i know most of these dont really fit

your neighborhood black fairy here

hi! ive hit hard times…. yet again. but this time im literally at rock bottom

i wrote about this a bit ago, but during hurricane irma i was raped while trying to help a man on the street (please dont ask details)

which added to my already long list of mental health issues (i have a history of major depression, alcoholism, self harm, panic disorder and generalized anxiety)

but recently ive been showing signs of a possible personality disorder that im going to get evaluated for + days inpatient stay for diagnosis and treatment. i cant work anymore.

i qualify for government assistance and disability as result of my inability to hold down a job because of these illnesses. i recently had a job i had to leave because i’d keep having panic attacks and seeing things

the paperwork will be processed soon but until take a few weeks and until then… i have no income. ive asked alot over the last time from the community (everyone coming together to try to save my cat sokka is still something ill never forget)

but really im lost… im at the bottom.. so i ask one time last time if my content as ever made you laugh, think or just help uplift you, donate anything

including clothes (i gained 20 pounds so most my clothes dont fit anymore) and even e-gift certificates.

im literally on my last leg right now and i dont know what else i could do. i never have any spoons or anything

my paypal is: krisdine@naver.com or pa

cash: $blackfairy

venmo: blackfairypresident

all the money will be used towards food, transportation to and from appointments (it literally costs $5 for a bus right to and back from places here, fuck MARTA) and any other necessities

i thank you all in advance

i also sell nude photos so hmu privately if you’re interested

Some younger goths react to goth so weird. Like some get into goth without knowing anything about the music and then they break under the pressure the subculture pushes on them, not only becoming elitists but the type of annoying, pompous twits most of us had to put up with in highschool. Goth music actually ruins a lot of cool people. And i dont mean the music itself. Its that pressure to listen to it. To enforce the idea that goth music has been and is the absolute most important part of the subculture when in reality most of the original goths dont care. Goth elders who had/have their own post punk bands and were there in the 80’s dont care. Goths in their 40’s who have been DJs at goth clubs for decades dont care. Goths in their 50’s who write and publish novels now who have a vast collection of underrated, underground goth music from the 80’s and 90’s on their computer dont care. Ive never met a single elder who was goth back then care how young people do goth now. Ive never seen an elder goth complain that kids these days dont know all the bands they liked. It seems that the ones who shove the music down everyones throat and try to dictate what is and isnt goth are all young people who have broken under the subculture’s pressures. Pressures that werent even there in the 80’s. Ive never been insulted or bullied by an elder but ive been put down by goths younger than me over petty things like saying i dont mind some nu goth fashion. Its really sad because i feel like some of these people really do give up parts of themselves just to better fit the “goth mold” and they miss out on enjoying other things in life. Most elder goths dont care if you listen to music that isnt goth. Most elders had friends back in the 80’s who were punks and mods and there wasnt pressure to know the name of every goth icon. Freaks and weirdos hung out together. There were goths who loved Bauhaus but hated the Sisters of Mercy. Goth before it had its name was different and it makes me sad to see kids turn into what they hate just to fit into an invisible mold. Just because a subculture came from music doesnt mean the music should become a tool used to control and dictate what and who is and is not part of a subculture. Music is powerful and meaningful and some people feel they cant live without it. Its terrible that so many younger goths use it as a weapon against people they dont like or agree with.

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Hiiii!!! i have to ask something that has been worrying me for days now: do you think touka will die? or that she will suffer a drastic change (like, for example, casca from berserk) ? i dont know what hurts the most.. i'm just so worried.. i feel like crying.. help my soul i know that touka is someone really important to kaneki's character, and that she helps him grow, but do you think ishida would do something like that? AAAH I'M SCARED TT A TT

(Man I really need to read Berserk)

I don’t think a drastic change is coming to Touka since it wouldn’t really fit any arc parallels. As for death - well, it ain’t impossible anon, but I still don’t think it will happen. 

It might be that like Kaneki dies and Touka is left behind at the end of the first manga, Touka dies and Kaneki is left behind at the end of this manga. That’s a possibility for a parallel, and the ring Kaneki got this chapter serves as a potential device for Kaneki to remember Touka by after she is gone. Because I don’t want to be accused of wishful thinking, I acknowledge the possibility of this outcome. If Ishida is more nihilistic than I anticipated and :re is in fact about the impossibility of breaking the cycle of tragedy, this could be the way things go.


