i know most of these dont really fit


Request:  Would it be alright to request something? Maybe an Eyeless Jack/Reader where they’re dating but because Jack isn’t the most affectionate/lovey dovey person (in front of others at least) nobody knows and another pasta (Toby or Ben?) tries to innocently ask the reader to date them and Jack gets jealous and possessive over them because they’re his? Or just, possessive/clingy Jack in general really

Requested by Anoymous

A/N: I hope its okay I used Jeff instead of Ben or Toby, it just fit better to me XD So sorry if you dont like it.

Your boyfriend loved you, you knew that. True it was hard to tell to outsiders from lack of affection, but you knew. He showed it in other ways, like making sure you ate after work or making you drink enough water, and things of such nature. He was kind and caring, he simply just didn’t touch you very often. Maybe a mindless hand on the knee during a movie, or a kiss good Morning, but that was it. Many people questioned it, whether he actually gave you what you needed, and you always stood to his defense, telling wondrous stories to prove his love. But all in all, you didn’t care what they thought, you loved EJ, and that’s all that mattered.  

You were currently at the Mansion, sitting in the living room on the couch watching BEN ply video games.

“Hey babe, I’m gonna run out with Hoodie for a bit. Okay?” EJ asks from behind you, you turn and smile, nodding. He smiles back and heads out, you turn your attention back to the TV, ignoring the staring from Jane. She was the worst about questioning you, pushing you about your relationship with EJ. She swore she knew better.  

“Don’t, Jane.” You say, keeping your eyes on the TV. She scoffs, but lets off.  

“MoTHER FUCKER” Ben shouts, throwing his controller down.  

“Hey, calm it kid.” Jeff’s rough voice barks as he walks into the living room.

“Hey sweet cheeks,” He says, walking behind you and touching your shoulders. Jeff was a player, so you never bitched him out for his harmless flirting. You knew it wasn’t personal.  

“Wanna go out with me sometime? I think you and I would make a bitching team.” He says confidently, leaning down to whisper in your ear.

“Just imagine the sex.”  

You scoff and pull off, standing from the couch. You stop immediately when you turn to him, seeing EJ standing right behind Jeff. Suddenly, EJ reaches out and grabs Jeff’s shoulders, pulling him back and shoving him to the floor.

“Listen here shithead.” He growls, standing over him. He presses his shoe into Jeff’s throat, making him sputter and choke.

“Y/n’s mine. MINE. Back off, or I’ll skin you alive, Woods.”  

The room is so quiet you could hear a pin drop, everyone’s holding their breath waiting to see what happens next. EJ sneers and removes his foot, leaving Jeff coughing on the floor. EJ stalks over to you angrily, wrapping his arm around you.  

“Mine.” He whispers, kissing the top of your head. You smile, loving this side of him, and wrap your arms around his waist.

“Forever and always.”

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ive been questioning a while and i still dont understand how gender feels really. very occasionally i have a strong sense of being a girl but most of the time im just.... me? i cant describe it really well, because i dont know what gender feels like when im not feeling like a girl but i dont feel connected to being a girl or a boy during that time.

Maybe one of these will fit.

Libragender– Feeling agender, but with a particular connection to masculinity or femininity, e.g. libramasculine or librafeminine. 

Girlflux– When one feels mostly or all female most of the time but experiences fluctuating intensities of female identity. This can be fluid with any other identity.


i went shopping today bc im desperate for summer clothes that dont make me extraordinarily dysphoric and even the smallest sizes in the mens section were way too baggy on me and i looked like a 10 year old who was playing dress up in their fathers closet and the whole ordeal made me feel infinitely worse and the most intensely dysphoric ive been in ages

and now gender feels so bad and i always feel to some extent disconnected from womanhood but rn i just… want nothing to do with it i dont want to be seen as a woman or thought of as a woman bc it all feels so wrong on me but then i try to imagine myself as Not A Woman and that feels extremely wrong too and i know nothings really changed and agender lesbian is still a fitting label for me but i just feel so distressed about my body and peoples perceptions of me and my inability to escape those

im longing to be surrounded by lesbians bc gender makes more sense then

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I never explored my sexuality in my teens, dunno maybe because I wasnt really interested or nothing triggered. Now Im 20+ and accidentally watched Dope MV a year ago that like turned a fucking switch in me. What frustrates me the most is its Jungkook thats having an effect on me. God I feel like Im not myself having all these pent up frustrations because of him. 1/2

