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The One At Fault Gets The Reward (M)

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pure smut actually, jealousy, secret relationship 

slight violence, dom Jungkook, sub you 

Jungkook and you manage to get on each other’s nerves during the Daesang Awards.

I actually wrote this for a very dear friend of mine who happens to be the sweetest Jungkook stan I know and moreover she is like a little sister to me. Thanks for helping me out and I hope you really enjoy this!

Love N.

It wasn’t like you were dating. Well, not officially. So theoretically Jeon Jungkook was still a free man and you had no reason to be mad at him. But only theoretically. Practically it was that you were having a relationship of five months now which also implied that Jungkook wasn’t a free man anymore. And that meant that you had every fucking reason in the whole world to be mad at him. You were raging with jealousy having to watch how your boyfriend’s eyes were following every step of that in a mini-skirt pressed rookie (she was rocking the outfit much to your dismay) who was shaking her asset in that provocative manner exactly matching the beat of that freaking song that soon was going to be stuck in everybody’s head like a parasite.

You let out a deep, very deep, and annoyed sigh while your insides were boiling. Jungkook didn’t notice anything of it, busy having his moment with that bitch over there who was obviously trying to get her fingers on your man and oh boy he wasn’t too innocent on this.

This day would have exactly marked your transition from four to five months but it also could become the break-up and rip Jeon Jungkook day. You shook your head, really tempted to ignore him by boycotting their moment on stage in a few minutes, but you weren’t rude. And you wanted to see their faces when they would finally win their Daesang after having worked so hard.

– – –

It had happened in the backstage-area. When a few girls walked towards your boyfriend. All four of them were congratulating Jungkook and Taehyung for their win and well Jennie even had enough guts to hug your boyfriend. You silently laughed to yourself almost breaking the plastic cup in your hands. So obviously it might would have occurred a problem when you – a girl group member – would have hugged him and be happy cause he won his stupid award, but when YG artist Jennie was getting too close to him it was acceptable. You wanted to cry and tore him apart forget the damn girl. However, instead of becoming a murder you stuffed your face with biscuits you had found. “You are dead.”, you mumbled.

– – –

“You didn’t congratulated me yet!”, Jungkook finally spoke to you after being sure that the room was empty. You scoffed because you were his secret he only talked to when it wasn’t going to ruin his reputation. He was the award-winning senior and you were just a rookie no one recognised yet. “I wanted to,”, you started flinching away from his grip, “but you were busy.”

He nodded to himself: “Ok.” It was silent while he was staring listlessly at the food grabbing something and throwing it in his mouth. You let out a sigh capturing his attention. “Are you ok?”, he asked you. “Yes, I am absolutely fine!”, your response was quick and loud. Jungkook raised his left eyebrow gulping his food down obviously not believing you: “You sure?” “You know what, no I am not fine!”, you said walking at the other side of the buffet. He followed you. “Y/N you are behaving very immature right now!”, Jungkook told you. “Immature?”, you came to a hold and waited for him to catch up to you.

“Yes. Instead of being happy for me you’re throwing a tantrum for whatever reason!”

“You know what is immature Jungkook? Flirting with other girls when you already have a girlfriend. But I guess I am not as good as Jennie.”, you yelled at him. It was your luck that no one was in the room.

“Well, at least she congratulated me!”

“Oh wow, I would’ve congratulated you as well, but you always pee your pants about someone noticing anything about us.” He seemed angered to you and that was angering you even more, he had no right to be mad. You were the victim. “You know what I believe? That I’m not what you are looking for and I don’t want to be your secret any longer …”

Jungkook was loosening the first few buttons of his shirt slowly walking towards you: “You know what I believe? We two need to have a little conversation!” He grabbed your wrist and aggressively pulled you in his chest. “Let go off me Jungkook, I am done with this shit!”, you said trying to loosen his grip but he wouldn’t let you go. “But I am not done with you!”, he was dragging you outside into the empty hallway. His attitude was annoying you, especially since you were the one in right.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

He kept on walking until he stopped in front of a door checked if it was open and throw you inside. “Jun-” Jungkook slammed you against the wall. “Now you shut up and I talk!”, he said making sure to pin your hands above your head. “You need to control your jealousy and you know why?” You gulped somewhat liking the dominance Jungkook was radiating at this very moment. “If you don’t behave I will make sure that you will!”, he explained pulling at your chin wanting you to meet his eyes. They were flaring like two flames in the darkness and if you did one wrong move they were going burn you alive.

It scared you but you didn’t feel like giving in: “I am not afraid of you!” He raised his left eyebrow, a smirk tugging at his lips, before he swiftly turned you around. Jungkook leaned in his breath was ghosting over your ear as he was tugging at a few strains of your hair: “When did you become so rude?” You tried to get out of his grip, but he pressed you harder against the wall.“When you started to become so full of yourself!”, your response was feeling like acid on your tongue and you knew that you were probably hurting him but you also knew that he deserved it.

