i know she isn't an actress but i think she is perfect

anonymous asked:

in reference to you saying there isn't really any films/shows of phoebe's which you particularly liked (I agree), why do you think she chooses projects which aren't that great? Maybe it's actually the casting, but I wouldn't assume that as she's a decent actress and is physically perfect to be on screen. I know she's said her dream film would be a Wes Anderson one, so I wonder why she doesn't go for better, maybe more indie projects.

i was hesitant whether to post this because i am again going to be as honest as i can be. firstly, i don’t think phoebe is in the position to “choose” projects at all. physically, (everyone who follows me knows this) she is the perfect actress and model for sure but i disagree about her acting skills because i do find her quite weak and think she needs a lot of work. wes anderson is a big goal and i think she will need to work hard and try different things besides cw shows in order to reach it. cul de sac seems very different from what she’s been doing so maybe she’s trying to expand her spectrum in terms of acting. i am looking forward to cul de sac because i really loved the trailer and it looked promising. idk if i’ll be able to see it but i really hope so! lastly, i just have to put it out there, indie projects aren’t necessarily better. 

ps. anyone reading this, before you send hate, please remember this is just my opinion!!! do you agree? yay! do you disagree? that’s fine! everyone’s got an opinion, let that sink in.