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I have my own theory on the whole "something is wrong with Jikook". I think that Jimin is really worried and scared for not only himself but probably everyone else too (because he's a frickin angel) and maybe also Big Hit told them to tone it down a lot. But I don't think Jikook are fighting or whatever. I think that there's a lot more going on behind the camera with them because it seems like other than 21st Century girls a lot of the skinship that we see isn't fanservice. It's too subtle.

Yeah, I like your theory. It’s essentially mine as well. I think everyone just needs to calm down and realize that we don’t know what’s going on, but more than likely, it’s something simple. I also feel that if we were to be getting tons of moments it would be more fan service because it’s on stage in front of thousands. I think we should be happy we’re getting what we are.


hey everyone, i just wanted to let you guys know that im still alive and why i havent been posting any art for the past couple of months. Its partially because I’ve been really busy with a lot of important school stuff but i think the main reason is i just… havent been feeling too good lately, I think its depression but i havent been diagnosed or anything so i dont know. Whatever it is, it makes doing simple everyday stuff hard, let alone drawing and im not sure if ill be able to get professional help anytime soon, idk. I tried drawing many times but i just cant do it, i feel like i cant do anything anymore and this feeling has been getting worse and worse, or at least it seems like it has been. I know this isnt art but more like a vent post i guess so i hope all of you who are new to this blog arent too dissapointed ugh. I wanna start drawing again but i honestly dont know when ill be able to.

So to sum up: im alive, and ill probably be back, it might just take a long time so thanks to everyone willing to stick with me

Making Gifs from Netflix Videos

For Macs Only!

Sadly, this tutorial only works for macs, from what I can find. However, I would still read as a PC user, as you might be able to find a comparable program to the Quicktime version found on Macs. PC version of Quicktime does not have the proper feature in order to do this tutorial. It doesn’t need to be Netflix, it can also work for any online based HD streams, like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Google Play, and HBO Go – I used Netflix because it’s what I had. This method is actually super easy once you get the hang of it, and saves time/space compared to looking for and downloading films/tv shows.

For this tutorial, you will need:

  • Photoshop
  • Quicktime
  • Your choice of online video (Netflix in this case)

We will be making gifs like these, which were taken directly from Netflix, from the film Copenhagen

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Ugh there was someone in the tag complaining about the m&g price (i dont respond cause i just dont wanna deal with drama) but they act as if ALL that money goes to papa alone.. its not like they have to ya know pay people who organize everything, the technicians, etc etc uuggghhh

They’re idiots. Plain and simple. Yes, it is expensive. But it isn’t just a meet and greet, you get a bunch of perks with it too. Like early entry and a ton of merch. Production for those spirit boards alone was probably a pretty penny. If it’s your favorite band, you make sacrifices and you pay whatever. For me personally, the shows I bought m&g for I bought them to get the front row seat. That guaranteed, worry free front row spot alone is worth the price to me. Throw in a few minutes with Papa, a couple pictures and a bunch of merch on top of that? It’s like a profit.

If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. People will complain about everything and back it up with Papa is greedy, or “i hope this money goes to the poor ghouls that never got paid.” Idiots. Idiots. Idiots. There is no nice way to say it anymore 😂

Crucible Moments.

In recognition of Father’s Day this year, I thought about all my favorite fictional dads. And while some people might claim that this doesn’t count … well, you’re wrong.

Niisama is Best Dad™.

Watch. Watch him prove it.


“What’s up, kid.”

“Everything’s okay now. Right?”

“… What? What do you mean?”

“I mean … the — the world’s not gonna fall apart when we aren’t looking. Again. Is it?”

“What brought this on?”

“It’s just … things have been so quiet. I mean … y’know. Kaiba-Land is off the ground. You’re working on those blueprints you think I don’t know about.”

“… ?”

“Never mind. Rebecca and Leon joined my D&D group. You and Yugi are a thing. Like, all this stuff is going so goo — well. It’s going well. And I just … it’s not gonna fall apart, is it?”

“… Come over here, Mokuba. Sit here.”


“Listen to me. Okay? Contrary to what anybody might tell you, I don’t have all the answers. I am not, despite my own best efforts, infallible. So I can’t tell you that everything is going to work out. That would be a lie. And, as Yugi is so often reminding me, lying is a bad thing.”


