i know she's not 14 when this happens

Adorable things we've learned from Paris' "Rolling Stone" interview

1) Michael teased her about a crush she had on a girl when she was young
2) I repeat, Michael accepted his daughter and her sexuality from the get go.
3) He frequently reminded her to be proud of her race and her blackness
4) Michael was a pretty strict parent (which we already knew but STILLL)
5) Prince and Paris know that Michael is and will always be their biological father
6) People tell Paris she’s so much like her dad it’s frightening
7) Paris has the same “weakness” as Michael- letting emotions cloud your judgement (according to Prince)
8) Prince and Paris believe their father was completely innocent
9) Michael used to cry to the kids at night because of how cruel the world was to him
10) While rehearsing for “THIS IS IT” Michael was so tired that Paris would encourage him to take a nap with her
11) Paris believes Michael was murdered
12) It took her until she was 10 to figure out that Michael couldn’t have a baby and so she had to have a mum
13) When she asked Michael who her mother was, Michael simply said “Debbie” (Goddamit Michael! How is she supposed to know who that is?!)
14) Paris was on the same antidepressants as Michael at one point
15) Paris explained that losing Michael was the worst thing possible so anything bad that has happened since has been nothing in comparison
16) She shrugged off just randomly finding a platinum album in the attic (I wish!)
17) Michael introduced her to tons of music, including classical and rap
18) Sometimes Michael would come into their home school lessons and when he did the kids knew they were done with school for the day
19) Michael read to them at night
20) When she was younger Paris used to think that all she ever needed was her dad and Disney channel
21) Paris has track marks from drug use, some of which, along with her self harm scars, are covered with tattoos
22) 11 of her 50+ tattooed are dedicated to Michael
23) Michael used to call her “Tinker Bell”
24) It took her years to figure out Michael had a name and wasn’t just called “Daddy” or “Dad”
25) Paris knew Michael loved Lisa Marie because apparently he looks “whipped” in the YANA music video
26) Michael taught her how to cook
27) Michael made amazing fried chicken (KFC?!)
28) Paris is scared for the coral reef
29) Paris only found out who her mom was after Michael died, because she looked it up on the Internet
30) Paris is a sweetheart who deserves the best of this world


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SERIES WARNINGS: violence, sexual references, swearing, angst, smut, drug, alcohol and other substance abuse



I was just 18 years old when it happened, she was 14. We were scared, insignificant children who knew nothing of the true horrors of the world, god, I was so naive back then… I didn’t know what to do or how to respond. I remember sitting in her bright bedroom as I told her the news, her face was expressionless, like she didn’t believe me. Seeing her like that was more painful than the loss of our parents, and being the one to break it to her was even more agonising. That day was the hardest day of my life… I’ll never forget the sound of her cries that night as she wept herself to sleep. Within a matter of hours my smart-ass, annoying little sister had grown up into a vulnerable, frail young woman. I never intended to hurt her, I only wanted what was best for her.

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Little Lucas Dunbar

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Liam x OC / Pack x Liam x OC

“Liam’s acting weird.” Mason declared as he sat at the table the pack had gathered around.

“Isn’t he always a little weird?” Lydia sighed with an eye roll as she translated Stiles who had shoved a mouthful of fries in his mouth before speaking.

“He has been missing practise.” Scott pointed out and frowned at Stiles when he went to speak again.

“Yeah but has he ever asked Coach to take him off the team and bench him before?” Mason muttered and everyone hummed.

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♡ Drabble Celebration ♡

While I was gone, we reached a milestone! 7,000 followers?!?! Thank you so much everyone!! You guys are amazing. To celebrate, I thought I’d make a little prompt list and you guys can send in some character x reader pairings alongside the dialogue for me to write a little drabble for you! Thank you so much, once again, y’all are fantastic ♡♡

I’ll write for Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and the actors within these fandoms

1. “I’m gonna throw up, I hope that’s alright with you.”

2. “Hey, do you think this is a good idea?”
  “This is probably the worst idea I’ve heard in the past year, but I’m feeling a little tipsy so I’m willing to put that aside.”

3. “Tell me you didn’t eat my fucking lasagna.”

4. “Following people isn’t very polite, you know.”

5. “Can I count on you to dig me out if this collapses?”

6. “I can’t feel my toes.”

7. “I hope you drown in that mug of coffee.”

8. “I broke my nose for this?!”

9. “I love you more than ever.”

10. “You called the cops?!”

11. “Where the hell is the front door?!”

12. “Don’t run!”
    “But he’s staring at me!”

13. “She would kill you in a heartbeat if it would get him back.”

14. “What happened to the fish?”

15. “I care about you more than you’d ever know.”

16. “Call me back, okay?”

17. “Was that a gunshot?”

18. “You didn’t actually kill him, did you?”

19. “Don’t leave me like this.”

20. “If you get blood on my sheets you’ll be wishing the bullet had killed you.”

21. “Don’t be an asshole this time, okay?”

22. “Wingman? Me? Your wingman?

23. “You’re cute when you hate me.”

24. “Marry me, not that jackass.”

