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Office Worker!Performance Unit

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Hello, I see aus are open. you’ve done highschool and college au, how about officeworkers!svt? thanks hehe


  • Job title: Receptionist
  • Years experience: 2
  • Salary: $17.50 per hour
  • This guy really is quite the character I’ll tell you that right now
  • Actually the last thing he wanted was an office job
  • He thought it would be really boring and he would just be sitting around all day making spreadsheets
  • But he was mindlessly browsing Craigslist one day and came across an ad for the perfect job for him
  • So now he sits around all day and talks to people on the phone!
  • Fun!!!!
  • In all seriousness though it’s actually a great job for him because they were specifically looking for someone who is bilingual
  • The company really didn’t even need another receptionist because they already hired receptionist!Seokmin who pretty much built the company’s entire reputation by himself
  • But Seokmin doesn’t know how to speak Chinese
  • Plus they were interested to see Jun’s unique style
  • And boy is it……….. unique……..
  • For starters, just know that Jun has never kept a record book of any kind in his entire life
  • He’s literally the least organized person at the office
  • Which is actually pretty sad seeing as mail clerk!Vernon walks around the office with coffee rings on his shirts
  • Jun also has a tendency to get really lazy
  • Like he finds it really tedious that he has to keep physical records of peoples’ appointments and then go log it in the computer database
  • Basically he’s a giant weenie and gets really annoyed at the slightest inconvenience
  • His favorite part of the job by far is actually talking to people
  • His strategy for that is pretty much just to relentlessly flirt with and/or compliment the client until they hang up
  • And that actually isn’t a shock to anyone since his favorite pastimes at the office include winking at people, making 18+ jokes, and eating other peoples’ snacks
  • His best friend at the office is probably payroll clerk!The8 though he’s close with all the other guys too
  • The other employees at the office seem to think he’s some weird flirt robot that only knows how to make terrible pun pickup lines
  • So the other guys are pretty much the only ones that know what he’s really like
  • Even though he never checks the group chat and it really annoys webmaster!Soonyoung because he’s sent some a1 pics of Jun mid-sneeze in there
  • He also loves tuning into the hot goss at the water cooler with human resources representative!Seungkwan
  • Even though everyone knows that Jun is lover not a fighter
  • He’d never confront anyone about anything
  • Although he does know how to fight since he likes going to the gym on his days off
  • Guys… let’s stay on task here.. resist the urge to picture Jun at the gym
  • But yeah he’s pretty much just a five-year-old wearing a tie and even though that’s really unusual for someone with an office job it’s cool because he hasn’t turned into a coffee addicted insomniac zombie yet


  • Job title: Webmaster
  • Years experience: 2
  • Salary: $22 per hour
  • No one can believe he actually works at the office tbh
  • He has pretty much no useful skills other than computer programming and is about as organized as the inside of a vacuum cleaner
  • But even though he is just about the weirdest person to ever walk the face of the earth and also a giant weeb, no one can argue that he’s not brilliant
  • Except maybe him tbh he’s probably the only person that doesn’t see it
  • He actually never applied for a job at the office
  • And even if he did apply he probably wouldn’t qualify for anything
  • He majored in dance at university and started a website where he’d post videos of himself dancing
  • After college he kinda just sat around for a few months with nothing else to do but maintain the site
  • And the company contacted him because they thought his website was cool
  • He was pretty much like !!!!!!!?!!? but he accepted the job offer since he needed cash
  • So now his job is to build and run websites for the company
  • He started out just working from home but then he signed a more long term contract so now he works in the office building with all his equally memey friends awww :’)
  • Some of his best friends include receptionist!Seokmin and secretary!Joshua
  • And unlike most of the other employees at the office, Soonyoung doesn’t really have to spend all day in front of his computer because as long as the websites are running smoothly he’s pretty much good to go
  • So this means he has ample free time to prank literally everyone :-)
  • This guy is literally a prankster’s prankster though like he’s pulled just about every prank in the book
  • His favorite is probably the classic bubble wrap around the office supplies
  • But when he does that he goes all out like he once bubble wrapped everything on human resources representative!Seungkwan’s desk
  • Even the pencils
  • Like ??????????
  • He also loves taking candids of the other guys and sending them in the group chat with no context
  • And that might explain why he and Seungkwan are currently locked in a weird meme battle in the group chat
  • But I mean what about Soonyoung isn’t just slightly weird
  • We’re talking about the guy who dances in the elevator with his earbuds in and the music so loud that he doesn’t even notice when the boss walks in on him
  • At least he’s smart
  • And cute
  • …….moving on……..
  • For some unfathomable reason Soonyoung is also on the planning committee for the company holiday parties
  • Christmas, New Year’s, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc.
  • I have no idea why they would trust him with that but yeah that’s something he does
  • But to be fair, the committee is only made up of like 4 people and Soonyoung is pretty much the only one that remembers to show up to the meetings
  • He’s also in the process of pushing for an April Fool’s Day party but knowing him it won’t even be a party it’ll just be an excuse for him to hang pictures of memes around the office and rickroll Seokmin
  • Baby Hosh Hosh is just too happy for his own good and he needs to be protected at all costs


