i know its not art but david

“Fascination” - Digital Oil Painting

Rose and the Doctor as Hades and Persephone this time! Based on the photography of Teresa Yeh. I wanted to give their skin a bit of a glow and sparkle, kind of like in the Hercules Disney movie, but I may have gone a little too intense. You know I love sparkles.

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Inktober Day 9: Broken

I know, yet another Camp Camp piece for Inktober. I can’t help it, its my favourite web show right now.

This is a redraw of a scene from the final episode when David snapped if you aren’t aware. Since this was the first time I drew David, I decided to colour it as well. Overall I really like it. I picked most of the colors directly from the screencap, but I did tweak a few to my preference (the skin tone and the background namely).

david mitchell knows i exist and has read my name and has seen my art and thought about a reply and he typed it like he speaks so you can read it in his voice and it is the most david mitchell response ever and he sent it to ME and if i meet him i can b like hay david im the one you scolded for drawing marks pyjamas wrong and he will b like who but its okay because he sent me a reply he has interacted with me i have entered his consciousness i am died