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The Preath Head Tap™️️ 2013 vs 2016

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Sometimes I think about telling Henry he needs a vacation, but I don't know if Mr. Workaholic could be made to take one

“See a movie! Go out with Dianne! Catch up on all that sleep you’ve been putting off! Just take a break.”

((he rarely takes time off on his own, so he does indeed have to be forced into it sometimes :P))

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u know that feeling where you’re just preparing for the worst and shit keeps happening and things keep trying you and it’s like… rlly hard to think there’s ever gonna be a positive side at the end of it bc fucking god yh man mood

september 26th 2017 || 3/100 days of productivity

i just realized that my notes look super similar to each other…?? idk but i think its because i used the same layout in each lecture? Hahaha anyhow, here’s yet another snapshot of my chemistry notes!!

okay i have a very horrible pun ( dont worry its not about chem, but that doesnt make it any less bad )

ya ready?

what did the tissue roll say to her ex?
tiss-you who broke my heart

peace friends ✌🏻✌🏻

what im currently in love with : the avett brothers ( i cant believe i only found out about them recently?? they are the best thing ever!! check em out and lemme know what you think!! )

i know we’d all love to think neil would have a pretty good diet to the point that kevin probably bitches at him the least, but nah man. neil constantly forgets to eat, will have an entire bag of cheeto puffs before a run and not throw up (how does he do that??? no one knows), he’ll eat like 5 cookies then have 3 grapes and be like “#health”

like half of it is just to annoy kevin and the other half is he’s shit at self care (but mostly its to annoy kevin)

((hey so im back for now! i took a break because i was getting anxious and now im just more anxious and miss drawing these boys so here i am! i did kind of come to a decision about this blog while i was away and its not a bad one it just helped me remember that this blog is for me so HERES SOME GROUND RULES!!

-im going to update when i feel like it. it could be three times a day, it could be once a week, it could be still one everyday, i cant be sure because its more about what im feeling that day but i cant keep myself set to a schedule when i got a lot going on

-DONT. SEND. ME. ANGST. specifically if its an ask pertaining to one of them dying, suicide, or self harm im deleting it asap and u succeeded in making the mod genuinely upset. good job.

-im going to set up an FAQ soon and please please read it before u send asks! im getting a lot that ive answered before and im happy everyone is expressing interest and sending me stuff but it gets very tedious aaaa

-just putting it out there in a modpost cause ninety percent of my asks are this right now: michael is trans on this blog. im not giving him a deadname and im not going to answer trans specific asks because i dont want that to become his whole character on this blog! hes michael not just trans!michael if you know what i mean?? on that note i am cis and if i do post something that is bad new bears about being trans let me know please.

-feel free to dm me if yall ever have any questions about how my blog is run or wanna talk to the mod if my askbox is closed cause ,,, its closed a lot but i dont mind talkin to people! especially if its to help them understand what im doing on my blog ahaha

ANYWAYS im glad to be back!! and i have lots of silly things planned and plot?? if i ever get to it?? again im here for me not for other people so please be patient with me!! see ya on the flip side homies ))

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hi i saw your workout post um what workout would u reccomend to get a kpop idols body such as nana sooyoung goo hara hyorin hyuna etc i know i cant get there exact bodys but what would u reccomend lol a body like good waist thin but toned legs etc like a skinny toned body i know its kind of a weird question lol and sorry if my english is bad im from brazil ps love your blog you just scored a new follower

I’ve answered popular kpop diets here and you could see a general trend of idols eating similar foods that you could incorporate and adjust to your meals!

And I found some workout and diet advice from female idols on youtube:

Some are more helpful than others, but they all give good motivation. And the ones without subtitles, you could get a general understanding and see the food and workouts. Good luck :-)

I feel bad for anyone that hasn’t seen the ending of the trivia murder party lets play

a simple guide for straighties
  • if you call a gay couple sin: its homophobic. why? because gay people were killed for years for being sinners, its not fucking rocket science
  • if you call a gay couple “disgusting” or “trash” or “disgusting trash” or call yourself “trash” or “disgusting” or “disgusting trash” for liking it: its homophobic. why?? because youre implying that by liking a gay couple youre bad! that its something which no one wants to see since its trash! youre implying that gay couples are dirty and nothing more!