“There are people who will tell you that this life is a test. That it’s a crucible, in which we’re forged into righteous weapons for the next life. Or whatever. It’s bullshit. But there are going to be times in life that act … something like that. Maybe they’ll be moments. Snap decisions. Call those sprints. Maybe they’ll be extended periods. Marathons. And you’ll come out of these with a new understanding. Something about you will be … different.”


“And that will make you stronger. Each of these moments will make you better able to tackle the next. That’s growth. That’s life. Now. What does this have to do with your question? Simple. You and I? We’ve been through enough of these crucibles to last any normal person’s lifetime.”

“Yeah. Yeah. That’s right. We have.”

“So I can’t promise you that things will be okay now. That the world won’t collapse around our ears again. But here’s what I can promise. Whatever comes? We’ll be ready for it. We’ll stand in front of it, we’ll laugh in its face, and we’ll crush it.”


“That’s right. Together.”


“Now. Don’t get complacent. Don’t shut your eyes. We both know that’s when the shit-storm just loves to start. But don’t worry too much over it, either. You’re a Kaiba. You’re stronger than anything that’s ever been thrown at you. And even if you meet your match someday … well. That’s where I come in.”

“… Thanks, Niisama.”

“You bet.”

“Hey. Niisama?”


“I love you.”

“… Love you, too, Mokuba. Now go on. Go play a game or something. Save the existential crises for me.”

Happy Father’s Day.

Pumpkin-Chocolate- Whatever

because I am such fall trash and it is finally cold enough to wear a sweater without getting heat stroke-

She was coming home from work when she noticed it. That damn glare, the one she had been getting all week, the one she was so sick of. The one that screamed rake your friggin leaves before I burn your house down in the night. So she decided to rake the leaves, because Camille would never do it, as it might ruin her god-given shoes.

(but only after she went over to thats assholes house and expressed her displeaure at his immature eye rolls, and that he should be careful incase someone ripped them out of his clearly brainless head)

Which is how she ended up stading ankle deep in leaves an hour later, rake in hand, appraising her hard, but near invisible, work 1 hour later. She had made a small pile of leaves near a tree, but she still had to finish the other 80% of the yard. She assumed she could probably finish in 3 hours, if she had no distractions. 

A plan that went completely out the window ( or was it in the window because she was outside? She didn’t exactly know) when a silver car drove up in front of her house, a glasses donned Cameron popping out of the car, an eyebrow raised in confusion. 

And she simply couldn’t help herself, especially not after meeting his mother last weekend for the apparently neccasary mother-meets-girlfriend dinner 

(which actually went pretty terrible, involving Kirsten nearly summoning Satan to hurt his mother after she impleid for the 7th time that night that Cameron was  a wasting his potential, but at the same time was incapable of caring for himself) 

“What never held a rake rich boy?” 

Even she couldn’t lie about the smug satisfaction she felt at the spatter of red on his neck, the way he subcounsiouly fixed his glasses (which he may or may not have started wearing after she had sleepily whispered how much she loved them after they had done some unspeakable things to each other)

“Its not my fault I live in an apratment building that barely has any trees around it. And i do know how to rake leaves, for your information. I’m a neuroscientist, dammnit, I can operate a quantam computer, let alone a rake” he sputtered, his face suddenly bright red. She laughed, wrapping her arms around him, quickly kissing him before handing him a rake, and going into the house to get another one.

“Is this truly necessary Kirsten?” he asks, nearly half an hour, the what had been once a small pile marginally bigger now that two people were working. He wraps his arms around her waist, gently pressing his lips against her neck in an effort to distrract her. Is it still considered an effort if its working? She swallows loudly, fighting to control her breathing, but he knows her so well, its probably pointless. 

“Not outside cameron” she says half heartedly, sighing slightly as he kisses the back of her neck.

“We could always go inside” he mumers against her, moving to pull her toward the house. 

She breathes heavily, knowing that having sex right now was NOT WHAT SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DOING 

(but she really, really wanted to) 

In a last minute attempt to slow down, before she gave in to everything she wanted, everything she wanted to, everything she wanted to do to Cameron, she throws a handful of leaves at him. 

He coughs, before quickly pushing her down into the pile of leaves, laughing at the indignation on her face. 

She tries to be angry, she really, really does try, but she simply can’t, not while watching him fill with pride after extracting revenge onto his girlfriend. 

