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Frannie- Ajax (Francis) (Deadpool)


Hey! Could you do an Ajax (from Deadpool) where she’s Wade’s sister, and Ajax takes a liking to her? And it annoys Wade because he knows he can’t kill Ajax at the end? Fluff?! Or smut? Thank you (and I loved the Negan one you just posted)!!

Sorry this took so long but I had a real trouble writing for Ajax so my friend Nicki wrote this, hope you like it <3

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It was a cold night, fog filled the air around you, making it damn near imposable to see where you were going,  you were on your way home from shopping for some stuff for your new place, you had spent all day looking for things for your kitchen seeing as you had already done most of the other rooms. As you neared the flats you live in you noticed there was someone walking up to the door, knowing your keys were at the bottom of your bag and you were also carrying multiple other bags.

“Hey can you hold the door please?” you asked in your best damsel in distress voice. By the time you had finished your question you were almost at the door and the man had almost walked through the hallway, he stuck his hand in the way of the door to prevent it from closing. You reached the door and made eye contact with him, you hadn’t been able to see him very well before but now you could clearly see his sculpted jaw, blue eyes and chiselled features. “Sure no problem darlin’” He pushed the door fully open for you and you made your way through, the struggle you had had with these bags meant that you had never been so glad to live on the bottom floor.

“Thank you so much, finding my keys in the bottom of my bag outside would’ve taken me ages” you smiled at him. “Ah I understand its dark and foggy outside, I could barely see the lock while my key was in it” he laughed. Good god you thought, his British accent was melting you. “I’m Ajax” he grinned, and held out his hand out for you to place in his. You smiled, “Well hello Ajax, my name is y/n” you lightly placed your hand in his, he brought it lightly to his lips and placed a soft kiss on your hand. “Hello y/n” he grinned, you couldn’t help but find him incredibly attractive, as he moved his hand down to his side you noticed there was a rather large cut on his upper arm across his  arm and it seemed to still be open.

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  • Agamemnon: Quick question about Briseis... Does anyone know if she has any Greek in her?
  • Odysseus: No one respond. No one say anything.
  • Agamemnon: Why? I'm just curious if Briseis has a little Greek in her.
  • Odysseus: Silence...
  • Ajax: I don't think she does.
  • Agamemnon: Would she like some?

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Hey, i just saw that you write for Deadpool and i was wondering if you could write a rlly angsty Ajax fanfic because I love Ed Skrein! Like maybe you get jealous of him and Angel being so close while he treats you like crap and Angel always makes sure to rub it in your face, then one day you just snap. You can choose how it ends but I love your writing! By anon.

A/N: I’m slightly upset that the above gif is the only Ajax one that I could find?! Anyway, I’m pretty pleased with the speed of this upload and I’m also really excited about all the amazing requests you guys are sending in! Let me know what you think! xx

“Oh, Ouch.” You enunciated the words playfully, dragging them out in a purposefully mocking tone. 

This particular patient, Jimmy may have been his name, really hated needles and, unfortunately for him, trypanophobia didn’t mix well with this program. Well nothing really mixed well with this program.

Smirking as he slowly drifted from consciousness your attention was captured by a loud and angry clanging sound. Glancing upwards automatically, towards the source of the noise, you frowned.

Your ‘colleagues’ were up there, Ajax having just arrived back and already deep in conversation with Angel - God knows what they were so urgently discussing. You weren’t an idiot, you knew it wouldn’t be anything ‘unprofessional’, but you were also annoyingly aware that it could very well be about you - Angel just loved trash talking you, especially to Ajax. 

Preferring to remain silent and eavesdrop, you stood just beside the top of the stairs. Thankfully, they didn’t seem to be mentioning your name at all - Angel clearly had bigger things on her mind, something that was admittedly very unusual for her.

Unfortunately, she seemed to be able to get away with being severely pig-headed simply because her abilities had many more obvious applications than yours. 

It wasn’t as though you were entirely devoid of any enhancements of your own, it was simply that everybody seemed to entirely undervalue your ability to become entirely invisible. 