Because Touka seems to be aware of her own deathflags, I think that we can expect a curveball from Ishida and be hit by a different death in the family. Because of various pieces of foreshadowing, such as the rotten womb poem, the artwork of a person with characteristics of both Kaneki and Touka, and the unprotected sex in 125, I think the real death we can expect is of their child. In fact it’s Touka’s awareness of her vulnerability (esp when/if she finds out she’s preggo) that’s going to keep her alive, although it will be her choice for action that will ultimately result in the child’s death.

Since Kaneki’s had his Sun phase now, what remains is Judgement and The World. Will Kaneki really be able to continue into The World phase if his Sun is extinguished? The loss of a child will be hard, but would the loss of Touka now of all times even be bearable?

Finally, I don’t think :re is about an endless cycle. I don’t see what would be the point in writing it in the first place if that was the case - I would think the original series would be tragedy enough. Touka and Kaneki have already successfully fulfilled the failed missions of their parallels Yoshimura and Eto, proving that the cycle can be broken. And, as is the tagline of :re:

That sounds like a call for hope if I ever saw one. Say it’s only referring to Haise’s dreamworld if you like, but it remains at the tagline for the start of the whole series, and ought to be reflected in the entire thing, just like how “Melancholy becomes this mysterious man of the new age” defined the entirety of the first manga. And the last two stages of the Fool’s Journey are ones of triumph, not failure. Ishida has always championed faith in front of the gaping void. At the end of the first manga, Touka seemingly hopelessly has faith in Kaneki returning to Anteiku, but, come :re, that’s just what happened. 

That’s why I think :re is about hope. Maybe that just means Kaneki will survive, but I think, for something resembling a happier ending, Touka has to be there too. So don’t cry just yet anon, I think we should have faith just like she always did.

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im cis (ew i know) pansexual but i use "gay" as an umbrella term because not only do i tend to lean towards my similar gender, but using "gay" really makes me feel more valid? but if anyone ever ASKS for specifics, i say "pansexual". so i guess as a little shoutout to every other person in the lgbtqa+ community, just use whatever terms make you feel the best and the ones that you think fit the most!



Request:  Would it be alright to request something? Maybe an Eyeless Jack/Reader where they’re dating but because Jack isn’t the most affectionate/lovey dovey person (in front of others at least) nobody knows and another pasta (Toby or Ben?) tries to innocently ask the reader to date them and Jack gets jealous and possessive over them because they’re his? Or just, possessive/clingy Jack in general really

Requested by Anoymous

A/N: I hope its okay I used Jeff instead of Ben or Toby, it just fit better to me XD So sorry if you dont like it.

Your boyfriend loved you, you knew that. True it was hard to tell to outsiders from lack of affection, but you knew. He showed it in other ways, like making sure you ate after work or making you drink enough water, and things of such nature. He was kind and caring, he simply just didn’t touch you very often. Maybe a mindless hand on the knee during a movie, or a kiss good Morning, but that was it. Many people questioned it, whether he actually gave you what you needed, and you always stood to his defense, telling wondrous stories to prove his love. But all in all, you didn’t care what they thought, you loved EJ, and that’s all that mattered.  

You were currently at the Mansion, sitting in the living room on the couch watching BEN ply video games.

“Hey babe, I’m gonna run out with Hoodie for a bit. Okay?” EJ asks from behind you, you turn and smile, nodding. He smiles back and heads out, you turn your attention back to the TV, ignoring the staring from Jane. She was the worst about questioning you, pushing you about your relationship with EJ. She swore she knew better.  

“Don’t, Jane.” You say, keeping your eyes on the TV. She scoffs, but lets off.  

“MoTHER FUCKER” Ben shouts, throwing his controller down.  

“Hey, calm it kid.” Jeff’s rough voice barks as he walks into the living room.

“Hey sweet cheeks,” He says, walking behind you and touching your shoulders. Jeff was a player, so you never bitched him out for his harmless flirting. You knew it wasn’t personal.  

“Wanna go out with me sometime? I think you and I would make a bitching team.” He says confidently, leaning down to whisper in your ear.

“Just imagine the sex.”  

