i know its not much sorry :(

An overdue appreciation post…

I know I’ve been pretty absent the past few weeks (or even month) but I want everyone to know how much I appreciate you guys.

@torin-is-gay You’ve literally been there for me for quite a while now. You make school a little less hellish and church somewhat bearable. I don’t think I could really tell you everything you’ve done for me, but I appreciate it all. I’m sorry I get so snappy at school. It’s just hard, yknow?

@amorphousish you’ve been such an amazing friend. You’re one of the best friends I have, and I know I go ghost sometimes but you really do mean a lot to me. You’ve always been there for me when I need someone to rant to, no questions asked. You always know the right thing to say.

@lomo-is-not-cool and @cat-waffles I know I haven’t talked to you guys in forever, but I care about you guys so much. You’ve both been such good friends and so so supportive. I’m sorry I haven’t kept in touch.

@spookiestdad We don’t really talk a lot, but you’ve always been super chill. You would let me be goofy and awkward and I appreciate it, because I normally never know how to talk to people.

@yourconfusedneighborhoodemo Where do I even start??? You’re so amazing. I’m sorry for not talking to you as much, but I literally cannot express how grateful I am for you. You’ve been an amazing friend, and you’re the reason I have my binder. You’ve helped me feel 100x more comfortable and I don’t even know how to thank you.

@caterpillarfrosting I miss you, I do. You always make me feel a lot better even when I don’t want to. I’ll never forget when you told me you were four years old (and I believed it)

@artsyprick This is a long overdue apology, but I’m sorry I never answer. You’re such a good friend. I just want you to know that I appreciate everything and that I never mean to not reply. There’s just been a lot going on.

@pancake13error I didn’t talk to you a whole lot, but I immediately knew you’d be such a chill friend. Seeing you on my dash makes me feel a lot better, and your posts are 10/10

@bassiskat Thank you for caring about me. You always showed compassion and genuine interest for everything I had to say. You would always be one of the first to ask if I was doing okay during my spree of depressing posts. Thank you for that.

I feel…an odd sense of pride when we lose, feel oddly defensive of the team. They could do anything–put me through heart break after heart break and I would complain and rage but love them with all my being just the same. Because they are my team, every single player who carries that red and gold crest over his heart with pride, who toils and tries and fails, as are the coaches, the physios, the stewards who run the show behind the scenes.

I get the hypocrisy in that statement too, don’t get me wrong. I get that we bring in ridiculous revenues and have evil American owners and are hardly a struggling mid-table team. Just–I hope we win. I hope we turn things around and challenge for the title. But if we are going to be the perpetual underachievers–the next Liverpool if I dare say–I will still be here every step of the way, come what may.

So, aggressively yelling at my computer screen and threatening to set my WIPs on fire may or may not be helping the writing process as well as I thought...

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Oh my Gosh, I'm so sorry for spamming but I read the text where you mentioned how much you love this AU and - Believe me, I know how you feel, creating my own plots and characters etc., I definitely understand your love for this AU. And it shows, your HCs are really cute and give them so much personality and your art is great too. I've mentioned this before, but I love this blog a lot! It's one of the few blogs I check on a daily basis. :D

((nooo its no problem at all, there’s no need to apologize :O im glad my little spiel was relatable, its always nice to know people feel the same and im so happy that my love of BATIM and this AU is apparent through the characters. thank you for enjoying my blog, cinnamonbun ; u ;))

[Goods Order] Ao no Exorcist Shimane Illuminati Arc

First of all, I’m sorry I didn’t post this before the show started!! I know there’s not much time left, but I hope there’s still enough time for anyone who wants to order goods to see this ><;;;

I’m not actually going to see this play myself, but I was asked to pick up goods for this stage by someone, so I figured I might as well open this order up to anyone who wants it!

I’ll be going to pick up goods either on 10/26 or 10/27, so I’m setting the deadline as 10/25. However, if it looks like goods might start selling out, I might stop by once earlier in the week to pick up any orders that have already been paid for. So please place your orders as soon as possible!


  • To order goods, please email me at indigo(at)cs.hmc.edu. It would be helpful (though not strictly necessary) to include Ao no Exorcist somewhere in the subject line so it’s easier for me to keep track ^^;
  • I only accept payment through Paypal. You are responsible for the Paypal fees.
  • You are also responsible for shipping costs. Please tell me which method you’d prefer - I generally ship EMS or registered airmail, but I can do registered SAL as well.
  • If you’re interested in goods from any of the other upcoming shows I’m seeing (SUNPLUS’s fanmeeting, Team Party Seigaku/Rokkaku, ACCA, I*Chu Live), let me know and I can combine them! Obviously you’ll have to wait, but if you’d rather save on shipping I don’t mind holding things (^^)
  • Payment will be split into two - once for the goods before I go to the show, and once for shipping after I ship the goods out.
  • The first payment is due before I go to the show. I will not buy your goods if you have not paid me by the show, even if you’ve told me what you want. (I will make exceptions for people I trust, but only if we’ve discussed it in advance.)

