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hey emma! i can't actually see the ads on your blog :0 if they're below your links on the left i can't scroll down to see them >.< i'm not sure if it's just my laptop or what sorry!

Hey! Ahh, this is what I hate about Tumblr themes - they change so much depending on peoples computers/browsers/etc! Yeah, I put them below the links. How annoying - I’ll have to check it out on my other laptop and see if it’s the same on there. I appreciate you letting me know! x

spoilers all over: ffxv and the symbology of sleep

I had an Anonnie ask me for headcanons about sharing a bed (as in sleeping) with Ardyn, and while listening to the FFXV piano collections this morning and contemplating all the themes, this really made me want to elaborate on the theme of sleep, and the juxtaposition with light in the game, because this has been in my mind so much recently. 

I know many more clever people have already dealt with this before but I’m just throwing in my two cents.

On the surface, there are a lot of references to sleep straight away; the theme we hear first when we start the game, playing in the main menu is called Somnus (lat. sleep); Noctis (lat. night) is the prince of Lucis (lat. light), and the citadel is called Insomnia, literally, ‘habitual sleeplessness; inability to sleep’.

Now I find it fascinating, that the original idea, that is also still present in the Brotherhood anime, but which unfortunately doesn’t get explored in the game, was that Noctis keeps falling asleep all the time, even during the day. In the beginning of the game, Noctis is, figuratively, still ‘dreaming’ - he’s wayward but unaware of the grand events that are taking place, and his true destiny.

Noctis’ love interest in the story is Luna (lat. moon). FFXV does not only borrow names from Latin, but is also strongly linked to Greek mythology, ie. their world is called Eos, in Greek myths the goddes of the morning star, or, dawn. Luna is also the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Selene. 

According to the myths, Selene, the moon goddess, fell in love with a sleeping shepherd (in some variations a hunter, or a king), Endymion. Being immortal herself, she couldn’t bear her lover becoming old and dying. Thus, she asked Zeus (or according to other sources, cast a spell herself) to make Endymion fall asleep, and in his eternal sleep, remain young and immortal. Only in his sleep, could he be together with his beloved.

See where this is going?

Originally posted by ludast

The first major event in the game to wake Noctis from his naive ‘sleep’, is when, while forging a covenant with Leviathan, Luna dies and Noctis is forced to use the power of the Armiger for the first time, thus getting a first glimpse of the power he can possess. The musical composition we hear during the Leviathan fight is aptly named Apocalypsis Noctis, lat. ‘the revelation of the night’, or, ‘the revelation of Noctis’. This is literally the revelation, the awakening for Noctis.

From there on, there is quite literally no turning back, unless you timetravel to the past.

Okay so this is no news to anyone. What I really wanted to talk about, of course, is how this all relates to our favourite Trash Jesus Lucis Caelum, Ardyn.

The name of Insomnia does not make much sense, if you only link it to Regis or Noctis – sure, it can be a nickname for the “city that never sleeps”, Insomnia being a big metropolis – but there’s definitely another layer to it, and that is in direct relation to Ardyn.

The poor man has been cursed with immortality, as he absorbed people’s daemons in his past as a healer, and was subsequently cast aside by the Astrals. All this time, he has only been waiting for Noctis, and he does everything he can to push him to be the King of Light, quite literally pushing the night towards the light.

As the starscourge spreads through the world of Eos, the nights grow longer, until the light of day is completely diminished and the world succumbs into eternal night. Ardyn heads back to Insomnia, to wait for Noctis to become the King of Light, while he sleeps inside the crystal.

The last mission in the game’s storyline, the one where your task is to confront Ardyn, is called The Cure for Insomnia. The name bears more than just a superficial significance though; it obviously plays with the name of the citadel, where you’re headed to defeat Ardyn, but it also holds a strong symbolic meaning: Ardyn will finally be able to rest, to sleep the eternal sleep.

This makes Noctis’ last words to Ardyn so meaningful;

“This time you can rest in peace. Close your eyes… forevermore.”

Having completed the final mission, you have found the “cure for insomnia”; ie. found a way to release Ardyn from the curse. 

This is also why it’s my strong headcanon, that Ardyn does not, or can not, sleep (literally, and I touch upon this in A Man Of No Consequence). He’s been kept awake, alone in the darkness with the daemons, for an eternity, until Noctis, the night, grants him peace, and lays himself to rest as well, to allow for the new dawn of Eos.

