i know it's probably done heaps but


i cant believe friggen trash manga prisma illya gave me some quality Sakura x Shirou content before Ufotable

I’ve been hesitant to make a post about it bc i don’t want to give anyone the impression prisma illya is at all quality, its got so many more problematic elements then you can count, but i am me, and i cannot ignore the siren call of otp content so here we are

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we are not heroes by outofcases

word count: 47k+

chapters: 7/7

rating: T

Zayn is just your average guy, if you discount his shadowy past and the fact that he can read minds.  It’s not his fault that the friends he’s gathered over the years are adamant about saving the world.  All he’s doing is trying to survive, but that’s no easy task when things seem to be against him at every turn.  He’s not a hero.  None of them are, and he’s not going to change his mind about it.  It’s just hard when the world seems determined to prove him wrong.

Throw in a power-hungry super villain, a slew of well-intentioned disasters, an ensemble of willing and gifted friends, and a heaping spoonful of idiotic self-sacrifice, and you might just have yourself an origin story.