You scoff and pull off, standing from the couch. You stop immediately when you turn to him, seeing EJ standing right behind Jeff. Suddenly, EJ reaches out and grabs Jeff’s shoulders, pulling him back and shoving him to the floor.

“Listen here shithead.” He growls, standing over him. He presses his shoe into Jeff’s throat, making him sputter and choke.

“Y/n’s mine. MINE. Back off, or I’ll skin you alive, Woods.”  

The room is so quiet you could hear a pin drop, everyone’s holding their breath waiting to see what happens next. EJ sneers and removes his foot, leaving Jeff coughing on the floor. EJ stalks over to you angrily, wrapping his arm around you.  

“Mine.” He whispers, kissing the top of your head. You smile, loving this side of him, and wrap your arms around his waist.

“Forever and always.”

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hi i'm a baby lesbian and i was wondering if you could explain what butch and femme are? i see ppl saying that they're not terms to describe a style of dress, which is what i always thought they were, but that they're an identity? but then that they're not an identity? i'm just rly confused and i keep getting conflicting opinions about it and you seem like you know what you're talking about. ty and it's no problem if you dont wanna answer this :)

hi baby lesbian! historically, butch and femme arose out of lesbians’ sense of alienation from heterosexual womanhood. we don’t really fit the definition of woman proper, and yet we know we’re lesbians, which is an identity that of course is linked to womanhood. butch and femme become lesbian gender identities, in which we subvert masculinity and femininity’s typical connotations. so, it’s true that many/most butches and femmes do dress in certain ways, but those identities are more than just a dress style, and they don’t necessarily entail looking any particular way. 

these identities also arose at a time when there wasn’t really a distinction between lesbians and bi women, and as such it’s perfectly appropriate in my lesbian opinion for bi women to use them in the context of their relationships with/love for women. they only cease to make sense when they’re used in relationships that involve men (although some gay men do id as or call themselves fem, which is… kind of similar but not the same concept because of gay men and women’s different relationships with patriarchy). 

i feel obligated to direct you to stone butch blues by leslie feinberg, which is fiction rather than history but conveys the use of butch and femme really well. there’s plenty of other lesbian writing on these identities, but avoid huffpo/everydayfeminism/autostraddle/afterellen/etc—they misuse the terms and treat butch women as “basically men” and just generally suck. 

regarding asks.. quite a few people have been asking me about advice for joint/muscle pain or how to treat it or how do you know you you’re injured or if they should keep working out etc.. and I just wanted to let yall know that im not ignoring those asks but I really cant answer them.. most times the ask will have limited information and be very vague or demand specificity from me and as much as id like to consul you guys on that kind of stuff I unfortunately just dont have the knowledge, experience or resources in that department (injuries, joint pain, etc) :( as much as I want to help I also dont want to misinform you guys! so i apologize if youve sent me an ask like this and havent gotten a reply
also wanted to mention that i havent been getting many fitness asks lately (maybe i answered all the Qs LOL) but please feel free to send any my way :)

I know its like incredibly unlikely but i really would love it if the 99th ep was a clip/flashback ep. Not just showing old bits of the show but more similar to how community handled it - using previously unseen past moments with the characters that fits into present day scenarios. Like just imagine smth happens at the precinct and the ep is nice lil flashbacks to each of the squads first days in the 99/meeting each other/big career moments etc. I need them being nostalgic and cute together as a squad but its never gonna happen rip me

so ive figured out what clothes im most comfortable in

  • black
  • hides body (really important!!!! unless we’re talking about jeans. but yea no tight fitting clothing! ever!!!!)
  • speaking of, i lov skinny jeans even though theyre a pain
  • neckline doesnt show collar bone
  • no thin fabrics!
  • big fuckin boots. docs. no flip flops i dont like nakey feet
  • shorts cannot be short

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(for the character thing) Scotland? there's a challenge

Oh mannnnn haven’t seen a lot of APH Scotland tbh but I’ll take a whack at it

1: sexuality headcanon: Probs gay
2: otp: Honestly, France and Scot I shipped for a bit. 
3: brotp: The UK Bros are the most bro people in the show damnit 
4: notp: don’t have one
5: first headcanon that pops into my head: The fans developed this so I guess it’s a “headcanon”. I really like the name Allistor (or the variations of it) they gave him, it’s such a fitting name. 
6: favorite line from this character: Heeeee hasn’t shown up. 
7: one way in which I relate to this character: Heeeee hasn’t shown up???
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: I DONT KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT HIM. 
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?: UHHHH HE SEEMS PRTTY PROBLEMATIC

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i dont know if you live in norway but if you do i was just wondering if all teenagers in norway dress the way the characters do in the show???? because im so in love with what noora and eva wear tbh they both have really great style

Hi! Yeah, I’m norwegian and I would say the characters styles are good examples of how teenagers (and twentysomething) dress here. (And it also fits their personality so well!)

