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YEEESSS!!!! **loudly loving and appreciating girlfriends INTENSIFIES**


drew these EXACTLY a month ago…. (26th march) didnt upload them so i thought i might… cuz i suck today lol

100+ FOLLOW FOREVER!! ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

Hi… I don’t really know how to operate these sorts of things, but I just want to jump right in and say that I am so thankful for all my loyal followers, and that the start of my 2017 here has been an absolute blessing. I’ve only had this blog since December 2016, and well.. It’s hard for me to gain attention because I don’t really seek it out. I tend to stay undercover, not out in the midst of crowding, popular blogs. I apologize for how much of a mess my blog is, but I still want to thank all of you guys for sticking through with me and being dolls. You’ve all made this possible for me, and hopefully in a little while I can reach my next milestone.

Anyway it’s time for me to show my love towards you all. I’m just going to be tagging my mutuals and friends in separate places… in alphabetical order and under the “keep reading” tab so it doesn’t clog up anyone’s feed. I’m sorry if I don’t follow you back, just know that I love and appreciate you. You are just as important here, because everyone matters! I’m so happy with all the notifs I get from y’all.

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abrazarlo si me extrañas
y voy a pensar en ti
nos reuniremos en nuestros sueños 

@leojiweek day7: GuangHong learns Spanish/Teddy Bears
GuangHong’s Substitute (aka 2.0 from day6)
(thank you @puppybek for helping me with the Spanish!)

Yuri on Ice Opening + History Maker Remix

For @fencer-x for putting up with my subpar Japanese and the anxiety I cause for myself because of it

Please allow a few minutes for it to load  (-m-)


Nivin Pauly + his unfortunate singing escapade
ft. Dulquer Salmaan cracking up on the side

anonymous asked:

do you have any pet peeves?

so this is kinda out of nowhere and probs not what u expected but. the mistreatment of betta fish pisses!!!me!!!!off!!! like putting them in these tiny little bowls or vases for ~aesthetic~ is not cute or quirky it’s!!!abuse!!!!

like this. is not. CUTE. THATS WAY TOO FUCKING SMALL. just bc betta are hardy fish who can survive through a lot does not mean they are happy or healthy surviving this way. betts are probably one of the most mistreated fish and it makes me sad,bc theyre pretty and bc they can survive in small spaces, people think they’re decoration. I get that its hard having them in a bigger tank bc they fight with other fish, but that doesnt mean they deserve such tiny cramped spaces. All those tiny tanks they sell at stores as “betta tanks” and the tiny containers they keep them in make me so mad. 

THIS is what a betta tank should look like. They’re fish that came from rice fields, they’re used to wide open spaces. i know it may seem like a waste to get a tank this big for just one fish, but even just a 2 gallon tank would be better than those tiny ass little bowls. (but still not recommended) 

And also!! just because they can survive w/o eating for longish amounts of time or in dirty ass water for a long time does not mean!!! they should!! take care of ya goddamn pets

please, if u have or are considering buying a betta, please do research and take care of them properly

Inktober - Day 17

It’s possible that Yuuri stubbornly learned en pointe just so everyone knows that he can do it


Hello everyone, this is my annual follow forever! This is my third year being a part of the Beatles fandom and I cant believe the growth I’ve seen over those years. I want to give a shout out to everyone I follow and to all of my mutuals for keeping this fandom alive! Below is a list of my favorite blogs, I would like to give all of them a special thanks for keeping my dash so beautiful this year!

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Bee ♡ Lake  ♡ Haley ♡  Mik

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I had every intention of posting up pictures of my Moonlight Falls makeover this week, but then I decided that I just *had* to edit this cornice fencing by Awesims first. When I started, I primarily just wanted to add a fourth channel, improve the mapping, and lighten the base texture, but I ended up completely tearing apart the mesh and doing a whole bunch of little fix-ups to it. So far I’ve corrected most of the in-game flickering problems, evened out the irregular spacing of the dentil molding bits, repaired the squashed tiling on various pieces of the mesh, remade both the base texture and the mask, and re-meshed the end post so it looks nice and uniform from all sides. I still have some texture work left to do, but before I get to that I need to figure out how to make a fence tile seamlessly. So far that has completely thrown me for a loop, but I’m going to keep poking at it this weekend. :)