25. “You’re being so needy right now”
    “I’m aware”

26. “Don’t be so childish.”

27. “Why do you have a shirt with my face on it?”

28. “Wait, are we dating?”

29. “You fucked up our whole night.”

30. “I hate love.”

31. “Don’t let go!”

32. “Where’d my mom go?”

33. “You ruined us.”

34. “You don’t seem to understand… She doesn’t care if she dies.”

35. “How’s she alive?”
    “I’ve been asking that since she was born”

36. “Would I lie to you?”
    “Yes! You would!

37. “Why are you touching me?”

38. “You’ve got some balls, pal.”

39. “You couldn’t have chosen a worse time to do that”

40. “You still believe in happy endings?”

Send Away


1. “You do your thing and I do my thing. You are you and I am I. And, if, in the end, we end up together, it’s beautiful.”
2. “All I know is you and I belong together.”
3. “I’ve always been able to talk to you, to make you laugh, and I’ve always, always wanted to take care of you.”
4. “I think you and I should spare ourselves a lot of uncoolness and walk through life together.”
5. “I’m sorry. I’d rather break my ankle into fifty thousand pieces than cause you pain.”
6. “All I understood was that you were the girl I sat up every night thinking about, and when I’m with you I feel happy to be alive. Like I can do anything.”
7. “I wasn’t sure this day would ever come, but you were.”
8. “I wasn’t sure love could survive everything we put it through, but you were.”
9. “Now I know I want you to stand beside me for the rest of my life. That’s what I’m sure of.”
10. “The only thing that ever made sense to me was you, and how I felt about you.”
11. “You’re right. I said, ‘Kiss me, baby-sweetie, kill the relationship with the person I care about more than anyone in the world, and make me miserable for the rest of my horrible life.’ That’s what I said.”
12. “That’s what I feel is love—when I’m better because you’re here.”
13. “I will never forget you.”
14. “You’re the best person I know.”
15. “I don’t know what’s gonna happen to me. But I do know that I’m gonna be a good person who cares about people, and I blame you for that.”
16. “Your secret is safe with me.”
17. “You’ll always be with me. As long as I live, okay?”
18. “If I had to dream up the perfect woman, she wouldn’t even come close to you.”
19. “We’re a masterpiece.”
20. “I don’t care what you think right now. We’re gonna be together forever.”
21. “I care about you and me.”
22. “If every marriage failed except for one, I guarantee you that one would be ours.”
23. “I believe that when you find love, you hold onto it and cherish it because there is nothing finer, and it may never come again.”
24. “You’re the most stunningly beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”
25. “I will never love anybody more than I love you.”
26. “It doesn’t matter to me what you look like. It only matters to me who you are.”
27. “Let’s not say goodbye. Let’s say ‘I love you.’ ”
28. “I can hate you or I can love you for the rest of my life, and those are the choices as far as I see it.”
29. “Love is the most amazing, rare, and precious thing in the world.”
30. “You don’t deserve that kind of pain.”
31. “I’m not going to kill you. It takes too much time to break in a new best friend.”
32. “Hey, when I got friends, I can get through anything.”
33. “If there’s bad feelings here we should work them out, because that’s what friends do.”
34. “No matter how difficult life gets, the important thing is to live it with hope.”
35. “You don’t have to be blood to be family.”
36. “Nothing’s going to come between us, alright? We’re going to be together for the rest of our lives.”
37. “Life’s tough. Get a helmet.”
38. “I will always look at you like this.”
39. “You deserve better.”
40. “I know that once I’ve met that special person, it’s hard to live knowing they’re out there, and they’re the only one I care about. “
41. “All those things I did, I wasn’t trying to impress you, I just didn’t know how to express my feelings.”
42. “I know things are going to happen between us when they’re supposed to happen, and I know I’ll wait until they do.”
43. “The best things in life are worth waiting for.”
44. “If it’s any consolation, I think you can do a lot better than them.”
45. “You gave me my first kiss. You taught me how to dance. You were always talking about these crazy things, and I never understood a word you said.”
46. “I heard you telling my parents you thought I was smart. Just hearing you say that is worth 1000 SAT points.”
47. “This is a hug, okay? This is a hug. And this is when you hug somebody, when you care about them and you want them to know.”
48. “I said excellent, and I was talking about something you did. I don’t know what came over me.”
49. “I want you to be free to soar majestically as long as I know that you’ll always come back to me.”
50. “Thanks for saving me.”
51. “If I’m really quiet, will you stay?”
52. “You have extraordinary gifts.”
53. “There is always going to be someone better than you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.”
54. “You made me feel better. You’re always there for me, just to listen to me, to give me advice.”
55. “You know, you help me get through stuff, just like you did today. You’re never going to be too old to do that.”
56. “I’ve been to three county fairs, two pig-stickin’s and a goat rope, but I ain’t never seen nothin’ like you.”
57. “I’d like you to come.”
58. “You are family.”
59. “I want you to forget about everything that happened between us and remember we’re friends.“
60. “I want you to come to our party because it’s for friends.”
61. “Yes, I’ll call you Don Francisco.”
62. “You love him more than I do! It’s true, but I’m okay with it.”
63. “We’re married now. We can do it every night for the rest of your life.”
64. “I think it’s up to me to provide.”
65. “I’m sorry about what happened. I’m, I’m deeply, deeply sorry. Y'know? And I do take back what I said to you.”
66. “Do you want a blanket?”
67. “I trust you.”
68. “Believe in yourself. Dream. Try. Do good.”
69. “You never gave up on me.”
70. “I’ll be alone with you.”
71. “I can never really get mad at you.”
72. “I was just listening to the sound of your voice.”
73. “You’re my friend. You’re one of the best people I know.”
74. “Never leave.”
75. “Will you marry me?”
76. “Your hair looks different. Why would I laugh?”
77. “S/He’s not you.”
78. “I don’t want you to ever feel bad about yourself.”
79. “I don’t ever want you to hold yourself back because of me.”
80. “I’m in your memories and you will always be here to remind me.”
81. “I don’t want to lose what’s so special about you.”
82. “Use a mirror, babe.”
83. “You are not alone.”
84. “I know now that I will never, ever love anybody more than I love you!”
85. “We broke up for a reason; so we could get back together.”
86. “If you let people’s perceptions of you dictate your behavior, you will never grow as a person.”
87. “Money doesn’t make you rich. Life makes you rich.”
88. “It’s not the changes that matter, it’s how you react to the changes. That’s what makes you who you are.”
89. “If you ever need to talk, my door is always open.”
90. “I tell ya, I could watch you eat pizza forever.”
91. “The rest of my life? It’s yours.”
92. “I forgive you. I forgive you for lying.”
93. “Don’t worry. I’m sure there’s someone out there for you.”
94. “I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye.”
95. “If you truly loved each other, you’d risk anything for that love.”
96. “I’m not going anywhere.”
97. “Lose one friend, lose all friends. Lose yourself.”
98. “I’m still here.”
99. “Sometimes a sure thing is not the best thing.”
100. “I love you all. Class dismissed.”

