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Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune in Amour Eternal Visual Book
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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Genre: smut  |  Word Count: 5,679

Summary: Reader hasn’t gotten any in almost 6 months, and Bucky -her roommate- is making things more difficult for her. (Takes place between CATWS and CACW, before he is found).

Warnings: unprotected sex, masturbation, oral sex (female receiving).

Author’s Note: This is the longest one shot I’ve ever written. I’m thinking I should’ve divided it in two parts but oh well. Let me know if there’s any typo.

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T a u r i e l  of  the  Woodland  Realm - C a p t a i n  of  the  Guard

aka. me indulging in my desire to see Tauriel dressed in Elven armor, leading her soldiers to battle and booming commands in Elvish across the battlefield


You got the cure
Underneath your shirt
Don’t you wanna save this
Dirty little damsel?

In my mind, the most amazing and bittersweet ending of game of thornes is seeing Winterfell with starks children like it was at the beginning of the story. You know who shares that same dream as me? Jon snow and Sansa Stark: 

“ I might someday hold a son of my own blood in my arms. A son was something Jon Snow had never dared dream of, since he decided to live his life on the Wall. I could name him Robb…” - jon snow 

  If I give him sons, he may come to love me. She would name them Eddard and Brandon and Rickon and Robb, and raise them all to be as valiant as Ser Loras.And to hate Lannisters, too. In Sansa’s dreams, her children looked just like the brothers she had lost. Sometimes there was even a girl who looked like Arya.” - Sansa stark 

Now not only is amazing how they have the same dream of re-do Winterfell like it was before everything fell apart. But who is missing from that fantasy?  yes its eachothers,but why? Because they never had seen oneanother as family! People think if  jon  is doing  “incesty” love   it will be with Arya because in the books he thinks about her always but i think thats the reason why they could never work. They both see eachother as siblings the transiction to lovers would be a stab in the back for the readers: a CERSEI AND JAMIE but as stark! The shame, all the familiar love that makes the starks so amazing would be tainted. As Arya NEVER called Jon half-brother, never makes that distinction, but Sansa did. Sansa never saw jon as her real family. Its like Ned never calling Jon son (R+L=J). Its in the words GRRM use that the story is being told. 

Jon and sansa never thought about one another in a sibling way, never saw another as family. The reader wuold be bitter about them for sure ( who is happy about incest?) but it would not ruin a relationship that never was written in the first place.

Now dont get me wrong jon and sansa would NOT get married for love. It will be for duty, and really who in the books have more of a sense of duty then jon and sansa? Jon was willing to never have children and a wife for the night watch. Sansa talks about her duty as a wife since the first book ( I was meant to have his babies….or what if i dont give him a son?) 

Arya (but Daenerys too) never have this type of thoughts. They are passionate, in the long run ( or even at  first) they would get resentful and bitter about a political union with someone they dont love ( in the show you can see how dany is afraid of this). 

Sansa grew up with her mother sense of duty and family ( everyone and some can see the similiarity between sansa and her mother). She has learned that passion and love can take time, so a political marriage for her would not be that hard. But lets talk about the real issue people have with jon/sansa: 

 Jon would never marry is cousin,because incest is not is way:

 what if he finds the truth about his mother before meeting Daenerys. Then they meet and he is attracted to her? jon fighting is attraction for his aunt. And lets be real GRRM would not lose the opportunity of jon being conflicted about his love for his hot aunt . So Jon falls for Dany and they have the most romantic love, but both are heroes, they have to fight the others, so they cant both survive .i know people think Jon will be king, Dany is queen and Tyron will be the hand, but come on! this is Game of thrones and GRRM promised a bittersweet ending not the dinsey type of ending. If dany and jon happens the reader would had to swallow Jon and Sansa  ( because GRRM could always say: why jon with is aunt is romantic but jon with his cousin is creepy?, and he will be right. The incest thing wouldnt mean anything after jon and dany. The icky factor would be less shocking ( jon fell in love with his aunt, why cant he marry for duty is cousin?).  This just to say:this is all speculation but if by the end of season 7 sansa stays alive then this could very well happen.  The last book is called “ A promise of Spring” , the hope of happiness and if it not jon and sansa as cat and ned 2.0 married for duty but falling in love in time, i dont know what is.

