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Day 1 - Post your favourite fanart & write a small story to match :D

He supposed he should have been used to it by now.  It’s not like Kakashi ever showed up on time, so why bother?   The sun was barely out, and he could have at least gotten a few more hours of sleep before having to wake up.  Even Naruto and Sakura hadn’t shown up yet.  

Holding back a yawn he frowned and left the training grounds, since he was already up there was no point in going back home, and he couldn’t really train on an empty stomach, so turning the corner he headed for the marketplace.  

It was around the time for them to set up the stands anyway, might as well head over before the place got crowded, or worse, the fangirls started waking up.

Sasuke cursed his luck as he walked past all the different stands, looking for one in particular.  He never knew how annoying it was to go shopping.  People we’re always shouting at you to go look at and buy their things, there were tons of people regardless of how early it was, and there was no order whatsoever.  The stands we’re all scattered out randomly, so he couldn’t find the damn tomatoes anywhere!  Now he remembered why he hardly ever accompanied his mother to the marketplace as a child, and why he never frequented it now.  

Usually the fangirls would just buy him groceries or make him food and  leave it on his front porch, in hopes of winning his affections, they even had little notes attached to them.  But he never actually read them and he just threw out the food they made, who knew what they could have put in them, he kept the groceries though.  

It saved him money and his fridge and pantry were always full, he had enough food in his house to survive an entire year.  The only problem was that he had all the food he could want EXCEPT the one he actually wanted right now, and that’s why he was here, to buy some tomatoes.  If he could find the damn stall that is…

He was just about ready to give up and ask someone for help when he spotted her.  Short, petite, frail looking, and sporting what looked like a boy’s haircut.  She was talking to the girl who was in charge of the stall,  laughing at one thing or another, but Sasuke didn’t really care.  Because it wasn’t so much the girl he was looking at, but the item she held in her hand…  a tomato, right there, in it’s red and shiny glory.  

She was putting several in a bag, when he caught himself staring.  Shaking his head he immediately went their direction, already digging in his pockets for some spare change.

By the time he finally got there, the girl had already paid and left taking her generous bag of tomatoes with her, but again Sasuke didn’t care.  

Looking at the sales girl, who was blushing at his sudden appearance, he held out his hand with a hefty amount of bills in the palm of his hand.

“Bag however many tomatoes I can get for this much money.”

Nodding frantically the girl immediately started grabbing tomatoes and shoving them in a plastic bag, trying to ignore the slightly creepy way the Uchiha was eyeing the vegetable.  

She had only bagged like three when his hand shot out and grabbed her wrist, she blushed and brought her eyes up to look at the boy making sure to bat her eyelashes.  Only to find him looking, not at her, but the tomato in her hand?

“What is this?”, he asked her slowly.

Watching uneasily as he stared at the tomato in her hand, she answered him hesitantly, “It’s a…  tomato Sasuke-kun”

“You call this a tomato?”, he almost growled.  And the next thing she knew he was digging through the bag and the ones they had out on display, pulling out and inspecting each tomato with a glare.  His frown getting deeper and deeper with each discolored or squishy tomato that found it’s way onto his hand.  

Taking a particularly ugly looking one into his hand he brought it to her face, “Where are all the good ones?”

Seeing his less than pleased look she began to panic, “I-I’m sorry Sasuke-kun but it was my stupid little brother, he accidentally dropped this batch-

"I’m going to ask you one more time”, he frowned, “Where are all your good tomatoes”

Looking at the shaking girl, Sasuke almost felt bad, but he was tired and hungry, and he needed his tomato fix now!  He was growing impatient, and she wasn’t helping him at all right now…

Finally gathering enough courage, the girl looked off to her right, where Sasuke recalled her earlier customer had gone.

“I think Hyuuga-san might have them all.  She bought some earlier and she didn’t seem displeased with her purchase”, she turned to Sasuke with a smile only to find the Uchiha gone.  Blinking she turned and found said boy already running off in the same direction her mousy customer had.


