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i've enjoyed your prompt fills so much, thank you for sharing them!! if you feel like it: chef!andrew trying (and failing) to woo picky eater neil with fancy food? :)

The thing about growing up on the run is that you never really develop a palate.

You eat what’s there to be eaten, whatever you manage to stuff in your pockets while your mother distracts the cashier trying to haggle for cigarettes, as if it’s anywhere near possible to haggle in a 7/11.

You eat school lunches, bland chicken nuggets and congealed mac and cheese and unseasoned carrots with those little close to expired fruit cups with the peaches and cherries and simple syrup.

You drink gas station coffee—maybe it stunts your growth, but you drink it anyway—and fill old plastic water bottles from drinking fountains or public restroom sinks.

At least, that’s what Neil tries to explain to Matt one day, when Matt invites Neil to his favorite restaurant in his hometown. It just so happens that Matt’s hometown is New York City, and the chef at this place has a Michelin star, but Neil isn’t on the run anymore and his paycheck is hefty enough that he can afford it.

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so my 9yr old brother watched newsies

here are some choice quotes (i only started taking them down a bit through):

  • talking about the delancey brothers fighting the newsies to stop them from striking “those two against these guys? they have no CHANCE”
    “those guys against just jack dont even have a chance!’
  • i told him specs’ name and he remembered it and i got excited and he said  “how could i forget specs”
  • “i love specs”
  • when les smashes the delanceys heads together “yeah. YES LES”
  • “jack just looks BADASS!!!!!”
  • goons show up  “who are they? the brooks?”
  • “oh… more boys to beat them up”
  • “i would LOVE to be in this fight”
  • davey, rolling the barrel with les "DAVEY DIDNT KNOW… HE DIDNT KNOW HE WAS IN HERE”
  • he kind of just talked about crutchie all through santa fe he was so upset that crutchie was gone
  • "cutchies gone”
  • "wait… is it specs or spanks?”
  • “I HAVENT SEEN HIM? WHERE IS HE” asking where specs is in the middle of santa fe because he couldnt remember him in the fight
  • me: “theres specs” him: “WHERE?”
  • katherine talks about the front page “but what about crutchie”
  • as king of new york begins  “race… its just race" 
  • "jacks at his…. air quotations PENTHOUSE” “specs… i dunno just… look at him . hes up on a table”
  • specs doing his fast tapping  “was he the one like TELLELELELELELLELE" 
  • they all start tapping at once  "oh jeez… sick" 
  • “what’s her name” he forgot katherines name in the middle of king of new york
  • king of new york ends “is that the end???”
  • romeo walking on his hands  "YEAH GO ROMEO" 
  • letter from the refuge… “OH. HES IN PRISON. JACK ESCAPED FROM THAT PLACE”
  • i guess i wasnt much help anyway “oh shut up. you were. well you couldnt have done anything” (i cried when he said this)
  • ‘oh yeah jack, this is crutchie by the way’ “snort who else would he think it was? just saying”
  • your brother, crutchie “ oh… OH YEAH”
  • “is that jack? whats he doing? oh hes a painter now”
  • “i like danny” (danny?) “davey" 
  • "hes happy because hes like a little brother…” talking about les and jack. rip davey
  • “I SWEAR SHE LIKES DAVEY MORE THAN JACK. IM JUST SAYING. or she mores friends with davey than jack" 
  • in watch what happens reprise  "theyre like the four main characters. oh and crutchie. its just that hes not here”
  • when jack said that pulitzer stinks  “he sounds like a little kid” and then imitated jack
  • pulitzer says cowboy or convict “ cowboy then. YIPEEYAW, PCHEW PCHEW”
  • what they doing? OH ITS BROOKLYNS! its the brooklyn people! but its actually just them. oh no… the front row… that guys the same guy as before. points at spot (me: hes not new) oh but points at elmer that guys not new. brooklyn. howd they get brooklyn. HOW COME BROOKLYN ARE THE TOP NEWSIES?
  • when jacks not at the strike ‘is that davey? daveys the new man, right?’
  • “everyones afraid of… of jack now right”
  • jack and katherine kiss  “……oookAY”
  • “she probably did that to calm him down”
  • “this…based on a true story? is it!?
  • about a whole minute of him just trying to get comfortable and not paying attention to something to believe in
  • “im just saying…she seemed like an asshole at the start. one of those posh assholes. right?”
  • “im looking closely and… if they kiss… do they actually kiss… some tv shows they actually.. have to kiss. in the thing… they actually.. kiss”
  • in the middle of something to believe in he started ranting about spot? “know that lil short guy? no the um… the brooklyn. i wouldnt be scared of him. hes the same height as me. hes a tOUGH GUY. he pushed jack. so? im just saying. what’s so badass about that? whys everyone scared about him”
  • quietly in the middle of once and for all “ “i love this movie" 
  • another rant about spot in the middle of once and for all this time  "he DOES look tough… but whys everyone scared of him? is it because… he’s tough? okay im just saying when he banged that wooden thing… he wasnt even close to how hard the delanceys banged it. not NEARLY as hard. this was him (gentle hit) and this was them (HARD HIT) … im just saying but they hit it way harder”
  • “oh yeah. jack… jack banged it EVEN HARDER. with the cloth. hes just like. … BLOGHUGHG !!! (bangs rlly hard) he was Angry”
  • (me: theres spot) him: laughs
  • roosevelt is on screen  “i like him. like his moustache.”
  • when jack freaks out about teddy shaking his hand “WHAT HAVE I BEEN TOUCHED BY!”
  • (deep, southern voice) “ITS A COMPRAMISE WE CAN ALL LIVE WITH”
  • pulitzer and jack spit and shake hands. “UGGGHHHH.  HE DIDNT EVEN SPIT”
  • “wait. just think. the idea that davey said at the start… is now the end…. (leans over and pauses newsies)  he said any of the papers you dont sell… we buy back (does mind blown action)”
  • when katherine and jack were talking at the end  “i dont feel…"  "santa fe. is that even a real place?” and then burped very loudly
  • (me: that ones albert, the one with the red hair) “whos albert” (me: the one with red hair) sean: but who is he. am i supposed to just… know some guy called albert 
  • “whos that? …thats some guy from brooks”
  • “ ok wheres jack. wheres jack. OH HERE HE COMES. wiat wheres jack. oh here. jeremy jordan. is it jeremy jordan?”

