i know it's not until tomorrow people

1. Equate your own skin to silk and believe it is just as
priceless to match. Your body is a temple you’ve never been
very good at praying toward; it’s time to finally appraise
the stardust inside of you.

2. You will command your hands to push paint to a canvas
and a pen to paper. You will create, create, create until you
feel as full of color as your artwork. 

3. ‘Tomorrow’ will not be a terrifying word anymore.
You will train myself to take time by its clock hands like 
a horse, rein in positivity and the courage to say that you
will not be a victim of your disorders. 
(This war was never theirs to win in the first place.
Their blades hold no advantage over your bite.)

4. I will only give advice when asked for it. I will only 
take peoples’ hearts in mine if I know what is within
them. I will not let myself breathe in their blood like
air, like I need it to survive. I will learn that I only 
need myself. Always.

5. Your bedroom is not a tomb. Your house is not a
home, but it’s not a prison either. Make the best out
of bad situations from now on. Self-pity isn’t pretty.

6. Quit drinking rum while you’re sad. Actually, quit
drinking while you’re sad in general. The higher your
blood/alcohol content does not equal how high your
spirits lift. Leave the bottle alone and write.

7. You do not need to evaluate every sentence someone
mutters in your direction. You are not the center of 
everything. You are not the sun, but when you are at peace
with yourself the light you give off could burn a hole 
through every tear you’ve ever cried. Remember that.

8. Be okay without him.

9. Be okay without him.

10. Be okay without him.

—  resolutions for my future self in 2016 (a letter) // Haley Hendrick


Tomorrow is the day, the day that we have longed for and dreaded for quite some time. The feelings that we have put into this show for 2 years is about to come to its climax. Will Serena stay in Kalos or will she venture with Ash? Honestly Amourshipping is everything to me and you amazing people in this community are like my family, so I do hope that she stays and we get to keep living this dream. However, if fate doesn’t shine on us tomorrow, I want you all to know that the memories that we have made with each other will last a life time and we will always have a special fondness in our hearts for the events that have taken place. AMOURSHIPPING UNTIL THE VERY END!!!

Siren!AU (ua but whevs)


The messages left will be answered tomorrow and the last situation, the KageHina one, I wanted to ask you all if you’d like it to be smut or kind of comic fluff?

Because I’ve got the outline but I don’t know which one y’all prefer! So let me know and tomorrow before 5pm I’ll add it here or post it on its own. Either way, let me know, smut or comic fluff? I’LL BE WAITING GUYS


The thing is that as a siren, you forget the stuff your voice does to people, and if you get distracted, this ends up affecting your daily routines. Take Hinata Shouyou, a male with sunkissed hair and personality so sweet you’d forget how scary he is… until he was. 

And this is the list of times people forgot. 

And he did too. 


The first time it happened was after practice on a Thursday. Everyone was tired, it was almost 11 and after hours of jumping and running, planning out new attacks and strategies, they all felt more than a little beat up.

Hinata, enlightening his own mood began to sing the little song that had been stuck in his head throughout the week. 

Twenty four oceans
Twenty four skies
Twenty four failures
Twenty four tries
Twenty four finds me
In twenty-fourth place
Twenty four drop outs
At the end of the day
Life is not what I thought it was
Twenty four hours ago…

The voice echoed through the walls, flowed like water. The sound, the voice, it all was organic in a way, the lyrics, they felt as if you could touch them and they’d be the softest thing you’ve ever held… but the source, Hinata, at this very moment, was indescribable. From Asahi to Nishinoya, they all turned around, took some steps, reached out, because ‘Damn, Hinata is truly beautiful.’

Somehow, even the sound of the showers was quieter, apalled by the  etherealness oozing out of the teen. 

Since when was his skin so pure?

His lips so tempting?

His hair so bright?

Since when-

It had taken the spiker a moment to realize he had sung, in front of everyone. And wasn’t surprised to find his teammates surrounding him in a circle, some reaching out, some looking so in love they’d die for him.  “Guys?”

And with that, they all woke up from the trance he’d put them into. And with awkward “Your singing’s really good, you should do it more often…” and “Sorry for getting so close…” sentences with the variations, they scattered away, leaving a blushing Hinata to realize he really should remember to stop singing. 