Of Books and Dirty Cash pt 14


Yoongi x Reader

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

You can also read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

You walked into your dorm room in a haze, still not quite sure what to think of the previous night. Diane was there, and jumped off the bed as soon as she saw you.

“Where have you been?” She demanded as you sighed and sat down on your bed. “Do you know how worried I was? You didn’t answer your phone—what happened to your face?”

You touched your cheek gingerly where you had been struck, and were suddenly more aware of your still split lip.

“Don’t worry about it, the guy who did it now has a broken arm.” You didn’t add the fact that he also had some broken ribs, or the fact that Jaebum now wanted Yoongi dead.

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anonymous asked:

isnt pidge 14 and lance is 19,,,,

I was wondering when this question would come up.

Here’s what I know, anon:

The most information that’s been said in reference to Lance’s age is ”late teens”, no specifics. That could be anything from 16-19, and we can assume he’s at least a few years younger than Shiro and Matt, given the time difference between when they disappeared and when he was enrolled at the Garrison(same time as Pidge).

I also can’t find any solid confirmation as to Pidge’s age. The general consensus seems to be that she’s 14-15 (in season 1, which is important to clarify seeing as we don’t know how much time has passed between the first episode and the end of the second season), but if her age ever was specified, I can’t find the footage or quote that contains that information. (If you happen to know of any videos or interviews that confirm this- aside from wikia, which is not the most reliable source-please send me the link!) 

It’s pretty safe to assume that she’s at least no younger than 14, which is the age of the average high school freshman and still puts her in the “teenager” range with a majority of the other paladins. I can’t tell you how many 14-year-old girls I knew that dated boys well above their age in high school, which I admit was a little odd, but not illegal by any means. It’d be one thing if she were, say, 12 (the minimum legal age of consent in the US) and Lance was 15 or over, but they’re both presumably within the same age group. And depending on when all this takes places, she may even be closer to 15 than 14. There’s no current way to know when it does, though, so I wouldn’t put all my money on that bet.

Also, I’ve stated before that I don’t want anything to happen between them until a significant amount of time has passed and their relationship has had a proper chance to develop. So, even if she is 14 now, it’s not like I’m expecting them to hook up within the next season. They both have a lot of maturing to do before anything that significant can happen between them. The more time passes, the smaller the age gap gets. The highest number of years that Lance could have on Pidge (though not necessarily the exact number)is 5, which is really not that much in the grand scheme of things (especially if you consider the fact that my parents are 10 years apart, which is twice as big of a gap).

Hope this clears things up for ya, anon. 

If you find any new information to add, let me know.
Until then have a nice day. <3

losttheraven  asked:

4), 14), 24) for the ACOWAR ask?

4) Cassian’s wings. Go.

…. but with his wings… and medically done.. I just want them to amputate them. Also, if Cassian looses his wings that could count as a tragedy and will compensate for a death and then no one will have to die! ( @highfaelucien I feel like I’m going to get a rep for being ruthless, when I just don’t want to draw the wings)

14) How do you think Elain will react to the mating bond with Lucien?

