i know it's super dumb

i cant sleep cus im scared of having nightmares so im thinking about. mcelroy stuff Invading hogwarts. like i know that no one at all likes harry potter anymore but listen. listen.

one muggleborn summons their patronus and its ja’am and 4 others fucking lose it crying and singing “BACKPACK FOR HIS APPLESAUCE, BACKPACK WHERE HE KEEPS HIS APPLESAUCE” , another kid summons a shrimp and theres suddenly a cry of SHRIMP! HEAVEN! NOW!

they hear about hogsmeade for the first time and they always refer to it as just fantasy costco [all visits are filled with silly garfield the deals warlock voices in every store. all of them. they almost get banned on their first trip bc its in Every Fucking Store]

they ask mcgonagall abt having dogs and she says “no dogs are allowed in hogwarts, it’s too dangerous” and its so stupid but theyre trying so hard not to lose it because no dogs on the moving stairs, they just run right off the damn things 

im sorry i know its super silly and dumb but . special interests 


hereby presenting: Team “Endlessly gossiping about what the hell is up with the rest of our crew (also spada’s here. someone please save him.)”

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anonymous asked:

i know its super dumb but uh is it okay for just anyone to add you on the animal crossing thing? i wanna make sure i didnt misunderstand and end up making anyone uncomfortable


original text: hey, no worries!! don’t feel bad for checking, i always have the same worries. anyone can add me! let’s have fun together!!!

Guys. Would you hate me if I got a Doodle? 


every westallen scene ever (45/?)

one time at my uni there was an unexpectedly rainy day but I had my umbrella with me and I ended up being late for class because I was walking girls to and from classes for like twenty minutes

New plan: I’m gonna carve my own bill out of stone