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Hi! 😊 Do you have any advice on how to figure out someone's type?? I've been crushing on this guy or a while and I'm really curious to find out his type, but idk if he would think that I'm nosy if I ask him to take a test, and I can't ask him directly because he's never heard of mbti before thx and have a nice dayy ❤

To be fair, I ask all my friends to take the test. But, when I need to type people this is more of less what I do:

1. Fill in what you know/have picked up on already. Sometimes you can tell that someone is a thinking type because they have expressed that being logical is important to them(very stereotypical example, but you get the idea).

2. Make an educated guess as to what their first and last letters are

ExxPs are usually spontaneous, impulsive, and outspoken

ExxJs are usually decisive, helpful, and grounded

IxxPs are usually creative, quiet, and flexible

IxxJs are usually reserved, logical, and motivated

3. Figure out their judging function

ExxPs are either Ti or Fi auxiliary

ExxJs are either Te or Fe dominant

IxxPs are either Fi or Ti dominant

IxxJs are either Fe or Te auxiliary

High Ti users are usually analytical, logical, and perfectionist

High Fi users are usually moral, optimistic, and sensitive

High Fe users are usually helpful, selfless, and organized

High Te users are usually efficient, objective, and fair

*Note: look up any functions you don’t understand or want more information on. There are a lot more complex and thorough explanations out there than what I am doing.*

**Other Note: if you don’t think that the person uses either of the 2 functions listed, you might want to go back to step 2. Cognitive functions are most important.**

4. Figure out their perceiving function

ExxPs are either Se or Ne dominant

ExxJs are either Si or Ni auxiliary

IxxPs are either Ne or Se auxiliary

IxxJs are either Ni or Si dominant

High Se users are usually focused on the present, impulsive, and graceful

High Ne users are usually open-minded, creative, and good with words

High Ni users are usually independent, strategic, and innovative

High Si users are usually down-to-earth, responsible, and practical

5. Put everything together. Use your answer to the first question, and fill in either an S or N for the first x, and F or T for the second x based on the cognitive functions you think the person uses.

6. Review the type that you have selected and see what lines up with the person and what doesn’t. If most things you see about this type align with what you already know about the person, chances are you have their correct type. If it’s slightly off, you might be as well. But it’s all a work in progress.

7. Celebrate. Also, I would love feedback on how accurate you think this is and what I should change.

- INFP Mod

Mistaken Identity.

Request from anon:um hi so if you’re still taking requests and you have time can you do a bucky x reader? like the reader has a twin that works at hydra and worked on the winter soldier (but reader doesn’t know that her twin works there) and bucky was looking for her twin to kill or something but he found her instead and he didn’t know it wasn’t her twin. so like he’s strangling her or something and right when she’s about to like die he sees a picture behind her of her and her twin and lets her go bc he was wrong.

Bucky Barnes x Twin!Reader

Words: 1,744

Warnings: Violence, threat of life, mentions of injury and language.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

Thunderstorms. You had always hated them and tonight was definitely no exception when you found yourself being pulled out of any kind of sleep by the loud claps of thunder booming through the night sky; there was no chance of getting any shut eye anytime soon. A lot of people could probably fall asleep during a storm, knowing that it would bring them no harm, but when you lived on your own and your nearest neighbour was over a mile away it didn’t take much to cause your anxiety to flare.

The thunder could so easily cover up other noises…..such as someone breaking into your car, maybe even your home.

No. No you needed to stop those kinds of thoughts. Rolling yourself onto your back your eyes glanced up to the ceiling, the moonlight seeping through the crack in your curtains illuminating it and casting a display of shadows over the smooth surface. They were enough to keep your mind distracted temporarily, the noise of the storm beginning to dull a little, and after a few minutes of watching the shadows move about you found yourself finally beginning to drift off into what would, hopefully, be a peaceful night’s sleep.

But then everything changed in seconds. What had been slowly becoming a tranquil scene transformed into a life threatening situation as you felt a cold sensation enveloping your throat before an intense pressure started to be applied.

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"they’re both idealists. They both care about the people they govern, which makes them unique in Westeros. And they both feel the same weight of the crown. All that that draws her to him. He’s good hearted and would want to ‘break the wheel’ with her.” Dave Hill about Jonerys. I'm dead seriously. I love how the directors/writers all say such wonderful things about them.

God I know!! It is really so reassuring to see that all of the people who actually work on the series, who actually know its trajectory, have nothing but POSITIVE things to say about Dany and about her relationship with Jon.