  • Job title: Payroll Clerk
  • Years experience: ½
  • Salary: $20 per hour
  • This poor baby ok here we go
  • You probably already knew this but I’ll say it again: THIS BOY IS A CINNAMON ROLL, TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD, TOO PURE
  • There’s always that one person at the office whose name no one else ever remembers
  • Unfortunately it’s Minggo :/
  • He’s just so nice and quiet and cares so much about everyone else even if they don’t know who he is
  • He chose to go into payroll even though it’s clearly the most boring department so he could make sure everyone gets their fair pay
  • I’m telling you this kid is the definition of nice
  • But when he’s around his friends at the office he does actually have the capacity to roast all of them
  • He closest to receptionist!Junhui but he does have other friends and he’s in the squad group chat
  • The group chat in itself was probably a huge mistake tbh what goes on in there is pure chaos
  • Graphic designer!Mingyu started this thing where every time he sees Minghao around the office he immediately tries to freestyle rap battle him
  • But one day Minghao started rapping back
  • So now if the other employees even know Minghao at all they know him as that new kid that always rap battles the other new kid
  • What a legacy :’)
  • Minghao also likes dancing as a hobby so he was able to bond a lot with webmaster!Soonyoung over that and he was pretty much the one that introduced Minghao to the other guys
  • Even though now Jun and Minghao are pretty much inseparable
  • And they’re constantly laughing some about weird inside jokes they have in Chinese and everyone else is like “what happened to the quiet new kid”
  • Also did I mention that Minghao always dresses abnormally well for work?
  • No?
  • Ok well that’s a thing
  • People in payroll and mail can usually get away with just wearing polo shirts and khakis
  • But Minghao goes all out every day
  • Button-ups, funky patterned ties, oxfords, and suit pants that are probably a little too tight on him
  • But it’s not like anyone minds haha………. I wouldn’t..
  • Also his hair always looks great
  • He actually would just look great all the time though so don’t question me on this ok
  • And he’s that guy that either smiles at or greets everyone he walks past
  • Like even if he’s in the worst mood no one would be able to tell because he always walks around smiling to himself and humming without a care in the world
  • And he shares his food with other people too
  • But even if they don’t ask and just take it @Jun he’s fine with it
  • Unless the person is Mingyu then he would probably fight him
  • But like aside from beef that he has with some people as joke, literally everyone likes him
  • I mean how could you not though???
  • He’s so soft and unproblematic?????????


  • Job title: Intern
  • Years experience: 1/12
  • Salary: N/A
  • Every office needs an unpaid intern that automatically becomes the butt of every joke
  • And Chan’s arguably the best butt for the job!!
  • .. ok that sounded weirder than i meant it to yikes
  • He’s still in college so he took up the internship to get credits
  • But in addition to that, he also got a rowdy new group of friends that literally can’t let him do anything without turning it into some kind of meme
  • Ah friendship :’)
  • Like that’s not even exaggerating one time webmaster!Soonyoung sent a candid of Chan drinking water in the group chat and from then on every time the guys saw him they always asked “how thirsty are you today?”
  • Not to mention that whole “whose baby are you” thing
  • One time events planner!Jeonghan actually asked him that in front of the boss
  • And that was just one of many times Chan found himself thanking every deity of every religion that he’s not actually working there
  • But he does have a job to accomplish and he is interning at that specific company for a reason
  • He’s majoring in computer engineering so he mostly just hangs around webmaster!Soonyoung and computer repair specialist!Seungcheol
  • He looks up to them a lot and he wants to be like them in the future but in all honesty their jobs seem really high stress to him
  • He kinda doesn’t know if he can handle it
  • That in combination with the fact that some of the older women who work in the office like to pinch his cheeks in the break room just really scares him tbh
  • Actually the correct answer to “whose baby are you” is: literally everyone’s
  • Pretty much every single person at the office calls him their grandson
  • Besides getting emotionally attacked, the main other thing Chan does is help Seungcheol out with maintenance work
  • Every time some old guy’s monitor goes to sleep or a middle aged mom can’t figure out how to do something, Seungcheol is the guy that gets called
  • And by extension, Chan!!!!
  • Because they’re the dream team now
  • The company’s got some pretty state of the art technology so nothing major ever really goes wrong
  • So that basically just means that most of Chan’s work pretty much just involves turning the computer off then on again
  • Pretty riveting stuff tbh
  • But then the real fun starts when the person who called asked why the problem happened and Seungcheol pretends to get another call so Chan has to explain everything
  • Even though he pretty much gets bullied at the office and his supervisor is a complete weirdo, he loves it there and he loves the guys
  • And I love him…….
  • Ok never mind bye

-Written by Admin Cali


                                       Trip to Barcelona Part 7:


“Y/N…? Amor..?  Wake up”

You slowly opened your eyes that immediately met Neymar’s green ones.

