i know its a shark

Ban Shark Fin Sales In Florida
Please ask the State of Florida to prohibit the possession, sale, trade, purchase, shipping, barter, exchange, or distribution of shark fins whether still intact as part of a whole or partial shark carcass or already dismembered; providing criminal penalties and the assessment of specified fees and costs...

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Luke Arnold:  [The shark scene] was the first time it got to be just the two of us doing a big sequence together to that extent. We definitely top that in Season 4 — there is so much Flint and Silver stuff and it gets really, really deep. There’s a lot to look forward to on that side.

Me, halfway through Season 4:

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Question for all my fellow bisexuals:

Do you also have like girl/boys phases?
Like: whooops today is a guys day or yepp , girls week definitely just started.
Like i s t h a t a c o m m o n bisexual thing or am I just an alien, i need to know??


feeling kinda icky so I made a comic to cheer myself up?

favourite scenes (1/?): you DO NOT mess with a pirate's lemons

happy birthday to my sister @zakkyun! ♥

Alsksjkshdjsjs im watching Malibu Shark Attack and???? Its so bad??? Like ok the “evil sharks” are goblin sharks and if I know anything about them its that THEY DONT LOOK LIKE THAT???? I mean they look similar but they definitely arent goblin sharks
Also goblin sharks are deep sea sharks, meaning that they’ve only ever been seen in the mesopelagic/abyssal zones of the ocean (basically the point where light can’t penetrate the water, the same zone where bioluminescent fish like the angler fish live) and they probably wouldn’t do well in any zone higher than that, as long as light can penetrate the water they aint going up any higher
Goblin sharks have needle-like teeth (again, think of the angler fish) with little hooks at the ends of them, and from behaviour we’ve been able to examine, they’re basically blind- they rely on senses like scent and touch to find prey. There is a very popular video online of a deep sea diver being “attacked” by a goblin shark, where the diver’s arm bumps the goblin shark’s bigass nose, but when it bites the diver, it can’t actually penetrate the diver - its teeth get caught in the diver’s wetsuit, and the diver actually has to help the shark get free. When it gets free it leaves him alone, realizing that he isn’t food, and the diver ends up without even a scratch.
Goblin sharks are apex predators, yes, but from what scientists know, they’re relatively docile towards humans. They’re curious and they may bite when something is sensed, and they are creepy as fuck, but they aren’t vicious man-eating creatures like the ones in Malibu Shark Attack.

The Sacrifice (G/T short story)

I understood too late.

It happened so fast, surprisingly.
After my sailboat was turned over by… something huge… and alive, I swam to the nearest land as fast as I could. I didn’t even try to get a better look at the thing, I already saw enough! Shiny green scales, moving like the waves, I don’t want to see more of this creature!

And yet… Here I am. Tied up to a tree on a small cliff above the sea, surrounded by the locals. This scene strangely seemed familiar…
And that’s when it hit me; It was like that scene in King Kong where they offered the lady to a giant gorilla!
But that’s ridiculous, there’s no giant monsters around here, right? There’s no such thing-… Oh, no.

The water started to move, turn, come up and down. And suddenly, something HUGE started to emerge.
I didn’t do anything, I was paralyzed, I couldn’t believe my eyes; it was a hand. A huge, frilled hand, covered with shiny green scales, with CLAWS.
It looked almost human, if you forgot the fact that it could easily crush me to death in a single grip, and its FISHY (forgive the pun) aspect.
And this terrifying, menacing hand, reached for the cliff, rested right in front of ME.
I felt the ground move, and heard the Earth cracking- this THING was using its hand to pull itself out of the water. But I don’t think i want to see its face…

I was screamed louder than I ever screamed before, begging the natives to free me, struggling with the ropes in a desperate attempt to break them, anything to get away from the water, as the rest of this monster emerged from the depth!
It slowly came out of the water, red long hair, green eyes, only a bunch of green scales on his pale face… A very more… “human” face than i expected, but that did not make him less scary.

The monster was now looming over me- We were staring at each other, and his shadow on me. The creature was blocking the sun, and i coud also hear water dripping from it, as well as its breathing… It was observing me, with an expression I couldn’t get very well… It seemed surprised, almost disgusted.
But I finally understood there was no escape. I stopped struggling, I was defeated, and holding back tears. Was I really going to die like this? This isn’t the end I imagined for me…

After what felt forever, The monster frowned, and turned its gaze to the locals. Was I seeing it right? It was GLARING at them! Why would it glare at them? They were offering It my life to feast on! Shouldn’t he be pleased?
Then suddenly, the creature opened its mouth, and a blood-chilling voice boomed out like thunder, yelling an angry word that made the natives run away screaming, and made me cry.
I don’t know what was scarier; the voice, or the revealing of its horrible shark-like teeth, the same teeth that were probably going to chew me alive? Either way, I couldn’t look anymore, only pray out loud for mercy.

Then I felt its nasty hand approach me, then felt the ropes being cut by its claws. But before I could do anything, the scally and wet surface curled around me tightly- I had been grabbed, and cried louder in panic.

I was going to die, right now.

The movements as I was lifted made me sick, but then… I felt myself quicky going up, then down, then no more air.
This nasty monster dived, taking me with it.
Maybe he had to eat me underwater? It didn’t matter to me anymore, I already had given up on survival at this point…. I was going to be eaten, or drowned.
Slowly, the darkness surrounded me, and my thoughts seemed to leave me…

(I will write the rest TOMORROW. Because I am very tired. It’s late.)

If we catch a criminal, there's nothing we can do 
...But play cops and robbers!

Too lazy to color this but guess who got the police suit. Awwye. All I could think of was the pink haired shark guy doing this thing so I made a thing with Exosphere doing it.