Hes a few years younger and I legit hate being affected by that kid how can he be so fucking hot. To think that hes underaged in that video. I never thought this kind of frustration for a certain person is possible. I dont even know why Im telling you this maybe may I have your opinion? 2/2

I’m not really sure what to tell you because I’m not sure how all this fits into the bigger picture of your life.  A lot of people saw that the Dope video and became attracted to Jungkook and then later wanted to kick themselves when they found out how old he was there.  So you’re in good company.

There’s a big difference between seeing someone in a video and being sexually attracted to that person versus meeting that person in real life and doing something sexually inappropriate to them.  So you think he’s hot and like to indulge in some fantasies about him or read a smut or do other imaginary things with him.  So what?  Get in line with all the other people who feel the same way.  BUT if you ever let the fantasy get inappropriately mixed up with reality – THEN you have a problem.  Stalking him, sending sexually explicit materials to him, following him around the world in hopes of meeting him and making him fall in love with you, etc… is wrong. It’s always wrong.  I say this not because I think you are engaging in those kinds of behaviors, but there are people out there in the world who do that kind of stuff and their age is the least concerning thing about their attraction.

The other potential negative is if you let your attraction take over your life in other ways.  Do you prefer to spend your time fantasizing about him rather than actively engaging in real life activities?  Do you compare other men to him and use him as a gauge for all men or potential partners?  Does your attraction interfere with your ability to go to school or work or take care of your obligations?  If not, then you’re probably fine.  It’s a celebrity crush.  It happens.  If it takes over your life, then you might need to step away from the fandom so you can focus on the things that are really important.  

So i caught a glimpse at the ‘canon couples’ of Fairy Tail spoiler page and while most of them were totally obvious and had been built on to certain extents throughout the manga their is one ‘couple’ that really didnt fit in. Yes im talking about the Laxus/Mirajane pairing. Their has been NEARLY NOTHING to indicate anything remotely romantic between them. I can count the amount of panels on one hand. I know some….avid…fans of the ship would make a long post that really cluthes at straws when it comes to this ship but truthfully their really isnt a whole lot whether you want to see it or not. But now suddenly they are canon? Dont get me wrong, im happy for the Miraxus shippers (congratz btw :P) but i dont buy it.Heck Happy and Carla have had way more development than these two…

BTW Miraxus shippers, this is not hate. This is just my own opinion and it not aimed to be a horrid post at all. I just think the pairing is an unbelievable one thnx to the way it hasnt been written or developed like the rest.

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I'm sorry but it's unrealistic for an overweight person to win gold at an international figure skating competition. Most male skaters need to have at least one quad in their performances and it's really hard on the joints in general, and extra weight males it worse and could lead to severe injury. Also, someone needs to be at peak physical fitness to land a quad. I'm all for people of all body types doing the sports they love, but we gotta be realistic. -A figure skating fannatic

You know i dont give a fuck about everything you just said because im talking literal fiction ,right? and that fat athletes do exist and need to be seen, and need representation for fat ppl who also want to do sports? in the real world, right now ?

