i know it's shitty but i really like it


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

''surprising'' facts about the signs
  • aries: reaaaaalllly fucking sensitive. that's maybe why they can get angry pretty fast, because they just take shit too personal sometimes, and they can't deal with it. BUT OTHER THAN THAT, they're actually fucking adorable and smol little beans who just crave love.
  • taurus: very care-free and they do not care about a single shitt. they're very hard-working though and they try to get shit done, but they are also very lazy, which isn't really surprising.. they are also very quick to anger, just like aries.
  • gemini: gemini isn't THAT two-faced like people think. they're just moody. they can get easily annoyed and that's why their mood can change pretty fast.
  • cancer: they're pretty obsessed with themselves and they can be really fucking cocky. they secretly like to make others suffer and make them feel shitty. they do it very slowly and careful though, so people won't notice it.
  • leo: really insecure, but never shows their insecure side bc they still want to shine in the spotlight, without people noticing their flaws, if they even have them because most leo's are flawless af.
  • virgo: they tend to worry a lot, still they don't really care about shit. i know that it sounds weird, but it's true! well, at least for the virgo's i know in real life. they tend to worry a lot about their work and school stuff, but they don't really do anything for it, but they also don't really care. however, they always seem to make everything perfect.
  • libra: they are reallllyyyyyy insecure in their relationships. they're usually a pro at relationships, but they are really insecure about it and they often don't know how to deal with them, or what to do with them.
  • scorpio: they are perfectionists. i don't really know if it's surprising, but they are perfectionists. i mean, they are very ambitious and that isn't a surprising fact, but just like virgo, they want everything to be perfect.
  • sagittarius: they are soft little beaaans. don't hurt them please. they seem really tough and strong, but they're realy sensitive. NEVER SHOWS IT THOUGH. you will never know when they're sad or anything, they always want to stay positive and happy, so they do.
  • capricorn: they seem to be emotionless and insensitive, but that's just because they want to be like that. they don't want all these feelings and emotions. but everyone has them, so they do too, but they try to hide it with sarcasm and sometimes even with anger.
  • aquarius: they have LOTS and LOTS of emotions floating in their head and heart and they just don't know what to do with it, so they just let their emotions destroy them, without saying a word. i don't know if it is a surprising fact, but i think it is.
  • pisces: isn't that innocent than most people think they are. they have a weapon which is called, baby face. they have this innocent little face that makes you think that they're all niceee and sweeeet buT NO. they're really good at backstabbing.

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Hey scotch, could a 20 year old who have shaky hands and isn't that great of a drawer still have a chance to be a great of an artist like you? or is it too late for lil old me?

i myself am a 20 yr old who have shaky hands and isnt that great of a drawer, so u definitely stand a pretty good chance

when u wanna build but then remember u can’t build

The mortal instruments. Malec in the book series

I know I have at least a few followers who either have BPD or who know someone with BPD and I just wanted to say (as a non-BPD) that after having lived with a BPD person for almost a year, experiencing it first-hand and learning a lot about the disorder from multiple perspectives and sources; I really deeply respect those that suffer from it and are still pushing on.

you guys fight an uphill battle every single day and most of the time you have no one cheering you on. the stigma surrounding your disorder is shitty and you deserve your shot at happiness just like everyone else. just thought you should know.

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Why uncomfortableness and dread?

because everyone involved is in a super awkward position. these girls have been playing it up on social media like they’re the next big thing but nothing has come out of it for over a year. they make a huge deal about not ‘revealing’ their name but we already know it from business documents (and it’s an homage to their syco A&R person.. tacky). the syco connection itself is enough reason for me to stay away from them in the first place. i don’t think i need to expand on why. they also present louis as their mentor but louis seems super uninvested because he’s not promoting them beyond the occasional lacklustre IG post or like (as there is nothing to promote). the fact that one of their sisters co-owns a stalker UA and that they have been tied to louis’ stunts doesn’t make them any more appealing either.

i’m not wishing ill on them and i’ve talked about how i think louis is between a rock and a hard place before. he loves this side of the industry but these girls have chosen to work with the shittiest label ever and ultimately said shitty label is the only reason louis was put in touch with them. i’m sure he’s more than happy to give honest advice but in the end what can he really do, you know?

i think the big mistake, yet again, is presenting the fandom people to love and support on a silver platter and we don’t work like that around here. we’re harsh and have the means to dissect things and the girlband just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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Yo dude um, I don't want to tell you who to hang out with or anything, but I just thought I should warn you that power-of-innocence is a pretty un-cool. I've seen a huge group of people talk about them be problematic so there's a lot of evidence if you want to look I just don't have it on hand right now. I can say that they ship jdronica, and hate Heather Mac but draw her chubby and black, implying that it's a bad thing. I don't want you to get a bad name for being their friend without knowing.