Aoi and Uruha discussing going panty shopping with ur gf

Uruha (reading mail): ‘This question has nothing to do with the theme. What do you think about guys who go to women’s underwear stores with their girlfriend? I know they can do whatever they want, but I would never. People would give me weird looks, lol. My ex used to go with me when I bought underwear, and it wasn’t fun at all. I wanted to disappear from the store. What do you two think? If your girlfriend asked you to, would you go with her? I would love to hear your answer! PS, it might depend who my boyfriend was. My ex was an old perv (he was quite a bit older than me so) but if it was you or Aoi, I would wanna go together! I guess girls are weird, lol!’ [oh shut the fuck up] So…if your girlfriend asked you to go underwear shopping with her, what would you do?

Aoi: I couldn’t do it…

Uruha: Ahhhhh…so what would you tell her? Just like ‘nope’?

Aoi: Uhhhh….

Uruha: What if she’s like, I’m waiting!

Aoi: She can go by herself!

Uruha: (Hahaha) You’re gonna start a fight!

Aoi: But, but I don’t wanna go!! U know? Wait, is it like, a normal underwear shop?

Uruha: Well..

Aoi: Or is it like, more fancy kinda stuff? 

Uruha: Hmm I don’t know – like yeah if it was a store that sold only underwear I wouldn’t wanna go, but if it was like, they had underwear on one floor, and we were going through there…

Aoi: You would do it!?

Uruha: Well I mean, I would be anxious, but…hmm idk like…if [I think the gf?] couldn’t go in alone, but could go with someone else..

Aoi: You’d be interested?

Uruha: Well like I’m not interested!

(Aoi laughin)

Uruha: I wouldn’t be like, oh wooowww look at this thing!

Aoi: Oh really???

Uruha: I just mean that I could tolerate it. 

Aoi: Oh really? Me too – but like, you do see it a bit, you know? Cause they got mannequins in there. 

Uruha: Yeah yeah yeah

Aoi: I don’t like that.

Uruha: Even seeing it [on a mannequin]!?

Aoi: Yeah! I don’t like walking by it. 

Uruha: Like you don’t even like going to that floor?

Aoi: Nope…you know, maybe you’re actually more of a perv [if you’re avoiding it].

Uruha: Cause you’re overthinking it?

Aoi: Yeah…

Uruha: So what is it that you don’t like about it? You don’t wanna be seen in the underwear section? 

Aoi: Well like, that’s part of it, but like…I feel like the other shoppers don’t like it either, you know? People are like, ‘oh, so that’s the kind of underwear that person wears…’

Uruha: Ohhh like people are peeking [at what you’re looking at]?

Aoi: Yeah, and then if you make eye contact it’s kinda awkward……….

Hey ya’ll! So we’re nearing the end of the interview season and I wanted to share a few inside tips about what I have come to see as “good” responses to my questions. I know that this may not be valuable for many people in the current interview season but I hope that people in future cycles will find it useful! Later this cycle, I’ll make another post about “what to do if you didn’t get in”. But it’s still too early to throw in the towel!!

“Tell me about yourself”: I want to hear about the characteristics of your personality not mentioned in depth in your essays. So you can mention your research and volunteering and such, but also tell me about how tenacious, or driven, or kind, or organized you are. I want to hear that the interviewee has a sense of themselves.

“Tell me about your research”: Your opening statement to this better be less than 2 minutes long. I don’t want a presentation on your research, I want to see that you understand what you were doing, and that you can explain a complex topic to me succinctly. Because that’s literally what doctors do all day every day. If I want more details, I’ll ask and then feel free to open up!

“Tell me about a time you failed or made a mistake”: People will often tell me about times they failed a class or test and that’s fine, but not the best answer. I love it when people open up to me about times they made deeper mistakes and learned from them. One applicant told me about a time she seriously messed up coordinating a supply run for her company in Iraq and her soldiers were left without food for 2 days. Everyone was fine but she had to deal with that aftermath for literally years. Now that’s a mistake I want to hear about.