When I get down I look back at Benioff’s comments on 7.04 hahah.

I know this movie is just gratuitous fanservice, cameos, and Easter eggs, but this part keeps nagging me. If she’s working at a restaurant “posing” as herself, this means that the above look, which is her uniform, existed in this universe. This is how people are accustomed to seeing Harley. Her skin is made to look bleached but for the rest of the movie she has a normal skin tone. How would she have had bleached skin at some point but not currently?

Obviously it’s just put in thoughtlessly for fun and I’m cool with it, I just need to pick these things apart lmao. 

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I'm sending you something in your usual title style (songs!): "I Don't Like You (But I Love You)" ^w^

Fic I Would Write For This: Modern magical fantasy AU

Two strangers are accidentally hit by cupid’s arrows, making them fall instantly in love. However, the effects of the spell wear off in a matter of hours and soon they are left with a pair of engagement rings and a whole lot of confusion over what the hell just happened. Viktor and Yuuri barely know each other, they’re still practically strangers, but they now have the memories of the short time when they were madly in love. Cupid’s arrows can only work on people who are already compatible and so they decide to get to know each other and see if that love might bloom again, but naturally this time.

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I will legit personally fight anyone who is genuinely mad or upset at SJM for pushing back the release date of TOG7. Like do you guys understand how terrifying and life changing to go through what she did with her father? My sister wound up in the hospital from a car wreck with only a broken collar bone and broken ankle not anywhere close to death, and that wrecked me. For the months of my sister’s recovery life was not normal and it was hard. I can’t even imagine having my father go through something that and not knowing if they would survive and being told statistically it’s not something many people live through. Plus she’s been going through a crap ton of other shit.

Nothing pisses me off more then people expecting authors, artist, etc to be some sort of machine cranking out work left and right and become mad when they don’t get something.. Like they’re human, they go through the same shit we go through and feel the same things we do whether we see it or not. 

Okay, I’m done.

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I know you're all anarchists and reeeeeeally hate the idea of capitalism lite. I was wondering though; what changes to the current "free" market model would you want to see? Either in transition to an anarchist model or to prevent the worst abuses currently carried out under capitalism.

If I had absolutely NO choice whatsoever, the one thing I would support is basic income and liveable wage. But that doesn’t change the fact that capitalism is exploitative, but if my interest were to change the language around how people view work and the how people prioritize capital vs. human lives, that’s the one thing I would want to see happen.

- Mod A

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i agree with you i'm going to b sad if they simplify it and make it about a boy finding a girl and boom now everything's great:) except maybe the possible love triangle, they never end well. i would be sad about that too tho because just no

I’m glad they’re working w girls and the girls are really beautiful and I’m glad they’re doing dramas??? too?? Like I said, expanding their career in some ways. But I dont know I’ve just seen things on Twitter about how the solo songs off of Wings were about the girls and whatnot and I really don’t like to think of it that way. I feel like they told very complex and beautiful stories and for people to simplify what they had been telling into something that has to do with love interest is soooooo bland to me.
You can experience so much in life without being in a relationship and I guess that’s why I had been a bit disappointed with the direction that this appears to be going towards since loving yourself has to do with your own experiences and yourself and not something to do with love interest. Another person can help you guide yourself to self love but in the end its about you who must take the steps to get there.
But all in all I trust the boys and I’m going to support anything they do whether or not if I had been disappointed in the beginning or not. Perhaps this is all a misunderstanding and it’s not what anyone would think it is. With BigHit it’s kind of just guessing and hoping.

Unpopular opinion: apparently some select people in the Dream Daddy fandom are getting a little uppity because of Joseph Christiansen, the technically not canon (yet..?) cult ending, and his struggles as someone who is attracted to both females and males. You play as a man regardless, and it’s a Daddy Dating Simulator, meaning that every dad has to at least be bi, canon. I mean (SPOILERS AHEAD) Joseph fucks you in his yacht and leaves for Christ sake! People are getting upset that the cult ending shows Joseph in a bad light from what we can gather so far. We don’t know much and to be completely honest with you some people have a theory that the cult ending might’ve just been a marketing ploy to get the game to blow up overnight, which it did. I hope that’s not the case because the game lacks very little depth into the characters, at most it shows that they have issues they’re working on. This would add so much depth and I hope DLCs that make the game longer do come out because I mad fuck with this game and all of its fans. But there’s something you need to understand.

