i know it's silly to joke about this

Can we stop making jokes about bullying

Bullying is actually really fucking traumatizing to some people, and its not fun or silly, its terrible and scary. It makes you think you’re worthless, or kill yourself. It can even take years to recover from

I’m glad people are spreading the message that joking about rape is bad, but I want to see the same about bullying too

Please reblog this, even if you aren’t a bullying victim. I’ve never seen any posts about this so I want people to know

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It's interesting to see different people's perspective... All the other posts on my dash say the panel was terrible cuz they treated Misha like shit, didn't show a gag reel, didn't drag Singer or Dabb for shock value deaths, and didn't talk about Cas. I haven't actually seen the panel so I don't know, but why do you say it's a Misha appreciation panel?

they joke about that misha is gone etc because CLEARLY he’s back. then they joke around some more generally, the crowd go wild for misha and cas, j2 are silly but appreciative, jensen freaking snuggles misha onstage, jared acknowledges he was due for a prank from misha on twitter, JARED SAYS THAT THE LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN THEM IS REAL AND THEY LOVE EACH OTHER, bob singer GIVES UP HIS CHAIR for misha.

yes generally it wasn’t amazing as singer and jared wouldn’t stop talking or let anyone get a word in edgeways for a lot of it but to me it was great. YES they could be sweeter, more clear in their love but really, theyre grown guys who all rib each other all the time and misha plays along and ribs them back.

It’s great.

So I’m gonna share this story, because I think it’s pretty enlightening on what simple research can do to make seemingly “silly” orientations make sense, as well as just how bad misconstructions and oversimplifications of these identities can be.

I had been seeing a lot of memes about being fraysexual and people crassly claiming it’s when you want to “fuck strangers” and no one else. Unfortunately, I took this first definition at face value, and assumed it was one of those joke identities like “chungosexual” that people were taking seriously. But then I saw actual pride flags, and got a bit confused, and even for a second kind of questioned the validity of such a thing existing.

What do you think I did next? Do you think I went on a rant about “the MOGAIs” about how they’re taking things too far this time? No.

I looked up the term. I looked up some experiences of people who consider themselves fraysexual. I tried to understand.

And what did I get from that? A greater knowledge of this identity I originally thought was a silly joke, and a belief in its validity and need for a pride flag.

For those who don’t know, fraysexual is when you feel sexual or romantic attraction, but once you start actually getting close to the person you’re attracted to, said attraction begins to dissipate. It’s also an aspec identity.

Pretty huge fucking difference between that and “I wanna fuck strangers.”

All I mean by this is that if you really take more than a second to try to understand these identities (without just dismissing them because you can’t be bothered to try to engage in critical thinking about these things), you’ll realize there’s a lot more nuance to these identities than you think.

our posts about jim kirk are really funny but! at the same time idk i feel like the Softness and Mess of him gets to this weird exaggerated point where yall make it seem like he needs a literal baby sitter and its like! yall! hes a star ship captain like i get that a lot of them rely on exaggeration for comedy and like, ive been guilty of this too but its still like hes a goddamn genius and he loves and takes his job very seriously so sometimes i see posts and its just like,,, hes not literally five, even if he does like to have fun, he knows how to take care of himself, hes been through a lot, and frankly the most valid hes not taking care of himself thing comes from his sense of duty to the job before even the health of himself so idk yall. idk. im not saying stop making funny posts about silly jim kirk bc i live for them and i do think hes silly and occasionally a Mess, but at the same time theres this very prevalent joke of “jim kirk has 1000 bad ideas” when hes the youngest starfleet captain for a Reason

