i know its there. i don't know. is it still called racist

Ninjago confusion:
  • Lloyd: I just don't know...why am I the leader?
  • Jay: Hey yeah, why ARE you leader again?
  • Wu: Because he is the green ninja, and destined to lead you all.
  • Kai: Really? That's kind of weak, and I'm not just saying that because of my Red Ranger complex.
  • Cole: Honestly we've all taken the role of leader and saved the day time and time again, maybe we don't really HAVE a leader?
  • Jay: Also we were all his teachers once, now he's in charge? That's weird.
  • Wu: It is his destin-
  • Nya: Shut the fuck up old man, we're still mad at you for fighting Acronix alone!
  • Jay: Seriously, you're old and barely have powers, we're young and have SEVERAL powers...not...nearly as much as in season 1 for some reason, but its something!
  • Nya: And while we're questioning things, why can't I be Samurai X AND the water elemental? Hell, why do I have to be a ninja at all?
  • Wu: Uh, well you see-
  • Cole: And what idiotic strategy is fighting alone? There's literally over a DOZEN elemental masters in action, and you didn't call any of them, including us?
  • Skylor: Do I still have my powers or don't I? ITS CONFUSING!
  • Kai: Are we still a thing? Why haven't we pursued that?
  • Jay: What happened to my parents?
  • Kai: What happened to MY parents?
  • Moro: Why can't I come back as a ghost?
  • Garmadon: Why can't I come back period?
  • Misako: Why do the writers insist on acting like I'm in love with Wu, when it looks more like I'm his nursemaid?
  • Lloyd: How could I have even been born 10 years ago when logically my mom is just as old as you and couldn't logically bare a child?
  • Scales: Where the hell have I been?
  • Pythor: Why do I still think I can take over the world despite sucking so much?
  • Zane: If elemental powers are passed through bloodlines, how am I(a nindroid) an elemental?
  • Echo Zane: Does Zane still know I exist? Am I an elemental?
  • Pixal: Why can't Borg industries make me a new fucking body?
  • Borg: Why can't I make myself cybernetic legs like that chick in Arrow everybody hates for no good reason?
  • Master Chen: How is it I'm the most despicable and cunning villain so far, yet somehow look hilarious and stupid? Also vaguely racist.
  • Kai: And those are just SOME of the many questions we have.
  • Wu: All good questions that I will *ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ*
  • Kai: Friggin dammit, not again.

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Hey, you're German, right? I've got a huge favour to ask of you. I've been studying German for a few years, and I plan on studying there for a year. Before that, I wanna improve my language skills, so I've been wondering if you could tell me about some good original German movies? I don't want to watch dubbed ones, I've heard they're horrible. Thank you so much! Love your blog, by the way.

Dubbed movies aren’t actually half bad - at least to movies dubbed in other languages. Trust me, I’ve watched both Spanish and French dubbed movies, they were way worse. This is what we like to call “Jammern auf hohem Niveau” - complaining even though everything is pretty good. You’ll find that Germans are a people of complainers; we like to complain about everything. We are never content :) 

Still, I’m really really excited that you’re interested in my culture and HELL YES THERE ARE A BUNCH OF AWESOME GERMAN MOVIES. Here are some highly acclaimed ones and some of my favourites, I hope all links work. 

  • 12 Meter ohne Kopf (a movie about a German pirate, who allegedly walked 12 meters after being beheaded in order to save his crew)
  • Auf der anderen Seite (a really bautiful sort of episodic movie connecting the lives of three families, both German and Turkish)
  • Barfuss (a movie about a girl suffering from PTSD, who is saved mostly accidentally from committing suicide by a dude cleaning the clinic she is in, and then follows him around everywhere, and they fall in love. Seriously, onely one of two movies by Til Schweiger worth watching)
  • Buddenbrooks (the story of a very rich merchant family and their downfall…a really famour book adaptation)
  • Das Boot (a movie about a German submarine and its crew during World War II. 100& must-see)
  • Das Experiment (A movie about a psychology experiment in prison, and how people react when given free reign over others. This should come with a huge trigger warning. It’s awesome, but also really super disturbing)
  • Das Leben der Anderen (You might’ve heard of that one, since it received an Oscar. It deals with surveillance in East Germany, and is, also, a must-see).
  • Das weiße Band (A movie about the oppressive and rigid society pre-World War I children grew up in.)
  • Das Wunder von Bern (This movie mixes the football world championships of 1954 (soccer for heathens who call other stuff football) and the story of a family that has to re-learn to live with each other when the father comes home after being a war captive for like…12 years MUST SEE)
  • Der Baader Meinhof Komplex (movie about famous German left extremists, the RAF and their terrorist attacks)
  • Der Schuh des Manitu (THE single best German comedy to ever exist. It makes fun of Cowboy movies/books that are super popular in Germany. You’ll cry of laughter seeing Native Americans with a Bavarian accent - which also means your language level should be really high, or you won’t understand a thing. Uh, obviously don’t watch if you think white comedians playing Native Americans is racist even when it’s satire)
  • Der Untergang (the last days in thr life of Adolf Hitler. You’ll probably have heard of that one, too. MUST SEE)
  • Die Blechtrommel (God, I don’t know how to describe this one. Basically, a movie about a child who decides he doesn’t want to grow anymore and observes the world of the adults around him?)
  • Die Fälscher (again, dealing with World War II, and people in concentration camps who were tasked with copying money of other countries)
  • Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei (a movie about three rebels who break into rich people’s houses only to rearrange their furniture and tell them to revise their morals - until one of them catches them in the act and they abduct him for a weekend. MUST SEE)
  • Die Feuerzangenbowle (THE classic movie. about the German school system. An older guy pretending to be a student at an elite high school. Also gave the name to a drink you will find a lot on Christmas markets)
  • Effie Briest (another novel adaptation about a young woman whose marriage is arranged and who loses everything when she cheats on her husband)
  • Ein Freund von mir (two guys who are completely different building a very strange friendship)
  • Elementarteilchen (about the lives of two brothers who were separated after birth, and the completely different lives they lead)
  • Fack Ju Göhte (no links yet, it only came out last year, a new comedy about the German school system, and absolute must-see, if you happen to find a link one day)
  • Gegen die Wand (a Turkish girl fake-marrying a German addict in an attempt to escae her family. MUST SEE)
  • Goodbye Lenin (a beautiful movie/comedy about a family and the German reunification. MUST SEE)
  • Im Winter ein Jahr (a family dealing with the loss of their son/brother)
  • Kabale und Liebe (a superb adaptation of Schiller’s play. bsjdhkdjk)
  • Kebab Connection (…I don’t even know how to describe this movie. Just watch it. Very multi/transcultural and hilarious)
  • Keinohrhasen (a douche has to do community service at a kindergarten - and finds that the girl he used to bully as a kid is now his superior. uh-oh. It’s super funny)
  • Kirschblüten - Hanami  (a dude travelling to Japan to understand and be close to his late wife) 
  • Lola rennt ( a movie about a couple in a dangerous situation - and three possible outcomes)
  • Schiller (ah boy, this was a TV production, so I couldn’t find a link. A brilliant movie about the life of Germany’s best playwright, if you ask me)
  • Soul Kitchen (a comedy about a guy trying to keep his restaurant afloat and keeping his brother out of a life of petty crime)
  • Sophie Scholl - die letzten Tage (a movie about the last days in the life of Sophie Scholl and her brother, who were part of the resistance against the Nazis)
  • Vincent will Meer (a guy with tourette syndrom, a girl with an eating disorder and a guy with OCD break out of their psychiatric clinic to go to the sea. MUST SEE)
  • Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken? ( a movie based on a real story, about a group of teenagers vowing to commit suicide once they do not feel any love anymore)
  • Wer früher stirbt ist länger tot (a comedy about a kid who does a lot of nonsense and when told that he is the reason his mother dies, blames himself, feares that he has to go to hell, and tries to make up for his sins by finding his dad a new wife. Hilarious. Again, tho, super strong Bavarian accent, beware!)

