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I'm still not over the fact that Kaoru wasn't even mentioned. I really tought abt the possibility since Syo did a lot of phisical ativities but T-T aside from that i want more of heavens backstory too! I hope after the duets episodes +

I am still salty about that as well tbh. I thought that when they were fighting and Syo was about to give up, he’d listen to a random scream from the audience, and Kaoru would be there cheering for him. He’d have that as strength, and would explain to Yamato that he has always felt this inferiority complex, and his bro was part of it, bc even as twins Syo’s health has always been weaker and he’s shorter than his brother, even though Kaoru is younger (by seconds, but it counts for them lol). Then maybe he’d talk about how Ryuuya gave him strength when he was a kid.

Yamato then could see that he doesn’t need to fight and win over his brother, and surpass him in a certain thing. He wants to be his own person? Then be his own person! To me, it felt like he was revolving around his brother, even when he didn’t want to be recognized only as Ryuuya’s younger brother. I did like the idol motivational speech, because it really sounded like what Ryuuya said to Ren in S1 and to QN in this season’s 2nd ep. He doesn’t listen to his brother, but I feel that Syo could reach him. STILL they could’ve put Kaoru there just as fanservice or cameo idc they’ve been fooling us for YEARS.

*caham* anyways, about Yamato x Ryuuya, I really do believe that this, as well as Eiji’s feelings of being in the family he is in (what is this kid even? Probably an angel), and all of the details on HEAVENS will be revealed later on the games. These eps w/ STARISH are meant to make they seem more approachable to the audience that once hated them - and it’s mostly working. Eiji surely did a very good job, the whole fandom adopted the kid //Yamato gained some haters with that punch though;;

Haruka really shouldn’t be the focus here. She’s working with both parts of the units in the process of making the song, and to me, forcing her on HEAVENS right now would be bad - we don’t even know them. It’s better for their rivals (the ones people are so eager to protect from them) to try and get closer to them, so the viewers can slowly do it too. Even for QN, we had to wait (during S2 and Debut), so I don’t mind waiting for Heavens as well. I’d love to play some angsty routes, I want people placing bets on who’s gonna be the angsty one T.T

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Prompt: Regina gets a dog without asking Emma first

Thanks for the prompt :) 

“You’re home early,” Regina says breathlessly as she runs into the foyer. 

Emma raises a brow noticing Regina’s socked feet and her frantic expression, “What did you do?” 

“Why would you assume I’ve done something?” Regina asks as she tucks a stray curl behind her ear and attempts an innocent look. 

It doesn’t work and Emma steps closer tapping Regina’s blushing cheek playfully as she replies, “Because I know you…so what did you do?” 

“Don’t get mad…until you meet him, trust me.”

“I always do…who am I meeting?” 

Regina simply grins before stepping through to the kitchen and kneeling down on the floor and whistling. On cue a little black bundle of fur bounds towards her barrelling into her arms and proceeding to jump all over her. 

“His name is Hero.” 

“Really?” Emma asks as she kneels down next to Regina and strokes the fluffy pup, “He is cute…where’d you find him?” 

“I was talking to David at the shelter and he was telling me about Hero - he was found at the side of the road Emma and they hadn’t found anyone to take him in…so I did…we did…”

Emma sighs, “I wish you’d asked first.” 

“I’m sorry,” Regina tells her, “I just didn’t want to leave him behind…do you want me to take him back?” 

Emma shakes her head, “No…he’s ours now…we don’t send anyone back.” 

Regina nods leaning over to kiss Emma softly, “We don’t send anyone back.” 