“Where do you see yourself in 15 years?”: I want to see that you’ve put thought into what kind of medicine you want to practice but have not restricted yourself to one field. This is kind of a bonus question. It doesn’t hurt if you mess it up because I didn’t have an answer for this when I applied, but it really helps if you can answer it well. Good answers include the range from: “Practicing community based medicine somewhere and finding a good work-life balance” to “returning to my home country to found a medical school catering to women and fighting corruption in healthcare”.

“Tell me about your support system”: This is a super important question. The two people in my class who have dropped out were both dealing with crazy personal lives (an incredibly messy divorce, and a family that exploded following a death). I want to hear that you have people who you can depend on, and that those people are themselves stable. Resiliency in applicants and in the loved ones’ of applicants matters much more than many other traits. This is part of the reason I love non-traditional applicants. They tend to be so dang resilient!

“What was your most significant volunteering or shadowing experience?”: If your eyes don’t light up when you tell me this, I don’t believe you. Tell about something that actually moved you, not something that you think should have moved you. I want to see passion and love for something.

A few random tidbits: I don’t mind if people tear up, or cry a little, but please try not to full-on sob. It’s hard to redirect an interview following that. Since I’m a younger student, I don’t notice slang and vernacular as often as the older interviewers do but I do notice it if it’s in excess or inappropriate to the situation. I like to hear about people’s faiths, and I feel that is a common theme with most of our interviewers. But don’t feel pressured to tell us if you don’t want to! I like it when people are married/ engaged so please do let me know about that! It shows emotional maturity (most of the time). If you mention a child or pregnancy, I’ll ask about how you will manage but only if you mention it first. There are lots of people (including women) in my class with families so it can def be done!

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Hey I have a question, would you say that when marnie was there and only yesterday are appropriate to watch with someone's mom?? I don't know anything about them I just know that sometimes ghibli movies that aren't released by Disney are a little less family friendly and I wanted to be sure before I asked my mom to watch them with me 😅

When Marnie was There is fine, there’s nothing to be worried about there. Only Yesterday does feature themes that might make some people feel uncomfortable because they’re not what we’re traditionally used to in the west, especially in an animation. It focuses on a young girl’s experience of moving into adulthood, and how she deals with things like love, career, menstruation, etc. The Japanese aren’t shy regarding things that are completely natural. ^___^ xox


A lot of people have asked me how I make my mindmaps, the only trouble is I have lots of different styles (especially as I take both English and Maths, which are polar opposite), and I couldn’t explain them all in one post because It’d probably end up looking like a murder scene knowing me, so I’ll start with how I make English (and other essay-based subjects) Mindmaps.

In English it’s important that you link quotes thematically for your exam. The main reasons for this is so that you can A) Recall and remember themes/quotes easily and B) So you actually write about things that are relevant to the paper. It works the same way for History, Geography, Psychology, Sociology etc, but obviously with things such as Events, Case Studies, Time Periods, Key dates, Key terms and so on, instead of just Themes and Quotes. Even in English it’s useful to produce historical mindmaps on literary periods, so hopefully in the future I can post something similar to help out History students a little more.

There are three components to my mindmaps;

The Centre - This is where you outline what the whole thing is going to be about. In my case ‘Prose and Themes’. Other examples may be titles focussing on one;

  • text
  • theme
  • technique
  • period
  • case study
  • quote/piece of evidence
  • concepts
  • person(s)

The Offshoots - Here, I have divided up the main themes for my course, i.e. ‘Unrequited Love’ or ‘The Geography of Love’. I like to plan these out before I start my mindmap, so that I know how evenly I am going to space them out, and thus know how much space each section needs be by mentally dividing my page. 

I also nearly always start my mindmap in the spot where ‘The Geography of Love’ is placed, and work clockwise around, fitting my text/pictures into all space as I go. This is the best advice I would give in trying to fit in everything you want, as a lot of people will draw out all the arms before they start, and it ends up looking more sparse than you would like. Doing it in this way doesn’t just benefit you in not wasting space, but also makes you finish them, because they look so naff unfinished.

Other things you can put in instead of key themes could be any of the title focusses listed above, it all depends on what you put in your centre, and what you’re choosing to link it to (for example you could have a text in the middle and be linking it to themes, or a theme in the middle and be linking it to texts)

For each one of my offshoots, I like to do a little drawing to help me remember it in the exam and think ‘Ahh, when did I draw that? Oh it was for such and such!’