This is absolutely disgusting. This has got to stop. When will people learn that idols are people too. They aren’t just some object that you can defile any time you feel like it. I don’t care how many followers you have or if you think you’re a someone special because a famous youtuber follows you. This is wrong. If you would have just posted it to your account I would have thought it was gross and then just moved on, but you actually had the audacity to tag Monsta X’s official instagram account. Where were you when they taught basic manners and courtesy? How were you raised that you think this is okay to tag them in? These idols aren’t you friends on a personal level. You don’t have the right to do this. “Fans” (I use the term loosely here since I don’t consider people who disrespect artists like this true fans) like you are what makes it hard for other fans to be able to enjoy their faves. If people keep doing this and other disrespectful things to idols just like what happened with BamBam on Twitter, idols will stop doing this type of fan service and real fans chances to interact with their idols will get taken away. Don’t be the bad apple that ruins it for the whole group. All I’m saying is 1.) Don’t disrespect an idol to their faces by calling them daddy in public 2.) Don’t disrespect an idol at a concert or fanmeet because you didn’t get picked to be paired with your favorite member (Seriously grow up. Thank your lucky stars you not only got to go to a fanmeet, but that you got chosen to interact with any of them whether they are your bias or not. If you can’t do that then sit down because plenty of fans would love to take your place.)  3.) Don’t ask for other members on an idols solo vlive or any type of broadcast. It’s rude and can hurt their feelings. If you don’t want to see that member then don’t watch. 4.) Don’t demand that your idols speak in your language. These idols have fans on multiple continents. If you want them to speak your language then they would have to learn everyone’s and that’s not realistic. We have wonderful fans who spend hours translating videos and messages in a ton of different languages without being asked. Enjoy their hard work and thank them. 5.) Don’t send lewd pictures or videos like the one above to an idol’s official sns. Its tasteless and gross. 6.) Don’t make fun of an idol or the way they look or dress on an sns you know they are active on. Idols are humans too and have the same feelings you and I do. We all joke and talk about our biases and none of us are innocent of making suggestive or silly comments. But keep it on your private sns or in your group chats and tags and don’t for the love of God tag the group in it. Have some class, it’s that simple. Common courtesy is a thing. Learn it. Live it.

Cooking Shenanigans

A/N: (Y/S/N) = Your sister’s name. Also, the pun used in here was one I actually heard in real life.

Character: Harry

Warning(s): None

(I got the GIF from this post, but not sure if the person who uploaded it is the owner of it. If you know, please do let me know!)

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I call BULLSHIT on the people that are saying that a name change for Mary Jane isnt a big deal because she’s still “MJ”. 

You would all be burning Marvel Studios down if Peter Parker ended up Paul Palmer the popular rich jock, who doesn’t know jack shit about science but he can crack a joke so all good aye. 

Why does Peter get to stay basically Peter but we need a “fresh new take” on Mary Jane. 

I love Peter but if Mary Jane is old and boring then so is he. 

Its silly and stupid and messy. Why was the point? What is so wrong with Mary Jane that we need to not only change her name but her personally too?

I get needing to make changes for Movie adaptions but Marvel themselves where talking about getting Peter right because previous movies had gone to far in one direction. They wanted a more witty, smart mouthed, jokey Peter or Spider-man i should say, a spider-man closer to the comics right?  Then why did we go in the opposite direction for Mary Jane? Why rather then try to capture a more faithful adaption of MJ with maybe a few changes for a modern movie we get a hybrid MJ that isnt really MJ?

Of course this going on the belief that the rumors are correct and Michelle is MJ. Which honestly why would they nickname Michelle MJ then introduce another character nicknamed MJ too. That’d just confuse the hell out of regular viewers.

Not to mention the super suspicious “There is no character by the specific name” quote. Of course there is no Mary Jane but there is a Michelle who is called MJ. So they can go “oh hohoho we got ya didn’t we? We said no MARY JANE but we didn’t say no MJ”. Zendaya can also say “I said I wasnt playing Mary Jane and I’m not, I’m playing Michelle aka MJ, not Mary Jane.

I’m still hoping its all just a tease or something to mess with fans. I still going to hold out hope that things be explained and turn out well but if Michelle is hybrid MJ then what in insult to such a important and iconic Spider-man character. At least let her keep her fucking name jfc.

top 10 ships: part 1

Top 10 Ships | Ship 1
Trimberly (Trini ___ x Kimberly Hart)
 -  Saban’s Power Rangers

who is more likely to hurt the other?
- i think kimberly definitely has a tendency to say hurtful things to trini that she doesnt think would be mean but they are. but i also feel like trini might hurt kim sometimes, definitely not as much though. obviously kim would be extremely sorry and would apologize in a multitude of ways ;)

who is emotionally stronger?
- i think kimberly is because its easier for her to express her feelings while trini keeps them all bottled up, so occasionally she just breaks and lets it all out in an unhealthy way.

