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zimbits. “Less homicidal thoughts about your annoying coworker right now, please. I’m in a meeting over here.” pLEASE

Charlie asked for this about 30 years ago but I’m just getting around to it now. It’s prompt from this list. 

If he thinks I’m going to let a single tart anywhere near his ruinous Trump-sized hands he’s got another thing coming. Actually, no. He can have as many tarts as he wants. Kill ‘em with kindness, and arsenic worked into the whipped cream. I’d have to add more vanilla to balance it out but–

If Jack wasn’t in a sponsorship meeting, he would be inclined to promptly bash his head into the wood of the table. It had been like this for a few weeks ago, a voice filtering in at the most inopportune times, going on diatribes against who he was presuming was the voice’s coworker (”–even the way he counts out change is annoying. The Lord is testing me. We should’ve kept the antique register, it would have hurt more when I ‘accidentally’ shut the drawer on his fingers that he just licked to count out the bills. Yes, I would LOVE my spit covered change. THANK YOU.”)

Unfortunately, Jack thought it was unlikely that NIKE would appreciate their new brand ambassador actively giving himself a concussion, so he shot the representative across the table a smile and nodded to whatever was being said before reverting back inside his head.

As ambitious as your assassination attempt is, if you could keep it to yourself I would appreciate it.

There wasn’t even a moments pause before he got his reply.

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Cooking Time!

Wherever you go on earth you will find “local cuisine.” Local cuisine is often made up of local food, things that are grown or produced only in specific areas, and at the most minute level there is home cooking, recipes and specific alterations to common recipes that only exist in your family. This is the core idea of my next story. (My first story is about fetishes that i brought over from my other blog)

    One day the Human crew decided to make special dishes for the rest of the crew. This idea scared most of the ship. What was acceptable Death Planet meals? Many assumed it would be bloody and gruesome, which for some of this dishes was the start, or poisonous, which the humans made sure to check food restrictions for their crew mates. Some of the humans brought on livestock, killed and cooked it in front of the crew. They claimed that the “fresher the meat is, the better it tastes.” Others brought pre-cut meats with leafy things. Some brought on weird squares that jiggled but retained their shape when it didn’t seem like it should to be able to. Lots of liquids, powder things, fruits, and leafs were brought and shared by most. Lastly, One human named Ernest, brought on a few cans. He did not labor over the flames, smoking oils, hot ovens, or boiling waters. Ernest just watched others work while he sat there with his cans.

The first was a human to make her dish was named Sophia from a country known as I-tall-ee. She made Pee-za. All the other humans seemed very excited by this, most agreed Pee-za was their favorite food. Though the crew learned rather quickly that it was very hard to decide on the makings of a Pee-za or where on the Death Planet it came from. Some argued the Pee-za from Nu Yurk was better, other said Boss-tan and Sophia said the Amerikans didn’t know what real Pee-za was. The only thing most of the humans could agree on was that it was a crime to put pineapple on Pee-za. A few of the bravest crew tried the Pee-za and enjoyed the finished item. Others of the crew were afraid to try it due to the humans arguing and joking about fighting if they liked one pee-za more than another.

After Sophia was Otgonbayar or Bay as most called them. He was from Mongo-lia. They brought mutt-on, which was butchared while the Pee-zas were made. Bay cooked chunks of meat with many liquids and spicys on a flat cooking plate. The crew was worried about the plate being so hot but were reassured that a cooking plate and an eating plate were different and they would not be getting food off the searing cooking plate. The humans all complemented Bay on the smells of the food which did seem rather good. Most of the crew was happy to sample the mutt-on.

The next Human was Suki from Ja-Pan. She prepared several meals. First was a hot liquid called Me-so soop. Many were confused that the Toe-fool in the soop did not contain the Toes of a fool, but found the soop to be tasty despite the confusing name. What bewildered most of the crew is when she made Fry Rise. It was a combination of so many things; small narrow rise grains, egs, ste-ak, vegtables, and lots of seasonings. Many of the crew enjoyed it but could not understand why anyone would traditionally eat such small food with 2 sticks.

Now came one named Robert from Arc-en-saw. He made a meal that made others wince in pain at it. It was a Cheez Borg Er wrap in Bake On. The crew who enjoyed meat loved it dearly. The other Humans warned against eating too many due to Heart attacks. That did not worry the Foorgorian crew members as they had 3 hearts.

Next came Mary from Me-he-co. She made a meal called Talko’s. Some of the crew theorized these Talko’s is what made Mary talk so much. It was served in a few ways she explained depending where in Me-he-co you live. Some cook the Shell, some leave it soft. Some roll the meats and sauces in the soft shell while others piled it on the hard shell. She had one sauce called Picko-D-Guy-o. She warned some people it was full of spices that make some men on earth cry. This scared away most of the other crew but the Bilnafs ate the sauce and literally breathed fire. They were checked into medical bay shortly after and was later cleared as ok and healthy to eat. The gooakomolaye was much better for most of the crew to eat.

Next to last came a man from Aus-tray-lee-ah named by the other humans as Auzzy. He made a Sand-Mitch, with a jelly called Vegi-might. Many of the crew were hopeful at the nutritional value of the meal as it sounded like a vitamin and that is where humans gained their strength. That was until the other humans did not wish to eat it. A few of the crew would taste it and many did not like the taste. This did not offend Auzzy, “More for Me,” he said.

Last came Earnest from a place called North-way. He held one of the cans up and a few of the other humans began to cover there face or leave the room even though the can was still closed. He explained this was a can of Pick-old Hearings, a small aquatic creature that has been preserved for months during the frozen time of year. The Crew looked on with half horror, half curiosity, as he opened the can. Some of the other humans began to gag at the simple smell of this food. It was later explained by the other humans that the Hearings are caught and put in the can with minerals that allow the creature to undergo a type of fermentation that basically is on the edge of decay and rot. It is checked by the local government agency to make sure that it is safe for human consumption, assuming that you wanted to consume it. Most of the crew was confused by this dish the most out of all the foods. Why did the other humans run out of all the foods that were presented this was the crews favorite.

For once it was the humans who were confused and a little scared as the rest of the crew hungrily attacked the remaining cans of Pick-old Hearings

Brown Eyed Girl, part two

Characters – Sam x Reader, Dean

Summary – An ordinary Friday night at work leads you to cross paths with your true mate, but will it lead to your lasting happiness or total devastation?

Word Count – 6,230

Warnings – A/B/O dynamics, angst, depression, brief mention of the attempted sexual assault from first part of the story

A/N – The second part of my first A/B/O story.  Again, I don’t write smut, but even glossing over the smutty aspects, heats, ruts, knotting, and claiming bites are all present in the story.  If you’re not familiar with A/B/O, check out this post detailing Kitten’s A/B/O Rules; that will give you a great starting point to understand the dynamics!

Please let me know what you think!  I would love some feedback!

Catch up: Part One

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Your name: submit What is this?

It had been one hell of a night; your heat hitting early, then the jerk at the bar, then the best sex you’d ever had, only to be followed by your new alpha – and true mate – telling you that claiming you had been a mistake.  You felt the first twinges of your next wave of heat coming and hoped they would hurry, and that Sam was just feeling nervous at having claimed a stranger and having second thoughts.  Surely, he knew as well as you did that the two of you were true mates, and he’d come around and be the alpha you’d always hoped for.  

After grabbing some clothes and other things from your apartment that you couldn’t live without, Dean drove the three of you to a local motel.  You could tell that both men could smell your next round of heat coming on, and Dean made a quick exit when you got back to their motel room, muttering something about getting another room and “leaving you to it.” Nervously, you sat down on the edge of the bed, not even sure if Sam was actually going to help you through the rest of your heat.

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Camp “You”

Pairing: ReaderXJohn

Prompt: You’re being held prisoner by The 100 after you were found in their territory and John Murphy gets put on watch first.

Warning: swearing, slight sexual tension

“What the hell are we gonna do with her?” you heard yet another unfamiliar voice whisper as you stood outside the tent, glancing at the skinny boy who was supposed to be guarding you that stood a few feet away, his eyes glued to your figure, waiting for any small flinch to give him a reason to hit you. 

“We could kill her.” you heard another voice say, the suggestion causing you to furrow your brows. 

The ‘crime’ you had committed was barely punishable by a firm talking to, let alone death. Hell, you had just been out gathering berries for your tribe when suddenly you had been attacked by a group of boys. They claimed you had intruded on their territory and then they tied you up and took you back to their camp, which brought you to where you were right now. Letting your fate be decided by people who were the same age as you and far less experienced.

“No idiot, we aren’t gonna kill her.” a female voice now spoke, this voice matching up with the face of the blonde girl who you had been shown to when you were first brought to the camp about an hour ago, back when the sun was still in the sky. “How about this.” you heard her say after a moment of silence. “We’ll keep her as a prisoner for a couple days, that at least solves the immediate problem of figuring out what to do, who knows maybe she’ll even give us some information on wherever the hell she’s from.”

You liked that idea better. At least it gave you time to come up with an escape plan before they decided if they actually wanted to kill you or not. 

“Fine but where do we keep her?”

“Yeah and who the hell is gonna watch her?” voices began to ask, bringing up the immediate flaws in the blonde girls plan. However, she had an answer.

“We can keep her in one of the tents and we will take turns watching her.” the blonde girl responded quickly. 

You shifted your weight around on your feet, making the boy guarding you tense up, an act that you noticed and couldn’t help but chuckle at a bit. 

“Whose watching her first?” someone asked only to be followed by silence.

“Murphy, you take the first shift.” a different voice answered after another moment. 

“The fuck I will, I didn’t volunteer to babysit.” a voice that you hadn’t had heard yet spoke up in an angry voice. You could only assume it belonged to Murphy.

“We’ll all take shifts and someone has to take the first one, besides it was your men that brought her in.” the blonde retorted.