The Offshoots of the Offshoots - This is the most variable part of the mindmap, and the part that can get most messy, so it’s very helpful to colour code like I’ve done above with my quotes. It’s difficult to explain exactly what to put here, as it is so specific to what you are studying, but you could include some of these things;

  • quotes/evidence
  • diagrams
  • drawings and doodles
  • themes/concepts/ideas
  • case studies
  • key people
  • graphs/charts (if applicable)

As you can see, I underline within the offshoots, so that I can refine what I need to know down even further, in this case the most important part of the quote to remember in relation to the theme it is linked to.

Within the offshoots, it’s also useful to link between themes to make further connections. I haven’t done that here because I wanted to categorise very definitely and keep it simple, but if you struggle with making links, a simple line between two items can really help you.

I would usually illustrate my mindmap more, most of the time in this way, but because it was very tightly packed, (and it was just quotes) I stuck with a few little drawings.

I hope this helps you guys out! Best of luck with everything! A post on how I do my maths mindmaps with follow soon (she says with hope).

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Hey, PQ. I want to ask you about the fate of Myrcella. Lots of people expect her to die along with Tommen by the hands of Sand Snakes/JonCon. But something about it rubs me the wrong way. Does she only exist to be victimized? I know that "children pay the price when lords play game of thrones" is a big theme for both Dornish, Varys and JonCon, but using Myrcella over and over to prove that point feels wrong. Especially since she was set up as intelligent and brave girl. What are your thoughs?

That’s a fair criticism. I think this is an example where a narrative decision wouldn’t necessarily be a problem in isolation, but it becomes one in context. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the “children and innocents pay the price” theme. It’s a powerfully deployed theme in many ASOIAF storylines. But when it’s all you’re doing with a character, and you’re doing it repeatedly, then it can start to feel exploitative. It’s a tough balance, of course, because it isn’t easy to devote a lot of time to every secondary and tertiary character. Shorthand is necessary (and can work dramatically: see the climax of “The Queenmaker” for a relevant example), but it can easily devolve into kicking the puppy. 

The other difficult balance here is between getting one’s audience emotionally invested in the characters without making it seem like that engagement was fostered just to rub the audience’s faces in it when said characters die. Generally speaking, I think GRRM stays on the right side of this line; the major casualties take on a sorrowful resonance beyond shock value. But I also think it’s a reasonable argument that in Myrcella’s case, the combination of the prophecy’s bluntness about her ultimate fate and the way in which she’s shuttled into AFFC only to be attacked makes her such a victim of merciless fates that it’s more numbing than moving. Myrcella has yet to be given that “Jeyne Westerling tears her clothes” or “Margaery tells Cersei to fuck off” moment in which her agency and humanity despite the walls closing in around her comes through. That’s not to say Myrcella has to give a big speech to be a good character, but for that aforementioned resonance to be achieved, we need to understand what she thinks about what’s happening to her. She’s younger than them, of course, but the Starkling POVs prove that’s no barrier. If Myrcella doesn’t get a word in edgewise in TWOW and is instead simply escorted to her grave, I think it’ll be poor writing. 

Ok guys hear me out

I like when people draw Ardyn pre-fall with the clothes he wears in the game and all the stories with pre-fall!Ardyn are Medieval themed, and it’s nice.

But you know, if someone asked me aboout something happened 2000 years ago, I didn’t think of knights, medieval castles and all of that. What I think about is Roman Empire, the Ancient Greece, and all Jesuschrist’s life movies that are everywhere in Easter Week (at least in Spain).

So, please…

Give me Ardyn dressed like those people.

Give me a world of Eos themed with cultures from 2000 years ago.

Give ancient Roman and Israeli based weapons and armor.

Pleeeeeeaaseee? I’m begging you!

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Emma, I'm praying you'll go gentle with me as I don't want to be blocked and you've answered so many anons of mine so lovely over the years. I just experienced a 'clunk' moment reading the NYT article. H talks about not worrying whether he resonates with what's being played on the radio right now. I know they're different people, but I remember Louis saying how he'd watched what the music theme was right now before JHO, and everyone went 'yay, business man'. This feels a little bit of shade?

alright, sorry, this answer is long and i’m not sure if i explained my thinking clearly, but here you go anyway.