who is physically stronger?
- they are both extremely strong because of their ranger abilities, and from what i know they are all on the same level so they’re both strong

who is more likely to break a bone?
- both. that ranger training is tough fam

who knows best what to say to upset the other?
- i think trini definitely knows how to push kim’s buttons and i think kim accidentally says things she doesnt mean. 

who is most likely to apologize first after an argument?
- you know trini is so stubborn that i bet kim waits for a little bit for trini to apologize but then when she doesnt kim just says oh well and apologizes first

who treats who’s wounds more often?
- trini is always taking special care of kim because kim will let her. trini doesn’t like people having to take care of her, so most of the time she tries not to let kim help her but kim usually ends up doing it anyway

who is in constant need of comfort?
- both, but i think kim is more of a touchy feely girlfriend and always wants to have some sort of physical contact with trini, whether that be holding hands, having her hand on trini’s leg, letting trini run her fingers through kims hair (or vice versa) etc. and trini is happy to oblige

who gets more jealous?
- i think trini gets jealous when people flirt with kim more often, but kim is vocal about being jealous while trini isnt. like if kim sees a girl flirting with trini she’ll immediately walk up and kiss trini really hard and say “heY GUYS IM KIMBERLY TRINI’S HOT ASF GIRLFRIEND HOW ARE YOU” and trini just laughs

who’s most likely to walk out on the other?
- i think trini is less confrontational than kimberly is, so if the argument gets heated i could see trini just leaving in the middle of it. but she always comes back and just hugs kim

who will propose?
- kim probably would think she would have to because trini is too stubborn, but i bet trini would plan out this big proposal and kim wouldnt expect it but it would be so cute

who has the most difficult parents?
- definitely trini.

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public?
- i think it depends. like i said kim is touchy feely, so she just likes to hold trini’s hand all the time. but trini holds kims hand when she is nervous or sad or excited, pretty much whenever she feels any extreme emotion

who comes to see the other all the time?
- kim is always texting trini late at night and asking her to come over because thats kim and because kims parents are more lenient than trinis

who hogs the blankets?
- kim but trini just cuddles up as close as she can

who gets more sad?
- i think kim gets sadder easier but when trini lets out her emotions its like really intense

who is better at cheering the other up?
- they both know exactly how to cheer the other one up

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?
- kim is always slapping trini because she jokes with zack

who is more streetwise?
- kim is more streetwise at school. she knows the ins and outs of surviving and popularity and about all the cliques. trini is street smart in that she knows about the world.

who is more wise?
- probably trini. she’s deep.

who’s the shyest?
- trini obv.

who boasts about the other more?
- i think they both boast about each other. trini is definitely insanely surprised that her girlfriend is kimberly fucking hart, so she’s always talking about kim. kim is really proud of her sexuality so she always talks about her girlfriend.

who sits on who’s lap?
- kim sits on trini’s lap (bc kimberly ann hart is a top). but i could see it going the other way too


This was funnier in my head??? Basically Leorio gives Killua a Lolcat shirt as a joke (or maybe revenge for yelling about memes???) and Killua decides to make his shirt punk and cool. 

No one actually wanted him to wear it. 

Mean while Alluka is embarrassed her brother is such a nerd. 

edit: this is partially the fault of this and discussing said post with optimisticduelist. 8’) Really did I need any more excuses to put Killua in a lolcat shirt???

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tbh the most prevalent headcanon thats 100% not canon i have seen and the one that annoys me the most is that the mirthful messiahs are a common religion on alternia when at its introduction it was described as a rather obscure cult, which means its probobly not even on scientology level of everyone knows of it even if most peopel treat it as a joke, definately not a "every purpleblood or subjug is one" thing

i think it’s kind of silly to try and say ‘not every subjug is part of the clown religion’ when subjugglator literally a portmanteau of ‘subjugate’ and ‘juggalo,’ and that 90% of the clown cult’s lore is just bastardised juggalo religion

the fact is that hussie’s inconsistent about certain specific aspects of his alternia worldbuilding. it’s true that gamzee’s religion is referred to as rather obscure at one point, but the “Highbloods” who run land dweller society are referred to synonymously with the “subjugglators” (read: clown cultists) who do the same thing. the head highblood is the most blatantly clown dude you’ll ever see. it’s clear that subjugglators have a LOT of influence in the land dweller world, and the natural space for that influence to reside is in the highest land dwelling caste.

