i know it's shitty but i really like it

ok but real talk though, i think one of the best things that ive learned through using the internet long enough is that your words have consequences and you could seriously hurt someone if you’re, not even outright malicious, but just careless enough. i know i used to say and believe some dumb shit and im glad im not like that anymore. the main thing is to stay in your damn lane, really. once you’ve got that down you avoid so much unnecessary bullshit and drama and you’re much less likely to make a fool of yourself or hurt others through your ignorance, and that’s not just an internet skill, that’s a life skill, one that i honestly dont think i had before getting to know people that were pretty different from me in terms of background and experience, and i’m very glad that i’ve had that because i really believe its made me a much less shitty person. so, im gonna end this by re-iterating that, if i ever do something shitty and bad and mean, its most likely not me being a dick, its me being a stupid idiot that doesnt know shit so feel free to correct me and ill change that shit or remove the post or whatever. internet points dont matter as much as being a non-damaging force in the world, even if all i do is run some stupid humor blog thing that doesnt matter at all in the grand scheme of things. dunno what prompted me to write this but uh, yeah, here it is, you guys are great, thanks for having me (tbh i feel like my follower base is nicer than average, never mind my mutuals who are all swell as hell and who are all just great people and i need to talk to more, overall). anyway, ramble over, thanks guys

he was a king.

this was the year he was going to die.

may or may not have spent my entire sunday finding obscure indie movies to steal clips from to make this video. idk, you can’t prove anything. 


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

Do you ever just suddenly feel really shitty because you’re not particularly good at anything and you don’t know what you wanna do with your life and like you didn’t ask to be born and have to deal with all of this and yet here you are, confused and anxious and paying to exist on this trash planet

so i dont know if you guys know but there was a labyrinth manga

its about the baby that jareth kidnaps when hes grown up

i thought it would be really shitty but i was surprised when i saw the cover art

this is the cover art:

looks really nice right?

well this is what the actual comic looks like:

fucking jareth looks like a knockoff dio brando

anyways i thought id just share this beautiful treasure with all of you

the one thing i liked about 2016 was the addition of ryan streaming
like ryan used to be the most “”mysterious”” member of achievement hunter since we didn’t really know that much abt his personal life 
but now, we’ve seen his shitty drawings he did in college, we’ve seen his kids and his dad mode, we’ve seen him cosplay, we’ve heard him tell personal stories
and it’s just really heartwarming 

Can y'all let people like penetrator Chris like its okay if YOU don’t like him but don’t shame other people for liking him. Also if we do get a penetrator Chris season do y'all really think the director and writers will make it as horrible of a season as y'all are making it out to be? No! We don’t know ANYTHING about him, we don’t know why he’s a shitty person and I’m interested in finding out. I saw a post where someone was like why would you want a Penetrator Chris season when an Even season will be so much better for people with mental illness, I get what you’re saying but please be open minded, again we know NOTHING about P Chris, we don’t know what tragedies he’s encountered.

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”


Heeey Guys!♥ 

So, this year is almost over!;-; and I decided to make this follow forever to thank all of you for making my dashboard beautiful everyday and make my day better with some of your messages♥ i love u all! and i really hope that next year will be an amazing year for all of u! and thank u too for almost 4k followers! i cant believe theres no many people that actually likes my shitty blog;-; ♥

I know i havent been as active as i were before, but ive been busy with some stuff so im gonna try really hard to keep posting graphics and colourings soon!