And if you want to watch a few good German TV-shows:

  • Türkisch für Anfänger (ABSOLUTE MUST SEE TV SERIES OMG WATCH IT!!! It deals with a German-Turkish patchwork family and it is hilarious)
  • Tatort Münster (basically a procedural crime show. There are a lot of Tatorts, but this is the only one that is always good. you’ll find a lot of the episodes on youtube)
  • Der letzte Zeuge (a show about a coroner solving crimes)

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i don't wanna start a fight but i just want to know your honest opinion. should we support all jews even the racist ones, just because they're jewish? like all the people from israel who think it's great to exterminate brown people to get their land in the name of zionism? i don't think i could ever forgive them, because i can't support bigots, no matter where they're from. again i don't want to fight but i would like to read an opposing opinion. have a good day.

“it’s me again; i looked up ‘zionism’ on your blog and i just wanted to let you know that i have no quarrel with jewish people, like really the people, living their everyday lives, even the ones who happen to agree with zionism. i’m angry towards the ones who order the bombing, and the soldiers who will shoot brown civilians. but the people are innocent to me, they just have an opinion. i think jewish culture is way more decent than christianity, but it doesn’t lack faults is all.

Can’t support oppressors because they’re oppressed too. Will support someone who is Jewish if they face antisemitism, won’t support their racism. One form of bigotry can’t cancel another.”

“Do you think we should support all Jewish people even if they’re racist” is such an invalid question I literally don’t know where to begin

do we support all muslims, even the antisemitic ones? - oh wait, that’s a question nobody fucking asks, ever, because it’s weird and incomprehensible

I’m answering your question to the best of my ability but like… tbh the fact that you felt the need to ask it in the first place? antisemitism

  1. I don’t support anyone just because they’re Jewish just like I don’t support anyone just because they’re gay, I support Jewish people in the radical act of being Jewish in an antisemitic world. If somebody is being racist, I call them out (if it’s safe for me, which sadly, it isn’t always), but I don’t call them out despite them being Jewish? it’s got nothing to do with it. Judaism doesn’t have anything to do with racism, we all grow up in an inherently racist environment and have to unlearn things.
  2. There’s this idea that Jews=white and that is just… literally, factually wrong. More than 50% of Jews in Israel are brown (Mizrahi) themselves. That isn’t to say that Mizrahi Jews don’t face discrimination, because they do, but the situation in Israel is just… incomparable to America. It’s not white vs. brown, it’s Jewish vs. non-Jewish Arabs, and that’s a very complex situation. Not to mention conflating Jewish people with white people, our oppressors for literally thousands of years, is fucking antisemitic. (Again: Jewish people can be pale, brown, black, or Asian and I personally went to school with Jews of every supposed “type”. In Israel.)
  3. Aside from specific, isolated cases that are reprehensible in every way, nobody is going into Palestinian land and just killing people for no reason, nor are they bombing Palestinians for no reason. Historically, the IDF has been a defense army, and I will argue even in cases it technically attacked first it was still being defensive. It’s literally in the name: Israel Defense Forces.
  4. I know this is surprising, but there’s a huge group of Jewish people and Israeli citizens who - gasp - don’t think that we should killing Palestinians at all, including myself. But the fact that we disagree with and even hate the way our country is run doesn’t mean we invalidate its entire existence in the first place. If Israel stopped existing, half the Jewish population of the entire world would very suddenly be in incredible danger, and with nowhere to fucking go.
  5. Of course one form of bigotry doesn’t cancel another, but what antizionists are currently doing doesn’t actually fucking help. Instead of invalidating Israel - which just makes most Israelis take what they say with a cup full of salt - they should actively criticize it, work to change it. That’s what most Israelis do. We go to protests. We pay attention to laws. We vote. We get outraged. We try to make things better for everyone.
  6. Most importantly, this whole thing should never have been about Israel in the first place. Because Jews deserve to exist as Jews and we shouldn’t be interrogated on our opinions about Zionism and Israel to make sure we’re good Jews. We should be allowed to exist, out in the open, shouting: “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re Jewish” without having to answer for the crimes of other people who just happen to share an ethnicity and/or religion with us.

And that’s my answer. I might have gone on a small tangent somewhere.

You have a good day, too, anon. And don’t forget to call out antisemitism everywhere you go.

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Idea based on Teen Titans episode 'Troq' basically the paladins meet this stranded alien guy, whose part of this secret resistance and hey their the paladins we should totally work together. Then he finds out that Keith is part Galra, and starts being pretty racist towards him. He even calls Keith a slur meant for Galras infront of the others who have no idea what it means. Then one of them (probably Lance or Hunk) accidentally calls Keith the slur because they don't know better and think its a


(This is post Galra reveal for Keith)

-It begins with a distress beacon that goes off, bringing Allura to stop the ship at a seemingly deserted planet only to find there is another individual already there fighting a mass of Galran drones that had followed him through space. 

-It is quite the impressive battle, and when it finally comes to an end all the paladins immediately go up to him and start asking questions, of which Allura and Coran encourage because it shows they are eager to learn. 

-So this individual, I’m going to call him Val Yor (since that’s the name from TT) has been fighting the Galra for years and has become quite accustomed to their ways, so learning that Voltron is free and active once more he instantly teams up with them.

-He tells them there is a local planet that hosts one of Zarkon’s larger drone armies, and he has a bomb that could completely wipe them out. 

-It’s as soon as Val Yor enters the ship as they take off that someone mentions that Keith is part Galra. They all miss it except Keith when Val Yor turns to give him a disgusted glare.

-Val Yor is complimenting by the thousands everyone on the ship, Pidge’s tech skills, Allura’s leadership, Shiro’s bond with his lion, Hunk’s strength and engineering and Lance’s aim.

-But he makes absolutely no comment towards Keith direction, he doesn’t even acknowledge his presence. 

-On the way to the planet they get bombarded with more Galra ships, and Val Yor takes command, issuing everyone jobs except Keith. But Keith, obviously just wants to help, goes after them. Only to accidentally push a Galra drone into the bomb nearly activating it when trying to step in. 

-Val Yor is livid and calls Keith a very derogatory slur. No one blinks twice, but Keith is very aware of the term, having been called the term before and he shuts down immediately. 

-Throughout the debriefing mission, he gives the other paladins nicknames further making it harder for the others to realize he’s calling Keith a slur. But Coran gets suspicious, he’s almost certain he’s heard the word before. 

-Lance keeps trying to joke, cause he can tell something’s up with Keith but he doesn’t know what, and therefore making the situation worse. 

-They finally arrive at the planet but there is Galra tech everywhere and Val Yor practically snaps at Keith he’s finally useful and to go out there and get them in. 

-Keith manages it, but when he gets back Hunk smacks him hard on the back and calls him the slur and Keith freezes, turning to him not only angry but hurt. And very quietly tells Hunk that it’s not a fun nickname, it’s a horrible term that basically calls him a mutt or a half breed. 

-Hunk is pure rage and wants to confront the guy immediately, but Keith just shakes his head saying getting angry would only prove to him that he’s no better than what Val Yor thinks. 

-Hunk goes to Coran who had figured it out and slowly and quietly they go around to the other paladins to tell them what’s going on, and Keith can literally watch the anger rise in their eyes.

-They end up going on the mission and Keith stubbornly follows Val Yor, against his wishes and ends up helping him set the bomb. Accept Val Yor gets trapped and Keith risks his life to go in and help him out through the Galra tech. 

-When they finally return, Allura and Shiro immediately turn cold on Val Yor and force him to thank Keith for saving his life and to apologize for how he has treated Keith.

-Except Val Yor just keeps finding round about ways to still insert backhanded insults and at this point Lance and Pidge snap at him to leave because his words still sound derogatory. 

-Keith is grateful, but he explains to them that it’s going to be something he has to live with, but that doesn’t mean he’s taking these words to heart, cause their opinions mean more to him than the others. 


This is such an important Teen Titan episode and I love the message, I’m so glad you asked for this anon. Voltron has the potential to address these kinds of issues too and I really hope they continue to do so!!

Just my opinion(plz don't be mad)

Ok I’m not gonna say in this post at all that every black person should get over the vernon thing blah blah blah

But I am gonna say that we as black people tend to over exaggerate alot of things now I’m not saying that we don’t have racism because come on we sure as hell do and I know that alot of blacks feel like other ethnicities steal stuff from us

But think about it blacks have started lots of trends that people take credit for but no matter what we still know who started it but the whole point is that most things are universal, like music for instance how people were getting mad that this boy listens to rap music

Like um duh what do you expect him to listen to? He’s a rapper…….. and what music do rappers tend to like/listen to?, if you said rap music then you’re absolutely 100% correct, what kind of music do you expect him to listen to? Gospel?

