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Omfg new cool FFXV writing blog yaaay <3 How about the boyband crushing hard on a female friend but they don't want to ruin the friendship. Or appear to be that guy who is in it for the booty. So they accidentally fess up in a normal conversation and she's stunned. Does she reject them or agree to take it slow? Up to you love <3

Okay so this request got me so excited that I think I’m going to do both outcomes?? like what I’m putting here is her accepting their feelings, but I totally plan to break these boys’ hearts in a separate post. I can’t help it. I gotta do both

Thanks for the wonderful request, anon! Enjoy some nervous chocobros!

(looooong post, guys. strap in)


He didn’t mean to tell you.

He was content with his feelings remaining a secret. He was happy with simply being in your presence, even if you were oblivious to the way his heart raced any time that you were near. If it meant that he could stay with you for a little while longer, he would be just friends for as long as possible.

Then he went and screwed it up, throwing a wrench in his plans with a few simple words.

“I think I’m in love with you.”

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Wrong Place Wrong Time (14)

Part 14 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22  Part 23  Part 24  Part 25  Part 26  Part 27  Part 28  Part 29  Part 30  Part 31  Part 32  Part 33  Part 34  Part 35 (Final)

Word Count: 4,566 (Sorry🙊)

“This isn’t your room!” He screamed repeatedly smashing his fist into the wall beside your head. “It doesn’t belong to you! It doesn’t belong to you…it belongs to him.” Minseok’s fist slowly became still, he slid down into a slump on the floor. You still had your hands over your neck, guarding it so you wouldn’t fall victim to being strangled again and your eyes were tightly shut. When you realised you could no longer feel Minseok’s hot breath against your ear, you began to open your eyes slowly. You heard a quite sobbing; confused you looked down at your feet to see Minseok crouched into a ball, tears streaming down his face. Your mouth fell open in shock and your eyes widened. Minseok, the fiery, dangerous and resentful man that you had grown to be petrified of was crying on the floor. He looked small, like a helpless lost little boy, rocking himself backwards and forwards. You could hear your heart pounding in your ears you weren’t sure which one of Minseok’s extreme behaviours frightened you more. The violence or the crying.

“What’s happening?” You whispered, slowly shifting to the side, further away from Minseok.

“Sehun told me first. And I didn’t want to believe it; I didn’t want to believe you were in this room. But he was telling the truth. Why are you in here Y/N?” You stood there silently for a while, processing the fact that for once Minseok had addressed you by your name and not by profanities. It felt weird hearing your name roll off of his tongue, and it made you shiver somewhat, you felt like a child who had been naughty and was being scolded by their parents.  

“Why are you in here?!” He shouted after you still hadn’t answered him, he looked up at you through wet lashes, his body shaking violently.

“I –I needed some space, Baekhyun brought me here.” You stepped back further away from him, scared that he would leap up and attack you at any moment.

“Baekhyun?…” He breathed through controlled sobs, shaking his head. “Why would Baekhyun bring you here?” He punched the ground with his fist “I told them we should’ve killed you to begin with, you cause so much trouble. I feel like it’s your mission to piss me off.” He rose from the ground, wiping the tears from his eyes fiercely with the back of his hand.

“Y/N I –” You looked up to the door, Minseok spinning around to look at the owner of the voice. Jongin stopped at the entrance of the room looking between the two of you. “What’s going on in here?” He frowned stepping inside and walking up to you. “He didn’t hurt you did he?”

Minseok scoffed smiling disappointedly at Jongin. “Wow, since when did you care whether or not people got hurt in this place, isn’t that what we do for a living. How desperate are you to get into her pants Jongin? You know if you hold a gun to her head she’ll spread her legs for you willingly there’s no need to take the long route.” He walked over to the shelf and picked up the picture that you saw the other day. The one of him standing next to a man. “I didn’t hurt her Jongin, she hurt me by being in this room. The fact that Baekhyun allowed her in here and the fact that you knew she was in here but didn’t attempt to get her out. You guys make me sick.” He looked down at the photo in his hand, stroking it with is thumb. “Him and Sehun. The only two that showed me any respect in this damn place, this room is worth more than for scum to be standing in it.” He shot you a dirty glance.

“Stop playing the victim Minseok we all went through it, we all miss him.” Jongin said, dragging you behind him and shielding you from Minseok’s wildly erratic and unpredictable behaviour.

“Playing the victim?!” He laughed in disbelief. “I’m not playing the victim Jongin. I am the fucking victim! All my life I’ve been the bloody victim. I lost my best friend that night! My brother! How dare you tell me I’m playing the victim? He never meant as much to you guys as he did to me and Sehun!”

“That’s not true, we all grieved in our own ways, we’re still grieving until this day. Do you think this has been any easier on us than it has been for you? For Sehun? Because then you’re mistaken Minseok! It’s been hard for everyone, but we’ve had to move on. We had no other choice.”

“Well I don’t want to move on Jongin! I don’t want to ever forget the friendship I had with him!”

Jongin sighed, stepping towards Minseok and lowering his voice so that it was just about audible. “Minseok, Luhan is gone and so are the other two. You have to accept it and move on. You can’t keep letting your emotions get the better of you and you can’t take this out on Y/N. I know it’s hard it has been for all of us, but you need to let it go.”

So that was the other man’s name, admittedly he didn’t look like a Luhan. You assumed he was the one who died, the one that Baekhyun had been telling you about. You looked over at the picture in Minseok’s hand, he must’ve been an amazing man to have the ability to make Minseok smile like that, a smile full of genuine happiness, something that you had never witnessed from Minseok. The only thing you had seen were evil smirks and bitter smiles, one’s that made you uncomfortable and made your blood run cold.
Minseok laughed condescendingly, placing the picture slowly and carefully back on its shelf and turned to face Jongin.
“Oh really Jongin? Because last I heard from Yixing you were the one that killed him. You never really did like Luhan did you?”

“Are you being serious right now Minseok?! I don’t know what Yixing has in for me, but we all know Luhan died on that battlefield. Why would I take out one of my own brothers! He meant more to me than you’ll know.”

“Oh really?” Minseok scoffed, walking forward and banging his forehead against Jongin’s. They were staring into each other’s eyes, the pair of them breathing heavily filled with adrenaline and anger.

“Stop this! Please!” You stood in between the two of them, pushing them apart from each other, you were too tired for more conflict, and there was only so much you could take. “Everyone is a victim because everyone in this house has lost someone in one way or the other, that’s why you’re all here and…” You trailed off, remembering that Yixing had told you all of this in confidence and you probably shouldn’t have let all of that slip. The both of them looked at you confused, as to how you knew so much.

“Of course.” Jongin smiled in disbelief throwing his hands upwards. “Of course, Little Miss Princess Yixing told you everything, didn’t he?” You looked down at your feet and shuffled about uncomfortably in your spot, it would be stupid to deny it as Jongin knew for a fact that it was Yixing who told you. You cleared your throat and began to speak.