Stressed but caring girlfriend (hyung line ver)|| BTS reaction

request:” Hi would you do a BTS detailed reaction to their girlfriend noticing that they are very stressed out and not saying anything but cooking a really good meal and being very affectionate,loving/warm, just making sure they know she loves them? Thanks!!♡”

I did this?? lmao idk what to call this mess. if you wanted something different please just say so! - admin D

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  •  stress builds up ya know? 
  • but you always think of your lovely boyfriend Namjoon who is constantly working and trying his best without complaining much and that gives you motivation 
  • like idols have to do so much, people don’t even realize. 
  •  thats why you’re always patient and try your best so that your schedules don’t clash. 
  • Joon really appreciated this 
  •  he loved the fact that you would put in so much effort even if he can’t always put in as much effort as he’d like to 
  •  so one day your professors decide, “why don’t we all have tests on the same week!!! Lots of homework due too!!“ 
  • you manage to pull an all nighter and stay awake in class. 
  • once you get home you have to do another stack of homework and essays 
  •  night time rolls around and you look up at the clock and it’s already 9pm 
  • namjoon calls to tell you he is coming home early because of issue with scheduling 
  • so you rush to make some food and set up table then tidy up the place 
  • when you’re finished your really worn out but namjoon isn’t home yet and that pile of papers due isn’t budging so you try to do some hw
  •  you might have accidentally fallen asleep on the desk 
  • when Namjoon gets home he automatically smells the food but doesn’t find you in the kitchen so he goes to your room 
  • his heartbreaks a little because you have bags under your eyes and your computer screen shows you got half way through a sentace before falling asleep, your stomach is also growling. 
  • he tears up a little feeling guilty about not checking up on you 
  • “hey babe wake up, I know you want to rest but you have to eat" 
  • you shoot up and try to greet him as energetically as you can 
  • he understand the feeling of being stressed and tired but having to put on a smile 
  • “im tired too baby, why don’t we just cuddle tonight?“ 
  • he swore he’d do everything to make sure you weren’t feeling stress because out all of the things you do for him this is the least he could do. 
  • the night is full of cuddles, back rubs, movies, deep talk and ordering take out because y'all are still hungry and food is a nice way to ease stress


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  • if hoseok can put up insane choreographies that take hours to master, composing, performing and still smile and be happy for the rest of the group so can you. 
  •  work has been a lot more rough since a protest gone wrong lead to a bunch of people getting fired, you had to do the work they weren’t their to do anymore 
  •  Hobi had a lot on his plate too since he was lead in lots of points in the chereos and had to sing a lot + plus making his solo track and dancing solo in BME 
  • you got off work and bought some papers home, you were barely starting when you got a call from hoseok saying he was coming home early because the manger thought they’ve earned a break. 
  •  you quickly change and start cooking something small and think about what movie you should put on that will help hobi relax. 
  • unfortunately hobi gets home before you finish
  •  he goes into your shared room to change when he sees your work clothes just spread out over the bed and sees how you probably dropped your pen in a hurry to get changed 
  • he also sees the stack of papers on your desk 
  •  once he changes he goes back to the kitchen, he visibly sees all the stress and how you’re trying hard to cook for him 
  •  he really softens because he understands what it’s like being put under a lot of pressure and having to act cheerful at the same time. 
  • he worries that you might not feel appreciated because sometimes hard work goes unnoticed by people 
  • you’re always the one who reassures him he’s great multitalented idol who deserves lots love and he wants to make sure you feel the same way. 
  •  "y/n let’s just order take out, come and sit down with me, I’ll give you lots of kisses!" 
  • be prepare because the night will be full of jokes, hobi trying to be cute, and just letting out concerns and feelings that bother you both