Or do you want him to only listen to Korean rap? Guys this boy is not just Korean so he’s not just gonna listen to Korean music heck he said he only likes to read English books so of course he’s gonna like our music and do you think when black rappers work their butts off in the studio for hours making albums that they only want one ethnic group to listen to it?

No they don’t that’s not how it is at all heck alot of black rappers tend to have white friends nowadays because not every white person is racist, no matter how many white racist people there are in this world there’s also lots that are not

I’m black and Hispanic and I can tell you right now I’ve met way more nice whites then I have mean one’s and it’s gonna stay that way if we stop acting like all of them are racist, if we stop acting like everything they do is in a racist way

Yes if vernon sat here and said Nigga I’d want to smack him but he didn’t, he simply just had a grill in his mouth, let’s me say it again, His. Mouth. No. One. Else’s

And no matter how much some blacks have a problem with it vernon can put what ever and do whatever he wants with his mouth and then to the fans going crazy over saying that he was drunk come on vernon is always random and weird thats his personality but if he was drunk it’s obviously none of our business at all because he’s the legal age out there and if he wanted some then so be it

I don’t care about him having alcohol and no one else should either but back to the grill thing shouldn’t we be glad that people like things that blacks came up with instead of judging us for it like racist people do?

And anyone who stans vernon knows that he’s not racist, that boy has had racism toward himself and he talked about how he felt out of place because people always stared at him because he looked different like come on its just like Samuel who used to train with him, he’s went through racism

They’ve been discriminated, vernon has been discriminated he’s not gonna be racist towards others, but I’m not gonna tell people how to feel, because I don’t know what your lives have been like or what kind of racist assholes you’ve came across I’m just saying what I feel about it, from my point of view

But anyways I hope no one got upset by anything that I said or think that I’m a Koreaboo since someone has called me that just for sticking up for someone(even though that’s not the meaning at all)

Remember this was just my opinion and I don’t think that this should be anyone else’s


Among the Pines

Chapter 5

Warning: Cussing (of course), little political rant, mentions of sexting and nude photos (mentions only, nothing graphic)

Word Count: 2900 ish (Yikes.)

A/N: You guys, I just don’t know.

Tags: @unprofessional-inhumanbeing

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Table of Contents 

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I have no faith in humanity left. Every person i admire or even like eventually gets revealed as some sort of racist, mentalist or other kind of bigot, I'm questioning both my religion and my dedication to reason and people I thought were my friends called my love of Israel, if not all it's policies, a white imperialist ideology and said we had no right to live there or have or own state. And my own people are siding with neo-nazis by being part of Trump's cabinet. We are doomed.

If you’re waiting for me to give you examples of why the human species is redeemable and we’re not actually doomed, then I’m afraid you’re plumb out of luck because I’m out of kittens and rainbows.

Here’s the thing: when I talk about not giving up, when I talk about not letting the bastards grind you down and taking light into dark places, I am not some glitter dust Positivity Feel Good Metaphor Poster™.

I am blinding fury and spitting with rage. I am clawing tooth and nail against people who tell me every day that kindness is pointless and the world can never be better than it is, so why bother. And that’s defeatist lazy Bullshit. Absolute


By hook or by crook—don’t let the bastards get you down, hang on to the things that matter to you, fight tooth and nail for them, smash the system and help rebuild it anew.

Otherwise, yes, we are doomed. Because the moment you give in to the despair and believe in the inevitably of our doom, they’ve won. And it’s hard, and it’s exhausting, but if you want the world to change and the people around you are letting you down and you feel like nothing is being done…well…what are you going to do about it? And I know, I know not everyone can do the same as everyone else, I know it’s not just as easy as that. But it starts with not giving in.

It starts with looking into the heart of darkness and saying No, This Will Not Do.

We are not doomed. We are redeemable. We just need to choose to be. And it starts with you, every single day, every day you wake up you make a choice and you say, today I will make the world a little better, I will not let the darkness win. Even if the only person you save that day is yourself, it still counts.Every little shred of hope and goodness counts. So keep going. I promise you there’s light at the end of all this. And not because I believe in fate or gods, but because I believe in people. I believe in you, just like I believe in myself. You can do more good in this world than you realize.

And it’s time to come up swinging.

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Notice how Lauren generalizes EVERYTHING. There's no expressed nuance. It's a silent "all" to everything. Psychiatrists over drug patients. Americans don't care about politics because of the Super Bowl . Catholics condemn homophobia and condone pedophilia. Shippers are delusional wet dreamers. Trump voters are bigots and racists. It's not that she doesn't have some ground to stand on. It's that the ground is often only a segment of said group. Why? Intentional or inherently simple thinking?

(NOTE: Okay so I know I said I won’t be posting anon asks that isn’t about music or fics, but I feel that this is important so I’m gonna answer this one. But please, I’m not ready to be bombarded with anons/asks yet, I’m still recuperating from all the drama, so I’m not gonna post any more anons after this. I’m sorry.)

Ok so I’ve always talked about Lauren’s outspokenness before, both the pros and cons. And I have always defended her, even if I don’t completely agree with her “black and white” perspective. I’ve always valued her passion and her genuine desire to spread awareness and change society. I’d rather see a blunt yet outspoken Lauren, than a silent Lauren.

But that being said, I really do agree with you, that her tendency to generalize is really detrimental, not only to her image and credibility, but also to the message which she’s trying to say.

Like, I’ll use her latest tweet (about the Catholics) as an example. We know that the Catholic Church is dirty (I’m a catholic, I’ve had a friend who used to be in the seminary). Lauren has a great point. But because she used a blanket term, generalizing ALL Catholicism, people are bound to react negatively. That Lisa (?) girl has a point as well. They both have points. But because Lauren generalized, her MAIN message gets forgotten, because people will start arguing over the generalization issue instead of the issue of homophobia and hypocrisy surrounding the church and some Catholics. So instead of the tweet being a medium for education, it has became a thread of arguing who’s right or who’s wrong about the generalization.

As I’ve said before: Condescension attracts negative reactions. Diplomacy inspires logical discussion. In this case, generalization attracts useless reactions.

That’s why I’ve always been concerned about Lauren’s TONE. It’s VERY IMPORTANT in this society and in this social media age to be mindful of how you phrase your words and how you use your voice. Condescension won’t open hearts. People will only resent you for it.

If Lauren starts using a milder tone (I’m not asking her to dim her fire, never. I love her fire.), she’ll be able to attract more people to listen.

I don’t think she’s doing this intentionally. I believe she comes from a good heart and pure intentions. She’s a kid who wants the world to be better as shaped by her ideals. But reality is, we all have different beliefs and views, and it takes an extraordinary effort to unite all of us. Ranting and generalizing is NOT the solution.

I also don’t think she’s stupid. I think for her age, she could be eloquent when she wants to be. She’s also thirsty to learn more, so that’s commendable. Sure, she’s not perfect. She tends to gravitate towards “naive idealism”, but I’m not faulting her for that, I used to be like her, I used to talk like her (hell, I still sometimes do till now)… She’ll learn as she lives more and experience more.

But yeah, I hope she stops generalizing, and then gets mad when people call her out on it. Prevention is better than cure as they say. If she worded her message carefully in the first place, she wouldn’t have to waste her energy explaining her point or apologizing for her rash words, and finding a hot picture she could post on IG (coz distractions are blissful) 😂

I love Lauren. But I can’t wait for her to realize her full potential. Other feminist figures have managed to fight hate with love. She can too. The mark of a real inspirational figure is the ability to inspire change through diplomatic discourse, and change a doubting mind.

That’s all.

These are some of my previous posts that could be related to this issue:



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Thoughts on the whole concrete gem?

When I first saw the image of the gem, I saw it paired with captions expressing the impact it had on black folks so I immediately saw the connection they were making it to being an example of stereotypical racist imagery (e.g. black face, g*lliw*g, m*mmy etc.) - the description (“can’t read :(”) next to the original image shared certainly didn’t make it any better.

I haven’t been able to keep track of everything that’s been said, and I haven’t been able to finish this video by two black SU fans (SwaggyThunder and SliceOfOtaku) who I watch on occasion, but the first post I saw about it was enough to make me listen (and learn from it). 