Honestly, I think she will just be intrigued more than anything, I don’t think she’ll be desperate to see him or rush to his side or anything, I just think she’ll be absolutely fascinated by him. And then once she gets to know him she’ll fall for him. I think that’s what happened with Feyre and Rhys, that Feyre wasn’t used to her fae instincts yet and didn’t recognize what a mating bond truly meant until she gave herself over too it.

24) How do you think Nesta and Elain will react to being thrust into the Night Court after going for a swim in the Cauldron?

I think Nesta will reluctantly at first love being fae. She wants to be powerful and non-vulnerable in my opinion and being fae will give her that, I think she will be upset out of spite more than anything else, but I think Cassian will help her adjust and make her realize that her liking it is okay. I think Elain will find it harder to adjust to a fae body but easier to adjust to the Night Court, also I’m still holding out hope that she and Amren will be unlikely friends.

hi. remember when I said I wanted to rant about Gardy again ahahah

well. my rant became a drabble. like. an alternate episode 14. which should be called “ things I wanted Gardy to say to Ez but she didn’t and now I’m frustrated bc ep 14 was dumb and I shouldn’t let myself be this affected by fiction”.

so here’s a little context : back when ppl were making theory about what would happen in ep 14, there was one that I liked very much which was “Gardy goes to Huang Hua”. In fact, I liked it so much that I was 100% convinced we would go to Huang Hua. so in this drabble Gardy goes to Huang Hua. bc it didn’t happen in ep 14. and now I have to write it myself if I want this scenario to exist and not feel frustrated. (maybe she’ll go in ep 15 tho who knows)

also let’s talk about my gardienne for a second : she is basically Erika. yeah I know. I use the name Gardienne in this drabble.

I think you already guessed it but Ez is the guy who made Gardy drink the potion in my case. And I don’t know if it’s important but I’ll say it anyway : I didn’t slap anyone in ep 13.

there’s probably 1 billion english mistakes in this (what are tenses) and the last time I wrote anything was in middle school. and it was in french. I should have written this in french.

I’ll be embarrassed by this in two days (if not already) so now I’m gonna crawl under a rock and die for a week. I still hope you’ll enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

(merci @sataniccunni pour m’avoir donné le courage d’écrire. J’ai beaucoup aimé ton drabble, ta gardienne est beaucoup plus forte que la mienne ahah)

SO here we go !

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¡Bev’s Milestone Celebration!

So, get this!

A year ago, I decided to come onto Tumblr and write some stuffs. And I did and I haven’t regretted it since! Throughout that year, I’ve formed a lot of amazing bonds/friendships and I am so grateful for that. Like, I get teary eyed just thinking about it.

And during that amazing time, I gained a lot of amazing readers who have supported me in ways that I could never describe. So thank you to all that have been there for me.

Just look at what you guys have given me…

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anonymous asked:

Any complete obsessed Draco fics that end on a happy note?? I read sold and it kind of scarred me.. but I like kinda liked it. Thanks!!!!

Hi, try these:

Utterly Despicable by camnz - M, 24 Chapters - The death of both Voldemort and Harry Potter let the pureblood elite build the world they wanted.  One that leaves Hermione in a vulnerable state, which Draco Malfoy is prepared to take full advantage of.

Out of the Silent Planet by ianthe_waiting - NC-17, 39 chapters - Hermione Granger fulfills Severus Snape’s final wish, to journey to Japan to ‘retrieve’ something of importance.

The Slow Thaw by camnz - M, 21 Chapters - Hermione is serving at Malfoy Mansion after the war was lost. In her bleak existance, she manages to find ways to cope. Contains nonconsentual. COMPLETE.

His Beautiful, Haunting Eyes by thecellarfloor - M, 14 Chapters - Draco pushed her to the wall, kissed her roughly on the lips, then punched the glass window beside her head. It smashed into pieces and the crowd who had parted for him seconds ago gasped. Hermione couldn’t. She couldn’t even breathe. What have you done?

And its sequel:

Her Sweet, Decadent Smile by thecellarfloor - M, 14 Chapters - “Princess,” Draco’s voice sliced through the silence, dangerously close to where she was hiding, “I know you’re here somewhere.” Hermione muffled her ragged breaths. He was clearly enjoying this. “Come out, come out, wherever you are…” A sequel to HBHE

Almost Perfect, Almost Yours By: BelleOfSummer - M, 50 Chapters - A pureblood family abducted Hermione when she was born due to their desperation for a daughter. In a world of beauty & wealth, she has become Draco Malfoy’s dream girl.What will happen if he finally knows that her blood is not as pure as he thinks it is? *COMPLETE!*

One Way Or Another - NC-17, one shot - Ron would do anything to ensure that he and Hermione end up together, it’s only what everyone expects, right? But in the process of ensuring their love for one another, something goes horribly wrong.

Obsessed by slytherinprincess19 - M, 20 chapters - Draco Malfoy is the King, and he has chosen Hermione Granger as his Queen. She loves him. He craves her. He is consumed by her, she is possessed by him. They are obsessed with one another. And they have no idea how dangerous their game is to their lives.