“Then have one of them do it.” Murphy spat back.

“Jesus Murphy, can you please just not be a stubborn ass for once!” another voice yelled, this one belonging to a different female. “It’s just standing watch for a couple hours, you don’t need to talk to her, you don’t even have to look at her, all you gotta do is stop her if she tries to escape.”

“Yeah and we all know you love killing people so that last part should be a plus to you.” another voice spoke up, this time being followed by more silence.

“Fine.” Murphy finally answered before you heard footsteps and then the anger filled ripping open of the tent flap. 

You turned to see someone walking out, annoyance in his face which was illuminated by the moonlight. He looked to be your age, if not slightly older. He towered over you even when he stood several feet away. His eyes caught a hold of yours, softening ever so slightly when they looked you up and down. 

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“Camp ‘you’ is that way.” he spoke suddenly, pointing to his right. You followed his finger to see a vacant tent situated between two other tents that looked the same. “Come on.” he ordered before turning and beginning to walk towards it. You followed several feet behind, almost feeling the angry heat from his body hitting you.

“Someone’s in a bad mood.” you mumbled, just loud enough for him to hear you, causing him to turn and look at you. 

“Yeah I am actually, because I’m now stuck babysitting you for the night because Clarke doesn’t want us to kill you right away, Lord only knows why.” he responded, stepping closer to you, his finger now pointing at you.

“What can I say, I’m charming.” you joked, shrugging your shoulders.

“Try a pain in my ass actually.” Murphy said, even more anger in his voice. It was clear he didn’t appreciate your joke. 

“I would say sorry but for some strange reason I feel like your getting a taste of your own medicine right now.” you spoke, shifting your weight onto on leg and crossing your arms over your chest.

“Don’t play games little girl because I won’t play them back.” Murphy said in a lower voice, this time stepping even closer to you so you were only a foot away from him. “I won’t hesitate to slit your throat.” he warned, looking from your eyes down to your lips and then back up to your eyes, licking his lips slightly.

“Then why haven’t you yet?” you question, looking up to him with your big eyes, his body heat feeling like an oven against the front of you. 

The two of you stood in silence for a moment, soaking in each other’s facial features before he huffed and turned around, beginning to walk towards the tent again. 

“I told you, it’s the charm.” you chuckled, beginning to follow him as well.

“Shut up.” he muttered back.

All the World’s a Stage

Request: A party with your bias group ends with a game of seven minutes in heaven with bts, you can choose the member but we need more Namjoon

Member: BTS Rapmonster x Y/N

Type: fluff

“This party is dying,” Taehyung muttered beneath his breath as he hurried around the kitchen. “People keep leaving.”

“You act like your surprised,” Jimin chuckled, watching his friend idly. “It started after you busted out your Beginner’s Kit for Magic.”

“The trick with the hamster KILLED,” Taehyung gasped, clutching his chest. 

“Killed the party,” Yoongi muttered, taking a large sip from his red solo cup. “When most of the members of Seventeen leave, you know things are bad.”

“You know there aren’t seventeen of them, right?” Taehyung muttered. “It’s not THAT many people.”

“I have an idea,” Hoseok hummed, nodding from his position by the oven. Jin looked up from his baking and wiped his flour covered hands across his apron. 

“The last time you had an idea, Namjoon ended up in the hospital,” Jin hissed. 

“When is Namjoon not in the hospital?” Hoseok groaned. “Do you want people to stay at the party or not?”

“I resent that,” Namjoon grumbled, chewing on a crisp. 

Hoseok rolled his eyes as he leaned back onto the counter. “Well?”

“What’s your idea Hobi?” you hummed carefully, trying to ignore the several dirty looks that were leveled in your direction. You knew if no one actually asked him, he would begin to pout. 

“Follow me, and you’ll find out,” he grinned with a wink. He launched himself from the counter and hurtled toward the door of the kitchen, grabbing ahold of Namjoon and Jimin’s shirts along the way. 

“Aish, this shirt is expensive,” JImin grumbled. You followed the stumbling trio into the living room. 

“So is my time, so quit whining and pay attention,” Hoseok muttered. You lifted your brows, surprised by his words. Normally Hoseok was the literal definition of sunshine, but when he was savage, he went all the way. 

“Everyone!” he shouted, standing on the ottoman. 

“Not on the furniture,” Namjoon whined, plopping onto the couch. He patted the worn leather beside him to signal for you to sit. 

“Am I included in everyone?” Jungkook sighed, shuffling forward with a pouting Taehyung. Several other partygoers you recognized as idols entered the room as well. You suddenly felt very subconscious, more aware that you were a non-idol than any other time you had hung out with the boys of Bangtan. 

“Every one is included in everyone,” Yoongi grumbled, entering the room behind him. Jin trailed flour as he entered the room and turned down the music pumping through Jungkook’s speaker. 

“Alright folks! The name of the game is spin for seven!” Hoseok chirped, holding  bottle proudly in the air. The crowd of partygoers began to whisper amongst themselves, especially the members of Got7. Hoseok furrowed his brow, noticing a very enthused Jackson Wang in the corner beginning to get loud. “And no, this doesn’t have anything to directly include you, members of Got7.”

Jackson immediately slouched, slithering into the arms of Jinyoung beside him. 

“Now, everyone sits in a big circle, and a designated person, spins the bottle,” Hoseok smiled, hopping from his standing position on the ottoman to begin walking between the guests. “The person who the bottle lands on, well, you get a seven minute spin in the closet of love with the original spinner!” 

A mix of groans and nervous giggles radiated through the room and settled into silence again as Hoseok placed the bottle on the ottoman. He grinned to Jin and winked. “Told you I could make things interesting.” 

“Now!” he continued. “I think it’s only fitting that our leader takes the first spin!”

The crowd cheered as everyone focused on Namjoon. His eyes grew wide as he realized the meaning of the words that had just escaped from Hobi’s lips. 

“Aish, I knew I should have gone to the studio,” he hissed, glancing nervously to you. His cheeks were growing darker by the moment and the feeling of secondhand embaressment filling your chest was almost too much to handle. 

“Spin,” Taehyung nodded, his smile as wide and boxy as ever. He looked carefully to Jimin who nodded shortly at him before they began to chant in unison. “Spin, spin, spin, spin, spin!” 

The group of onlookers quickly caught on, their volume increasing by every utterance of the word “spin.”

“Alright!” Namjoon gasped, rolling his eyes and gripping the bottle Hoseok had placed before him. He grabbed one of the books teetering on the edge of the ottoman and placed it flat against it’s surface. He sat the bottle on top and gave it a quick spin, sending it careening away from the couch. 

“Aigoo! Hyung!” Jungkook gasped, chasing after the bottle. He returned with a large grin before placing it on the book again. “A little less destruction next time, yah?”

Namjoon grumbled to himself as he attempted another spin, this time setting the glass clockwise and rotating atop the book. It felt as if all of the oxygen had been sucked out of the room as you watched the bottle whirl before you. Slowly, but surely the glass finally came to a halt, the neck of the bottle definitely pointing at you. 

You closed your eyes and refrained from groaning as you surveyed the result. You weren’t necessarily upset by the outcome, Namjoon was incredibly attractive and kind to you, and honestly you couldn’t hope to spend seven minutes in heaven with anyone else at this party. You did, however, get mildly upset by the attention, and the fact that around fifteen to twenty people were surveying how uncomfortable you were. 

Knowing that you would be shoved in a closet with that same crowd of people anxiously awaiting the moment you would emerge with tousled hair and swollen lips was also disheartening. If you were going to kiss Namjoon, you wanted it to be private…and special. 

You were ripped from your thoughts as Taehyung wrapped a large hand from around your wrist and yanked. He giggled wildly as he shoved you toward the closet, no matter how hard you fought. “Come on Y/N, it’s just a game!” 

Hoseok pulled Namjoon along before you, shoving him into the closet as soon as Yoongi had opened it. 

“It’s not a game to me,” you hissed, just as Taehyung pushed you toward Namjoon. You landed with a thud into his chest and groaned, both of you lost among the coat racks. 

The closet door swiftly shut behind you and you heard Hoseok laugh maniacally just as the light within was flicked off. 

“Aish,” you groaned, trying to grasp at the wall and stand on your own. Namjoon grumbled to himself as he attempted to do the same, but much less gracefully. You couldn’t see in the darkness you had been forced into, but the mere sound effects of his scramble was enough for you to know. 

“Hey,” he breathed, his voice only centimeters from you ear. You blinked a few times, attempting to get your eyes adjusted to the light, but Namjoon was still too close for you to even recognize specific facial features. 

“Hey,” you whispered, feeling the heat grow on your face and neck. 

“I know you don’t want to be in here with me, but-” he began, but you instantly cut him off. 

“Why would you ever think that?” you gasped, but instantly bit your tongue. You winced and inwardly cursed. 

“I heard you complaining to Taehyung,” Namjoon sighed. “I get it, I’m not the most handsome guy you could’ve ended up in here with.”

“Again, you’re argument is sort of losing me,” you chuckled. “Why would you think that?”

Your eyes had adjusted enough in the blackness to see Namjoon blink, a confused expression coating his face. “Well I mean, I do look in the mirror everyday. And I’m a pretty smart guy, so I just thought-”

“Well maybe if you stopped trying to be so smart, and stopped trying to tell me my own opinion,” you grinned, pushing his shoulder lightly. 

“Oh, um, okay,” he nodded. “What-What’s your opinion then?”

“To be honest?” you sighed. “I think you’re the only person I could bare being in this closet with.”

“Oh,” Namjoon chuckled in quiet surprise. “Really?”

His expression was smug, even when masked by poor lighting. You bit your lip to hide the shining grin attempting to appear on your lips. “Really.”

“So…you wouldn’t, you know, hate the idea of kissing me then?” he said slowly, uncrossing his arms and setting them lightly on your hips. Your breathing hiccuped for a moment, your body not expecting his sudden touch. 