Honestly, I’m bewildered by how many people are trying to defend and/or dismiss the drawing - or rather, why’d you want to defend it. (mind you… internalised racism and the constant learnt dismissal of it is probably ‘how’ and ‘why’)

In my opinion, and this doesn’t just apply to this issue that’s risen, it doesn’t matter what the intention behind it was, the impact is enough and even if I’m, a white person, am not personally impacted by it, that doesn’t mean others aren’t. It’s our place, as white people/people who aren’t black, to listen to those deeply negatively impacted and to empathise/listen!

I would say ‘spread the word’ as well, but I feel that would be hypocritical of me as regrettably I didn’t share posts discussing the issue (I am very sorry for that) but fortunately, the crewniverse (specifically Lamar Abrams) and Rebecca Sugar have recently spoken up, apologised on their twitter/tumblr profiles and taken immediate action (after their apology was made) in making sure the drawing is removed from future printings of the Arts & origin book it was featured in - people’s genuine concerns were listened to, and I’ve seen folks like SliceOfOtaku expressed he was glad for a compassionate response and I am also glad the crewniverse did so and changes are happening because of it!

I know the SU Critical side of the fandom has gotten to the nerves of a lot of people (I must admit I can be agitated by it too) but when it comes to racism or anything discriminatory/prejudice like that, it’s important to listen, to empathise, to have compassion, to try and make a change for the better - in order to benefit everybody.

It will continue to confuse me how, a show that reinforces all those lessons, can have such a toxic fandom that continues to go against those lessons (and even intersectionality).

Even if I disagree with some points made by SU critical on other matters, I still believe it’s okay to call out/criticise the shows/films/people/etc. you like. It can result in better things, again, that can benefit everybody.

I think that’s all I’ve got to say on the matter. I probably won’t discuss this further as I don’t want my voice to be heard over those who are directly impacted by such issues.

if i said anything insensitive or rude please let me know/correct me ahh

Stuff I've experience in school this year as the BMC crew
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I’m seeing a lot of PTA Sans lately and while I absolutely love the idea of the Undertale gang taking suburban life by storm, I feel like he’s being a bit too ooc

Sans doesn’t yell. Sans doesn’t take charge. Sans is lazy. Sans is subtle.

He wouldn’t be the one standing up to Linda and taking her down a notch all heroic with the rest of the pta members applauding behind him- he’s the guy who takes her down from the shadows, so to speak. He arranges for things to go wrong in tiny little ways until she breaks /herself/. 50/50 on whether or not he ever lets her know it was him.

If he ever did call her out in front of others, it’d also be subtle. He’d twist her words in ways she couldn’t argue with without sounding worse. She’d have to learn how to speak carefully or just not speak at all.

Sans, also, is more of the type to encourage others to take action, but in ways that have them coming to that idea themselves. He’s not a leader by any means. (Too lazy) It’d be more like “linda sure likes to brag about herself, huh papyrus? wonder what she’d do if she ever found out you know a superstar.”

Which would set Papyrus off on getting Mettaton to come to the meetings or the get-togethers or what have you, taking up all the spotlight, being condescending as possible to her while still maintaining his composure.

Don’t get me wrong, intimidating, threatening Sans is all well and good, but give me frustrating, shit-eating grin, ‘what? all i did was ask if you /meant/ that to sound racist’ Sans any day.

misssingingintherain  asked:

Hi, Another Anti Reylo Blog. I don't want to bother you, but I'm writing a little piece called, "What’s with all the Reylo hate?" and I was wondering if you could give me some reasons why you dislike Reylo?

You know what, I had a careful thought out reply to this, but frankly I’m done with being polite to people who’s already made up their mind. And the title of your “piece” clearly tells me that you’ve decided who your villain in all of this is and are looking for support for your already reached conclusion.

Okay then, I’ll play your villain.

You want to know why I dislike reylo?

I hate it because it’s the very epitome of a white supremacy pairing, where a white man no matter what he’s done to woman could and should be forgiven. And no matter how horrible his actions in general he will still be portrayed as morally superior and more desirable than a kind, supportive Black man.

I hate it because the shippers think it’s fine to erase Finn from his own story, from his own existence. To literally, physically erase a Black person from photos and put put a white guy in his stead. To strip him of his own words and give them to a violent, abusive white man in the name of “romance”.

That they think that passing Finn off as inferior to white people are acceptable.

That they’ll rather invent a white, male OC, call him Ben Solo and pretend that he’s canon so that they can ship Rey with him, so don’t have to face their own vitriolic hatred of Black people and intense dislike of seeing a Black man being loved.

That they’ll strip Rey of any agency, character and narrative, and reduce her to a love interest for Kylo that’s destined to redeem him, regardless of all that he’s done to her. She’s supposed to be okay with being kidnapped, tortured, assaulted seeing him kill her father figure and then see him try to kill the only person who ever cared for her. That Rey is robbed of everything that she is, so that their abusive, violent white fav can have her.

That they’ll pull and continue to pull the BBF trope on Finn and pretend that friendzone is actually a legit thing.

I hate that they’ll support and continue to support major blogs that has had their racism and Anti Blackness called out and explained, proving once again that they as a group have a huge racism problem that they refuse to deal with or acknowledge.

That even their so called attempts at appreciating Finn is a racist attempt at stripping the character of all independence and narrative, and reduce him to a prop for their ship and a Black Best Friend.

So answer me this, what’s with all these people hatred? Why should their venom and antagonism go unaddressed? Or is it only worth talking about how these people are pure innocents that gets attacked by horrible Antis and who have never done any wrong?

Because I could go on with how they feel its acceptable to attack minors who are abuse survivors and ridicule and vilify them for their dislike of this pairing. That they will cheer each other on in this abusive behavior. That they keep telling Black fans to stop addressing the erasure and hatred of Finn. That they think that abuse survivors should be okay with abuse and assault being romanticized. That they can, will and have endlessly harassed these groups and continue to target them. And even the ones who doesn’t support this plays least-in-sight so they don’t have to deal with it, or just use the No True Scotsman argument to get out of any kind of blame.

But I think we’ve covered the basics, don’t you?

People want to ship hero/villain ships? Fine by me. But when you start defending the abuse and violence on which it is based and pass it off as romantic, we are going to have a serious problem with each other. And when people can’t do it without being viciously racist and Anti Black, vilify survivors who have legitimate issues with the pairing and harass them, then I frankly don’t want to have these people anywhere near me.

So, did I play the villain well enough for your purposes?

annafaerie  asked:

Okay I'm kind of confused as to why some people associate Onion with feminism/social justice?? Like I'm a bra burning sjw (I say that ironically lol) and I fucking hate him with a passion. I even sided with Blaire White, who I usually don't see eye to eye with over him. Like it's so obvious Glug hates and disrespects women, Lgbt people, etc and abuses and exploits young girls...I know he's claimed to be a feminist before but you know Onion, he talks out of his ass.

Greg used to call himself a feminist, but then changed his self-proclaimed label to egalitarian so that he could slut shame people, say “cunt” and “nigga,” and not be called out by “SJW’s” for being a bad feminist. Sometimes he still calls himself a feminist on occasion. Thanks to people like him, he is the type that gives people a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to feminism. He claims women are superior to men, and then goes and bashes women. He started calling himself a feminist when it was “cool” to it seems.
What’s funny is that a lot of people think that “Onision Haters” are conservative and hate him because he is a feminist.
I consider myself a feminist liberal, and I very much disagree with the anti-trans, racist, anti-drug, and sexist things he has said, and don’t see him as a feminist whatsoever. I don’t see the things he jokes about as comedic, as it is damaging to make fun of these issues.
I really don’t understand how anyone can look to him and think that he is an actual feminist and isn’t just saying he is because that is what his community and fans want to hear because of all the sickening things he has said and done. Also, he just posted a video telling people they shouldn’t get top surgery if they are trans because he loves titties when his own significant other has expressed great dysphoria when it comes to their breasts and has praised others for getting top surgery and expressed interest in it, how is that ok and feminist?

anonymous asked:

But isn't ethnicity different to race tho? (sorry for using the word, I don't know how else to phrase it, I promise I won't send another ask about this.) I thought ethnicity was like anglo-saxon, celtic, slavic etc? Or am I mistaken? What would those be called?

