i know my grammar is not great

where adrien flirts
  • so adrien has a little problem: he likes marinette. like he really, honest-to-god likes her, and he doesn’t know what to do about it. his track record with girls isn’t so stellar. after he confessed his feelings to ladybug as chat noir, she calmly turned him down and admitted she liked someone else. so as nino would say, without a lady to tie him down, adrien agreste is single and ready to mingle
  • but he’s always been single?? and what does mingle even mean?? like, nino, what the hell, dude?? help a man out. 
  • so nino sits him down and explains how to get his crush. with his previous crush, nino tells him, adrien obviously didn’t do it right, and that’s why she turned him down (nino doesn’t know it was ladybug, and he just likes to think adrien was crushing on a supermodel who was totally out of even his league). 
  • nino: “you gotta flirt, man. the ladies love a dude who’s chill and cool and confident. you gotta rock it and own it. you got this.”
    adrien: “but how? every time I go to her, she looks at me, and I can’t… make my words work.”
    nino: “….you two are perfect for each other.”
    adrien: “what?”
    nino: “what?”
  • nino gives him an article with a few tips for flirting. this shouldn’t be too bad, and hey, it worked on alya, nino swears by it. so with 10 Flirting Techniques That Are Garunteed to Work on Women on his mind, adrien is determined to woo the ladies.
  • 1. set the stage with the “soft stare”: so all he had to do was stare at marinette as deeply as possible whenever they had a conversation while maintaining a calm and relaxed expression. marinette likes to stutter and stammer her ways through her words, and he couldn’t blame her, because he lost control when he tried to talk to her as well, and usually her antics made him smile and laugh. but according to the tips, he wasn’t allowed to.
  • it’s all good for a week or so, until nino pulls him aside and asks why he looks like he’s plotting how to murder marinette in her sleep like some type of serial killer every time he talks to her. 
  • he stops talking to her after that. alya tracks him down a few days later and whacks him upside the head for making her best friend cry by ignoring her. adrien goes back to talking to marinette as normally as possible after that because it’s better to talk to her as friends than invoke his “killer smile” while trying to flirt.
  • 2. be vague and leave her wanting more: adrien has this in the bag. he knows how to skirt around a topic, but that’s just because he has to make sure he kept his secret identity as a superhero of Paris a… secret. being vague is one of his best talents, it also helps with those stupid paparazzi who always follow him. the article offers some suggests: tell her you know a secret about her, tell her there’s something interesting about her and you can’t put your finger on it, tell her that’s she exactly your type but don’t tell her what you type actually is, etc. he spends most of the night plotting his exact words, and the next day, when he sees marinette, it just comes spilling out…
  • adrien: “i know your secret, marinette.”
    marinette: “…what?”
    well shit, adrien thought, the article didn’t tell him what happened after this.
    adrien: “…i know it. your secret… i knew there was something about you that i couldn’t put my finger on.”
    marinette: “…wait, so you know? ohmygodthiscan’tbehappening,ohmygod, how did you figure it out???”
  • adrien wasn’t sure what to do after this point, so like the article said, he leaves her wanting more and nopes the fuck outta there, cha-cha sliding out of the classroom and bolting down the hallway before she could catch him.
  • 3. the sensual look: once a girl is comfortable around you, give her a mischievous look that makes her think. the article (and nino) never really explain what the girl will think about, but adrien totally supports girl empowerment and helping those smart cookies get the best grades and brilliance recognition they deserve. if a mischievous smile is all it takes, then he’s more than happy to help.
  • he flashes her a quirky smirk in Madame Bustier’s lecture, marinette notices and freezes up. he thinks he did it wrong when nino just leans closer and says, “you broke marinette.”
  • adrien apologizes after class and swears he’ll never break her again. marinette just mumbles, “you can break me anytime.”
  • adrien thinks it’s counterproductive. 
  • 4. the surprise wink: whenever you pass her, just wink after you lock eyes, nino says, she won’t expect it and it’ll surprise her but give her the clear and distinct message that you are flirting with her. adrien wants marinette to know he likes her and wants to flirt with he rand wants to date her and just be with her, so he winks every time he gets. 
  • they see each other in class? wink he catches her eyes while they study for physics? wink they talk about madame bustier’s homework? wink she asks him for his opinion on her designs? wink 
  • at first, she giggles. after two weeks, she presents him with a bottle of over-the-counter artificial tears for his “eye twitch.” he stops winking after that and doesn’t talk to nino for the rest of the day.
  • 5. the playful bump: playful actions, like bumping, will definitely make a girl smile. 
  • adrien: “but nino, i could hurt her.”
    nino: “no, my dude, she knows you’re teasing.”
    adrien: “i don’t care if she knows. what if i knock her over?”
    nino: “no, you don’t do it hard, you just–”
    adrien: “what if she falls over and breaks her nose? i don’t wanna break her nose, nino. she has a cute nose.”
    nino: “adrien, you’re not gonna break her–”
    adrien: “niNO
  • 6. the understatement: understate the compliments you give her, okay, okay, adrien can do this. it’s simple.
  • adrien: “marinette, your eyes are blue… like avatar’s skin. just blue.. all over.. it’s great. not the brightest blue, but not the darkest. just blue. you have blue eyes, marinette.”
    marinette: *is speechless*
    nino: “…you nailed that, adrien.”
    adrien: “oh thanks, nino.”
  • 7. the double negative, “i don’t think you’re not beautiful”: 
    adrien: “but i do think she’s beautiful.”
    nino: “i know, you’re telling her that.”
    adrien: “but you just said i don’t think she’s beautiful?”
    nino: “no, no, you said you don’t think she’s not beautiful, so ergo you think she is beautiful.”
    adrien: “…grammar hurts my head, nino.”
    nino: “i know, my dude, i understand.”
  • 8. the sensual tease, tease her for liking you: okay, but adrien doesn’t know if marinette likes him like that? nino swears she does, and alya says so too, but it still makes him feel bad for teasing her. so he doesn’t tease her and just keeps doing stuff like he normally does, like walking her home from school and helping her study physics and giving her advice for her designs and keeping a stash of food for her on the mornings she runs late and he knows she didn’t have breakfast yet.
  • nino rolls his eyes, but adrien doesn’t care. his momma didn’t raise no hooligan. no, if he was going to flirt with marinette, at least he can be a gentleman about it.
  • 9. the moniker: giving her a cute nickname will let her know how special she is. adrien spends a week thinking about it, and nino gives him a few suggestions, but he doesn’t listen. if he’s giving marinette a nickname, it has to be something he does because it’ll let her know she’s special to him.
  • a few days later, he slips up and calls her “princess” because she’s pretty, sweet, smart, likes pink, and is a natural born leader just like a royal. marinette freezes when he calls her that, but she smiles and laughs eventually. she seems to like it, and he keeps doing it. it’s fitting, he supposes, for someone like her. marinette, his princess.
  • does that mean he gets to be her knight?
  • nino calls him a nerd.
  • 10. tell her how you feel: it’s the last step, and adrien agonizes over it for days. it can’t really be as simple as nino makes it out to be, but then again, his best friend has been dating a pretty sweet gal for months, so it obviously worked for him. adrien broods over it for a while, and alya warns him not to ignore marinette for days again, and he swears he isn’t. he’s just trying to find his courage. why oh why is it so much easier to face an akuma with certain death hanging over his head than tell a girl how he really feels?
  • marinette decides to take matters into her own hands, which he isn’t really surprised by because she usually is a head-strong, independent female. what he is surprised by is when ladybug swings into his bedroom window and transforms into marinette right before his very eyes.
  • marinette: “why are you ignoring me? did i do something wrong?”
    adrien: *adrien.exe has stopped working*
    marinette: “…adrien?”
    adrien: “…you’re… ladybug?!”
    marinette: “yeah, i know. you know. we’ve been over this–”
    adrien: “nononoNO, we most certainly haven’t.”
    marinette: *marinette.exe has stopped working*
    adrien: “…marinette?”
    marinette: “I… but you said you knew my secret.”
    adrien: “I WAS BEING VAGUE.”
    marinette: “WHY?!”
    marinette: “…you have?”
    adrien: “well, i was trying–”
  • plagg: *pops out of adrien’s pocket* “oh, are we trading secrets?”
    tikki: *pops out of marinette’s bag* “I think so?”
    plagg: *holds out paw to marinette* “fine. im plagg, i turn him into chat noir. nice to finally meet you. i’m glad you guys are finally telling each other, it’s been so tiring listening to him mooning over you. do you have any cheese?”
    marinette: “…you’re chat noir?”
    adrien: *dies*

so marinette and adrien are dating now, so in a way he thinks his plan worked? that doesn’t stop marinette from asking him how he thought he’d been flirting, so he tells her nino’s tips. she laughs for a week straight. that’s the last time he ever listens to nino.

an adrien version of this post. some people asked for an adrien version, it’s not directly a sequel, but still another au. just two nerds trying to flirt and failing spectacularly. 


fav sugar pine 7 episodes  we’re actually screwed.