“No, I hate the idea of a group of people anticipating it,” you laughed, allowing yourself to place your own palms to rest on his shoulders. 

“You know, all the world’s a stage. We’re merely players,” Namjoon growled, his movements confident. It was a surprising contrast compared to how nervous he was when you first entered the closet. It seemed all he needed was a push of validation to attempt to make a move. 

“So you’re saying we should kiss, at the very least, for their benefit,” you laughed. 

“YES, DEAR GOD, YES,” you heard Hoseok’s exasperated voice on the opposite side of the door. “You have literally two minutes left and although this is heartwarming and all, it’s not accomplishing anything!” 

You leaned your head back and groaned, setting your sights on Namjoon. He was watching you just as closely through half-lidded eyes. 

“Last scene of all, that ends this strange eventful history,” he whispered, leaning his face toward yours. 

“You don’t have to keep proving to me that you’re smart,” you giggled. “Just kiss me already.”

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Your Savior - 15

Hey all! Thanks again for stopping by! I’m loving all of the reviews, seriously, keep them coming! I did also have a couple of questions messaged in and I enjoyed those too! I hope I was able to answer them satisfactorily and keep you coming back for more! And in general, I’m sorry that chapters are posted so late, I work and have kids, so night is the only time I get to write!

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Chapter 15

Link to Chapter 14

Warnings: Swearing, Negan being Negan

“Please don’t kill her. Don’t kill Karen.”

Negan’s face was contorted with rage, rendering him silent for a matter of seconds before he finally managed to spit out, “And why the hell not? No, Y/N,” he interrupted you as you opened your mouth to answer him. “I want you to think long and hard before you fucking answer me. Give me one good goddamn reason to not bash her useless fat head in with my girl Lucille. Just one! She attacked you! Tried to kill you! While you were naked, defenseless, and alone proving what a goddamn coward she is!”  

“I remember Negan, I was there when it happened.” You answered coolly.

He leaned in close to you, whispering in your face dangerously. “Now is not the fucking time for your attitude! I am so not in the mood!”

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Worth 7

Things were going fine and you were getting used to Eric’s possession over you, you were also adjusting to his rudeness and bad manners.  

You were together for five months now and Eric finally convinced you to move into his apartment, he was trying to convince you to move in since your second month as a couple, but you thought it was too soon, you were still thinking that, but Eric had particular ways to convince you to do what he wanted, usually pinning you under his naked body while having his way with you. And you never complained, sex with Eric was something else. You two used to fight a lot, mainly because of your friendship with Tyler and how close the two of you were but you never backed down from him and that’s what made him even more into you, no one ever stood up to him like you, no one never faced him the way you did and he was mesmerized by your courage towards him. 

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Kakashi X Fem!Reader: Cookies

Humming to herself, (Name) finished weighing the caster sugar out. She then proceeded to add the sugar to the mixture of ingredients in the bowl next to her, still humming the song. Picking up the wooden spoon (Name) then mixed it together, and once the mixture was mixed she rolled her sleeves up and kneaded the mixture.

It was one of (Name’s) rare days off from her ninja work, and she wasn’t complaining. Earlier that morning after Kakashi had left to train squad 7, (Name) had decided to bake some cookies, she had been craving the taste of chocolate chip cookies for a while now.

(Name) wondered where her lover Kakashi was, and what he was up to with his team. Looking at the clock she worked out that he had only left thirty minutes ago, and realised he probably wasn’t even close to meeting them. She sighed, feeling sorry for the three kids, who would have to wait another hour before he arrived. She could picture their faces when he finally arrived at the training grounds. She loved how he could be so at ease, but also hated how late he would be to some of their dates, angering her at times.

(Name) was pulled out of her thoughts by something rubbing on her leg. Looking down it was Kakashi’s Ninja Hound, Guruko. (Name) smiled down at the cute dog. He kept on rubbing on her leg, so she bent down.

“I know, I know, the batter looks nice, but it’s not good for you. Wait a little longer, and they’ll be cooked, then I’ll give you some. But you can’t have all of them, I’m also making them for Kakashi,” (Name) scolded Guruko, smiling all the way through. (Name) wondered how people could tell him off, let alone try to kill him.

“Alright Guruko, let me be, I need to finish these cookies, and put them in the oven to cook, they’ll smell even better once they are cooked.” With that Guruko strolled off, leaving her in peace. Pakkun ambled along and looked at (Name).

“Are you doing what I think you are doing?” He asked (Name).

“Yes, I’m baking cookies. Don’t give me that look, I can cook! And the food I cook is edible!” (Name) defended herself.

“I highly doubt that, I mean yeah you are a great jounin, have a lot of skill, and you are known in all the nations, like Kakashi. Everybody knows you as a strong, independent tomboy. Not a house wife who can cook! It surprises me that you have gotten this far without destroying the kitchen. You, cooking, cookies of all things , it’s unheard of, people will laugh if I told anybody. And even if they did believe me, which is a very BIG if, they’ll think they’ll be inedible and burnt, most likely poisoned,” Pakkun continued to talk down on (Name) saying she couldn’t cook. In the end, so sick of his dismissive attitude she threw a plastic spoon at him, making him run off and finally leave her in peace.
(Name) kneaded the mix in to a big ball, then broke a small piece off and re-rolled it in to a smaller ball, throwing it on the tray and squishing it into a round circle. (Name) repeated this process again and again, until all the cookie dough was gone. Putting oven mitts on, (Name) picked up the tray full of cookies and placed it in to the oven.

Setting the timer for twenty minutes, (Name) twirled round, looking at the small mess she had made from making the cookies, from scratch. No matter how hard she tried to restrain herself, (Name) gave up and let herself find pleasure in the lickers. Kakashi’s dogs looked at (Name), whining pitifully, pleading with her to let them have some.

“NO! It is bad for you, especially as it isn’t cooked!” (Name) laughed, finishing the lickers. Picking up the bowl, she poured warm water into the bowl, leaving it for a few minutes. She turned and put the flour, butter and caster sugar away. (Name) then cleaned the scales and packed them away, poured the warm water out of the bowl and put it in to the dish washer.

(Name) then proceeded to clean the dirty work surface with a wet cloth. Once everything was cleaned, she stood up, popping her back, and looked at the timer.

“Ten more minutes, then we can all have cookies!” (Name) told the dogs that were sitting in front of the oven looking at the cookies baking through the window. (Name) noticed they were sniffing several times a minute, and realised that they loved the aroma of the cookies, something, which even she couldn’t deny, was a nice smell.

BEEP… BEEP… BEEP. (Name)’s and all the dogs’ heads perked up at the sound, all at the same time. They all rushed to the oven, all anticipating the moment when they could finally eat the delicious looking cookies, including Pakkun, which made her scoff. (Name) put the oven mitts on slowly just to tease them, making the dogs growl at her. Opening the oven door, a hot wave of air washed over (Name), almost making her take a step back. She grabbed the tray, and quickly took it out of the oven and placed it on to the black stove. She then closed the oven door, and turned it off.

“When can we have the cookies?” Pakkun asked the question on all the dogs’ minds.

“I thought you didn’t want any, and to answer the question, in five minutes, once they have cooled down,” Replied (Name).

~Time skip of five minutes~

The only sound in the kitchen was the sound of jaws munching on delicious choc chip cookies, and the groans of delight. (Name) looked at all the dogs, realising that they all loved the food. She looked at the clock again and deduced that Kakashi would be arriving in about half an hour. She got up and took off her green apron, which was a gift from Guy obviously, and hung it on the hook next to the door.

~Time skip to when Kakashi arrives~

The door opens, and in walks Kakashi, reading his orange book. (Name) lifts her head out of her book, NOT Icha Icha Paradise, and stood up to hug him. Feeling his strong arms around her waist always relaxed her, she buried her nose in to his shirt and breathed in his scent.

“Hey, I didn’t even go on a mission,” Kakashi chuckled at her affection. She brought up her head, with a dazzling smile.

“Hey Kakashi, I made some cookies do you want to taste them?” She asked, and rushed off to the plate that had the cookies on them, without waiting for his answer. With her back to him Kakashi tiptoed as quietly as he could out of the room, his eyes never leaving her back. A cough behind him made him freeze, turning his head, he saw another (Name), who was leaning on the door frame. He turned back to see (Name) also leaning on the stove, with her arms crossed shaking her head. He then realised that she had known he would try to escape, and so had created a Shadow clone.

“Why does everybody think I can’t cook? I mean, do I really give off that impression, that everything I cook is fatal?” (Name) asked in exasperation. Kakashi decided, that if he didn’t want to sleep on the sofa for a month, or lose certain parts of his body, he shouldn’t answer her question.

(Name) pushed off the stove and shoved him in a chair around the table, placing the plate of cookies in front of him. His dogs giggled at his panicked face. Sighing in annoyance, (Name) yanked down his mask, seeing as he wouldn’t do it himself. Kakashi nervously reached for the smallest cookie, and timidly bit in to it, his leg muscles tense, ready to spring form the chair and to the sink to spit the cookie out and rinse the putrid taste out of his mouth with water.  

To his surprise, and (Name)’s, he didn’t. Instead to took another bite, to assure himself that what he was tasting was real. His eyes widen in shock, how could this be?

“These cookies, they’re ….. they’re …… they’re…” (Name) giggled as Kakashi tried to find the right word, repeating himself like an idiot. Pulling the other chair out, she sat down on it, placing her elbow on the surface, propping her head up with her hand.

“Let me guess, you can’t believe how nice they taste, and you’re shocked because you thought you would have to spit it out?” (Name) summarised how he was feeling. Still in shock, Kakashi could only nod his head. He ate the rest of the cookie, then reached for another, which he gobbled down. Soon he had ate all the cookies sharing some with his dogs.

