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introduction (female voice)
chanyeol, baekhyun, jongin, sehun

Having feelings isn’t just an F type thing.

Being logical isn’t just a T type thing.

Imagination isn’t just an N type thing.

Being real isn’t just an S type thing.

The parent trap but instead of Lindsey Lohan it’s the Eastern Catholic Churches and instead of parents it’s Roman Catholicism and the Eastern Orthodox Faith

To people who cry very easily and often like me:

Tears are a way for the body to let go of the weight of the things you are feeling. Bad or good feelings, you cry when it becomes too much: too much sadness, too much happiness, too much amazement, too much fear, too much anger etc. So, don’t feel stupid for crying whenever you get a little passionate about something, get into an argument, etc ; your tears are proof that you feel very deeply about whatever you are doing or is happening to you when you cry. (fyi it doesn’t mean people who never cry don’t feel deeply, just that they feel differently). Really, you should be amazed to be one of the few to be able to feel and care so fiercely about the world around you and what it offers you that your body needs to release tears so often. All in all, crying a lot is nothing to be ashamed of. Other people’s opinions are irrelevant here, sure it sucks when you cry in class or at work, but in the long run and in the “grand scheme of things”, it’s not a weakness I promise you. It’s a strength.

can’t keep her hands off

“When I was a lad I ate four dozen eggs ev'ry morning to help me get large!”

“And now that I’m grown I eat five dozen eggs so I’m roughly the size of a BARGEEEEE!

like a year ago i made a songs with feelings type of thing i had saved in my notes
  • songs with feelings:
  • calm:
  • five days of summer-joe brooks
  • little darling-lewis watson
  • intro-the xx
  • somewhere only we know-lily allen (cover)
  • she had the world-panic! at the disco(warning,, also makes me a teeny bit sad)
  • misguided ghosts-paramore
  • -
  • love:
  • she's got you high-mumm-ra
  • headspace-the wombats
  • favorite record-fall out boy
  • tear in my heart-twenty one pilots
  • mad as rabbits-panic! at the disco
  • my type-saint motel
  • little darling-lewis watson
  • woke the f*ck up-jon bellion (also slightly sad)
  • who'd have known-lily allen
  • irresistible-fall out boy
  • the mighty fall-fall out boy
  • stay-lewis watson
  • -
  • happy:
  • these streets-bastille
  • anna sun-walk the moon
  • the calendar-panic!at the disco(???)
  • the reckless-nekokat
  • young volcanos-fall out boy
  • that green gentlemen-panic!at the disco
  • looking up-paramore
  • hey! we okay-nevershoutnever
  • -
  • break up:
  • take it back-ed sheeran
  • the man-ed sheeran
  • you need me, i don't need you-ed sheeran
  • song for noone-miike snow
  • anywayican-walk the moon
  • hold on-lewis watson
  • -
  • pumped(note: also my favorite playlist and also could work for breakups):
  • novacaine-fall out boy
  • left hand free-alt-j
  • long way down-robert delong
  • dreams-beck
  • rat a tat-fall out boy
  • "from now on we are enemies"-fall out boy
  • we are the kids-walk the moon
  • polarize-twenty one pilots
  • vegas lights-panic!at the disco
  • global concepts-robert delong
  • -
  • feel good songs:
  • always -p!atd(???)
  • that green gentleman -p!atd
  • when day met the night -p!atd
  • young volcanoes -fall out boy
  • northern downpour -p!atd
  • the only exception -parmore
  • do you know what i'm seeing? -p!atd

[My art style fluctuates a lot but I did the thing- ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ ❤ ]

Cover Girl.