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My parents are pretty accepting of me being biromantic and graysexual and I love them dearly but they get so uncomfortable and awkward whenever I talk about queer stuff. I’ve wondered for a while how I’m supposed to act cause I don’t wanna hide my utter wlw behaviors and disinterest of sexual relations.

So I’ve decided to slowly sneak in queer stuff in their lives. I always show them my art so I’ll draw pharmercy and share the progress on my Victuuri AMV. I’ll talk about my stories that have major queer characters and themes and ask for advice, making them engage. I’ll make them sit down and watch Moonlight with me and episodes of Steven universe that are gay. I’ll casually say how I think a girl is cute, and reject the notion of having to please my partner once I’m married.

I’ll force them to be comfortable and accept it. Because it’s a big part of not only my life but everyones. People who think they don’t know any queer people are only ignorant and queer people do not feel safe coming out to them. Always assume that there’s a non-cishet person in your surroundings.

This is about basic human respect and decency. Just like we were taught about islam, buddhism, hinduism and judaism in school, even though the majority of us are christians (this is Sweden). It’s to expand and better our relationships with all people of all kinds.

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My personal theory is that there's a huge controversy surrounding the garrison back on earth. I mean between the kerberos mission, the ufo siting ( cuz there's no way no one else saw shiro crash), and the sudden disappearance of 3 students, people have got to be asking questions

My biggest question about Galaxy Garrison: how come it was so close to the Blue Lion? I do not for one second believe that that was a lucky coincidence. The space exploration training camp just so HAPPENS to be in the desert right beside the Blue Lion? COME ON PEOPLE *x-files theme plays in the background*

Personally I think GG was looking for the Lion. They might not have known what it was - and they didn’t know where it was - but they were out there in the desert looking for something, the same way Keith was.

Which gives me an idea: what if GG captured Keith’s mother back in the day? Assuming she was in the Blade of Marmora, she might have come to Earth looking for the Lion after Zarkon found the Red Lion. And then Keith’s dad helped her escape GG and they had Keith. GG might even have known he was part-alien and took him in to keep an eye on him.

But yeah: Galaxy Garrison is super-shady, yo

Hook Me: Common Problems

I recently did another round of Hook Me, an exercise I do with my followers where they send in fake query letters and I critique them. 

A query letter is a short summary of your novel (a “hook”) that is used to pitch a novel to an agent or editor. Anyone who wants to get published needs to know how to write one.

So here are problems I saw in the majority, though not all, of the query letters I received.

1. My Story Is About…

Don’t use any of the following phrases in your query letter:

  • My story is about…
  • My story features…
  • This story is…
  • The main character is…
  • Throughout the story these characters encounter…
  • This story features themes such as…
  • This story has characters who are…
  • In a world where…

When writing a query letter, every word counts. Just jump right into it. Instead of starting with:

  • My story is about a spiteful, long-haired kitchen manager named Abbie who must track down the vampire who bit her and kill him to avoid becoming one herself.

start with: 

  • Abbie was just bitten by a vampire. To remain human, she must track down the one that bit her and kill him before the seven-day transformation can be completed.

And let the story speak for itself. Don’t just tell me that your story features the trials of friendship or that you have three lgbt characters or that it deals with heavy themes. Show me. In the manuscript.

2. Unnecessary Character Descriptions

I don’t need to know that the main character is a red-haired spunky teenager with three piercings and freckles and a knack for math. I don’t need to know these useless details.

Only tell me what I need to know about this character. What is relevant to the plot? To their motive? One of the few descriptors that you can add that may not be entirely relevant would be the age of the main character.

3. Comparing Your Story to The Wrong Thing

Your story is not like Star Wars or Harry Potter or Twilight or The Hunger Games. Nor will your story appeal to any of those audiences.

Those audiences have millions of people. Many of those people fall outside of the initial target audiences. Many of those people don’t particularly like fantasy or sci-fi or vampires or anything like that, but when something gets as popular as the series above, it draws all kinds of people.

Don’t compare your story to some of the biggest franchises in the world. This doesn’t tell agents or editors anything about your target audience. It can also show you don’t really know your genre. If you write a sci-fi and only compare it to Star Trek and Star Wars, then it’s likely you haven’t read a lot of sci-fi.

4. Vague Blurbs

I don’t need a blurb or a vague logline. I’m not sure why you would include one. Unless you’re writing a screenplay, you really do not need one at this stage.

