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'Teen Wolf' Boss on the Series Finale, That Allison Homage, and Who Almost Died
Spoiler alert: This post contains plot details from the series finale of Teen Wolf. In Teen Wolf’s final hour (and change), Scott and his pack defeated Gerard and Monroe’s army. But eve…

In Teen Wolf‘s final hour (and change), Scott and his pack defeated Gerard and Monroe’s army. But even though they won the battle for Beacon Hills, the war had only just begun, which is why the series ended with Scott and company heading out to recruit more soldiers and continue on to the next battle.

EW spoke with Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis about the finale, its many callbacks, and whether he ever considered killing any main characters.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was the inspiration behind the idea to bring in a new werewolf in the finale?

JEFF DAVIS: That was an idea I had a while ago, back around the fourth season actually. I’d always thought it would be interesting to see Scott out in the world somewhere meeting this new young kid who’s frightened and alone and basically speaking the words to him that I want the show to say to every audience member, which is if you feel like an outsider, if you feel alone, you don’t have to be. You’ll find your pack and you can be one of us. So the character of Alec, he represents our audience and the message of the show.

So is Gerard dead?
You can never tell with Gerard. He always seems to pop back up, doesn’t he?

All major characters survived for the most part. Did you ever think about killing a main character?
There was a time when I was thinking: Who do we kill, how do we make this momentous? And then you have to think: Is this a show where the series finale should have half the cast die off and blow up the show at the end? I thought to myself, I don’t want to see most of these people die, I want to see them off together again on another adventure. Even watching them walk toward us at the end, there were people I missed. There were people I would’ve liked to see with them, including Allison. I don’t think it would’ve been our show if we’d killed off half the characters. There was a moment I told Cody Christian we were going to kill his character off, and by the time we got to around episode 16 or 17, I said to him, “I can’t kill you.” [Laughs] I think he was hoping for an epic death scene.

In terms of the Allison references, was that an obvious choice to make her a part of this?
Yes, it was. It was absolutely necessary because she was such a momentous character in the lives of the other characters, Lydia and Scott mostly, and Argent of course. But we want to pay homage to it and a lot of a series finale is tipping your hat and giving a nod to the previous seasons.

Which you did in a huge way in that library scene…
[Laughs] Yes, yes we did. And that was one of the ideas behind it. I think it works because it’s organic, it all comes out of this creature of fear that brings out these things in you, that gets in your head. It was a way to have Scott face all of his fears in one final moment and tell this creature: You can’t beat me; I’ve conquered all these fears.

I was so excited to see Void Stiles again!
Yes! That was really fun and Dylan O’Brien was really happy to play him. I remember being on set and saying to him, “You get to play Void Stiles again,” and he was really happy about it. It’s a way of saying goodbye to these characters.

Was it the same person playing the Nogitsune?
Yep, Aaron Hendry, who also played a character called Brunski, the one who tries to kill Lydia in Eichen House. He is a phenomenal actor. And that’s his voice, by the way. That’s all him.

The moment where Theo took Gabe’s pain. Is that a step on the path to redemption for him?
Yeah, he’s on his way to redemption. He’s got a lot to pay for, murder being one of them. But when we were talking about Mason and Theo in the tunnels I remember saying, “There’s got to be a bigger moment here for Theo.” We’ve seen him trying to be a good guy. He tries to take Mason’s pain and Mason says to him, “It doesn’t work if you don’t care, you have to care.” In that moment, he cares, even for his enemy. He sees a corrupted person just like him dying.

Was the Malia-Scott kiss a purposeful callback to Stiles and Lydia’s first kiss when she helped him focus during a panic attack?
That’s entirely on purpose, that’s why Lydia says “kiss him.” She looks at Stiles and remembers [that] this is how I got Stiles to focus. It’s no magic kiss, it’s purely getting the person to concentrate on something else. It’s those little callbacks, that and Gerard whispering “mountain ash,” that makes it fun for a series finale.