tag yourself as something he said im his spot insults

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I love when customers try to argue BOGO sales and get then more expensive item as the 'one free' when literally everyone and their mom knows BOGO applies to items of equal or lesser value. And by love, I mean I fucking hate. You can't buy something that's 10 and get something that's 20 for free. No store works like that. It's not good business.

Meant to Be
  • Lafayette x Reader
  • Modern
  • Requested by anonymous
  • Request: So I’ve had this idea for an au soulmates thing and was hoping you could maybe write it? So you know the whole “the first thing your soulmate says is on your arm” thing? Well, what if this set of soulmates had like a group of mutual friends and they were introduced but never actually /spoke/ to each other and this keeps happening and their friends are hella upset bc they were sure they were soulmates? And then they’re just chilling and final speak, if it could be lafayette x reader I would greatly appreciate it!

A/N: Here’s another one. I think this could be better but I wanted to give you something. I’m sooooo close to being free to write. Just not yet. Friday is the end of classes. Anyway, I’m at 3,000 followers!!! Thank you guys so much!!! And now, enjoy!

Word Count: 2,114
You tugged your sleeve down. You figured if you covered the words on your arm, you could pretend that they weren’t there or they were something different.

Non, mon amie.

Alexander helpfully informed you that they were French. That didn’t help anything though. You were left with the information that your soulmate was French. That wasn’t helpful at all. The words on your arms were the first words that your soulmate would say to you.

Non, mon amie

No, my friend

The first words your soulmate ever said to you was calling you a friend and also denying you something. Perhaps you were thinking the worst is because it was your habit. You worried about your soulmate not being perfect because then you wouldn’t focus on the fact that he was French. Where were you supposed the meet a man from France?