In my opinion, Vilde’s style is the most common one for ordinary teenage girls. She wears cute clothes with popular items that are “in” right now. Her style can be found in (maybe) the most popular clothing store for teenage girls in Norway: Bikbok.  

Eva has a typical style that has become more popular the last couple of years. She wears beanies, a lot of adidas and everything is a mix of “street” and “sportfashion”. Eva’s items are mostly from the clothing store Urban. (I think Astrid S is a great example for this look - short skirts/dresses, sport t-shirts and sneakers: x, x

I would also say Noora’s style is quit common. It’s most popular with trendy girls who doesn’t want to follow “what’s cool right now”. (Even tho a lot of people end up dressing somewhat like this so it’s not /that/ special???). But even more people use some of the same items without going all in. Turtlenecks have been really popular, people have started wearing leather belts again and pants that aren’t skinny. And I think norwegians in general are all here for thick and cozy sweaters for fall/winter. Coats, scarfs and backpacks are also really popular atm. Noora might shop at stores like Monki and H&M (+ COS and “& other stories” Thanks @lotsofrealitiesoutthere).  

Chris’s style might be the least common one. But it does fit her personality 100 %, so girls like her might dress that way?? (and i’m so sorry, but i don’t know much about Sana’s way of dressing, but i’m so here for all the black (always).)   

Edit: I’m no norwegian and I definitely don’t live in Norway but as a muslim I can say that Sana dresses quite Basic hüt also minimalistic. Her style Ian’t really what’s in in the hijabi fashion but defineitly stylish but also dark and gothy wbich Is quite different to Most hijab is since Most kg them wear quite colorful stuff and have lighter makeup. (Thanks @nothing-justme

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Hey! Lol I hope you don't get annoyed by me asking you a whole bunch of questions. I know you're not a doctor or a personal fitness coach but you're the closest and most reliable person I can find. So thank you for that! I know you mainly focus on lower body but what are some abs workouts you use? I am trying to make my own routine for abs. Do you have any tips and exercises that I can do to target my core and lower pouch? Thanks again!!

I really dont mind questions :)

Body weight ab exercises:
Mountain climbers
Knee tucks
Kick downs
Reverse crunch
Modified v-ups
Plank side taps
Single leg kick downs-
Alternating froggers
Brazillian crunch
Hold the world
Side sit ups
Sit ups
Side v-ups
Star fish
Single leg/arm crunch
Russian twist
Roll up
Flutter kicks
Full extensions
Crazy ivans

Elevated mountain climbers
Elevated knee tucks
Elevated knee to elbow
Plank jacks
Elevated froggers
Cross over v-ups
Modified v-ups
Russian twist with ball slams
Side plank dips

Ankle weights:
Mountain climbers
Knee tucks
Kick downs
Reverse crunch
Modified v-ups
Plank side taps
Single leg kick downs-
Flutter kick
Six inches

Resistance bands:
Mountain climbers
Knee tucks
Kick downs
Reverse crunch
Modified v-ups
Plank side taps
Single leg kick downs-
Single leg kick downs
Toe touchers
Boat pose
Kneeling ab crunch
Push through crunch

Swiss ball:
Knee tucks
Jack knife
Side jack knife
Single leg/arm crunch
Side crunch
Pike ups
Single leg knee tucks
Ball V pass
Kick downs
Reverse crunch
Roll outs

Mountain climbers on the treadmill
Sit up-ball throws
Side bends with kettlebell

You can use a medicine ball or a dumbbell if you want to make your bodyweight exercises more challenging. Most of the bodyweight exercises can also be done on/with a bosu. There are exercises that I always do that don’t really have a name so those aren’t stated. But I wrote most of it down !