“Those were delicious, amazing, brilliant. (Name) no words can describe them, it was if I was eating a bit of heaven!” Kakashi dramatically yelled at her. Sighing she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him, shutting him up, not that he minded, he loved kissing his girlfriend. He nibbled her bottom lip, making her open her mouth. Their tongues fought each other for dominance, which Kakashi won. He then leisurely stroked and played with her tongue with his, mapping out her whole mouth. After a few minutes of full out snogging, (Name) pulled away, and whispered something in his ear, making him freeze, then groan. Detaching herself from his embrace, she went upstairs to get ready for bed.

Noticing his master’s dejected mood, the dogs looked at each other with confusion.

“What …. did she say to you?” Pakkun asked slowly. Kakashi sighed then walked over to the cupboard in the living room, taking out blankets and pillows. He them set them up on the sofa.

“She told me that though, I had back tracked, telling her that the cookies were nice, I had thought that they would be, well awful, and that I had no trust in her. And so, she’s made me sleep on the sofa for a month, again,” Sighing Kakashi explained. Taking off his vest, sandals and forehead protector, he folded them and placed them at the end of the sofa. He sighed downheartedly, threw the blankets back, and got in to the make shift bed. He closed his mismatched eyes, trying to get to sleep on the uncomfortable sofa.            

Learning to Live Without You Drabble

Based on this request from @secrets-rain:  Could you do a readerxbucky imagine like Dylan and Lilly?? Kinda like “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone?” THANK YOU LOVE YOU MUCHO

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Thor x Reader (open-ended)
Words: 1,547
Warnings: angsty
A/N: I have been so busy lately and not posting a whole lot, so I decided to post two things for yall tonight. Enjoy! Also a huge, HUGE thank you to @lethargicprofessor for editing last minute. 

“Hey Y/N, can I talk to you for a minute?” Bucky asked, as he peeked his head out into the living room.

You knew this conversation was coming. Things had been different for the two of you since Bucky returned on his latest mission. You knew ‘the talk’ was coming, but you didn’t want your relationship to end. The feeling Bucky gave you was unlike anything you’d known with anyone else. Although, that feeling had been pure frustration lately, not the butterflies you’d almost grown accustomed to.

As you went to Bucky’s room, you looked back at Steve, who gave you a sad smile. Putting on your bravest face, you met Bucky in his room where he motioned for you to take a seat on his bed. As you looked up at him, he cleared his throat and began.

“Hey, so I know that things have been… different since I returned.” A small chuckle came out of your mouth. “Different is one way of putting it,” you retorted.

“Whatever it is, it isn’t the way it used to be.” Bucky looked at you, placing your hands in his own. “I love you, but this isn’t working for me anymore.”

Taking your hands out of Bucky’s, you gave him one last look. This was the talk you’d been dreading and while it had taken a little less than five minutes, you were absolutely exhausted. Getting up from his bed you made your way to your room without another word. 

Although you knew this was coming, the tears that came didn’t seem to ever want to stop. Snuggling with your inanimate best friend, Mr. Sheckles, you cried until it felt like there wasn’t any more water left in your body. Looking at your phone, the bright LED screen read 4:00 p.m. Not caring what time it was, you passed out, emotionally exhausted.

When neither Nat nor Wanda heard from you for several hours, they took matters into their own hands. Everyone had heard the news about your recent break up. While it wasn’t the biggest surprise, the team knew that neither you nor Bucky had ever thought you’d break up. Bucky was always incredibly protective over you, and in return, you had fought off Bucky’s night terrors. That was, until Bucky’s latest mission with Steve and Nat had gone south, and his PTSD had returned in waves.

The only two people who knew about Bucky’s relapse were Steve and Nat. While Nat didn’t like it, she promised Steve to keep Bucky’s emotional trauma a secret. It almost killed her as she watched Bucky pull away from you without so much as an explanation into what went wrong. She knew as you talked to her that all she could do was repeat that it had nothing to do with you. Every time those words came out of her mouth, she wanted to break Steve’s promise.

As Wanda and Nat slowly opened the door to your room, they saw you sound asleep with Mr. Sheckles wrapped tightly in your arms. Stirring slightly, you opened your eyes to see your two best friends. As Nat moved onto the bed, she moved your toy monkey to your nightstand and took its place. Wanda moved onto the bed as well, moving in behind you so she could play with your hair. The two never said anything, but you knew they were there for you in case you were ready to talk about it.

And that day did eventually come, two weeks later. The three of you became inseparable since your split with Bucky. At first Wanda and Nat made plans with you, but over time, the three of you naturally began to spend much of your time together. One day, as you were cooking pancakes, you found yourself opening up about the break up.

“Nat, I know that you’ve told me so many times that it wasn’t my fault, but I can’t help but feel like it was.” Nat, who was twirling her fork between her index and thumb while waiting on pancakes, placed the fork down before speaking. “It wasn’t.” Nat got up from her seat at the island and moved over to your place by the oven. Cupping your face between her hands, she looked at you sternly. “I made a promise to Steve to never mention what was going on, but I want you to know that it was not your fault.”

Wanda also moved in to take over for your flipping pancakes. As you moved over to let her have full control of the stove, you saw Bucky out of the corner of your eye. The two of you had become so good at avoiding one another, that when you saw him, it knocked the air out of your lungs. Without thinking, you retreated back to your bedroom. Bucky looked at Nat and Wanda before speaking.

“It really is that bad, isn’t it?” After Bucky explained that he heard your admission, that you believed it had been your fault, he volunteered to take the pancakes to your room so he could explain what was going on. Although hesitant, Wanda and Nat ultimately agreed. There was only so much they could say. The whole story was up to Bucky to tell.

As the tears stopped falling, you realized how incredibly hungry you were. At the precise time as your stomach began to growl, there was a knock at the door. You told them to come in, thinking that it would be Wanda and Nat. You were completely caught off guard to see that Bucky was holding a plate of pancakes, and making his way to your bed.

“Hey, I heard you say that you thought it was your fault, and I wanted to clear some things up.” Bucky said, handing you your plate of pancakes. Though your heart ached, you ate regardless. “Our break up had nothing to do with you. After we returned from that last mission, I realized something was off. At first I didn’t know exactly what it was, but on the flight back to the Tower, I realized it was my PTSD. I didn’t want to deal with having to tell you so I pushed you away.” As you placed your now-empty plate, on the night stand, Bucky moved nearer to you.

“I don’t regret breaking up with you because I do need help before I think it’s safe for you to be around me again, but please know, I do regret ever hurting you.” As Bucky said these words, he placed his hand on your tear-streaked face.  “I still love you, you know.” Bucky gave you a sad smile and left without another word. Although you felt better, your heart still ached for the man you loved.

Two months went by, and then three, when finally Wanda made you promise that you would go out again. Though you weren’t entirely sure if you were ready, Nat set you up with someone. She was so proud of her Steve and Sharon set up, that Nat was confident she could pair you with someone as well. What you didn’t know was that person was a part of the team.

When you showed up to dinner dressed in your nicest outfit, a classy black lace dress with black stiletto shoes, you were greeted by none other than Thor himself. Though you’d always thought of his long locks as silly, his new hairstyle was really working for him. You found yourself actually laughing at dinner and loved hearing about Thor’s roommate, Darryl.

The two of you arrived back to the Tower rather late. Now a bit tipsy from the amount of wine you drank, Thor wrapped his arm around your waist to keep you steady. Walking into the living room, you saw that the rest of the team were still up watching a movie. Thor smiled politely, and led you back to your room.

“You can stay with me tonight… if you want.” You said, smiling up at him with a now-drunken haze. Thor grinned in return, but told you he would only stay to make sure that you were okay.    

As Bucky watched your door, he noticed that Thor never came out. Steve watched as his friend’s features went from good-natured, to neutral, to rigid. “Everything okay?” Steve asked, and watched as Bucky’s eyes darted from Steve back to your room.

“Thor hasn’t come out. That’s weird right? And did you see the way he had his arm around her waist? It’s the first date for Christ’s sake!” Steve smiled at his friend, knowing that while Bucky had broken up with you, he wasn’t over you. While unfair to expect for you to wait, Bucky wished for it.

“Pal, you broke up with her. You need to let her go. If you work through this and she’s ready to get back with you, then great. But if not, you need to respect that.” Bucky looked at Steve. While Bucky knew he was right, he was still overcome with jealousy.

Bucky sighed before speaking again. “I guess that old saying is true. You never know what you have until it’s gone.” Bucky looked back one more time at the door, knowing that for now, his relationship with you was over.

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Request - Where Victor really likes the reader, but they are very intimidated by him, so victor tries really hard to seem non-threatening towards them. 

Pairing - Victor Zsasz X Female Reader

Wordcount - 1,443

Warnings - An intimidated reader 

Taglist - @aya-fay

Author’s Note - (Y/F/F) - Your favourite flower. (Y/F/C) - Your favourite colour. I would be happy to do a part two to this if requested.

How Victor found himself in this predicament he would never know. At first, Victor presumed his infatuation with (Y/N) was a phase. Over a short period of time it would pass or so he thought. But Victor was wrong, very wrong indeed. His infatuation only grew for (Y/N). (Y/N) was everything that Victor Zsasz wasn’t. (Y/N) was kind. (Y/N) was selfless. (Y/N) was always so caring, how she managed to do that surrounded by bad people always surprised him. Victor believed that Don Falcone had a soft for (Y/N), which to Victor wasn’t surprising. Victor felt the same way. Never in his wildest dreams did Victor believe he could fall for Don Falcone’s chief. 

There was only one problem…(Y/N) was petrified of Victor. She hardly spoke to him, when she did her head was down. At first, Victor presumed it was just her personality, but when she was talking to Don Falcone, she was confident and bubbly her eyes lighting up as she engaged in conversation instead of quivering in fear. Victor wasn’t that intimidating was he? Victor was oblivious that his infatuation hadn’t gone unnoticed by Carmine Falcone.