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Hello! So, I was wondering if you'll ever do a book with all the little supernatural comics you have here (and new ones hopefully. Love the destiel ones!) or if you already have one (I don't really know, since your etsy shop is on a break)? I'd totally buy it!! Huge fan of your art!


so there’s been a recent big spike in people asking about this, but unfortunately, i just don’t think an accumulative book of all of the comics is going to be possible.

like, that’s hundreds. i think i’ve entered the thousands. even if i was to redraw them, there’d be no way i’d be able to print a monster-sized book like that without crowdfunding. and if it did receive great funding, there’s still the copyright issue.

if i had a team working with me from my home, i’d be a lot more interested in the idea, but as it stands right now, it’s not possible for 1 scout to handle

HOWEVER, great alternative, IS GOD’N’GABE and THE SWAINGELS!

Originally posted by lamthetwickster

and of right now there’re 3 physical books in God’n’Gabe that you can get, with The Swaingels well on the way.

right now the online shop is a bit too overwhelming for me to handle,

but you can catch me with God’n’Gabe at PHXcon!

I’m sure those versatile pockets could hold more then just ice ;3. Caz may be a nudist, but any clothing that keeps her cool is the exception ^^. I could really use one of these and I’m sure there are many big boobed ladies who could relate. I don’t think Caz is wearing the right size though, more then likely on purpose. Tiffany and Brittany seem impressed I wonder if they’ll buy?;3 Even if you don’t use it for its intended purpose would you get this product? Or know someone who needs it? If so feel free to run with this idea if you wish or commission me if you want me to draw your character wearing the freeze bra. Feel free to customize to your liking colors, straps, ect.  I’m curious to see what you guys come up with ^^.


Pairing: Peter x Reader

Summary: an unusual buy can sometimes be useful. Buying the Spiderman plush didn’t turn out that bad after all.

A/N: yup, another drabble. I am weird, I either write long as fics or these small imagines. I don’t know grey, I never did. sooo this is a fluffy Petey drabble. it’s kinda stupid but I have a spiderman plush so I wrote this. I have no regrets I don’t care how many notes this gets.(actually I do. all of us writers do). hope you like it!

Warnings: one swear word. one.

Word Count: 866

Originally posted by v-writings

It was an impulse buy. Like some frenzy took over you and you weren’t thinking straight and you just, just bought it. Now, you were in your room, having a staring competition with the little Spiderman plush. While you were regretting your decision, you also secretly liked the plush. After all it was so tiny and soft.

‘ah, fuck it.’ you said out loud with a grin and attached it to your backpack. ‘guess, I’ll just embarrass parker with it.’ you muttered as you slung the bag and made your way out of your room and through the hallway. You were stopped with a jerk, you looked back and found tony grinning and holding the little plush.

‘seriously, tony? I’m late for school.’ You snatched the plush from him but his grin didn’t fade.

‘why do you have that on you?’ he pointed at the plush and crossed his arms over his chest.

‘don’t tell anyone, I am going to embarrass parker with it.’ you waved it a little.

‘that’s the only reason for getting it?’ he said suggestively and wiggled his brows.

‘yes, tony. that’s the only reason.’ You said monotonously and he chuckled.

‘kay kid.’ He patted your shoulder. ‘go annoy, Spidey and study hard.’ You nodded and left.

You had waited all day for peter to notice his miniature dangling from your backpack but he just wouldn’t look in that direction. He would just talk to you and leave without noticing.

You had finally given up and where getting your books from your locker when you heard his voice.

‘is that me?!’ he said with a surprised expression.

‘no, that’s Spiderman.’ You petted the plush and he rolled his eyes.

‘why would you get it?’ he asked with an uneasy expression as he examined the plush.

‘because, it was little hansies!’ you made the plush pat his cheeks. He took it and held it away from you.

‘(y/n), why would you just get this It’s-it’s so..’ he looked at it with an unexplainable expression. You quickly snatched it away and hooked it on your jeans buckle. You crossed your arms and gave him a smug smile.

‘my plan is working, my little,’ you patted the plush and peter’s cheeks turned red. ‘has worked. And aww,’ you pouted. ‘look who’s all blushy- blushy.’ You teased him. he covered his face and groaned. You chuckled and he said a muffled ‘I hate you.’ ‘same here petey,’ you kept a hand on his shoulder. ‘same here.’

The day was spent putting the plush in weird places and just doing stupid things with it. peter had, groaned, tried to snatch it, blushed like a little girl but at the end, laughed. It was a fun day for you and maybe him too. he liked seeing you make such efforts, it was adorable to him really. You climbing things, pouting and just being so childlike or just simply yourself was lovely.