nah it’s okay I don’t mind if it’s because you don’t know it xD sooo, again.

in europe RACE as a concept is frowned upon because ‘different races exist and they’re different and one is superior to the other’ is basically what nazists used to say and what racial laws were about. like, the idea was that slavic/polish/jewish/black/romani/ETCETERA people were a different race than aryan/german/whatever so they were inferior so they had to be annihilated and that’s how we ended up with concentration camps and millions of dead people in the name of race purity.

therefore, after WWII, in general people tend to think of humans as one race, where EVERYONE is the same, and then within that race there are different ethnicities ie anglo-saxon, black african, japanese and whatever. at times they coincide with the nationality (ie japanese is a nationality and an ethnicity), sometimes they don’t (italians are a nationality but not an ethnicity, we’re… white mediterraneans/caucasians [I KNOW IT’S NOT THE BEST WAY TO DEFINE IT BUT IT’S HOW IT GETS TAUGHT HERE DON’T GO AT IT LIKE CAUCASIANS ARE ONLY PEOPLE WHO LIVE ON THE CAUCASUS I ALREADY HAD THIS DISCUSSION ONCE]). but no one thinks in *race* terms unless they’re right wingers who are also openly racist, because the moment someone says that idk someone black is a different race everyone goes like AH SHIT HERE IS THE NEONAZI WHO ACTUALLY BELIEVES RACES EXISTS.

like, in our definition of racism, we have also thinking that human races are actually a thing, because someone who’s not racist wouldn’t think that human races exist.

but what in the US is called *racial* discrimination here is *ethnical discrimination* and it’s tied to both ethnicity and nationality and culture/religious factors.

example: in italy romanians are heavily discriminated bc they’re the largest group of immigrants coming from one place which automatically makes them target victims and it’s on account of them being ROMANIANS, speaking romanian and the likes, but no one thinks romanians are a different race. their being romanian is enough to discriminate them. or: an african refugee will get discriminated on account of being black, poor and african (because skin-based racism does exist), but a black american on vacation or living here will not be discriminated BECAUSE THEY’RE AMERICAN and we love americans/we know americans are rich and Coming From The Land Of Freedom and the likes, same as black british people or black french people. Those people would face significantly less discrimination if at all because they’re british or american or french, regardless of their skin color, while the poor african refugee will get the brunt of it. same for the afghani or iraqi refugees versus idk saudi arabian rich people who go to milan and spend a bunch of money in fendi stores. but at the same time, only people who are actually racist would say that they dislike black africans because they’re a different race, most people wouldn’t go that far and would go like africans are terrible and they come here and steal our jobs and blah blah blah, but it would be discriminating them on account of being black africans who are poor and don’t bring immediate earnings, not believing they are a different race.

or: jewish people THEN were discriminated because people bought into them being a different race, now they still get somewhat discriminated because of their religion/ethnicity, but no one except neofascist would actually say out loud they’re a different race unless they want to risk half of the people they know to go like CHRIST DID YOU READ MEIN KAMPF YESTERDAY OR WHAT. 

like, an anglosaxon is an ethnicity, british is a nationality and so on, and that is what our discrimination system is based upon these days, because after WWII using race to describe different people isn’t a thing anyone does. because it sounds like nazi propaganda. examples from the wiki page for nazi racial politics:

We are a master race, which must remember that the lowliest German worker is racially and biologically a thousand times more valuable than the population here. 


The aim of measures taken by the State to defend the homogeneity of the German nation must be the physical separation of Gypsydom from the German nation, the prevention of miscegenation, and finally, the regulation of the way of life of pure and part-Gypsies. The necessary legal foundation can only be created through a Gypsy Law, which prevents further intermingling of blood, and which regulates all the most pressing questions which go together with the existences of Gypsies in the living space of the German nation.


As for the ridiculous hundred million Slavs, we will mould the best of them as we see fit, and we will isolate the rest of them in their own pig-styes; and anyone who talks about cherishing the local inhabitants and civilising them, goes straight off into a concentration camp!

also, the freaking nuremberg laws:

Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honour

Moved by the understanding that purity of German blood is the essential condition for the continued existence of the German people, and inspired by the inflexible determination to ensure the existence of the German nation for all time, the Reichstag has unanimously adopted the following law, which is promulgated herewith:

Article 1

Marriages between Jews and subjects of the state of German or related blood are forbidden. Marriages nevertheless concluded are invalid, even if concluded abroad to circumvent this law.
Annulment proceedings can be initiated only by the state prosecutor


like, can you see why I have fucking issues with the concept of different races being a thing that exists? XDDDDDD

fromthedeepends  asked:

SHIPPING is NOT about CANON! If i want to Ship an ot3 consisting of Sterek and fucking Seth Cohen or Finn, I will SHIP IT! Don't come and tell me they aren't Even from the same show: I KNOW! That's called SHIPPING! And if in the original Star Wars my favorite character is Han Solo it's NOT because Mark Hamill is MEXICAN! (*gasp* but he's a thief, has no moral, & didn't even want to help! how can he be your fave!) BECAUSE he fucking IS! 1/2

Bitch about the fact that not enough POC have leading roles! Or fact that we don’t even have enough supporting roles! Bitch about the fact that in Teen Wolf the POC keep getting killed or forgotten! THAT are things to bitch about! Don’t come and tell me i have to root for Scott because the actor is Mexican! Scott is a character, he’s badly written and there’s nothing I can relate to when it comes to him. that was for the Scott squad and/ or anyone else. It’s not directed at you obviously!) 2/2

AMEN to all this.

Shipping is not about canon. it’s about the fans. which is what I’ve been saying. But I’ve been accused of repeating what every other person in the Sterek fandom says… which, in this case, is true because you’re saying the same thing. But still, fandom is a person’s right and shouldn’t be bullied or policed into a corner.

I mean, there are more obvious characters of color in Teen Wolf who have been maltreated and killed off and ignored, (Satomi, Kira, Boyd…) and yet, all we keep hearing about is the main character who gets put front and center on the posters and credited first in the intro to EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. 

Even if a community in the fandom doesn’t like him, labeling them as racist when they support other characters of color is questionable, at best. 

Also, my god, now I’m picturing Stiles and Seth double-teaming Derek… and seriously failing because they’re both awkward virgins. hihihihi

They’d try to snark their way out of their ignorance but Derek will see right through their bullshit.

“Need any help?” He’d ask, looking at both of them as Seth looks to Stiles in confusion because Derek no longer looks turned on and excited.

“We know what we’re doing.” Seth tries to say with bluster.

“No, we don’t.” Stiles admits with a sigh as he tosses away the paddle and falls flat on his back.

Derek looks from one boy to the other, deciding on his first move.

“Well, then.” He says. “Let me take it from here.” Derek offers, pulling both boys to meet him while Stiles’ hand reaches for the paddle again.


anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say, it's so refreshing to find an artist who like... how do I put this delicately... isn't a horrible person. So often I find amazing artists only to see them post some racist, transphobic, horrible stuff, or defend someone else who does it. I never feel safe following people because I'm terrified they'll post something that will make me cry. So, thanks for being super cool, and also good at art, I guess? You don't need to publish this, I just wanted you to know :)

It was interesting getting this because I’ve been feeling kind of the same way about a lot of things that have been in my feed lately; both by people I admire and especially some of my “friends” . It has lead me to give a lot of thought as to how I want to exist here.

I’m really glad that you feel that you can be safe and comfortable with me around. I hope I can keep being that person. There isn’t always a delicate way to say something about a person and it’s especially hard to be delicate about people who aren’t delicate with you.

I’m also really really happy to hear it.

I’m still pretty young and I’ve said some really stupid shit in the past that I am not proud of. I often come back to think about my ignorance and my stupidity. Everything from only putting male and female options on gender polls claiming people would “abuse” it if I gave it other options to deviantart journals belittling “girl gamers” for wanting attention for being women. Shit that in hindsight gets even dumber when you consider that I am a biologically female a-gendered ace working in the games industry.