5. Too Much

I need the protagonist and the main conflict. That’s it. Don’t give me the back story of every major character. Don’t tell me about subplots. Don’t tell me ¾ of the book.

And do not tell me the ending. Never tell the ending in a query. The point is to hook someone. You’re trying to get someone to read your story. You’re trying to intrigue them. Telling me the ending does not do that.

Also falling into this category is too many details. You need to learn how to cut down that background information into succinct sentences. Only give what is necessary. You shouldn’t spend a whole paragraph describing your protagonist and their world before you even mention the main conflict.

6. Too Little

In contrast with #5, some of you did not give me enough information. Or, at least, the information you gave was vague.

I need to know the plot. Describing the protagonist and the themes and some of the other characters and how their friendships might be in danger does not tell me anything. I don’t care about their relationships yet. I need to know the actual conflict.

7. Did Not Follow Directions

When writing a query letter or when submitting your writing, you have to follow directions

If you wanted a private critique, I asked you to put “private” in the title. I didn’t say to put it in the body. I also asked you to keep your submissions open so I could reply. Few people followed these directions.

It may seem nitpicky to complain about this, but you have to follow directions when submitting something. 

Some people ignore anything that ignores directions because they have a lot of submissions to get through and it’s an easy way to filter out people they don’t want a business relationship with.

Some people need certain words in the subject line so that submissions don’t end up in the spam folder or so the interns know which submissions to open.

Follow the directions. Show that you’re serious enough about writing that you took the time to read the directions.

8. Lack of Voice

Your letters need to have a strong voice. The mood and pacing needs to match the book. If you’re writing a query letter for a murder mystery, the voice should be suspenseful.


theme #001: Nintendo DS by anaarthemes

I’ve seen some Nintendo DS themes floating around and wanted to try my hand at making one! This isn’t a redux edit but I know people look for themes here. If you are interested please like/reblog, it helps a lot

live preview and code can no longer be viewed; new link will be up soon


  1. keep credit intact (leaving it in the source code is fine).
  2. don’t repost either this theme or links to this theme’s code.
  3. don’t take parts of this theme. If you send me an ask I’d be happy to help you figure out how to do something with your own theme; there’s no need to be sneaky about it
  4. do as much editing of the code as you like!
  5. like/reblog if you use it
  6. if you have a problem please send me an ask!


  • contained posts
  • 6 custom links (X, Y, A, B, start, and select buttons)
  • custom background (full or repeat), 100x100 avatar (square or circle), and side image
  • 5 font options (consolas, ms pgothic, arial, helvetica, verdana)
  • DS with two positions and customizable colors

you can preview the options under the cut!

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How to have good grades

Hi, guys, I wanted to write this long time ago. You may not know, but I am a sixteen years old girl from Argentina and a student. Well, my grades are really high, my notes are mostly 10/10 or 9/10, last year my average of all subjets was 9,33/10. But I wasn’t always like that, I learned how to study the most efficient and healthy way  and I want to share this with you because people often have bad grades, not because they aren´t smart or they don´t study but because they don´t know how to do it. I want to share MY method, it may help you, it may not, but give it a try.

(Yeah my english is terrible, sorry for that, I took french)

1. Always pay attention in class and stay focused.

This is VERY important and mostly key, you NEED to pay attention to everything the teacher says and follow the class. Some people talk a lot and then when they have to study on their own, they can´t understand anything. That´s why this is important. Think that you are alone in the class, the class is for you, listen, take notes and ask the teacher if you don´t understand. You can talk with your friends later, believe me, if you really pay attention most of the work is done.

2. Focus on ACTUAL learning and understanding, not memorizing

This, for me, it´s the MOST IMPORTANT THING. First of all, if you memorize things, you are not learning which should be your first priority and second, you aren´t going to do it very well. Why? Well, simple, people may get nervous at tests and it doesn´t matter if you really have a good memory, it´s really hard to remember everything a long text say, so on the test you may say things that you don´t really know, because you don´t know what  are you talking about and then that cost you points. Or in math, you memorize how to solve a problem, but if you don´t really understand how to do it, you may find some “weird” ecuation that you can´t solve because it´s different. If you really understood the subject (believe this is true) you would be able to reason it and do it. Of you course, you can learn some things memorizing it, but it shouldn´t be your priority,

3. Follow the subject

This actually works for a lot of people and I find it way less stressing than studying the same day or the night before the test. Follow the subject, when you get back to your home, open your notes, read them, do your homework, study with weeks of anticipation, maybe you can transcript your notes or a summary, read the books you have to, practice some math or physics. Just give 30 minutes to do that everyday and you will see how everything becomes easier, plus, you will be able to understand more easily in class.

