i know its not technically a movie but whatever

Cast thy nighted color off- or, that classic soulmate au

My take on that classic “the first words your soulmate says are tattooed on your body” au

Jacob had visited the loop twice already, but he had yet to meet the ever-elusive Enoch. He had heard plenty, certainly- that Enoch was cantankerous, cruel, and that Jacob was better off not meeting him. Their assertions didn’t ward Jacob away. No, he wanted to solve the mystery of this Enoch even more.

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EDIT: Well. I screwed up here. In addition to an opening line that played into existing issues I was unaware of and caused a lot of hurt feelings, I’ve been told that the first paragraph plays into the “we killed all the Natives” trope. That wasn’t my intent; rather, I was trying to play on the war fought over the foundation of my city, and the fact that I am… well, whether I like it or not, a member of an illegal occupation.

But intent isn’t magic, and it’s not up to my white ass to make this call. (And I can see how that doesn’t convey without the surrounding history.) I hurt people with this post, and I’m sorry. I’m keeping it below the readmore because I believe in transparency and accountability, but I don’t want it circulating further.

I am sorry to anyone and everyone I hurt, and I will work to do better in the future.

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