Also not everyone’s peak fitness is gonna be skinny, off the bat please just say you hate the fact i didnt include a really gross narritive of some dude being body shamed into what you think is peak fitness, in your mind, and then getting with the dude who degraded him for his body which isnt cute

like i dont hear you going on about how Victors ice skating routine in his home town is sort of unrealistic in terms of how difficult it’d be able to pull off

so take your “we gotta be realistic” and eat it, cuz the only thing you want from “realism” is the lie that fat people cant be good at sports. when the real rub is fat ppl are shamed for doing sports because society hates fat people

now dont come back :)

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people who are upset that she stole their imaginary boyfriend. - that's rather unfair for you to just label them as such. I'm quite sure that a lot of fans out there dont consider Harry as imaginary bf and admire him for his work. Many are actually turned off on how she acting the whole time. Btw, most receipts have bases. And no I dont go to those biased bloggers that you try to imply. I know that her image-reality dont match due to whitewashing, the same as what Kate did but worse and forced.

Its the same shit that happens every time a desirable man gets into a relationship (even when they get married and have children). People dont want it to be true so they see something on the woman, twist it to fit their narrative when there is only an ounce of truth, and roll with it. 

I fail to see how their was really any whitewashing when no one knew anything about her before she started dating Harry. You can say that you have seen the receipts on her but receipts dont always match up. 

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i dont know if you live in norway but if you do i was just wondering if all teenagers in norway dress the way the characters do in the show???? because im so in love with what noora and eva wear tbh they both have really great style

Hi! Yeah, I’m norwegian and I would say the characters styles are good examples of how teenagers (and twentysomething) dress here. (And it also fits their personality so well!)

In my opinion, Vilde’s style is the most common one for ordinary teenage girls. She wears cute clothes with popular items that are “in” right now. Her style can be found in (maybe) the most popular clothing store for teenage girls in Norway: Bikbok.  

Eva has a typical style that has become more popular the last couple of years. She wears beanies, a lot of adidas and everything is a mix of “street” and “sportfashion”. Eva’s items are mostly from the clothing store Urban. (I think Astrid S is a great example for this look - short skirts/dresses, sport t-shirts and sneakers: x, x

I would also say Noora’s style is quit common. It’s most popular with trendy girls who doesn’t want to follow “what’s cool right now”. (Even tho a lot of people end up dressing somewhat like this so it’s not /that/ special???). But even more people use some of the same items without going all in. Turtlenecks have been really popular, people have started wearing leather belts again and pants that aren’t skinny. And I think norwegians in general are all here for thick and cozy sweaters for fall/winter. Coats, scarfs and backpacks are also really popular atm. Noora might shop at stores like Monki and H&M (+ COS and “& other stories” Thanks @lotsofrealitiesoutthere).  

Chris’s style might be the least common one. But it does fit her personality 100 %, so girls like her might dress that way?? (and i’m so sorry, but i don’t know much about Sana’s way of dressing, but i’m so here for all the black (always).)   

Edit: I’m no norwegian and I definitely don’t live in Norway but as a muslim I can say that Sana dresses quite Basic hüt also minimalistic. Her style Ian’t really what’s in in the hijabi fashion but defineitly stylish but also dark and gothy wbich Is quite different to Most hijab is since Most kg them wear quite colorful stuff and have lighter makeup. (Thanks @nothing-justme

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I ship you with Suga..I dont know why but i feel like you two would fit great together, like really deeply character vice, I mean from what I know about you cause I have been fallowing your blog for quite a while now

Ohhhh I could see it tbh. I think out of all the members I would be most compatible romantically with him and namjoon

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Hey! Lol I hope you don't get annoyed by me asking you a whole bunch of questions. I know you're not a doctor or a personal fitness coach but you're the closest and most reliable person I can find. So thank you for that! I know you mainly focus on lower body but what are some abs workouts you use? I am trying to make my own routine for abs. Do you have any tips and exercises that I can do to target my core and lower pouch? Thanks again!!