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hey nikki, just wanted your opinion on this—which is not mentioned in the FAQ—what do you think of chest strap HRM for power-builders? Do you think it is neccessary, good to have, or redundant?

AND, are re-feed days necessary? thanks! love you much much

uhh dont really know much about chest hrms but i mean if you truly understand the science behind how heart rate works and calories burns and whatnot you could probably use it to your benefit.. but most people? dont need it really.. 

and for my goals (to cut) refeeds are absolutely necessary because 6/7 days of the week im on super low calories and if i were to instead never have a refeed day my body would get used to functioning at lower calories and go into a “survival” mode and stop burning fat.. i need that refeed to satisfy my body AND its just good to have mentally because being on low calories will change your energy levels and irritability and overall happiness lol 

The Namimori Conspiracy AU

This is related to a lot of AUs and storys, pretty much every one where Namimori is the kind of unreal place where crazy things happen and people are just like well whatevs the last week was weirder and having new neighbors because the houses changed the street again is kinda funny. I mean you get to know new people thats neat!

Basically I talked with my bro about a german meme “Die Bielefeld Verschwörung” (the bielefeld conspiracy), it got spread from 1994 on and in 2010 there was a movie about it so everybody knows about it. Literally anybody. Fundamentally it describes a city but nobody ever met a citizen from that city and you cant travel there (the streets were closed around the start of that theory- “roadworks” they said). It got so far that we think a mysterious force rules that city there a voices saying its the government or aliens. It just is sure that there is a force behind it ever growing and adjusting itself towards society. Making people believe they travelled trough the city or lived there becoming unknowingly secret agents for them. Creating webpages and stuff like that goes on.

My geography teacher taught my whole class about it and when some said “but the city is on the map! It must be real.” he just said that its a clever alibi by them because cartographs used to invent fake places so they could prevent plagiasm and they used the nonexistent city which was on the maps as a base like my class said its on the map it must exist.

And I cant help but guys there are so many storys where Namimori is such a crazy city and so many stories where that aspect is even more highlighted somehow this would perfectly fit. People know Namimori exists but it doesnt really exist. I could go on an on with this..

And most important people outside from germany dont know about this. They dont know about the conspiracy theory. So it would make sense if Reborn and Gokudera as well as everyone else from Italy doesnt know about this.

The Hibari family is their chief enforcers.

Gokudera is ecstatic because holy shit possible UMAs.

Tsuna doesn’t believe in them.

Nana is secretly behind everything.

-Admin Lazy

A treasure

Okay, so. The last Arcana update messed up some of my headcanons (which is completely alright since it’s still going and really its t be expected), and I had a few things written and whatnot. I can rewrite it to fit, but that also made me rethink some of it and this was born. It’s a small prompt between Asra and my apprentice, June, referencing some things from that inaccurate drabbles. I just thought I post them somewhere.

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i saw you wanted to know if womens jeans really wear out that fast and the answer is: if you are like most people and cant afford Name Brand then yeah, they do. thigh rips, belt loop/butt pockets rip off. I recently had to get rid of all my jeans because they were unsalvageable and went to buy new jeans. i ended up having to buy $70 tommy hilfiger jeans that dont fit right cuz im "+size". I WISH I WOULD HAVE KNOWN ABOUT THIS SOONER D: (sorry if your tags were more talk urself questions)

Dude that’s so nuts! How can they make them of that poor quality??? (People are always welcome to respond to my tags, haha)

Aries:You are an adventurous little potato and everyone hates that about you! Screw everyone else, you keep being the awesome little indiana jones you are! dont let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do, you are your own person and i support everything you have to say. go bother libra, they need a little adventure or else they get a stick up their butt.

Taurus:You like the moolah! (lol cow jokes) and i totally think thats stand up and responsible of you. you keep being a strong independant person, you have untapped potential you just gotta realize what it is, i know you can do it. aquarius will often need your responsibility so dont be afraid to keep an eye on them.

Gemini: So you dont like doing one thing specifically you want to live a little. Sue me then for saying you are the person who needs to live your life. Dont conform to everyone elses stupid standards for you, be the individualistic toot you are. (But try not to hurt people along the way you little headstrong nerd) scorpio can get a little out of hand be sure to keep them on the ground.