Victor stood in the kitchen while Falcone sat drinking his morning coffee, meanwhile (Y/N) focused on baking up some cookies fully concentrated on her work, Don Falcone, summoned Victor over. 

“(Y/N) my dear, Mr Zsasz and I will be in the garden discussing some business. Come and inform me, when they’re ready. They already smell delightful. Mr Zsasz a word”

“Of course sir” Victor replied following the elderly gentleman outside to the garden sitting on a set of garden chairs. 

“You know son, I’ve seen the way you look at my chief, (Y/N). She is truly remarkable. I offered her the chance to leave, to fulfil her true potential. Give her a chance at a real life without the risks. She declined my offer. Now that’s something truly hard to come by loyalty, dedication and heart" 

"She’s intimidated by me. She won’t even look at me” Victor spoke, like the idea did not bother him. In reality, it killed him. 

“Son, your an assassin, of course, she is going to be intimidated by you. Here’s a piece of advice, if you want her to be afraid of you, then make her believe you’re no longer a possible danger. You have no intention of hurting her do you?” With a protective tone to his voice, Falcone advised the assassin, he knew the risks and sacrifices of living this life. (Y/N) was pure, innocence radiated out of every pore on her skin. (Y/N) was like a daughter to him, she was never just an employee. (Y/N) was a good as family. 

“Of course not sir, what do I do exactly? I’m not aware of  how to be less intimidating” Victor asked as he watched (Y/N) take a batch of freshly made cookies out of the oven. 

“Start slowly, go in there and ask for a cookie, maybe a cup of coffee, create some small talk. Nothing too serious and no mention of any murders you’ve committed” For once, Victor actually took Falcone’s advice, heading back into the kitchen. This time, (Y/N) muscles tensed up. 

“Those smell good” Victor confirmed before taking a seat on a nearby stool.

“W-would you like one sir?” As Victor suspected your head was down, not making any eye contact, your eyes faced the floor" 

“Yes, please. A cup of coffee would go nicely if you don’t mind” Glad for the distraction, (Y/N) began to hastily prepare Victor’s request. Victor watched her work away pouring some milk into a petit milk jug alongside a small dish containing several white sugar cubes. Then placing several of the fresh cookies onto a plate. As she poured the coffee Victor admired her from afar. Placing everything in front of him. 

“Thank you, (Y/N)” Victor was unsure of what to do as she prepared yet another plate, this time for Don Falcone, Victor was struggling to make “small talk” with the young women. 

“The weather’s nice today” Victor commented leisurely. Of all the topics that Victor could have chosen it just had to be the weather. 

“Indeed, it is. The sun is shining on us today, sir” That had been the longest statement that (Y/N) had ever spoken to him. However, Victor was impatient.

“Call me Victor” Victor was desperate to make some sort of progress. 

“Yes, si- Victor” Getting (Y/N) comfortable around him, would be no easy task. Victor did love a good challenge. 

Over the coming days, Victor came in and made ideal chit chat with (Y/N). Finding that (Y/N) would be more confident when Don Falcone, was in the room. Victor used that in the coming days to his advantage. He would actively engage more just so he could see a smile radiate from (Y/N)’s lips. However, today was going to turn his plan to make (Y/N) unafraid of him up a notch. 

On his way over to Don Falcone’s that morning, he had stopped at an actual florist to get a bouquet of (Y/F/F)’s, wrapped in (Y/F/C) wrapping. Victor just hoped she actually appreciated how much effort he had gone to. Unbeknown’s to Victor while he was on-route to Don Falcone’s. Don Falcone was trying his best to aid Victor in his attempts to get (Y/N) to open up to Victor. Even if it was in the slightest of ways. Everyone needs love and acceptance in their lives. Every man, women and child need to be loved. That includes assassins like Victor. Seeing the man who at times could be so cold, so ruthless, with no remorse at all contained within his body. Yet he had fallen for (Y/N) and Don Falcone full heartedly believed it had happened fo a reason. It was fate. 

So as (Y/N) worked preparing the mob boss’s breakfast, he decided to try and help. 

“Victor seems to have grown fond of you” Falcone began as (Y/N) looked towards the mob boss attentively she knew where this was going, (Y/N) wasn’t oblivious. 

“I have noticed sir. I just find his presence so intimidating" 

"My dear, do you thin that if I had any indication that Victor Zsasz was a threat to you, I would allow you to e in the same room. If Victor Zsasz was a threat you, he wouldn’t be aware of your existence” Falcone was very understanding of (Y/N)’s concerns and he understood where they came from. 

“I know sir. I appreciate that you consider me in the highest of regards. It’s not like I intend to be intimidated by Victor, he just makes me so nervous. It’s quite frustrating” Don Falcone smiled, (Y/N)’s reactions weren’t only because of who Victor was or what he did for a living. Whether the young women realized it or not, there were feelings bubbled under the surface, for the Assassin. 

Just as Don Falcone went to air his suspicions, but, he was interrupted by Victor walking through the do holding a bunch of flowers, (Y/N)’s favourite flowers. Don Falcone was impressed that Victor had paid so much attention. The small smile appearing on (Y/N)’s face, appearing couldn’t be ignored as she began to plate up the bacon. 

“I got these for you. I heard these were your favourite” Victor handed the flowers to (Y/N) rather awkwardly but (Y/N) took them from Victor, smelling the fragrance of the flowers, despite the smell was familiar, the scent of the flowers managed to engulf (Y/N) in a sense of bliss and happiness. 

“They’re even wrapped in (Y/F/C). Thank you, Victor, they’re beautiful" Moving to put the flowers in a vase. Victor’s phone began to go off, the song Funkytown could be heard throughout the room. (Y/N) couldn’t help it as she burst into laughter. She never expected Victor to like a song Funkytown. After Victor finished his phone call. His eyes met the women who was smiling and actively looking at him. His heart swelled as he stepped closer towards. 

“I amuse you,” Victor asked as (Y/N) tried to look down at her feet once more, but, Victor wanted to see her beautiful smile, so using two his fingers lifting her face by her chin. 

“Do not shy away. Why do I amuse you?” Victor asked as their eyes met. 

“I just never expected you to like a song like Funkytown, that’s all” A small grin appeared on Victor’s face. 

“There is a lot you don’t know about me. Allow me to show you” The pause surrounded the room. It was uncertain who was more anxious, Don Falcone or Victor" 

“Okay” Don Falcone gave a sigh of relief, Victor simply smiled. 

Caged [38]

Characters: NamjoonxReader
Length: 2256 words
Genre: Mafia AU
Warnings: Violence

Part 37  Part 39

Namjoon tried to focus on your father. He was sitting on one of the leather couches near the fireplace with two men in suits standing behind him and two more on each side of the armchair your father was seated in. Another three of his henchmen were standing in random corners of the room, faces stoic and thumbs lazily hooked into the waistbands of their pants. Bodyguards couldn’t have their hands in their pockets for an array of reasons that would put them at a disadvantage if the need to engage arose. These men had clearly internalized the next best thing. Namjoon himself preferred to just keep one hand on the gun.

Unfortunately, his had been taken from him before they had even left your father’s mansion.

Your father was a short, bland man who had the puffed up chest of someone with the lung capacity to facilitate his loud, demanding voice. He suffered from the same delusional entitlement as many people in positions of power who had acquired it by no effort of their own. Your father had been born rich, and marriage had made him even richer. But money and power hadn’t been enough.

Greed had turned him into a monster.

Namjoon kept his eyes on your father when he got up and walked over to the fireplace. Deliberately slowly, your father took the poker and prodded around in the already impressive fire. Namjoon would have given him credit for it, if not for the half-empty bottle of accelerant on the brick ledge above the open fireplace. He watched as your father put the poker down next to the bottle. He watched as he walked over to one of the windows and gazed out into the unyielding green of the forest. When your father didn’t move for a while, Namjoon just kept staring at his back.

He did everything he could to avoid looking at Jungkook’s lifeless body on the ground.

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Request:  Okay so I was wondering if you could write a Gabriel one shot, I just love him so much! Like where you used to work at a bakery and since you started living at the bunker with TFW you bake pies and stuff like that. Dean loves it and flirts with you all the time but Gabe likes you and gets jealous. Maybe she flirts back and teases him and they get together at the end.

Request:  Can you please do one where Gabriel keeps trying to get the reader to go out with him but she always says no (even though it’s obvious she likes him back) and when he asks why it’s bc she’s asexual and she’s afraid he won’t like that but he accepts her and FLUFF? Btw I love your blog!!

Request:  (it’s Monday where I am) Could I request one where TFW and Gabriel are good friends to the reader and they think the reader has a crush on someone so one day out of curiosity and concern they take her diary/journal and find out that she has a crush on one of them? Either multiple endings or whichever guy you (the writer) decide :)

Request:  Still just barely Monday here, I made it yea! Say your family was like researchers for hunters, specifically for them. Maybe they kept up one of the other MOL bunkers. To look note normal you run a little bakery as a front. Somehow, you end up with  TFW in their bunker and they designate you as their research girl and never let you go on hunts. One day, totally board you start baking just because you miss it. Gabriel pops up wanting to scare the boys since he’s not dead, but he finds you arguing on the phone with Dean. Completely surprised you drop the phone but not before dean hears Gabriel flirting with you. They rush back super worried about you only to find you really like him he has taken a liking to you too. Maybe they end up together or something. Really sorry this got so long and detailed. I just think you have got to be the best SPN writer ever and love all your stuff. I love reading all of it =) 

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Request- Hey, I was wondering if it would be possible to get a request for a fic where the reader has a chronic illness (I have fibromyalgia) and for some reason Gabriel decides to put them under his protection because he feels bad for them or something? I’d love it if Team Free Will were also involved somehow :) Thank you!