“i never used to worry about the future but now that i have people who directly rely on me, my willful disregard has transitioned into more of a ‘holy shit, if i don’t do this right, we’re all fucked

There is a door in the history department. It never looks the same twice and is always cracked open when it’s actually there. No one has ever returned through it.

There once was a chemistry major that went through the door. Their friend followed after.

One returned.

One did not.

The story did not begin there though. It began long, long ago, in the tales and songs of ancestors long gone; passed from mother to daughter and father to son. They did not fade through time, starting anew in each beating heart of the family line.

They reached a young girl with olive skin and hair like raven’s wings. Her dark eyes would shine as her grandmother wove the tales by the fireside.

She spoke to the girl of a woman with fiery hair and burning eyes, who spoke with flames and held infernos between her palms. Perhaps that sparked the love in her for all things she should not, and she strove to make the embers dance, like the one with fire in her hands.

Her grandmother knew in her old, wise bones that this child needed the tales more than most. Their family had always been aware, trusting their intuition had never led them wrong.

So when the girl came to Elsewhere, (For where else could she have gone?) Everyone steered clear (The school gave up on roommates before very long.)

Perhaps it was because of her reputation of playing with fire, or perhaps it was simply fate, but her chemistry professor paired her with a boy who loved to play with ice. They became unlikely friends, she with her burning salts and he with his liquid nitrogen.

“Call me Pyrra.” she said.

“Frozone.” He grinned, white teeth gleamed against his dark skin.

He told her of his girlfriend back in Louisiana who was pregnant with his child: “It’s too soon to know the gender yet.” And she would just smile.

She told him of her grandparents and their small, simple home that stood alone on the reservation and of the wild horses that would thunder by.

They knew what everyone would say, how unwise it was to share so much about themselves, but they were chemistry majors—those rarely got taken.

The two were closer then blood and they both forgot one very important fact— being Taken isn’t the only way to Vanish.

It had been an accident. Frozone hadn’t been paying attention. He had forgotten to count the doors, as he stumbled to his history class after a long night in the labs. No one probably would have known if a fellow student hadn’t seen him stepping through the door—too late to stop his fate.

Pyrra was the first one told, the RA’s decided to wait till the end of the term before notifying his family. They knew it was a futile hope, but anything beat having to make that call.

Pyrra wouldn’t accept this though. She gathered up her craft, and armed herself with salts to burn. She dressed herself in her tribe’s garments and war paint on her face—there is power in being claimed—and set off for the history building when the moonless night was at its darkest.

The door gave way before her and she crossed into when; not where, her friend had gone. She travelled far until she found where the Little People were gathered round. They vanished as she drew near, but she was unshaken by this or fear.

“I have come to bargain for my brother of heart.”

“What will you give?” They whispered in reply.

“A story like none other.” She called bravely into the night.

“There is no story to match his fate, for his return we will need something great.”

Pyrra paused before standing straight.

“Then I will take his place.”

“Is this your choice?”

She thought of her grandparents, sitting at home, they had only gotten electricity a few years ago.

She thought of Frozone’s sisters, all so young and alone thriving off their brother’s hope to give them a better home, on the income of the degree the scholarship would to them all. She thought about his girlfriend, who worked two jobs by day, and attended a community college to get her art degree by night. With that her mind was made.

“It is.”

Frozone stumbled in, lost and confused as if it had only been an hour instead of a day. He caught onto what had happened more than quick enough.

“Pyrra, you can’t do this! Please! It’s my mistake to pay.”

“Call my grandmother and ask for my name, give it to your daughter and your debt shall be paid.”

That was all the time they had, before he was gone and she had stayed. The Little Folk drew near her now; intent on Their new pet, but she held up her hand, she wasn’t Theirs quite yet.

“I have another bargain to make.”

“What now?” They grumbled, discontent and bored.

“My story for my freedom, I chose to stay, but not to be yours.”

“Fine.” they hissed “But the bargain is this: you must keep us entertained till dawn or to us you will belong.”

What choice was there left for her to make? The sky was at it darkest—the hour before dawn. But how that hour stretched on and on!

She dared not tell her family’s tales, or sing to Them their songs, so she told them what she had, her science close at hand.

She told them how a star was born and how precious gems became; all the while between her hands she wove the tales with flame.

When that never nearing dawn finally broke upon the sky, They praised her skills, and kept their deals; blessing her all the while.

Fire-tongue they called her; Flame-speaker, They would say. They kissed her eyes and painted her lips, dressing her in flame.

She smiled and simply said, “That is not my name.”

For she had a new name now, one that no one could ever Take, now that she had given her old name away.

Frozone made it back and tried to keep his word. He called her grandmother who patiently greeted him and told him Pyrra’s name, only requesting that in return he send her things and bring his daughter by some day. She waved him off when he explained that the baby was still too small to tell, whether it was female or male.

Years passed and soon it was time to graduate. Everyone assumed that Pyrra’s grandparents came for Frozone. No one expected Pyrra to appear and collect her diploma as if she had been there all along. Then again, no one mentioned how her eyes were embers now or how her hair had turned from raven black to crimson—so she very well may have been.

         A few decades later a new student comes—a chemistry major that loves to play with fire. She wears a white smile; which is near blinding against her dark skin. She claims she came to prove that her father paid his debt. She won’t say anymore than that. But sometimes she would leave the dorm shortly before dawn on moonless nights with a string of fireworks in her hands. She would always return the next morning, humming ancient songs as she wrote an email to her father.

         During her time a new tale whispers its way into campus lore.

It’s breathed into the ears of distraught students—those with the courage to try and reclaim the Taken Ones are the only ones to hear the advice.

“Come to the edge of the woods on a moonless night, just before dawn and set off fireworks of every color—then wait.”

The ones who listen return with tales about a woman in smoldering garments, blazing red hair, and glowing embers for eyes who would test their resolve. To those who passed she would gift them with words or song, depending on their need, she might even gift them with her fire.

Regardless of what you get, it is always enough to get them back.

Except no one can remember what it was she gave them. They could never remember the tale itself, just that she gave them one; the songs she granted would dance just beyond memory’s grasp; the image of a mesmerizing flame leaving a ghostly impression inside their eyelids. There was only one thing anyone remembers her saying.

“My name is Story—”

There is a door in the history department. It never looks the same twice and is always cracked open when it is there. No one has ever returned through it.

There once was a chemistry major that went through the door. His friend followed after.

He returned.

She did not.

“—and I create myself.”

A/N: I know the Gentry come off a little strange in this. It’s mostly because Pyrra is Navajo and thus the stories she knows are of the Little People; but at Elsewhere, the Gentry are for the most part from Great Britain, Ireland and thereabouts. I tried to blend these two cultures. I’m not gunna lie, I didn’t do great. I haven’t done much with Navajo mythology in a long while. I feel it came off pretty shoddy in this. I’m not trying to offend (I’m part native American myself). Also, I love Chemistry but I suck at it which is why I didn’t go as into depth as I would have liked. (My grammar sucks too, so apologies there as well.)


sigmastolen  asked:

re: how teens and adults text, I would be super interested for you to explain your theory!

ok SO. a lot of this comes from various stuff i’ve seen on the linguistics of tumblr, but at the heart of it is that people in my generation (at least in the us; idk abt other countries’ timelines on this front) went thru (or are still going thru) our Formative Social Years in an environment where we’d regularly interact with even our closest friends on text-only platforms (whether texting or gchat or fb messages or w/e), and b/c so much linguistic/social information is actually conveyed by facial expression and tone of voice, we’ve collectively made up all of these textual ways of conveying that in a concise, efficient way

so like, sometimes on this blog i’ll talk about “straight people”, and sometimes i’ll talk about “str8 ppl”, and even tho i would pronounce those the same, the first is much more neutral — it would probably happen in the context like “i’m not sure how i feel about straight people writing stories that center around experiences of homophobia” — than the second, which which is much more frustrated/venting — it would be more likely to crop up in the context of “all i want is to live quietly in my little queer utopia but no str8 ppl have to come along and heteronomativity UGH #over it #whatever #NOT RLLY OVER IT”. or even with more subtle things like end punctuation: “i’m not going” basically just means i’m not currently planning to go to the thing; “i’m not going.” carries much more of a connotation of “i have seriously considered going and have Reasons for staying at home” (and note that capital — “i have Reasons for staying at home” feels different than “i have reasons for staying at home”). (and this isn’t even getting into things like shitposting or advanced memeology, but there are specific textual markers that go with things like that, some of which would be pronounced if you read them aloud, but many of which wouldn’t be)

but, crucially, for these kinds of things to carry meaning, they have to be used consistently: if i use “str8 ppl” and “straight people” interchangeably in all contexts (as i do for something like “the supreme court” vs “scotus”), then there’s no way to develop a distinction in meaning between the two — the only way to do that is to consistently use the different orthographies in different contexts. (to take another example: if something is “great”, then it’s solidly good. if something is “gr8”, it’s more in the land of “i can’t quite believe this is as earnest/tacky/tasteless as it is but i’m weirdly into it anyway?” (sometimes with a side helping of “do i just enjoy this ironically or do i genuinely enjoy it there is no way of knowing please send help”))