“That’s not the point. The point is I’m sure you’ve all felt heartbreak at some point. Maybe that’s why you are the way you are…” You looked at Minseok and flicked your eyes back down to your feet again, shuffling backwards closer to Jongin. Minseok was a ticking time bomb and you really didn’t want to push more than you already had done since you arrived here.

“Don’t analyse us and act like you know us, you’ve been here for two minutes yet you’re acting like our mother’s. You’ll never be my mother.” Minseok sneered at you taking a step closer in yours and Jongin’s direction.
You decided to play your wildcard, you were aware this could either go really well or terribly wrong as it was a very touchy subject but you decided to go ahead with it anyway.

“I know I’m not your mother Minseok. I’m not trying to be. But think about it, would your mum be happy about the way you treat everyone, the way you handle things. The way you treat me? I’m sure she’d be disappointed. You’re so angry all of the time and no mother wants that for their son.”
It was silent at this point, all you could hear was the heavy breathing of the three of you in the room. Then Minseok’s expression turned dark, it was as though a switch had been flicked, his eyes growing sinister and his body trembling. Before you had time to register what was going on, Minseok charged his body forward. You were flying back with him on top of you, shaking you violently, you felt like you were about to break. He was pulling your hair, ripping your clothes. It was as though he’d turned into a beast, an animal, like you’d never seen before. He was growling above you a shower of his saliva spraying over your face. You clawed at his face in attempt to get him off of you, managing to scratch under his eye, but it was though he was immune to the pain, he couldn’t feel a thing.

“Minseok Stop it!” Jongin shouted, running up behind him and dragging his body off of yours. You panted for breath where you lay. Jongin had pinned Minseok down to the ground, restraining him. Minseok’s chest was heaving up and down violently.

“Don’t you ever! Speak about my mother again! EVER!” Minseok screamed, spitting in your direction. “What gives you the right! You bastard! My parents lost their lives at the hands of Red 8 years ago! I have no family left, I’ve made it through on my own for almost a decade, what gives you the fucking right to think your advice is in anyway valid to me, how dare you!” Minseok screamed, trying to free himself from Jongin’s grip but failing. “I’ve been in this fucking house for 8 damn years! Yet no one respects me! I’m the oldest here, yet nobody does what I say. Including a fucking nobody like you, you don’t even listen to me. I’ve lost everything I’ve ever had, all I want is some fucking respect I deserve that much!” It was at that point that Minseok broke down, sobbing uncontrollably into Jongin’s chest, he looked so defeated and so tired, and it made you begin to cry too. You had never imagined that you would see the scariest man in the house in this state. “I just want someone to hear me out Jongin, why is that so hard?” he weeped into Jongin’s chest, his body shaking violently. You realised the way Minseok was acting was due to all the pent up anger kept inside.

“What the fuck is going on in here? What’s all this noise? Minseok…?” You looked up to see four familiar faces standing at the door; Kyungsoo, Chanyeol, Yixing and Sehun. Yixing and Chanyeol rushing over to you, whilst Kyungsoo and Sehun rushed over to Jongin and Minseok. You felt a warm pair of hands cradling your face, looking up you realised that they belonged to Yixing.

“He didn’t hurt you did he?” He looked down at you through worried eyes.

“No. No. I’m the one who hurt him.” You burst out crying unable to contain yourself. Yixing wrapped his arms around you rubbing your back. You looked up at Chanyeol who was frowning at the pair of you and left the room. You decided to think nothing of it and closed your eyes leaning your head into Yixing’s chest, allowing him to rock you back and forth. You and Minseok were both blubbering messes and all that the both of you needed right now was comfort.


3 Weeks had passed and your mood had improved massively, you were beginning to spend a lot of time with Baekhyun, Yixing and Jongin. Junmyeon would speak to you freely now and Kyungsoo didn’t particularly mind if you spoke to him first just as long as it was something relevant. By this time Jongin, Chanyeol and Yixing were healed and back out on missions, Jongdae was still recovering but he more or less did inside work with Baekhyun, Sehun and Chanyeol. Sometimes Baekhyun would request you come and help them out too by watching over CCTV footage, or piecing together bits of information which may have been overlooked and fixing any loopholes. Jongdae decided he’d keep quiet for now about what you had done to him in the Op room only because you helped out the night of the hotel incident, however he made it very clear that if you slipped up from here on out, he’d tell the others and have you killed. Minseok kept his distance from you and Sehun didn’t like you since you had upset Minseok and returned to Luhan’s room, but for the most part you had the rest of the boys on your side and so you were contempt. You had fallen into a routine now and knew mostly what they boys liked and disliked and things they did. Every afternoon Baekhyun would run around the whole house three times, he claimed he was still a ‘growing boy’ and needed his exercise. Kyungsoo would complete a crossword puzzle everyday. And every midnight Jongin would take a walk outside of the house. You first caught him fully clothed one night slipping out of his room, when you were on the way to the toilet.
“Where are you going?” you asked him.

“Oh. Just for a walk around the block, It kind of helps me unwind. I don’t tell the others about it though, I feel like it makes me come across less masculine not being able to tackle my problems head on like the others. Luhan was the only one who knew but he…you know.” You nodded your head and let him go, making sure you kept it a secret from the others, it wasn’t your place to tell them and embarrass him.

The guys had just successfully come back from a mission earlier that night, so you and Baekhyun decided to cook a big dinner and have a ‘family night’ in to celebrate how ‘well’ the last few weeks had gone for them. Successfully keeping dangerous men and dangerous substances at bay. You all sat down in the living room watching a comedy. Sehun had suggested a horror but you protested arguing that something light hearted would be the best.

“Where’s Minseok?” You asked at the beginning of the film, handing some bowls of popcorn down the sofa that you were sat on.

“Oh he said he had a headache he went to lie down. I reckon he just wants to be alone.” Jongdae said grabbing a hand full of popcorn from Yixing’s bowl and laughing at the disappointed pout on his face. You nodded settling down, just in time for the start of the film. Everyone was laughing and it was a foreign sound to your ears, but it was good at the same time, and although you could never truly be happy here, you just had to accept the fact that you were stuck, like the boys had and get on with life as best you could.

“I’m going to top-up anyone want a refill.” You stood up half way through the film holding your bowl of popcorn in the air.

“Yeah me!” A bowl came flying at your head from your left side. You turned around to see Baekhyun sticking his tongue out at you.  Shaking your head you picked up his bowl and headed off to the kitchen. “Hurry up Y/N, the best part is coming up!”

Filling up both bowls to the absolute top, you went over to the sink to have a glass of water before going back. You heard shuffling behind you, looking over your shoulder you saw Minseok opening the fridge and taking a bottle of something out. He was fully clothed with a coat and shoes on.