Can we assume that Stiles knew about Malia and Scott? I was waiting to see if he’d react.
I think in the world of Teen Wolf, we don’t like to do love triangles and jealousy and all that. I think he’s happy that they found each other. Stiles is with Lydia now; they’re together and if Scott and Malia are right for each other, I think Stiles would be more than happy for them.

How long have you known you wanted to bring back that season 4 line to end the series?
When we came up with that line [in season 4], I pitched the writers. I said, “The last scene of the show could be Scott finding another werewolf and saying those same words: ‘You’re not a monster. You’re a werewolf, like me.‘” I love Posey’s delivery of the line. It was just perfect. That’s partially the message of the show: You’re something special. You’re not what those other people tell you you are, you’re something special and you can be with us.

This finale did feel different than most Teen Wolf finales. It was almost less conclusive…
That was very specific. We didn’t want a finale that said “the end.” We wanted it to be an “and the adventure continues…” I like imagining that they’re going off to continue the fight. I didn’t want to see an end where they all have children and they’re happy and at home. That felt anticlimactic to me.

I know you had an extended finale, but was there anything you had to cut or couldn’t work in?
There were a few things. There were a couple actors that I would’ve loved to have back, like Daniel Sharman as Isaac. I would’ve liked to have Meagan Tandy’s Braeden. I had been planning a whole plot line for Deaton, but the episode was getting too long and there was too much difficulty with his schedule, with getting him back from The Walking Dead. That’s one of my regrets. There are definitely things we couldn’t fit in. I would’ve loved to have a 90-minute finale but we got 50 minutes, which is pretty long anyway.

I just want a minute to think about how Saru’s entire species is defined by fear and all of their instincts are honed towards sensing danger and fleeing

and as the first member of his species to join Starfleet (an organisation which may talk a lot of big talk about peaceful exploration but is ultimately a military organisation which expects their members to be willing to put themselves in danger) Saru is defying both his innate biology and his socialisation to stand on the bridge of a ship knowing that he must be prepared to do battle

I just want to think for a bit not about his fear but about how extraordinarily brave and resilient he is to even be there. he’s gonna be one of the bravest characters on the show and I want to see that acknowledged  

the writers had better take good care of him and  I don’t want to see anyone infantilizing him because seeing a symbol of anxiety be defined by their bravery is something that a lot of people desperately need

#DisabledCreativity - Oct 1st-8th

Hey so! In spirit for the upcoming Disability Awareness Month in October, I want to start a hashtag trend much like queer artists, drawingwhileblack, etc hashtags on twitter and/or tumblr to put the spotlight on disabled people who create showing that there’s no limits! We can begin on October 1st - 8th.

As a deaf artist myself, I find it important to showcase and recognize people with physical disabilities, mental disabilities, or chronic illnesses that refuse to let a handicap stop or slow down what they love to do! 

Drawing, writing, making music, etc!!

And I want them to know that we’re not alone, we’re here. 

This is the first time i’ve ever tried to organize/start anything on my own so i hope it goes well, I can’t wait to see you talented people out there!

thehardyboyz  asked:

I'm loving life. I got death threats over supporting Enzo's win. People are taking it too far.

(dan i hope this is ok for me to post publicly, if isn’t i’ll delete it)

see, this is what i DON’T want. that’s not right. 

it’s wrestling. i know that we, as fans, can be really passionate about it, but at the end of the day; it’s not that serious. it’s scripted, choreographed stage fighting. don’t send people death threats over it because a wrestler they like won a title match. 

queen-anna-lightwood  asked:

This isn’t a hate ask, but the way you talked about autism on that Ty post honestly kind of seemed like you’re treating it like an illness when it’s not. You shouldn’t make a post that sounds like you’re theorizing about “the mystery of autism” when it’s something that lots of people have.

I took the time to go back and reread what I posted, and included it below.

One of the hallmarks of autism is the difficulty with understanding normal social cues—it isn’t something that comes naturally to Ty. I think what the anon is expressing (although I’m saddened to hear the word ‘hate’ used), is to a degree the frustration that a lot of families have living with someone they love, who won’t hug them, or show affection in the same way other children would. How do I know my child loves me when he won’t even let me hug him? Struggling with that is a hard road, and the darker side of autism—especially for family members and caregivers. I don’t think it’s realistic to pretend those frustrations don’t exist, and that autism is a world of roses for anyone.