the upshot of this is that to be fluent in tumblr (or texting, or fb messenger, or w/e) means to actually be paying a lot of attention to subtle points of grammar and spelling, to know when to use “did u kno” or “ur” or even pull out an old-fashioned tip of the hat to “e733T haxxor 5killz”. most of these are very subtle distinctions, the kind of things you feel intuitively rather than write out explicitly, and so it’s very hard to convey them concisely and accurately to someone who’s not already immersed in the linguistic environment

and let’s be real, people in my parents’ generation aren’t. i mean, sure, many of them have facebook accounts, but these kinds of platforms weren’t around when they were in their “really getting to grips with social interaction” years, and their most important social interactions usually don’t take place exclusively online. for me, all of my closest friends are people i’ve only interacted with online for more than a year now (with a few brief face-to-face visits when various travel arrangements have allowed), so tumblr, facebook, and gchat are absolutely critical to my social life and interpersonal interactions; for my parents, their closest friends are people they see in person at work every day, so social media is a light overlay to their social lives, not the thrumming core

as such, my parents don’t grok these distinctions. to them “what are you doing?” means the same thing as “lol wut r u doing”; “gr8” is just like “great” (and “gr9” takes some parsing … ); dogespeak doesn’t have the same distinctive valence that it does to us. since they don’t know about these distinctions, they don’t feel the need to maintain more “proper” spelling/grammar when texting with a friend — different people have different set points for this, obvs, but in general i feel like “standard (setting aside all the class and racial implications in that term …) spelling and grammar” (with lighter-than-standard punctuation and capitalization) translates to “relatively neutral/pleasant conversational voice”, and then deliberate misspellings, abbreviations, letter substitutions, and grammar deviations are markers used to indicate shifts in mood — i have a vague sense that bitterness tends to collapse down and preserve grammar but weird spelling (“lyk w/e im happy 4 u but pls, i kno u lied 2 get that”) whereas enthusiasm tends to preserve spelling but weird grammar (“what i can’t even no how do air AMAZE”). since people in my parents’ generation don’t realize that doing so unintentionally changes the way their words come across, they feel free to text “poorly” (ie with lots of errors/substitutions, generally mixing various text-flagged vocal tones in ways that are often incoherent) in order to do so more quickly (b/c lbr typing everything out can be a pain (esp on a non-smartphone), and since parents don’t do it as much, they’re not necessarily as fast as our spry young fingers on a familiar interface)

so yeah, that’s what i suspect is going on

tl;dr: parents don’t use orthography to mark vocal tone in the way youngfolk do, and thus feel free to condense their texts and otherwise use textspeak. youngfolk are using orthography to mark for tone, and thus text more “correctly” to preserve their social intentions

Post Pocket Mortys Series: Morticia Smith

I can’t believe its been about a year since I started drawing this girl with her new Rick.  

Thank you guys so much for your support on it! It’s been real fun thinking of stories and planning comics for her! It has been such a great learning experience. c: Thanks so much to my friends who’ve also helped me along the way! Correcting grammar or making sure I’ve written the characters correctly, couldn’t of done it with them. <3 Feelings about the drawing below the cut.

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Someone today tried to tell me that the Songhai Empire (one of the most powerful in African history) shouldn’t count as a historically black kingdom because it was “built and ruled by Arabs”. I had made a comment about historically black kingdoms in response to someone’s “WE WUZ KANGS” joke and this redpilled motherfucker thought he knew better than me.

For those who don’t know, the Songhai are an ethnic group in Western Africa who are, you guessed it, black. Songhai built the empire, Songhai lived in it, Songhai fought for it, and Songhai ruled it. I don’t even know if I’m using the proper grammar for that but at least I fucking know what it means.

And then he had the sheer dumbass gall to call my assessment inaccurate and claim that I’m a dirty SJW historical revisionist. I’m not even an SJW. I usually can’t stand SJWs, to be completely honest. 

I’m just a fucker who likes historical accuracy.

Tell me again how Askia the Great wasn’t black, shithead.

Oh but that wasn’t all, because apparently MALI wasn’t a black empire either.

You may remember Mali. It was the fabulously rich kingdom ruled by black, Muslim Western Africans, most notably Mansa Musa. He was the man who, thanks to his ridiculous wealth and charity during his Hajj to Mecca changed the price of gold throughout the ENTIRE MEDITERRANEAN:

Oh and also Ethiopia didn’t count either because the Jewish kingdoms there were “semites, not blacks” and Haile Selassie was “too modern to count”.

Now first off, the Jews in Ethiopia are like 99% black. They’re called Beta Israel (Beyte Yisreal in Hebrew) and they’ve been black since the beginning. 

Even ignoring that vital fact, that statement forgets about the ENTIRE GIDEON DYNASTY, rulers of the Kingdom of Semien from around 400 AD to 1627 AD, when their Kingdom was absorbed into the Ethiopian Empire ruled by ANOTHER BLACK DYNASTY HOLY HELL WHO’D HAVE THUNK IT, THE SOLOMONIC DYNASTY.

So apparently Haile Selassie (Solomonic Dynasty),

Queen Gudit (or Yodit) of Semien (Gideon Dynasty),

and Menelik II (Solomonic Dynasty, the dude who beat a modernized Italian invasion with guerrilla tactics, spears, and a few muskets), among a hundred other rulelrs,

don’t count as historical black rulers because this anti-SJW son of a bitch couldn’t be bothered to read a goddamn history book and started pulling shit outta his contrarian ass.

And then he tried to pull the whole “oh the Egyptians were BROWN not BLACK lololol you sjw scum” thing.

THE ENTIRE 25TH DYNASTY WAS BLACK. They were ALL from Nubian Kush, and they oversaw some of Egypt’s most prosperous periods, as well as one of the great pyramid-building crazes.

But the best part of this was when he tried to tell me that the capital of the Kingdom of Great Zimbabwe,  pictured below, was nothing more than “a glorified medieval peasant’s hut”. 

(For scale, those big walls are up to five meters (or 16 feet) high and built without mortar. They’re held up by masterful architecture alone.)


Go fuck yourself, whatever your name was. Fuck off back to your echo chamber and leave history to the grownups. 

ms-trashcan  asked:

I am gonna apologize if it seemed like I was offended, I was just curious. And yes, I actually am part blind. My eyes have focusing issues and I am a bit colorblind. I was just curious, since some of them were hard to see. sorry ;-;

You should should know that 95% of this blog is pure sarcasm and jokes.

and damn if you’re actually blind you’re doing a great job. You have better grammar than 80% of the asks I get daily.

anonymous asked:

Any tips for those who wanna learn Japanese to play games on their own

Sorry about the delay in answering this, I wasn’t sure how to word it, and I’m sure my wording’s not going to be great now, but here it goes~

Ahh, and this is going to sound so preachy, but: practice!

If you’re still a beginner or haven’t started learning yet, there are a bunch of resources available online for learning Japanese. You really need to get the basics down first because you’re definitely going to need them. Particles in particular are going to trip you up (they still trip me up orz).

Read A LOT. Not just manga, search for blogs with stuff you’re interested in (otome game blogs are handy as you get useful vocabulary too), purchase some books if you can, try some books you’ve read in English translated to Japanese. 

Also, listen to Japanese audio as much as you can—not just songs, but Drama CDs, TV shows, news segments, anything. There are probably some Japanese TV streams still available online somewhere or online streaming sites for shows and so on.

Kanji is hell sometimes no matter what medium—blog, game, book, anything—so you’re going to have to work on that a bit. The problem with kanji in otome games is depending on the quality of the game (PSP vs PS Vita for example) some of the kanji is going to be hard to read. You’re going to have to get used to either picking out the particles to search via particles or find a dictionary you can use handwriting input on and try writing it by hand to find it.

Whether you’re playing a game above your level or not, I can pretty much guarantee you’re still going to be using a dictionary to help every now and then.
I remember when I first started playing otome games, they were just the iOS ones and I was looking up like nearly every fifth word and had no idea what some of the selection choices were. It was great fun to attempt at like midnight lol I’d keep switching between the app and my dictionary and it was sooo time consuming.

I’ve been studying Japanese for a hell of a long time and there’s still a heap I don’t know. I’m still after dictionaries a lot and still marking down stuff I don’t know to either look up later, study, find out what other contexts things can be used it, how this grammar point differs from that one and when to use them, etc, etc. 

Like, if you’re really dedicated you can get your Japanese level up quickly enough for otome games. Hell, you could probably play them now if you have a good dictionary and a good idea about how Japanese grammar works. I mean, as long as you’re consistently working on it and challenging yourself with it you’re going to improve. 