“Where are you going?” You asked finishing your glass of water and placing it into the sink. It didn’t seem as though he knew you were there as he jumped almost dropping the bottle in his hand. Straightening himself up again he cleared his throat and looked at you blankly.

“None of your business.”  

“I thought you had a headache.” You said walking over to the bowls of popcorn on the counter opposite from where he was stood.

“I didn’t know it was impossible to have a headache and go outside at the same time.” He said sarcastically. “Just because you’ve seen me emotionally at my worst it doesn’t makes us friends.” He scoffed, turning on his heel and leaving the room. Wherever he was going he didn’t want to be seen, as he snuck out quietly, and slipped away into the dark night. You wondered where he was off to.

“Hey, Y/N what’s taking you so long?” It was Jongin. You felt awkward alone with him at times, after the night you kissed you didn’t really know how to feel. You didn’t know whether you liked him or not but you knew that that could never happen even if you did. You two never really spoke about it after which actually kind of just made things more awkward than they were. But you would catch him staring at you sometimes when he thought you weren’t looking, or giving you provocative looks across the table at dinner time or in the board. It made your body shiver in a good and bad way.

“Sorry I was just getting myself a drink of water. I’m coming now.” You smiled at him, just then Yixing walked through the door, giving Jongin a funny look and smiling at you.

“Do you need any help Y/N?” he asked walking towards the bowls of popcorn on the counter.

“I’ve got it, there’s no need.” Jongin quickly grabbed the bowls, walking past Yixing knocking their shoulder’s together and disappearing into the living. You shook your head at how childish the two men were still being, walking past Yixing and towards the front room, when suddenly he grabbed your wrist pulling you back.

“Hey I told you Jongin is not to be trusted Y/N. Besides, he’s only looking for a way to get inside your knickers I’m sure of it.”

“Yixing, you two need to stop this. He’s totally fine, stop all of this worrying it’s getting childish.” You tried to snake your arm out of his grip but he had a firm hold on you.

“You seem to talk to him a lot nowadays, even more than me and Baekhyun. We were here for you first Y/N.” He pouted, he looked like a school kid and it made you roll your eyes.

“You’re overreacting honestly stop.” You tried to pull your arm away from his grip again but this time he was walking into you, making you back up against the counter.

“Who do you like more Y/N. Me or Him?” He whispered into your ear, his hot breath making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and your body tingle.

“Yixing, stop…”

“Answer this correctly. Me or Jongin.” He brought his hands up to your waist and began to kiss your neck, his lips massaged slowly over the sensitive part of your skin, making your knees weak. 

“Yixing…stop this…” you breathed, but admittedly you wanted him to continue.

Pushing you against the counter a little harder to prevent you from falling, he brought his face directly in front of yours and began kissing your lips it was slow and seductive. This had a different effect on you than Jongin’s kiss. You felt more excited and you were beginning to feel light headed. You slowly lifted your arms up wrapping them around his neck, deepening the kiss. It was heated and passionate now and neither of you were showing signs of breaking away.

“What the fuck is going on?!” You heard a voice half shout. Hurriedly you ripped yourself away from the kiss, you and Yixing whipping your heads towards the door. Chanyeol was standing there with an empty bowl in his hand, you were assuming he was coming to refill it with popcorn. He was still stood in his position at the door, looking intently at the both of you. Yixing removed his hands from your waist clearing his throat.
“Chany –”

“I said what the fuck is going on?!” Chanyeol repeated this time taking a step into the kitchen and looking you up and down.

“Chanyeol, calm down, please. It was nothing.” Yixing laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his head.

“What do you mean it’s nothing? So you’re telling me I just imagined what I saw?!”
You were beginning to get hot with embarrassment at this point. This wasn’t even supposed to happen and Chanyeol definitely wasn’t supposed to see.

“Why don’t we go and enjoy the rest of the film. I’m dying to know what happens at the end.” You walked speedily out of the kitchen, leaving the two men behind.

You watched the rest of the film in silence; you didn’t even laugh at the funny parts. You were too distracted by the situation in the kitchen. Every now and then when you glanced up you’d catch Yixing looking at you and Chanyeol looking at both of you in a disgusted way. Jongin would look up at Yixing every now and then scowling at him too. Everything was such a mess. As soon as the film ended, you excused yourself to go to the bathroom even though you didn’t need it at all but you just needed to get away from all of that tension. You walked quickly down the corridor past the bathroom towards the room that was once Luhan’s, when you felt a hand grab you back by your arm.

“We need to talk. Now.” You looked up, it was Chanyeol and he looked less than impressed. Dragging you into his room he shut the door locking the both of you in there.
“What the heck was that Y/N!?” He hissed at you, pointing his index finger in the direction of the kitchen.

“I don’t need to explain myself to you Park Chanyeol.” You huffed crossing your arms over your chest, although you were slightly panicked about the whole situation and him catching you and Yixing in the act, you didn’t feel obliged to tell him anything. You didn’t owe him anything.

“No, you’re not going to do this to me Y/N, shut me out like you have been for the past month. I’m sick and tired of being ignored by you.” He grabbed both of your shoulders shaking you lightly.
You took a hold of his arms and pushed his hands away from you.

“What do you expect Chanyeol!?” You raised your voice at him, tears involuntarily rolling down your face. “You got me into this shit! My life is a fucking tragedy because of you! You know I’ve never liked clubs why did you take me to one, why did you take me to a club where you knew fucking gangsters would be lurking about, where you knew danger was around the corner. Why would you risk my life like that Chanyeol, I’m stuck here because of you! Yes, I have been avoiding you because I don’t want to speak to you, I don’t want to see your face!” Finally you had said it, it felt somewhat good getting a month of issues off of your chest. To your surprise tears began streaming down Chanyeol’s face he was looking at you through sad eyes.

“You think I don’t know that I’m a shitty person!? You think I don’t know that I’ve failed you Y/N?! I think about it every day and I fucking hate myself for it! If me dying meant you could be free, that you could be rid of this, then God knows I’d die a thousand times over and over Y/N. I’ve failed you as a friend. You hate me and I get that, you have every right to. I tried keeping you safe and away from all of this for 4 years and then I landed you right into the middle of it. I just wanted to go out with you Y/N. Have a good time, get drunk, have fun like we used to, like the good old days! Because every day I woke up I was scared it would be the last time that I got to see you, to laugh with you, to hug you! Every day I wanted to see you one last time before I died. And I couldn’t leave this earth knowing that you’d blame yourself for not seeing me one last time before I died Y/N because that’s what you would have done.” Chanyeol was right. If he had died you would’ve blamed yourself for not seeing him more often, for not seeing him one last time before he left. You tried to steady you breathing.
“I’ve known for the last couple of months now that I was the next target. Someone I knew would be the next to be killed. That’s how Red does it, he takes out our loved ones so it weakens us eventually to the point where we can’t cope anymore and he can take us all out. I couldn’t have him take you Y/N, so I created this illusion in my head that if I kept you near me at all times you’d be safe because I could protect you from whatever was coming your way, like your own personal body guard, but Christ only knows how wrong I was. I’ve let you down,and your family down. I’m a bad person. I wake up now and I don’t even know what I’m living for, a dad that’s dead, a mum that thinks I’ve disowned her and now a best friend that won’t talk to me.” He weeped sinking to the ground in a heap and it was your automatic instinct to comfort him. Although you’d been through hell because of him this past month, you could also never erase the ten years worth of great memories that you shared. Chanyeol was your best friend and you loved him dearly.

