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Psst, hey. Y’know pirate aus? Yeah they’re great and all but picture this. Treasure planet AU. Eh? Remember that old disney film? Just imagine Junkrat as a more eccentric Jim Hawkins, and Roadhog as a much more reserved but still fatherly John Silver. Sorry I just love treasure planet its soooo gooood


Quick and easy skin texture/freckles tutorial

What you need:
Pastels, old toothbrush, q-tip, brush for mixing, patience

  1. Our vict- eh, head that needs freckles.
  2. Scrap some bits off of your pastel stick (the finer, the better). I’m using Schmincke soft pastels (Burnt yellow ochre H plus Pouzzuli earth D). Add water, mix everything. Dip the toothbrush into the mix.
  3. Flick the brushes onto a paper towel, to get it a bit less watery. Its not a must, but if you’re using that technique straight onto the head, you a) don’t know how vibrant the colors are and b) will get big blotches. and you’ll want small dots for a (semi-) realistic look.
  4. Flick the toothbrush bristles over the head/areas you want to add freckles/textures on.
  5. Use a q-tip to remove dots that you don’t like. Since they’re wet, its easy to remove them.
  6. Repeat 4 and 5 until you like it. Take some time between layers to let them dry; yo can also vary the colors you’re using.
  7. Tadaa! Done.

▸Don’t do it as I did it -after- you’ve done details like eyebrows/lashes, but before, otherwise you’ll layer the dots over the details.If you want to do it after the detaisl, remember to seal everything before the freckles/texture, so you don’t accidentally remove details when removing small dots with the q-tip.

▸Be aware that even though you can remove dots when they’re dry, they will leave some kind of very faint blushing.

▸Work form a very light color to heavier colors. Pastels mostly look more vibrant when freshly sprayed onto a head, but dim a bit down when drying.

▸On dark heads/tan dolls - freckles will appear faint when dry (even if you’re using dense dark colors), but they WILL pop up after you sealed them. Also applies to some extend on NS/WS heads, just not that obvious.

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Do karkat for the character ask

Oops I meant to do this like a week ago

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life

Karkat is my fucking dude u all know that

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

I don’t even remember what my old house 4 Karkat used 2 be cuz 1 of my friends convinced me he’s a gryffindor @ one post bc they were like…he’s a jock…he wants 2 b a jock…he’s in gryffindor. She was right

best quality: I feel like I literally have 2 combine these next 2 sections like his best qualities r literally his worst qualities lmao like…he cares so deeply about his friends but his need 2 protect them is like so misguided and he gets in his own way cuz he won’t take the time 2 know himself a lot. Actually I’m gonna scroll down n put that in his qorst quality box…but anyway 1 of his strongest qualities is imo he really wants to get close to people even tho he like Gets In His Own Way A Lot and there’s something very like earnest about Karkat trying to be friends with u that I think makes people somewhat unable to like commit to disliking him in a lot of cases even if they don’t get why he acts like he does lol.

worst quality:  Anyway his worst quality is that he has like no powers of self analysis whatsoever which is literally so funny bc he spends so much of the story obsessing over his own actions and past and future iterations of his decsion making process he like understands so little about himself fundamentally throughout the whole story it’s so funny and frustrating but also kind of Sad cuz u know he has a real hard time being alone w himself and that’s why he pretends to self analyze in that weird like quasi social way…

ship them with: Dave and Terezi and Sollux and Gamzee in like any arrangement/quadrants/whatever like Karkat is a fun character to see relationships thru and like understand ppl thru the perspective of imo…he bring cool things out of other characters

brotp them with: I mean I could put DAve Sollux and Terezi in this section too…not so much Gamzee idk if Gamzee is actually that strong of a Friend lmfao um…also kind of John? Their relationship is funny 2 me John always strikes me as kind of a good foil for Krakat who Karkat begrudgingly tolerates bc he has residual feelings for him permanently probably. I always really want Karkat and Tavros to be friends so u know what? Tavros final answer

needs to stay away from: Ok I was gonna say knee jerk Vriska cuz that’s my answer for everything but u know what? I feel like Karkat can actually handle Vriska and their back and forth is like fine I have no problem with it but he needs to stay the fuck away from Eridan canon and fanon like he needs 2…go away…imo. Just my onion

misc. thoughts: I’m thinking about Karkat and Vriska interacting now and in my mind Vriska is just like primarily like This Weird Girl My Friend Kanaya Has A Crush On in Karkat’s mind like I love the idea of that being the foundation of why Vriska is even relevant to his life that’s so funny to me…also did you guys know I forgot Kanaya and Karkat are like BEST FRIENDS when I was answering that last question what the fuck is wrong with me. Karkat and Kanaya…best dudes 4ever…


what the hell are we doing here, anyhow? (a wolf 359 electroswing mix) [8tracks] [spotify]

before i run off for a bit again, i was organizing an old sideblog before to start shoving if things into to keep it away from those who don’t wanna see it, and i cleaned that one transparent joker so he’s a standalone-

Rebs keeps telling me not to worry about it, but hearing all the characters from Pilot/Night Terror being talked about makes me feel like an old man trying to understand Pokemon.

Eh? Darren’s the bird guy right?
Gaia? Oh, you mean that online game.
Oh yeah, I love that Radioactive song!
Father Time’s that guy from Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared…right?
Damn, I didn’t know Professor Oak was in this game.
Doesn’t Tybalt look like No Face… or is that Jasper?

You’re like a breath of fresh air. It is as if I was trapped in an old, musty attic and have been allowed to go outside for the first time. Everything is fresh and clear with you.
—  R.W (Excerpts from a book I’ll never write #20)
you know something

This year, the Berlin Wall will have been down for longer than half Till’s total lifetime - for the first time.

He was 26 years old when the Wall fell in 1989. The Wall will have been down 27 years in full on the ninth of November this year, and as we know, he’s going to be 53 very soon. From now on, more of his lived life would have been in the unified West/East Germany.

And of course the other bandmates don’t have long before they catch up.
I don’t know. This isn’t that special of an observation or anything. It’s just a bit of a strange thing to think about

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Aye fam I’m Rachel c: please give me I break I literally just made this tumblr like a day ago and so I’m kinda bad at everything. I never really done this before tbh. I don’t really know what to tell you. ;-; eh I think it’d just be more simple if you came and talked to me yourself and find out about each other, I don’t bite. c: I’m not sure if I’m looking for a relationship, I’m the type of person to let nature take its course so if I fall in love with you just remember, nature led me to your heart, and I think I couldn’t ask for anything better. Btw I’m really short, I’m 5'0 just wanted to throw that out there because idk.

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