i know she doesnt like snakes

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If you had to design a crown/some kind of jewelry at Burn's request (getting a art commission from your favorite character amiright?), what would it look like? I could totally picture Queen Burn building herself a palace of bones over her lifetime. Some pieces she'd commission, but most she'd make herself. She'd love something like Sedlec Ossuary, which is covered floor to ceiling in arrangements of bones. Oh no, I just thought of Burn making a monument to her mom out of her own bones.

what an interesting idea!!! she could have some pretty funky crowns made for her!! (ft skywing horns, walrus tusks, longhorn steer horns, prongs from caribou/deer, teeth, some funky bones from a snake, etc….)!!! 

idk ive always kind of enjoyed the idea that she doesnt wear or need a crown..or an extravagant one, at least. i feel like shes such a figure (and knows it too) that some kind of assertion of status is unnecessary to her. 

but i doodled up some concepts anyways because i can never pass up an opportunity to draw my fav <3

(fancy little crown, probably dug up from the treasury for kicks; a bone one + a matching necklace. nice; and a plain drab one, bc why not :3c)

me during the day: goddamn dude just shut up
me at night: in yayo, lana says “i like the snake on your tattoo” which is such a generic statement because snakes in tattoos are usually symbolic (see: ouroboros) and she goes on to say “i like the ivy and the ink blue” which really suggests she doesnt get it because why just describe the physical attributes…. but in florida kilos, all those years later, she says “..tattoos… dont know what they mean, theyre special just for you”, which in itself is just a big ourosboros……. meaning she is self aware, she DOES know what the snake means, and pretending not to understand was part of the shtick from the very beginning… lana del rey, forever stuck in the cycle of pretense, phoenix rising from the ashes, the eternal return to oneself,

can you honest to god believe instagram deleted rihanna’s account for posting a topless nude from a photoshoot. but then instagram made it possible for taylor to not see any negative comments/snake emojis on her account after literlaly being exposed for lying about something, i know taylor isnt at fault for this double standardizing bullshit.. ..  but . … . like can you bELIEVE.. .  .this mess™

i was gonna make a last of us DLC thumbnail, but it wasn’t turning out quite right, and i knew it wouldn’t get used anyway so i made another mermaid red instead, and this time with a snake! (cuz i like snakes, and cuz i know she likes snake too) so i hope you like it :)

note: its transparent.

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I love how in that rotten tomatoes interview when they're talking about bad breath jens like 'ye but jennifer doesnt' and josh just agrees.

He would know, he’s a smart man.

My favorite though was after Jen and Josh have that special intense moment after she says how she’s not afraid of snakes and Josh is like “hmm mmmm, I know babe” and Liam is all:

“oh noes, did she just….”

“this is why we can’t have nice things guys”