“I’m suffering Y/N. I’ve been suffering for four years, and I’ve experienced so many bad things, but you ignoring me is by far one of the worst, please stop. I can’t take it anymore. All you seem to want is Baekhyun, Yixing and Jongin. You have no place left in your heart for me and I can’t take it anymore…”

“That’s not true Chan. It will always be us against the world.” You enveloped him in a hug cradling him backwards and forwards and you wondered how many times you’d have to go through upset and tears to even feel remotely happy in this place.

The door swung open and Sehun ran into the room, with a phone in his hand staring down at you and Chanyeol. “Oh for fuck sake there you are, we’ve been looking all over.”

“We’re kind of having a moment.” You looked up at Sehun scowling at him, still rocking Chanyeol back and forth in your arms.

“I can see that I’m not blind, but I couldn’t give a shit about your ‘moment’ right now.” Sehun made quote signs with his fingers. “We have a problem. A big one.”

“Why, what is it?”

“Someone knows who we are and where we live. We’ve been found out.”

Of Cats, Bears, and Pizza

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYONE!!! I’ve gotten a lot of requests on AO3 and from mysme squad to post more dumpster diving related content, so have this thing I made in roughly 8 hours counting breaks lmao… sorry any glaring errors and the TERRIBLE title

this will go on AO3 soon! the sites giving me hell right now, anyway lets get wild

4972 words, just some good Yooran fluff

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3 with Spencer, please!! :) <3

I’m sorry if this totally sucks hun I have a bad case of writers block. Looking over it it looks okay but it’s late and my mind plays tricks on me. If you don’t like it please message me so I can write you something that you do. So without further uh do…

#3 The wounded recognize the wounded

Finally Understood 

Spencer x Reader

Word count: 1036

Song: I know you by Skylar Grey

Originally posted by youkicklikeanineyearoldgirl-cm

“Are you ever going to tell her how you feel or are you just going to wait twenty years when its too late and you wish you had?” Rossi asked walking up behind Spencer who was looking at you as you read a book completely unaware of the rest of the world.

Spencer jumped at Rossi’s voice he was so distracted by you he hadn’t noticed Rossi walk up behind him. “I don’t know what you are talking about he said quickly looking away from you to gaze at his computer screen.

“Don’t play that clueless game  with me kid, I see the way you look at her, it’s the same way she looks at you when she thinks nobody’s looking but papa Rossi sees all” he said laughing a little as you looked up from your book noticing the noise.

He gave you a small wave and a wink. You shook your head smiling at him then returned back to your book while Spencer hid behind the computer. When you had looked away he spun in his chair to face Rossi giving him a less than pleasant look.

He sighed and reached up squeezing Spencer’s shoulder “If you like the girl you need to tell her and I know that maybe I’m not the best one to be taking relationship advice from but I know love when I see it.”

Spencer shook his head and dropped it in his hands “I don’t even know why I like her so much. I haven’t felt this way about anyone before.”

“Do you want to know what I think?” Rossi asked Spencer.

Spencer lifted his head his hair in a complete disarray silently telling Rossi to continue.

“I think that you guys are the same. You have both been through so much. Maybe not exactly the same things but you guys have lived through some hard times in your short lives and you have the scars to prove it. The wounded recognize the wounded. And I think that’s why your hearts call to each other, you recognize the pain and damage in the other and you understand. That’s all anyone could want in this life, to find someone who understands.” Rossi said continuing getting a lost look in his eye as he thought back on his previous relationships.

Spencer listened and felt a slight tug on his heart hearing Rossi talk like that because it was true, it was all he had ever wanted, to find someone who understood the struggle he had with his past and his future like you did.

While Spencer was lost in his own thoughts Rossi pulled himself out of his daze and stood up reaching for Spencer’s shoulder again. “Promise me you’ll tell her, you don’t find a girl like that every day and believe me when I say she won’t wait forever.”

He walked away while Spencer stared after him feeling a mix of bravery and fear enter his system. He wanted to tell you so bad but he also had no idea if what Rossi said about you was true, if you really felt the same way about him however he didn’t have enough time to make a decision before it was made for him as he watched Rossi walk right up to you and turn your attention away from the book and towards him. He saw you nod, stand up and begin to approach him while Rossi gave him a thumbs up and walked upstairs to where Hotch and JJ were standing looking over the railing and talking.

Spencer could feel his heart pounding in his chest as you approached, it rang in his ears so loud that he barely heard you as spoke to him.

“Rossi said that you wanted to tell me something?” You asked watching how his already big brown eyes seemed to grow bigger.

He cleared his throat and tried to get his heartbeat under control while stuttering out a response “Uh yeah… uh maybe we should go… a little private…”

“Spencer are you okay, you’re not acting like yourself.” You said concerned reaching out to feel his forehead.

His hand shot out stopping you “I need to talk to you somewhere a little more private” he said feeling some sense return him as he pulled you from the open center of the B.A.U into one of the darker offices that lined the hallway.

You let him pull you away confused as to why he was acting so weird and why Rossi was being all cryptic when he told you Spencer wanted to talk but you didn’t say anything waiting for him to explain when you were inside and the door was closed.

When nothing came after minuets of standing there you opened your mouth to say something but you were stopped when Spencer fitted his lips over yours and wrapping his arms around your back to pull you closer to him.

You froze not expecting that to happen but then the feeling of the kiss overwhelmed you and started kissing him back winding your arms around his neck tangling your hands in the hair at the nape of his neck. You felt that warm feeling spread throughout you as you drew Spencer back until you hit a wall and his body was so entwined with yours you didn’t know where he began and you stopped.

He was the first one to pull away slightly winded still within close proximity to you. “I’m sorry I was so abrupt but I have wanted to do that for so long now but I didn’t know what to say. Rossi convinced me that I had to do something because a girl like you doesn’t come around every day.” He whispered leaning down to brush his lips over your neck “A girl who understands me, all my pain and worry as much as I understand hers.”

You listened with half a mind while his lips continued to slide over your skin causing your breath to hitch “We’ll talk later Spence just kiss me again” You said lifting his head from your neck to your lips.

Spencer smiled against your lips glad that Rossi had butted in as per usual.