I repeat: 

This is all speculation, wishfull thinking really. But How amazing and poetic would it be if the last scene of game of thrones is Sansa and Jon looking down at their children playing, and Jon saying to Sansa: “ a raven came this morning, a white raven, Spring is here” and they smile to oneanother.

Why   /part 2/

Part one

I didn’t know what to expect upon first meeting Soryu. Initially, I thought he was scary, and cold. Well, I know now to never judge a book by its cover. Soryu is, or was, the perfect man for me. I loved waking up to see his face and cooking him omelets in the morning. Just spending a few minutes or sometimes hours chatting away and never getting bored. Seeing him smile…makes my heart cry out in joy. He never proposed, but I always guessed it was right around the corner. Until…he started acting weird. It was little things at first, like forgetting to say ‘I love you’ when we parted ways or not helping me here and there when I needed it. But then he would be away from home over a few days unexpectedly and never explain why. I always assumed that it was because of work. Then I felt his love disappear. The way he looks at me, it doesn’t look like a look of love. Before, I could see his eyes light up and his entire face would just glow. Now, he just gives me these dull expressions. I thought I was just imagining it, so I ignored it. He stopped saying ‘I love you’ completely, even after I’d say it, he’d just smile and/or nod. It felt fake, forced. I figured that we just weren’t having enough sex, but anytime we did it he just seemed…bored. No matter what I tried or how often I tried, I just couldn’t get that spark from him. I was scared I was losing him…scared that one day he’d go out and tell me that he doesn’t love me and never did. By that point, I was just waiting for my heart to be broken, hoping that maybe I was wrong and misinterpreting all the signs. The thing about hope is…sometimes it’s suffocating, paralyzing even. You hang on to this one believe, not realizing that the cold hard truth would be better. The longer you hold onto hope, the more it’ll hurt when it’s gone. I stayed hopeful for too long. I’m too optimistic, I really should’ve known better.

A couple days ago, I was working a night shift with Chisato. I wasn’t really focused on work, too busy worrying about Soryu and hanging on hope. She noticed my behavior quickly, and told me to go ahead home. I really didn’t want to, who lets their emotions get in front of their job? Reluctantly, I went back to our place. I didn’t expect him to be home, and I most certainly did not expect him to be on our bed, dancing in the sheets with some chick. They didn’t notice me, or they seemed like they didn’t. But to be fair, I didn’t say anything. I didn’t make my presence known. I was just so surprised I could barely breathe. The girl he was with…was absolutely beautiful. Strawberry blonde hair and baby blue eyes, he looked completely enthralled by her beauty. After I had gotten a good look at my replacement, I knew I no longer was needed. I knew Soryu had found someone special to him, and it wasn’t me. I left silently, not wanting to disturb the lovebirds. 

After that it’s…kinda all just a big blur. I remember walking around the area feeling numb. I somehow ran into Baba and next thing I know I’m wrapped in a blanket being consulted by him and Ota. I didn’t tell them the full story, just how I was feeling and why I didn’t want to go back home. Ota generously gave me his bed to sleep in and Baba got me some food. Don’t know where he got it from, but I remember it tasting really good. They kept saying Soryu was ‘gonna get it’ when they saw him again, but I’m pretty sure I convinced them to not be so hasty. Even though I was an emotional wreck at the time, they stayed with me. Those guys…they really are my best friends. I never knew they cared so much, it made me feel so happy. Up until now, I’ve just been hoping back and forth between Ota’s and Baba’s place. I even spent a day with Mamoru when those two were busy. I know Mamoru doesn’t know what happened, but he was being less rude to me that day. I guess…they’re all like my overprotective brothers. Now, I’ve finally decided to officially move on. I was planning on taking all my stuff out of our room and going back to my old place. Baba had informed me that Soryu would be gone for a while so this would be a good time to get everything together. But once I entered this room for the first time I…froze. I sat on the same bed they made love in, that we used to make love in, and cried. Once I started I couldn’t stop. I just stared in that mirror and became lost in my own thoughts. I kept asking myself…Why? Out of all the questions I had, that one was the most important. Why did he do it? Then…you showed up and here I am, telling you how hell has been.