Spotting her weaving her way through the growing marketplace, Sasuke nearly let out a shout of joy, and sped up to catch up with her, shoving his way through the crowd.  But as he nearly lost her for the third time he had to grudgingly admit she had good footwork, watching the way she gracefully spun out of the way of yet another villager, while he was once again clipped on the shoulder by some random person.  

Finally emerging from the mess of bodies he barely caught her just turning a corner.  He tried once again to catch her but found that every time he got close enough she always seemed out of reach, did she know he was chasing after her?  

Fed up with this game of cat and mouse, Sasuke tried shouting to catch her attention.

“Hey you, stop!”

Not even a glance back.  

“Girl with the tomatoes!”

Sasuke cursed himself for not knowing her name, he recognized her as that one girl with the white eyes, the hyuuga girl who liked his idiot teammate.  She had graduated with their class too, but he was so busy training to be strong to avenge his clan, and avoiding his stupid fangirls, that he never really noticed her with everything else going on.  

Gritting his teeth he tried again, “Hyuuga!”

Catching the way her shoulders seemed to tense up and how her steps slowed down the slightest bit she seemed to have heard that time, but apparently dismissing it as nothing, she kept going regardless.  But that moment she faltered was all that Sasuke needed as he caught her by the arm.

“Finally!  Do you know how long-”, he found his words caught in his throat when he found large white eyes looking into his.  Actually, they weren’t white but a really really light lavender color, huh go figure…


Hinata was silently panicking to herself as she stared back into the Uchiha’s dark eyes, her arm still in his grip.  She was just on her way home from the marketplace when she heard him.  She knew she should have turned around when she heard him call out to her, and it was mean of her to ignore him, but the Uchiha just scared her so much!  

He was always so quiet and always so mean to the girls in their class, and he always either had a frown on his face or was glaring.  Seeing him do it to others, she knew she never wanted to be on the receiving end of the boy’s glare.  

But looking up at him now, he wasn’t glaring at her.  No, he was just staring at her, and not saying a word.  It was slightly creepy and it made her stomach feel funny.  After another ten seconds of this went by, Hinata suddenly wished he was glaring at her instead.




“Ano Sasuke-kun?”


Hearing the smaller girl shout his name snapped him out of whatever stupor he was in, raising an eyebrow at her blushing face he asked her, “Why are you shouting?”

If possible her blush only got darker, spreading down to her neck, and disappearing behind her headband.  Sasuke found himself wondering how far down it actually went, but catching himself he turned firm black eyes to look at her, only to look away quickly lest he make the same mistake again and get sidetracked.  Instead his eyes fell on the bag in her other hand.

Reaching over he took it and started ruffling through the bag, his eyes lighting up at its contents, ripe tomatoes without any discolorations and the right amount of squishiness.  They were perfect!

They looked so good he could practically feel his mouth watering…

Free from his grasp and with his attention away from her, Hinata found herself free to gaze at the Uchiha. Watching curiously as he gazed hungrily, almost longingly, at the tomatoes in the bag.  He looked like a little kid being presented with a bag of candy, except in Sasuke’s case, it was a bag of tomatoes.

She found the whole thing quite funny, and dare she say… cute?  

Hinata blushed at the thought, glad that he was so busy with his tomatoes to notice her.  Banishing all thoughts of the Uchiha being cute to the back of her head she turned her attention back to the boy, who was still busy staring at the vegetable, and felt a small smile grace her lips. He must really like tomatoes…

“Ano you can have them if you like”, she offered quietly, but got no response, blushing she tried to be a little louder the second time only to gasp at finding them suddenly nose to nose, with Sasuke squinting at her suspiciously.

“Are you a fangirl?”

She blushed, looking a bit horrified at the accusation.  He found it amusing, refreshing, and maybe a little insulting, that she was so against the idea.  