Concussions, Confessions, and Crossfit

[Saigenos one-shot]

A03 Link

It wasn’t every day that your disciple got his ass kicked so hard he didn’t recognize you.  

Or, for that matter, that he declared his love for you in between poor machine gun impressions.

Based on a prompt by @batneko​ : “Genos gets his eyes damaged and doesn’t realize his hearing was damaged too. Saitama doesn’t want to worry him, so when Genos mistakes him for a civilian he just goes with it.  Genos gushes about his sensei.”  (also dedicated to @ftsartblog​ for being an awesome person.)

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Our Last Few Years (High School AU) - Circe

AN: Thank you for the AMAZING feedback, you guys are too much! It’s also really interesting to see where you want this fic to go, and right now my ideas are starting to take shape, but I reckon if there’s an overwhelming desire for an alternative direction, I’ll make it work!

So we’re all ok with gender/sexuality-bending? Good. I’m trying to write as in-character as possible, so please bear with me.

Third chapter is party chapter, and is almost written, so should be up soon!

-       Circe x

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anonymous asked:

A scenario where shin Subaru ayato Yuma are going to play a quidditch match and their lovers kiss them good luck and whispered to then if you win the game I will give you reward can you make this a nsfw sorry about my English

Mun! Madame: Oh my god I love this SO much!! I hope its sinful enough for you ^^ Also please don’t ever apologize for your English, it’s really good! No shame in knowing more than one language anyway ;)

Ayato: “Wait!” He said it a bit too eagerly. She turned on her heel, her hair flipping over her shoulder. “Yes?” He shuffled awkwardly. “You forgot…you know…that thing you do dammit.” He clenched his broom, knitting his brow. She giggled, bringing both her hands to cup her lover’s cheeks, “How could I forget? A good luck kiss for my Captain.” She smiled against his lips, but when he pulled away, she brought him back in, tugging on his bottom lip with her teeth. “Win the game, yeah?” Her hands trailed down below the waist of his pants, rubbing the quickly growing bulge through his boxers, “Because then I’d just have to reward you,” her thumb teased his head, “Wouldn’t I?” Ayato shot her a wild smirk as he pulled her in for another rough kiss, “You got it, Princess.”

Shin: “Good luck,” she smiled, giving his cheek a quick peck. “Ha. Like I need luck. We’re playing against the Hugglepoofs for godsakes.” She rolled her eyes, “Shin, honestly, at least recognize them as a house. Their captain-” “Watch your words woman,” he growled, backing her up against the wall, “Are you saying you don’t think we’ll win?” “Oh, not at all. In fact, I hope you do.” She said, more than just innocently. “Yeah? Why’s that?” He spat, a sadistic smile spreading across his lips as he rested his arm over her head, boxing her in. “Because,” she said simply, leaning in and licking from his chin up to his lips, her pride swelling at the fact that she managed to make him flinch, “I’d have to congratulate you properly.” She flashed a smirk of her own, biting her lip. He snickered, bumping his hips into hers, “Oh we’ll win alright. Just don’t regret when I put that tongue to good use.”

Yuma: She tugged on his uniform, “Yuma!” She pouted, already on her tippy-toes, “Lean down already!” He chuckled, finally lowering his head and offering his up his cheek to her. She gave it a sweet kiss, but then quickly wrapped her arms around his neck, so that she could whisper in his ear, “If you win, I have a surprise for you.” She mused. He scoffed, “Yeah? And what could that be?” His hands went to cup the edge of her butt through her skirt, but his eyes widened as he realized what she meant, “You’re not wearing-” “Ah-ah,” she teased, squirming away, “The Captain will only get sugar if he wins.” She taunted. He tossed his broom over his shoulder dramatically, before giving her a sly wink, “Heh, I’ll win,” he said, “You can bet your ass on that.”

Subaru: Blush covered  the tips of his ears as she kissed his forehead for good luck. “You don’t have to do that,” he grumbled, “It’s weird…” She giggled at that, shaking her head. “You guys are gonna win today, I just know it.” “Maybe.” he said. She sighed, sitting down on his lap and wrapping her arms around his neck, “Subaru, you have to win today.” She insisted. He shot her a weird look, glancing around to make sure no one was there to see them, “Why? It’s not the-” “Because,” she continued, leaning in and just barely brushing her lips over his. “I’m wearing your house colors tonight,” she breathed, eyes sparkling, “I thought maybe we could celebrate by having you rip them off-” He stood up quickly, nearly making her fall over. “Don’t say shit like that before a game!” He walked over to the edge of the tent, his face more than just red now, “I’ll win so just– goddamnit!”

And yes, Shin calls them ‘Hugglepoofs’ lol

(Part 2)

Rob’s Interview with The Sunday Times 

The best thing about Robert Pattinson is how weird he is. If he weren’t acting, he’d be the one in the office grinning with half a mouth and going out of his way to avoid the water cooler. He’s friendly, but weird — with a laugh like Butt-head if he’d gone to a nice independent school in Barnes. We met in May at the Cannes film festival, once he’d finished his cigarette under a sky barely holding its rain. To call his clothes “grunge” would be a disservice to the thought that goes into grunge. It’s just messy: lumberjack shirt, T-shirt, trainers, white jeans. “I’m so hung-over,” he moans, as I turn the tape on. “I feel absolutely disgusting.”

The room is packed with soggy hacks. They sit in clusters, for 15 minutes of R-Patz, for a quote about Twilight to spread over the internet. The vampire saga is over, but remains undead. From 2008 to 2012, those five films, based on Stephenie Meyer’s novels, made £2 billion worldwide and fostered a fan base still fervently in love with their leading man. To many, he will always be Edward, the immortal who cared and fell in love with Bella (Kristen Stewart). They added to the mystique by becoming an off-screen couple, too. Throw in his key role in Harry Potter and it’s unsurprising that the pallid hunk has spent much of his life in the headlines. It’s been an odd coming-of-age for the youngest of three, who grew up in a polite London suburb and, as I find out, doesn’t really like big films.

What he does like is his latest role, in The Rover, an indie thriller from the ­director David Michôd, who hasn’t even seen Twilight. This pleases Pattinson, who talks avidly about the film even though he went to a party last night and “forgot” he had to work. There are few more normal 28-year-old multi­millionaires. We talk about a recent interview for Dior in which he spoke, foolishly, about French girls because, “I was being asked ‘What’s your favourite part of scent?’” He shakes his head at the inanity of the question. “I also told someone I use moisturiser, and then saw it written down — I’ve spent all this time ­trying to get credibility and there’s a f****** headline about moisturiser!’”

The thing is, he’s mortified. All he wants, and needs, now is credibility. He’s loaded: five Twilights and some fashion contracts have sorted that. So, over the past few years, since David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis in 2012, he has been seeking weird, dirty roles. He’s the only actor to have had sex in a limo — on screen — twice this decade. In The Rover, he defecates in a dusty shrub. I put a quote from Catherine Hardwicke, who shot the first Twilight, to him. “Rob’s obviously ridiculously photogenic, but he’s also so talented. I see him creating stylised, odd, wild characters.” He squirms at the first part, but loves the second.

