i know it's shitty but photoshop is funny to play with

Okay, so a couple summers ago, my family and I hosted a couple of players from the collegiate baseball team that plays in my town.They did a bunch of weird shit with their friends and now have a list of headcanons based on the adventures of my summer brothers. 

  • ransom and holster share clothes. like, literally everything. it gets to the point that they just throw everything into a single dresser in the middle of the attic and grab the first thing they see in the morning. the only thing they keep separate are their suits and hockey gear. they’ll sort it all out at the end of the semester. bitty walks in one day a little before they leave for the summer to ransom digging through a mound of clothes while holster goes “but bro those were my favorite underwear. and i know you were the last one to wear them.” bitty is disgusted. shitty is amused.

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