The day had come to an end and you two were on the floor sitting among books, notes and all kinds of stationery. You see, people with superpowers need to study too. you two were no different and all jokes apart were studying like the nerds you were. You were finished making biology notes and decided to lay down. boredom took over so you started fiddling with the plush again.

‘seriously, (y/n)? I thought you were done with that.’ He said keeping his eyes set on his notebook. You just gave him a light snicker in response.

‘it has a very, judging stare.’ You mused and he hummed in response. ‘I am never changing with those eyes on me. it would feel like it’s saying “gross” or “eww” to me on seeing me naked.’ You said.

‘I would never say that.’ He mumbled but you heard him.

‘now, who said you are getting a chance to see me naked?’ you asked and buried his head in the notebook. ‘hey! Don’t imagine me naked!’ you pointed.

‘I’m not!’ he argued back as he laughed.

‘you better not.’ You muttered and continued playing with the plush. The day had been rather tiring and you hadn’t been getting much sleep. so without realizing you fell asleep holding the plush close to your face.

‘you know (y/n),’ he kept his notebook aside and looked at you only to find you asleep. A smile appeared on his lips.

‘oh look! (y/n) fell asleep with little Spiderman in her hand!’ Clint exclaimed with a grin and pointed at you. Natasha rolled her eyes and slapped his shoulder.

‘you made such a cute, innocent thing soo wrong.’ she smiled.

‘hey, ya found that funny too.’ he pointed and she didn’t give any reaction. ‘but it was really wrong, I shouldn’t do that.’

‘you really shouldn’t!’ peter shouted and he nodded. he shouted ‘sorry, kid!’ in response and they both left. He looked back at you and pushed all the things away from you. you looked so peaceful, it was a rare sight, you were mostly on the move or scarily quiet. He brushed a stray hair away from your face and smiled at you.

‘you’re one lucky fella’ he tapped the plush’s nose.

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hi fahye i thought you should know i recommended stargazer to my sister after she finished yuri on ice and she said that "the prose was on fucking point" (i agree) i wish you the best in all your writing endeavors!!! you'll let us know if a novel of yours gets published, yes?? i'd have to buy it, your story concepts you've talked about all sound so good!! <3

dude if a novel of mine gets published I will NEVER SHUT UP ABOUT IT, there will be entire anon memes dedicated to how obnoxious that fahye girl has become. 

to be honest, if a novel of mine gets FINISHED I will probably talk about it nonstop for a week before I shove it away for a few months and hurl myself at the next one.

anyway tell your sister thank you <3

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Hi, just wondered if you would ever consider doing reviews for STPs and/or packers? I don't know which one to buy and wondered what your best advice would be? Your YouTube videos mean so much to me - thank you.

Hey, thank you :) I would definitely do this kind of thing if I used STPs and/or packers haha. 

I do know that Chase Ross does great reviews of lots of different things including STPs, here’s his channel link: https://www.youtube.com/user/uppercaseCHASE1/videos

I’m having issues logging into my other blog, so I’ll just post this promo here. (Stupid Yahoo….)

Anyway, I’m happy to announce some new cute designs with the lovely Queen Diana from Never Normal. Email me at askmoxiart@gmail.com if your’e interested in buying a mug or tee. Like the last combo deal, if you purchase the mug and tee together, you only pay $20! 

I changed the background cause I just wasn’t feeling that last one. Felt like I could do better, and I totally did! 

Let me know if you guys have any more suggestions for NN related products. 

Reblogs would be great too! Thank you for your time!

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Do you know what kind of sweat shirt eric was wearing in the rampart range video? i can't make out the text for the life of me

No ahhh, I’ve even tried to google it because I wanted to buy the same one (lol oops). If anyone can help me and this other person out, I would be so grateful!!!

“i feel the need...”

reikicchi said: When I sent a message to Conro earlier this year *mainly because of Rift because I have bought the book and was so happy about it* she said that she’s taking a break from writing family affair.

Ahhh Rift… I have the ebook but I’m deff buying a physical copy as well it’s so beautiful 😌💕 
Thank you for letting me know about Family Affair, there you have it folks!

