i know it's super dumb

Y'all I’m super happy you’ve got requests for me! Like? Some of these are really cute just?
Even if artists, like me, offer to take requests and are happy to, doesn’t mean y'all can treat us like some servant.
I’m sure it’s no one’s intention but y'all always phrase your “requests” like:

“Draw this and this!”
“Do this and this!”

Or, my all time favorite:

“This and this.”

No “Hey, could you[…?]
"Hey! If it’s not too much trouble?”
“Hey, I really like your art and it would make me happy if you could draw […]!”

I know I’m being whiny right now but it’s just something that bothers me personally a bit.
I’m over reacting, I know just.
Well, ah, aim sorry.

decided that Sophia from my Class fics is Sophia Victoria Spencer, as a tiny little tribute to Deborah Watling

jason and nico being so stupidly close and intimate, always hanging all over each other and holding hands and shit, that everyone thinks they’re dating :’>

like literally everyone legitimately thinks jason and piper must have broken up (and neither of them said anything so maybe it’s still a sore subject so no one else is bringing it up either??) and that jason’s just with nico now. and piper’s totally aware of it but A) she’s confident enough in her relationship that she doesn’t feel threatened by the misunderstanding and B) it’s honestly hilarious so she’s just waiting for jason and nico to catch on

(and they have literally no idea, they just hang out all the time and jason treats nico like a human teddy bear and nico tries to act like he hates it but he actually loves it and the truth of that matter is literally a secret to absolutely no one but him)

one time at my uni there was an unexpectedly rainy day but I had my umbrella with me and I ended up being late for class because I was walking girls to and from classes for like twenty minutes

New plan: I’m gonna carve my own bill out of stone