i know its really simple omg

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Ok I know you surely don't really care about that or that it was just a simple post but I've seen lots of people writing "omelette du fromage"... and as a French, I can't understand that because that's totally wrong and people are stuck with this way of saying it , it's actually "omelette au fromage" ("au" prononced like a simple "o".) We're kind enough to try to learn English and make long texts so I'm a bit bothered people say it wrong, 3 words are not that much to learn =/

omg are you talking about this tweet i made ???

it’s a reference to dexter’s lab ….. where dexter “learns french” and the joke is that the french is wrong lol

reellement …. j’ai appris le francais a l’ecole depuis j’avais 6 ans, parce que je suis canadienne lol j’espere que tu comprends maintenant ………

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Headcanon time: Kraglin is a fierce First Mate. There are so many stories about how he's a badass, doesn't take an inch of shit, and if he cracks a joke it's a blessing and something to be savored. But the reader is super confused because the Kraglin they know is bumbling and sweet, always ready to help even with simple things-- they were intimidated before they talked to him-- but really it's just because he's adorably awkward when he's got a crush.


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Rin, the ACOWAR wips are amazing, love every one of them, but your art is amazing in general. I feel like even if you do just a simple sketch of an object or something very lame it would be wonderful, because for some reason all of your art has some sort of temper, like a soul on it's own, I know It might be confusing, but what I'm trying to say is that your art really speaks to me and inspires me and that's the main reason why you are one of my fav artist.

OMG *melting* 

I’m so very happy you like these wips! And if you get feelings from my artwork, then what I do has worth to it. Thank you for your kind words! I’ll work harder to get better!

And I hope you’ll like the piece all these wips were for;)

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Shy anon here /w\ I'm here to wish you a --very-- late birthday omg I'm so sorry! But, I wanted to say that I followed your advice of having a simple 'positive' tag and it has helped wonders. I'm still not fully healed but it helps. Thank you again!

Haha, its okay, don’t worry about the birthday thing :P

I’m really glad to hear from you again and I’m also pleased to know that I somehow helped⁽⁽ ◟(∗ ˊωˋ ∗)◞ ⁾⁾

Remember its okay to take time to heal, and that you are allowed to ask yourself for help too :3 Keep going on and be brave, I believe in you ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。

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Okay, so you've introduced me to Mystic Messenger and you've introduced me to Dan Vs, and I honestly have to thank you because both of those things ruined my life. But do you think you could tell me what Bendy and the Ink Machine is about? I've heard a lot about it but I've gotten no description besides the fact that it's a horror game that may or may not have jump scares.

omg i’m glad that you like all of those things, so cool to know! from what i can tell, its a fairly simple horror puzzle game about a devil cartoon character that gets… brought to life ??? and he chases you/tries to kill you? i dont know the full story cause the full game isnt out yet, but its really cool so far.

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Your Sims are so amazing :o They're edgy and interesting and each one looks like they could be a real person. I love your use of frequent colorful hair colors too <33 They all almost look like a randomly generated townies with their crazy outfits, but somehow they totally work and each one looks incredible. I don't know how you managed to do that but I applaud you majorly for it 👏👏 -love from nonny :)

I really didn’t know how to respond to this! I was extremely happy to see this thats why. I had like 10 different responses to this in my head thats why it took so long!!! ONE, THANK YOU! D;; You think my sims are edgyyy and interesting??!! D;;; OMG I cant even describe my happiness! D; Im inspired by anime and art and all the beautiful sims I’ve seen. When I create sims, I always have traits, characteristics, and facial features, background in mind even if its simple. I really like how you enjoy the outfits too! My most recent pics you cant even see their pants but trust me you dont want too… they did not match…. thank you for enjoying winnie cant match sims. I LOVE YOU NONNY. Who are you sweet soul!? IVe been sick but ay this really makes me feel a bit better weirdly??? 
EDIT: I forgot to say all these sims live in the same save so they kind of are like townies!

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someone burn this hell website please ~anyway that was slovene! i honestly didnt expect you to recognize it as its a language spoken by barely two million people. my message was simple bc im uncreative lol but here you go: Hi i really love your blog (so much i even have you on notifications haha),youre the sweetest person i know and i appreciate all the effort you put in your fanfictions for us to read basically for free. thank you for existing <3

OMG YOU HAVE NOTIFICATIONS ON? THATS INSANE HOLY CRAP THANK YOU SO MUCH? Omg, that is the sweetest message I have ever received, I am tearing up??? Omg, thank you so much, how are you so kind? I’m – a mess. I love you. Thank you so much??? You are so, so wondeful kind and I like you a lot, thank you??

Also, omg Slovene? I’m so sad I’ve never heard of it before, but that’s amazing, thank you so much sharing that with me!!! I’m honestly feeling so happy right now, thank you so much friend, you are so good and kind!!