Anonymous said: Hi I just wanted to let you know that a lot of us really do love Conro’s work. Her art is great and so are her characters :D Also, I’m sorry about the stupid and rude asks you get. Me and plenty others really respect your work and look forward to it. I myself will surely help you out with the scanlation process one day but I still have sometime before I can buy a laptop. Thank you so much for your hard work and for bringing Conro’s works to us. P.S. You don’t really have to reply to this.

I hope you don’t mind that I’m responding, I just wanted to say thank you!! It’s just once in a blue moon I get an ask like that, really (I see some scanlators get actual hate mail and I’m here like 😨😨😨) Smh I adore Conro. I’m so glad I have my raw provider in my life, she showed me a whole new world.

ansemblestars said: I want you to rest up so I’m asking you to hurry up with the next chapter. Thanks.

You’re adorable. I’m keeping you.

Anonymous said: Can I ask, why do you care so much about the raws?

Because mangakas make a living off of this, and we’re here taking their hard work and giving it out for free. So yes, I think the least scanlators can do is buy the damn thing.

Anonymous said: What does the Japanese say in your credits page?

I think it was something like, “I’m here taking time out of my life to work on these for you and you complain?” It was kinda od but

Oh, guess what I made:  ♫チェキラ clickity click click

For the messages asking me about retranslating Ai ni Dekinai Koi wa Iya:
I’m not accepting any rescanlation requests for this series at this time. I’m not sure if this will be permanent or not, but I’ll keep you updated.

And a little something that’ll make your day better, guess what I’m working on:

(When you just wanna translate but your ny comes out…🙄)

Song of the day:
Jasmine Flower (말리꽃) - Son Seung Yeon
(She starts at 0:35 her voice has me fucking s h o o k)

Quote of the day:

Movie of the day:

Originally posted by 1980s-90sgifs

I wanted to say THANK YOU to @ spookypiero for willingly buy me a Markiplier Pajama. I don’t really know how to repay you. This really meant a lot to me. I never had a Markiplier merch in my life (Jacksepticeye and CrankGamePlays as well) so this one is special.

Some people will think that this isn’t a big deal but IT IS TO ME. A LOT.

Again, Thank you so so much! 




MANCUNIANS get yourself a Manc and Proud t-shirt from my old schoolmate’s Etsy shop and she’ll donate £10 to the Manchester bombing fundraiser!

She also has a shop is in Afflecks Palace if you want to buy one in person!

Tshirts available here –> https://www.etsy.com/listing/497698134/westandtogether-charity-t-shirt-10gbp?ref=shop_home_feat_3

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I love following these hoetip blogs (despite my father rolling his eyes and dismissing all advice if he knows it's from there because "they're hoes, what do they know about the real world?") and one thing I got from them was a simple dough recipe. My family sometimes buys a 25 pound bag of flour and yeast in bulk because it lasts a while, with that flour and yeast I've made tons of loaves of bread, and with the same dough I made cinnamon rolls, pizza, etc. hard getting dad to eat it though -💋

Idk why people think “hoes” are dumb. Like how does having sex or wearing revealing clothes make you dumb. It has nothing to do with your brain ffs

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I never understood the karma thing with katy lol like she's literally trying force negativity on to Taylor's life when katy knows what she did was fucked up and underhanded

She’s twisting that narrative. But it’s backfiring on her. She thought she was untouchable because she had one good album. And in the process of being a witch to other people’s favs, she’s alienated huge fanbases.  Now all of the sudden she wants peace? Yeah, you want peace so these people that despise you will buy your album and tour tickets. I see right through it. 

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Hi, I've been dealing with pretty much constant pain for a while and I really want to get a cane. I know my parents will scoff at my asking for one, telling me I'm being dramatic, or that it will limit me socially. I try not to complain much and I know they don't really understand the scope of my pain, but I really feel like it would make my quality of life go up. Do you have any advice? (Also do you know any places online to buy cute canes?)

Tell them precisely that, that you will have a better quality of life. That a cane is not a social limit at all, and even if it were, your happiness and health are worth it. If they are reluctant, get them to “give it a try”. 

I’ve been recommended about amazon and fashionablecanes.com, though i’ve never bought any there.

My best wishes, anon!