I really dont mind questions :)

Body weight ab exercises:
Mountain climbers
Knee tucks
Kick downs
Reverse crunch
Modified v-ups
Plank side taps
Single leg kick downs-
Alternating froggers
Brazillian crunch
Hold the world
Side sit ups
Sit ups
Side v-ups
Star fish
Single leg/arm crunch
Russian twist
Roll up
Flutter kicks
Full extensions
Crazy ivans

Elevated mountain climbers
Elevated knee tucks
Elevated knee to elbow
Plank jacks
Elevated froggers
Cross over v-ups
Modified v-ups
Russian twist with ball slams
Side plank dips

Ankle weights:
Mountain climbers
Knee tucks
Kick downs
Reverse crunch
Modified v-ups
Plank side taps
Single leg kick downs-
Flutter kick
Six inches

Resistance bands:
Mountain climbers
Knee tucks
Kick downs
Reverse crunch
Modified v-ups
Plank side taps
Single leg kick downs-
Single leg kick downs
Toe touchers
Boat pose
Kneeling ab crunch
Push through crunch

Swiss ball:
Knee tucks
Jack knife
Side jack knife
Single leg/arm crunch
Side crunch
Pike ups
Single leg knee tucks
Ball V pass
Kick downs
Reverse crunch
Roll outs

Mountain climbers on the treadmill
Sit up-ball throws
Side bends with kettlebell

You can use a medicine ball or a dumbbell if you want to make your bodyweight exercises more challenging. Most of the bodyweight exercises can also be done on/with a bosu. There are exercises that I always do that don’t really have a name so those aren’t stated. But I wrote most of it down !

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I think you are so cute and adorable, AND I LOVE YOUR WRITING SO MUCH OH LORD 💜 btw i was reading a fanfic about bucky being a strip club owner but i lost it, can anybody help? I dont remember the writer's url. Thanks anyways ❤️ anddd keep up with writing, im addicted to your blog so much that i turned up the notifications😍😭 c ya later honeyy ❤️

I know of @lancefuckrr ‘s The Boss series which I read most of (and I plan on finishing soon) that fits your description.

Link: https://lancefuckrr.tumblr.com/post/156511980722/the-boss-masterlist

I’m also really happy that you like my writing! Hehehe and that you think I’m adorable. I may appear cute and cuddly on the outside but get on my bad side and, oh damn, I’ll be your worst nightmare.

But thank yooooooou again! :D

headcanons for togami with ocd and anxiety who has the dr1 kids to help him when things become too much

heres ur headcanons, togami! i should tell u that i dont have ocd, so if u want me to change anything just let me know and ill work on it! i hope u like ur headcanons, though! - mod kiibo

- togami didnt really fit the stereotype of someone with anxiety. after all, he seemed like a confident enough guy to most people, and he had a tendency to try and keep his head held high. despite that, though, togami was really anxious. he just did his best to keep his anxiety hidden, even when he was a wreck on the inside

- even though togami also doesnt want his class to learn about his ocd, he ends up having to deal with some of his compulsive behaviors during class. at first, most of his fellow students dont want to ask him about it, but eventually someone ends up asking if togami has ocd. when he tells them that he does, his class promises to help him in times of need

- togami tries not to get overwhelmed by anxiety too often, since he thinks the heir to a company as big as the togami conglomerate should be getting anxious as easily as he does. however, he really cant control the fact that his anxiety has a tendency to kick up when he least wants it to. his class is always there for him, though

- togami really cant stand the fact that he finds himself getting anxious in social situations so easily, and coupled with his ocd, he feels like his disorders make him weak, so he tries to push himself further than he can really handle. this really worries all of his classmates, and they have to do their best to tell him that he doesnt need to push himself too hard

- whenever things get to be too much for togami, the dr1 kids all pitch in to do their best to calm him down. everyone is trying to comfort togami, whether it be with words of encouragement or gentle pats on his back. even if it took a while for togami to begin calming down, having his classmates helping him out made him feel a bit better

- whenever togami had any sort of important talk or presentation he needed to prepare for, the kids in his class would help him with his preparations. this would range from giving him words of encouragement to pretending to be the people togami would need to talk to. having them around helps him to make it through these types of things with a clear head

- if togami ever needs to talk about how his ocd affects his life, all the dr1 kids try to be open and willing to listen to him. they do their best to help him through his problems in their own way, and even if their suggestions arent always very helpful, togami can at least appreciate the effort that they put into helping him