I remember once, someone used my artwork of a Legend of Korra picture in post calling out other artists for whitewashing Korra, holding up my art as a “how to” on painting her. They said a lot of things that where just outright wrong (things like stating that other artists where painting her light skinned, when really most of the artists where painting her as dark as I was, but where using un-tinted undertones that beginners often use when painting white people, which made her look grey and therefor washed out). I absolutely hate when people write call out posts shaming amateur artists for not knowing enough about art. While I still stand by what I said about discouraging artists and making them fear making mistakes, I was so focused on the call out and defending these artists in them not knowing how to paint skin tones properly yet, that I missed a much bigger point, that while not overtly the original topic, was really what was going on. Why can an artist go for so long using the “white default colours”? Why are these the default colours? In a post about white washing, why wasn’t this part of the conversation? Why didn’t I notice? I think we all know the answer to these questions (and if you don’t, you should go learn). The original post got a ton of reblogs, mostly people agreeing with me that things we’ve never done before are hard to get right the first time, people who also missed the bigger picture. But then I got this one reblog, calling the whole thing out for how stupid it really was and it was a real turning point for me in understanding just how much I didn’t understand and how completely offensive, ignorant and racist it must have seemed. Later I would come to understand that it must have seemed offensive, ignorant and racist because it fucking was. That particular post was about half a decade ago and it took me a good 2 years to get actually get the extent of it. It was hard to believe that something so well meaning to me could also seem so terrible to other people living in a world that I had the privilege not to. That more than one world really does exist.

In the past a lot of people brushed these things off as other people “over reacting” and “small” when people called me out on it, but god how the small things build up. I’m glad to have been called out on it. I think I might still accidentally be a horrible person if they didn’t.

Sometimes I wonder if the shitty stuff I said in my past 13 years of being a loud mouth on the internet who can’t shut the fuck up for 5 minutes has made people cry. I wonder if I have hurt people who look up to me and people who trusted me. I probably won’t ever really know. I feel like I have a lot of people to apologize to and I will never really be able to apologize to them. I spend a lot of time feeling like a horrible person.

They say time makes fools of us all and time has made me look like a right idiot. I do truly take comfort that greater shall come after. I hope that this is true of the people who hurt you as well someday. I’m going to keep on keeping’ on and do my best to deserve the trust you have given me.

Thank you.

For those of Who don't understand

Dear Confused White People,

Right now, there is a trend that seems to be causing chaos and confusion to curious conforming Caucasians. The term cultural appropriation seems to be the “it” word right now. At first, I was elated by the fact we are finally bringing attention to the fucktivities of the people in this country. For the most part, I’ve always been one to try to educate people in the least hostile way possible when it comes to subjects of culture. I find that since we’ve been discriminated for so long, we tend to lash out to and about anything involving race. Very understood. I’ve also noticed that whenever we do, we are called labeled as “angry” or “hateful” or anything other than what we are trying to be. It’s funny going online and reading comments of people saying, “black people complaina bout everything”, “black people want exclusive rights to everything” , “black people make everything about race”. I almost want to scream and start going on an anti-Caucasian rant. However, to battle hate with hate and discrimination with discrimination, never gets anything really….”fixed”.

Which leads me to this.
​In case you aren’t up to speed. amandla Stenberg posted a comment under Kylie Jenner’s photo of her cornrows basically stating that using black culture to promote yourself and not human rights is kind of…..wrong. Apparently this has sparked a debate saying that blacks want to reserve the right of everything, such as music, etc. Also that we wear weaves and that we should stop wearing them (as if black women don’t also grow curly or straight long hair).
​Now, at first I left it alone. But, more and more I see these ignorant ass comments and it makes me sooooooo angry. So I am giving these people the benefit of the doubt and hoping that you just don’t GET IT. You don’t get it. It’s not about the cornrows, and it’s not about the rap music. ITS ABOUT THE KILLING, THE LYNCHING, THE POLICE BRUTALITY, THE DISCRIMATION, THE COLORISM, THE WHITE WASHING, THE HARRASMENT, ETC.
It is the fact that it is trendy to be black until you are actually black.

To tell us we complain too much, and we make everything about race is very insulting. How about you look at the statistics of how many blacks or even POC are killed by police in this country. How many southern states still have blatantly racist towns and counties etc. Racism doesn’t just exist, it is thriving. People get away with hate crimes. Imagine being killed for doing nothing. Imagine your kids being killed for nothing.

Imagine being hated and killed for your features , your color, your traditions and being told its “ghetto” or “dirty”. Imagine for centuries having to accept that everything you create is jungle music and coonery. Things you make are dirty. And yes, this STILL is happening. So I want you to understand that everything that represents who you and your people are is considered less than.

Now imagine that someone else does all of these “ghetto” “dirty ” things, but they are white. You don’t have to imagine, it’s happening. These people are getting praised for a culture that you abuse and kill us for. And then wonder why we’re upset. When will it hit your mind that you don’t get to tell someone who is abused how they need to feel about their abuser.

“Oh I know he raped you, but that was a long time ago , you should get over it.”

“Oh I know you made that dress and we all said it was hideous and made fun of you. But it looks better when she wears it so you shouldn’t be upset about her stealing your dress.”

“Yea we made fun of you for dancing like that, but when we do it… It just looks better. Can’t really put my finger on it but it just does for some reason. So just go sit down and don’t dance, but be happy about it. We have every right to dance this way.. Even if you made up the dance. You don’t have a right to dance that way though.”

You need to understand that you are the youngest race in this planet. You are not native to any land. Everything you have has been forcefully taken.

The only way you will understand our pain is if an alien species came, called your way of living savage, and decided to enslave and rape you while harvesting the earth. They take over the “savage” earthly customs but punish you for doing them. You couldn’t take it. You couldn’t even take the British Lol.

So no, it’s not that we don’t want you rapping. It’s not that you can’t wear cornrows. It’s that you kill us and ridicule us for these things but do them. It’s that you embrace our culture for your entertainment, then in the same breath, kill us for your entertainment.

So you don’t get to say we can’t wear weave because we started that. Can’t say we can’t straighten our hair because we are also born with straight hair of various colors including blonde. We’re also born in different shades and colors. Hygiene and math, you got from POC. You literally have everything because of us and yet we are the ones getting killed. That is the issue.

Stand up for our rights the way you stand up for sharing our culture.

Stand up for our survival the way you stand up for dating our men and women.

Your mixed babies would be lynched just like I would. Your daughter would be raped just like I would. Your daughter will yearn to hold on to the culture that defines her identity the way I will.

Stop telling me I shouldn’t be offended by something when you haven’t lived a day in my shoes. You don’t know what it feels or means to be black. I know because you say nigga and think it’s a slang or trend. I know because you bump Kendrick but don’t know about #blacklivesmatter. Don’t pick out the parts of my culture you like. Listen to the moral of what we say. You have more access to education than I do, so don’t act stupid. You know what the root of the issue is. Don’t make statements if you don’t. Ask.

Ask and actually listen to the response. Listen actively. Pay attention.

Stop finding my culture beautiful only when it benefits you. Find it beautiful when I am bloody for being armed with a bottle of tea. Stand up for me. Tell the world what I brought, what my people brought. Talk about my beauty then, don’t be silent. Learn about me and what I represent. Then, you can rock your cornrows.

Nezi Momodu

You still can’t say nigga though 💀

anonymous asked:

This is an extremely sensitive issue, and I apologise off the bat if I say something upsetting in this. I am ethinically Hindu - while I don't subscribe to the belief, my family does. We, as a family, celebrate the festivals, and i enjoy posting pictures of the same on my blog. The swastika, which Hitler used as a symbol of his horrifying regime, is one that has had religious significance for Hindus for millenia and is used during our festivals. The photos have led to well-meaning people (1/2)

(2/2) both Jewish and non-Jewish, calling me out for anti-semitism. Could you guide me as to how to refute these claims without saying something that might be construed as insulting or anti-semitic?

This is the prime example of why cultural appropriation is wrong. What the Nazis did to the Swastika is a crime against Hindus and Hinduism. They have stolen and desecrated something that is of great significance to your people and that is a wrong for which you have every right to be angry. 

I don’t have a simple solution to your problem, I wish I did. My best solution is to let you use this post as you see fit. You and other Hindus are free to spread and reblog this as you see fit with my full approval as a Jewish descendant of Holocaust survivors.

- Hindus have every right to use the Swastika for religious and cultural purposes as they have for millenia. 

- So long as they are not using them to spread Nazi ideology or to threaten Jews or other groups persecuted by Nazis, it is their right to reclaim what was stolen from them.