“Bom Dia” he pronounced tucking your hair behind your ear

Everything was going well between you two since you told everything to Rafaella. She was happy for you two, so were you.

“You want to come with me at training today? Davi had his turn, today is yours” he suggested

You stretched: “Mmmh.. Ok, ok… Just, let me take a shower. I won’t be long”

He nodded, kissed you and left the bedroom. You took a quick shower, put on a grey Nike baggy pant with a simple white tank top and black sport shoes. You were ready. You grabbed your phone and ran downstairs where your boyfriend was waiting. Calling him boyfriend is new and weird, but you liked it.

You both got out, jumped in his car and headed to the Camp Nou.

“Ney..?” you said putting your hand on his

“Sim ?”

“You’re ready for today.. ? For your mother and Davi ” you asked him, knowing that he didn’t feel good since he had to say goodbye to them later

“Yeah… Don’t worry” he turned his head to you and smiled (trying to cover his sadness). You smiled back before looking back at the road.

                                                                                                 * * *

When you arrived, you sat on a bench, waiting for the players to come out. When they did, some of them recognized you thanks to the party Neymar had thrown a week ago. Here is Neymar who immediately came next to you, holding you by your waist:

“So.. Guys, I present you Y/N, my girlfriend” he announced looking at them

“How can a lovely girl like her be with a dumb like you ?” Dani Alves said making fun of him, as always apparently.

“Maybe if he didn’t hang out with you, he could be better..” Piqué added teasing Dani

“COME ON GUYS !” the coach screamed

They waved at you, and ran to the pitch. Neymar kissed you on the cheek and joined them.

It was the first time you attended one of his training sessions. You pretty liked what you saw. He was so sexy, playing with the ball as if he had magic in his feet.

After the training, he came to you:

“So.. You enjoyed it ?”  

“I did, yeah. You’re not that bad finally..” you joked

He brought you closer to him, ready to kiss you, but you abruptly stopped: “No way, you’re sweating” and you slightly pushed him away.

He rolled his eyes and followed the team to the showers.


*Few minutes later*

He didn’t come back. Did he forget you ? You got down the stairs, looking for him. The place was a real maze. You tried to identify where the locker rooms were. Here ! The door was a bit open.

“Hello…?” you said opening it slowly

Suddenly, a hand grabbed your arm to make you enter another room behind.

“You wanted to join me ?” Neymar’s voice sounded as his warm breath hit your neck

You rolled your eyes : “Omg Ney.. You fucking scared me !”

“I know.. I love it, because I know how to reassure you” he smirked

You bit your lip as you looked up and down at him. His wet hair, these water droplets rolling down his abs turned you on. He crashed your body on the wall to kiss you roughly. You put your hands around his neck, bringing him closer. How could he make you feel that way within a minute ?!

“Oops ! Sorry lovebirds !” Piqué said catching you in action before closing back the door  

You blushed like hell, covering your face with your hands. Neymar was laughing out loud !

« Stop it ! It’s not funny ! » you slapped his shoulder

You both got back in the car, and when he was about to start it, Gerard (Piqué) stopped in front of you, imitating what he saw. It was really awkward. Dani, appearing behind him, calmed him down by smacking his back.

“They’re totally crazy” you chuckled

“I know. But they’re good friends.. Very good friends” he told you while laughing


*Few hours later*

Neymar has been enjoying the last few hours with his son and Nadine. Now, it was time to leave to the airport. Neymar was holding Davi in his arms, you could feel how sad he was. He kissed him on the cheek. The kid took his face between his cute little hands, and kissed him on the lips.

“Time to go guys” Nadine said taking hers and Davi Lucca’s luggage.

                                                                                                  * * *

You all stepped in the airport, checking at what time the flight was. It was in 20 minutes, they had to get in. Rafaella started crying:

“I can’t believe you can’t be here for my birthday.. I wanted you to stay”

Nadine hugged her, apologizing “I know my love, but I work and Davi has school..”

While Rafaella was saying goodbye to Davi, Nadine was talking to Neymar, holding him in her arms. He scratched his eyes and answered her: “I won’t mamai, I swear. Eu te amo ”

We could notice that she was holding back her tears, she is a strong woman. When she saw that Neymar was with his son, she came and hugged you:

“I trust you Y/N, you are a wonderful girl.. I consider you like my daughter now…”

Her words brought you tears in the eyes. You hugged her tight, thanking her for everything she had done for you the whole time she was here. You will really miss her.