I tried to smile at my little joke at the end, but instead I ended up sighing as I snuggled up closer to Eisuke. He squeezed me a little tighter and wiped some of the tears spilling from my eyes. Eisuke really is nice…I used to think the bidders were all cold hearted jerks, but they’re all really caring. He kissed the top of my head and instead of pulling away, I looked up at him.

“Thank you…for being here and listening” I whispered. He smiled at me, with a real genuine smile, not his usual overconfident smirk. We stared at each other for a while, then I noticed his face slowly get closer to mine. ‘Is…is he going to kiss me?’ He is…isn’t he? ‘Did I want to kiss him?’ Despite what my mind said, I leaned in closer and closed my eyes.

Suddenly, before our lips connected, I heard the door fly open. Out of instinct, I opened my eyes and attempted to jump up, but Eisuke kept a firm grip on my waist. I was just about to scold him when I heard a voice say my name at the door. My heart stopped.

“Soryu…” I whispered, searching his face for any emotion. He appeared cold and serious standing at the door frame, just like the first time we meet.

“Soryu” Eisuke said, spitting out venom and angrily glaring at his friend.

“…Eisuke” Soryu said. He looked so intimidating, it sent shivers down my spine. Where was my kind, sweet, loving, and loyal Soryu? I want him back…I desperately want him back. I felt Eisuke leave my side and walk up to him.

“Eisuke…!” I whisper shouted. The last thing I needed right now was for the two of them to fight. I couldn’t forgive myself if I was the reason they were no longer friends.

“Now, now…” Eisuke said in an even voice. “Soryu and I just need to talk…” Before I could protest further he grabbed Soryu by the collar and threw him back, exiting the room and closed the door behind him. Once again, I was left in the darkness.

Please don’t expect part 3(if I’m even doing a part three) to be out as fast as this was…


The song is already top level in Korean and Chinese.. But its even a bop in English? WHAT… Give me a version a this song in every language.. You know a song is good when it sounds perfect in any language..

Sometimes some songs sound weird when translated but oh my god.. I don’t know what to say I think you guys.. should listen to it.. Bless yourselves

I’m just…

In some weird way..  unlike any other cover I actually can here EXO singing this.. It sounds like an actual English Version and not just a cover if that makes sense.. A lot of people over sing or not well enough but this is perfect

paranoia sucks. 

Are they talking about me? Is someone walking behind me?  are they going to notice that my eyeliner isnt perfect? and i being followed? can they read minds? Omg they’re talking about me. Wait no they arent. or are they? did they find my blog? Its cool. Im good. no i’m not who am i kidding

Anxiety sucks.

Do i look okay? are my nails perfect? am I wearing the right thing? Are my teeth good? did i put on deodorant? OMG they are looking at me. is something wrong? I know im ugly. oh god,  they’re pointing.

Depression sucks.

Im ugly. Im worthless. I had sex once, Im such a slut. I hate myself, I didnt score well on my test, I’m so stupid. I hate my hair. I hate my legs. Im not good enough. I don’t have a thigh gap. Im not smart. Im  not pretty. Im not nice. Im not funny. Im not cool. Im not popular. Im a failure as a human being.

