i know peri i know

More Xros Wars AU thing~ in XW, Nene becomes an Idol in Hong Kong right? well, here Lapis will become a musician with her band Knife of Gay “Water Witch” also this was mostly inspired by that poster of Yamato in this same pose and I tried to copy the background as well :3 also I forgot how to properly color OTL and for the sake of the otp, a peculiar nerd will be her manager.

Peri can’t see shit btw


whoops my hand slipPeD,,
Okay I just wanted an excuse to draw peri making a terrible pickup line in those shadessueme

In the latest SU episode, Lapis knew quite a lot about Amethyst’s personality even thought they never really talked to each other.

What if it was Peri who told Lapis everything about how wonderful and funny and great Ame is.

Wouldn’t that be so cute?


If I had the time (and support) I would want to make a human au comic about the gems.  I have small stories that I come up with once in a while, and I write the idea down, but I just never have the time…sigh

I started watching TTGL some days ago, and then Back To The Barn happened B)

@yungtowns-hat merry gay day

“Your homework’s taking a really long time.” Storm groaned, partially sliding off their bed. “When are you gonna be done?”

Avery sighed. “I dunno, dude. I’ve got two problems left, if that’s anything.” She shrugged, only to hear a whine from their datemate across the room. They stretched out across their bed and rolled to their side, facing the wall.

“Well, why can’t you come over here and do it?” Storm looked back at her, their eyes shining. 

Avery turned around and glanced at them, and she swore she saw sparkles in their eyes. She eventually sighed and gathered up her textbook and binder. “Fine, but not a lot of distractions, okay?”

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