Davi and her walked towards the corridor leading to the plane. You, Rafaella and Neymar waved to them before walking out the airport.

You noted that some people were taking pictures of the 3 of you. Some of them were random people, and the others were paparazzi. The fans still didn’t know about you two. Rumors were running, but he didn’t confirm anything.


*At home*

Neymar went straight upstairs to his bedroom while Rafaella stayed in the leaving room. You sat on the sofa, comforting her.

“Thank you so much Y/N for being here..” she declared “But you should go to see Neymar.. He needs you more than me right now.”

“You’re sure..?”

She nodded, showing a weak smile. When you got upstairs, Neymar’s door was closed. You knocked, and opened it slowly since he didn’t reply. He was lain on the bed, staring at the ceiling. When he saw you coming in, he smiled before spreading his arms. You laid down next to him, your head on his chest.

“Are you ok ?” you asked, taking his hand in yours

“I am when you’re here..” he answered interlocking your fingers

“I will always be here for you..”

You could feel his heart beating faster. He took a deep breath and spoke in a low voice: “I … I think I love you..”

You raised your head looking at him with wide eyes: “Wh-.. What did you say ?” you questioned, not really sure about what you heard.

He smiled, placing his hand on your cheek: “I said that I love you Y/N”

Your eyes shone with emotion. He said it, he finally said it ! You weren’t just a casual encounter. He felt something for you, love.

“I love you too” you pronounced, happily

He kissed your forehead, and you both lain back until you fell asleep.

                                                                                   * * *


A phone was vibrating. Wait, it was yours. You tapped on your pocket trying to pick it up:


The person on the phone was your best friend. She was yelling like crazy and Neymar was still asleep next to you. You tried to speak in a low voice:

“ I understand nothing of what you’re saying.. I’ll call you back later”

When you declined, there were a lot of notifications on your screen. Most of them were Instagram notifications. You opened one of them to discover that Rafaella had posted a photo of you and Neymar sleeping. The caption under the pic said: Happiness is falling asleep next to the person you love and waking up thinking you’re still dreaming…♥

In the picture we could clearly see Neymars face, yours was a bit hidden, but still apparent. That must be the reason why your best friend called you.

“Hey you” your boyfriend’s rough voice sounded next to your ear “What are you doing ?” he asked, peering at your phone’s screen

“I’m looking at the sweet photo your dear sister posted…”

You gave him the phone to make him see. He smirked:

“Well.. now everybody will know how happy you make me”

You giggled and kissed him. He always have the right words. After that, you both went downstairs to join Rafaella.

“Oi ! Did you see my little surprise ?” she asked with a big smile on her face

“Yes, it surprised me indeed” you laughed “But it’s better like that I think…?” you glanced at Neymar

“It’s perfect” he smiled


*In the evening*

While watching TV, you were going through the comments to see what people commented about the picture. Some of the comments were sweet: Beautiful ♥ , awww , they’re so cute ! *o*.

Some were least: Who the hell is she? , don’t touch him !, ew, she looks ugly .

And other ones confused you.. They were about someone that you didn’t know, maybe Rafaella knew more about it ?

“Rafa ? Uh… Who is Bruna?” you asked

She stopped what she was doing:

“Um… It’s a.. She’s a friend” she said a bit lost

“Ok, but why are people are talking about her in the photo ?”

“Because… She’s also.. Neymar’s ex girlfriend”

“But.. I thought he never had a serious relationship ?”

“He did.. actually”

You stood there, still. You didn’t know what to think of it. You’ve been with him for at least 3 weeks now and he already lied to you. You felt strange.

After a moment, Neymar joined you. You were thinking of asking him about this Bruna but.. What if it was too early?

“Y/N.. Are you ok? You’re quiet” he questioned, frowning

“Um… No, sorry it’s just…” you started, but he put his thumb on your chin to make you face him:

“Tell me”

You sighed: “I saw people commenting on the photo about a Bruna..  Rafaella told me that she was your ex and .. yeah.. I wondered when you broke up, that’s it..”

His face changed: “Bruna.. Yeah.. Uh.. We broke up maybe.. three months ago »

« Why ? » you questioned

"Oh.. You know.. Some problems.. and distance..”

Distance. That’s what you didn’t want to hear. In a week, you’d be confronted to it too.

“But don’t worry ! It will be different for us. I promess” he added trying to comfort you

Of course, it’ll be different. He hugged you tight and placed a kiss on your forehead.


Fuu ! Finally finished writing it xD it’s longer right? 

I hope you like it guys, because next part will be interesting ! haha