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Omg YES! THANK YOU! ALL OF THIS! MCU has failed us with a steve&tony relationship. All because they are terrified of fan shipping.

I really don’t think fan shipping is the reason though? RDJ is super ship positive and rather encouraging tbh for an actor. It’s not like the comic side is new to fan ships. They’ve been dealing with fandoms since Marvel’s golden days. I’m sure it may be a nuisance to some of them, but I’d be vastly surprised if this was actually a purpose in the overall MCU about why Steve and Tony bickered more than they were friends. I think (aka my opinion and it’s subject to being wrong!) it was because movie story telling is different than comic. Movies are snapshots. People see a bunch of scenes that are under around 2ish minutes for the most part all stitched together and it’s much more “jumpy” than say a novel or a comic where scenes can be developed, themes can keep going, and characters can grow closer in a longer frame of time. I think the writers felt the need to remind everyone that “oh Steve and Tony bicker” without also including “Steve and Tony get along” because it’s a movie and it’s told in a different style. Not to mention they only interact in Avengers and now CW. They didn’t get the luxury of having a movie to themselves, for example, like Sam and Steve did. I don’t mean to think I’m right or you’re wrong. I’m sure it’s more than what we’ve said. But I really don’t think we as a fandom have the power we seem to think we do. I think it has more to do with storytelling than fear. If they cared that much, they’d pull a Teen Wolf and remove Steve and Tony from each other’s lives entirely. 

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pls infodump all u want its very interesting

ah omg thank you so much it really means a lot hearing this.. but really i don’t know if you know what you’re signing up for because that post was probably as smart as i can get and i really have nothing of good content to give y’all besides maybe my 10 pages of tres horny girl au and my essay comparing lup/voidfish to chekhov’s gun 

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📚 my favorite quote is: "If no one stops you from doing it, how bad of a decision can it really be?" 😄Also, congrats on 100 omg!! 💕💕

Thank you babe! Nice quote, but be careful with it ;)

URL: simple | interesting | cute! | hooked my attention | very creative | witty/funny

BLOG THEME: meh | cool! | love the colors | very minimalist | appealing | I love!!

BLOG CONTENT: not enough original stuff | it’s on its way | very well balanced (I loveeee) | wonderful advice! | aesthetically pleasing

FOLLOWING YOU: no | considering it | I’m tempted | I just did! | mutuals already, baby!

DO I WANT TO BE FRIENDS: I don’t know what we have in common yet, but let’s start talking! | sure | I’d love to | definitely!! (if we aren’t already)

WOULD I RECOMMEND YOU TO ANYONE: maybe | depending on the specifics | yes | for sure! | you’d be at the top of my favorites list | I’ll rave about you even if no one’s asked

OVERALL RATING: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

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Okay I have to ask,does villain saitama make the Egg Face?You know the one where it's really simple and kinda dorky, very rounded? Because this supposedly evil master villain (lol) making egg face gives me the laughs.

more of a sour pouter blushy egge eue butttt it will come when genos is being cute af:

Think of “evil” Sai’s expressions being the opposite of Saitama in which intimidation face is usually present while in canon egge face is usually present aaaaahhhh

Some of the most amusing answers to last week’s question!

Ok so last week I asked everyone, “ what is the WORST/ MOST IRRITATING thing you’ve ever done to your parents?“ (to get some ideas for some mayhem that Rinku might cause) and I got a TON of response! (LOL some of which are making me wonder why on earth I want to be a parent so badly!! XD)

So here’s some of the best of the best! Thanks again to everyone that sent in their stories! It made for a fun week! XD

Anonymous said: for the most annoying thing I did to my parents: I painted my step-dad’s toenails bright glittery orange while he was napping the day before he had surgery ( he was the star of the recovery ward lmao) aaaaand I got into my moms jewelry and flushed her favorite earrings down the toilet by accident while playing pirates

emu49999 said: It wasn’t me, but my sister actually. She was about 5 I think, and she was in trouble for being sassy. So my mom sent her to time out to think about her actions, and my sister sat there for a very long time in deep thought. She eventually came to my mom and said, “you know, I think that’s just the way I am.” And my sister has lived by that ever since.

Anonymous said: *laughs nervously* yeeaaahh, about that… I did set my kitchen on fire.. a couple of times.

paigeflip said: Worst thing I ever did to my parents was I locked my mom outside of the house while she was talking to the neighbour. She made a scene yelling at me from the other side of the door and in the end she put two tree trunks against the house and scaled them to the open second floor window and crawled in. I remember screaming when I saw her, running to my room and pushing the dresser behind the door. When she eventually got in all she did was yell at me. She was too nice lol.

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