Julian, especially in COHF was frustrated with his brother, picking out glass from his feet, stemming tantrums etc, and feeling the entire time that his brother hated him. Between that time, and LM there was a measure of growth, but that growth also came with a lot of hard work—of Julian’s patience and with his unending search in coming up with effective strategies to help teach Ty. And I see that growth with Ty’s attempts at communicating more with his family—for example, when he made a concerted effort to look Julian in the eyes because he’d been taught that was important.

Although getting to that point is a very long road, and with so much going on to get all of the other plot points in LM and LoS, Ty’s evolution seems a bit glossed over (although this isn’t his series and there is a lot of time for that to be addressed in TWP). I am so looking forward to seeing Ty’s POV, if not in QoAD, then in TWPs. It’s virtually impossible to find any books out there with an autistic perspective—usually they’re all about the perspectives of those witnessing the behavior. What exactly is going on in Ty’s head? I can’t wait to find out.

I know there are some people in the fandom with autism and I’d be really curious to hear their perspectives on this subject.

1)  Never did I say he had an illness—the closest I say is that one of the hallmarks is difficulty understand social cues, which if well documented.

2)  Family members and caregivers never get frustrated or struggle with not knowing what to do, or how to communicate? Really? (And I’m not asking that to be snarky) Maybe I generalized that in a way I somehow offended people, and if so I apologize.

3)  What is wrong with wanting to see Ty’s perspective? I want to see how he sees the world—I’m fascinated to know how he thinks. Isn’t that why we read books, to discover and find out new things, and watch characters grow? I think he’s a complex character in different ways than other complex characters, like Julian or Mark, and I want to explore their mysteries too. So, I won’t apologize for that.

4)  I don’t think anyone should be told not to make a post and express their opinion, especially when it’s respectful, backed with examples, offering questions and soliciting input from others with first-hand experience.

5) It’s okay to disagree with what I have to say.

This post was meant to be a rebuttal to a post where an anon said he/she hated Ty and cited his autistic behaviors as the reason. I’m sorry if my words were somehow misinterpreted, or offended people. That was not in any way my intention, but after rereading my original post, I still stand by it.

iamcardib What a day ! I feel like it’s my Graduation,Birthday and prom at the same time ! You see Atlantic wanted me to take a flight in the AM for a meeting and to pick up my Platinum plaque…Didn’t know it was a big surprise with my family ,friends, Gang and the girls that I used to work good and bad nights with back in Sues Rendezvous.Also fans and people that been supporting me since day one ,All of them there for ME!! Thank you I’m beyond happy!! #BARDIGANG ..Wish my mom and sister was there and My man and Charlemagne but gotta take of business !!!

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Please don't post "Hogwarts Houses when facing suicidal thoughts" The idea of that as a post makes me feel really uncomfortable and uneasy, some people use Harry Potter to escape their suicidal thoughts and idk that idea just seems like really too much of potentially setting a lot of people off

Yeah, I was questioning whether to post it. I’m going to act as a sort of filter; I’m in the same boat, and if it’s upsetting or triggering to me, I won’t post it. 

That said, there’s at least one person who really wants to see this, and I think it could be reassuring to know that you may share a coping mechanism with people. However, since it definitely isn’t a post everyone will want to see, if I do post it, it’ll be under a ‘read more’ with a clear warning, so that it’s easily avoided. 

I know how important it is to be serious and respectful of issues like that, and I definitely wouldn’t post it if it was taken as a joke or an accessory. Not every post on here is super light-hearted, I’ve posted about dealing with anxiety, invisible disabilities, and ADHD, as well as how the houses manifest in actions surrounding the LGBT+ community (like how they show pride, how they deal with homophobes, etc). While many people don’t like heavier posts like that, others take a comfort in being able to say “hey! That’s me!”