The same happened during camp. Except this time, he didn’t get himself wished, simply helped the other out… sort of.

Everyone was about to go to sleep, early practice tomorrow, they all needed rest. But of course before that, came dinner.

The thing is, the team would’ve had a very normal night if it wasn’t for the Folgers’ Coffee jingle. 

Oh, the best part of waking up
Is Folgers in your cup!

And he repeated that a few times, slowly, pouring the words as he sipped his coffee. When he turned around, everyone was asleep. Either on each other or over the table. It was the rhythm he sung the jingle, Hinata assumed, that had caused this effect on the others.

It had been very problematic to wake them up. Specially because no one knew why they were asleep. Or why they were being woken up for that matter.


Hinata Shouyou was scary during a match, every opponent they ever faced knew as much to say it without a doubt. They also knew they needed to focus on him, but not too much, just enough to stop him, most of the times too distracted with him to stop the actual attacks.

But when he did. It was truly a sight. 

So when that sight begs you to watch it, and you swear the gaze the source of it all is giving you is loving, there’s no way you can pull out, get away, because you’re already trapped. 

And for Nekoma, all it took was for him to hum along to Pink Floyd and they were at his feet. He wasn’t doing it on purpose, Hinata didn’t even realize he was doing it until the court went quiet. And all eyes were on him. 

They won that match… he also got more than a few numbers. 

He didn’t want to call that cheating, that victory, it wasn’t even on purpose. Still, he swore to never sing during a match again, practice or not, he didn’t want any extra advantages. 

i know the day isnt over for everyone and that its only around 8 on the west coast, but im really proud of all my lgbt folks, especially us in the US, for getting through today. i know at points it may have seemed impossible, but you did it. ESPECIALLY to my closeted people who had to be around family all day, trying your hardest to act okay, counting down the hours until it would be an acceptable time to turn in so we can finally shut the door and cry. i am so, so proud of you all. tomorrow is another day. we will take it one day at a time, grieving together, learning about the people we lost and celebrating their extraordinary lives. we will get through it. there is hope for our futures. i know its hard to see that light right now, but the air will clear as we work through this together. i believe in all of you and im incredibly proud and inspired by all of your strength.


Steve x Reader

Your heater is not working and its cold outside so you have to ask your neighbor to stay at their place for the night. 


“Mom I don’t know what to do. The people said they can’t fix the heater till tomorrow.” You say on the phone. You’re wrapped in 5 different blankets with 5 different types of warm clothes on. You figure you will never be warm again untill you enter hell. 

“Well how cold is it?” 

“I can see my breath.” 

“Oh, honey you can’t stay there.” 

“I realized that mom. That’s why I’m calling you to ask what I should do.”

“Stay at a hotel.” 

“The roads are closed. There’s at least 5 inches of snow outside.” 

“Go to a neighbors.”

“Mom!!” You yell. One neighbor was an extremely unfriendly old man that slightly scared you. The other one was nice, shy and awkward and really hot. 

“You asked me for advice and I’m giving it to you. You can’t stay at your house to I advise you to hike it to a neighbors. Put on your big girl pants and deal with it!” She yelled through the phone. Nothing like getting your ass kicked by your mom. You hung up the phone and grabbed a pillow and stared at the door. 

You decided to go over to the nice neighbor how was shy and awkward and hot. The old man would just lock you outside. 

You walked over the house that was roughly the same small size as yours. Brooklyn houses are small and very expensive. 

You stare at the door ready to knock on it. Your heart is beating and you are quite nervous. This is going to be so awkward. You knock on the door and hear someone come to the front of the house. 

“Ms. (y/l/n)?” The man said as he opened the door and let you in. 

“It’s (y/n). And I have a huge favor to ask. Can I stay for a night here. My heater isn’t working and I would ask Mr. Davis but he kind of scares me. The repair guys are coming tomorrow so I’ll be out of your hair by morning. I can take the couch. You know what, I’ll just ask Mr. Davis. I mean his dogs don’t bite do they?-” You start nervously rambling on and on. And the man in front of you just starts to laugh. 