- even though the dr1 kids do their best to help togami with his anxiety and ocd, he still cant help but feel upset with himself for having to ask them for help in the first place. if his classmates see him thinking this way, though, they all try to cheer him up and remind him that togami is tougher than he realizes for dealing with both anxiety and ocd

- in order to thank his classmates for everything theyve done for him, togami does his best to do things for them in return. for instance, if someone needs comforting of any sort, togami tries to stay by their side. if another person needs to buy something but doesnt have the expenses, togamis happy to pitch in with some of his own money

- togami is really thankful for everything his classmates have done to help him get through the days where everything just seems to be too much. he appreciates how nice theyve been to him, and he wants to really open up to them and tell them how thankful he is for everything theyve done without getting embarrassed

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For your ask shipping thingy...you should do Brohm!!

| yes anon omg… one of my faves |

who hogs the duvet?
-bryce, definitely. he just wants to be warm!

who texts/rings to check how their day is going?
-tbh i think ohm would. just to see if bryce is ok n whatnot, maybe if bryce is sick or something

whos the most creative when it comes to gifts?
-ohm, maybe ?? tbh i think instead of gifts he would always take bryce out and do something super duper romantic n mushy. like what you see in those commercials and movies

who suggests new things in bed?
-ohm, but i feel like itd be 52/49 with them.

who cries at movies?
-yall dont get me started omg. i am 100% standing with my own head canon that bryce cries a lot. wether its from laughter, something cute/adorable, something happy or from something sad

who gives unprompted massages?
-definitely ohm. just so he has an excuse to touch his tiny and precious bf

who fusses over the other when they’re sick?
-bryce probably turns into Mama Bryce™ whenever ohm gets sick (u dont understand how many ships i have for this hc…)

who gets jealous easiest?
-o m g. this is my fav hc cos ohm would get 100% jealous if he sees his boyfriend talking to someone longer than usual, because bryce knows how ohm gets when hes jealous ;)

who has the most embarrassing taste in music?
-i feel like bryce does. like, what if he secretly likes nickelback? e m b a r r a s s i n g

who collects something unusual?
-to me i think ohm would collect anything leather. or guitar picks

who takes the longest to get ready?
-bryce. he feel like he must be perfect for everything w ohm

who is the most tidy and organised?
-honestly i think they both would be p good with cleaning up, but i think bryce would totally get mad if something was out of place or if something wasnt the way he put it (not ocd. dont say its ocd. ok tyty)

who gets most excited about the holidays?
-bryce 100%. hes just so precious and he LOVES anything to do with holidays cos he loves spending time w his bf (even though they spend 85% of their time together)

who is the big spoon/little spoon?
-ohm is the big spoon; bryce is the little spoon

who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports?
-ohm. like, imagine bryce purposely making his bf lose so he gets mad ;))

who starts the most arguments?
-bryce, because like i said, he’d def get mad if something wasnt the way he put it

who suggests that they buy a pet?
-even though bryce hates messes, he would probably see a really cute dog or cat and beg ohm to get it

what couple traditions they have?
-i dont know a lot of couples traditions, but i feel like the typical proposing on christmas would 100% fit ohm

what tv shows they watch together?
-daredevil, breaking bad, gotham, bojack horseman, family guy, bobs burgers, futurama, lucifer and (maybe) orange is the new black

what other couple they hang out with?
-minx and krism, chilled and ze and cartoonz and delirious

how they spend time together as a couple?
-cuddling, baking, playing video games and going out

who made the first move?
-ohm. he swept bryce off of his feet

who brings flowers home?
-for house decorations, bryce. if you mean like to the other person, ohm

who is the best cook?