The sexuality of the dads in the game does not define them, and Joseph being portrayed in a bad light with the cult ending should have nothing to do with his sexuality. Whether or not he turns out to be the wicked person we see in the cult ending or not, the fact he’s bi shouldn’t immediately make this a bad thing.

Sometimes I see that people want LGBT+ characters to be so immune. To be so problem-free, unless it has something to do with their sexuality.

Y'all need to understand that LGBT+ people CAN BE BAD PEOPLE. (I actually don’t think that Joseph is a bad person based on absolutely everything canon, cult ending excluded for not being canon, but that’s a post for another day.) LGBT+ can be problematic - WITHOUT IT BEING A BLOW TO THE LGBT+ COMMUNITY!

Please understand that when an LGBT+ character seems problematic, or maybe has morals or views that you don’t agree with, that doesn’t mean that the developers, directors, etc. of that show/game/etc. are doing it because they’re LGBT+.

Please understand that no LGBT+ character should be immune from being problematic or having problems not directly related to romance or sexuality just because they’re LGBT+.

Please understand that this game is such a good game and gives so much representation to the LGBT+ community, if you’d stop trying to look for some sort of homophobic undertone that isn’t there.

Please appreciate the game for what it is, and remember that a character being LGBT+, shouldn’t make or break that character.

And please, understand that a character being LGBT+ doesn’t define who they are, and anyone, bad or good, can be LGBT+ in media.

hey guyzzzz

im making DEH acrylic charms / keychains because i want to send some to the cast

im working on the designs right now and im wondering if anyone would be interested? im still figuring it all out and ive never done this before but id like to know if people would be interested in this, see how much ill end up investing and how many charms i would order then

in anyways ill keep you posted…..if i dont give up halfway fjshsj

You know when you’ve been working on a fic since 2015 and you’re just getting to a point where you can maybe post something and you more or less know that no one will care because the fandom has moved on but you have worked on this shit for more than two fucking years and to not post it would be a waste but at the same time it’s two years of your life and you will be so sad when only twenty people read it so maybe not bother with it?

“I’m a bit busy currently with….stuff so bare with me! I know many people lost interest in me and I totally understand that! After such a long while I would be bored of myself too but I try to be a bit more active again…at least I try to answer asks I still have to answer and asks I currently got! My mod has not much time with work and school but she’s trying her best! Have a good day y’all!”

Love Yourself Highlight Reel

I just gotta get something off my chest. Don’t get me wrong I’m not some delusional fan that doesn’t want the members to date or anything. I mean it’s all part of growing up and they are all humans with their own feelings. With that being said here I go:

Just like many I’m slightly disappointed they are going with the romance approach. It takes away the purpose of Love Yourself. In all honesty being in a relationship does not equal the love for yourself. More often than not people try to get the love from their partner. That only works for some time, but never for eternity. If you can’t live yourself you can’t love someone the right way, because you don’t know your own worth and someone else is never going to give you that. Only you can do that.

I wish Bighit would go for the approach of their struggles in life and growing up and along the way finding themselves and actually love themselves. We all know Rap Monster and Jimin especially struggled with seeing their own worth and how good they are and how beautiful they are! Even till today Jimin feels he is not good enough with his singing. 

I want them to use that! Finding yourself is the hardest struggle of life. Loving yourself is the hardest struggle of life. That means not only the boys have that problem, but ARMY does too. What better message can you give someone than to show the importance of loving yourself or getting there step by step.

The romance part confuses me and doesn’t fit the love yourself theme at all. So for that I’m disappointed. If they think this is how you can love yourself they ave a lot to learn still. Your partner doesn’t show your value only you can do that. 

Everyone that reads this, I just want to tell you that you are enough. You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are worth it. 

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I noticed that you tagged the deleted CS scene that you're glad they cut it. I feel the same way and thought I was alone.

You’ll find that in a fandom as large as this one you are rarely the only one to feel the way you do.

My duckling heart was happy that they cut this scene because it makes both of them look bad.

Killian is rightfully angry and I would be just fine with this scene … except I know what happens just a few hours later … HE decides to keep a secret from HER. So his anger at this point would make her acceptance and understanding in the next episode seem so unbalanced.

As for Emma … I have had it with people getting mad at her for doing the same things that they do. Regina, Snow, and Henry all scolded Emma and her response is always to apologize and beg forgiveness. That doesn’t work for me with her and Hook. They have an understanding. He was clearly upset with her but it worked better as his quiet frustration instead of being vocalized scolding.