“I’m picking things so strange, they can’t be judged in normal terms,” he says. His brain is creaking; his voice, soft and tired. “If anything’s relatable in a mass way, I don’t know if I can do it. That’s just not how I relate to anything. If there are certain character beats, I’m not going to be able to achieve them. So I like making it my own game. You can invent a new set of ­emotions that don’t even really make sense to you.”

In The Rover he plays Rey, a bloodied drifter in a future Australia, ravaged ­lawless by some unspecified crash. He may be a ­soldier and, as Pattinson puts it, is “handicapped”. The actor is excellent, bringing the baggage of his better-known work to a sombre, serious film — Sad Max, if you like — that pits him against Guy Pearce’s angry Eric. The pretty one sings along to a song that goes: “Don’t hate me ’cause I’m beautiful.” Rey’s teeth are awful: pyramid-sharp and crooked. They remind Pattinson of “the kids at school who didn’t brush their teeth” — the “weirdos”, he smirks. “Always the ones who played too many video games.”

This is what’s fun about Pattinson — or, at least, his hung-over version. There’s no filter. Most big shots would hold back from a slur about people who play video games, as most of them watch their movies, too. But he doesn’t. I suggest that the mentally and physically crooked Rey is his Miley Cyrus moment, a public ruining of something innocent. “It’s like doing Miley Cyrus,” he repeats, grunt-giggling, but I don’t think he ever thought of ­himself as pure. He certainly doesn’t care. He doesn’t even have a publicist. I could have asked who he’s dating, but any answer about that from a globetrotting young heart-throb in May, for a piece in August, felt hopeless. On the way out to Cannes, I read up on his love life. There were rumours about the model Imogen Kerr, and Katy Perry, and Katy Perry’s stylist.

I ask what he thinks he will be rem­embered for, how Google will autofill his name in the future. Stewart — his Twilight co-star, about whom he recently said, “Shit happens” — will always be there. So will Twilight. What else? “Gay?” he laughs. But it’s not really up to you, I add. Yours is an image controlled by manic fans, ones who retweet any news about any role hundreds of times a minute. “They’re very pro­active,” he nods. “Good publicists. But I don’t like referring to them as ‘fans’. I think it’s gross when people are, like, ‘I love my fans!’ You don’t even know them.” He continues, saying he thinks that’s probably dubious as he’s “quite insecure”, before booming, theatrically: “‘How can you ever love me? You don’t!’” I have no idea how much of this conver­sation he will remember.

I grab five minutes with Pearce — who broke away from his teen-sweetheart part, Mike in Neighbours, with a series of sketchy roles in tough films — to see if he has any advice about how to escape a past. He doesn’t envy his co-star, far better known than even he was in the 1980s. “I’m glad I haven’t had to deal with it,” he says, frankly. “It’s pretty full on. Rob’s got a good sense of humour, but it gets to him, totally. He sees Twilight stuff and goes, ‘Eurgh, whatever…’” Pearce can’t help. It’s hard to outrun a quickly lived past. Pattinson went to the same prep school as Tom Hardy, albeit almost a decade later, and I imagine he envies his fellow alumnus’s slow-build career.

“People always ask, ‘Can you actually act?’” Pattinson tells me. He’s frustrated. “Well, what the hell do you think I was doing in Twilight? Good or bad, I was ­acting. It’s the same articles every single time.”

I ask if he has been turned down for roles because of what went before. “One job. It’s only ever been one job, when someone said, ‘I can’t cast you because of Twilight.’” And the film was? “Oh, just some film that flopped anyway.”

He has a list of 20 directors he wants to work with. There is “no career plan”, but he wants “people to have a good time with, to tell your friends about”. As yet unseen are films he has done with Werner Herzog and Anton Corbijn. He has made two Cronenbergs in two years, the second being the Hollywood satire Maps to the Stars. He’s sticking to his word.

“Your last job is your last job, and you’re potentially not ever going to get another job again,” he says. “So, you know, ‘I worked with Werner Herzog’ — that’s better than saying, ‘I’m doing Whatever 3’, when you get a bunch of money and shoot for 11 months and ­promote for eight months and then everyone says it’s shit. I think doing a movie for anyone except yourself is crazy.”

He rambles at length, as passionate ­people do, half monologue, half conver­sation. Revealing snippets come thick and fast. “I hear actors say they don’t read reviews or care about it, and I think they’re making it up. Everybody cares about it.” Or, when I ask about a YouTube video called Robert Pattinson Hates ­Twilight, he shrugs: “I’ve said so many dumb things.” He then accuses critics of giving “more leeway to mainstream ­movies made as entertainment”, and thinks the “crazy”, much derided ­Cosmopolis will find an audience on late-night TV. I hope so. It’s a smart film. “When people make difficult things, it’s hard enough for anyone to see it,” he says. “They are reliant on critics to buoy it up a little bit.” He’s annoyed they often don’t.

If The Rover — shot in a town of 50 ­people, “who live there to get away” — is the remoteness Pattinson craves, then Maps to the Stars is the celebrity he knows. On the shoot for the former, he “stopped wearing fake-dirt make-up and just looked dirty”. In the latter, he wears an awards-show suit and drives around Beverly Hills in a limo with famous actresses. It’s nebulous, with Julianne Moore as a washed-up diva, John Cusack and Olivia Williams a terrifying power couple with awful children, and Carrie Fisher as Carrie Fisher. “I thought it was hilarious,” says Pattinson. “Subversive, combative. But that’s Cronenberg.” He has seen brats like the film’s Benjie (Evan Bird), who has too much too young and loses it all, but doesn’t know why people turn out like that.

Near the end, Pearce bursts through a big curtain and tries to make Pattinson leap into his photoshoot. The younger man curls up. “I hate having my picture taken. Hate it,” he protests. He’s pushed. He flat-out refuses. “I’m way too self-conscious.” He doesn’t want to be the focus of attention any more. Playing leads, he says, isn’t fun. Big movies, he says, aren’t fun. “You just don’t get interesting parts, and you also have to work out tons for a movie you might not like. It’s a big hassle.” He just wants to make weird films and his own weird music. Not that he will release the latter. “I can’t deal with criticism very well,” he sighs. “I’ve already got it from one angle. I don’t need it from anything else.”