I’m not sure if any of that ramble above is helpful, so I’m just gonna throw in some links from here and hope that they help lol

Some Beginner Resources:
Genki I Textbook - PDF | Amazon JPN | Amazon US
Genki I Workbook - PDF | Amazon JPN | Amazon US
Genki II Textbook - PDF | Amazon JPN | Amazon US
Genki II Workbook - PDF | Amazon JPN | Amazon US
(Everyone seems to recommend Genki, but I haven’t actually used it lol I hear it’s a good series though, and it’s super easy to find. The PDFs are free btw)

General Resources
Rikai-kun/Rikai-chan - add-on for Chrome/Firefox
Online Dictionaries: Jisho | Weblio
Online Translators (not really recommended, but can help in a pinch): NOT GOOGLE | Weblio
PDF downloads for the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced dictionaries of Japanese grammar can be found here, but I’m not sure if the links on the page are still current

Stuff to Read:
News in Slow Japanese
NHK’s Easy News
RAW Manga

Blogs that talk about Otome Games and sometimes post walkthroughs (Japanese only):
choro - walkthroughs and talks about her thoughts on otome games
ぶぅ子の部屋 - thoughts and general otome game stuff
ぶぅ子の別荘 - walkthroughs
私の日常 - thoughts, just finished Shu’s storyline in Lost Eden
乙女ゲーム時々かくれんぼ。 - thoughts and general otome game stuff

anonymous asked:

how do i become more confident in my writing? i tend to feel very insecure about it and i hate it

Hey, ‘nonnie! So this is a great question because I know a lot of people struggle with this, myself included. Even with about six years of roleplay under my belt, I am still self-conscious about what I write and the words I use. However, I do have a few tips that can hopefully ease your discomfort!

For starters, I know that there are many reasons as to why someone would feel insecure about their writing, however, there are also several different confident boosters or small things that I do to even improve my writing!

  • If having proper grammar is something you tend to struggle with, there are a lot of helpful sites you can utilize for free. For starters, one of the methods that I prefer to use is Grammarly. This is a very cool Google Chrome add-on and it will process what you write. It’s a spell-check type of tool that is very helpful when it comes to punctuation, spelling, or word usage. Other useful sites for that type of stuff can be found in the following: jspell, online-spellcheck, and spellchecker
  • Vocabulary can be a tricky thing to get a handle on, especially if English is not your first language. All of that is understandable and I’m sure you’re roleplay partners understand that if they know it’s not your native language. In my case, English is my first language but I missed about three years of school so academically, this is where I fall short. It shows in my writing because my word usage can often be considered mediocre. When this happens, I tend to gravitate towards a thesaurus to find words more suitable. There is also a plethora of resources that are on tumblr that you can use in order to achieve better phrasing and a more eloquent sentence in general. Here, here, and here is a great post that gives you alternate word choices.
  • If you’re anything like me, you tend to write things that you know about to avoid this insecurity. But at the same time, you want to write about things you have yet to experience in order to learn — and that’s the key word. If you’re writing about a topic of a subject you may be unclear about, it’s best to do your research. Not only does it aid you from preventing potentially embarrassing mistakes, but it allows you to get the most out of what you’re writing. 
  • This happens to me a lot —you’re sitting at your computer, trying to think of something to write but you’re rendered useless to that process. A lot of times, people sit there, wracking their brain for a solution, staring at a blank page, and forcing a reply that you aren’t content with. When you do this, not only does it feed into your insecurity, but you stop yourself before you even get the chance to possibly come up with anything. In these situations, it’s okay to take a break from the computer and rest your brain. Sometimes all you need are those five minutes of watching a TV show for you to come up with some sort of inspiration. If taking a break does not seem like something you can do, then try to play some music or soothing rain noises to add ambiance. In times of trouble, this website has saved my butt from giving up too quickly. Along with these things, looking at muse blogs can serve a great purpose for you. Bonus: listening to slam poetry can sometimes get your brain working really well!
  • Stop comparing yourself. You do it, I do it, everyone does it and some point. However, comparing yourself to someone else can be very harmful in many ways. Not only does it feed you negative feelings such as “why can’t I write like that?” or “why is my writing so bad?”, but it also stumps you. Doing this can prevent your growth as a writer and hold you back. It’s okay to compliment another writer or admire the words they use, but comparing yourself to them is a dangerous game. My old Literature teacher always told me that everyone’s perspective is different, therefore, no one’s writing will be a carbon copy of another person’s. You naturally will have your own way of writing that is different than everyone else’s.
  • Don’t apologize. A lot of times, people tend to say things like “sorry this reply sucks” in a very casual way it can be damaging. When you say this, you are the only person getting in the way of success. Don’t even tag your reply with something like that because it most likely isn’t true because it’s a subjective statement. Don’t allow yourself to feed into your own insecurities because this is how they can potentially control you. 
  • If you’ve been denied an acceptance from a group, just remember, I have to. I’ve had my application denied multiple times before and it sucks. However, this is something that can come in handy. Asking the admin why you weren’t accepted can be a huge step towards becoming a better and more confident writer. getting constructive feedback is important and it is your job as the writer to accept this and take it all into account. It doesn’t mean you have to hold onto every word for dear life, you just have to listen. 
Other Notable Links & Websites

Helpful articles to read:

Helpful inspiration:

Helpful websites for writing:

anonymous asked:

I see so many people who love duolingo and I want to love it so badly but it just doesn't seem to work for me I practice and practice and never retain anything and I get lost because they don't explain things. do you know of any other apps that fare good for learning languages?

Hey! So I was going to make a long post with a bunch of screenshots; however, I’m on my phone and I won’t have my laptop for a week because I’m traveling to New Orleans to do some volunteer work.

So here’s a quick list of my favorite apps:

Everyone knows Memrise. The only issue is that there’s no grammar to it at all, so you’ll need to have supplementary material. The best idea would be to find a textbook and use that for grammar and follow along with a Memrise course for vocabulary.

It’s a very Duolingo-esque app, so you might not find it that useful; however, it has a very large language selection!

Quizlet has saved my life multiple times in my language classes in University. Great way to practice vocab. I would follow the same suggestions I gave for Memrise with finding a textbook.

Another Duolingo-esque app for Mandarin Chinese. I never finished it, but it seemed decently made!

If you’re learning Chinese, this is indispensable. It’s a Chinese dictionary that lets you look up by Pinyin, English, or draw the character. I’ve used it so much in my Chinese classes.

So I’ll be honest. This is an app that I found while researching this reply. I haven’t played around with it too much, but it seems like the idea is that you get to read texts side by side in both your target language and your native language. While you definitely should have a base in your target language before trying to use this app, it seems like a great way to get reading practice!

That’s the extent of apps with which I’m familiar. Something I like to do that works for me is to find a textbook series that works for me. (Such as Al-Kitaab for Arabic, Integrated Chinese, Genki for Japanese, and others) and just work through the textbook using apps like Memrise and Quizlet to aid in vocabulary retention. It’s the most comprehensive style of learning that you’ll find. It is always good to find a Target language friend that can help you with the things you’re confused about and with whom you can practice speaking. That’s where the real improvement comes in—human interaction.

I hope this was helpful for you!

Little Do You Know - Stiles Stilinski Imagine (Part 4)

❁ (not my gif, but I did edit it a little) ❁

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy this part, it continues from where things were left on part 3. Please let me know what you think, I loveee feedback. Btw next part might be the last. Also, sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes etc.

[Part 1, 2 & 3] - [Masterlist]

Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Warning: Cursing, fist fight, sad? That’s all I think.
Word count: 1318

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dmc56  asked:

do you have any tips for learning Norwegian? I'm a beginner.

hello there! :)

i’ll try my best to tell you what i do to learn the language and what i think is important. if anyone has something else to add, please feel free to do it! 

first, it’s really important that you focus on grammar, vocab and your listening and speaking skills. try to find a balance! people will argue that it’s more important to do grammar than vocab or the other way around, but i never thought i had to choose between the two.. i just study grammar one day and vocab the next one. it’s just really important to do both. listening and speaking skills are also super important because they will let you communicate with natives in real life. now i’ll just tell you what i use and how i tend to study!

What I Use:

(or i should say, resources i have saved)

Duolingo: [grammar and vocab] great way to start!!! it sometimes feel like the sentences are useless but they teach you vocabulary and basic grammar, which i think is great.

Memrise: [vocab] so good for vocab! easy to use on the go.

Babbel: [grammar, vocab, speaking, listening] i think it’s one of my favourite apps/websites. it is not free but it’s very well made and it explains grammar much better than duolingo does.

Readlang: [reading] (i don’t use it that much) but you can find many texts written in norwegian to practice reading. it can be really useful, especially if you have a bit of a hard time finding books

Forvo: [listening and speaking] this website lets people record themselves say words so you can listen to them. it shows you the real pronunciation of words (i mean when compared to google translate) and tells you where the speaker is from (which is important with norwegian and its dialects)

NTNU’s Norwegian on the Web: [grammar, vocab, listening] haven’t actually used this one yet, but it’s made by a university in trondheim so i guess it’s not bad!