Both of them are used to being alone so their tendency to keep secrets and stew about them is their CHARACTER FLAW. 

The only thing I will say is that this scene does make Emma’s reaction to Hook lying in 6B and his subsequent plan to leave town make a bit more sense .. but separated by a long break this wouldn’t have helped too much.

So here's a personal story;

So at one point I was married. (I’m getting a divorce atm) and when me and my husband first got together I ended up telling him about my kink for tickling, he was cool with it, and seemed to enjoy it and have fun with it. But once our relationship started going south he would use it against me, by using it to put me in the mood.
I would tell him you know hey not tonight or whatever, and he would start tickling me. It was obvious what he was trying to accomplish, sometimes it worked and other times it didn’t. That’s not the point though, my point is tickling is supposed to be a thing that brings us happiness and for some it is sexual. But don’t let people use it against you and make you feel like you owe them something because they tickle you. We should be able to tell people we love about this and be respected and enjoy it the right way.
I hope that makes somewhat sense and I don’t mean for this to come off as in “don’t tell people you like to be tickled(or to tickle) just be cautious of people who may take advantage or to far.


Hi, I hope it’s okay for me to link my shameless Fluffybuns and Reader fic on this blog here? I know there are a lot of people out there who want to see more Asgore x Reader out there, so I thought I would put this here in case you all would like to see it. 


Hope you guys have a wonderful day, and if this sort of thing bothers you then you can feel free to delete from inbox :) Bless you mods! 

I know it already says that I am accepting requests for prompts on my page, but I decided to make this post anyway in hopes that this will be more visible and welcoming to you!

I already gave myself some stories to work on, but I would still love to write for other people. I find it very beneficial because it helps with my motivation and creativity. If you don’t know my style of writing or have not read any of my work, you are more than welcome to check them out below!

Afraid 2jae, 3.1k
Kisses 2jae, 1.4k
Like Before jj project, 2k

I did receive a request a few months back, and this was how it turned out. You can most definitely use this as a guide. You just need to include a prompt and a pairing you want the story to be about. I don’t expect you to think of a prompt on the spot and feel pressured to send me any. If you do want to send one or two prompts, you can take a look at these lists I found. It is much easier and hopefully it is useful to you if you are having trouble thinking of one!

high school romance
former lovers meet again
adorable things to do together
still in love even after breakup

I am stronger at writing angst, but it is totally okay if you want me to write fluff too because it would allow me to practice my writing for other genres. I hope you enjoy reading my stories and look forward to my mini projects coming soon! I want to thank you in advance if you send me any prompts too!

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Hello, Father! I have been struggling greatly in recent months with fear of disease and death, though I know ultimately they are works of the devil. I have done my best to pray for comfort, yet my worries persist. Do you have any advice on how to achieve that deep peace and joy that Christ wishes for us? I see other devout Catholics who have these gifts and they always seem to be so much "holier" than I am, though I feel like I am trying my best... Any advice would be great. God bless.


The fear and anxiety caused by disease and death afflicts many–millions of people, in fact.

For many, there is an accumulated stress and tension that has built up over years and then a straw comes along that breaks the camel’s back, so to speak. For others, there is a main traumatic time or event that triggers a slide into anxiety that is reinforced as we run away from the triggers.

My advice is not to judge yourself just because you pray and the worries persist.

You are dealing with a battle on multiple fronts–mental fatigue, being emotionally drained, being physically triggered in your brain chemicals, as well as being spiritually persecuted in your thoughts–saying to yourself over and over that you must be doing something wrong, or else you would feel better like peaceful, joyful Catholics feel. The mental boogeymen of disease and death are an outward symptom of an interior battle on various fronts, in my opinion.

My other advice is to tackle this problem with multiple helpers. Get advice from people about nutrition and exercise that helps the body detox, take in lots of oxygen and sunlight, and feel relaxed each day. Get advice from people who can help you deal with mental and emotional baggage. A licensed therapist is best but anyone will do who is a great friend and listens well. 

There are also excellent books out there by people whose words are soothing and assuring that anxiety can be dealt with and that there is hope. Get advice from spiritual guides like priests, sisters, deacons, or educated laypeople who can assure you with Scripture and spiritual tools that Jesus and Mary are always there to give you light and protection.