The whole day reminds me of the sharpest thing I’ve seen Pattinson say, a joke on an American chat show that sums him up well. It was with Jimmy Fallon, two years ago, when the host said that “millions of Twilight fans” were heartbroken by the end of the saga. “Bittersweet, isn’t it?” he asks. His guest pauses, making as little eye contact then as he did with me. “Erm,” he replies, “for them.” After our interview, I hear him struggle with ­questions about superheroes, and if he could survive an apocalypse. Later, he heads for another cigarette in the rain. “I’m quite good at being by myself,” he told me earlier and, as I watch him, soaking, I believe him. Actually, somewhere in his mind, I think he’s already by himself, all the time.

the devil’s advocate #6.2

chapter 6: if you give a mouse a cookie
: M for mature content (no nsfw)
summary: She pointedly avoided even a single glance downwards, focusing solely on his black eyes. Which might have been a mistake.

And here’s the second part of this chapter! Hope you enjoy!!

read: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6.1 | more | on ff.net

She didn’t have time to process the insanity that had just taken place at her dining table.

Straightening her hair and clothes one last time after she had made it to the door, she finally opened it. The woman waiting on the other side had her hand raised, stopped in the process of knocking.

“Finally,” she exclaimed, retracting her hand to comb it through a curly mane of maroon hair, “I was about to kick the damned door in!”

“How did I know it was you, Cana?” Lucy sighed, smiling at her friend.

“Because you know I wouldn’t let my sick friend suffer alone at home on a friday night?” Cana winked, moving in to hug Lucy to her chest just a little too closely. After an extended moment had passed, Lucy cleared her throat, rolling her eyes when Cana wiggled against her chest one last time before pulling back with a smirk.

“Soft as ever,” she grinned, but then a thought seemed to occur to her. “By the way, what was that weird bang??”

Lucy paled. “I, uh, tripped.”

“Lucy, are you okay? You really do look pale! Did you hurt yourself?”

“Oh, no no,” Lucy laughed weakly, “I’m all fine! Except, of course, the headache. And all.”

Cana gave her a weird look, but then shrugged. “Oh well. Look, I brought you a pretzel. And some of my number one medicine!”

“Cana, that’s a bottle of wine.”

“Exactly,” Cana grinned, waving the bottle in her face before making her way to the living room. There, she sniffed the air in confusion. “Why the hell does it smell like sulfur in here?”

“Oh. Uh. That’s… matches! I used almost a whole pack trying to get the stove to work, it was acting up again,” Lucy lied, scanning the room for anything small and red. Whe she found nothing, she relaxed.

Cana snorted. “Really, Lucy, are you sure you’re not a witch?”

Lucy joined in on her laughter, hoping Cana was finally done with her assessments. It would probably be a good idea to remind her of the wine. In the year Lucy had known her, she had learned that usually proved to be effective.

“So about your medicine…” Lucy grinned. “Should I fetch us some glasses?”

“Oh boy, you really need it, huh? I promise you’ll be cured in no time,” Cana laughed as she sat down on the couch while Lucy went to the kitchen and back. Under no circumstances could she let Cana go in there - the table was still laid, and for two people. Cana would undoubtedly come to only one conclusion - and would probably raid her closet in an attempt to find a naked man hiding in it.

(Still no red lizard sightings. Despite her relief she was curious as to where the little bastard had crawled to.)

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Furry Little Problem

(Found this in my drafts and figured I might as well finish it up. I started writing this pre-return of the Jolly Roger so technically some of the details are now inaccurate. I guess that kind of makes this AU.)

First she’s going to kill David, and then she’s going to kill Killian, and then she’s never going to let him leave the house again. Or, Killian adopts five cats. 

“I may have accidentally adopted five cats.”

The words stopped Emma in her tracks as she entered his room at Granny’s, eyes flying upward to stare at the rather sheepish looking pirate standing before her. She stood frozen by the open door, a bag of takeout hanging limply in her hand as Killian shifted from foot to foot, hooked hand rising to scratch nervously behind his ear. Emma wanted to believe this was little more than a poorly thought out prank, but Killian’s eyes are sincere (and more than a little worried) and she blinked once and then twice because there are cats on the bed. 

“That is the weirdest hello ever,” said Emma after a moment, huffing at herself a little because that is so not the point. Killian’s lips twitched upward, though the worry in his eyes didn’t lessen. Emma quickly tried to arrange her features into an angry expression instead of the open-mouthed shock that had written itself across her face the instant she stepped through the door. She’d just had a long day alone at the station, her back sore from bending over the paperwork David had conveniently forgotten to complete during his shift. All she wanted was to curl up with some grilled cheese, her pirate, and maybe some Netflix, but that clearly wasn’t happening because there are cats on the bed. 

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Three’s Company Two

yes, I saw an opportunity, and I took it. 

Title: Three’s Company
Author of this Chapter: beastladyswag and cherrywhisp (don’t listen to what she says, this is a collab fic! lolz and credit will go where credit is due) 
Rating: T for adult situations

Chapter 1


“So erm, who wants to go first then?” You asked taking a sip of your wine.

“Well seeing as you two have played before, it should definitely be one of you.” Reid took a large gulp of his drink, obviously needing some sort of Dutch courage to play.

Morgan leaned over, topping Spencer’s drink back up.“I’ll go. Never have I ever…… ” He thought for a moment. “Had sex at a workplace.”

He looked around at you both expectantly but neither you or Spencer drank.

“Really Y/N? I was sure I heard a rumor about you and Andy from the third floor?”

“The question was sex right? We didn’t do that.” You grinned.

“Guys is this just going to be sexual questions?” Reid whined from where he’d settled cross legged on your floor.

“Mostly. That’s generally what gets the most reactions….and you get to find out how kinky your friends are.” You laughed as he rolled his eyes at you. He popped his lolli back in his mouth as he waited his turn.

“Okay my turn. Never have I ever taken someone’s virginity.”
You looked at Derek, expecting him to drink. Just as expected, he did. He pulled off his left shoe and tossed it on the floor.

“Your turn kid.” He turned to Spencer, who’s brow furrowed as he tried to think.

“Okay, never have I ever had sex when there’s been someone else in the room.”

“Clarification needed please.” You spoke up after a quick lollipop lick. “Do you mean someone else who isn’t aware of the activities going down, or just that there was more than two people in the room.”

“Yeah I’m gonna need clarity on that one too Reid.”

“Given that you’re both questioning it, I’ll go with the second one.”

Both you and Morgan drank, him pulling his other shoe off and you removing your jacket.

Back to Derek. “Never have I ever…. Watched porn with someone else.”

You drank again removing your belt and you turned to see Spencer pulling his cardigan off and then taking a long sip.

“Nice one Reid!” You held you palm out to him for a high five.

He face flushed as he sheepishly high fived you back.

“You know there’s no way we’re letting you not tell us what happened right?”
Morgan nodded, a wolfish grin on his face.

“Guys, that isn’t part of the rules.” Reid squeaked. You smiled around your lollipop. “It is now.”

Morgan took a sip from his glass. “Go on Pretty Boy. Spill.”

Spencer looked between the two of you, knowing that resistance was futile. Sighing he began. “Alright fine.” You rolled onto your stomach; mind flashing to that episode from Spongebob.

