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On Heroes

heroes aren’t gods or blessed
if anything they are cursed the worst of all humans
they have the powers to transform the world
but it comes at the cost of everything they hold dear

you can’t name a hero who was happy for long
their burdens aren’t meant for smiles
and their bodies aren’t granted gentleness
for war runs through their veins as much as love does

Abby S ⇠ inspired by


Alec + jackets/outerwear in 2a


FFXV WEEK – 8/16 | DAY FOUR – Ravus Nox Fleuret
——- >>> What We Will Never Know (insp.)


#creeping creeping creeping…


It’s actually kinda sad to think about it- and I know this is kind of childish- but I mean seriously Echo is just a few years old and was forgotten for that long, idk- so I guess… he got excited to show his first creation heh-

Also a continuation/bonus (Warning: Citrus shipping Morro x Echo Zane)


Paul and Christmas were shitting on Josh earlier for being sad cuz he misses his family and then Paul’s like “He’s gonna see his family in fucking 10 days” and then Christmas is like “he’s worried about what his family is doing and if they’re struggling still” and then Paul is fucking like “in 10 days nothing’s going to happen in 10 days they won’t jump on a struggle bus”

LITTLE DO ThEir BITch asses know there’s a Cat 5 hurricane on its way to Miami and there’s a chance Josh might not have a home to go back to so