4. Use highlighters

Yeah, colors, rainbows, and more colors. Colors, at least for me, are very important. Use different highlighters on a text to separate differents themes, it actually works. Then, if you like doing summaries (which I recommend and will talk about later) use the same colors you used on the texts for the same themes. I think it helps you retaining more data.

5. Help others and ask for help

This helps and it could make you know people. In your class, you may find that you are really good at math and terrible at literature but another person is good at literature but terrible at math. Well, ask for help and help them. Why? Well, when you help others you are actually learning more! Explaining something it’s really helpful, and trying to make someone understand too, you are retaining more information and actually transmitting your knowledge to others, and viceversa, if someone more like you explains you how they understand the subject and help you step by step it will help to learn more and doing better.

6. The day of the test, do not study

You can make some exceptions to this one, but I prefer not to. Why? Well, it makes me feel nervous, unsure and I may end blocking myself. I really prefer to relax, don´t think about it, I studied a lot, I know what I know, and that´s okay and I will always try to do my best. That´s all, listen to music, draw something and relax. This helped me a lot to keep my mental health.

7. Try to make summaries

Emmm this one is more like an optional one, I didn´t do any summary last year and ended with an excellent grade point average. But this year, I decided to start doing them and I really enjoy it. I do the pretty ones from studyblr, with highlighters, illustrations, colors, caligraphy, but simple ones could work. Do what you find that is better for you.

8. ALWAYS but ALWAYS, reserve an entire day for yourself and rest.

THIS ONE, DO THIS ONE, DO IT WITH NO EXCUSE unless is really necessary. Why? well, we are humans and we need some time to rest and repare to keep our minds sane. Mine is saturdays, I don´t do anything related to school that day, I draw, watch series, sleep, rest, go running, hang out with friends, just relax. Okay, I get that sometimes we get busy and we can´t do it every single week, I mean, I can´t, but try to respect it. Because we need our space if we want to be healthy and happy, and if we are, believe, you will see results on your grades.

9. Trust on yourself, YOU CAN DO IT.

Believe me, you can, you may think people with good grades are just smarter or hypernerds who have been like that their entire lives. That´s way far from truth, on my first year of high school, I was a disaster, my average was just 7.5/10 (we need a 7 to pass), I almost failed a lot of classes and I used to look at people with good grades as they were special. My second year, everything changed a little, I was a disaster, but trying to fix it and improving for myself, my average ended being 8.1/10, it wasn´t bad, but as you read before, I did it WAY better last year and this one. What changed? My mentality: on my second year I had latin with one of the best teachers on my school, and I used to hate latin because I was terrible at it and I was scared because my teacher does tests that are hard af, but I just did everything I mentioned it for THAT subject and I ended with and average of 10/10 for that subject. I was amazed and shocked, and he made me realize I was able to do it, I was able to have good grades. And then, I started studying with that method for every subject and BAM, I am the second best student in my high school, 

Remerber: you CAN do it.

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what did seb say about kings and why did he do it ??

This series is about modern-day monarchy that heavily relies on what the Media says about them. Seb’s character, Jack, is gay and needs to hide that because he is going to be the next King of his country. There are several scenes that show that this is a big part of this series and it destroys Jack. 

It’s in the first episode. His father says to him:

“Oh, you thought I didn’t know? I’ve been keeping pictures of our family out of the free press for years… what you do at night with your boys after your show of skirt-chasing is a disgrace. If you were my second son, I wouldn’t care, but for a king it’s not possible… We give up what we want when we want power; believe me.” x

and this is what his mother tells him when they talk about Jack’s love for Joseph: x x 

Seb says this about the show:

[after being asked about Leighton] “I don’t want to go into anything about [Leighton]. But I will say that we live in a very, very celebrity-obsessed world. My perspective on the paparazzi/ media fishbowl is a big reason that prompted me to be a part of Kings—it’s a theme of the show. 