Silver Eyes by YoungNotUseless - T, 29 chapters - “I’m so sorry.” The familiar voice spoke again. This was enough to wake Hermione’s brain from her trance. Enough to open her eyes, and see two magnificently silver eyes dissaparate in the dark. D/HG Veela. T for violence,language, & some sexual themes

- AgnMag

anonymous asked:

John is def not the normie, second that. Wasn't he attracted to his own mother? Like sexually?

In 1979, when he used to record his audio diaries, he mentioned that when he was 14 he was lying in bed with his mother and touched her breast and had a hard on, and he interpreted it as being sexually attracted to her, than later Philip Normal talked about it in his book, mentioning that John added: “I was wondering if I should do anything else. I always think I should have done it. Presumably she would have allowed it.“ 

I personally think that, before judging his words, we have to take into consideration many factors, like how he grew up, with Mimi, and occasionally visit his mother until 12 years old when he found out she didn’t live far away from him. He slowly developed a relationship with her, when he was already grown up. He only fully developed a mother-son relationship years later. So I think that in the meantime he saw her as his mother, but wasn’t completely aware of it. He wanted her, he needed her, and had a strong desire to visit her, but he grew up differently, not having her by his side every day, and seeing her occasionally, almost as a stranger. So I think this helped to create a different connection to her, and when this episode happened, at 14 years old, he was still in the get-to-know-her phase, and was in the puberty years, when a guy is practically aroused by everything. Also, Julia was an extraordinary woman, but many of John’s friends mentioned how John saw her as the cool aunt rather than his mother. When he wanted to escape school and have fun, he would go to his mother’s house. She didn’t play the typical mother role, she let him do whatever he wanted just to make him happy, cause she knew the time she had with him was precious. I’m not saying that what happened is normal, neither that is understandable. I’m just saying that we have to consider a whole range of factors, included that John wasn’t mentally stable, due to the many tragedies he lived in his life, and that in the last years of his life, mostly from 1979 to 1980 he was deeply depressed, and he used these daily diaries to express his huge sadness and frustration. It’s very easy to extrapolate a couple of words, emphasise the episode, and give someone a label. Also, knowing how easily John changed ideas, we don’t know if in a different time, with a different mood and spirit, he would have discussed this episode differently. 

Warning: brain dump...

Well Punky is gone. A little more than three months. I’m glad she’s getting permanency and I like the relatives. I have been fully supportive of this transition. Which is why it surprised me when I couldn’t stop the tears when hugging her goodbye. Surprised both of us I think. She was like, wait, are you…crying?? Ha. 

It was a long exhausting weekend. Went out to Punky’s favorite restaurant Friday night, just the girls and her and I. Gross buffet place she’s been begging to go to. Saturday morning we had gymnastics at 9 (Punky and Mary), ballet at 10 (Charlie) and foster parent support meeting at 11. Left the little girls with my mom and took Punky to meet her fiends at the skating rink at 2. Was planning on sitting for two hours and watch them skate. hahahahaha. Right. She begged me to skate and 2 of the girls (four total plus Punky) were so so on skates. So I hopped on skates for the first time in forever and was like sure, no prob, it will come back. Ha. Did fine. Only fell the two times Punky skated towards me on purpose while I was holding other kids up. Still painful to walk. Ha. 

Back to the house - pizza and junk food. A couple of melt downs and everyone was passed out by 11 and slept til 7. Not bad. Was interesting though in that out of the 5 girls here, only one had a stable home life. One girl, I don’t know her whole story, just that there is a lot of trauma and grief there. The other girls came up saying T’s grandmother died, her sister just told her. I find a sobbing, totally grief ridden child who clung to me. I carried her up the stairs and held her and rocked her and she was full-on grieving and clinging to me. Once she settled I got it out of her that that grandmother died a long time a go. She said something reminded her of the grandmother. The whole thing was odd, but the grief was real. So interesting because her dad came to the skiing rink, only one that didn’t RSVP, and said, I have questions, I’m a single dad, etc. etc., and stayed during skating and followed us home to make sure it was safe. The next day she was the last one left and I kept asking if her dad was on the way and she said she texted him but didn’t. Punky finally told me she told him 5 instead of 12 and sat there lying to me. Punky only told me when I said I needed to know because Punky was leaving at 1 to meet up with her Big Sister (BSBB program) and she realized the lie would mess that up. I don’t think the friend wanted to leave. Anyway, I don’t know her whole story, just know there is a lot there. Same for 2 of the others. Not sure what my point was, but I get so caught up in the foster care stuff, that I forget how much other kids also struggle. These were friends from school, not at all in the system. And yet ¾ struggle. 

Did the pillowcase thing someone on here suggested and it was a big hit. Also should have taken the advice to have pickup at 10 on Sunday. Things went downhill from 10-12 and we were all ready for it to be over.  

Then she packed her room, spent two hours with the Big Sister. Came home and we went out for a family dinner with my mom and aunt and uncle. My family rocks in making her feel like part of our family while she was here and supporting me in supporting her and making this special for her. Of course my mom said oh we have to have desert and the girls inhaled so much then bounced off the walls until 9:30. 

