i know leopard

anyone near central texas know someone wanting to adopt this friend? they were abandoned at my work (austin, tx) over the weekend. they’re a Big Friend and seems fairly well taken care of!!

i’m gonna include you @dogpantry since you’re from this area?? maybe you know somebody idk

Tonight Kirb saw me watching her as I laid in bed and and came over, laid down in what seems to be the most uncomfortable position, and just went to sleep. My bed is right next to her tank so this is as close as she could get without being in my lap.

I immediately cried. It’s fine.

Never Gonna Happen

Enzo Amore/OC (smut): Despite his constant playful flirtations, you and Enzo have never been anything more than friends. After a drunken night at the club, and a questionable morning after, you learn how he really feels about you.

(This is my first fic on here, I’m so nervous but I hope you all really enjoy it! It ended up waaaay longer than I anticipated.)

Special thanks to @imaginingwwesuperstars for being super supportive and an all-around sweetheart, ily. <3

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Mint - Reference Sheet
old character that I adopted from my clown wife @fried-kitten
I gave her some slight changes since her previous look was a bright neon green r ip
She’s now my sad single mom that can’t catch a break

-a LSO if it wasn’t even obvious somehow by the mysterious way that god works, i have a shit ton of ocs i’m not even gonna lie. if i could i’d work on ref sheets for all of them but that like.. drawing abotu 200-300 images so i uh

nah. maybe some simpler ref sheets maybe i guess????????
i have no clue btu that’d take years probably i guess idfk

The Flash and Captain Cold figures are cute and all but imagine Build-A-Bear having a Flash and Friends (surprisingly with very few ‘friends’ and a lot of villains) collection.

I don’t know how but Barry ends up with a Captain Cold bear named Lenny (does BaB have a leopard? Who cares it’s a leopard) complete with a parka and a tiny replica cold gun, and Len has a Flash bear named Bear-y that totally doesn’t live in his parka, Lisa keeps putting him there to annoy him. (Bear-y totally lives in Len’s parka)