“Eavesdropping’s a little rude you know.” Having been entirely too wrapped up in your thoughts to pay any attention, you had failed to notice that their conversation had ended and that Angel had moved towards you. Huffing as she lightly (lightly for her anyway) shoved at your shoulder, you desperately tried not to completely fall over. 

Smirking, you swiftly thought up a snappy reply. “So’s looking like shit, but you seem to do that everyday.” Part of you was a little worried over how she would react to that; as confident as you were you knew that she could end you with a single punch. Clearly, considering how careless you were suddenly being with your words, your patience was running a little thin.

Strangely, and thankfully, she didn’t react with immediate violence. Instead, she stepped in a little closer to effectively tower above you, smirking with a clear sense of absolute superiority, and chuckled some words to you. “Does anyone even notice when you disappear?” You tried to walk away, knowing her comments were only going to get worse, but her strong grip upon your arm held you in place. “He sure doesn’t.” 

Suddenly, it all pushed you over the edge; her superior smirk, her harsh words, her tough demeanor and that stupid fucking match between her lips. “Fuck you!” Somehow managing to wrench your arm free, you snapped a fist into her face, clearly catching her off guard.

But when she recovered, and turned back to you with a sadistic smile plastered across her features, you knew that you had just made a dire mistake. 

It was as though you felt the blow before you even saw her move. In the blink of an eye, you had been sent crashing through the air - knocking into tables and chairs, and even flying through a pane of glass at some point. 

As you heaved a breath, the sharp pain in your chest alerted you to the major damage that had been done to your ribs, while the pounding in your skull was indicative of how harshly your head had impacted the wall behind. 

Strangely however, as you sat in a crumpled heap taking stock of your bruised body, you felt an intense anger and determination overtake you. You were resolutely, absolutely, determined to give her a taste of this pain. 

A mere second of mild concentration later, and you had disappeared entirely. Immediately, she stopped in her movements towards you and glanced around suspiciously. Forcing a smirk upon her features, she attempted to remain stoic, but her darting eyes told of her uncertainty.

Smiling to nobody but yourself, you stood as silently as you were able. Swiping a particularly jagged shard of glass from the floor, you cautiously stepped towards her. 

As her back was turned, looking in entirely the wrong direction for you, you allowed the glass shard to slice a trail through her back. It should have worried you perhaps, how satisfying her cry of pain was to you, but you were far too busy dodging her flailing arms to pay it much mind. 

You repeated this technique a handful of times, driving her to the point of fury. Blood seeped from her many fresh cuts as she hurled tables, chairs flying in all directions, hoping to crush you under the weight of them. Each time a chuckle escaped your lips, seemingly emanating from nowhere, she let out a string of curses and threats. 

Just as you were debating how far you could really take this, she was branded ‘useful’ after all, an unmistakably British voice rang through the air. “That’s enough Ladies.” His tone was bored but you could hear a slight smirk to them; he had clearly been watching the entire scene. 

“She’s-” Angel began to protest, only to be cut off by a raise of his hand. 

“Running rings around you.” He was actively smirking now, as he finished for her. “Disappointing” was the last word he spared her, alongside an appraising glance. 

Her dismayed expression was almost as satisfying as her previous yelps of pain. “Now, why don’t you come out where we can see you?” As he addressed the question to thin air you assumed he was now speaking directly to you. 

Quickly, you became visible once more; smiling whilst brandishing your makeshift blade. His appraising glance to you was much kinder than the one he had spared her, it seemed he had finally realized your potential. 

Smirking at him, trying not to seem too pleased, you spared a glance to Angel. She was shaking with fury and you knew that she would ensure you paid for what you had just done, but at this point you cared little. 

Deciding that an air of aloofness would serve you well, you raised your head high and walked past the two of them. Just as you were about to walk from the room, you heard a laugh emanating from Ajax; a sound which only served to further widen your smirk. Things were finally looking up it seemed.