UiO’s Future Learn Introduction to Norwegian[grammar, vocab, listening] i took this free online class a couple of months ago and i don’t know when it will be available again, but it was so great! they have videos and grammar lessons, so you have a good balance between grammar and real life use of norwegian.

Get Started in Norwegian / Complete Norwegian / Enjoy Norwegian: [grammar, vocab, listening] i absolutely love these books! i put links to buy them, but maybe you can find a way to download them online. they explain grammar really well and they have exercises to practice what you learn.

Assimil’s Le Norvégien: [grammar, reading, listening] don’t know if available in another language than french. also really great! a good mix of reading, listening and writing!

På Vei (A1-A2) / Stein På Stein (B1) / Her På Berget (B2): [grammar, vocab] my favourite at the moment, i downloaded all the textbooks and exercise books on Scribd and you can find download links here too. i absolutely love them! the first one is kind of childish but the grammar rules are well explained and the textbooks let you read more.

Klar Tale: [reading] news (from norway and around the world) written in simple words. that’s how i first started reading in norwegian and it’s helped me a lot!

How I Study:

Taking notes: after i’m done with a duolingo or memrise lesson or after i learned something new in my grammar books, i like to write down the new words, grammar concepts and other things like that down in my notebook. it helps me remember stuff more easily and helps me review!

Flashcards: helps me learn verbs and vocab. also super easy to bring with you when you want to study on the bus or when you’re waiting somewhere!

Watching TV Shows/Movies: there are quite a lot of norwegian tv shows on netflix, like Nobel, Okkupert, Lillehammer or Øyevitne. and obviously Skam (not on netflix though). when i can, i like to watch the episode with norwegian subtitles to see the words as i’m hearing them. then i watch the episode again with english subs to see what i understood (or didn’t understand).

Listening to music/podcasts: you can find a bunch of norwegian playlist on spotify and it helps so much with your listening skills! I like to read the lyrics while i listen to songs because i can associate the sounds with the written words (and the other way around). i also like the nrk-skampod, because it’s fun and the people on the podcasts speak a variety of dialects.

Reading the news: i like to read the articles, sum them up and write down the words i don’t know. Look up the words and then read the article again to see if i understand it better.

Writing: keep a journal or write to natives (or other learners), because even if you memorize 100 grammar rules by heart, if you never apply them in real context, you won’t learn/remember them. believe me, the natives on this website are really nice and they want to help us learn!

Speaking: i speak to myself (and my cat) a lot, when doing my lessons or when i’m getting ready in the morning. i’m too shy to speak to natives so that’s the best way i found to actually practice my speaking! it’s weird, yes, but effective.

In the End, What Is Important:

obviously you might not have time to study everyday, but i believe it’s important to be around the language at least 20 to 30 minutes a day. sometimes i’m able to sit down and write notes and be really productive. other days, all i can do is listen to music on the way to school/work. i’m rarely able to do grammar, learn vocab, practice my listening or speaking skills all in one day, but i try my best to do everything in the course of a week! it’s better to do a bit every day, than to study 5 hours straight once a week!

That’s it!!

I’m sorry that got so long and i really hope that answers your question. If somehow it didn’t, send me another message and i’ll try my best to answer it :)

I saw you in the halls today and your hair is starting to grow out again and it’s almost covering your eyes and you still wear that same old jacket even though it’s too small for you now and you met my eyes for the first time in months and I really wish you would stop looking like the person I used to know so I could stop pretending that you still care.
—  Journal Entry; 24 March 2017
Appreciation without Anxiety: Commenting 101

This time last year I was just starting to peek out from lurkerdom. There was a little bit of time cause of holiday breaks and I’d read so much amazing stuff at last year’s erised, but I was so nervous to start commenting. A year later it’s way easier and I figure there are some other people out there in the same boat I was in. So, from a fanfic writer and frequent commenter, some thoughts about how to start commenting with minimal fear

1. Before we even get into this, do writers really care about comments? OMG, we care so much. Writing is hard and you don’t know if anyone is going to like what you’re writing. Finding out that you did something right, that you don’t suck, means everything. Really. There have been moments where I’m stuck on a story and get a comment on an old fic and it’s so encouraging and energizing. Your words mean more to us than I can even really describe.

2. But why would they care about my comment? You - yes, you, exactly, precisely you - you, the reader, are who we’re writing for. If you’re reading our stuff, we care. It doesn’t matter if other people have commented. You, as a reader, as you, come to the story with feelings and perspectives that no one else can bring to it. Just by having read our stories, you have something worthwhile and important to say about them, and we truly want to hear you.

3. What the hell do I say? First and most important: anything nice you say will be the right thing. Short of telling us that we suck and our stories are awful, you really can’t go wrong.

4. No, but actually, what do I say? Here are some things you can say. You can use one or two or all of them. You can mix or match. But these are some good tangible ways to start.

  • You can keep it simple - Great story!“ "Loved it!” Taking the time to share a few short words still means loads to us.
  • Say how the story made you feel - “This brought a smile to my face!” “I got all choked up!” “I needed a cold shower!” “I couldn’t stop laughing!” Anything like that is fantastic.
  • Tell us what it was like to read the story - “I was on the edge of my seat,” “That was a great twist,” “this stayed on my mind all afternoon,” “I could see this world so clearly,” “I totally lost track of time.” Writers can never know what it’s like to read our own work - telling us what it was like for you is a huge gift. 
  • Mention moments you liked - “[Favorite Line Here] - wow, what a great line!” “I loved when X just threw Y up against a wall and kissed him!” You don’t have to explain it. Saying what stood out is helpful and exciting and can be an especially easy way to comment - copy, paste, “loved this line!” and go.
  • Talk about aspects of the storytelling that stood out to you - Plot development, pacing, dialogue, characterization, the conclusion, chemistry between the characters, secondary characters, how the story related to canon, cool headcanons that were included. I think this can be the hardest type of commenting because some of this stuff is hard to articulate, so maybe this is more like Commenting 102, but if you’re trying to figure out what you liked or want to be more specific in your comment, anything from that list would be a great place to start.

4. But what if I embarrass myself? What if there’s a typo or I comment on the wrong story or just end up flailing incoherently? I think most of us kind of love it when readers are left in a state of incoherent flailing? So don’t sweat that. If you’re worried about commenting on the wrong story, double check that you’re on the right page, then proceed. And if you do comment on the wrong story, delete it. No harm, no foul - really. We’ve all clicked on a wrong tab sometime. If there’s a typo, don’t sweat it. There’s probably a typo in the story. There’s probably a typo in this post. I’ve misspelled “typo” a couple times already. NBD. You left a comment - you are already a winner.

4a. No, really, I’m not sure you get how nervous this makes me. Totally possible. I’ll mention one other thing that helped me (and I was really super nervous): starting with anon fests. The anonymity made it way easier. Maybe I was commenting to one of my all-time faves who would normally leave me totally incoherent, but maybe I was commenting to another n00b just like me. Anon fests are a great way to give it a shot.

5. But what if English isn’t my first language and I accidentally say the wrong thing? First, if you’re reading and commenting in a language that’s not your first language, props. You’re awesome. That’s awesome. Second, it’s the general sentiment that matters. I’ve gotten comments where the grammar or conjugation is a little off and, really and truly, I am so excited to get the comment that that’s what matters. And knowing English isn’t your first language and you still went to all the effort of reading my story is an unbelievable gift. I will be flattered and amazed by you.

6. But I don’t have a username, what should I do? There are two great things about non-anon comments: (1) we can thank you, (2) It’s super extra exciting to realize someone liked one of your things enough to read another one of your things. So I generally am in favor of having them, and they’re free and whatnot, but that’s an opinion. If you don’t have one and don’t want one and still want to comment, unless a comm has disallowed anon comments (which if it’s done is usually to prevent trolling), go on and comment anonymously. Your words still mean a lot, and we still want to hear them!

7. What if I didn’t like the story? Just don’t comment. Easy.

8. What if I really liked the story but I’m kind of embarrassed that I liked the story? Yeah…been there. The story’s great, but it’s got a kink you never knew you liked and whoa why do you like it so much? Or it’s kind of cracky, or it doesn’t align with your politics or whatever - it happens. And you’re never required to comment. You could also sit on it for a while and come back later if you decide you want to comment or you could comment anonymously. One thing to think about: if commenting feels like putting yourself out there, imagine how it might have felt for the author to hit “post.” Being honest about what you like is a way to end up with more of it, and to show support for authors who are willing to take those risks.