“I worked hard to be here,” Jungkook said making sure to stress every word. You gasped as he tore your skirt down alongside your panties. “Like you will work hard to apologise to me!”, the words were followed by a hard slap onto your butt followed by a loud and painful groan. “J-Jungkook!”, you were bewildered at his actions. “Shh, it is ok. You just need to apologize!” he was rubbing gentle circles around the red spot soothing the pain.

You took a deep breath wanting to feel his big hand hit you again and you knew that being deliberately hurt shouldn’t make you feel as horny as it was doing. “Why?” Jungkook’s hand stopped and was feeling dangerously heavy on your buttock “How would you react when I would look at Yoongi oppa that way?” “I would tore him apart!”, he spanked you again, harder, faster, more painful but again something inside of you was craving to be treated like a disobedient dog. You hissed as he hit you another time not daring to moan despite feeling an unexplainable kind of pleasure. “Y-You can be jealous but I can’t?”, adrenaline was rushing through your veins as you were hungrily waiting for him to slap you one more time. “Because there was no fucking reason for you to be!”, Jungkook explained.

You were biting your lip hoping for more but instead he harshly brought you onto your knees, you knew what he wanted just by solely looking at bulge in his pants and you were actually craving his cock, wanted to feel it in your mouth, wanted to feel him clench his fist in your hair and almost choke you while you shamelessly was sucking him off. Imagining his cum all over your perfectly done make up was making your insides shake with anticipation. 

He looked you deeply in the eyes while tugging at his pants: “Make me come and as a reward I will forgive you.” You cracked a smile knowing that that would be rather easy. Jungkook however pulled his belt off only to wrap them around your wrists. You eyed him with a mixture of shock and excitement. It was crazy but his control over you made you unbelievably aroused. “Hands-free.”, he crashed his mouth onto yours catching your soft lips between his teeth making you moan quietly at heat that was building up in you. His fingers caressed your face before he finally brought your mouth at his already hardened member.

A carnal instinct took over you as you put it in your mouth and began to give him a long and hard suck feeling him tug at your hair. He let out a hiss obviously liking the way your lips wrapped around him so perfectly. You took him in again while fastening up your pace and mercilessly dug in your teeth into the pulsing flesh making him let out a pained groan almost violently pulling at your hair strains making you moan around his member feeling how your voice was vibrating against him. 

“Shit!” you tried not to smile as you allowed your tongue to swirl around his tip taking your time to savour his delighted deep moans you were coaxing out of him. “Faster!”, he demanded but you kept being painfully slow. You almost chocked as he pushed himself in your mouth harshly only to push himself out again and in again. “You’re doing great!”, he muttered pressing himself deeper against you. You took a deep breath while closing your eyes waiting for him to explode all over you, you were really waiting for that too happen still sucking your boyfriend.

“Stop!”, Jungkook’s voice brought you back to reality and you slowly let go off him and eyed him with disappointment because he made you yearn for him so deeply when he was still the person you should make work for an apology, but you were weak compared to his power over you. Especially when he was making you feel so good. Precum was running down your lips and you really had to push back the wish to pout.

He bend down kissing you slowly and gently, yet firm enough to let you know that your punishment still wasn’t over. You kissed him back feeling miserable for responding so eagerly, but you needed him. Jungkook was holding you close to himself smiling in every peck he gave you knowing exactly that he was playing with you while giving you a taste and then withdrawing only for you to desire him even more. 

“Sweet …”, he whispered sucking a bruise onto your throat feeling how you were shuddering uncontrollably. “You were very obedient,” his lips captured the skin on your thighs, his fingers slowly wrapped around the soft skin there. “Jungkook …”, you bit into your bottom lip feeling small waves washing over your body, your heart was throbbing, “and as a reward I will make you come because good girlfriends deserve to come. Girlfriends who don’t fantasise about their boyfriend’s friends, got that?” You nodded weakly. He smirked as he spread your legs widely only to feel him enter you without any warning. “Ah, shit!”, you groaned as he slowly began to move taking a tighter grip around your tighs.

It was getting blurry and foggy, his body was so damn close to yours. You wrapped your legs around him trying to catch his lips, he kissed you back becoming gradually faster muttering your name over and over in your neck while placing open-mouthed and wet kisses all over there. You came fastly followed by Jungkook who turned you around he was still stiff as he pushed himself in and out of your still sensitive vagina. His cum was laving out of you mixing with your own juices. Jungkook’s grip was strong on your hips, your breasts were jumping up and down matching his rhythm, your whole body reacting to him. Your eyes shut at this unbearable kind of pleasuring overstimulation you were feeling and yet you wanted far more.

You let out a scream. Your moans were echoing in this small storeroom walls and you didn’t even care a bit if anyone could hear you. The door was locked anyway. You took a deep breath, his lips still all over you while hitting every time the right place to make you moan loudly enough. “You’re mine, got that?”, he growled still bumping in and out of you. You nodded not daring to disagree with anything he told you. “I am yours!”, you screamed reaching your orgasm.