Pealed Punky out of bed at 9:15 this morning. Kept the girls home until after she left. Aunt showed up early, at 9:30. After they left, took the girls to school and Charlie had a HUGE ,meltdown  - that blood curdling mommy don’t leave me thing she did a couple weeks ago when her teacher left. She acts fine that Punky left, but its there - any loss triggers her. Took a half hour but I got her settled enough to leave. 

Worked and pulled together a final project, walked the dog, went to the foster closet board meeting while my mom picked up the girls, came home to a melty-down charlie. Talked and talked to her and reassured her that I am not leaving her. Talked about how when people leave is makes her sad and scared and tried to connect it for her. She finally settled and then sang me a song about how I always come back. 

Got them in bed and the chores done and here we are. I’m exhausted. I really really hope punky is OK. Glad she is gone in some ways, miss her a lot in others, looking forward to the next chapter. 

Oh, the Aunt said that they found her sister that ran away two weeks ago. Pregnant. Tried to slit her throat when they found her and a family member (the 12 year old brother) beat up the 18 year old boyfriend. She’s 14. In a treatment facility now. As I was driving the girls to school I had the thought of, oh, they will need a placement for her (relative placement disrupted in all this - she made allegations). I can’t. They won’t ask. I can’t. But if I didn’t have the girls I would. That’s what I wanted to do in the beginning, pregnant teens. I just don’t know what will happen to her, what her options are. I know it would end badly and I’m not putting gut girls in the middle of that, but….still heartbreaking. I hope that Punky will be able to get the support she needs, that intervention was early enough for her, that she will be the one to break the cycle in her immediate family. The way her Aunt did in hers. One can hope….

The moment Sam realizes someone else matters to Dean almost as much as he does.

Dean: “I was with him when we learned this place was under attack, we drove              like a bat out of hell.”

Sam: “How come? I mean…”

           “..you don’t care for these guys, you didn’t even know that I was here…”

           “… Right, of course.”

Dean: [to Mary] “When I thought something might have happened to you…”

           “…nothing else mattered.”

-Supernatural 12 x 14: “The Raid”

Here it is, canon, that Sam is shocked when it dawns on him that, for the first time since their father died, there’s another person on this planet who matters almost as much to Dean as he does. She matters enough for Dean to set their conflict aside and hightail it across town to save her, even though she betrayed and hurt him deeply. The implication of this is crystal clear: As far as Sam is concerned, up until now, no one (other than Sam) has mattered that much to Dean – it seems to go without saying that this “no one” would include Castiel. Not that his friendship with Castiel isn’t important to him; but it will never be as important as his relationships with his closest family members.


Note: I absolutely loved this series. I finished it last night and actually laid awake thinking about it for a few hours, the images haunting just beneath my eyelids. Another wonderful work by The_Dalek_Emperor.

Part I (Below) | Part II | Part III | Part IV |

It’s a long story, but one you’ve never heard before. A story is about a place that dwells in the woods, on the mountain; a place where bad things happen. And you may think you know about the bad things, you may decide you have it all figured out but you don’t. Because the truth is worse than monsters and men.

At first I was upset when they told me we were moving to some little town out in the Ozarks. I remember staring at my dinner plate while I listened to my sister throw a temper tantrum unbefitting of a 14 year old honors student. She cried, she pleaded, and then she cursed at my parents. She threw a bowl at my dad and told him it was all his fault. Mom told Whitney to calm down but she stormed off, slamming every door in the house on the way to her room.

I secretly blamed my dad as well. I’d heard the whispers too, my dad had done something wrong, something bad and the sheriff’s department had reassigned him to some little out of the way county to save face. My parents didn’t want me to know that, but I did.

I was nine so it didn’t take me too long to warm to the idea of a change; it was like an adventure. New house! New school! New friends! Whitney, of course, felt the opposite. Moving to a new school at her age is hard, moving away from her new boyfriend, however, was even harder. While the rest of us packed up our things and said our goodbyes, Whitney sulked and cried and threatened to run away from home. But a month later when we pulled up to our new house in Drisking, Missouri she was sitting right next me texting viciously on her phone.

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anonymous asked:

about maz kanata's line to rey, "they are never coming back..." you say it sort of resolves the answer of luke not being rey's father, but how would maz know that? how would she know if luke had a child or not? she's a friend of han's, but i don't think she knew luke. knew of him, obviously, but what would be your reasoning on how maz would know?

you’re coming at this from the wrong angle. here are the pertinent lines

           Don't give up. He still might show
           up. Whoever it is you're waiting
           for. Classified. I know all about
          BB-8 BEEPTALKS a question.

                          REY (CONT'D)
           For my family. They'll be back.
           One day. Come on.
          She tries to force a smile, but can't, really. She heads
          off. BB-8 BEEPS... then heads after her.

here rey says that she’s waiting for her family. we also know she was old enough to remember them when she was left so whoever left her she identifies as her family


           You're offering me a job.

           I'm thinking about it.
          Rey wants to say yes. But something stops her. A line she
          can't cross.

                          HAN (CONT'D)

           If you were, I'd be flattered. But
           I have to get home.
          Han looks at her, questioningly.

          Rey looks off, in thought. Yeah, Jakku.