- While what the Nazis did to Hindus was not what was done to us, they are still victims in this situation and they have been wronged by the Nazis. They are on the side of justice, not on the side of the Nazis. 

- Allies in the fight against anti-semitism need to learn the difference between peaceful use of the Swastika as part of one of the world’s oldest ongoing religions and its use as a symbol of hate. The distinction is easy to make once you learn what to look for. Here’s a hint, if the Swastika is in a Hindu household, it’s not anti-semitism. If it’s spray painted on the side of a Jewish fraternity, it most definitely is.

- In an ideal scenario, the Swastika will be seen as a religious symbol with no violent connotations. For this to happen, it must stop being used by Nazis, White Supremacists and other hate groups. It is not the responsibility of Hindus to stop these groups, however. Again, they are a wronged party in this situation.

On the other side of the equation:

- People who are not Hindus or part of related cultures and faiths whose use of the Swastika pre-dates have no right to reclaim it. It is not theirs. They should not reclaim it on behalf of those cultures if it isn’t theirs. 

- If you are White, don’t use a Swastika in public. Period. I don’t care how anti-semitic you think you aren’t. Don’t wear one. Don’t get a Swastika tattoo. Don’t shave one into your hair. Don’t wear swastika Jewelry. Don’t wear swastika pins. Don’t wave swastika flags. Don’t use a swastika bumped sticker. 

- Jews, Romani and other groups that have had the Swastika used as a racist symbol against them will feel triggered and threatened by these images because of how they’ve been used against in the past and present. While it is wrong for them to accuse you of anti-semitism for posting those images, recognize that that reaction is a response to horrifying cultural trauma and it’s not always easy for us to make those distinctions, even if we know better in our higher order reasoning. Seeing a Swastika when I’m not expecting to puts me in a heightened “fight or flight” state. Please try to extend us a bit of understanding in those contexts. I recognize that this isn’t completely fair to you, but just as I recognize that it’s not your fault that the Swastika was stolen from you, I ask you to recognize that those same thieves have used it to terrorize us and our reactions to seeing it are a part of that wrong and not any kind of deliberate effort to suppress the free practice Hinduism on our part.

- If anyone is going to post pictures of Swastikas on social media, even for the most innocuous and appropriate of reasons, please, please tag them. Again, they are triggers. 

- Avoid using Swastikas in public spaces in countries with non-negligible Jewish or Romani populations.

- In efforts to reclaim the Swastika, do not go after Jews, Romani or other Holocaust victims. However important the symbol might be to you, we are not the ones who stole it. Demanding that we not react to it with fear or anger is unreasonable. We are the ones that the thieves are attacking with it. If they stop using those symbols to terrorize us, we will eventually stop asking not to see them. But in a time when Jews and Romani are regularly threatened with swastikas on our homes, cultural centers, cemeteries and other places where we live, pray and bury our families, it makes us feel like our lives and safety don’t matter. Don’t forget that, however unfair it is and however much it isn’t your fault, Swastikas represent a mortal threat to us and we must react accordingly.

Let us know if you have other questions or concerns.

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Do you know any other popular artists (like John Lennon) that are racist, homophobic, sexist etc?


According to yourfaveisproblematic

Racialized misogyny:





Fetishization of Bisexual women:




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Is it just me or have a lot of truscum/transmed blogs on here suddenly started saying nonbinary genders aren't real/don't exist? Or that NB is and always was just another word for gender nonconforming, and NB ppl aren't allowed to call themselves trans? Like I thought you could be agender/bigender/some other NB id and still have dysphoria? I'm not trans myself but I know ppl who are NB and dysphoric, so the whole NB discourse (esp coming from other trans ppl) really makes me worry about them.

There’s been an onslaught of it recently, hasn’t there? It’s not just you who noticed this.

I hope it’s okay with you if I just ramble out a bit of an argument against the people who say it - because I got carried away while writing a response to this and realised how genuinely mad I was about this new trend… like, people are behaving like the old straw-truscums, saying that gender dysphoria is this powerful unstoppable force that dictates every second of your life and that you have to transition to be a Real Trans™, and it’s disheartening but it’s also rapidly losing us credibility.

When it comes to whether or not we label non-binary people as trans, I can see why there’s been a debate about that. Some people consider trans to mean people who transition, some people consider it to mean FTM and MTF but not necessarily transitioning, some people consider it to mean anyone who has gender dysphoria/gender identity disorder, and some people consider it an umbrella term that encompasses any type of identity or expression variation (I’ve even seen people who include gnc and drag under the “trans umbrella”).

The first definition excludes pre-op trans people and trans people who can’t transition for medical or personal reasons - it leaves them with no real way to identify themselves because they’re not cis but they’re not transitioning. I made a post recently about how people are talking about dysphoria as if it’s the be-all end-all in deciding what we do, but it’s not, we’re not dictated by dysphoria, it’s a medical condition that can be tackled in a myriad of ways. Some people fight dysphoria and get pregnant or wear dresses, because they want to do those things more than they want to feel non-dysphoric. Some people spend their whole lives fighting dysphoria because for medical, financial, religious or other personal reasons they can’t transition. We have the terms “post-op trans” and “pre-op trans” already so that we don’t have to exclude pre-ops simply based on the fact that they’re not transitioned.

I see a lot of people arguing against Milo Stewart by saying “you can’t really have dysphoria because it would prevent you from wearing that”, and as much as I’d rather drown in a tub of vinegar than defend Mr Milo “all white people are racist, all cis people are transphobic” Cuntington McFuckface the third, the people saying that are wrong. If Milo wants to wear a dress to push their political ideology, or lipstick because they’d rather look cute than feel masculine and thus alleviate dysphoria, then they’re going to prioritize those desires over the desire to feel less uncomfortable (also if they don’t view dresses/make-up as effeminate or their dysphoria doesn’t focus on those things, it may not even affect them to do so). It’s like how people with social anxiety can still talk to people, people with eating disorders can still eat, people can overcome things that cause discomfort and distress rather than succumbing to the feelings every time. The disorder is more about its impact on you mentally than on how you physically choose to deal with it. Dictating whether or not someone has dysphoria by whether or not they conform to gender roles is conflating being transgender with conforming to the opposite gender role - an argument that is used against us a lot by terfs, and is downright insulting and invalidating - dysphoria is about sex characteristics first and foremost, about physiology, and about a feeling of discomfort with your preexisting ones, not about gender roles (otherwise in a society where we had no gender roles, nobody would be trans, and that’s not the case, trans people have biologically different brains and would still feel uncomfortable with their bodies if there were no gender roles).

As for the second definition, my argument is pretty much the same - it’s needlessly exclusionary of experiences that are caused by the same condition, gender dysphoria, and we already have “binary trans” and “non-binary trans” to differentiate. For a while, I did kind of get the arguments for this one - that people wanted a word to specify going from A to B, and thought going from A to ą needed a different word - I get wanting to be able to say “I’m trans” and have people know that you mean trans trans and not non-binary. That said, that’s why most of us use “transguy/transwoman and FTM/MTF”, because our experiences are just as different and similar to those of people who went the opposite way as they are different and similar to non-binary people’s experiences. Ultimately it’s the same condition, and so I think it should have the same label.

As you can tell, the third definition is the one I use. If you have gender identity disorder and experience gender dysphoria and identify as a different gender to your biological sex as a result of that then you’re trans (there must be people out there who experience GID and want to become cis by getting rid of the GID itself rather than alleviate it by changing their body and/or identifying as a different gender to their biological sex, I know I went through a phase of thinking that might be the better option for myself, and I don’t wanna just point at them and be like “nope, you’re trans, don’t care how you feel” so I add that little bit in). To me, trans is just shorthand for “I have gender identity disorder and I identify as my brain’s gender rather than my biological sex”.