(girlfriend. Even the word made her extraordinarily happy,an emotion she had just started to truly understand, an emotion she always felt whenever she was around Cameron) 

(Except for when he does something stupid, like stop his heart) 

So she points madly at the house, telling him to go make her something while she finished working.

She works hard for another hour, before Cameron practically throws her over his shoulder, saying how it was simply too dark to work, and then presenting her with a cup of…wait, was that hot chocolate?

She raises an eyebrow… Cameron rarely made something as simple as hot chocolate. 

Cameron quickly deflects her confusion. “No need for that look, Ms. Frozen Waffles. EIther way, its a not hot chocolate, its a pumpkin milk, concentrated cocoa, cioccolato  reduction blend.” 

“No, Cameron. This is hot chocolate.  I’m not stupid, I know you just said choclate in Italian, as in, one-half-of-needed-ingredients-to-make-hot-choclate chocolate. This is not pumpkin-chocolate-reduction whatever, its fucking. Hot. Chocolate. okay? Say it with me, hot. chocolate.” 

He laughs, quickly kissing her. “Well, then stretch, drink your not pumpkin-chocolate-whatever and then I might make dinner and then we might finish what might have started  in the yard” 

They never do make it to the dinner part. 

(Lets be real, the hot chocolate was never finished either)

hides because what the hell happened it was not supposed to get so intense. also,, fight me tink, camstennicknames  pumpkin milk is real. also thanks lovelyair and ineedtokeepyousafe for helping me decide to do post or pre camsten starts dating

As a white person, I will never know the feeling of being followed while in a store. I will never know what it feels like to  be assumed a thug because of my skin. I will never be pulled over on the highway, just because of my colour. I will never know what it feels like for people to assume that I live in a specific area of town. And I will never know the horror of watching a family member or friend being gunned down, and then seeing the murderer get away with it.

And I will NEVER stand by and watch as it is done to someone else JUST because their skin is different, There is no reason, that any white person, or ANYONE for that matter, should stand to the side and watch as fellow human beings are  judged, not by who they are, but by the colour they are. 

You want to know what that is? Its BULLSHIT. 

If you do not step in, say something to stop it, or just stand by ignoring it like its not there, then you aren’t human and you make me sick. 

Darren Wilson, I hope you know that you are the most hated man in the world right now. You are lower than dirt, and I hope this eats away at you. Mike Brown was only 3 years younger than I, THREE YEARS. And you know what really pisses me off? The fact that it could never have been me, because I’m white. 

It may seem weird, that the fact that it wouldn’t be me which pisses me off. But the reason for this is simple. It could have been anyone. And I bet, if he’d been white, you’d have let him go. You claim it was self defence. Well, you allege that Mike hit you. So you shot him 6 times? You were that threatened? You are scum. 

So, I may be white, but I want the world to know, I don’t see us as white, black, yellow, brown, whatever. We’re all the same, we bleed the same don’t we. And we should help to protect our fellow men (or women)

This has happened too many times. Its time to stand up and say no more. 