A/N- Ah so I went with asthma for the illness, because I know more about asthma than the others and even though I researched most of the other illnesses along with Fibromyalgia, to see which one to use. PLUS I wanted educate myself, who doesn’t amirite? I didn’t want to get anything wrong with symptoms and such either so I chose the one more familiar to me since I know a couple of people with asthma. I just messaged them with specific questions. Sorry this is late! I don’t want to get into the details but stuff occurred and stuf happened . Any who… Tell me what you think! x)

Gabe x Reader

Word Count-1525

Gabriel was strolling through the streets with an ice cream cone in hand. He was just so bored. He had nothing to do, even as the trickster that he is. It was days like these that made him miss his angel days. He noticed that his ice cream was melting and dripping on his fingers. He licked it off, “Can’t really eat ice cream as an angel,” he whispered, trying to convince himself that this was a better life. “I’m a trickster now,” he told himself. He looked around for the perfect person to prank.

“Yeah mom, I’m fine… No, I haven’t had an attack all day… Yes. Yes… I have it here in my bag,” he heard you say as you passed him by.

“Well that was fast,” he whispered to himself. He looked around and saw that it was too crowded to pull any sort of scheme. So he’d wait for the perfect opportunity, which gave him time to think of something that’ll humor him.

You walked for another block before you turned a corner with much less people. Gabriel saw you but your phone away in your bag and in that very moment a man passed you by while snatching your bag.

“Hey!” you shouted as they took off running.

Gabriel was debating on whether to intervene or not. It took you a minute but you took off running after the man. Amused by this Gabriel decided to spectate. You ran for five minutes straight before your chest began to feel heavy. You struggled for air but you pushed through it. Not that you could do anything else. The only thing that could possibly save you was in your bag. Gabriel found it strange, your haggard way of running but he didn’t give it a second thought. Not until you fell over and weren’t getting up right away.

Some part of him compelled him to run over and make sure you were okay. “Hey- Hey, you alright?” he asked.

If you could form a coherent sentence or rather breathe, you would have told him ‘Do I look okay?’ but you just shook your head and pointed toward the man that took your bag, who evidently kept running. “Inhaler,” you manage to say as you struggled for air. In the blink of an idea the man standing before you was gone and had come back with you bag. Though you didn’t have time to question anything. You rummaged through your bag in search for your inhaler. Once you found it, you yanked the cap right off, and inhaled its contents. You had to do it two more times. “Thanks,” you breathed out once you were able.

“Did you really think you could catch that guy when you have… asthma??? Humans never cease to amaze me,” Gabriel sighed. He held out his hand to help you up.

You took it and dusted yourself off. “Thanks for the save. I really appreciate it. The name’s Y/N… I’d like to say I had it handled but,” you chuckle whilst scratching the back of your head, “Well I obviously didn’t. Thanks again.” You stuck out your hands for him to shake.

“Gabriel,” he responded as he shook your hand. “So you do this stuff all the time?”

“What? You mean chase after assholes that steal my stuff?” you laughed, “Well I guess you could say that… I have pretty rotten luck in those types of things and my crap keeps getting stolen, but I get my stuff back most of the time,” you answer.

Gabriel sighed, putting a hand on your shoulder, “Well today’s your lucky day. I’m an angel. Not in the douchy- I’m great kind of way, the- I’m an actual angel kind of way. From today on… I will be your guardian. There’s a lot of demons in this town so you’re gonna have to be careful. If you ever run into any trouble just pray to me and I’ll be here in a sec. It doesn’t have to be trouble for you to call me either,” he added while wiggling his eyebrows.

“Whoa- Whoa- Whoa! Hold your god damn horses man. You want me to believe that you’re an angel? And Demons? Really?” you question, not even bothering to hide your doubt.

Gabriel nods, “Yeah well you can believe it or not but I am going to protect you.” Gabriel looked and felt more serious than he’s ever had in his entire life.

You chuckle, “All right, if you say so, but uh- why protect me of all people?”

“Why?” he laughed. “Look at you. You’re a walking target. Bad people see it and they’re going to hit you first. I don’t want that to happen to you, but let’s not sweat the little detail,” he said, putting a hand on your shoulder.

The next thing you know, you were in your home. “Holy crap! How’d you do that? Oh… right angel… Sorry,” you chuckle. He shook his head with a smile of his own.

For the next several of months Gabriel has saved you from thieves, demons, kidnappers, demons, djinns, vampires, werewolves, and let’s not forget the demons. Such was your luck. Though you were used to it but Gabriel sometimes thought it was his fault for the supernatural creatures to be targeting you. You dismiss it every time he brought it up.

“So you’re gonna visit your brother?” you asked Gabriel, as you set a tray of cookies you had just taken from the oven onto the countertop.

“Yeah. Balthazar wants to show me something… Apparently he can’t come and show me here… You going to be okay on your own?” he asks as he reaches for a cookie.

You smack his hand, “Let them cool down damn it! Balthazar huh?” you say, turning around to turn off the oven.

Gabriel takes this opportunity to steal a cookie or two. “Yeah. I’ll ask again, you gonna be okay? By yourself?”

“I’ll be fine,” you chuckled, “I don’t have so much bad luck that I’d get attacked on the very day you won’t be here. Plus you can’t always be here right? I’ll be just fine,” you say, putting away all the ingredients.

“Okay then I’ll go. Just… Pray if you need anything,” he says, taking more cookies.

You turned around, “I know- Wait! Gabe! Come one!” That was Gabriel’s queue to leave. You sighed, “You could have left me one or two. I’m gonna have to make more, but then remember that you were out of vanilla and chocolate chips. “Crap.”

You grabbed your keys and walked to the store that was just two blocks away. Getting to the store was easy. Finding the vanilla and chocolate chips was easy. Waiting in line and paying for them was the easiest thing of all. Walking back to your house was… Well…

You were very cautious with everyone around you. You weren’t about to get into trouble.

“Excuse me Miss!” someone called out from behind you. You inadvertently jumped, “Oh sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you but… What time is it?”

“Oh… Uh-” you take out your phone as you turned to face, “It’s fifteen past six,” you answered.

“Thank you,” they said and smiled.

You nodded and turned back around, where you crashed into someone else. “My bad,” you say as you turn your head to face the tall man. Only to see the eyes staring back at you were black.

Not leaving you any time to react, he knocked you unconscious, and that was the last thing you saw.

Several hours later~

Sam, Dean, and Cas were creeping into a house with demons inside. They were on a demon hunt were demons have been taking and killing several people with vaguely your description. Though the Winchesters and the angel knew who you were nor your connection to Gabriel. They were just here to ice some demons.

They made their way inside, shanking and smiting every demon they came across. It was Cas who found you in the basement, chained to a pipe, and still unconscious. Cas shook you to see if you’d wake up.

You moaned, and groggily lifted your head and blinked your eyes awake, “Ga… briel,” you mutter.

“Did you-” Cas was about to ask when the brothers came down and interrupted him.

“Still alive?” Dean asked, pointing toward you.

“Yes. It seems that way,” Cas answered.

“Good,” Sam sighed.

Once you were remembered what happened, your eyes jolted open, “GABRIEL!” you called out and in a second he was there with you with a knife in hand.

“Gabriel?” Team Free Will questioned at the same time.

Gabriel sighed and put his knife away. He unchained you and helped you stand.

“Sorry Gabe,” you whisper, still a bit out of it.

“Don’t worry about it… Let’s just go home,” he said while giving you one giant hug.

“Hold on! We don’t even get an explanation?” Sam asks.

“I’ll explain a different day… But… Thanks for saving Y/N,” Gabriel said before disappearing with you.

“Did he just?” Dean inquired.

“I think he did…” Sam responded.

“He said thanks?” Cas muttered.

Hope you liked it! x)

Big Sky Country

ship: wincest
partners: plaidandwhiskeydean vs. @fighterflightwrites vs @theerinpage
rating: mature
theme: wanderlust
photo prompts: here
tags: blow jobs
summary: It’s one of those jobs where there weren’t many questions asked; people came and went quite regularly and the boys were grateful for it.
word count: 2,368
a/n: real talk here, cowboy winchesters or farmhand winchesters is like a huge kink of mine. not gonna lie so that’s what this is
tagging: @the-mrs-deanwinchester, @clearlylostmymind, @imakittehkatt, @kittenofdoomage, @kansaskissedlips, @ilostmyshoe-79, @im-a-winchester-in-hell-1967, @oh-jesus-sammy, @riversong-sam, @hideyourdemoneyes, @phoenixia67,  @flowercrowns-for-beautifuldorks (so these are pretty much the only wincest shippers I know. If you don’t or do want to be tagged, let me know.)

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Summary: Seijuurou will give Tetsuya his stars.

VERY VERY CHEESY FIC please tread carefully. Also NOBODY DIES OK this is just all-around 4k words of akkr happiness because they deserve to be happy /CRIES

Notes: Photographer!Akashi yay

Read on AO3

It begins with a fleeting glance, caught onto a red gaze for longer than what social etiquette would deem necessary. Social etiquette also recommends Kuroko avert his eyes immediately, but it’s a kind of contact he finds oddly magnetic. Amongst a wave of faceless people—some hurrying to their next class while the rest simply roam about in the background—he finds himself hooked.

Surely he’s not the only one to have ever been ensnared. That person stands out too much, and it’s not just that vivid red hair clashing with the azure backdrop behind him. It’s how he’s standing tall in that metaphysical display of looking over everyone and everything from a height Kuroko can’t see. He looks like he’s made the entire sky his throne, and it unnerves Kuroko enough for him to turn away. Finally.

But that brilliant red gaze, it follows.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Dean making pie after pie trying to replicate his mom's recipe and having chubby!Cas help him get through all the ones that weren't right. And Cas is just happy to help his friend while filling his belly with pie-y goodness

this is so unrealistic pls forgive me

Day 1.