Feeling like a little retribution for his ego though he couldn’t help but ask, “Oh that’s right, you like the dobe don’t you?”

She only turned a darker shade of red, and he had to roll his eyes, but smirked satisfied with her reaction, so he decided to lay off and get to the matter at hand.

“Whatever, if you’re not a fangirl then why give me this?”, he asked her gesturing to the large bag.  He knew he should just take her up on her offer and be on his way, it was that simple, too easy.  He didn’t get it, there had to be some catch.  I mean, who in their right mind would give up a bag of tomatoes for nothing in return?  He wouldn’t, that’s for sure…

She didn’t seem to understand his question so he tried again, “What’s the catch, Hyuuga?”


He opened his mouth to speak when his stomach suddenly growled.  Feeling her doe like eyes turn to look at him curiously, Sasuke felt his face heat up against his own will, frowning he dug into his right pocket and took out some money.

“Here take it”, he held out what money he had in his pocket to her.

Ignoring the curious looks and whispers of the bystanders around them, this all did look pretty sketchy, blushing Hinata only shook her head and pushed his hand away, using both of her hands to close his fingers around the money.

“Just take them, for free.  It’s okay, I don’t even like tomatoes that much anyway.”

The gesture surprised him, as well as her admission.  But feeling her small fingers enclosed over his own hand caused the blush to reappear on his pale face, and the smile she gave him made all his thoughts come to a halt.  

Was this girl, serious?

“What…  what do you like then?”, he asked her, unable to find anything else to say.  Her answer surprised him.

“Cinnamon rolls.”

Not so much her answer, since he figured someone like her would have a sweet tooth, but it was the way she didn’t even hesitate with her answer.  He didn’t see it coming at all, but from how fast her hands had left his hand to cover her mouth, she hadn’t seen it coming either apparently.  

“A-ano, what I meant to say-”



It definitely wasn’t his kind of food, but whatever, it’s not like he was the one eating it…

Smirking he pocketed his money, and without another word to her, left in the direction of the training grounds.  Leaving the stunned Hyuuga to blink owlishly, wondering what had just happened, as she watched him go…


The next day, the lavender eyed heiress was surprised to find a large basket on her doorstep.  Looking curiously at it she had no idea where or who it could’ve come from, but it wasn’t until she picked it up and the smell hit her nose that she knew what it was.

“Cinnamon rolls!”, she gasped, delighted.  Just the smell made her mouth water.  Peeling back the cover to take a peek, and to confirm her assumptions, she knew her eyes were twinkling when they fell on the icing covered pastries.

Hugging the precious package to her chest, and instantly thinking of a certain Uchiha, Hinata felt herself blush as a small smile settled itself onto her face.  

“Thank you Sasuke-kun.”

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Hello, can you please write this aokaga thingie: they have exams and haven't seen each other in a month, so one day when aomine surprise visit his boyfriend to find him sprawled on the floor surrounded by multiple books and notes and papers but what turned aomine on were the glasses kagami was wearing he didn't know about them! and so he tells him "hurry up and finish, I wanna fuck you with your glasses on" Actually this was a dream I had, it's the first time I dream about aokaga.

Kagami in glasses is A++ nonnie, I hope you like this! ~

Daiki hated exams. He hated that he had to study, that Satsuki automatically became thrice as annoying as usual, that he had to give a damn about his grades so he could get into his dream college because apparently, to qualify for their sports scholarship, a minimum grade in high school was necessary. He basically hated all the effort he had to put in. Daiki didn’t really have a choice though.

But now, he hated it for a whole different reason as well- it meant he couldn’t meet his boyfriend Kagami. And he never thought one whole month apart would make him miss the red haired bastard so much. They occasionally texted back and forth, along with the sporadic phone calls once in a while, but they were both busy with last minute cramming, and they were forbidden from meeting each other, courtesy Riko and Momoi. Maybe it was for the best, but one whole month without Kagami had been more difficult to endure than Daiki had first realised.

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