(and if u want me to write any of these please as a fic/more detailed head canon tell me omg)

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as much as i love queer headcanons about the gang i cannot see charlie as trans idk why

Thats surprising bc its one of the most popular headcanons i’ve seen around! I havent personally done a lot of reading or thinking abt it even though i love it but heres some stuff:

He’s always really reluctant to take his shirt off

He uses the stall in the bathroom instead of the urinals

He knows how to sew because he has to alter most of his clothes to fit right (dont remember if this was someones headcanon or canon but its cute)

I can also highly recommend @adrianicsea‘s trans charlie fanfic and he also has a tag full of asks and posts about it here

eh, if anyone wants to add anything go for it! 

The Namimori Conspiracy AU

This is related to a lot of AUs and storys, pretty much every one where Namimori is the kind of unreal place where crazy things happen and people are just like well whatevs the last week was weirder and having new neighbors because the houses changed the street again is kinda funny. I mean you get to know new people thats neat!

Basically I talked with my bro about a german meme “Die Bielefeld Verschwörung” (the bielefeld conspiracy), it got spread from 1994 on and in 2010 there was a movie about it so everybody knows about it. Literally anybody. Fundamentally it describes a city but nobody ever met a citizen from that city and you cant travel there (the streets were closed around the start of that theory- “roadworks” they said). It got so far that we think a mysterious force rules that city there a voices saying its the government or aliens. It just is sure that there is a force behind it ever growing and adjusting itself towards society. Making people believe they travelled trough the city or lived there becoming unknowingly secret agents for them. Creating webpages and stuff like that goes on.

My geography teacher taught my whole class about it and when some said “but the city is on the map! It must be real.” he just said that its a clever alibi by them because cartographs used to invent fake places so they could prevent plagiasm and they used the nonexistent city which was on the maps as a base like my class said its on the map it must exist.

And I cant help but guys there are so many storys where Namimori is such a crazy city and so many stories where that aspect is even more highlighted somehow this would perfectly fit. People know Namimori exists but it doesnt really exist. I could go on an on with this..

And most important people outside from germany dont know about this. They dont know about the conspiracy theory. So it would make sense if Reborn and Gokudera as well as everyone else from Italy doesnt know about this.

The Hibari family is their chief enforcers.

Gokudera is ecstatic because holy shit possible UMAs.

Tsuna doesn’t believe in them.

Nana is secretly behind everything.

-Admin Lazy

Julia hadn’t really been paying attention during the class, she’d just spent most of the time at the back, watching Nathaniel as he tried to see how many pieces of candy he could fit in his mouth. It hadn’t been interesting to watch at first, but when he startled dribbling colourful saliva and choking lightly, Julia couldn’t stop herself from snorting loudly and losing herself in a fit of giggles. She usually focused on her work in class, because she was always so eager to look like the perfect student in front of her professor. Speaking of her professor, she could basically feel her eyes burning into the back of her head as she tried to stifle her giggles. Nate didn’t find it as funny as she did, in fact he didn’t find it funny at all. His face had turned red from choking, and his chin was wet with saliva. He stood quickly, mumbling a few words to Julianne before disappearing out of the room. It was probably for the best that he decided to leave, everyone else was quietly editing photos, or marking things in their books, and she knew that her and Nate were starting to distract the rest of the class from their work. She didn’t have the concentration for anything, and all she wanted to do was leave and find some new places and people to photograph. Her gaze lifted to her professor as she started speaking. She didn’t really hear her words, she mostly just got lost staring at her. The older woman was ridiculously attractive, and she always managed to get Julia into a flustered state. It’d be easier to pay attention if she wasn’t such a big gay. She was so lost in her own thoughts that she hadn’t even noticed the rest of her peers leaving as the class ended. A hand resting on her shoulder was the thing that finally brought her out of her daze, and she mumbled a soft curse when she saw that she was the only student left in the room. Her eyes lifted away from her surroundings, cheeks turning pink as she noticed who the hand belonged to. “Uh…hi…"She chuckled nervously, sharp blue eyes staring up at the other.


I have a theory and i dont know if i will be making sense but well im going to try. I have seen a lot this theory of exo beign experiments and beign braiwashed to think they are aliens, but wat if they really are aliens and they are beign experimented on because of that? 