9. If I start commenting, do I have to comment on every story? Nah. It’s lovely if you do, but comments are not a requirement. It’s not like entering into a new world of homework. Comment on what you like, on what moves you or excites you, on things you enjoy. There’s also, at least on AO3, the kudos option, which is still a nice way to give a writer a general thumbs up

10. That’s all nice or whatever, but why should I spend my time commenting? Aren’t the stories just there for me to read? Well…kind of. The stories are there for you to read whether or not you leave a comment after you read them. But fandom is a community, and fanfic is a labor of love. Reader feedback is really the only thing we have to go on. The most popular on A03 in the whole of my favorite ship has gotten kudos 7% of the time and comments .001% of the time. Repeat: comments .001% of the time. And it’s a little hard to know, as a writer, what’s going on there. If a story of mine has been viewed 7500 times and has 320 kudos and 13 comments, does that mean that 7180 people really didn’t like it very much? Are people clicking on it, reading the first paragraph, and deciding it’s so bad they have to back-button immediately? I don’t think that’s the case, but without reader feedback, all we know is that you clicked on something. Without knowing that you liked things, or why you liked things, or what things you liked…it just gets hard. Harder to feel like the writing is doing what (for a lot of us, anyway) it’s meant to do: tell stories that move you, that help you stay in these amazing worlds, that give you (and us!) a way to revisit favorite characters and ideas. Harder to be motivated to write. And then ships and fandoms start shrinking, and no one wants that, right? So, yes, the stories that are already there will be probably there whether or not you comment. But commenting is a way to keep a fandom healthy and thriving. It’s a way to meet people (if that’s a thing you want to do), to encourage writers, and to end up with more fanworks to enjoy. Your comments are the wind in your favorite ship’s sails, basically. And that makes commenting one of the absolute best ways to show your fandom love.

11. Okay. This makes sense. I’m ready. How do I start? The next time you read something, click “leave a comment.” Write some words there. You can use some of the examples above if it helps. Let yourself be nervous if you’re nervous. Try an anon fest if that makes it easier. If you want to try it with someone who is thick-skinned and non-judgy and hard to offend, you can try it with mine (potentially self-serving, I realize, but you already know I’m down for comments and chill about them). And then hit “submit.” And you will have made somebody’s day.

The Research: Chapter I

Warnings: None

Word count: 1.209

A/N: So, nobody asked me to do this and I know it’s been made before so I don’t really have high expectations on feedback here. But I wanted to write it so, here it is: A multi chapter story following Tom going undercover to an American Highschool. I know he only attended for like three days, but let’s pretend it was more for the sake of fanfiction lol.

P.S: Don’t worry, our Tom’s mood will get better. 

P.S.S: I added the Robert factor to add a little humor, I know it’s unrealistic but it was fun to write so I hope you enjoy it. And remember: English is not my first language so I apologise for any possible spelling/grammar mistakes

“Dude, I was kidding” Tom said, holding the backpack Jon’s assistant had threw at him seconds before.

“You were? Jeez, is really hard to tell with that accent. Anyways, the boss thought it’s a great idea so you might wanna go to bed early tonight, classes start at 8 AM

Tom turned around to saw his friend Harrison laughing at him

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anonymous asked:

I love your blog!! I apologize if this has been asked before but can you recommend any beginner/intermediate resources to learn spanish? I have Duolingo but I don't think it's really working for me since it doesn't focus on conjugation or tenses. I'd like to try reading some Spanish short stories as well if you know of any.

For conjugation stuff I would check out https://conjuguemos.com/ which focuses more on the verbs themselves.

www.studyspanish.com/grammar does some very good introductions to certain tenses and grammatical things

I also really love http://www.bowdoin.edu/hispanic-studies/tools/newgr/ats/ or Hispanoteca for all kinds of intermediate to advanced grammar help.

Hispanoteca in particular is helpful for outlining more advanced concepts which I usually consult it for, or for the grammar/tenses that normally get taught. 

I will say that it is in Spanish so it’s not great for beginners if you don’t totally understand what’s going on. It should be okay for intermediate learners with maybe a dictionary like WordReference up. Hispanoteca works more like how a Spanish-speaker would learn Spanish formally, you just have to know what topic you’re looking for in Spanish. 

As far as reading, http://ciudadseva.com/biblioteca/ is my go to for things online, because it’s got short stories and novels, and also does poems and theater plays. Some of the stories are translated from their native language into Spanish (which can be a bit difficult) but the more modern ones, or the minicuentos are probably okay.

And though I would not recommend this for advanced people, Rincón del Vago is like the Sparknotes of Spanish classics so it will give you less verbose and flowery summaries of books/plays and poems.

I would also recommend reading newspapers online or articles in Spanish which use more common words and phrases than actual literature, and because the articles are modern you have less problems with outdated words.

Advanced I Lesson 3: -기라도 하면, were to

This grammar point is used to propose the possibility of an event occurring. Therefore it’s is similar to 만약에 -으면 or 만약에 -은/는다면, but the main difference is that -기라도 하면 is used when the possible event only has a small chance of occurring. It can also be used to describe both positive and negative events, but depending on the content of the sentence it has different meanings.

-기라도 하면 is used with verbs and adjectives, and is attached directly to the word stem.

Let’s look at the negative use for this grammar point first.

When using -기라도 하면 negatively, it’s often paired with words/phrases like 어떡하나(어쩌나) 걱정이 되다, or 두렵다, though it’s not absolutely required.

Using this grammar point negatively expresses concern about what someone would do if the event were to possibly happen, though the chance is small.

For example:

오늘 혹시 비가 오기라도 하면 어떡해? 그러니까 우산 가지고 가.
If it were to rain, what would you do? So take an umbrella with you.

In this example the speaker is aware that the chance of rain is very small, but urges their listener to bring an umbrella anyway just to be prepared.

새로운 일을 시작하면서 혹시 잘못되기라도 하면 어떡하나 두려움도 많았어요.
While starting my new job I was nervous about what it would be like were it to not go well.

In this example the speaker is talking about a past event, that when they started their job they were worried about not doing well, though they were obviously of the thought that the chance of not doing well in the first place was very small.

On the opposite hand, when used in the positive manner, this grammar point expresses a very unlikely event that you do not expect to happen but still hope for. In this instance -기라도 하면 is paired with the phrase 얼마나 좋을까(좋겠다).

For example:

너를 만나는 것은 바라지도 않아. 그냥 지나가다가 잠깐 얼굴을 보기라도 하면 좋겠어.
I wouldn’t go as far as to wish to meet you. How wonderful would it be were I to even just see your face in passing.

This example is pretty straight forward–the speaker is obviously missing someone they cannot meet up with or see, so they wish to see their face for even just a moment, but by using -기라도 하면 they are indirectly saying they know there is almost no chance of it happening.

중간 시험을 잘 보기라도 하면 얼마나 좋을까…
If I were to do well on my midterms how great would that be…

This sentence is considering “positive” in that the result (doing well on exams) would be a really good thing, however the speaker is indirectly saying that the chance of doing well on exams is very low, for whatever reason, and the likely outcome will be negative.

So in the end this grammar point can be very useful for expressing many different feelings, as long as you take care to keep in mind that whatever you’re talking about is something that only has a very small chance of occurring. If you’re going to go with a more general statement, use an alternative like 만약 -으면 instead. :)

That’s it for this lesson! See you next time~

ahumanlady  asked:

Bonjour! Im learning french at school (my 4th year wow!) and wanted to know your tips for learning over summer vacation? I love the language and want to keep up my skills. I was also wondering if you knew how to talk about school levels? I know it varies from country to country but how would I tell a french person that I am in 10th grade (or a sophomore) Merci et bonne journée! 💜(j'adore ton blog)

Bonjour ! 

So over summer vacation, I suggest using duolingo (to learn some of that extra vocab!) but if u come across a word that you don’t quite understand, look it up on wordreference - there’s usually great explanations and pronunciation on there^^

also if u come across a grammar concept u aren’t sure about, look it up on french.about.com! 

if you’re at a more intermediate level, i suggest talking to ppl in french on tumblr! there are great francophone tags here for example #whatthefrance and the ppl there are really nice :3 write a post in french and then ask for corrections; that helps a lot! also, read fun articles in french like on buzzfeed.fr ; there you’ll find a lot of good new slang words.

for listening, go to filmfra.com and watch french movies with french subtitles! also watch youtubers like cyprien. just try and catch the general gist of what they’re saying, but if you learn well this way, go back and watch the movie/video again in 5-minute sections, write down the words you definitely don’t understand and can’t deduce the meaning from context, and then look them up and add them to a list of new vocabulary words. Also, try listening to french talk radio - France Bleu is really good and there’s a nice app for it:) 

for speaking, again the best way to find french speakers to practice with is going on tumblr and suggesting a language exchange haha; talking with new friends on skype is really good for speaking practice and if u want u can help them with english/another language u speak too! or find a french restaurant and talk to the staff there, go to french meet-ups or see if there are any classes at your local alliance française.

As for school levels

you can just say your age and let them figure it out (j’ai quinze ans, j’ai seize ans) 

or you can go by the french way of saying it and say “je suis en seconde

Bonne chance ! si j’ai fait des fautes n’hésitez jamais à me corriger:3

Fresh Eyes

I just saw your post that said your requests are open and I’ve had this one rolling around in my head for a while and I really wanted you to write it. Could you do one with Hotch x Reader based off the song Fresh Eyes by Andy Grammar? I just fell in love with this song and I know whatever you write will be great!