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  • Being the observant elder he is, he had already knew you’ve been having a hard time with uni & work. 
  • he tried to motivate you as much as he could and make sure you were getting enough rest 
  •  you did the same since he just got a comeback 
  •  Jin became more and more busy so there was no one to scold you for overworking but that didn’t stop you from scolding him when he didn’t take care of himself 
  •  Jin felt really warm knowing that you took time of your busy schedule to ask him how the performances went 
  • stress took a toll on your body to the point were you caught a fever 
  • You neglected the fever however to buy groceries for dinner and a small gift so that he would know he was a appreciated. 
  •  you’re fever worsened by the minuet and when Jin came home it was obvious that you had a cold due to running back and forth between work, school and home 
  • still you put so much effort for him to feel welcomed even if your time together was short 
  •  "Jeez I know your excited to see your handsome boyfriend but please rest Jagi" 
  •  he’d feed you your meal while you guys talked about anything that came to mind really. Smiles all around forehead kisses that would make butterflies in your stomach go crazy •
  • He will always check up on you when he can and starts to scold every time he thinks your under even the slightest bit of stress


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  •  stressed out couple™ 
  • yoongi is a major hypocrite because if you told him your stressed he’d tie you on to the bed ( NOt iN A KINKY WAY) and demand you sleep whilst if you did that he’d break out and go back to work
  •  Final exams are coming up and you’ve been studying like mad, it gets to the point where your head hurts if you even see a letter. 
  • yoongi isn’t doing any better since the comeback has finally come 
  • one stressful night full of studying, you get text from Hoseok that says yoongi is tired and a little bit discouraged because he’s having a hard time with remembering some parts of the chereography 
  • being the great significant other you are, bring him some food and write him a note telling him how much you love him and everyone makes mistakes and all that inspirational jazz 
  • you drop it off and try to get back as quickly as possibly because you have studying to do 
  • Yoongi is really giddy and happy after that and brags about how great you are • in all seriousness he can tell your priority is to make sure he’s happy even if you’re busy.
  •  he’s really happy until he gets home late and sees your head swaying up and down from sleepiness, trying to read a paragraph but failing badly 
  • Yoongi is usually really great with writing lyrics and expressing his emotions through music but he can’t find the words to say how much he worries that things like this happen 
  • you always soothe him if he’s stressed or overworked and he understand you get stressed to because you also like to work hard but you never say anything which makes him always wonder if your stressed or not like an awful guessing game. 
  • the workaholic part of him tells him to leave you alone and let you work but his caring boyfriend side tells him to drag you into bed with him • and you guessed it, he listens to his boyfriend side by picking you up and dumping you on to the bed. 
  • ” I’m not letting you get out of this bed “
  • ” what if I have to pee"
  •  "too bad hold it in"
  •  you fall asleep in each other’s arms

 ill be posting maknae line either tomorrow or Thursday!- admin D

i just checked my discover weekly and the first song on it is called “LGBT.” in mere weeks spotify has gone from subtly suggesting brandi carlile songs to straight up shaking me by the shoulders and screaming “WE KNOW YOU’RE GAY” in my face

Donahue cleared his throat gently as to gain the attention of the Dowager Countess; she was standing silently overlooking the courtyard of her townhome when he had arrived. She dipped her chin to the side acknowledging his presence and awaited him to speak.

“My Lady, I was curious of something, well many somethings I suppose. Would you permit me to speak freely?” he inquired, standing well away from her walking sticks reach with his hands folded before him.

Talise did not even afford him a proper look and merely peered out beyond the courtyard into the street watching people walk past, seemingly having somewhere pressing to be or something important to do; whereas she did not. “Out with it, Donahue. I know just as well that what you don’t know will eat away at you until you find whatever it is you seek. So spit it out.”

He remained where he stood, nervous that anything personal he might inquire about would warrant a solid knock of her stick against his skull or whatever might be in reach at that moment. “Well, my Lady, I was curious of your family. It’s honestly why I took this job if I may be so bold. I hear plenty of rumors around the market, listening to the busybodies from all over Stormwind congregate in one place to catch up on all the gossip. They don’t pay much mind to me since I’m just a footman and well, anything else you have me do.”

“Get to the point, Donahue, I’m not getting any younger. Clearly.” she remarked sharply.