Alright…. I woke up to this message and literally saw red. 

1. You sent this to multiple people - who actually know and LOVE Rillie (including myself because she’s a fucking sweetheart) she is a large part of why I’m involved in this fandom AT ALL - and also - 

  • Her dislike of Mac is based on the fact that Mac is portrayed by the fandom to be super pure/sweet/innocent when she isn’t, she is a bully - a HEATHER - just like Duke and Chandler. Which I agree with. If you want to portray her as sweet and nice - fine, I certainly did too. But why should she get hate for a fact based in the movie? 
  • I despise copy paste asks - as stated on quite a few occasions 

2. If you actually FOLLOWED me you would know that 

  • I draw jdonica all the fucking time? Its like the cornerstone of my blog and why over half my followers are here??? Jdonica in its normal form ends up being very toxic - but at the end of the day they WERE together. And our AU’s are either of Veronica dealing with the fall out of their feelings or of a version where JD get’s help before anyone gets hurt. 
  • I draw mac the same way and have stated on my final Mac design that I took inspiration from her version of her. Because there is NOTHING wrong with being black OR chubby ((OR buff as the final design of her is)) and it is in no way shape or form that its implied that its a bad thing. How did you even come to that conclusion?? 

Like I… am losing my mind, I can’t believe this was actually sent to me lmao! I was going to make a post today about how in general people need to stop being shitty to each other and chasing each other out of the fandoms especially one that they put so much heart into and have really enjoyed. 

And over what?? Some random call out post somewhere?? You don’t even know me - you certainly don’t know her - you probably won’t even see this because you obviously aren’t following me!! but if any of y’all really don’t like that I’m friends with her then go!! get out!! go away!! 

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vel im so sorry to be asking this but i just dont know what to do you are so good at drawing and youre only 17 and im 16 and yet i feel stuck drawing the same shittty sketch over and over and i just want to know how you got so good at drawing people environments clothing anatomy e ver y th in g again im so sorry to ask this and i really dont mean any harm but its frustrating to see someone who is basically your age draw so much better

Hmmm, well you’re only 16, you know? I know people say this a lot- but you’re still very young, and it’s never too late to improve! People can still do amazing things as they get older. I also say this over and over- even if others seem to have “natural talent” practice as much as you can and you can put yourselves at their level, too. If you feel like your sketches are shitty, that means you are seeing the problems in your art and you are beginning to improve!

The way I got good at drawing environments and anatomy was observing things closely in real life, artbooks, and my favorite artists. This is VERY important. You can even try emulating other artstyles and reference as practice. One thing I would constantly do it color pick or eyedrop pictures I take to figure out how colors work with the atmosphere around them in different setting. REFERENCING IS KEY to success. It’s very easy to get frustrated, but please remember that age is not the determinant factor in success, and you can definitely get to where you want to be if you push yourself REASONABLY. The artist world is very competitive among people our age online (and I also know this from being in an art school) but let it be ONLY a factor in making you try harder. Best of luck to you, and any of you guys are free to message me for tips that I use to help myself improve! 

“..I don’t know how to make this any more clear..”


im trying to start drawing again and im just so in love with this anime♥ like, its so super cute and its honestly just genuinely heartwarming ♥ ♥ ♥

i really want tohru and kobayashi to kiss in the finale tomorrow!。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。