Dean wakes up in the literal middle of the night with the sudden realization that he remembers exactly what his mom’s cherry pie tasted like when he was but 4 years old.

He even helped her make it once or twice. “Helped” being a loose term meaning he ate a lot of sugar and cherries and played with the pie crust.

But if he could figure out that recipe…

Day 2.

“What are you doing?”


“Dude, you’ve made like…six pies in the past 24 hours. Seriously, what’s going on?”

“Nothing, Sammy.”

“Are you possessed? Are you possessed by a pie ghost? Do I need to go do research on obsessive pie making? Should I call Cas?”

Dean turns a sour look on his brother until Sam raises his arms in surrender and backs out of the kitchen. 

Day 3.

It’s around the fourth failed pie of the day that Dean realizes how full his stomach is. Yeah, OK, sure he hasn’t been eating every pie he makes, but he definitely hasn’t been, like…letting them go to waste either. Just because they aren’t the right pie doesn’t mean they should be thrown away.

So while Dean bakes, he samples. And samples. And samples some more. When he’s not baking or sampling, he’s usually making himself a sandwich for lunch, which is inevitably followed by a slice or two of pie. Or maybe a whole pie. Who’s keeping track, really. In any case, there are still a dozen or so pies that haven’t been eaten. The fridge is getting as full as Dean feels.

Yeah, it’s been three days since Dean’s stomach was anywhere near the vicinity of empty. 

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After Hours (1/?)

Summary: small business owner Felicity Smoak has little time for a life outside her restaurant. Struggling to keep her doors open and juggle a small staff of outrageous women, Felicity soon finds another wrench thrown into her path. Well, not exactly a wrench - more like a wildly attractive businessman who keeps falling asleep at her tables.

Pairings: Olicity, Tommy/Laurel, Sara/Nyssa

Some swearing ahead.


This was not how things were supposed to be. That thought had plagued Felicity on and off for the last few days, never more powerful than it was in moments like this: her kitchen in a tailspin of chaos and flame as her cooks yelled insults at each other and her pastry chef swore profusely at the tiramisu. Felicity had been trying to get Sara and Nyssa to stop yelling at each other for almost a full five minutes, and the small restaurant kitchen was a cacophony of raised voices and clanging metal when the door to the seating area swung open and Laurel bustled in with a sour look on her face. 

“What set them off this time?” Laurel asked, hooking her thumb at her little sister and Nyssa.

“They’re still going from earlier,” Felicity answered, putting the finishing touches on a plate of penne Gorgonzola. 

“I’m pretty sure all they do is fight and fuck,” Helena supplied without looking away from her dessert.

“Nice, Helena.” Laurel’s tone was icy and she narrowed her eyes at the other woman, who smirked.

“What we do is none of your business,” Nyssa snapped, her ire momentarily directed away from Sara.

Felicity sighed and rubbed her eyes tiredly as the opponents changed and the battle continued. This was definitely not how things were supposed to be; this was not what she’d imagined when she’d opened the restaurant two years ago. The young businesswoman had been prepared to deal with almost anything, intent on making her dream of owning her own restaurant a reality; the only thing she had not been prepared to deal with were, amazingly, her employees. 

Everything had been fine at first, of course. Sara had been the only one Felicity had known she was going to hire ahead of time: the two of them had been college roommates and long time friends, and Felicity never would have had the gumption to go through with opening her restaurant if Sara hadn’t been constantly egging her on with encouragement sometimes concealed as threats. “I swear to God, Felicity Smoak,” Sara would say, “if you don’t open that restaurant I’ll destroy every piece of technology you own.” The day Felicity had gone home to their shared apartment and announced that she’d closed the deal on the building, Sara had begged her to name it The Smoak House; she’d cried when Felicity agreed. 

Helena had been a surprise. When Felicity interviewed her, she’d openly admitted that the only reason she’d applied was because it would piss off her socialite father; everyone had been shocked to discover that, despite her penchant for swearing at the food as if it had personally offended her, Helena was a natural when it came to desserts. Felicity’s wariness at Helena’s lack of training or experience had disappeared quickly. Though she liked to complain about how much she hated “slaving over a hot oven all day”, Felicity would often catch her smiling to herself when she perfected a new dish. Helena bitched a lot, but she always showed up for work.

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TEG - Christmas Challenge 2016 - Entry Two!

Title: The Christmas Gift

Rating: T

Character/s & Pairings: Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark; Primrose Everdeen

Triggers/  Warnings: Major character death; swearing

Summary: As Christmas and the one year anniversary of Prim’s death approaches Katniss finds that she needs the support of her best friend more than ever

December 2015

It was a week after Christmas when Prim died.

She didn’t know it but in a year’s time Katniss would only be able to remember three things clearly about that day. The first was the chill that bit into her fingers when she walked from the car into the hospital. As her hands curled in on themselves from the bone cold air she wished desperately, with everything in her soul, for a post-Christmas miracle. Failing that, she would have sold her soul to anyone that day in order to stop what was inevitability going to happen.

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Safe haven

I don’t know what I’m doing and why i can’t just stick to finishing my running stories first but it is what it is…

This will be a short Loki fic (3-4 chapters, I think) because I needed some sweet Loki for the holidays.

There will be smut but probably only towards the end, after I make you feel all the feels ;)


Safe Haven part 1

‘Mum it’s just a bit of snow, I’m sure I’ll be fine’ I was struggling to keep my phone against my ear as I tried to carry two heavy bags of groceries up the stairs to my flat,’ I have food and candles and besides Leyla is home too so I won’t be alone…there is nothing to worry about okay? I’m sure we will survive a little snow storm’

As I reached the top of the stairs I tried to snatch my keys from my pocket and lost hold of one of the bags in the process.

‘Fuuuuck!’ as I managed to save the bag my phone slipped through my fingers, hit the floor and before I could react I could see him sliding away from me to the other side of the hallway,’ oh for fuck’s sake!’

As I reached out to grab it I watched someone lift it from the floor right before my hand could get to it.

I looked up into his familiar pale face, staring back at me with those deep green eyes and serious expression that didn’t give anything away, it was the only expression I had ever seen on him and it always freaked me out a little bit.

He had been living next door for a few months now and I still didn’t know his name or anything about him, he never talked to anyone in the building and when someone ran into him in the hallway he always made haste to disappear into his apartment as soon as he could without having to interact.

Leyla started to refer to him as creepy neighbor guy, I referred to him as hot mysterious neighbor guy because he was undeniably gorgeous.
From his pale skin to his piercing blue eyes, the raven black curly hair and those sensual thin lips, not to mention those long legs that went on forever and the fact that he loved to wear black so much.

He reached out his arm to hand me back my phone.

‘I…um…thank you,’ I said hesitantly,’ I really should be more careful’

His eyes rested on me for a few seconds and then he just nodded his head, still the same distant look in his eyes.

‘You should’ he spoke and before I could answer back he disappeared into his apartment and I watched the door close behind him.
It was the first time I actually heard his deep voice and it gave me chills, so much so that I was unable to move for a moment.

The sound of my mother’s voice through the phone brought me back down to earth.

‘Hellooo? Honey? Are you still there? What on earth happened?!’
‘It’s alright mum, I just dropped my phone, everything is fine’

As I entered the apartment Leyla came rushing towards me to help with the bags and put them onto the kitchen table.
‘Is it snowing already?’she asked, showing me a little smile full of anticipation.

‘Not yet, but it’s getting pretty dark though, I think it’s gonna come down very soon,’I said as I turned on a few lights and watched the clock to see it wasn’t even 4 pm yet,’ I just ran into our neighbour again’

She raised her eyebrow at me as she was putting the groceries into the fridge.

‘What do you think he’ll do for Christmas?’ I asked,’ I bet he is alone, I have never even seen anyone visit there, maybe we should…’

‘Do not say what I think you’re about to say’ she said, raising her finger at me.

‘What? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do for Christmas? Invite strangers into your home?’I said with a little smile.

‘Not creepy strangers’ she threw back.
‘He’s not creepy,’ I objected,’ he just likes to keep to himself’
‘Which is exactly what creepy guys do!’ she said.

‘Well I don’t think he’s creepy,’ I said with a sigh,’ I think he is just lonely and could probably use a friend’

She closed the fridge and shook her head as she looked at me.
‘See that attitude is exactly how single girls get themselves killed in the big city’ she said as she rolled her eyes.

‘You’re paranoid’ I said, ignoring what she just said.
‘And you’re gullible,’ she said with a soft smile,’ please promise me you will not invite him over‘

‘Fine,’ I pouted,’ I won’t invite him over’

‘I thought you would be a bit more careful Scar,’ she then said,’ given…’
She bit her lip and ate her words.

‘I’m sorry,’ she then said,’ shouldn’t have brought that up’

‘No you shouldn’t have’ I said as I took off my coat and hung it in our little closet in the hallway, ignoring her words as I walked to the living room and peeked through the curtain, when I looked up I could see the first snow flakes falling down.

‘Yep, white Christmas’ I sighed.

Leyla walked up to me and I could see the smile on her face as she watched the snow and let out a deep happy sigh.
‘It’s just snow’ I shrugged my shoulders.

‘Still not feeling it huh?’ she asked.
‘Nope,’ I sighed,’ a bit of snow is not gonna change that Leyla’
‘Oh don’t worry,’ she smiled,’ by the end of the night I will put you in the Christmas spirit, just you wait’

She tried her utter best, the tree was gorgeous, the lights very festive and warm and the food in the oven already smelled delicious, I even had to admit that the cheesy Christmas songs that filled our apartment were starting to put me in the mood a little bit.

We were both stranded here and not just by the snow storm, even if the skies were clear we still wouldn’t be able to afford a ticket to visit our families back in England.

