i know nate's not on broadway

Things I learned from meeting the cast of Les Miz:
  1. Ramin doesn’t know how to take a selfie.

  2. Jason Forbach is an absolute sweetheart.

  3. Nikki M. James weighs approximately three pounds.

  4. Andy Mientus is a total derp and he’s the closest thing to canon Marius the fandom has ever experienced.

  5. Chris McCarrell is the cutest dork I’ve ever met I’ll take seven please.

  6. Cliff isn’t nearly as insane off-stage as he is on.

  7. Christianne Tisdale is from a small town in Connecticut.

  8. Yes, even the children sign playbills.

  9. Andrew Kober knows me as “the kid who talks to him on twitter” and will only respond to me if I shout “KOBER!” in his general direction.

  10. When Melissa Mitchell is up to bat, duck.

  11. Nate Hackmann is just a whole thing.

  12. acciobarricadeboys and I have come to the decision that Samantha Hill doesn’t exist.