“but i do the same for straight couples!”

and i dont fucking care, different words have different effects depending on the subject. dont act like this is some brand-spanking-new concept because we both know its not

“im not homophobic! i love gays!”

if you love gays you wouldnt call them sinful, disgusting or trash?????????? because i dont know if you realised this but all of those are negative terms

“im a gay person and i call it sin, so what!”

just because youre ok with it, strangely enough, it doesnt mean others are! just like youre not ok with me saying calling it sin is wrong, im not ok with you calling it sin! keep that shit in a private chat with your fellow gays, because not every single gay person is ok with it. i know im sure as hell not

“stop policing fandom!/just let people have fun!/if you dont like it, dont look at it!”

1) if this is policing fandom get me a fucking sheriffs badgeand cowboy boots boy because im gonna go fucking hard on this if you call gays sin, disgusting and/or trash im fucking hate you

2) if people dont like hearing it, its not fun! if you and your straightie friends sit in a circle talking about how disgusting your fave gays are youre being homophobic. and if you find homophobia fun: die

3) heres the thing buddy, pal, my sweet dude. i walk outside of my house every day, and i hear constant casual and intentional homophobia! straights calling things they dont like “gay”, straights calling each other f*gs, i gotta see it all! so why the fuck should i have to see that shit online which i use to get AWAY from all of the homophobia i experience irl??? why the fuck should i let some straighties spew homophobic lines about their favourite gays???????? why???????? because if i speak up about it it inconveniences you?? it annoys you?? it makes you have to think about your own homophobia?? (sarcasm) ohh gosh, how terrible of me!!! all of those things above are as bad as hearing constant homophobic statements, how could i have been so mean to those poor old straighties!!!! (/sarcasm)

long story short: cut that shit out and i hate you

  • yes im tiny, yes im sparkly, and yes i have a squeaky voice, so can you fuck right off and stop calling me cute
  • im a fairy, not a pixie, dont even call me that those guys are assholes
  • my fairy dust allows you to fly, but its only for a while and you constantly come back asking for another fix, what am i man, your drugdealer?
  • im your gardener to this exotic wilderness behind your house and you constantly ask how i manage to keep them all so healthy and i always say its ‘love’ but really its my bloom magic
  • people think im really badass cause i got this wingspan tattoo on my back but its just my real wings, im such a fraud i know i know
  • i accidentally walked into some weird ingrown tree house and stumbled upon a very serious looking fairy meeting, jesus fuck guys your magic looks more satanic than witches
  • fairies are really connected to the moon apparently so whenever theres a new moon you freak out and panic so bad because you think it’s gone forever and aw sweetie its gonna be okay
  • additionally, fairies are also very good friends with werewolves thanks to this fact, so dont be confused when you see a swarm of fairies riding a giant dog on a full moon
  • AND, fairy x werewolf for adorable innocence and curiosity about everything they come across together
  • i was running away from my friend and accidentally bumped into you and you crashed into the wall and diSAPPEARED IN FRONT OF ME JESUS FU—oh wait you just turned back into your tiny fairy form, okay—DONT DO THAT TO ME
  • listen, i understand you and animals are very connected and they are attracted to you, but you cant have a deer and five squirrels living with us, please put the rabbit down—no, the birds have to go too, please babe—pl—
  • say what you want but fairies party hard as shit, how the hell do they manage to drink a whole keg with their tiny little bodies omfg

i have two moods:

  1. watching idubbbz enjoy life n completely ignore onision and not give him the time or effort of a content cop because its CLEARLY what a dude so desperately wants 

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So my friends have been wanting me to start playing Overwatch, so I decided to look into it. It seems like a fun game, and I definitely want to try it out; I'd just like to know a few tips before I get started on playing?

