i know most of you don't consider this a tan

Since I saw that myuux2 made a wiki page for Shou-tan.. I decided to fill in some information~~ ^__^. As well as correct a few things (Like before I changed it, it said Virginal/True Hearts were released in 2013).

I think I’m doing pretty good considering I’m taking random guesses at how editing wikipedia works. ww. Even though I haven’t added any sources to anything I added. ^__^;;

I’ve added all of his discography as SHOWTA. and finished up/corrected his discography as Aoi Shouta, as well as filled up his information box thing~

I’ll definitely keep adding on when I have more time~~. Since I’m actually supposed to be finishing up homework.. You can check out the page here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shouta_Aoi