As far as people out there who seem so peaceful and joyful, they have often not fought the interior fears you are fighting, to the level of intensity you are fighting them. So, quite often, they mean well, but they just don’t understand how it is.

Compare “peaceful” Catholics and you to a group on a high canyon ridge who are enjoying a beautiful hike. Now let’s say that the rest of the group stays on the hiking trail, but you lose your footing. 

You begin to slip down a long, steep mountainside. It’s not like you fall over a cliff and die. It’s more like slipping down, slipping down, rolling down, getting up, slipping down, and sliding down, until before you know it, you are about half a mile down the mountainside, past trees, past shrubs, past so much vegetation that the group can’t even see you anymore. And you can’t see the group. And you can’t even hardly see any light.

Now, the group can send someone to run and get help. But without special equipment, they cannot go and get you because then they will slip down the mountainside. And they cannot hear you because you are far away covered up behind trees and vegetation.

Most of all, they cannot understand at that moment, what you are going through at that moment. They are still up on a trail, in a safe place, knowing their direction, knowing where they are going, and how to go and get help. 

You, on the other hand, are down a deep valley, far from help, far from what is safe and familiar. You don’t know when help will come or if it will come. You are pretty bruised, scraped, banged up, and in pain. 

Most of all, your heart is racing with the fear that you are unable to see much light at the top of the hill and you are just alone. You can try to climb back up the mountain, back to the trail, but you will be by yourself for the moment, and you are not exactly sure what to do.

This is what you are going through. It’s not that you did something bad, or that you can just pray yourself back up to where everyone else is at, safe and on the trail.

I don’t know if this makes any sense, but what I’m saying is that it is a long haul back to a better place, a safer place, a more peaceful place. 

Prayer is good and assuring for your spiritual trust and faith in Our Lord and the holy Virgin, but there is also a lot of work to survive and climb up out of the hole you fell down into. 

And besides prayer, there are other strategies and other techniques and other activities you will have to engage in, in order to find hope and health for your nerves, which are banged up and stressed out over the thought of disease and death. 

There’s taking care of the body nutritionally, taking care of sleep, taking care of exercise, taking care of good reading from authors who know how to deal with anxiety and nervous disorders, taking care of past baggage, therapy, checking in with doctors to see if there are underlying health issues, finding good friends, support groups, and also having a community or parish where you can connect with others.

The advice and good people helping on various fronts should help you get to the bottom of “Why is the thought of disease and death affecting me so much right now, and how do I climb out of this mental obsession and back to a place where I enjoy “normal” once again?” 

I consider the sacraments, the saints, the prayers at Church with fellow believers, to be an essential and weekly reminder of light and love that is on its way to the rescue, to help me climb back up the mountain and out of my dark holes. But once in a while I also remind myself that it’s alright to challenge myself, to push myself, to face my fears, so that I don’t give up the battle to find more and more of Christ and His peace inside of me. 

The more times I run away from a challenge, and the more times I run away from something that gives me fear and anxiety, the more I stay stuck and the more the fears stay fearful, and the more what causes anxiety keeps me more anxious. 

The long haul to NOT obsess about certain things that make us obsessive is one fearful step after another into the unknown, with faith and hope that God’s grace will be with us on the other side of small victories and small triumphs.

It’s funny that you mention disease and death, because that was the subject of much of my obsession a few years ago, and then I caught heart disease, and then I was told I would die without an operation.

It’s been over three years since the operation, but I’m glad that I went through the sum of my fears. Because once I literally dove right into my fears (facing heart disease), and plowed right into what I obsessed about (having major surgery), there was a sense afterward of “Okay, I still here. Wow. Like, I’m really still here. Now, I don’t have to obsess about facing the worst thing in life because, now, I’ve faced it.”

I would never wish for you, to catch a major disease, and to go through major surgery and recuperation, like I did. What I am saying is that it is true that if you hold on, and walk the long haul you have to walk, and do the daily activities you need to do, you will face and recover from the worst of anxiety, For those of us who fell down the mountainside and climbed back up to the trail, we can say that it really is worth it to go looking for that light at the end of the tunnel.

Please accept my apologies for this long, rambling post about your simple question. Your question made me think about my life experiences from the last few years, and these are some of the thoughts I was able to throw together in answer to what you were asking. You are in my prayers and all those who suffer through various symptoms of anxiety will be lifting you up in their thoughts and prayers as well. God bless and take care, Fr. Angel