We were stuck in the Big Apple and while it was without a doubt one of the best places to be around Christmas time, I would have given anything to just roam the streets of London for a few hours, see the front door of my old house and the Christmas tree my dad decorated against his will or smell my mum’s roasted chicken.

I loved this city and I never regretted my decision to come here but I was homesick a lot of the time and not making enough money yet to be able to travel back home as much as I would like, the truth was we barely made enough money to be able to pay for this apartment and food, let alone go out and have some actual fun.

The holidays just made that feeling even worse, everyone had plans, gifts to buy and places to go.

I couldn’t wait for December to be over.

‘Hey, come on,’ Leyla said as she noticed the sad look on my face,’ let’s pick out a Christmas movie and get drunk’


We were somewhere in the middle of Bad Santa when Leyla’s phone started ringing.
‘Ugh, it’s work’ she sighed as she put her phone back down.

‘Shouldn’t you get it?’ I asked, surprised by her missing work ethics as a nurse.
‘They are probably just short staffed and calling people until they find a few suckers who will give up their Christmas eve, let them go down the list first before I’m one of those suckers that actually picks up their phone’ she said and I smiled.

But after 10 minutes her ring tone filled our apartment again, and 5 minutes later again.
‘Fuck’ she sighed.

‘You have to get it,’ I said,’ you’re a nurse, there are probably sick people who need you and you’re gonna turn your back on them on Christmas?’

I gave her a judgmental look and she let out a deep annoyed sigh.
‘I don’t want to leave you alone on Christmas eve’ she sighed.

‘I’m not wounded or sick, I will be fine,’ I said,’ pick up the damn phone’

‘Fine’ she sighed and disappeared into the kitchen as she answered the call.

I listened to her trying to make up excuses but it seemed useless and after a few tries I could hear her give in and agree to come into work as soon as she could.

She walked up to me with a guilty look on her face.
‘I am so, so sorry Scar,’ she said,’ there’s been an accident involving several cars and they can’t handle all the wounded coming in, I tried to get out of it but I couldn’t say no’

‘Of course you couldn’t!’ I faked a smile, trying my best to pretend I wasn’t bothered,’ Leyla please it’s your job, I completely understand, don’t even worry about it, go, help people!’

She looked at me with a sad look on her face.

‘I will just finish this movie and this bottle of wine alone,’ I continued,’ and then I’m going to bed early, I’ll save you some roast’

I gave her another smile and it appeared to be working, the worry on her face made room for a smile as she nodded her head.

‘That would be nice,’ she said and she took her coat with a sigh,’ I don’t know when I’ll be back, if the snow is too bad I might have to spend the night at the hospital’

‘Don’t worry about it,’ I waved my hand at her and watched her put on her coat and took her bag,’ merry Christmas’

‘Merry Christmas,’ she smiled and before she opened the door she turned around to look at me again,’ are you sure Scar?’

‘Will you please go?’ I insisted.

‘Okay,I will call you when I’m on a break alright?’
‘Go’ I repeated and I watched her leave.

I pulled my blanket up a little higher and settled in for the night, I wanted to fill my wine glass but changed my mind and just took the whole bottle instead as I pressed Play and the movie continued.

I wasn’t even twenty minutes in when I heard the wind howl remarkably louder and I could hear the snow pounding against the windows, it was really coming down out there.

Maybe I was alone tonight but at least I was inside where it was warm, I had alcohol and a roof over my head and delicious food in the oven and people who missed me, aren’t those the things you are supposed to be thankful for at Christmas?

As I pulled out my phone to check if I had any messages all of a sudden the entire apartment was covered in darkness.

Everything was dead, the lights, the tv, the oven…shit the oven…no no no why tonight of all nights?!

I had a vague idea of where our electrical cabinet was but it was in the basement of the building and there was no way I was going in there alone. I still hadn’t moved from my spot on the couch and my heart was starting to race, thank God the candles on the table brought a little bit of light into the room.
Then I noticed it was completely dark outside too, I walked up to the window to see the buildings on the other side of the street were drenched in darkness too, as was the rest of the block for as far as I could see.

For a moment I felt relieved that it wasn’t just my flat but it soon disappeared as I thought of a city wide blackout and what it might do to people, especially on Christmas Eve and I became painfully aware that I was alone, completely alone.

I could feel my hands starting to shake and I tried to calm down my breathing.
‘Fuck, come on Scar, suck it up, you’re safe here’ I sighed as I walked to the door and checked the lock, the door was locked, somehow it didn’t make me feel safer, I knew it was all in my head but it didn’t feel any less real to me.

I decided to take the roast out of the oven and finish the last bit of wine, hoping the alcohol would reduce my nerves as it usually did when there was a loud knock on my door and I almost let out a scream.

I didn’t really know anyone of the neighbors well enough to want to spend this night in darkness with them, I would be better off in here on my own so I did what I usually do when I want to avoid something: ignore it until it goes away on its own.

There were a few more knocks and then it stopped but I could still hear movement in the hallway.

Slowly and as quietly as I could I walked over to the door, wishing for the billionth time that we had invested in a little spy hole, there was definitely still someone out there and my only choices now were to continue ignoring it or to open the door.
My fear was in conflict with my curiosity and I already hated myself because I knew which one would win…

My hand was on the door handle and I slowly opened it, I stared into a dark hallway, there was nobody to be seen, not in front of me anyway but as I looked down I could see it sitting in the corner next to the stairs, a little black kitten looking up at me with big scared eyes.

The fear in this little creature made me forget all about my own and I carefully walked closer as I leaned down.
‘Hey little one, are you lost?’ I tried to keep my voice as quiet as I could so I wouldn’t scare it away.

As I reached out my hand it softly pushed its head against my palm and purred quietly, putting a smile on my face.

‘It’s alright, I’m scared too’ I whispered and just as I tried to grab the little animal we both got startled from a loud bang, the cat slipped through my fingers and down the stairs before I could stop it.

But as I stood up I realized that was the least of my worries now.

The loud bang was my apartment door that was now shut behind me, leaving me in a dark hallway again and panic hit me when I realized my keys were on the inside of the door.

‘No,’ I whispered shocked as I leaned against the outside of the door and tried to push it open, unsuccessfully of course,’ fuck…fuck…’

I searched the pockets of my jeans but of course my phone was also inside the apartment, this night was going from bad to worse. I let myself sink down to the floor with my back against the door and my hands in my hair as I let out a deep desperate sigh.

There was no way back in and I also couldn’t call Leyla, and even if I could there was no way I could ask her to come back from work, if this black out was as big as it seemed the hospital would be overwhelmed tonight.

Our land lord was unreachable on a normal day, there was no way I could get a hold of him tonight on Christmas Eve, and I needed a phone to even try and get in touch with anyone. I cursed myself for ever opening up that door.

As I sat there for another several minutes that felt like hours I was also becoming very aware that I was only wearing a thin t-shirt and the temperature in the hallway was not even close to the one in our warm cosy apartment.
I was going to have to knock on someone’s door and ask for help, I had no choice.

As I was trying to work up the courage to get up I could see a little light coming from the hallway, it was coming closer but I still couldn’t see anybody, it wasn’t until the light was right in front of me that I could see his pale face in the light of the candle he was holding, his black clothes made the rest of him invisible in the dark.

He lowered the candle to be able to look at me and I looked up into his piercing green eyes. Neither of us spoke for a few moments while his eyes rested on me and looked me up and down, his face filled with something resembling surprise, curiosity, maybe even worry.

He got down on bended knee, his face right in front of me now and he let out a visible sigh when he looked at me, my face must have been full of panic or fear because he definitely looked worried now.

‘Are you hurt?’ he asked softly.
I shook my head.

‘I locked myself out,’ I managed to speak, my voice was shaking,’ and my friend won’t be home until tomorrow and…I’m not sure what to do now’
To my surprise he stood up, creating distance between us again.

But then he reached out his hand to me.

‘Come with me’ his voice was deep and quiet at the same time, sending even more cold shivers through me.

I had no choice, I could either go with him or freeze in this dark hallway all by myself, it was a small building and I knew a few of the other apartments were empty, I couldn’t take the risk of putting all my faith in other tenants, for all I know me and him were the only two people in the building.

He was my best option…

I put my hand into his and tried to ignore the sparks I felt as his hand tightened around mine and he pulled me up, meeting my eyes again.
He held out the candle in front of him and he kept hold of my hand as he guided me through the dark hallway up to his apartment.

I probably should have been scared or at least a little nervous, given my trust in men…and the fact that I didn’t know anything about this quiet mysterious yet devilishly handsome stranger.

But all I could feel was his long fingers entangling with mine as he walked the hallway and kept me close to him. Somehow getting away from him was the last thing on my mind.

He opened the door to his apartment and let me step inside first, as soon as I set foot into the room my heart was stuck in my throat.

‘Oh holy crap…’

trobador-deactivated20170607  asked:

Bucky Barnes gets dolphin assisted therapy.


On the eighth day God probably decided life was boring and said, “let there be a Stark,” and that’s how Tony’s ancestors came into being. Tony likes the thought enough to share it with Barnes, who gives him a look and returns to his attractive hobo brooding over Dostoyevsky, as he’s wont to whenever Capsicle is away on vacation. Who wouldn’t take a break from this charming fellow, Tony wonders, and returns to ogling the miracle of engineering Cap’s favorite hobo’s got grafted to his torso.

He starts his every morning praying that Barnes agrees to therapy so that he can finally get a real look at that thing. He’s not blind, hot damn. It has pressure-sensors and probably temperature sensors, and yeah, fine, he knows HYDRA made it, which means he can piss on their patents and steal the whole thing.

Well, the blueprints, anyway. Barnes might kill him with his pinkie if he tried taking it off, and Rogers… Yeah, Rogers would skin him. Or worse.

“Hey, how about a zoo?” Tony asks in a fit of inspiration.

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