see also: the major plot point where the Condesce deliberately put juggalos at the head of the US government as part of her plot for world domination on B2 earth.

it’s worth remembering also that Hussie intended purplebloods to be rare; so even if every single purpleblood, down to the one, was a subjugglator, people would still think the cult was obscure. in the same way that Hussie initially told us that rainbow drinkerism was a completely unheard of phenomenon, but then made it pretty clear that it was a Jadeblood Thing. i consider the subjugglator cult to be a sort of illuminati type thing; they’re in control of the government, and those that aren’t already indoctrinated into the cult when they enter the government (the Highblood council) are forced to join lest they lose their rank. it’s pretty important that the clown cult does keep a large presence in the Highblood council, too, because Lord English needs to keep his influence over the people.

truthfully, the only indication we ever get that Gamzee’s cult is obscure is in the one line in his introduction, where Hussie clearly hadn’t thought about the role he wanted juggalos to play in the story. every other mention of them implies they’re pretty prevalent, and I think people only focus on that small line in particular because they don’t want to admit Alternia’s a stupid planet where clowns run the parliament.

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Hey. I don't know if you're thinking the same thing i am but...Maybe Jack wont be able to do anything with Chase because he was only a joke. Its the same with Jackaboy man. its very silly and NOT very serious character that would be hard to take seriously.. He would have to make Signe but the mom and what kids would he use? Everyone is so ready for Chase to find his kids again but how would he even pull this off? hahaha i don't think Jack was prepared for ALL the egos to be talked about at once.

I agree that he wasn’t at all prepared for how well Chase and Jackaboy Man took off.

But at the same time, I know he’s got some oomph to him and knows exactly what he’s doing and what he’s going to do with Chase.

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Why is femme/butch not allowed to evolve? people used futch to describe themselves because it resonated with them, albeit a new term and one that originated from a joke. I don't know why people aren't allowed to call themselves that.

If it was a silly new thing people called themselves that had no relation to butch/femme, then who cares. But as a term that relies on a butch/femme scale (which is not an accurate way of understanding butch/femme) for its placement, it is not just silly but literally implies untrue things about what butch/femme and women who see themselves through that lens are- this is why I consider it harmful rather than just silly, though obviously I don’t personally control what people call themselves. Its foundation is a misreading of the concept of butch/femme identity and community.

It’s honestly not the biggest deal to me but there’s your answer.

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Leela! my queen! i love your analyses so so much! ive been thinking about a little moment in the festive ditl where they are randomly predicting each other futures and joking around, phil says "you're gonna have dreams" and dan says "you're gonna have sex" was this a form a flirting? or were they just being silly, i have so many thoughts, cuz like its kinda represents their personalities, idk if im making sense but i would love to know ur thoughts on it! <3

omg you kind angel thank youuuuuu. hahah that part of festive ditl is so funny!!!! well i mean i think everything they do is a bit flirty so let’s just clear that up to begin with. but also, in this case they were reading the words off of that wheel! i don’t think a lot of people realize that? it’s really hard to see clearly bc of the lighting but under each segment there is a word written! here are some screenshots: 

as you can see there are words written in each little segment. right above dan’s arm it says “dreams” then on the right you can see “partnerships” “health” “duty” and “drama.” the one that says “sex” is literally impossible to see even with just contrast turned up as i did in that screenshot so i did some weird funky editing to make it a tiny bit easier: 

sorry if you already knew all this btw but i didn’t see it until like my fiftieth rewatch of this video so i just thought i would share it in case some people didn’t know! so yes, it’s not just the first thing that occurred to dan’s brain to say–he’s just reading it off of the wheel. that being said i think it’s still a pretty flirty interaction because dan kind of moves his hand to point to sex specifically and then obvi giggles at phil in that cute way right afterwards and then theres a v glaring jump cut so ??? ? ya. draw ur own conclusions people

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i mean, dude, to be fair, people didn't know it was a halloween joke at first. and the dialogue for it implies that the reason why all the dads are single is the cult leader's doing, and that he's feeding off of their sexual energy? which. idk, yeah, it is a little silly now that we know it's a halloween joke, but god, i can't blame people for being angry, can you?

i don’t but again, i just think its weird i was under the impression from the way people talk about that it was a was a really despicably homophobic game & only just found out the whole discussion was centered around a scrapped treehouse of horror style joke

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[Finally gonna ask for a legendary matchup~] I'm an ENFP Taurus with long brown hair and blue eyes, and my generic face is me looking clueless. I hate small talk, and would prefer silence than talk about pointless things like the weather. Most of my relationships haven't lasted long, because people take things way too quickly. ('I love you' after our second date.) I always appreciate music, especially something soft like a ballad! I'm at an average height, but love wearing heels to seem taller.

what’s this?? ams is getting to this one before she Gets Some Sleep? yes!!

hope you like it💛 also what do you mean “legendary”?? i still remember the one you gave me, thank you!