I know that a lot of people won’t be able to read the post, but for the few who may find some comfort in it, it may be worth posting, with the proper precautions. I would likely put hotlines underneath too, just in case someone is in need. (If anyone can attest to the accuracy of the list that goes around tumblr, that’d be great)

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what in your opinion stops some people from believing in Harry not being straight? like, can you make a short list of reasons why they just seem to be blind or don't wanna see? love xx

There are only four reasons for straight people not considering that Harry is not straight: 

1. they’re not paying attention closely enough

2. they are paying attention but lack the critical thinking skills/cultural capitol to discern his behaviors from the official narrative. 

3. they want to fuck him

4. they’re homophobic. 

I know LGBTQ people who choose to believe he’s straight because it hurts them/upsets them too much to think about how coercive his closeting has been. That feels different to me and I respect it. 

anonymous asked:

Hey I love your Autistic Keith head cannon but people are allowed to disagree with it, in the end its just a show ヾ(Ő∀Ő)ノ

tell that to people like this and this. oh, and this

most people aren’t even pretending that their point is “uwu it’s a headcanon, not canon.” nope, they just ignorantly hate autistic people, and they want everyone else to know.

listen, if autistic people like myself are upset because we’re being dehumanized left and right for daring to headcanon keith as autistic, then we’re allowed to joke and say it’s fucking canon and you just gotta deal with it. we don’t make the rules!! i mean, clearly, seeing as so many people fucking hate us and wish we were dead. 

~it’s just a show, sure, until people tell me their actual real-world disgusting opinions about autistic people. 

Hey guys I’m gonna keep this simple real quick. 

Please do not submit images that do not belong to you.

If you find a funny name on another blog and would like for us to reblog it, either @ us or mention it in an ask. (I will turn on email notifications for mentions for this blog)

If any of you see images that are submitted that come from someone else’s post PLEASE let us know so we can delete it and reblog the original.

I should also mention that, this blog is mostly just a hub for people to submit things they find while playing the game. If you find a funny name from another blog just reblog it! 

I think people are starting to treat this blog like a hall of fame, it’s not, it’s just a place to get a few chuckles.

I want to apologize again for allowing that stolen submission to go through. As busy as I am and as many submissions as we get it’s not possible to check every image to see if it’s a repost or not, so I appreciate anyone stepping forward to point it out.

- Mod Sibilla

EDIT: Okay I can’t turn on email notifications for mentions on sideblogs, terrible, link the post in a submission!

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Bakugou and kaminari for the song they'd sig to their s/o?

Bakugou’s song is here – [xxx]

Originally posted by kiguroomi

Song he’d sing to his s/o
Honestly I can see him singing Rihanna - Umbrella

Why ? Because this song is about the love between two people that doesn’t feel like a relationship. Like you have to listen to the song to know what I mean lol. Denki is a flirt, and I can see him wanting to date around even if he did find his love, at least until he’s ready too.

Go Behind the Scenes With Jenna Johnson's DWTS Blog
Who are the frontrunners? Who will be most improved? The DWTS pro dishes all

Dancing With the Stars professional dancerJenna Johnson, now part of the dance troupe on the ABC series, is taking you behind the scenes of season 25.

Hello E! News readers! I am so excited to be back on the Dancing With the Stars stage this week and I’m even more excited to blog this season for E! News. I always say that there should be a reality show of what goes on behind the scenes at Dancing With the Stars because there are so many fun and exciting things that people just don’t get to see! I hope I can give some insight into that and keep you all in the know of what goes on behind the scenes this season. I wanted to start my first blog this week by sharing my Top 5 things to look out for during season 25.

1. Watch out for these frontrunners
I think that this is one of the BEST cast seasons we have had in a while. I feel like every single celebrity has something to offer, whether that be insane talent, an adorable personality or a breathtaking story. It’s funny because after watching the first episode, I didn’t want to see anyone go home! But if I had to narrow it down based off of the premiere, my early frontrunner predictions would be: Lindsay Arnold and Jordan Fisher, Mark Ballas and Lindsey Stirling, Artem Chigvintsev and Nikki Bella, and Val Chmerkovskiy and Victoria Arlen.