Ajax Imagine - “Don’t Make A Sound”

Request – Ajax x reader smut. Like bdsm but not dating, maybe they’re a patient of whatever. Just spontaneous I guess.

Warnings – smut

Spoilers – none

(I didn’t really know where I was going with this one, haha. Also, reader is kind of a sarcastic, wade-like little shit in this but oh well)

You watched Ajax as he moved around the room, fiddling with the medical equipment. You could see from his tense shoulders that he was in a bad mood.

“Got something on your mind?” You said in a singsong voice. He turned slowly to face you, a frown on his face. He stared at you in silence, and you had to suppress a laugh. “What?”

“Stop talking.” He said in a cold voice. You sighed, rolling your eyes and looking away. He turned back to his work sighed again, frustrated at the silence. He turned around to face you again, his frown more pronounced this time. “Don’t make a sound.” He said, moving closer to you. You nodded, and he began to undo your restraints. When they were all undone he pulled you up into a standing position. He placed a hand on your shoulder, pushing you forward. He led you down some corridors, and you began to get increasingly nervous.

“So… The weather’s pretty bad today.” You joked, making sarcastic conversation. His hand gripped your shoulder harder and made you stop.

“I told you not to make a sound.” He whispered in your ear, and you shuddered slightly, not realising how close he was. He pulled you through a door and into a cupboard just off the corridor. He pushed you against the closed door. He moved close to you, his lips millimetres from yours, and you leaned up slightly to connect your lips. Your hands moved to his neck but he stopped you, gripping them in one hand and pinning them above your head. His lips moved down your jawline and to your neck, seeking out your sweet spot. He lifted you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. The risk of someone walking in thrilled you even more, and you had to bite your lip to supress any sounds. You were only wearing a hospital gown, and he moved it up, pulling his own trousers down. With no warning he thrust up into you, and you let out a loud moan.

“Don’t make a sound.” He groaned, his voice full of lust. As his hand moved from your hip to your thighs and he rubbed your clit with his thumb. He continued to thrust up into you, and you let out heavy breaths, biting your lip. Ajax pulled away from your neck, looking you in the eyes, smirking at your wide eyes. His own eyes were dark with lust, and he connected your lips, biting your lip slightly. You moaned against each other’s mouths as you hit your highs, and you fell forward so that your head was resting against Ajax’s chest. He released your arms and placed you gently back on the floor. You straightened out your hospital ground as Ajax pulled his trousers up, redoing the belt. He opened the door and you walked out, waiting for him. He turned you to face the way you had originally come from, placing his hand on your shoulder today.

“We’re done for today.” He said, taking you back to your bed. You laid back down and he put on the restraints, smirking at you before leaving.

(I could continue this if anyone wanted?)

- K

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❝ You know what one of the grossest things I’ve ever seen is ?? If you said ‘ a slip’n’slide squirt-show-wet-t shirt-contest , ’ you’re both right and disturbed . ❞ If there was one memory he could do without , it would be that one . ❝ The whole room smelled like Ajax , isn’t that weird ?? 

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Puppy raising rant

My dad wants to use physical force to correct my puppy’s behavior. All because Ajax had one accident today… like most 9 week old puppies do after week 1 of potty training. 

One accident a day is honestly better than I was hoping for since potty training takes time, for some puppies more than others. But apparently Dad knows More About It™ than I do since this is just the first dog I’ve trained. 

Not like the research I’ve done on raising a puppy is more recent than his knowledge or anything /s (since he’s stuck using awful methods he learned in the 80s). 

I told my dad we’re doing it my way. I mean I wanted to cry and run away to my room because I felt so disrespected, but I stood my ground. He said he’ll be patient with Ajax and I hope that’s true. 

All research shows that dogs don’t understand when you “rub their nose in it” or hurt them for doing something wrong. And I will not let him do that to my dog.

I just hope Dad continues to respect my wishes. If not, I’ll have to find another place for Ajax, my fiancé, and I to live safely. I mean it seems dramatic but that’s how strongly I feel about this.

Sorry for the rant. I’m just feeling so helpless and angry and I love my pupper so much.