i know paris is wearing a wig but i wanted to have all the guys with dark hair

I’m Here to Dance Chapter 10



Chapters 1 & 9

Summary: Alya drags Marinette to the hot new club “Miraculous” where it’s winner take all on the dance floor. After an embarrassing first encounter, Marinette dons a costume and challenges the champ, Chat Noir, as Ladybug. Marinette embraces the Paris break dancing scene, but times are getting tougher and competition even more so.

Chapter Summary: Boys seemed to have a habit of getting a little ahead of themselves around Marinette.

Pairings: Marinette/Adrien, Chat Noir/Ladybug, Alya/Nino, others

A/N: thanks so much to @chatandladybug0306 for dealing with my nosy ass, thanks for all the notes you guys, I really appreciate it. Check out the Ao3 and FFN versions for full Author’s Notes

They finished and Adrien said goodbye. Marinette still felt bad for snapping at him, but his smile assured her everything was alright.

She texted Alya to let her know she was done, and she started heading over to the coffee shop. Her phone buzzed as she walked in the door and she grabbed it out of her pocket.

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✨Squad Goals Season 2 Episode 20 Pt.1: Baby Goals✨


“Ow babe!” Justin shouts as I tug on a strand of his hair and slather it with copious amounts of gel and other products. We’re back in LA and on my bedroom floor, he’s sitting with his legs folded and I’m kneeling behind him trying to twist the strands of his hair into fucking dreads.

“Sweetie you’re too tender headed I need you to man the fuck up”

“Bit-” I slap him before he can finish.

“What time do we have to meet with Candace?” I ask before twisting a particularly stubborn piece of his flaxen hair. Justin checks his phone and holds it up to me so I can look I squint and nod a few times as I absorb the info.

“We’ve got four hours” he groans as I start to knot a piece of his hair and pull on another,

“Let’s take a break and do something productive” he reaches behind his back and attempts to grab my boobs but I tug harder on his hair and he whimpers.

“Be careful Nonnie or I’ll be walking around here bald and you won’t want me anymore” he teases and I slap him again, but this time it’s playful.

“Jay. I don’t think you understand that is do you no matter what”

“Well damn” he’s says in a pleased tone and I pull on his hair, locking in the product.

The door opens and Kylie walks in, Phillip trailing behind her.

“You guys are pretty clear of your sextape for now at least” I go back to twisting Justin’s hair and she takes a seat on the floor in front of him. Phillip hops into his lap and starts to lick his face.

“Why do you say that King?”

“Because Kim is naked again” she says in a bored tone before showing us a picture of her older sister who’s nude boy is covered by censored black lines.

“If I looked like Kim I’d be naked all the time too” I say in approval and Justin reaches up to slap my hands away from his hair,

“You’re sexy as fuck woman. Don’t forget that” I lean forward and kiss his neck.

“You guys are gross. What time are you going to go look at houses?” I continue to kiss Justin’s neck and let him answer Kylie,

“ at 4:30.”

“Okay, cool, Zayn already put Zara’s carrier in your car and he wanted me to tell you guys that her stro-” I hold up a hand and interrupt Kylie.

“Wait what?” She eyes me like I’m crazy,

“you two are watching Zara” Justin turns around to look at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Since when?” Kylie purses her lips and narrows her eyes,

“since you both agreed to it on the jet ride home. They’ve got a shoot in Italy for Vogue” I wrack my brain and try to remember a conversation in which I offered Justin and I up as babysitters.

“Were we high?” Justin accuses and Kylie gives a wide grin

“as fucking kites” she confirms and that makes the both of us groan.

“Well why can’t you watch her?”

“moi?” Kylie asks innocently and the both of us nod in earnest.

“I can’t. Kendall and I are flying to New York to launch our shoe line” I rub my temple and let out a deep breath,


“Vogue Paris”


“Revival tour rehearsals”


“Doesn’t want to”


“Really?” I shrug. She has a point.

“Look you guys have Zara to yourselves until late tomorrow! You two love kids what’s the problem?” Justin shrugs and turns to look at me with hopeful brown eyes I could tell that for him, this was a god send.

“Babe, you watched over Freddie for awhile” I roll my eyes at his very obvious accusation,

“but I was never left alone with him!” Justin reaches for my hand and places his lips on it.

“You won’t be alone. You’ve got me remember?” I nod and turn to Kylie,

“ go put her shoes on. She doesn’t fuss when you do it.”

Four hours later

Justin Bieber carrying a baby with an effortless grace is a beautiful sight to behold. Justin, Zara, our realtor, and I, tour the large expanse of yet another Calabasas home.

“What do you think of this one baby?” He asks as I look around the foyer that’s a little outdated and medieval feeling.

“I don’t like the vibes,” I tell him and he adjusts Zara on his shoulder so that her tiny head is supported a bit better, his hand patting lightly on her onesie covered back.

“It’s kind of old school huh?” He questions peering up at the chandelier that looks like something out of Camelot,

“it only matters if you like it though babe” I assure him as I glance down at the oddly colored stone floors and flinch when the realtor opes up a large wooden door with a loud creak.

“That’s incorrect Nonnie, I seem to remember a certain someone saying that they’d consider moving in with me”

“do I know this certain someone?” I tease and had it not been for Zara I know I would’ve been picked up and spun around by now.“ I was still thinking about Justin’s offer. It wasn’t a bad one at all. We were as close as ever and moving in could only solidify that standpoint. Before I can makeup another stalling excuse Zara lets out a loud cry.

"Aw what’s wrong sweet pea?” Justin coos bouncing the baby in his arms and kissing her fuzzy little head. Zara screams louder and the realtor look perturbed.

“Everything alright Mr. andMrs. Smith?” I almost roll my eyes at her use of our aliases. Justin made them up a the last minute. Instead I shoot her a pleasant smile,

“we’re fine Meagan! Zoey is just cranky” she nods and proceeds to another room. Justin and I had decided to keep it low profile and wear disguises. I had on a black wig and some dark sunglasses and he wore his dreads, some dark glasses and a polo shirt paired with khakis.

“Nonnie hand me the diaper bag”

“is she hungry or did she shit herself?” Justin holds up the wailing baby and scrunches up his nose in disgust.

“Both.” He confirms and I start to rummage through the designer baby bag Gigi had left behind. This was going to be a long day.