“Ye…yes of course, my Lady. So I was wondering where your eldest son has been over the last year. It was rumored that he had died in the tragedy that had befallen Addlewood last summer and yet some of the ladies claim to have seen him at the latest social event. They were quite literally tripping over themselves. I mean, he was dead and now he’s not.”

Talise simply sputtered a half laugh, “My boy you’ve a lot to learn about my family if you think anything is final, we’re a resilient bunch, tenacity runs deep. Darcassian had had enough, Anelise held her reign over their children long enough so he devised a means to an end. He provoked her and drove her mad, the two had been warring for years. The next thing I know Anelise winds up dead and Darcassian and that bastard child, Itraeis, were murdered during the sacking of Addlewood; only he paid off a man to play his double and handsomely rewarded the mans family for his death. He took that opportunity to let anything and anyone associated with that sorceress think him dead and I played along. The children appeared expressionless when it happened, of course they unknowingly participated as it was all part of Darcassian’s elaborate plan to defuse the nonsense that Anelise had pulled over the last several years.” She finally turned to face him, “It wasn’t until Adhelin uncovered a lockbox with his journals did the children learn the truth; far be it for me to get involved. I told Darcassian and Anelise a long time ago that I wouldn’t be a part of their ridiculous efforts to oust one another.”

Heavily intrigued by the tale, Donahue remained poised and prepared for request but at the same time wanted to learn more. “So then he is in fact alive. How incredible! I always thought him to be a brilliant trader, I see that Lady Eryn is following in his footsteps.”

Talise pursed her lips, “Yes. It would seem so. The poor dear has some rather high ambitions which I cannot fault her for, she is merely attempting to keep up and doing a keen job at that though I fear she is simply attempting to keep Darcassian’s affections in place. She is not of Holt blood but he has treated her as his own since her birth as Anelise had foolishly made him believe she was in fact his, the timing of it all made for an intentional lie. She is a good girl nonetheless and despite it all, she is a Holt, she was raised just as the others were and will always be until my last breath is taken.”

“So wait, Lady Eryn isn’t actually a true blood Holt? Wow! I wouldn’t have been able to tell at all. But are all the other children of true blood?” he inquired curiously.

She shook her head then, her expression becoming somewhat morose. “Sadly no. My firstborn grandson was ravaged by a feral Worgen some time ago while on patrol in Duskwood. I had to reluctantly send a missive to Anelise’s father who had a powerful druid friend to see what could be done. It has taken Natharen nearly a years time to tame himself from his urges and to be able to shift without nearly killing himself. Though besides Natharen and Eryn, yes, the others are all true bloods.”

Donahue sighed heavily, a wave of sympathy perhaps. “So why doesn’t Lord Kaidren take a more active role in presiding over the house if he’s the proper heir?”

Talise smiled then, “Oh, but he is. Rarely do you ever see him within Stormwind unless he is here with purpose, or to bring me my great grandson to hold and visit with. He and his wife Allison reside in Orchild Hill and oversee it’s day to day functions as well work with the other children to ensure the house prospers as it should. The next generation of Holts have arrived and it is our duty to preserve and prepare a legacy to leave behind for them.”

The footman snerked at the idea of Adhelin having a child but quickly straightened his expression before casually glancing around as if Adhelin would have heard his thoughts, stepped out of the shadows and gutted him right there. He breathed a sigh of relief before speaking up, “One of the ladies called Lord Dechlan a…oh what was it called, ah yes, a ‘manwh—-’.” His words purposely tapered off as to not offend the elder woman.

“I’m sorry, what was that dear? They called him a what?” she craned her head closer as if that extra two inches would make a difference.

He faltered then, “I uh, I uhh, well you see.” She simply stood before him with a flat expression as though she could wait a lifetime for him to finally spit it out. “Oh bollocks..” he said but quickly caught himself, eyes wide, “Oh my Lady, please! Please forgive me, I wasn’t thinking. They called him a ‘manwhore!’ “ He winced as though he were expecting the beating of his life.