Having all three at the same time.

now that sucks.


oh my god it’s starting, it’s starting, the show is getting sadder nO!!! TT_TT i wasn’t ready, that fucking ending holy shit they just dropped it like that, i’m so shook and i’m crying

I love this show’s perfect pacing, it’s not fast and not slow, and it takes its ample time to let the story unfold, there are no plotholes despite the complicated story, it hides and reveals enough of the characters to get to know them and keep some aspects a secret as well

So Joon and Ma Rin’s developing married life is cute and interesting at the same time, those loving moments between them are very genuine and authentic, they do love each other dearly, it’s just that so joon understands that as wanting to protect her, her life and their future - instead of the usual definition of love which is to ‘live in the moment’ to be very aware of the present w/ each other’s company, maybe that’s why this drama’s title “tomorrow with you” is such a great name

the title is like the midpoint in which his desires and his journey to truly loving her meet, what’s wrong w/ wanting to hold on to the future? and with her for that matter? not even a decade, it’s just tomorrow - wishing/thinking about just one more day with her - that’s so romantic and pure oh my god i love this drama

the thing is though, i love that the rules about time is just as unclear to so joon and the mister as it is to us, so we can’t really know what would end up happening - if there really are things they can’t change or if it’s possible to travel to the past - i love that it’s all a mystery, all we know is that we’re rooting for them and their lives, we can really feel his desperate situation especially here in ep 5, he disappeared??? wtf??? like did he just went off the grid bc everything took a toll on him both mentally and emotionally??? bc why else would he disappear??? fuck this i can’t this is too painful

i just want to protect them all ughh esp so joon, he lives such a lonely life and now their deaths will always haunt him, can’t they just be happy w/o tragedy?? i need ep 6 rn ahhhhhhh ;-;

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There actually hasn't been much inconsistency for Overwatch though? Like. It's been pretty clear all this time that a lot of the released content features an unreliable narrator. Personally, I find part of what makes OW so compelling is that you get all this information from the POV or Overwatch or the public or a biased party, but things are usually more to what meets the eye? The characters aren't one-dimensional, Widow not being actually emotionless has been implied since the Alive short.

No I agree, I don’t think Overwatch is that bad at all about its lore. But with what’s been going on where people are saying “Oh well creators said X on twitter so now we have all these questions” and getting really upset about it, to me it’s just like thats a Blizzard thing. Not everything is going to be perfect in the story because there’s so much to it and so much we don’t know. And yeah you’re right, the fact Widow has that whole “at the moment of the kill they never feel more alive” line shows she’s not emotionless. 

I guess a shortened version is like “I headcanon that Hanzo has prosthetic legs even though  creators have said otherwise. However, now that creators are adding extra info, its starting to get confusing, and seem inconsistent, but Blizzard has a habit of that and the vast majority of the confusion is just stuff that has yet to be answered.” 

I agree with you, I think the story of overwatch is really compelling and masterful. Before I even played the game I loved the lore because it was super expressive and told in a really fun and compelling way. I just wish we could get more information on a regular basis that wasn’t semi cryptic tweets. Ya feel me? 

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i know right!! it’s perfect!!

also that time jordan tried to get at martha could be like all the k@llura moments in s2


Iggy: “Oh I’m not worked up over ANYTHING about myself anymore.

I know that Pom loves me for every bit of me. From my concave torso right down to my sickly, subtle green hue.

My eyes are what she especially fell madly in love with, and I to her beautiful, but strangely red ones as well.

A perfect match, don’t you think?”

  • Person: you know what tomorrow is ;)
  • Me: yeah
  • Person: you getting m-
  • Me: its the 20th birthday of Jung Yoon Oh. Opps i meant Jeffery. Well technically its today since Korea is 13 hours ahead of us but you know stupid timezone nd shit. But already 20? Time flies,,, i remember the old days with that dork. Jeffery really deserves the world. He is just so precious and lovable, I don't think ppl appreciate him enough and I just hate that. He is a great cook, friend, vocalist. -cries- he really just deserves the greatest things in life wow. I love him so much he is just wow. He is perfect wow. Only Jung Yoon Oh, only legends. You know?
  • Person: *gone*

YOU ASKED FOR IT BRO, AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. k you didn’t ask for it but I mean you cannot put a thing like that in my inbox and not expect me to retaliate in the most offensive manner possible.