But anyways, i wish u all a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope u get a lot of gifts and happiness these days cause u guys deserve it all♥

Oh and also, im sorry i didnt add all of you but its imposible;-; i follow more than 800 blogs, but this message is for everyone even if u are not in the list keep in mind i love u♥ and sorry for my english and the ugly graphic too;-; i tried my best:c 

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it’s actually super shitty that all of kara’s male friends give her ultimatums when it comes to their feelings for her and make her sad for NO REASON and we have to see that shit every season smh

like I know lena would be so the opposite if she started feeling something for kara she’d tell her straight up “kara I really really like you and I know you don’t feel that way for me but that’s totally okay because I value your friendship so much that I want us to keep things just the way they are while I work through my feelings and they’ll probably go away or they might not but that’s not your fault at all and I respect you enough to tell you this and say that our friendship means the world to me because I love you in more ways than one so let’s get ice cream, I’m buying and you look great today.”

can crushes on kara be portrayed like that please thanks

I think about Oikawa being able to use and wear make up like, a lot. like when he was younger and grew up with his older sister, he’d always ask her to let him use it too. she would smile and let him put some on, and even though it’d look messy the first few times they’d both have fun with it. he even used to let her put it on him until he finally learned to apply it really well on himself.

he’d wear it when he goes out to the mall with his sister or to eat, or wherever, and he feels super pretty and good about himself.

when he meets Iwa for the first time he’s wearing his makeup and poor Iwa almost confused him for a really pretty girl. Oikawa wasn’t offended, but he found it hilarious because Iwa was so flustered as he kept apologizing.

eventually he invites Iwa over for a sleepover and Oikawa shows him his ever growing makeup kit his sister bought for him. Iwa is pretty impressed, then he shyly asks if he could wear some too. Oikawa is beaming.

they wear it occasionally in grade and middle school, but when they get to high school they both stop wearing it because they suddenly feel super self conscious. they don’t wanna get made fun of by their volleyball team senpais.

then they reach their third year and they go to a party. they debate about wearing makeup but in the end they decide screw it, we’re wearing makeup, we don’t care anymore. it’s been a couple years since they’ve worn any, and they feel so happy because they still look beautiful and they’ve missed it.

Iwa shows up wearing dark eye shadow and cat-eye eyeliner, while Oikawa’s wearing purple lipstick, some mascara and glittery eye shadow. they look amazing and they know it. Oikawa brought a bag with him to hide behind the couch filled with makeup products in case of an emergency.

through the night they eventually run into Mattsun and Makki, and they’re terrified. they’re best friends, but they haven’t told them their little secret that’s right on their faces.

but instead of laughing Makki and Mattsun are just… speechless? they’re not laughing? they tell Oikawa and Iwa that they look gorgeous, they ask where they got their makeup done, and Oikawa just.. wants to cry. he does, and it ruins the mascara. Iwa fixes it for him and Mattsun and Makki are impressed.

they ask if they could get them both to put on makeup for them because they wanna try it too. they happily do it for them; Oikawa is busy applying a pretty shade of pink on Makki’s lips while Iwa is putting cat eyes on Mattsun. they all look good af and they have a fun time at the party.

on monday, they all show up to volleyball practice showing off, and everyone is pretty much in awe because their senpais look really good.

they now wear it whenever they have sleepovers or when they finally start dating.


-Bitty’s parents texting him good luck!!!! COACH texting him good luck!!!! we rarely see much of this in the comics, and we know how strained their relationship is, but ITS REALLY NICE TO SEE SOME CONFIRMATION  THAT COACH IS PROUD OF BITTY???? (ALSO BITTYS BUTT!!!!1)


-Jack obviously wanting to bring It up but waiting around awkwardly LIKE THATS SO ACCURATE 

-The miscommunication??? Like, don’t get me wrong, i /love/ how when bitty came out to shitty and jack came out to george, they knew exactly what to say. It’s so validating hearing “thank you for sharing that with me! that’s great!” but i really like that this one was…less smooth?? Bc there sometimes /is/ that awkward jumble before you’re just like “Okay! Cool! Great!” god knows I’ve had that before when i’ve come out to people lol 

- also, JACK switches to french. Maybe bc he feels more comfortable with it? Or bc it’s a very obvious connection for him and Marty? or so other people won’t understand  what they’re saying if they overhear??? Either way, love it

-THAT FATHERLY LOOK MARTY GIVES HIM WHEN HES LIKE “Of course Jack, don’t even have to ask!” 