– –

“Y/N?”, Jungkook took a hold of your hand before you were able to leave. You turned around feeling how the redness on your cheeks were still tinting. A deep sigh escaped his throat as he pulled you in a hug: “You know that I only love you, right?” You really wanted to nod but you couldn’t you weren’t believing him entirely any more. He loosened his grip placing both his hands on your shoulders while catching your gaze. “If I wouldn’t be too afraid of other’s hurting you … or taking you away from me … I’d open up about us. I’d love to bu-” “But you need time. I know, it was wrong to demand that from you,” you gave him a smile indicating another hug “it was just that she really got me jealous!” He chuckled: “And that’s cute!” You pouted.

Meeting The Gallaghers (Ch.2)

I don’t usually post the second part of a series until it reaches 50-75 notes, but it’s about time I do what I want, right? Enjoy.

It’s Y/N’s first day of public school, she’s making friends, enemies, and hey, she’s even been invited to a party.

Tag List: @kelly-alston @sagittarius521

Chapter One

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Dom’s Interviews...

Alex Ow

From what I can remember… Her job, clothing line, and eating with Coca Cola addiction.  Didn’t really focus too much on the interview just Cody’s body language.  Ya’ll Cody went early to the interview to line himself up a front row seat to the interview.  Alex spoke and made no eye contact with Cody (maybe when she looked at Jason she snuck a peek) though you can see Cody staring in awe of her.  I truly love his level of respect for this woman because she’s hard core.  You know she’s there to win and she’s working hard to get that 500k.  He was shaking his leg nervously cause he couldn’t ask questions because he was with his woman. 

Ramses Soto

Ramses was so scared he started drinking Champagne as he sat down and he’s lucky he did.  Student, restaurant job, cosplay, and artist.  She went into the 25k question of who you think won it…  Do you think the person is still here… Chilllle… Dom started down a slippery slope of questioning and she didn’t stop.  He said one might still be here, one might have left.  She couldn’t get him to name names of who he thought took the 25k so she went and asked him to pick two people from the crowd and tell how you think they’d spend the money.  She talked about his sexuality… Just threw it out there like a bucket of water.  Based on your demeanor we all know what you are…. basically… so tell us who are you dating.  Yooooo… she was bold.  His brother is the only person he’s told I think.  Dom went in on Ramses and wanted his chronicles from childhood. SMH.  I was uncomfortable for him.

Cody Nickson

The Pièce De Résistance!  He’s a handcuff man… can get out of them with a bobby pin.  His attraction to Jessica and the showmance, even though it’s not a showmance.  Said he didn’t like Paul at first, he didn’t get a bracelet.  Megan had to go she disliked marines.  Now she goes into him being a leader and the decision he made to get Paul out did he forget the word TEAM.  He said he was selfish and just wanted to beat Paul.  Dom asked was there no communication at the time with your team.  Then Paul gets ahead of him self and shoots out the question was the decision yours or were there others.  Cody said that has to be a private conversation, we’ll talk.

He kept saying he knows he’s going home.  He would never campaign against Alex.  He didn’t want to show his love completely for her so he said there’s 3 people he wouldn’t campaign against, ever.  Those people are Alex, Jess, and Raven.  In that order people.  He said they are deserving, I respect them and I care about them.  Alex is Cody’s Achilles heel.  He told the whole room he knew he was being back doored.  Called Ramses on using his nomination this week.  Then Dom wanted to know if he had a spy… he’s like nah Dom I’m smart.  Then she kept pushing and he dropped the bomb that he just wanted Megan out and then chill the next couple weeks while they plucked off the outsiders

Outsiders…. Ramses face in shock… Yah don’t say Cody!  Then Josh came at him with a question and Cody shut him down.  I won’t answer any questions from you.  Then Dom wanted to know how Jess will cope… Cody says I won’t discuss it.  THEN MARK OPENS HIS MOUTH!   The one or two people who knew is going to help Jess’ game… That’s when Cody went the fuck off cause you threatening Jess in front of me.  You’re gonna go after her when I leave is that what you’re saying.

He went dark son…  Mark was like so one or two people were involved…  Then Paul says are you gonna tell us who.  Cody’s basically like fuck ya’ll I’m going home.  The whole time Matt and Raven made the decision to stay quite.  Elena tugging at Marks shirt to shut the fuck up… Lord… Jesus take the wheel.  Kevin looking spiffy… Ramses and Josh are like this has nothing to do with us.  Jason and Alex in the corner internally laughing I bet.  I was beautiful. 

Nothing else was important… End of Interview.  Then the HOH room with Paul and Cody discussing Christmas, Mark, and Dom was whole different ball game.

Incalescent - Chapter Seven

I am sorry it took so long! So this is a little bit rushed and honestly I am not sure how it all turned out :/ but I am posting this cause I promised you guys! Also it’s not beta read so be aware all awful mistakes are mine! Not my best work but enjoy! <3

“Yo boo you should see that?” Dom yelled from a living room.

“I am in the bathroom!” Zendaya yelled back.

She just took shower and now was putting some cream on her skin.

“Well get out from there! Seriously you need to check this out!” Her best friend seemed to be really excited and eager.

“I am in a middle of something.” Zendaya grunted not wanting to get into details.

“Are you peeing?” Dom asked grinning even if her friend couldn’t see her.

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