           I've already been away too long.


          Finn heads off. Rey gets up to follow. Maz dials her lenses
          back to normal, and turns to Han.

           Who's the girl?


           I have to get back to Jakku.

           Han told me.
           (reaches out, hold REY'S HAND)
           Dear child. I see your eyes. You
           already know the truth. Whomever
           you're waiting for on Jakku, they're
           never coming back. But... there's
           someone who still could.


           The belonging you seek is not behind
           you. It is ahead.

so maz asks han who the girl is and han tells her [something we don’t know, damnit jj, but it involves that rey wants to go back to jakku].

then based on what han told her and her force eye powers she tells rey that REY already knows the truth, and that truth is that whoever she’s waiting for on jakku are never coming back. and we know she’s waiting for her family. ergo, rey’s family are never coming back

moving onto the next part: “but there’s someone who still could. luke”. and the stuff about belonging being ahead. the word BUT implies it’s someone DIFFERENT from rey’s family, and that someone is identified BY REY as luke. rey herself identifies luke as someone who is not her family. this is supposed to tell us that what rey wants so badly– a sense of belonging, a family– is going to come from someone who isn’t her family: luke. and finn tbh, i mean don’t forget this scene

           Finn. What are you doing here?!

           We came back for you.
          She is speechless -- this is all she's ever wanted anyone to
          do. Chewie TALKS -- and Rey's eyes nearly tear up.

finn is her family now. as was han for a short time. tfa is about found family– for her, for finn, for han and leia who lost a son, and in tlj, for luke, although we have yet to see how that plays out. (daisy also said that rey and luke’s relationship in tfa is about when you “meet your hero”).

and remember that the writers KNOW rey’s origins. so get inside the writers’ heads. why would they choose to write that maz scene? why would they put in the effort to have a major part of the movie be rey learning to let go of the past (her family) and recognize that she has found a new one?

so what IS rey’s backstory?

well, jakku is important for multiple reasons. it was part of palpatine’s contingency plan (look it up on wookieepedia) and there was a big battle there after episode 6 that resulted in ships with salvageable parts being left scattered. so a system of scavenging these parts was set up by a hutt businesswoman named niima– hence, niima outpost. which is where unkar plutt operated, exchanging food portions for parts. we see plenty of people in this system, essentially in indentured servitude being payed way less than the worth of the items they scavenge.

when rey was five she was left with unkar plutt (he’s the one holding her arm in the flashback) implying she was sold into this system of near-slavery. it doesn’t really seem like she was left there to “keep her safe”… i mean barring a harry-left-with-the-dursleys situation lmfao. but overall it seems to me more like she’s just one of many people who found themselves in this system.

what else is on jakku? the church of the force village where lor san tekka, an old friend of luke and leia’s, retired, and has a clue to luke’s location. and then both poe and kylo ren show up at the same time to get it. at no point during these proceedings does anyone seem aware of rey– ie, it doesn’t seem like lor san tekka was watching over her like obi-wan was with luke. i’m gonna go ahead and say that it’s meant to be a coincidence rey is on the same planet. well, not a coincidence, as they have given us good reason for both important and unimportant people to be there. it’s actually genius writing tbh.

SO i will entertain the idea that rey is luke’s daughter now. how does that fit in to everything we’ve established? well, since she was five years old when she was left there, i’m gonna rule out a scenario where she’s stolen from luke AT THAT AGE because everyone would know he had a five year old daughter who was stolen. then there’s the fact that there’s about 10 years between rey being left on jakku and the destruction of luke’s jedi. she would be 14 at the time this happens so i’m also ruling out her being one of his original students who was somehow saved from the purge, because the timeline is a decade off. i’m also ruling out him keeping her a secret, again this was years before anything went wrong so i don’t understand WHY or HOW he would or could keep it a secret.

so what else is possible? maybe the mother never told luke she was pregnant and left before there were any signs. maybe luke knew she was pregnant but then she left, or was kidnapped, or had to leave, or ran away.

and then what? she had the daughter of the most famous person in the galaxy. she raised her for five years without anyone knowing. said daughter had a good impression of her childhood. and then the mother left the daughter on jakku to be a slave. wait, what? k that makes no sense. backtrack. maybe the mother got in some kind of trouble– bad people found out who rey was, and she HAD to … leave her on jakku to be a slave? i guess? or maybe she went there to find lor san tekka but something happened and she had to leave rey? idk. my problem with any of these scenarios is that it’s not natural to write them. i can come up with them if forced to explain reysky being left on jakku by her mom, but i would never write that in the first place. and the writers– lucasfilm story group, and jj and michael arndt and lawrence kasdan– they weren’t writing this because they were forced to come up with an explanation to a fan theory, they were writing whatever they wanted from the beginning.

i mean the very origin of this scenario, luke having s*x with a woman who then leaves before he knows she’s pregnant, barely makes sense in the first place. was it a one night stand type situation? he doesn’t seem like the type. or did they fall in love but then she left or had to leave or something? in that case wouldn’t leia and han know that he had a significant other? if not then he kept it a secret. why would he keep it a secret 10 years before anything went wrong? you know? like it’s just so contrived.