@katherynms, I hope you enjoy your story because here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

I got these fresh eyes, never seen you before like this. My God, you’re beautiful. It’s like the first time when we opened the door ‘fore we got used to usual.

It was the evening of the FBI ball. Well, it wasn’t a ball, but Garcia wanted a reason to dress up and have her hair and makeup professionally done, and none of the other girls on the team would go with her.

So, you caved.

It might seem superficial, stereotypical man. You dress up just a little and I’m like, “Ohhh, damn.”

Your dark red dress hugged your breasts and your waist before stacking fabric at your hips and trickling it down. It sashayed around your legs with every sway of your thighs, and even Hotch was caught staring when you walked through the doors.

He had never seen you look so… radiant.

So suddenly, I’m in love with a stranger. I can’t believe that she’s mine. Now all I see is you with fresh eyes, fresh eyes. So suddenly, I’m in love with a stranger. I can’t believe that she’s mine, yeah. And now all I see is you with fresh eyes, fresh eyes

He took you in his arms at the next slow song and had lightly danced you around the floor. He complimented you lowly on your dress, and as he watched your cheeks turn the color of your beautiful clothing apparel, he found himself entranced by your eyes.

He never realized how Y/C/E they were.

He wondered what else he was missing.

Appreciation, well, it comes and it goes, but I’ll ride that wave with you. It’s human nature to miss what’s under your nose remind a fool.

As the night went on, he found himself trying to steal glances from you. He would look over, begging inwardly for you to turn your head. He felt like the beast in that beautiful castle, not understanding what life was like until you traipsed through his doors.

But, he finally got his wish, and you looked over and smiled at him.

He felt himself transforming… acquiring an appreciation for you that he had not had in the past.

Maybe all of this is simple. My heart’s unconditional, yeah. You dress up just a little and I’m like, “Ohhh, damn.”

The men saw all night how taken he was with you, and Morgan was cracking his usual jokes. David was trying to coax him to ask you for another dance, and he bristled when another man approached you and held out his hand for yours.

It was torture, watching him place his hand a little too low for his comfort.

If I could bottle this up, bottle, bottle this up, I would. I would bottle this up, bottle, bottle this up, I would. Cause you’re gorgeous in this moment. If I could bottle this up, I would.

He escorted you home that evening, breathing in your scent as you sat in his car. You had come with Garcia, and she had left with Kevin, and he was not about to let you take a cab home without being armed in some way late on a Friday evening.

But you lifted up your dress to show him you were always armed.

The issue?

He could only concentrate on how smooth your leg looked.

So suddenly, I’m in love with a stranger. I can’t believe that she’s mine. Now all I see is you with fresh eyes, fresh eyes. So suddenly, I’m in love with a stranger. I can’t believe that she’s mine, yeah. And now all I see is you with fresh eyes, fresh eyes.

It was like he was seeing you for the first time… this stranger in the night that had caught his attention. Your dark red dress dripping of sensuality as your hair fluttered around your exposed collarbone.

He was weak against you.

He wanted to bottle you up: your scent, your smirk, your dress, your demeanor… he wanted to bottle up your essence and cover his body in it every morning, noon, and night.

But, he settled for taking you up on your offer to come in for a glass of wine.

Anything to have a few more minutes with this all-too-familiar stranger.

Shadows. (Cheater!Kuroo x Reader x Bokuto) Pt. 2

A/N: This fic is loosely based on the song Shadows by Childish Gambino. You can listen to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mpZ46krkSk. The third part is gonna be more heavily influenced by this song. I suggest you listen while reading this still tho, it’s a great song. Also, this has OOC Kuroo. It’s for the prompt tho of course. Imo none of our HQ babies would cheat on their s/o but it’d be quite boring if i just wrote everything nice ya feel. I LOVE KUROO V MUCH PLS DONT THINK I HATE HIM N ALSO PLS DONT HATE HIM BC OF THIS FIC

I tried to spell and grammar check to the best of my sleep-deprived ability. Pls forgive me n let me know if you catch any slips.

Also i was able to squeeze in a reference to one of my favorite TV series :^) lemme know if u catch it.

You determined your best bet was racing to the closet and hiding. If you stayed there, you’d be kicked out and possibly killed in a fit of rage. For now, it was best to hide instead of being skinned alive by Kuroo’s girlfriend.

The ice pulsing through you thawed out, you quietly gathered the rest of your garments and ducked into the closet, softly closing it shut behind you. Huddling in the corner, you held your breath as you heard her footsteps trail into the room.

“Ah, there you are!” She chirped happily, much to your relief.

Kuroo fake yawned and you heard a little movement coming from the bed, likely he was sitting up to speak with her.

“Hey, babe…” He said. God, his tired voice sounded so artificial. Couldn’t he try a bit harder? Both of your asses were on the line here!

“Oh, did I wake you? I’m sorry…” Her voice sounded so sweet and genuinely concerned. You sighed to yourself, feeling guilt grip your shoulder. She really didn’t deserve this.

You heard Kuroo shift again.

“I’m fine, what are you doing home so early?”

Kuroo’s girlfriend was silent for a couple of seconds.

“Are you…naked?”

Fuck. How was he gonna lie out of that? You mentally cursed yourself. You two were fucked.

“I…” Kuroo started, obviously attempting to come up with a believable lie. “was just planning on surprising you, baby~” You could practically hear the smirk in his voice. As much as you wanted to punch that sex addicted cat man, you had to admit he pulled a nice save.

“Oh really?” His girlfriend’s tone became just as sultry as his. “ Well I have to say, I am definitely excited to receive this ‘surprise’. How about you go ahead and give it to me now?” Holy shit. They were not going to fuck while you were here in the closet.


You opened the closet, careful not to make any noise, leaving a small slit for you to see through.


You saw Kuroo pull her into the bed, flipping the comforter off him and allowing her to straddle his bare lower body. She started taking off her shorts, while Kuroo made quick work of her blouse. Oh hell no. This was not happening. You rubbed your eyes, hoping, praying, you were just misinterpreting the sight.

Nope. You were seeing perfectly fine.

Kuroo and his girlfriend were making out pretty damn hard now, you wondered if he was trying to kiss her or eat her goddamn face. It was starting to become obvious he was making a show of this. What’s this man’s problem? Doesn’t he realize he’s at your mercy now? You can easily just walk out of the closet and fuck this whole relationship up in a heartbeat. Kuroo wrapped his arms around his girlfriend’s body, pulling her close and allowing him access to the clasp of her bra. He looked over to the closet, making eye contact with you. You froze again, feeling the ice creep up in your veins once more. He mouthed “Perv~” at you before flashing you a wink and unclasping her bra.

That’s fucking it.

He pinned her down to the bed, and you saw your opening. If he kept her busy for just a few more seconds, she wouldn’t be able to see you make your leave. You crouched down, your belongings gathered under one arm, and quickly made your way across the room, virtually soundless. As you passed the bed, their moans became more audible. The sounds of lips smacking and “Oh Kuroo~”s made you want to vomit. You never really realized how gross sex sounded until you became the poor bystander forced to listen to it. His girlfriend’s leg flung across the side of the bed, barely missing you, causing you to flinch and drop your underwear.


You tried to reach down and grab them, but the sound of them beginning to sit up again startled you, so you decided not to rescue Privates Ryan and made a quick crouch-dash out of the room and bolted down the stairs. Downstairs, you frantically pulled on your shorts and shirt, and beelined to the door and rushed out of that hellhole.

It’s been a couple of days since the incident, and it’s safe to say you haven’t fully recovered. You’ve been nursing the problem with a few shots of Southern Comfort every few hours, but it was severely lacking in the latter. If anything, you just felt more depressed, guilty, and used. Kuroo attempted to call you earlier, but you let him go to voicemail. You didn’t have the mental endurance to speak with him right now. While lying on your bed, you realized just trying to repress your feelings and steadily becoming a junior member to A.A. wasn’t the right thing to do. You needed to something to clear your mind. Going outside would be a nice start, right? You slapped on some sweats and a comfy hoodie and decided to go to the library. You had some studying to do and you could grab a refreshing coffee while you’re out. It would be a nice trip to de-stress and clear your mind healthily. So you grabbed your dorm keys and began your light walk to the library.

You sat down at one of the soft University library couches, sinking into it and sighing in comfort. This was a great idea. You took a sip of your drink as noticed how busy it seemed to be today. In the huge, homey library you watched as a few students chatted nicely with the librarians, asking them where things were located. The calico library cat napped on the main desk as students passed by, giving it little pets and ear scratches, much to Catticus Finch’s enjoyment. On the other side of the main desk, a fancy planted fishtank sat with a purple betta swimming lazily around it waiting for food. You heard a bit of commotion, and turned around to find its source. A study group was silently arguing in the corner, and you took note of how diverse they seemed. The blonde, hippy looking girl of the group appeared to be arguing with the snarky looking playboy one with a huge forehead. The others, a white brunette lady with blue doe eyes, an old pudgy white man, a plump, motherly middle-aged darkskinned woman with a medium length brown afro, and a pair of boys-black and middle eastern-who seemed to be around the same age, seemed to be a little invested in the argument themselves. While those two went back and forth, the others seemed to chime in with their own sassy digs, causing the arguing pair to give them a look while the others laughed. You attempted to eavesdrop into their potentially interesting conversation, but you were interrupted by the soft clearing of someone’s throat in front of you.