Talise maintained her composure for some time and waited for Donahue to open one of his eyes to peek and see if she were going swing at him, that’s when she burst out into a fit of laughter. The look on Donahue’s face was priceless, he was entirely confused by the outburst. He then began to laugh as well, playing along at first but then really began to laugh. That’s when Talise stopped; he didn’t. She stared at him with a flat expression and merely waited him out.

“Am I fired, my Lady?” he quipped in a high-pitched tone.

She rolled her eyes, “Do you really think that’s the first time I’ve heard that? I may be old but I’m not deaf. Much the same could be said about all of my grandsons if you really take a listen to the nonsense spewed by the ladies that call themselves a Lady. Their behavior disgusts me. They’re equally as perverse as a gentleman pushing forty that’s never laid with a woman.”

Donahue straightened his posture and seemed a little more at ease, at least enough to pursue further questioning. “It’s said that Lady Rinoha purposely stole that Wolf’s heart and left her sister devastat–”. He didn’t even have the opportunity to finish that sentence before he was winded; Talise had struck him in the gut with her walking stick and bent at the waist, holding his gut as he began to cough. 

“She did no such thing and if I hear another bloody remark about it, heads are going to roll. Do I make myself clear?” she snapped and turned her back to him, returning her gaze to those passing the entrance to her enclosed courtyard, chin lifted high. She was a nosy old bitty.

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Wait wait how do we know for sure Danielle is there? What did I miss?

she posted a pic of the party on her ig story

durmik replied to your photoset

it made me weep and i totally loved Sandi, she aced it!

ahhh i know, it was ;__;

Sandi did really great, she felt like such a natural successor for Stephen (and it’s so cool to have a female host on such a successful mainstream comedy panel show).

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I wish Beth was still around for this season. I feel like if she'd still be here she'd help Daryl and Maggie deal with their pain of losing Glenn. But sadly I doubt she'll come back because Emily has a new show. Oh but Beth, Glenn, Maggie Daryl and Abraham deserved better.

I just have to say that sometimes I’m “happy” that Beth isn’t in season 7, because my heart wouldn’t have handled it, when she would have been on her knees too in front of Negan. You know what I mean? Being afraid that every episode she could die, that she could have been the one.
But I’m sure, if Beth would still be around she would help Daryl and Maggie getting throw this and I know that she would do anything for getting Daryl back, like he did for her!! 💔

Run-For-Your-Life Bros

Spider-Man 2099: Hey, guys! I’m back from the future. What did I -

Spider-Man 2099: HOLY SHOCK!

Iron Man: Help! I’m starting to think Satana really is trying to eat me!

Spider-Man 2099: Demons were never my specialty, but it probably wouldn’t be  good idea to let him get fried. Hang on Stark, help is on the -

Robot: D E S T R O Y!

Spider-Man 2099: Aw, jammit…

Satana: I didn’t know this was going to be a double date. You’re friend’s date doesn’t exactly look like the warmest of people, Tony. Don’t worry; I’m good at sharing.

Iron Man: Hey, I know our lives are in danger right now, but did she just -

Spider-Man 2099: I swear I WILL trip you if you finish that sentence!



a redraw of a concept piece from april/may 2015 and my favorite semi-prediction alongside my corrupt jasper design! (which was doodled on the same canvasthis redraw began somewhere around a week before the super watermelon island leak!

Alexandrite (fused because running through water takes enormous strength) chases after Steven (bubbled underwater and riding Lion) who is following the source of a sound he suspects to be Malachite.
When they get there, they find that Jasper has corrupted INSIDE malachite, overrunning lapis’ control aside from a single water chain holding her below the surface. they fight, its super cool

also, Malachite has poison breath. it could kill a human if they werent already drowning probably, and its an awful skin irritant to Alexandrite

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                                   ……It’s him.

ouat season 5 so far

from someone who hasnโ€™t watched any of season 5

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