“Hey, hey (y/n). It’s fine you can stay here.” He says calming you down and you blush beet red. His short blonde hair is a little messy. He has kind blue eyes and a nice smile. He’s taller than you and looks like he could kick your ass if he really wanted to. He’s extremely handsome and it kind of takes you off guard. How could someone so good looking be so nice? And how is possible that he is all alone and not married or doesn’t have a girl friend with him? 

“Thanks, Steve is it?” 

“Yeah.” Then there’s this awkward silence that makes you want to cut off your fingers. 

“Are you hungry?” 

“Yeah sure.” 

Steve makes some soup and you offer to help him. 

“You’re the guest” He says placing some soup in front of you. You felt bad since you had invited yourself over to his house and intruded on his Tuesday night. 

“Thank you so much.” 

“Really (y/n) its no problem.” He said smiling. You found it easier to talk to him as dinner went on. It became less awkward between you to, and you were so thankful. 

“Do you want to watch a movie?” He asks after dinner. 

“Sure what do you have?” You ask and he points you towards a place with all kinds of movies. 

“I see you like some classics.” You say noticing his collection. Most are black and white and all of them are old, but classic. 

“How about Singing in the Rain?” 

“Sounds good to me.” 

“Can we watch the sing along version?” You ask him and he laughs making you smile. 

“Can you sing?” 

“Well…no. Can you?” 

“Not even a little bit.” 

“So the sing along version it is.” 

“I can do that dance move” You say in the middle of the movie. 

“Oh can you now” Steve says almost daring you. 

“You don’t believe me!” You say acting insulted. You pause the movie and stand in front of the movie. You blush but dance in front of him and he bursts out laughing. 

“Aww. Steve don’t laugh! Can you do better?” 

“I don’t dance.” 

“It’s not hard. Just pop it, lock it, polka dot it, countrify it.” You recite from your favorite movie as a kid. 

“Where is that from?”

Hannah Montana The Movie.” 

“Hannah Montana?” 

“Oh, my gosh Steve! You haven’t seen Hannah Montana! My 11 year old self is so disappointed at you. Forget Singing in the Rain! You need to watch a real movie” 

“Is there also going to be a sing along version?” 

“Yeah! And the bonus features have dance lessons!” You say excitedly and Steve just shakes his head but he laughs. By the end of the night Steve can some what Pop it and lock it. 

“Good night Steve.” You said as you laid down on the couch. 

“What are you doing?” 

“Well I thought I was going to sleep, if you want me to leave I can…” You say anxious. 

“Relax (y/n), I was just wondering why you would sleep on the couch.” 

“Because I’m the guest? Is this a trick are you trying to get me into bed with you” 

“No, you deserve the bed because you are the guest. Come on follow me.” Steve says and you instantly blush about the whole bed thing. 

You follow him into his room and its surprisingly super clean. You don’t know why you are so amazed, his whole house is clean. He quickly goes into the bath room and changes into sweat pants. 

“Here, you can sleep here tonight and I’ll take the couch.” You feel guilty but thankful at the same time. You felt it was a little impossible that Steve Rogers was even a real person and not a saint. He still has time to get his sainthood though, maybe you could enter him for consideration. 

“Steve wait.” You say without thinking and your heart starts beating loud and fast and you start to sweat. Please don’t say what you want to, you plead with yourself. 

“There’s enough room for both of us.” Damn it! You just had to open your big mouth, you just had to say something. Steve’s going to take one look at you and laugh or kick you out. This is why you can’t-

“Is this some kind of trick to get me in bed with you?” He mocks before sitting down on his bed. He looks at you and smiles. You feel your heart pick up it’s pace again. 

“Shut up!” You say throwing a pillow at him before you lay next to him and feel warmth surround your body. 

You. Yes you. You are beautiful. You are worth it. Dont give up. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever. You are important. You might not see it but you will. Love yourself. I know its hard, so ill love you until you learn to love yourself. Actually ill love you after that to. You are perfect. My ask box is always open if you need someone to talk to. Im pretty good at making people laugh:)