Cancer:You being love muffin! give me a hug dammit! (crabcrab) your just a bundle of underapreciated love and you deserve hugs because deep down i know under that cold hard crab shell you really are a squishy and rich person. often times head in the clouds sagittarius will need that back bone and love youve got, be sure to keep an eye on them every now and again okay?

Leo:you little shit! you best know that you are the most likely to lead some shit! you are the boss and dont let anyone take that away from you! your a lion for a reason, so dont let anyone treat you like a kitten, because fuck them! you are the most important and best fit too lead everyone! you go winner. your going to need alot of help with decissions be sure to stick with virgo, they know exactly what you need.

Virgo: when they say good guys always finish last, theyve obviously never met a virgo, because virgos are the leaders of doing the right thing, i see you in the corner little miss/mister purity. youre a good kind hearted love bucket (BUCKET BUCKET BUCKET BUCKET BUCKET) DONT LET ANYONE TRY AND SWAY YOU TO THE DARK SIDE (the cookies taste like ass) hey sometimes a great leader needs a great assitant and since we cant all be leaders why not go help leo reach their dreams the right way.

Libra: Consistancy is the name of the game, and boy are you playing the field. You will destroy the world with your dedication to following patterns, geez slow your roll bro. You need to know that while there is going to be chaos there is a necessity for order, try and spread that to the rest of the group you optioned nerd. you gotta go keep an eye on aries make sure they keep things safe enough, wouldnt want them disappearing on you would you?

Scorpio: lord of sex and lady bitch! you are a wild child a misnomer, and you are sure going to let everyone know that, you provide that extra opinion no one wants but everyone needs, without you, there would be no good decission making, dont let everyones hate on you get in the way of you being yourself. hey let the idea nerd help you every now and again they get a little antsy when you start preaching the truth dont let them get too worked up okay?

Sagittarius: follow your dreams, do what you want, dont let someone take away your happiness, youre a star and everyone elses needs should be put on the backburner, make a name for yourself and then let everyone elses issues smooth themselves out, let others worry about their own problems, fixeroo, you just need to do yourself right first. sometimes your gonna need someone to look after you because your over working yourself, relax though cancers got your back ccovered they’ll make sure it all goes smoothly.

Capricorn: MIGHTY GOATS OF POWER! (UNITE!) STRIVE FOR ABSOLUTELY THE TIME DONT LET ANYONE TELL YOU THAT SOMETHING IS TOO HARD TO REACH BECAUSE WITHOUT YOU THERE WOULD BE NO ENTREPANUERSHIP NO IPOD NO INTERNET, NO ELECTRICITY, SHOOT WE’D PROBABLY STILL BE THE CENTER OF THE SOLOR SYSTEM IF IT WASNT FOR YOUR INNOVATIONS! Right on attention nerds! (Cough cough attention whore) youre like literally the most important (not just because im one of you) make sure everyone is getting their stuff done, but also be sure not to block others out, we love you and you need to love you too. dont let your work consume you, live alittle and think outside the box, picese will give you the necessary outside opinion you need for alot of things.

Aquarius: you curious motherfucker. you gotta get out there and find the answer to everything, your like a sponge your never going to be satisfied until you finally have all the answers, dont worry when people start coming to you for answers because knowing you, you’ll probably know the answer anyone, dont become reliant on others only you can forge your own destiny, and dont let those little leeches suck you dry teach them where to find the answers if you have to. you can get alittle carried away if you dont ask for help, finding the answers yourself can make you a little full of yourself, dont be afraid to give a little responsibility to others like the kings and queens of responsibility Taurus.

Pisces: you bubbly and fun little shit! dont let anyone take away your imagination without you there is no fun and what kind of world lacks fun (Russia cough cough) you gotta learn that there is a right time for everything, but theres also a right time for the wrong thing as well, be sure to rile some feathers and go bother capricorn, they get lame without you, so be sure to let them know that you got them when they need you.

-My Advise to the Signs

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White or green!

Honestly, I agree w this the most. Although I really do like Bokuto, I don’t know if we’d be the best for each other. :-(

Daichi and Kuroo would probably the best to balance me out??? But i think they’d like shyer girls?? (Just from others headcanons and stuff I’ve read. But also I’m not completely sure about Daichi?? I think he likes rlly mature people???)