not to mention that rey remembers a family, not just one person. i highly doubt they would have her say “my family” instead of “my mother” if it was just her mother so there were probably other people. maybe the mother found a new husband (or wife…) before rey was young enough to remember. or maybe rey was stolen from the mother and the people she thought were her family were impersonators? or the mom was killed, or died in childbirth? but i’m getting off track because that really seems too complex and i don’t think they would fridge the mom like that

and who even would the mother be?! why is literally no one even mentioning this? do you think kathleen kennedy’s ass would let a white woman go unnoticed like that? in ANY reysky scenario luke had a CHILD with SOMEONE. the mother is CRITICAL. and imo the mother is where reysky as a theory falls apart. it’s just… so impossible. lol like MAYBE at first he was trying to follow the old jedi code so he kept his significant other a secret, and then she left. MAYBE. but that still brings us back to how the mother ended up leaving rey on jakku in that horrible situation. but like this is why i’m critical of reyskys’ motivations. if she’s luke’s daughter i want to know every detail about the mother and how rey ended up where she did. but reyskys are always just like “she’s a skywalker” and leave it at that.

and that’s what’s funny. a year and a half ago EVERYONE was SO SURE rey was han and leia’s daughter. LMFAO. talking about how rey was dressed like han and her full name was kira rey solo and whatnot. like there was a reason for that: it would make no sense for luke to have a secret daughter AND baby mama. and everyone knew it. this is why it’s hard for me to take reyskys seriously. anyway

(also one last thing, before tfa came out we had no idea who kylo ren was. when, in the movie, we found out he was han and leia’s son, that was a reveal, a twist. THAT was the secret skywalker child moment. that’s the whole point, they DID reveal a secret skywalker but it was the villain!)

SOOOOOOOOOOOO ANYWAY reigning it in– if the writers did intend for rey to be luke’s daughter we’re back to our original question of why they would do that maz scene. see where i was coming from now? if your intention as a writer is for her to FIND HER FAMILY at the end of the movie, why would you have a major character moment be her realizing her FAMILY IS NEVER COMING BACK, but the very person she finds at the end of the movie still could. do you see how illogical that is? the ONLY possibility is if they’re using it as a technicality, like her MOTHER is never coming back but her FATHER still could… but… it just seems so unlikely to me that that was their motivation when writing that scene. you wouldn’t in your head have this whole important backstory about her mother raising her and then being forced to leave her because something goes wrong, and then write it off like that. in my onion, that scene only makes sense if, as a writer, rey’s backstory is that she was left by random people for whatever reason, and you want to show that she needs to let go of that hope because her new family is right before her eyes.

so it’s not about whether maz would know or not, it’s that we’re never meant to assume that it’s a thing for maz TO know in the first place.

as usual, and i can’t believe i have to announce this every time i say i’m a rey random, but i’m pro finnrey, pro jedi finn, anti reylo.

Anonymous asked:14 with Inko and Toshinori? :D

NICE NICE NICE!!! Thank you for sending in a prompt!!

So I know I technically fulfilled the prompt here, but I wanted to do an angsty version. 

14: “Did you honestly think I wouldn’t figure it out?”

(TW for: blood, vomiting)

Inko hesitantly knocked on the door, looking around the neighborhood as she waited for someone to answer. When nothing happened, she slipped the spare key from her purse and quietly let herself in.

Toshinori’s home was sparse, except for a variety of movie posters and the pill bottles spread over the kitchen table. A lonely potted cactus rested on the windowsill.

Inko blinked as she looked around, searching for the retired hero. “Toshinori?”

It was quiet, then she heard something clatter back in the depths of the house.

“Who’s -” The ragged voice was immediately cut off by a retching sound.

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Just as Good as You (Part Two to Just as Bas as Me)

Request: There needs to be a part two for just as bad as me just saying - @niawoods


Do a part 2 to Just as bad as me!!!! -anon

Part 1

A/n: More parts have been requested for Take the trouble and make it double and the platonically series and this so

Originally posted by sofia-mylifeline

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Ignoti Nulla Cupido (2/).

Prompt: Nat came to you in order to keep her and Tony’s promise to keep you safe, but how would they react when they’ll learn about the secret you’ve been keeping since you left Bucky’s side?

Word Count: 969.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader.

A/N: Finally, part 2 of one drabble I did from my Followers Celebartion. This is gonna be a drabble series, don’t know how many parts or when I’ll be able to update.

Sorry for any possible grammar/vocabulary mistakes (English is not my first language) and if any of you would like to read a Spanish version, just let me know!!!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 |

Originally posted by natasharromanoff

Nat was following close behind back to your apartment, she was tense and didn’t give much away about what was happening to the Avengers so she had to come all way across the country to take you and your son back to a place you used to call home.

The only thing she did tell you was how she found out about James: Bucky had been severely hurt on a solo mission, it seemed that he had been going on as many solo missions as he could. But this one ended up in he needing to get into surgery, the details of the same were still blurred but the doctors ran some checks in order to find a perfect match for his blood since the super soldier serum altered his DNA and James popped out.

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