i know its backward

i forgot to post this back when i got it but honestly… it’s still the most ridiculous photo prompto has taken in my game

all of these broadway actors are chopping off their hair and moving on meanwhile robin de jesus is still kickin it in backwards snapbacks bless up

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And by his likes he's like a huge fan of Justin Bieber???

Every freaking hockey boy under the age of 25 is a fan of Justin Bieber for some reason

I remember when I was doing some reading for the 2016 draft, way before I knew anything about Nolan, I saw a pic of Kale Clague at a JBieber concert. And oh look, Kale’s teammate was there too

Edit: I just realized this is One Direction but there was def a JBieber thing too


Requested by: @its-another-fan-acc
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 2K
Warnings: Angst, fighting, swearing

A/N: This was longer than I anticipated, whoops!

~~Third person POV~~

The room full of scientists and agents falls silent as the cylindrical tube slowly raises, letting mist pour out. Everyone was nervous, unsure how the asset would react when defrosted, but Madam Hydra stood tall, her shoulders squared and face blank from expression.

She nods towards two agents, who tentatively step forward and unlatch the asset from the cryo chamber. The asset was starting to come to, the frost in her hair melting and her skin breaking out in goosebumps. She tries to keep herself upright, but her aching muscles made her slump against the agents, who were tense and scared.

“Prep her,” Madam Hydra barks at her agents, who nod and carry the asset off to an adjoining room. The scientists take their cue and follow suit, readying themselves for the possibility of erratic post-cryo behaviour.

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I feel like this is highly inappropriate for the situation but. Have you seen top? He fucking acts high all the time so why are all yo netizens so surprised lmao. His chair obsession….I have no words. Love u Tabi. Stay Rad.


final fantasy type-0 personality types:

№15. Rem Tokimiya (insp.)

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This one's a bit horrible, apologies. It's for a horror story. So: if I were to take a human being --possibly a child or infant-- and break bones and allow them to reset badly, disjoint and twist joints, little by little, letting things heal wrongly, perhaps even cutting tendons, over time, just how much could I twist a person up and they'll still live and be able to move around some (pain is expected)? Could I get their head facing backwards? Horrible, I know. It's not a happy thought.

Your character probably couldn’t get the victim’s head on backwards. Playing with extending flexibility like that is grotesque but all well and good, except that by rotating the head that much you’d damage the spinal cord beyond repair. 

I wish I had  more details to give you on this one, but I just don’t have any hard evidence on how far this can go before it simply kills the victim or makes them completely immobile. Sorry! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


Cause of death– Thomas Astruc admitting that he’s seen our umbrella shoot and slyly asking us to do another one

Bury me