[matchups are closed!]

I match you with…Jumin!

  • not just cause your pic ok, listen, i got you
  • but because you guys are honestly really compatible??
  • your talks are never about stuff like small talk, y’all get into it
  • like 55% of the time, they’re deep talks. important ones. late night ones. too early morning ones
  • but the other 45% you guys are silly! its really cute
  • the amount of inside jokes you two have is Incredible
  • and you two have comfortable silences
  • the two of you go at your own pace, im proud 
  • jumin thinks ‘i love you’s are important and you really gotta know someone
  • so it takes more than two dates lol
  • but its more meaningful and you know he’s Serious
  • listen i bet you $20 that jumin sang a ballad to you at some point
  • it was early in the morning, the first thing you woke up to 
  • him playing with your hair, singing, then looking down at you, straight into your eyes 
  • wow ok where did that come from ams
  • you like heels?? he’s Got You
  • all the heels you’d like, love. all kinds of styles and colors
  • he loves how empowered you look and lives to make you feel empowered 

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You know what I like about Tomdaya. They laugh and have fun together. It's all smiles. They crack jokes on one another, but that's foreplay to them. They argue over little things in interviews like wearing boots or slide ins on a plane. You can tell that they really just enjoy being in one another's company. Z just wants a guy who is nice and makes her laugh. I'm happy she has it in Tom. I'm happy Tom found a young known celeb like him in Z who he found to be down to earth and silly like him.

Her top two requirements were, as she said during that Essence interview, he needs to be nice and funny…….How many times has she said Tom was a GOOD person? She even liked a tweet that said “Tom is literal sunshine”. And she always laughs pretty much at anything he says, lol, like watch that post-LSB thing they did together, she was laughing at even the non-funny stuff and others in the comments noticed. Not only she finds him funny but she finds him extra funny because of her feelings towards him…….So, yeah, he checks both of her requirements.

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Do you think the kaibaman card was requested/commissioned by Kaiba? Or a joke Pegasus played on him? I'm torn because it's clearly an homage to Kaiba, but one could easily say it's a parody. And I'm not sure how Kaiba himself would react especially if he didn't commission it specifically. If Kaiba and Pegasus have reached a truce by this time, I'm inclined to believe it was a silly yet harmless joke. But you never know, maybe Kaiba wanted his own card xD seems like something he'd do actually

I have the best anons.

Guys look at this epic question omg.

I went back and forth between the two theories a lot before coming up with my own. I think there’s a saying for that, something about if you can’t pick a door use a window? But anyway

I tend to believe Kaibaman was designed about a year post-canon but wasn’t released to the general public for a while after that. We all know Seto has completed construction of Kaibaland, which is a theme park for underprivileged kids, but there was a theory floating around that I thiiiink was courtesy of @gamesetomatch but don’t quote me, saying Kaiba dresses up as “Kaiba Man” and plays with all the children, and I just…it’s so fitting and so perfect. I will never let it go.

Basically, my theory for Kaibaman’s existence is an extension of that. 

Mokuba is the first one to suggest Kaibaland having a mascot, because so many of the children want to meet Seto but it’s a huge liability to have him there without tons of security to keep the press at bay. No one wants to have their children bombarded by pushy reporters. Seto folds his hands, knowing the mischievous look in his brother’s eye better than anyone.

“What are you proposing?”

And he just…whips out a costume. 

At first Kaiba says absolutely not, but then he thinks, why not? It’s perfect, no one will ever suspect him doing something so silly. They’ll assume he hired it done, and under normal circumstances, who wouldn’t?