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conchobarbarian  asked:

1. either 2. someone left a homophobic, swastika'd note outside my university's gender neutral (lgbt+ community) residence hall, & to make matters worse we're only hearing about it through unofficial channels more than a week after it happened. I'd managed to believe that the people around me couldn't be shitty like that, but I guess they can. I know there's good in the world, but right now I'm having a really hard time being positive. help?

hi there, sweet moonbird. listen: the most important thing you can learn in the upcoming four years is that “staying positive,” is a myth. it is not going to be possible, in the current political climate, to “stay positive” all the time. don’t hurt yourself trying to be. let yourself get upset. let yourself get angry. sometimes, if you have to be numb, let yourself be numb. there will be days when, to protect ourselves, we have to be. 

but don’t let yourself stop moving forward. don’t let yourself stay down. keep getting up. healthy positivity is not convincing yourself that things are okay now. it is believing that they can be okay in the future. healthy positivity is understanding that there is no light in the darkness except the light we make and the light we hand to each other.

so this is what you do, when you are having trouble with the right now: you plan for the future. you start MAKING the future. if that looks like getting mad, like protesting, like writing letters, like calling your reps or your university’s bigwigs, good. if it looks like making joy, like posting love and acceptance notes around the community hall that was vandalized, like organizing a dance party to fundraise for your local LGBTQ+ community center, like donating to or volunteering with a local organization fighting hate in your community, good. if it looks like reaching out to someone you know that is afraid and offering them your friendship and loyalty and support, good.

there is no future except what we make. find your positivity not in the world around you now, but the act of building the world around the corner. 

Political Post?

Alright gang, buckle in, this ones about Judaism. Now, me, I’m a Jew. Born and raised. It’s….actually, pretty shitty. Like, typical “anti-Semitic” jokes usually get a laugh out of me, and I often embrace the stereotypical “money grubber” for shits and giggles. I know its a joke. My friends know its a joke. And religion is a major part of my life. But, recently, I’ve been less and less wanting to proclaim my Judaism. Like, holy shit, I’m fine with /polfags/ hating Jews because, well, /pol/. But, when there’s this anti-Semitic trend going on in the SJ community? That really fucking pisses me off. But that’s just a tangent.

“Punching Nazis” isn’t supporting Judaism. It’s persecution for beliefs. And, boy, does that sound familiar. Start punching the Nazis who actually do hate crimes. Punch the people who send in bomb threats to the JCC. Punch the guys who spray paint swastikas onto synagogues. Don’t punch someone because their views aren’t yours.

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hi @adziedoodle i swear im not creepy but i was looking through your blog and i read the tags on this post and at first i thought it was a quote or something but apparently its not and its just such a cute thing to say so i made this even though i suck at animation

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i know this may sound really weird but im so happy to find a chinese blogger on tumblr who posts asian fashion. you're so pretty also!!! idk why but it feels like ppl in west look down on china but love Japan and south korea so much, especially where i live so yeah im happy :3 sorry for being weird i know it sounds shitty but its nice being represented as something more than just "the poor dog eating communist" >.<

It’s really saddening how people around the world view China ; n ; tbh I love that place with every pound of blood my heart pumps out. Our culture is so vibrant and beautiful otl I really wish that people are willing to discover and learn more about us! It really sucks when some random Chinese tourist does something stupid over seas and the media zooms in onto it; bringing our whole nation down with them lol. It’s a shame how we are portrayed by just a few of those pity tourists I ESPECIALLY DISLIKE THOSE SORT OF CHINESE PEOPLE IM ALWAYS LIKE OML PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE THE REASON WHY PEOPLE DISREGARD US anyhow I feel like my generalisations might bring a lot of opinions please don’t attack me tumblr is scarily sensitive yikes


“It’s been three minutes.” | Nicolas Brown | Gangsta e.2