OMGCP characters as things my parents have said or done
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Bitty:</b> "Can you help me find the old peanut jar we cleaned out? I made chrysanthemum tea and need to give some to your cousin but can't use a good container because Lord knows that that girl never gives back anything we lend her."<p/><b>Jack:</b> "If I tell your mom that this rock is a fossil do you think she'll let me keep it? ... No, it's not really a fossil I just think it's pretty."<p/><b>Shitty:</b> *Dad walks down the stairs shirtless, makes eye contact with me* "Well it's not like I actually need a shirt right now." *Walks away* <p/><b>Lardo:</b> *Mom walks up behind Dad with a pair of scissors as he washes the dishes and cuts straight up the back of his shirt* "This shirt was way too old. It was time for it to die."<p/><b>Ransom:</b> "Honey, did you update the freezer inventory spreadsheet? I'm missing a fish and have an undocumented loaf of bread."<p/><b>Holster:</b> *Dad knocks on my closed bedroom door* "I have finally found your snow gloves, you have no excuse. Do you want to build a snowman?"<p/><b>Nursey:</b> "I don't understand why your mom is so worked up - the snow was going to be shoveled anyways, why couldn't we lie in it first? I mean, it's fluffy."<p/><b>Dex:</b> "Have you seen the mini staple gun? I need it to fix the water filter because your mother cranked it too hard and it broke again. Duct tape only works for so long."<p/><b>Chowder:</b> *Mom, 40+, gets carded at the liquor store* "While I'm flattered, I can't tell if you're joking or just blind."<p/><b>Bad Bob:</b> "Are you ready for bed? Good. Let's see how many of the NHL team names you can get right before you fall asleep. Go on, get under the covers and let's start on the west coast."<p/><b>Alicia:</b> "Mom, I look like a lumpy potato" "A very cute lumpy potato, now, let me send this baby picture to all your relatives."<p/><b>Kent:</b> *Dad rolls down the windows and blares Celine Dion* "My heart will, go on and ooooooooooooon"<p/></p><b>Tater:</b> "Dad, mom's making fried rice for dinner." *Dad, exaggerating to make fun of his own accent* "Ah yes, fly lice. Very good. Gahlic Fly Lice"<p/><p/></p>

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I think the "aphobe" thing was about the queerplatonic relationships post? Though out of curiosity, why don't you think they're a thing?

Okay, I realize this is a delicate topic, and I’m sure this will offend some people - But that’s not my intention!!! I’m just … I’m just confused more than anything? Maybe I don’t have enough information or I’m missing something - in which case I would greatly appreciate it if someone would educate me please!! 

I just… feel like it’s an unnecessary label? What they’re describing as a queerplatonic relationship is just… friendship? Like that’s just how friendships are? Like friendships - true friendships - are extremely intimate to the point where it falls into the category of a queerplatonic relationship. The various ways I’ve seen queerplatonic relationships be described is the same as how friendships are described. Its the same description?

I don’t know. Maybe I’m lucky for having all of my friendships be that intimate? Maybe yall got shitty friends so you’ve been conditioned to think friendship is something less than what it really is, and I think what happens is that you get a real friend, that treats you like you should be treated, and is more intimate than what you’ve known before, so you think “well, friendship is down here, at a less intimate and personal level, so what I’m experiencing now is more than a friendship, it must be a queerplatonic relationship.” but its not, that’s just how friendships are supposed to be. 

I don’t know. Maybe I’m the odd one out for having all of my friendships be that intimate. Maybe I’m the odd one out for thinking that friendships are supposed to be like that. 

If I am the odd one out and friendship isn’t supposed to be that intimate, then yeah, call them queerplatonic relationships! And if that is the case - then I guess I’m just good at having queerplatonic relationships haha 

“Jesus,” he says when he sees them. “Are you actually a teenage girl?”

Nursey shrugs. “Try one.” He throws a sparkly blue Gelly Roll pen at Dex’s head.

Dex plucks it out of the air, then looks at it like it’s a dead spider.

He uncaps the pen and writes a few notes in his notebook. “Whoa,” he says.

Nursey grins at him. “Smooth, right?”

“Sara used to have these. In, like, forty thousand different colors.”

“Because they are the best,” Nursey says. “I swear, these could write underwater. These could write on ice. These could write in Outer Space.”

“Okay, I get it. You really like your pens.”