YOU MADE ME ONE TOO, OMG BROOOOOO THIS HAS EVERYTHING I LOVE I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU ACTUALLY “FIXED” THE DARK MARK OH GOD also: GF MATERIAL, well YOU KNOW BELLATRIX IS GOALS xDD and there’s always one beautiful Moryo!cat being perfect, as Moryo usually is, and Vader and this is the best valentine, hands down.
I can’t promise not to die, bro, but I’ll try, can’t have you go through life without your fucking delight <3 xD

i decided to draw one of my fav youtubers Dodie Clark (aka doddleoddle and doddlevloggle) for practice bc Lord knows i need it

Behind Closed Doors

Fic Idea: Beca wonders why she’ll never get to meet Kommissar’s parents.

“Your father, he is vhat you American’s call…awkward?” Luisa teased, watching as Beca’s dad pulled out of the driveway and drove away. The small brunette chuckled, nodding her head. 

“I guess you could say that, yeah. But in his defense, he’s never met such a gorgeous angel in his life.” Beca laughed, not even phased by her small compliments anymore. “And to add to that, I don’t think he ever thought his daughter would be shacking up with one.” 

“Shacking up?” Luisa asked curiously, unfamiliar with the American lingo. 

“Sleeping with.” The Bella translated, only to be confronted with another raised eyebrow. “Having sex with. Not literal sleeping. I mean, we do that, too. But dating, mostly.” She explained with a small smile, finding the blonde’s limited knowledge on American slang amusing. 

“Vell, in any case, it vas nice meeting him. Do you know vhen he vill be back?” The German asked in a playful tone, pressing the small woman back against the counter and brushing her nose against her neck teasingly. Beca shivered underneath the woman’s touch, her eyes fluttering shut at the sensation.

“H-he’s going to the store, not Africa.” She breathed, trying to regulate her breathing. 

“I zhink we have a little time.” The Kommissar smirked against Beca’s tender skin, nipping at it playfully and resting her hands on the woman’s hips.

“I can’t do this in my dad’s house, Lu.” Beca stammered, as much as she wanted to continue. “What if he walked in? I think he would faint.” Gently pushing the obviously stronger woman off of her, Beca took the blonde’s hand and kissed her fingers tenderly. A bit disappointed but respecting Beca’s decision, Luisa settled for kissing the brunette’s forehead and holding her hand as she led her to the couch of the sitting room.

“So vhat about your mother?” The blonde asked, once their pair was situated on the sofa, Beca lounging between Luisa’s legs. 

“What do you mean?” Beca asked, her voice getting quiet. 

“Do I get to meet her?” Luisa questioned, the difference in her girlfriend’s tone not going unnoticed.

“Oh, uh…we don’t-we don’t really talk about her. Ever.” Beca awkwardly explained, shifting in her seat as she turned to look at Luisa. “She cheated on my dad when I was fourteen, and it was really messy, and-” 

“I’m sorry.” Luisa apologized almost immediately, resting Beca’s head on her chest. A silence passed over them as Beca rested for a moment, her mind running through memories of her childhood, and her parents rocky divorce. After a few peaceful minutes of Luisa smoothing Beca’s hair down, the small woman sat up and smiled at her girlfriend.

“So how about you?” She asked perkily, rubbing her nose against the once intimidating singers. Luisa sighed, fearing that the conversation would eventually turn to this. “When do I get to meet the probably flawless specimens that created you?” 

Getting quiet for a moment, the German chewed on the inside of her cheek, trying to think of what to say. “My parents and I aren’t exactly on zhe best of terms.” She began, trying to make it as simple as possible. The brunette stared at her expectantly, as if waiting for her to go on. Taking a deep breath, Luisa continued. “Okay…so ve haven’t talked in seven years.” She admitted, avoiding eye contact with her girlfriend. 

“Why?” Beca asked quietly, wanting Luisa to open up to her. She found that in the course of their relationship, this had been one of the hardest things for Luisa to adjust to; sharing her emotions and opening up to Beca. The DJ allowed Luisa to take her time before she answered her again.