So they privately market the hell out of this. Rumors and second-hand stories of the elusive “Kaiba Man” fly everywhere. Eve-ry-where. People come trying to sneak a peak and are never successful. Reporters staking out the property for days on end start to deliriously question if the guy has actual super powers. Where the hell is he? How does he disappear into a crowd so fast?

Pegasus gets wind of this but recognizes it as a marketing ploy. Takes it at face value and says it’s all for show.

Then one day he gets a letter from an American child desperate to meet the famed Kaiba Man he keeps seeing on the internet. The only trouble is, there’s no way his family can afford the flight to Japan or the money tied up in staying there for a few days. So he asks Pegasus if he can make a Kaibaman card.

“Please, so he ca be with everybody and everybody can be happy!”

Without a word to Seto, Pegasus does this. When he sets it on Seto’s desk, after it’s been duplicated several thousand times and tucked away in the secret confines of his castle, he’s got a little boy in toe.

““You will re-name this card.”

“It went into circulation this morning.”


“It’s absolutely out of the question,” his long fingers reach down to trace the edge of the card, peeling it up from the desk, “But if you’d rather disappoint your adoring fans.” 

The little boy doesn’t speak a word of Japanese and has no idea what they’re saying but he absolutely knows who Kaiba is and oh my goodness look out the window - look at the blue eyes statues - look at the rides - and holy shit the kid is vibrating with excitement.

Kaiba snatches it disgustedly, crouches down, and hands it to the little boy. In accented but passable English he says, “There ya go kiddo, make Kaibaman proud.” Turns to Pegasus and immediately points to the door, “Get out…and get a hobby.”

Pegasus tosses his hands up in mock-surrender, “As you wish, Kaiba-man.”

love notes to the signs pt 2
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Aries:</b> when you're happy, it's like the world could never end. we think about the stars together and suddenly they don't seem as far away. maybe it's because they're in your eyes?<p/><b>Taurus:</b> i don't think i'd rather have anyone else break my heart. you're gentle and sweet and your hands look just the right size to keep mine warm.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> i am amazed by the brilliance in your mind and the shine of your smile. you are home to me. i have never felt more comfortable than when talking to you.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> maybe i fell in love with your lakes of tears. maybe i fell in love with your bloody knuckles. i think what you're saying is important, even if you're a little bit quiet.<p/><b>Leo:</b> your hair is bright and your voice is brighter. you trail your fingers around her shoulders. i love the way you love her.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> i had the best day of my life with you once. you put a smile on my face and the wind in my hair and the sunset on my skin. on the drive home you watched me take pictures of the sky.<p/><b>Libra:</b> i'm convinced you're the only person that will ever love me, flaws and all. you're gentler than i can ever hope to be and you soften my edges with sandpaper kisses.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> you curl into the person you are hugging. maybe it's a side effect from being so tall or maybe it's from being too caring. it makes the person being hugged feel safe.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> you taught me heart break but you taught me commitment first. you taught me how to be in love and how to comfort and how to not say anything when i don't know what i'm getting into. i miss you when i look at the shirt you never got back from me.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> it's almost midnight and we're driving home and i'm too tired to be careful and you are too tired to be careless. i'm just glad you always know what you're doing. you're radiant.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> you're a dreamer and you paint my palms with hopes and 'could-be's and i love the way you smile when you're thinking about things far away from here.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> we loved each other when we were too sad to love ourselves. you're made of water-soaked secret notes passed in math class, made of silly inside jokes and shiny things we find at the bottom of the swimming pool.<p/></p>

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ok, but what if squish was irish or british or something and had like the thickest accent in the world that sans just CONSTANTLY teased her about. i really want to see sans attempting to mimic different accents.

i had like a whole 5 point essay answer to your question, but i think i’ll leave it at this:

sans isn’t mean. i really doubt that he’d be constantly making fun of something she can’t help, especially if he doesn’t know how they feel about their accent (some people agree that their accents are silly/thick/whatever, some people are indifferent, some people would feel insecure, some would feel offended, etc.)

furthermore, there are some things you can tease only good friends about, because you’ve built up the relationship to a point where you know that its just a joke. so this kind of hinges on where they are in their relationship with each other - if they’re good friends, then he might make some jokes about it. if they’re not, then probably not.

as for sans attempting different accents - yeah, i can see him trying a bunch of different accents. and failing, as most people do LOL (oh, but totally nailing the brooklyn accent because brooklyn accent sans is  👌)