If we think of the start of mama, we have the start of exos mith, exo were sent to earth to acomplish a mission, to save the tree of life. I think on the pathcodes they have just been sent to earth, they are all on different places, and we know how they got there. When Tao opens the newspaper he reads: the comet is appearing on 10 different cities around he world. I think its the comet that we can see at the start of history. They are all arriving to earth.

Then we have chanyeol on the pathcodes, in the middle of nowhere, i think that conects with his first teaser, where he is seaching for the symbols of the members. None of then knows where are the other guys, so they are searching for each other. Now, none of the members can fully control their powers, none except kai. I remember back when there was only mama around, i read a theory that made a lot of sense. What if kai is the one gathering all of them? he appears on the teasers, observing the members, and on mama mv, he is the only one that goes from exo k’s dimension to exo m’s one, he comunicates with luhan, who can see all the members on the sphere he is holding. Kai can teleport at his will, or so it seems on the pathcode. This could be happening just before mama mv (except the story af the start) he is now searching for them, and on mama and teasers he finally finds all of them. 

And now, what if they have been already captured on overdose, they are shown trying to scape, but they cant. We know that as soon as exo is on earth, humanity knows something is going on, as shown on the newspapers. And we have the vcr at exoluxion when there is an experiment going on “We don know when ‘it’ (exo) started to exist, or its exact location (outter space)”. If they were some kind of experiment, those who are doing that report would know those things. I think humans caught them and are trying to figure out what exactly they are and what powers they have, notice they call them `it` instead of them, they dont think exo are humans.

 On the vcr they also say “Neither its objectives (save the three of life) nor its impacts on mankind were known” Well humans think exo, with superpowers and all of that, maybe have come to destroy all of us, that is why they dont want them to get out free (overdose). Then on the vcr they say “the report was researched and written to discover the facts about the unkown it” there is also shown ovnis and rockets, which wouldnt make any sense if exo are only brainwashed and arent from outter space. Once again it seems the ones experimenting with them, dont really know what is going on, and want to know.

So lucky one could be exactly after overdose, or just before. They could have already been experimented on on overdose and they are running away after the lucky one, or overdose could be before they start to experiment with them and  they are only observing to see if they are dangerous. What we should note thought, is that none of them are able to use their powers, kai could teleport easily, but he doesnt. Maybe they really have already experimented with them and they have gotten rid of their powers.

Now, kyungsoo is the one that confuses me, on his pathcode we dont really know if he can control his powers, or if he doesnt have them at all. On the pathcodes he is the only one not shown using his powers. He is also the only one that knows the powers of the other members, and seems to be either playing with them or planning something, as he is holding 9 balls on his hands, that clearly represent each member at the moment and most probably sybolize overdose marbles. He is shown looking on a peephole, observing, when everyone else is being observed on and running away. To me he is the clear antagonist on all this story, even more now when we have seen him so collected and calm while suposedly beign experimented on, while everyone else is running. But i dont really know how he fits in all of this, he seems to almost always know what is going on, but he is trapped on overdose too. Whatever it is what its happening, im sure he knows what he is doing.

Aries:You are an adventurous little potato and everyone hates that about you! Screw everyone else, you keep being the awesome little indiana jones you are! dont let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do, you are your own person and i support everything you have to say. go bother libra, they need a little adventure or else they get a stick up their butt.

Taurus:You like the moolah! (lol cow jokes) and i totally think thats stand up and responsible of you. you keep being a strong independant person, you have untapped potential you just gotta realize what it is, i know you can do it. aquarius will often need your responsibility so dont be afraid to keep an eye on them.

Gemini: So you dont like doing one thing specifically you want to live a little. Sue me then for saying you are the person who needs to live your life. Dont conform to everyone elses stupid standards for you, be the individualistic toot you are. (But try not to hurt people along the way you little headstrong nerd) scorpio can get a little out of hand be sure to keep them on the ground.