The blonde’s voice was quiet; timid, almost. As if the entire conversation had triggered a bad memory, which by the looks of it, it had. She spoke with caution and a small voice, so different from her confident tone. “Vhen I vas fifteen, I met zhis girl, Romilda. Ve became very fast friends, ve vould do everyzhing together…I fell in love.” Luisa’s icy blue eyes hazed over with remembrance, and she smiled fondly at the thought. “My mother…she did not like her, not a little bit. She vas always afraid zhat Romilda vould make me gay.” She laughed, earning a smile from the small blonde who was listening with intensity. “Anyvay, my parents had always told me to keep my bedroom door open vhen I had her over. It vas stupid, but I could see vhy. Not zhat zhey had to vorry, zheir biggest fear had already happened. So one day…” She trailed off, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath.

Beca put a reassuring hand on her cheek, kissing her collarbone gently. “It’s okay…you don’t have to.” She whispered against her skin, not wanting Luisa to get uncomfortable. But the blonde shook her head, and began to speak again.

“One day, my parents veren’t home. And I-…I couldn’t help myself. And ve had both been vanting to, ve always talked about it. So I closed zhe door, and ve…” She blushed at the memory, a rare sighting for the brunette. “Ve didn’t get as far as ve vould’ve liked, but it vas far enough. And zhen…my father slammed zhe door open, and ve veren’t vearing shirts, and…” Her breath hitched at this point, and Beca shushed her with another kiss to her collar. “Vell, it vasn’t pretty.” Luisa added, swallowing hard. 

“But you are.” Beca unintentionally interrupted.

Luisa smiled at the subconscious compliment. “Zhey kicked me out…” Her fondness was replaced by sadness. “I stayed with Romilda for a few veeks…but ve didn’t vork. Ve ver only fifteen. Ve didn’t understand at zhat time.” She explained. “Eventually, vhen I vas eighteen, my parents let me come home. Zhey gave me twenty zousand euros to get help. I left and I spent it on a small apartment. Zhat is vhen I met Pieter.” She concluded, with a deep sigh.

“But you said you haven’t talked to them for seven years. You’re twenty nine. What happened when you were twenty two?” Beca asked quietly, hoping her questions weren’t making the blonde upset. 

“My mother called me and asked if I vas ‘better.’ I told her to go to hell.” Luisa smirked at the memory. Beca laughed at this, climbing on top of Luisa, figuring it would make the German feel better after opening her heart like that. 

“I’m glad you opened up to me. Thank you.” Beca mumbled, giving the blonde an eskimo kiss as she straddled her hips. Luisa responded by placing her hands on the woman’s hips, securing her onto her body. 

“I zhought you didn’t vant to do zhis in your fathers home, tiny maus.” Luisa smirked, looking up at the beautiful brunette on top of her with admiration. 

“After hearing that story, I think I want to get farther with you in my fathers home than you did with Romilda in yours.” The brunette responded, leaning down to connect their lips in a searing kiss. 

Okay I know this actually makes no sense but like, we aren’t really sure where the darksaber from TCW is right? And it’s got a history of being used by non-force sensitives and Mandos, right? So I want Sabine to get it. Like Sabine finds it and I guess sort of learns the history of i and so she’s like “Oh well I should give it to Kanan or Ezra then” but Kanan tells her to keeps it. He says it’s because she found it and did a bunch of stuff to get it (like maybe she heard there was a Jedi/Mando (it’s kinda both) artifact and went on some whole adventure to get it) but a much larger reason is that by this point it’s surrounded by *dark side energy* and he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for him or Ezra to use it. So she’s like “Well okay then, guess I gots me a laser sword”. And like she probably knows some sort of sword or similar combat but she’d definitely need help. So Kanan and Ezra both help her and she picks it up faster than Ezra did which pisses him off, but only kinda. And she uses it rarely but when she has to it’s really fuckin awesome, like maybe her fighting style is really different from the force users we’ve seen. And she also puts really awesome black and white designs on her armor. Like I’m imagining the armor as like a swirl of various, mostly bright blues, purples and greens, and then there’s black and white designs over that? Idk. And Zeb is kinda jealous that everyone else is getting lightsabers. Like I know it’s silly and doesn’t really make sense but I just want Sabine to get the darksaber.