hoo boy i may be a plat skrub but i know what im on about sometimes

  • get your personal settings down like binds and sens and that before you play!
  • learn a selection of heroes that teach you more about the game than just straight up DPS, like lucio, reinhardt and winston (theyre so helpful for positioning and game sense)
  • understand when your pick has value and when it doesnt (for example, swapping off reinhardt if youre not shielding anybody at all)
  • pay attention to team comp! its not too bad when youre new, but try to combine synergies! (for example, pharmercy or rein and mccree)
  • ignore medals! they mean nothing! “but rey, i have gold elims, im doing the best!” did those elims mean you won a teamfight, or was it the right pick at the right time? focus on whether youre winning or not more than your stats!
  • remember the win condition! for example, pushing the payload is what you need to do to win, but winning team fights is the win condition. win the teamfight, win the game!
  • GROUP UP OH MY GOD dying to regroup is better than feeding enemy ultimates i promise
  • focus fire priority targets, but remember healers arent always the top priority. for example, a carry tracer can be the priority, and if youre not getting kills as a team, its probably poor focus fire!
  • ultimate usage is so important and youll learn as you go, but make sure you dont panic ult to save your life, as one death isnt as impactful as a team wipe!

sorry thats a lot but i cant stress enough that bad habits will hinder you forever (trust me, i know) good luck my dude!

- Mod Rey

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can i ask what's funny about the new cyelatm comic? i mean i get the big mouth thing but i don't understand the pronouns thing?

people tryin to accommodate but end up makin people who are trans uncomfortable

like, u show up to have a good time and someone knows youre trans so they just start talking about gender politics to u instead of like ……… not doin that


A crossover no one asked for, but I’m super hyped about the new games so I needed to do this. I’ll be mixing a bunch of stuff together (including Go stuff), so I hope you like it!

WARNING: mild spoilers ahead. Please read at your own discretion.


  • Type: Ghost, although he can switch whenever he likes.
  • Former Team: Unaffiliated.
  • Team: Phantom.
  • Party: Mimikyu, Meowstic (he switches between male and female), Skitty, Litten, Alolan Meowth, and Ditto.
  • he loves cute pokemon and cat pokemon but he wont hesitate to destroy you with a super pumpkaboo
  • Legendary: Lunala.
  • Story: Akira’s arrest squandered any chance he had with joining a team, and now none of them will accept him due to his criminal record. He’s stripped of his trainer status and is subsequently transported to a heavily populated region where he meets a café manager and his new guardian, Sojiro. One day, Akira finds a mysterious app on his Pokédex and is suddenly teleported to another world, along with another ex-trainer he encountered. There, the two discover a very strange castle.


  • Type: Flying, bug.
  • Former Team: ???
  • Team: Phantom.
  • Party: Skarmory, Dartrix, Charjabug, Masquerain, Delibird, and Metapod (with only Harden).
  • Legendary: Rayquaza.
  • Story: Morgana has no affiliation with a team due to loss of memories, and Akira and Ryuji discover him trapped in the lair of the aforementioned castle. He joins them as a sort of mentor and assists them in their quest to dispel the castle by stealing the ruler’s Treasure and thereby exposing them as frauds. He also informs them of the Metaverse, the distorted dimension nearly identical to the real world save for the highly concentrated areas of distortion; more commonly known as ‘Palaces’.


  • Type: Electric.
  • Former Team: Instinct.
  • Team: Phantom.
  • Party: Alolan Raichu, Electabuzz, Jolteon, Manectric, Alolan Geodude, and Magneton. he secretly has a ton of mareeps and pichus
  • Legendary: Zecrom.
  • Story: Ryuji was a valuable member of Instinct for quite a while, and his running skills proved to be very helpful with egg research. However, he ‘acted out’ against one of the members of an opposing team, resulting in him receiving a broken leg and an expulsion from his team. He encountered Akira while he was on his way to go shopping for his mother, and the two passed by Kamoshida, an infamous Valor member renowned for his former glory as one of the Elite Four. A mysterious girl was accompanying him.


  • Type: Fire.
  • Former Team: Valor.
  • Team: Phantom.
  • Party: Charizard, Arcanine, Vulpix, Chandelure, Alolan Marowak, and Braixen. fighting her means instant death
  • Legendary: Ho-Oh.
  • Story: Ann’s first encounter with Akira was when Kamoshida offered to escort her to Valor headquarters; moreover, she already knew Ryuji since they used to be childhood friends. After a few days, she began to notice the duo investigating Kamoshida, so she confronted them about it and offered to assist. With their aid, she put an end to Kamoshida’s repulsive crimes and finally achieved justice, for her best friend’s sake. After that, she becomes one of the founders for their new, covert group: Team Phantom.