For us actors, it’s ridiculous that we have to rely on being in tabloids for people to know us. Not that I’m trying to slow down the train and go, ‘Dear God, I hope I never get the same kind of recognition they do!’ I’m a pretty ambitious guy.” x

In my opinion, he basically says: I don’t like that I have to do this media/celebrity crap that tries to sell me as someone I am not, but I want to be successful and that’s the only way.

Just out of curiosity, how many other collectors have had a chat with their family members/friends/SO/etc about recasts?

I feel weird saying that I have talked to them about it, and i made them all promise that if they were to ever get me BJDs as gifts, to ask me for links as to where to get the ones i would like.

It seems a common theme here in the hobby where people say “My parent/guardian/significant other/friend/etc bought me a doll as a surprise but its a recast and i don’t have the heart to tell them or get rid of the doll.”

I know a lot of collectors are embarrassed or shy with their families about the cost of bjds, so they keep the hobby to themselves and don’t even mention recasts to others. I used to be the same way, i never wanted to tell my family how much i was dropping on these dolls. It is a lot of money, but by staying quiet, how are your family/friends/etc supposed to know that the precious gift they’re buying for you is a bootleg and is contributing to the decline of the very thing you love, all while supporting the re-casters that you say you are against, and will make you feel guilty all the time? And if they follow you on social media, like some of my family do, and they see you never post that doll they got for you, they’d be upset too wouldn’t they? 

I had made it clear to my family a long time ago, and when my mom agreed to get me a BJD for Christmas a few years back, she asked for a list of sites to go to “just to check them out, as long as they aren’t too expensive.” And it didn’t ruin the surprise for me at all, as i was happy to receive exactly what i wanted.

Its a terrible topic, but in my personal opinion, wouldn’t it be better just to talk to them about it so they don’t make any decisions that end up supporting the anti-artist community?

Idk its just a thought that I had after reading yet another horror story about a parent getting a recast doll for a pro-artist collector. I’d like to hear your thoughts about this. 

Fire Emblem OC/Fatesone Tarot Card Collab?

I thought about hosting something like that in deviantArt already but I’m not sure if enough people would join there so I thought I ask around here :) 

The Idea:

Everyone who joins picks a typical card of a tarot card set and draws their Fire Emblem OC/ Fatesona within a fitting theme. At the end we collect everyones cards and I thought about even printing them and sending them out to those people who join c: 

Example of a Tarot Card Set:

(Image taken from Google)

I would appreciate it if you reblog/share the idea and tell me if you would be interested so I know if I should host the idea or rather not o v o // I would love to do something like that >//< so I hope people are interested xD 

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We shouldn't assume Lauren moved on quickly with Lucy. Laucy seemed like one of those long rolling friends with benefits thing that became something more only after Lauren had a broken heart.

You guys, I don’t believe that Laucy was romantically involved, I don’t mind people believing they were, you believe what you believe - but when you send me those kind of asks I don’t know what to answer because I doesn’t make sense to me, so if you truly want to talk about Laucy as a romantic relationship I’m not the right blog to send those comments and those questions to. I’m saying this because this is like the tenth Laucy themed question I get and I don’t want you to be surprised that I don’t answer them - it’s just not a subject that I want to elaborate on anymore because I’ve shared my thoughts and opinion on it many many times, and I think that opinion isn’t gonna change anytime soon.

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I literally have no idea what the album could be called, people (and me) are just hyping up this theory lol. Last time most of us thought it was roses and we were miles off. We might think we know but we never know, and I think again I'll be totally surprised by the album name/songs/etc. of course if we are right though it will still be great. She talks about timing a lot soooo

by theory do you mean the time theory?? bc i am so totally down for a time-themed album or like the absence of time (there is no 13th hour on the 12 hour clock so that could be really cool). as for album names we are very unlikely to guess that lolol and honestly our theories could be totally off too but i think they’re fun!! and you never know! 

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Shirt anon back! What are cats better than? (I know the answer is everything but I'm curious about what shirt I'm going to have to fight Kuroo for) and I love cats putting their little paws out onto their owner's face to just "no human, stop"

“People”, the shirt goes “cats are better than people” lmao you know this ask just made me realize I draw Kuroo in way too many cat shirts and the thing made me straight out laugh because I just

I might be taking the cat/owl themes a bit too far