Cancer:You being love muffin! give me a hug dammit! (crabcrab) your just a bundle of underapreciated love and you deserve hugs because deep down i know under that cold hard crab shell you really are a squishy and rich person. often times head in the clouds sagittarius will need that back bone and love youve got, be sure to keep an eye on them every now and again okay?

Leo:you little shit! you best know that you are the most likely to lead some shit! you are the boss and dont let anyone take that away from you! your a lion for a reason, so dont let anyone treat you like a kitten, because fuck them! you are the most important and best fit too lead everyone! you go winner. your going to need alot of help with decissions be sure to stick with virgo, they know exactly what you need.

Virgo: when they say good guys always finish last, theyve obviously never met a virgo, because virgos are the leaders of doing the right thing, i see you in the corner little miss/mister purity. youre a good kind hearted love bucket (BUCKET BUCKET BUCKET BUCKET BUCKET) DONT LET ANYONE TRY AND SWAY YOU TO THE DARK SIDE (the cookies taste like ass) hey sometimes a great leader needs a great assitant and since we cant all be leaders why not go help leo reach their dreams the right way.

Libra: Consistancy is the name of the game, and boy are you playing the field. You will destroy the world with your dedication to following patterns, geez slow your roll bro. You need to know that while there is going to be chaos there is a necessity for order, try and spread that to the rest of the group you optioned nerd. you gotta go keep an eye on aries make sure they keep things safe enough, wouldnt want them disappearing on you would you?

Scorpio: lord of sex and lady bitch! you are a wild child a misnomer, and you are sure going to let everyone know that, you provide that extra opinion no one wants but everyone needs, without you, there would be no good decission making, dont let everyones hate on you get in the way of you being yourself. hey let the idea nerd help you every now and again they get a little antsy when you start preaching the truth dont let them get too worked up okay?

Sagittarius: follow your dreams, do what you want, dont let someone take away your happiness, youre a star and everyone elses needs should be put on the backburner, make a name for yourself and then let everyone elses issues smooth themselves out, let others worry about their own problems, fixeroo, you just need to do yourself right first. sometimes your gonna need someone to look after you because your over working yourself, relax though cancers got your back ccovered they’ll make sure it all goes smoothly.

Capricorn: MIGHTY GOATS OF POWER! (UNITE!) STRIVE FOR ABSOLUTELY THE TIME DONT LET ANYONE TELL YOU THAT SOMETHING IS TOO HARD TO REACH BECAUSE WITHOUT YOU THERE WOULD BE NO ENTREPANUERSHIP NO IPOD NO INTERNET, NO ELECTRICITY, SHOOT WE’D PROBABLY STILL BE THE CENTER OF THE SOLOR SYSTEM IF IT WASNT FOR YOUR INNOVATIONS! Right on attention nerds! (Cough cough attention whore) youre like literally the most important (not just because im one of you) make sure everyone is getting their stuff done, but also be sure not to block others out, we love you and you need to love you too. dont let your work consume you, live alittle and think outside the box, picese will give you the necessary outside opinion you need for alot of things.

Aquarius: you curious motherfucker. you gotta get out there and find the answer to everything, your like a sponge your never going to be satisfied until you finally have all the answers, dont worry when people start coming to you for answers because knowing you, you’ll probably know the answer anyone, dont become reliant on others only you can forge your own destiny, and dont let those little leeches suck you dry teach them where to find the answers if you have to. you can get alittle carried away if you dont ask for help, finding the answers yourself can make you a little full of yourself, dont be afraid to give a little responsibility to others like the kings and queens of responsibility Taurus.

Pisces: you bubbly and fun little shit! dont let anyone take away your imagination without you there is no fun and what kind of world lacks fun (Russia cough cough) you gotta learn that there is a right time for everything, but theres also a right time for the wrong thing as well, be sure to rile some feathers and go bother capricorn, they get lame without you, so be sure to let them know that you got them when they need you.

-My Advise to the Signs