i know like what

Ravenclaw: I’m really dizzy, I can’t see straight, and when I walk I feel like I’ll fall over.

Hufflepuff: Maybe you should sit down for a minute.

Ravenclaw: … no, I think I’m going to not drink any water for 8 hours straight, run around trying to clean things up, and then to top it off, I’m going to drive in the dark in a car that has its windows frosted over.

Hufflepuff: How are you still alive?

Ravenclaw: A question I ask myself every day.


This has been in my head for like a week. I like to think that Stan is ridiculously susceptible to genuine compliments, especially ones from his brother.

anonymous asked:

Hi i am new to Tumblr and your drawings are amazing do you have an tips on Anatomy i really suck at it and i wish to get better. Thank you.<3

HI! THANK YOU but are you asking me, a person who cries every time they have to do a full body, for anatomy tips?? 

well…,,, i’m not sure if i’m the right person to help you with that (i'n not even sure if i can!), but insted i’ll tell you what i do to improve the anatomy of my drawings!

the most predictable and common advice is: use references!!! watching and trying to imitate the reference picture helps you understand and memorize the way things work. i’ve always wanted the characters on my drawings to be more expressive so i’ll tell how i use references to help me practise this.. let’s go! 

we’ll take these two photos as an example:

source: (x), (x)

so first of all i draw basically the same thing. i don’t aim for realistic style, so just understanding the pose works for me. i guess you can trace the image, too, but i really prefer redrawing. anyway! now i have something like this:

so what i do with these is try to change the pose just a little bit to make it look more… action-y. definetly no tracing here! draw just by looking at your fisrt one and the original reference! for example with the first picture: you can bend the body forward or backwards:

so it looks like something this:

  and the second one:

aaaaand that’s about it.. you’re absolutely right to look for art tips!! there are lots of them done by amazing artists who know what they’re doing! many of the tips i found iver the years helped me so much, but not everything worked for me, some things i kinda had to figure out myself. this one might o be useful for you BUT the best thing to do to improve any aspect of your art is practice!! if something is hard, good. do it anyway. let it be crappy for the first time, for the second time, for the tenth time, it’s okay.  eventually you’ll get it, that’s for sure!

GOOD LUCK!!! <3 

You Get What You Give (The Placebo Effect)

Requested: Yes

Summary: Where Harry’s just begun his solo career and performing is everything that he’s ever dreamed of; he can’t help but feel so alone sometimes though. Feeling as though everyone has someone, and he’s so out of the loop with his love life that it brings an imbalance. However, you can’t take everything and expect to give nothing in return or for everything to be ok for forever.

Word Count: 819

Pairing: Harry Styles x Fem!Reader

Warnings: There aren’t any that I can sleuth out. 

A/N: I have revived this story lmao, welcome back. 

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I am suddenly not feeling good


hey uhhh tumblr…

          ya doin alright?

in the spaces between my bones there lies a galaxy, whose stars are made of my sighs. 

there is a valley in my ribcage where it rains when i cry, and where it thunders when i sob. 

i have swiped a finger through the dust on my unused heart and i have written xxv/ii/mm: the day the world ended. 

i have let my soul deflate and catch, snag, on the ragged edges of my broken lungs. 

i breathed my last breath the day i opened my eyes for the first time. 

lmao I went to get my haircut yesterday and the girl I usually see screwed up my bangs soooooo bad. I asked for a side bang like every other time, showed her a picture, and she legit cut my bangs in a crisp diagonal line starting way above my eyebrow?? Which I’m appalled because she’s never cut my bangs like that before and I don’t know what the heck happened but boy I was not happy. I came home, messed with my hair a bit, and came to the realization that I’d have to even out my bangs myself. Sweeping my hair to the side only made the short bits more prominent, but parting it down the middle seemed to help…so I just cut my bangs straight across to match the other side. It still looks stupid to me but it’s better than before at least…they just looked crooked and choppy before.