Tony took a picture. 

“If that ends up on social media, I’ll fucking kill you.”

Bucky threatened, his blue eyes glaring hotly at the billionaire. Tony scoffed and Natasha said, holding up silver and red. 

“We can let her know who you are. After all, Who is Captain America without the Winter Soldier?”

You coughed, choking on your batman cereal when you saw silver and dark red streaks go into your hair. Hmm, it kind of reminded you of something. 

“Hey, that looks like Winter Soldier and Captain America colors!”

Your roommate said laughing and you coughed more. Could it be? You ran to your room and grabbed your friends white hair dye and immediately set to work.


Everyone was in hysterics when white streaks appeared in Bucky’s hair. However, the ex HYDRA assassin was not amused. At all. He glared hotly at everyone while Steve tried his hardest to keep his laugh in. Bucky yelled. 

“Go ahead, punk.Laugh it up!”

Steve doubled over and Bucky growled. Tony said. 

“This has to go on social media! Has to!”

He took a picture and ran, screaming as Bucky chased after, screaming in his ‘Winter soldier’ voice. 

“I’m gonna rip off your billion dollar dick and shove it down your billion dollar throat!”


When you had gone on twitter, a new picture made you choke once more, only on your spit this time. 

Looks like Weiner Soldier’s soulmate decided to make his age really show. Kudos, WS’s Soulmate. You gave the avengers an amazing laugh. #priceless

Could it be? Could it really be him? You had ran out, grabbing your keys and ran to the tower. Upon arriving, with your white hair now having navy blue streaks in it, you requested to see Mr. Stark. The body guard was hesitant but when you showed him the picture, he let you up. You heard a voice call when you arrived. 

“Mr. Stark, there is someone here to see you.”

The elevator doors opened up and there stood Tony. He widened his eyes and you said, quickly. 

“I-I’m so sorry to bother you but…”

“-You’ve come to the right place, holy shit you are gorgeous.”

You blushed heavily and Tony gestured you to follow him. When you arrived in the lounge area, your eyes found the man you were looking for. He was chuckling a bit but must of felt eyes on him because when he looked over at you, everything stopped. His eyes widened and everyone looked over. Bucky shot up and slowly, he walked over to you. His blue eyes were cautious, curious, but…longing. Tony backed off and you blushed a bit. 

“I…I uh…hi…”

Bucky smiled a bit and replied back, making both of you kind of chuckle. 


He smiled and said, a metal hand carefully touching your hair. 

“You know, I think this suits you.”

You shook you head, smiling. 

“I think now that I got the message, we should go for a more natural look. No more need to go spangling each others stars.”

Everyone laughed and Bucky smiled widely at you. He took your hand and for a long time, you never let go.


Rewatch episode 1 - 25 point commentary:

1. Amy :( :(

2. I really want to know where Lucy’s green top is from so I can get one just like it.

3. Like any good sibling, Amy’s first question to DHS was asking what she did to be arrested.

4. Damn you, Wyatt Logan and your smirk. 

5. “I’m just a teacher, my mother is world class.” Yeah, a world class douchnozzle.

6. Who’s gonna see her bra? You are, ya dingus.

7. Didn’t catch the first time that Lucy was going to call her sister right before the first mission. :/

8. You might be the pilot but you’re also a gift and a treasure, Rufus.

9. Lucy geeking out is my faaaave.

10. “This is my older sister Lucy” #startedfromthebottomnowwerehere.

11. I do love the impressed look on Wyatt’s face, but Rufus’s dejected look when she doesn’t include him in the cover story makes me sad :(

12. I always laugh when she almost walks into the airplane wing because that would never happen to me at all. Noooope.

13. Man, do Wyatt and Lucy already have each others numbers in that first episode.

14. “When do they invent deodorant” Rufus must be protected at all costs.

15. I understand (sort of) that it was a ploy for part of the audience but homegirl did not need to take her shirt off to get the bra out. Every girl knows how to do that under clothing.

16. Like…they really get each other early on. Already with the nonverbal communication and I’m in a glass case of emotion.

17. I’m still a little confused sometimes at how Flynn can be surprised that the Hindenburg is landing, but he has the journal so shouldn’t he expect this to happen? I usually just suspend my disbelief so it’s fine. Just makes my head hurt when I try to untwist things too much.

18. Goran Vijnic is so TALL. Holy crap, gets me every time.

19. Interesting that Flynn says “I know for a fact, you’re not going to shoot.” Hmmmm and how do you know this? Something from that journal, perhaps? Hmmmmmm.

20. That Lucy is one smart cookie. I love it when she gets in professor mode.

21. LOL Denise Christopher: don’t call me, we’ll call you.

22. Like they realllly have each others numbers already.

23. This scene in the parking lot is fun yet angsty to rewatch after seeing the finale.

24. #Riya yessssss

25. Mommy dearest scene is now just kind of icky all over. Also, I wonder if they intended to start and end the season on a similar note.

anonymous asked:

isnt pidge 14 and lance is 19,,,,

I was wondering when this question would come up.

Here’s what I know, anon:

The most information that’s been said in reference to Lance’s age is ”late teens”, no specifics. That could be anything from 16-19, and we can assume he’s at least a few years younger than Shiro and Matt, given the time difference between when they disappeared and when he was enrolled at the Garrison(same time as Pidge).

I also can’t find any solid confirmation as to Pidge’s age. The general consensus seems to be that she’s 14-15 (in season 1, which is important to clarify seeing as we don’t know how much time has passed between the first episode and the end of the second season), but if her age ever was specified, I can’t find the footage or quote that contains that information. (If you happen to know of any videos or interviews that confirm this- aside from wikia, which is not the most reliable source-please send me the link!) 

It’s pretty safe to assume that she’s at least no younger than 14, which is the age of the average high school freshman and still puts her in the “teenager” range with a majority of the other paladins. I can’t tell you how many 14-year-old girls I knew that dated boys well above their age in high school, which I admit was a little odd, but not illegal by any means. It’d be one thing if she were, say, 12 (the minimum legal age of consent in the US) and Lance was 15 or over, but they’re both presumably within the same age group. And depending on when all this takes places, she may even be closer to 15 than 14. There’s no current way to know when it does, though, so I wouldn’t put all my money on that bet.

Also, I’ve stated before that I don’t want anything to happen between them until a significant amount of time has passed and their relationship has had a proper chance to develop. So, even if she is 14 now, it’s not like I’m expecting them to hook up within the next season. They both have a lot of maturing to do before anything that significant can happen between them. The more time passes, the smaller the age gap gets. The highest number of years that Lance could have on Pidge (though not necessarily the exact number)is 5, which is really not that much in the grand scheme of things (especially if you consider the fact that my parents are 10 years apart, which is twice as big of a gap).

Hope this clears things up for ya, anon. 

If you find any new information to add, let me know.
Until then have a nice day. <3