Keep reading

Finn : a complexe, well-rounded, loveable black character

Hux : a white guy we saw 3 minutes in the movie, who said 3 lines, so 
insignificant I didn’t even remember he was there after seeing the movie 

i wish people would stop seeing animated movies at the result of big name studios and see them rather as the result of the hard work of hundreds of artists who dedicated their time and effort into creating something for us to enjoy

My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)


it’s midnight but i’ve been thinking about this since the video came out ahdbabaij

bonus under the cut :))))

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“Have you seen people in all sides?” she asked. “I mean when you look at that girl with her back towards you, would you consider her as beautiful? Would you think that she’s kind? Would you see all the wonderful things she’s been keeping inside? And have you ever looked at a guy next to you, with his side facing you? Without seeing his eyes, would you say that he’s a gentleman? That he can tell you all the secrets of his mind.” she smiled lightly and continued, “You know sometimes, I wondered how people could just judge someone so easily without even seeing their hidden sides—without considering to stare on different perspectives. I know, sometimes I get mad and just blurt out everything. I know I did a lot of bad things, too. But I just can’t help myself on wondering, how people love ignoring some things they never wanted to see”.
—  ma.c.a // Have you seen yourself, wholely?
A Note on Reblogging (Your Own Fic/Art/Stuff/Etc.)

Look, here’s the deal with tumblr: it moves fast. A lot of people follow enough blogs that scrolling through one’s entire dash is impossible. I remember the days when I could wake up in the morning and scroll back to the last post I saw before bed. Sweet, summer child.

Here’s the other deal with tumblr: I see so much anxiety about reblogging one’s own stuff, be it art; analysis; fanfiction; hell, personal posts and replies. I have (and continue to feel deeply) that anxiety. Every time, my inner critic and I go through the same song and dance.

Critic: You look like you’re begging for notes/replies/reblogs. People will think you’re needy/full of yourself/have to be the center of attention. You already have a few notes, why do you need more? Other people have it worst than you. Ugh, you’re just clogging the dashes of your followers. If they wanted to read it, they’d have read it already.

Me: *ball of anxiety* You’re right. Wait, no you’re not. Wait, maybe you are. Wait, no—

I’d say it’s 50/50, even now, that I’ll reblog myself. 

And you know what? Fuck that. 

  • Not everyone can get through their dash in a sitting.
  • Timezones are a thing.
  • Work hours are a thing, also affected by timezones.
  • Life away from tumblr is a thing (what??? I know).

There are so many reasons a person might not see your fic/art/stuff the first time. Reblog it the next day. Reblog it a week from now. Hell, set up a schedule or a queue and have it reblog itself three months from now. Go back through old fics and reblog the ones you really liked; I guarantee you have followers who are new enough to have never seen it or who would like to reread it.

Be proud of the work you do.

Oh yeah, I felt that resistance from here.

Say it again. Out loud. Write it on a post-it note and stick it where you’ll see it.

Be proud of the work you do.

You wrote/made it for a reason. And yeah, part of that reason was probably to share it with other fans. Otherwise, why post at all? I know. Man, I get it. I’m cringing even writing that. The fucked-up “don’t show off” mentality runs deep, right?

Fuck that, too.

If you have followers who unfollow you because you’re reposting your stuff (and this is hard to prove, remember; maybe they quit tumblr, maybe their interests diverged from yours, whatever), who cares? Let them go. For everyone who leaves you, many will stay. And many will be happy to see that thing they missed because of work, life, sleeping. Especially if you follow a few points of tumblr/dash etiquette:

  • Use cuts/read mores for anything longer than a few hundred words (I tend to cut at about 400-500 words, though if something’s under about 700 I might leave it).
  • Reblog at reasonable intervals (day/evening, next day reblog, etc. Hourly might be a bit much ;D).
  • Use tags so people can filter appropriately.

Be proud of the work you do.

(Write it down. Yes, you. <3)