If you identify as something other than cis but don’t experience dysphoria, maybe because gender roles or aesthetics or because it’s trendy or whatever, or you do drag or you crossdress or you’re a tomboy or whatever, you’re gender non-conforming, not trans - which is super cool and not something to be ashamed of (although I think you shouldn’t transition, because not having dysphoria means that your brain’s map currently aligns with your body, and therefore changing your body will make them no longer align and thus give you dysphoria - then again people are having surgery to look like tigers and Barbie so it’s your body and all that, I just personally think that people who go down the path of transitioning without dysphoria should be very wary of what they’re letting themselves in for, I mean, this condition has a ridiculously high suicide rate, it isn’t a walk in the park). I think some people do mistake mild or atypical dysphoria for a lack of dysphoria, especially thanks to the tucute narrative that dysphoria means hating yourself (it doesn’t, it’s feeling wrong/uncomfortable with your sex characteristics), and so a lot of people in this category might turn out to be trans after learning more about it, some might grow out of it (dysphoria isn’t only experienced by trans people, it’s actually not that uncommon in growing kids as they are discovering their identity and learning about their body, so it’s kinda important to let people just experiment for a while without tagging such a weighted label as trans on them), and some might go their whole lives not conforming to gender and that’s totally fine and cool and I have absolutely no problem with them choosing to do that… I just don’t think it’s the same as being transgender.

The last definition, the “trans umbrella”, I find insulting to both trans and gnc people. Conflating us is conflating the discussion, belittling the effects of dysphoria and the struggles it causes, it’s conflating literal dressing up and rebelling against gender roles with a medical condition that is regularly invalidated and called those things, it is stifling discussion, it is allowing people like terfs to make arguments calling transness a choice and simply a rebellion against gender roles - arguments that are supported by this “umbrella” version of transness that includes things that genuinely are vastly different from the trans experience. Me and my non-binary friend have dysphoria in common, we have some techniques to manage it in common, we have in common that we are different from what our bodies are, but we have nothing in common with a non-dysphoric kid on tumblr who’s identifying as vaguegender and doesn’t need a prep talk to overcome a mental condition to be able to look in the mirror. I’m fine with that kid existing and doing what they want, but they’re just not what I define as trans, I’d define them as gnc.

To cover all my bases here, I can see how they’d use my earlier arguments and be like “well that’s why dysphoric and non-dysphoric are words, you’re just being unnecessarily exclusionary”, but in this case I think that’d be like saying “well that’s why chemically-imbalanced and chemically-balanced are words, you’re just being unnecessarily exclusionary” in regards to depression, with “chemically-imbalanced” being actual medical depression and “chemically-balanced” being a goth/emo. You wouldn’t say that someone without the medical problems necessary to have depression was depressed, in fact a lot of people get annoyed when someone who’s just sad goes “ugh I’m so depressed” because it belittles their struggle, and the trans thing is the same. My earlier arguments to include pre-op and non-binary people were more akin to “that’s why medicated and unmedicated are words” and “that’s why major depression and seasonal affective disorder are words” - in this case, it’s just different kinds of depression and different methods of treating it, just as nb/binary and pre-op/post-op are just different kinds of dysphoria and different methods of dealing with it.

So, since I define being trans with dysphoria, I should probably go into that. Dysphoria means a feeling of wrongness, and when that feeling is exclusively targeted at secondary or primary sex characteristics (beards, boobies, genetalia, etc) it’s gender dysphoria - there is also a social element to gender dysphoria, which is feeling dysphoria in regards to social sexing (going into the toilet that matches your biological sex, being called the wrong pronouns, wearing certain clothes, etc). The theory currently leading in regards to what causes this is the brain map theory, which is that your brain has a map of where your body is and should be (when you close your eyes you still know where your hand is), and that in transgender people this map aligns with their identity and not their sex. This is thought to be caused by certain parts of the brain being closer to that of the brains found in the gender they identify as than those found in their biological sex - the brains are not identical to that of the opposite sex, simply more similar to it than a normal brain of their biological sex. As you can already see, it’s not a fixed thing, there isn’t a quantity or amount of extra brain matter needed to be trans, it can vary, just as the dysphoria can vary in severity and focus - one brain can be more similar to a female brain than another, for example, it’s not like you either do or don’t have this part, it’s to do with the size of various parts and the quantity of types of cells in them, relative to the spectrums of sizes and quantities usually found in each gender; dysphoria can be more serious or less serious, can fluctuate, and can even be triggered by entirely different features or situations from person to person.

I also want to add in that phantom limbs and “species dysphoria” and things like that are different from gender dysphoria; confusion about gender and how you relate to it, or confusion about your identity caused by a mental illness that isn’t gender identity disorder (BPD, autism, etc) is not the same as gender dysphoria. I don’t think animal, star, abstract concept or mental illness themed genders are trans in any way; if you have a mental illness or strongly relate to an animal, your brain still has a gendered structure beneath that identity and thus you still have a gender that isn’t defined by it. Generally, if it requires a degree in interpreting modern art to understand it, it’s probably not a gender… Like voidgender, because apparently eternal darkness and misery fits on the male/female spectrum now. Or autisgender, because apparently having a condition that may make it hard to relate to your gender means the biological foundation for your gender is entirely invalidated. Having teenage angst or a mental health issue doesn’t change your gender, it may mask it or make you confused, but it doesn’t change it.

When it comes to defining which non-binary genders are things that I think fit under the trans label I tend to think “A) Is it actually a gender? B) Is it medically feasible for the brain to be that gender? C) Does it makes sense? D) Is the person proposing this an utter cunt?” If the answer is Yes, Yes, Yes, No, then we’re good. I think agender, bigender, gender-fluid and androgynous are easily feasible genders and I think it’d be pretty cool if more research was done on them. They’re all actually built on a foundation of what gender actually is; they’re all medically feasible (if a brain can be faab but closer to male, I don’t see any reason it can’t be in between the two; plus a lot of people with binary trans brain structures may have atypical dysphoria and may find these labels easier to relate to and strive towards to alleviate said dysphoria, like I’ve said before, it’s not about fitting your condition into a box and curing everyone in the box the same way, it’s about finding the best treatment for you; not to mention that hormones and different areas of the brain activating may play a role in fluctuations, as well as simply fluctuating dysphoria); they all make sense (neither, both, it fluctuates, somewhere between the two - all pretty rational if you ask me).

So the second “foundation” for a lot of the anti-nb arguments I see (the first being “trans means TRANSITIONING”) is “being neither is a nothing, you can’t want to be a nothing”, and I have a couple of arguments against this. 1. Dysphoria doesn’t necessitate having a mental image of what you want to be, it only necessitates having a sense of wrongness and discomfort towards one’s pre-existing sex characteristics, and therefore even if they were identifying as “a nothing” it could still be as a direct result of experiencing dysphoria. 2. Non-binary identities literally aren’t “identifying as a nothing”. Intersex people already exist and they aren’t nothings. Androgynous people may experience dysphoria towards some of their secondary sex characteristics but not their primary sex characteristics, or visa versa; they may have an idea of an androgynous body they desire that is distinguishable as neither, or they may have no envisioned goal. Agender people may experience dysphoria towards any sexed characteristic, regardless of which sex it aligns with; again, they may have an idea of a sexless body they desire, their dysphoria may focus exclusively on secondary sex characteristics, and so on. Gender-fluid people have fluctuating dysphoria that may focus on male sex characteristics in one phase, all sex characteristics in another, and female sex characteristics in another. Bigender people may experience dysphoria towards some sex characteristics but not others, or towards the lack of other specific sex characteristics. There’s a whole plethora of ways dysphoria can happen within these identities, and it’s not really that complicated to envision it if you understand how dysphoria presents.

Non-binary identities aren’t just gender non-conforming, because the person experiences dysphoria, which is not part of being gender non-conforming.

I have non-binary friends who are transmedicalists and yeah, I worry about how this sudden flare of prejudice and discrimination within the community is going to affect them. The garlic bread meme was funny, the “only 90s kids remember 2 towers and 2 genders” meme was funny, but the people seriously rallying behind this “only two genders” warcry are kind of undoing their own arguments. The truscum community already established a while back that it was possible for non-binary people to experience dysphoria, it was a point we really pushed because we knew a lot of people out there were saying we didn’t believe in non-binary genders as a way to kind of invalidate us and make us look bigoted. The fact that people are turning into that old strawman is just… yikes.

Tbh I just think this “but muh two genders” stuff is really counterproductive and scientifically unsound. There’s not any research, to my knowledge, that actually disproves non-binary identities, and there’s research that shows that not all transgender brains are exactly the same, which to me says that there’s more research suggesting that this varies and is impacted by multiple areas of the brain, and thus there are different ways it can eventually present. But apparently humans aren’t cool with me opening up their heads to investigate further so I’m just theorising at this point.

~ Vape