  • Type: Ice, dragon.
  • Former Team: Mystic.
  • Team: Phantom.
  • Party: Alolan Ninetails, Alolan Sandslash, Glaceon, Cryogonal, Dragonair, and Crabominable (the closest thing he could get to a lobster).
  • Legendary: White Kyurem.
  • Story: Both an artist and a trainer, Yusuke is a pupil of one of the current members of the Elite Four: Madarame. Team Phantom suspected Madarame of stealing his pupils’ Pokémon and using them for his matches. They attempt to coax the truth out of Yusuke, but to no avail. After a series of peculiar events, he stumbles into the Metaverse with Ann and Morgana, and he finally witnesses the true Madarame, who then reveals all of the atrocities he’s committed. Disgusted, Yusuke rebels against his teacher and subsequently joins Team Phantom to put an end to Madarame.


  • Type: Fighting, steel.
  • Former Team: Mystic.
  • Team: Phantom.
  • Party: Lucario, Pangoro, Aggron, Hitmonchan, Machamp, and Makuhita. she probably has a hitmonlee somewhere
  • Legendary: Dialga.
  • Story: Due to societal pressures, Makoto joined Mystic in order to obtain a prestigious education (after Team Phantom disbands, she transfers to Valor). The operator of her sector orders her to investigate the notorious Team Phantom, and she feels she has no choice but to oblige, lest she risk her position as head trainer. She’s hot on their trail until she’s confronted with another issue: trainers are being viciously threatened and scammed by members of Team Rocket. Her operator dismisses her pleas for help, so she turns to Team Phantom. After an unfortunate turn of events and a massive amount of debt over her head, Makoto joins Team Phantom and acts as their adviser in order to expose the criminal behind the blackmail.


  • Type: Steel, psychic.
  • Former Team: Mystic.
  • Team: Phantom.
  • Party: She really only uses Mew and Magnezone, but she also has a Klefki, Abra, Klinklang, and 100000 Natu.
  • Legendary: Jirachi. bc i’m biased
  • Story: Futaba used to be a member of Mystic until she moved in with Sojiro. Her mother’s death caused her to be a shut-in, so she mostly spends her time continuing her mother’s research. She contacts Team Phantom and orders them to steal her heart, or else she’ll report them. They’re hesitant, considering there’s now a cracker organisation that declared war on them. They eventually accept her offer and soon discover that Sojiro is her father (and a former member of the Elite Four). With Futaba’s outstanding navigation, Team Phantom successfully steals her heart and eliminates the cracker organisation.


  • Type: Psychic, grass.
  • Former Team: Unaffiliated.
  • Team: Phantom.
  • Party: Slowpoke, Espeon, Metagross, Mega Gardevoir, Ivysaur and Trevenant. don’t fight her
  • Legendary: Mewtwo.
  • Story: Haru dreamed of joining Instinct for most of her life, and she often harvests berries or hatches eggs in her spare time. However, her father is forcing her to marry a wealthy yet lecherous businessman, who she clearly harbors no affection for. She meets Morgana in her father’s Palace and subsequently joins Team Phantom in an act of rebellion against both her father and her fiancé.


  • Type: Dark, Fairy.
  • Former Team: ???
  • Team(s): Mystic, Phantom. Rocket
  • Party: Mega Absol, Umbreon, Mightyena, Zoroark, and a secret Togepi and Swirlix because he thinks they’re cute.
  • Legendary(s): Xerneas, Yveltal. i thought it was perfect
  • Story: Akechi is a popular ace detective that strongly opposes Team Phantom. Not much is known about his background, other than that he was an orphaned child. He almost uncovers the identities of Team Phantom at a festival hosted by the district, but fortunately he didn’t. To Team Phantom’s surprise, he reveals his knowledge of the Metaverse and promptly requests they steal the heart of a corrupt prosecutor / agent of Mystic. The team allows him to aid them, but little do they know of his true identity and relation to the powerful leader of Team Rocket.

do u ever just……………..miss rowaelin like a part of u is gone, detached, broken,

being the class’s alien kinda hurts.