“Hey…you take Mr. Williams, right?”

You peered up at the person talking to you. Golden eyes. Monochrome hair. Ah, yeah, this is the kid that sits a few seats in front of you in your English class. What was his name again? Bob? Borat? Whatever, you knew it was Bo-something.

“Yeah, you’re in my class, right?….Bo…..” you dragged on the “o” sound, searching through the vastness of your mind for this dude’s name.

“It’s Bokuto, Bokuto Koutarou.” He flashed you a bright smile and plopped down beside you. He was a little too close for a first proper meeting, but he seemed friendly, so you allowed him to stay where he was. “What’s your name? I’ve see you around but we never talk!” He seemed a bit upset at that for some reason. He’s never made an attempt to speak with you before this, though.

You introduced yourself, and asked what he needed from you.

“Oh yeah…” He chuckled,  before answering. “I don’t really need any help…I just wanted an excuse to talk to you.” A pale blush appeared on his cheeks as he began rubbing his neck sheepishly.

You felt your cheeks heat up as well in response to his honest reply. You shyly laughed it off before he switched the conversation to something else.

This was the start of something new, and you were going to embrace it.

You began meeting up with Bokuto regularly at the library every other day. You guys would talk about life, new music, your favorite T.V. shows, and basically anything else that came to mind. Sometimes, you’d study Biology a bit, but you two would get off track easily and begin pointing to the random images in the book and comparing them to each other. The more you hung out with him, the more you began to realize how genuine and caring of a guy he was. He texted you every day, asking how you are, brought you leftovers when he had them, laughed at your jokes, listened to you rant…he became your best friend, and your only friend, in a short amount of weeks. You guys had the same relationship you and Kuroo had previously, yet without the lying and cheating. It was a foreign concept to you, such a positive relationship without repercussions, but you were really enjoying it. You began to think about him in a different , dare you say it, romantic way, over time. You thought fondly of when he’d put an arm around your shoulder and greet you before class, when he’d congratulate you on a good test score by pulling you into an excited hug, when he’d bring you a nice, hot drink whenever he’d meet you in the library and give you a soft, friendly smile. You…had a crush on the owlish man.

He even got your mind completely off Kuroo, who, now that you thought about it, attempted to contact you many times in the past few weeks. You didn’t respond, of course, and obviously he grew desperate. He even tried to email you…who under 40 unironically uses email for personal things?

You shook off your thoughts and put the finishing touches on your famous gourmet meal, “A Bag of Doritos in a Fancy Glass Bowl” and set them on the coffee table in front of the couch. You were hanging out with Bokuto today, and you were quite excited. You planned a funny movie marathon on your small couch. Strategically small couch. You were hoping the petiteness of the couch would allow you some quality cuddle time with Bokuto. You were ready to take this relationship to the next level, and you were hoping this would give him the push to make his move.

The sound of the doorbell ringing interrupted your thoughts, he’s here! You took a deep breath, put on your friendliest smile, and made your way to the door, hoping that the stars would align in your favor.

You were in the middle of the movie marathon, and nothing has happened. Bokuto sat on the opposite side of the couch, he looked uncharacteristically nervous. Wait…weren’t you in a scene just like this before? You dismissed the thought and focused back on the task at hand. In opposition to Bokuto, you were chill as fuck. Not even a cucumber could face you in a battle of coolness. You waited a few treacherous moments more, before deciding it was time to make your move. It was now or never, and you were choosing now.

You contemplated a lot of cheesy movie moves, the yawing arm over the shoulder, reaching for chips at the same time, accidentally putting your hand on top of his….no, those wouldn’t work. Bokuto doesn’t get when you beat around the bush. You need to be direct. You took a deep breath, and made your move. Sweeping a blanket off the back of the couch, you leaned over, letting your head hit his shoulder and your body lie against his side, and enveloped the blanket over the two of you. You felt Bokuto immediately stiffen up. You gotta fix this.

“Uh…I thought you may be cold…we can cuddle…if you want.” God, curse your awkwardness.

Thankfully, Bokuto relaxed, allowing an arm to slip around your shoulder.

“I’d…really like that…” YES. He sounded just as awkward as you.

You two cuddled on the couch for the rest of the evening, enjoying each other’s company.

Alas, it was getting close to midnight, and Bokuto was getting tired. You guys both agreed it was time to return to his dorm so he could get a good night’s sleep.

You walked him to the door, his hand linked in yours, and stopped in front of it. Bokuto really did look tired, poor baby. His eyes had small, grey bags under them, and he couldn’t stop himself from yawning and stretching a bit. You weren’t complaining, however, he exposed a little bit of his midriff, and you were silently praising God for that heavenly view of his faint V line.

“Well, I guess this is goodnight. See ya tomorrow.”

Bokuto muttered a sleepy “Night…” releasing your hand and staggering to the door. He placed his hand on the doorknob before stopping. You stood still for a few seconds, wondering what he was up to. Was it locked?

Bokuto abruptly turned around briskly walking towards you and cupping your cheeks. You stared at his golden orbs in awe. Despite the low lighting in the room, they shone like full moons.

Bokuto rubbed his thumb delicately across your cheeks.

“C-can I kiss you?”

You didn’t give an answer, swiftly closing the gap between the two of you. His lips were a little chapped, but mostly soft, and tasted like…Nacho Cheese? Eh, you just rolled with it, it was your idea to have Doritos anyway.

You two broke apart, both equally flustered. Bokuto reluctantly let go of your cheeks and spoke up.

“Goodnight…I-I’ll call you t-tomorrow!” Oh my god, he’s so adorable when he’s embarrassed. Bokuto quickly made his way out of your door and, before the door closed, you caught a glimpse of him…fist pumping? You rolled your eyes playfully, hearing the door shut securely.

Bokuto may be a dork, but he sure is a lovable one.

“BRO…YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED TO ME LAST NIGHT.” Bokuto burst into his friend’s house, almost scaring the shit out of him.

Kuroo sighed in relief when he realized it was Bokuto excitedly coming into his house and not a crazy psycho killer. He really needed to lay off the late night horror video marathons.

“BRO. What happened?”


Kuroo couldn’t help but get a little excited, Bokuto has been crushing on this mystery girl for a while. He was glad his best friend was able to find someone that made him so happy.



Kuroo shot up from his spot in the kitchen, and made his way towards Bokuto, who donned a smile that could practically blind the whole town.



They started jumping up and down together in excitement, eventually calming down and laughing their asses off.

“Dude, you gotta let me meet her.” Kuroo said in between giggles.

“Of course! You gotta! Maybe we can all go on a double date! It would be so lit!! And we can get icecream and I can totally annihilate you in DDR! And…wait..” Bokuto stopped his tangent, looking around a bit. “Where’s your girlfriend…?”

Kuroo felt an arrow strike his chest.

“She…broke up with me.”

“Aw…” Bokuto’s excited smile quickly turned upside down, his body language  responding to comfort his friend. “Do you…wanna talk about it…?”

Kuroo realized there was a ninety-nine point nine percent chance Bokuto would kick his ass if he told him the truth. Deciding he enjoyed his ass where it was, Kuroo just shook his head.

“Not yet…but anyways, the outing still sounds fun! I’d still love to meet this cute friend of yours.” Kuroo plastered on a fake smile and attempted to get his friend’s attention off the breakup.

“YEAH! I’ll text her right now!”

Bokuto dragged you behind him along the sidewalk, walking with way too much pep in his step. He said something earlier about you two meeting his best friend. You didn’t get very many details from the owlish male, as he was too focused on getting you out of the house. You did manage to hear he’s so cool, funny, and a…what was it…flip cup champ? You made a mental note that if you ever got invited to a party, you need him to tag along too. The glory of the win in flip cup was too much to put at any kind of risk. Whoever Bokuto was taking you to meet must be hella cool.

You guys approached a cafe and went inside. The cool air gently hit you when you went inside, and the smell of freshly made coffee wafted into your nose, making you feel refreshed. Bokuto looked around eagerly, as you gazed at the menu, entranced by the diverse amount of options the small business gave you. Bokuto made a cute little gasp and began waving his arms frantically, eyes focused on a seat near the back of the coffee shop. You reluctantly looked away from the menu and trailed his gazed only to see a mess of black hair. Holy fucking shit. Please don’t let it be him. Please let it be some sort of evil doppelganger. You hid behind a Bokuto and peeked out from behind his back, letting the being stand up and face the two of you.

But there he was.

Kuroo Fucking Tetsurou.