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  • “we’re both in this boring as hell class and out of boredom I accidentally stumbled into your thoughts of you thinking up this masterpiece of a story and holy shit is this like a movie”
    • “additionally, wow are you really getting into this sex scene man how do u not have a boner”
  • “I get chronic headaches from everyone’s thoughts being so loud all the time and sometimes I don’t know, I get angry. is yelling to Stewart across the room to “shut up and go get dick if he wants it so bad” over the top? maybe.”
  • “as if it wasn’t bad enough that I constantly worried what people thought of me, I can actually hear what everyone thinks of me and the fact that it’s unedited and 100% legit makes me real sad to hear people think I’m annoying”
    • “although, it’s really reassuring to also hear how much my friends love me and think I’m funny and woah man…those are some pretty…erotic thoughts of me there…”
  • “okay who fucking let out that I can read minds huh? what do you WANT me to get kidnapped and used for evil? cause i swear i will come back for your ass once im super juiced with their evil government serum alright? i will go winter soldier on ur ass dont test me”
    • “although all these lovesick kids offering to pay for my services on their crushes may be worth it. hey I know you, you’re cute. your crush you say? oh they totally don’t like u, nah man, your barking up the wrong tree right there”
  • “hold the fuck up. hold. up. I can read any mind that I can see, anyone and everyone’s, why can’t I read yours? and why the hell are you smirking at me like that U LIL SHIT THIS MAKES NO DAMN SENSE WHO ARE YOU”
  • “I think you’re cute and I know for a FACT you think I’m cute too so why won’t you just admit it? cmon cmon baby don’t play this charade. you know you can’t win at this game ;)”
  • “as it turns out by my super mind reading powers you plan to string me out high and dry until I’m practically begging for a date and u know what. that is so terrible and so demeaning honestly like who does that. who does that. can you please just kiss me already like-”
  • “I know you can read minds and I really like you so I’m constantly filtering my thoughts whenever I’m with you and it’s super hard so quit making fun of how I think about fighting giraffes okay it’s my go-to thought whenever I imagine you shirtless”
  • “you know I can read your thoughts so we have these little one sided conversations in class as I listen to your cute angered rants and I reply with a snarky side eye”
  • “OR we BOTH can read minds and all the while during class we have casual conversations that sometimes turn REALLY FUNNY AND WE BOTH CRACK UP IN DEAD SILENCE IN THE MIDDLE OF AN EXAM OH SHIT”
  • “i know its pretty invasive but i honestly tune into your thoughts every day on the way to work like its the morning paper cause really we have so much in common its ridiculous and ur super cute and we like all the same things and ugh pls date me”
    • “and oops one day you thought of something funny and we both laughed simultaneously and now ur weirdly suspicious, as i can tell because i can hear you wondering if i can read your thoughts and now ur testing me and idk if i should play along”

the one thing i liked about 2016 was the addition of ryan streaming
like ryan used to be the most “”mysterious”” member of achievement hunter since we didn’t really know that much abt his personal life 
but now, we’ve seen his shitty drawings he did in college, we’ve seen his kids and his dad mode, we’ve seen him cosplay, we’ve heard him tell personal stories
and it’s just really heartwarming 

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I love your HP posts but I've seen you hate on HP too many times. I'm not saying you can't criticize what you love, but you seem to hate everything about it. I've only seen you put down any element brought up outside of a joke. The jokes are on point, but I don't feel like constantly defending the series to people who supposedly like it. Calling it "overrated" was the 10 pound barbell that broke the camel's back. As a salty person, I get it's fun to find flaws in everything, but have a snack/nap

we fucking love harry potter, i’m frequently reading the books (or rather listening to them on audio, gotta love that adhd) and occasionally rewatching the movies/playing the videogames. i think the characters are fantastic and the world, whilst non-sensical, is really colourful and vibrant.

i’ve been to the themepark, i own literally over a dozen pieces of ravenclaw merchandise, i went to see the fuckin play despite how garbage everybody said it would be, and yeah, it had issues, but i fuckin loved it

but i’m not here to defend its shitty aspects, or talk about its great things, because everybody already knows those things. everybody already talks about how wonderfully ron develops over seven books, how complicated characters like wormtail and dumbledore are.

my point is that genuine criticism is more valuable than blind defence, and it makes the fanbase stronger, and even helps to develop the shitty things about it. look at Cursed Child – it gave Snape something good to actually do that we can all agree was an action based in morality rather than selfishness. if you don’t think that was a direct result of us criticising snape’s character and the way rowling tried to redeem him then, well, i don’t know what to tell you kiddo.

i can think something is fantastic and also think it is overrated. a big example would be the webcomic “Homestuck”. everybody fucking raved and ranted about it, and it’s true, it was fantastic and really funny and some of the art was fuckin gorgeous. but like… it’s not that big of deal, not compared to the attention it got.

i think people blindly defending harry potter proves that it IS overrated. let people criticise its flaws without telling them they’re not real fans, which is essentially what y’all are doing.

at the end of the day, does it matter what i think about harry potter? i consume all the media related to it, and will eventually pick up the newer books/go see the newer movies, etc. etc.

i’m sorry but i dont like the hunt family. i understand amelia, i wouldn’t feel comfortable going in either. teddy comes back barking orders at everyone. nathan was falling for meredith and i completely understand that he thought megan was dead and now shes not but i also believe he has handled this whole situation in a very shitty way.

they’re very exclusive in their little clique and both megan and teddy dont really know amelia’s past to be attacking her this way. i get how amelia is feeling especially when she said “owens sister got to come back from the grave and my brother didn’t” it sounds terrible but when you lose someone like a brother or a dad (like in my case) sometimes its really hard to deal with feelings or death rationally