i know it's silly to joke about this

@i-just-wanna-be-a-superhero answered your question “@reasonable people why does the joke about “red shirts” being the ones…”

If you say security officer it makes sense that they die. If you say “Red Shirt” you implied that the cause of their death is the color, which obviously illogical, besides it creates a “code” for trekkies only, you laugh to say I know the reference.

I mean yeah i get its just a joke and silly short hand. Idk i just personally dont find it all that funny + its not really true so its just kinda grating. idk if i would say its a trekkies only thing either like that joke is everywhere i bet people who have never seen a single episode would get it. so its not even really an /in joke/ just this vaguely comical thing that everyone says all the time for what seems to me like no reason. idk no judgement if you think its fun or anything i just dont get the appeal

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Change is going to happen, to some degree and all of that is normal but it just seems like he takes on the douchebag persona and doesn't know where the joke ends. I really hate feeling this way about him, because I loved his silliness and fun caring personality, which is still there, but there's so much to get passed to get to it now. I like sticking it out until the bitter end but this is getting close and now I only selectively support him which isn't at all what I wanted.

I agree with that. Its gonna hit him pretty hard one day and thats gonna be a tough vlog to watch. This isnt what i wanted to happen when i joined the fandom but i will always support him. I havent really watched a video in three months but im still subscribed. He just seems to ignore things until the problem is too far gone to fix more efficiently.

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Throwing shade is a pretty self explanatory expression, I think I got it. But I also think a lot of people around here are misinterpreting HAO's tweet. There's a big difference between throwing shade and telling your fans that you're going to work hard to overcome an obstacle. I'm not even particularly a HAO fan but I think it's silly to insinuate that Jill would somehow know or care what she tweets about regardless. And I also think it's shitty to be so demeaning to anons.

ok bud, lets do it your way, yes it is obvious hao meant something by that tweet and its easier for us on tumblr to joke about it (i’ll never forget the hour after syd’s pregnancy announcement) 

but she was ~throwing shade~ by which i mean that she digged that tweet to show how she was miles above the other players and still got cut and that she will do her best to comeback to the team, and she obviously didnt tag jill or ussoccer or anyone because that’s how shade works its indirect, she’s a 30yo professional woso player with olympics and wc under her belt she just wouldnt whine on social media

so just take the tweet as it is because it clearly hit its mark since it has close to 1k notes on tumblr

started to miss you yesterday. i don’t even know why

its rare for me to honestly laugh as anyones jokes. i tend to smile or pretend that someones joke is funny to keep the situation light/ not awkward. but it never happened when i was with you. you and your stupid silly jokes

i miss cuddling with you and talking to each other about how our day went

i miss being normal with you