i know nate's not on broadway

so let’s discuss the legends karaoke night

it starts because ray offhandedly mentions that team flash does it, and stein is like “ah, those children, with their singing, and their competency. i miss them.”

it’s one of my personal headcanons that barry + sara have the huge fucking rivalry for absolutely no reason?? so she is NOT about to be outdone by barry fucking allen’s team so

sara: karaoke night! be there or be square haha it’s not optional i’m the captain

amaya: what’s karaoke

nate: *softly* n o 

so the evening starts off with jax. and i don’t remember who told me that jax is a britney spears stan, but you bet your ass i believe it. he has a whole set list, he doesn’t actually need the lyrics, his singing is shitty but he takes the whole team on an emotional journey. they’re crying by the time it’s over. 

sara gets up there and sings like, fucking all star by smash mouth. and everybody’s bopping an then she sings a DIFFERENT song by smash mouth, and everyone is Shook to the Core. 

mick: i didn’t know that smash mouth had any songs besides the shrek soundtrack

amaya: what’s a shrek 

nate: *screeching* N O

then stein gets up and sings like… some duet from the 20s or 30s, like golden age of broadway shit. and amaya’s like, “wait i know this song!” and everyone is like don’t sing with stein he has a good voice and he’ll try to intimidate you, but amaya has a beautiful voice and the whole team is FLOORED

sara: sing to me, my angel of music

nate: what’s that from?

jax: phantom of the opera

stein is confused about how they know theater and sara shrugs and is like “i was a theater kid for two years bc my crush was the stage manager”

jax: my mom had a picture of michael crawford on our fridge

sara: did you just,,, quote high school musical?

amaya: what’s a high school musical

nate: *crying and waving his fists at the sky* NOOOOO

then nate gets up and sings like, every song from the pitch perfect 2 riff off where the theme is 90s.

amaya: oh i love pitch perfect 2!!

nate: oh finally!! what did you think of the first pitch perfect?

amaya: there was a first pitch perfect?


okay and mick does not sing. he will not sing. until ray begs him “mick, please, you know you want to sing pretty please” and mick sighs and gets up and sara is smiling b she knows mick has a “”“”“crush”“”“”“ on ray and he sings like… an old irish sea shanty

jax: how does this machine even have that?

rip: this is a karaoke machine from the future mr. jackson, it has every song ever up until the year 3000

jax: … i have an idea

and jax gets up there and sings year 3000 by the jonas brothers and sara is like “without me? hell no” and nate joins in and they sing “burning up” by the jonas brothers

jax: i’m nick

sara: good bc i’m obviously joe

nate: i thought i was joe!

sara: you know you’re not joe

nate: pretty sure i am

sara: say what you really are

nate: i’m joe!!

sara: stop lying to yourself

nate: i’m JOE! 

sara: nate be honest with yourself

nate:… i’m kevin

amaya: what’s a kevin??

sara, who is still living off the high of mick fucking rory singing a fucking sea shanty, recalls a conversation she had with snart during one of their platonic “get drunk and play cards” nights. he told her that mick fucking HATES the “hey micky” song, it annoys him to no end, so of course she has to convince darling raymond to sing it for them. 

she convinces ray to do it by telling him it’s a thank you for mick singing and he’s drunk enough (bc of course they’re drinking, three of them just sang a jonas brothers song) and he goes up there and fucking does it. ray is not a good singer, but he is a goddamn enthusiastic one. he’s chanting “HEY MICKY YOU’RE SO FINE” at the top of his lungs god bless him. sara is waiting for mick to be angry but he’s just kind of smiling and she is like what is happening

mick: do ya hear that captain, he thinks i’m fine

sara: oh my god you’re in love with him

mick: *shrugs*

sara: this is More than i bargained for


and jax gets up there and sings like, every fall out boy and all time low song under the sun and everybody’s like “yeah!!” but then he starts singing like, more hardcore emo shit and everyone is confused and he’s like OF COURSE i had an emo phase guys i was a teen in the 2010s AND i suffered a LIFE CHANGING ACCIDENT

rip: mr. jackson, i rather enjoy some of these songs, would you mind sharing them with me?

rest of them team: oh no

jax: *throws an mcr t shirt at rip* jOiN ThE bLaCk PaRaDe, RiP

everything is fun and pure until the end of the night where like, ray is literally sitting in mick’s lap and jax is draped across the monitor just singing toxic over and over again when

amaya: *hiccups* i knew EVERYTHING about the references you guys made tonight. i sure got u guys good

nate: SON OF A

Things I learned from meeting the cast of Les Miz:
  1. Ramin doesn’t know how to take a selfie.

  2. Jason Forbach is an absolute sweetheart.

  3. Nikki M. James weighs approximately three pounds.

  4. Andy Mientus is a total derp and he’s the closest thing to canon Marius the fandom has ever experienced.

  5. Chris McCarrell is the cutest dork I’ve ever met I’ll take seven please.

  6. Cliff isn’t nearly as insane off-stage as he is on.

  7. Christianne Tisdale is from a small town in Connecticut.

  8. Yes, even the children sign playbills.

  9. Andrew Kober knows me as “the kid who talks to him on twitter” and will only respond to me if I shout “KOBER!” in his general direction.

  10. When Melissa Mitchell is up to bat, duck.

  11. Nate Hackmann is just a whole thing.

  12. acciobarricadeboys and I have come to the decision that Samantha Hill doesn’t exist.