i know its overused!!!!


and then my soul saw you and it kind of went


They took everything from us. And then they called me a monster. The moment I sign that pardon, the moment I ask for one, I proclaim to the world that they were right.
This ends when I grant them my forgiveness, not the other way around. 

About a year ago i had a rlly bizarre dream (for the au) where Dan and Ross fused into this massive leviathan-esque creature?? It had like 6-8 pairs of long spindly arms and large decorative rings and halos rotating around the length of its body. I talked about it briefly when i had the dream but since then ive been a Weeb™ and expanded on the idea of hybrid fusions. Which is NOT canon to the au but its a nice thing to think about when im bored at work lmao

Anyway, in the dream, I was an old man in a rickety old fishing boat (bc im hardly ever myself in any dream i can remember) with two old dogs and another that was apparently thrown overboard by these destructive waves crashing down on us. In a fit of blind panic, i lunge after the dog, causing myself to get pulled out of the boat. I manage to grab the dog and pull him towards me but the waves prevent me from actually getting us back on the boat. So dream me assumes that this is it, that I fucked up and lost two dogs to the sea, that I tried to save my third one and doomed both of us to die.

But in the distance, I notice the water clearing up; the waves calming down as if the eye of a storm was approaching me. It takes a minute or so to reach me but when it does, it seems almost anticlimatic. Theres no part in the sky, no light shining through or what have u; just still water. But it enables me to swim with my dog all the way back to my tiny fishing boat. I immediately try to direct us back to shore before the waves pic up again, but they never do. The break in the storm stays with me for hours until im able to get back to shore and when i do, the waters beside the boat instantly turn wild again.

The old man is stupefied but not ungrateful, ushering his dogs back to his house. But i can clearly see this monstrous looking, white serpent swimming back towards the middle of the ocean. Its the very first design of any fusion like being in the au but its still my favorite. Im probably gonna draw it just bc i was super fond of it. Yall gonna have to see the product of my nerd ass making aus of aus lmfao

If yall are interested tho, i can draw up the other designs i had too. Like I said, they arent canon to the au but the idea is still rlly cute :0 and i promise u, if you think of a pairing, ive already thought of a design for them lol

you are dream-filled and you are drifting, a reflection of the gold-gilded boy with white wax wings, clutching at sunbeams even as the weight of your own folly drags you down; neither wisdom nor prudence has ever been your crime.

you are angry and you are aimless, a memory of a divinity, all poisonous smiles and a golden apple balanced on your fingertips. this world is burning silk, chipped marble, guilt, and the absence of another choice is all you’ve ever known.

you are wronged and you are repenting, a shadow kneeling at underground shores: mind full of howling, palms outstretched and ready to leave (refreshed and clean and without a single memory of who you were, what you’d done, at all).

you are fighting and you are finished, a dust mote testing for divine wrath — searching in futility for proof or purpose or someone whose rage to blame rather than your own — and asking a silent sky, are there gods, and do they deserve us?

faith: in which a story tells of only one realityabstractedfocus

It may be a while since I’ve watched the show but… can someone explain to me why people think Gabriel has it out for Adrien’s head?

I understand that he’s a stubborn father who places him on a strict schedule and doesn’t have time to pay attention to him unless Nathalie persuades him but idk maybe it’s like related to paranoia that his son might die?? Yet I read fics and comics that have him destroying Adrien’s life for what seems like “fun” and regardless of whether or not he is Hawkmoth, I think this is super over-dramatic…

oldmythos  asked:

Why do YOU like to write?

Ohhhh I think you asked me this last night  and like a very responsible onion I fell asleep before answering. <3 

I’ve been trying all day to come up with some sort of sophisticated and elegant, profoundly deep answer - and I just don’t think I have one, other than I really just….have to write. I’ve gone through periods in my life where I haven’t done so, and they’ve been a different sort of dark and lonely and less bright, if that makes sense. I love the feeling of seeing something in your head - kind of like a movie - and then finding just the right words to explain it. That tugging in your gut when something lands just right - a cliffhanger, or the perfect image - uhggghhh I live for those moments. I love creating something that didn’t exist before i took the time to sit down and make it so. Isn’t that neat? Art is such a beautiful form of expression - in any context - because of that unique, performative quality to it. Art does not exist until we, the dreamers and pushers and shakers and movers, make it so. It doesn’t matter the form or the context. We just have to sit down, show up, and do the work. And the end result is sometimes so breathtakingly beautiful. 

It’s always worth it. Even if it’s a struggle (and it often is; I don’t want to romanticize this), I always learn something from what I’m writing. New ways of characterization? New ways of expressing emotions through body languages? New ways of exploring tenses, or sneaking around filter words, or playing with styles and formatting? guhhhhh I live for those. I love learning and growing in this art form - any art form. And I really do love sharing these words and ideas and gifts with people, but that’s like a cherry on top. I write first and foremost because it’s a gift I have and I really firmly believe in using the gifts we’ve been given for good and beautiful purposes. Why else do we have them? Secondly, because nobody else will tell these stories in my head if I don’t do the thing. Thirdly, I’m a sucker for punishment and like beating my head against the wall and crying when the fic won’t edit itself, when the plot is dumb, when the fic is 15k long with no end in sight…

Ehhhh this got wordy. What’d you expect, it’s me <3 I LOVE WRITING. I hope I never stop. What a great question.