Yay! storytime, storytime, storytime!!

“It was my Senior year in high school, I was 12. It was Monday, November 27th.”

Of course he would remember the exact date. You and Morgan had both thought. I bet he’d tell us the time too. 

“I was walking by the computer science lab when I heard giggling….. It was weird because usually the lab wasn’t open until Wednesday. Curiosity got the best of me and I opened the door. Two of my male classmates—Alex and Mason—were basically, glued to the computer.

They were sitting so close to each other and to the screen that I almost couldn’t see what they were watching. But then, I heard a loud moan. They were watching a porno, one of the classics. The pizza guy had just reached the sorority girls house and realized that the girls had no money, so they offered him another means of ….compensation.”

Both you and Morgan smiled in anticipation. “Go on, don’t stop there man.”

Reid bit his lip in concentration. Slowly going back to that fated day. 

“The girls pulled him inside and took off his clothes before the door even had a chance to shut. Two of them peppered his neck with kisses, while the other 4 stripped in front of him.” 

The color in Spencer’s face began to deepen as he remembered more of the nitty gritty details. 

“I remember thinking that I should probably leave, but I couldn’t. They had the most….amazing bodies. And the way they……kept moaning and grinding up against the pizzaman. I remember feeling very um, warm and uncomfortable,…. but not in a bad way.” 

You looked up at Spencer form your position, utterly entranced.
Judging by the silence next to you, so was Morgan. 

“They sat him down in a chair. One girl poured chocolate syrup across his chest and lapped it up, while two girls knelt in front of him; spreading his legs and rubbing their breasts against the crotch of his pants.”

Without either of your knowledge, Morgan had fiddled with the collar of his black t-shirt and you had swiped your hair off your neck. 

Ooh, this is getting good.

A brief silence followed as Spencer got lost in the memory.

*Their bodies were perfect. They looked so soft and ripe……” Spencer reached up to adjust his collar as he cleared his throat.

God, Reid thought to himself.
I haven’t thought about this since it happened….thank you eidetic memory*

“And then as one of the girls started reaching for his crotch,” Spencer continued. “Mason started reaching towards Max, mirroring her movements. He unzipped his pants, just as the woman on the screen did. Then Max did the same. And all three of them started to slowly move their hands back and forth.After a while Max’s hips started to shake, his hand moving faster on Mason. The room was echoing with their sighs and moans….” 

Suddenly Reid shook his head, snapping himself back to the present. “Um yeah, I just could— didn’t want to watch anymore and headed straight home. I locked myself in my room, but try as I might I couldn’t get what I had seen out of my mind.”

“I bet that was the first time you masturbated.” Morgan giggled as he took a lick —-and quite a lascivious one now that you mention it—of his now half-eaten candy penis. *Calm down* Morgan thought to himself. *its just a friendly little game among friends. Don’t read into it.*

You grinned. "What happened next Spencer?” He shook his head. “Nope, not telling. Anyway I think its your turn.” “Okay.” You popped your own half-eaten sucker into your mouth and began to think.  

Hmmm, something I’ve never ever done….but something good. 

Morgan snuck a glance at Spencer and smiled.

*Pretty Boy’s still a little hot by that memory. I bet he’s starting to have a hard-on. His gaze lowered to Spencer’s crossed legs. Only one way to find out…..* 

As your gaze wandered around the room, trying to find inspiration, Morgan caught your eyes and winked. 

*Come on little Red,* Morgan prayed. *Get the message*

You raised your eyebrows in understanding.
You know it IS Reid’s first time playing, it’s only fair that he be the one to lose. You know, just so he can properly learn to play.

You imperceptibly nodded back at Morgan.

“Okay, that one was a little much.” You said as you casually set aside your piece of candy. “Now lets broaden the spectrum. Never have I ever……been turned on by an extensive knowledge in science.” Reid took a sip from his glass and pulled his watch off, setting it down on the hard wood floor.
Morgan coughed into his hand in a vain attempt to keep the smile from his face.
*And now the real fun begins.*

HA. That’s one. You think to yourself. Now lets see how Morgan does.
You sit up now, completely invested in this new turn of events.

Morgan smiled. “Okay, Never have I ever…….read Karma Sutra.”

Spencer loosened his tie and pulled it over his head. Then took another sip of his wine.

“Atta boy Spencer!” Morgan clapped him on the back. You raised your eyebrows. “Yeah Spence, Who knew?”

Spencer rolled his eyes. “Yeah like you guys have never read it.”

Simultaneously, you and Morgan both shot back “Never needed to.”

You all laughed at that.

Okay that was kind of impressive. You thought to yourself. And you know, Spencer memorizes everything he reads….i wonder what he knows.

You felt the heat rising in your face and shook yourself.
Okay, lets not think about THAT.

Back to Reid, him looking around thoughtfully for inspiration. Catching sight of the furry handcuffs on the floor from the party bag he grinned.
“Never have I ever used handcuffs on someone other than at work.”

Fuck. You and Derek both drank and lost another piece of clothing each, laughing at each other.

“Spence, you’re missing out kid.” Derek directed towards the  genius, you nodding along with him.

Spencer raised his eyebrows at you both before commenting “Never said I haven’t had them used on me…..”

“Kid!” A proud look on Derek’s face.

“That’s hella sexy Spence. Anyway, my turn. Never have I ever read six books in less than forty eight hours.”

“Are you trying to make me lose?” Reid glared at you, taking another drink and removing his belt.

Giggling you manage to say “Hey we said MOSTLY sexual questions.”

The young doctor shook his head, but both you and Morgan could see the smile trying to form. “That’s cheating.”

An idea popped into your head. 

Rolling over onto your back, you locked eyes with Spencer and said in your best ‘come hither’ voice. “Maybe I wanna see what you’re packing underneath those sweater vests you wear all day.”  You picked up your lollipop and slowly pushed it into your mouth, making a show of slowly drawing it back out. 

Dear god when is she going to finish that thing?! Spencer thought as he cleared his throat, as blood rushed to his cheeks. 

You giggled in your head. I bet its rushing to other places too

Morgan chuckled before taking his turn. "Never have I ever made out with a famous actress when I’ve been on a case.”

“That is sooo not fucking fair Morgan. You’re deliberately aiming these at me now.”

“Hey, if Y/N wants to see what’s underneath that shirt, then I’m more than happy to help get the lady what she wants.”

Reid reluctantly drank again, topping his glass back up before tugging off a sock.

He looked at you, seeing you were clearly at a slight disadvantage already, the boys having more layers on to begin with.

“Well if she’s trying to get me naked, it’s only fair I retaliate right?
Never have I ever kissed a boy. ”

You drank and pulled your vest off and over your head, seeing Morgan removing his belt and taking a large gulp

Both you and Spencer turned to Morgan slackjawed.

“Wait what!?”

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