The deadline for ordering is 9:00pm JST on Wednesday, October 25th. Please try to have your payment in by that time as well; however, in the case of a last-minute order, I’m willing to extend the payment deadline by a few hours.

Without further ado, onto the goods!

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/sneaks in/



so anyways

im uhhh grounded for who knows how long and i currently cant really access much b/c my computer was taken away from talking to my discord buddies :((( so dont expect for now until i suddenly rise up from the dead

im sorry.

oh and,,, im kinda not mentally stable atm but like? its ok i only cried 5 times.

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Im sorry, are u aware that u r my favorite person in the world??? ur art??? Exquisite. ur keith cosplay???? Delightful. Just being on ur blog make me think 'damn, i want to lay on my bed and listen to music with them. Or something.' bc ur such a cool dude. I like u. (Its 2:24 am rn im sorry)

UUUUUUUHH wow okay I’m dying?? this is too cute it killed me rest in pieces?

Thank you sososo much oh my god ;-; this is so sweet and u know what. 11/10 would lay around and listen to music with you too. I hope you have an incredibly fantastic weekend babe,,

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Hey, i know this might be a stupid question but, are you going to keep te blog going with another material now that magi is over? I really enjoy reading your comments/spoilers and stuff haha. Also, you made the adventure throught the magi series much more enjoyable all this years. Thanks for everything :) sorry to bother

Thank you, dear! :D. It’s no bother, don’t worry~

To be honest, this blog is my personal blog, so Magi ending doesn’t really impact its existence all that much. It was never supposed to be a “Magi blog”, and I have never really considered it as such, but well, I guess at one point Magi somehow took over…? 

I’m still planning to work on Magi content (Magi Mondays), and I’ll continue to post my impressions on the series I’m following as usual (or rather, more frequently ahaha). The only new additions is that I opened translation requests, and I’m working on reviewing stuff, though this is a little delayed since I’m still not happy with how it’s turning out.

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👀 Jailin at Sirkel, Diergo at Kivuli, and Oliver at Pankha! You can switch characters out if you'd like, haha.

((CHALLENGE ACCEPTED FRIEND! Sorry if your OCs are OOC. D: Lemme know what I can fix! I think my favorite of these is Oliver and Pankha haha.))

Listen I’m bi as Heck and as much as I love girls, I also love boys? Boys are amazing and pure and liking boys is a wonderful feeling? I never see a lot of posts talking about cute boys so

Some Boy Aesthetics™ I’m in love with include:

Their tired grins? Have you seen a cute boy grin when he’s tired? Life Changing

Sleeves rolled up to forearms is all good and Well but also when they have Sweater Paws in their hoodies or jumpers? Makes the tallest of them seem so smol? I’m lov?

When they run their hand through their hair and it sticks up in places and it looks So Good

Collar Bones

Soft pudgy stomachs they absolutely make me melt

When ya boy gets flustered A++ Bonus points if he giggles Boys giggling is Everything


Can’t we be seventeen

Heathers!Klance with Keith as your 7-Eleven emo boy and Lance as your society changing fave. I based their sketch/doodle page on Seventeen and how life would be for them if they were normal 


a blessed fancam.

Dean barely notices when Sam runs into the house to investigate the nephilim situation. His eyes dart this way and that, taking in the tattered, broken wingspan spread out before him.

All of the times that he lost Cas, he never saw his wings. Not once. And it feels so…final.

Dean’s lips tremble as he casts his gaze upwards towards where he knows heaven is watching. He wonders if the angels care. He wonders if God cares.

He knows Chuck probably isn’t even in heaven, and maybe he has his ears turned off while he’s having the family meeting to end all family meetings with Amara, but he tries anyway. He wants to beg, bargain, and scream, but he’s not sure he can speak. He sends up a plea, his lips mouthing silent prayers.

The air is still. Too still. Deathly still.

Dean squeezes his eyes shut and slumps down to the ground. He bows his head down, but he can’t yet bear to look. Not yet. Not again.

He breathes, and it feels like a monumental effort. He is hyper aware of being alive, of his lungs filling with oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide, and suddenly he thinks he might understand why yoga helps to clear the mind. Maybe he’ll take it up. He could do with a nice, clear mind after…after…

He opens his eyes. Cas is there, but he isn’t.

Dean swallows against the burning lump in his throat as he reaches a hand out. Hand touches hand. One is cold.

Dean stares at the eyes and wills them to open as he curls his fingers around the still, cold hand. And finally, after much effort, he finds that he can speak.

“Please,” Dean pleads, his voice smaller than he thinks it has ever been. “Please. Cas. I need you.”

No. That’s not right. That’s not enough.

“I love you.”

Too late. He says it, finally, after all of these years, and it falls on deaf ears. Ears that will never hear those words.

Dean’s eyes sting. “Come back. Like you always do.” His voice cracks. “I love you. I love you. I love you. Please come back.”

The world is still. Too still.

He’s not coming back this time.

Dean folds himself over Cas’s body and finally allows himself to break.