My Thoughts on the Track List
  • 01 The Stranger: honestly who knows... probably introduction of new character.. maybe lady in red
  • 02 59 Missed Calls: I don't know but if your phone has rung 59 times and you haven't picked it up then something is wrong
  • 03 Murder This Time: When is it not murder
  • 04 Agra: Mary, of course
  • 05 Absolute Trust: Maybe Mary is doubtful that Sherlock really trusts her after everything. He explains that he does.
  • 06 Running Away: I don't know. Sounds bad, like everything else. Run from bad guy. Doubt it's that simple.
  • 07 Cheating: It used to be a game and someone cheated. But it's not a game anymore.
  • 08 Sharks: Reminds me of the "eyes like a shark" thing with Magnussen but I don't think that has anything to do with it. Someone could be thisclose to getting thrown into a pool of sharks but that sounds too cartoony for BBC Sherlock.
  • 09 Never a Field Agent: Mycroft, of course. But now for whatever reason he has to be a field agent.
  • 10 Gunshot: Either someone gets shot or someone gets shot AT. Let's hope it's "at."
  • 11 Get Your Attention: Scaring Sherlock by endangering Molly. But honestly I think that will happen later in the episodes, but maybe not. But Molly is definitely in danger. Stay tuned.
  • 12 Stopped Lying Down: Sherlock is back from being fluffy and soft with the baby and has to snap back into Danger Mode. Getting up and going.
  • 13 Too Heavy: A.) Sherlock is feeling sick, he feels overly heavy. This is bad. B.) "Heavy" meaning intense. Too emotionally compromising. Doubt it. C.) Sherlock is going to carry a large box of knick-knacks into the Watson's new house but it's too heavy for him to lift it. (I'm obviously joking.)
  • 14 Window Deduction: Sherlock makes a deduction out a window. (Idk it's whatever)
  • 15 Anyone: Sherlock needs someone, he feels like he has no one. He has been left/has been left in the past. Angst, emotional pain. Backstory explanation.
  • 17 You Look Different: @MOLLY (then see number 21)
  • 18 No Changes: Case is becoming stagnant.
  • 19 Who I Want to Be: Okay, this is Sherlock saying to Molly that he wishes he wasn't the way he was because he hates that she loves him and he can't be what she wants. She then let's him know that all she ever wanted him to be was himself. Tears, both onscreen and off. (See last one, 31.)
  • 20 In the Tower: Tower of London? Who knows.
  • 21 She Was Different: MOLLY WAS DIFFERENT, SHE COULD ALWAYS SEE HIM MORE THAN HE COULD SEE HIMSELF. HE FEELS D I F F E R E N T L Y ABOUT HER THAN HE EVER HAS ANYONE ELSE. HE LOVES HER. But now that we know he loves her, she is in more danger, and this is concerning anyway because it says "was" as in the past tense. Scared but hopeful. Going to cry, 100%.
  • 22 Doing a Good Thing: Sherlock does something he doesn't want to do but has to. More tears.
  • 23 3 Suspects: There are suspects and there are 3 of them (what do you want from me)
  • 24 Pick Up: Mycroft picking up Sherlock or John. OR Mycroft's men picking up Molly and taking her somewhere safe.
  • 25 Brother Mine: Possibly 3rd brother/sister, but more likely big emotional scene between Mycroft and Sherlock.
  • 26 Bones: Death. Stay away from me.
  • 27 The Hall: what hall
  • 28 I Had No One: Maybe Sherlock thinks he's going to die for real and he says this to John, that he never had anyone to call a friend before he met John, and with John's help has now has made many friends. Could also be to Molly, that she knew him before anyone else, she was the only person he had before John, even if he didn't realize it. Regardless, uncontrollable gross sobbing.
  • 29 Open Your Eyes: Something obvious, that we have overlooked. Someone (probably villain) tells Sherlock to open his eyes. Scary revelation.
  • 30 Always the Grown Up: Sherlock finally breaks down completely after being so stoic and "adult" for years. It's hard to watch but it's also beautiful and we all cry, cry for years, and the show and the characters will never be the same because this unbelievable display of emotion will change character dynamics (yes, I'm thinking Sherlolly but who knows)
  • 31 Who You Really Are: A.) Sherlock is much more than what he thinks of himself, he is capable of emotion and love and feeling and all of this along with being the world's best detective. He realizes this, and acting as a finale to "Who I Want to Be" realizes that he IS what he wants to be and tells Molly he loves her. It's all different now. B.) AKA WORST CASE SCENARIO, Molly is dying, and before she does, she tells Sherlock who he really is, someone who is capable of emotion and love and feeling and all of this along with being the world's best detective. The woman he has now realized that he loves dies reminding him that he is everything that he should be and that she loves him. I cry so hard I can't feel my face and possibly throw myself out a 3 story window.
Caffeineforclosers' first BOTM!

Okay guys, since I’m (fairly) close to 1k, i’ve decided i want to do a promo and follow forever if i hit it, and since i dont wanna do a bunch of things all at once, im gonna do a botm now (i know its like the middle of the month but whatevs ill just keep the botm through part of march)

rules are very simple:

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what ill do for you:

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okay i think thats it! thanks guys!

So we all know that the Nein CD will be in a box, a really big one.

So I wanna explain what purpose have Revo with this, and its really simple if you think about it, and explain too why its so expensive…

So this is going to be a experiment from Revo: He will put a live cat in everybox, and then send it to everylaurant who bought it…. Then it would be in the option of the laurants to decide to open the Nein boxes and see if the cat its alive or not… Before the boxes its open whatever option could be true, you will be the ones to decide to open it or not and “decide”[see] if the cat its alive or dead…