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Hello! I just stumbled on this blog by complete accident, and it's interesting to read your posts about akechi! I'm sorry if this actually comes of rude or ignorant or whatever, but i'm genuinely curious about life in orphanages in japan. Your akechi seems to be awfully not fond of it, and i guess the same with go with canon akechi actually. What are you thoughts?

OH MY GOSH? im really flattered that you found them interesting, and im more flattered that you actually want to hear my thoughts on such a delicate subject. youre not being rude or anything!!

i very well cant give proper opinions on a subject without laying down the facts first, though, and surprisingly, other than passing mentions and links to an article or two, no one really talked about just how awful the system is in japan, and in turn how it affected goro, so let me talk about the system while adding in my own commentary


spoilers and very, very, very, VERY heavy text under the cut. im so sorry mobile users

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Orange is the New Black, Season 5 - Review

Orange is the New Black always ceases to amaze me as to how it can stay relevant and strong for being on for so long.  Yet, I shouldn’t be surprised.  Coming from the person who just watched the entire new season the day it released.  Part of me wants to know, what am I going to do now?  While my other half is trying not to cry because I have to wait another year for the next season.  I NEED MY CLIFFHANGER ANSWERED NOW! *sighs*

It’s time to hide from the pepper spray spoiler bullets in… now!  Turn around and avoid the spoilers.

It was glad we picked up exactly where we left off.  Our minds were put at ease right away instead of waiting and thinking will she shoot CO Humphrey.  and she ultimately does but thankfully it is not fatal.  I mean it would’ve been if Gloria didn’t have Dayanara’s back and instantly went and got Humphrey help.  and I also love how Gloria took the gun from Dayanara to protect her.

I liked that Sophia helped Adarsh fix his wound but after that.  Sophia was never seen again after going to Max.  Which, I truly wish she was more involved in the season but after going through what she did.  Time away from that hellish riot was exactly what she needed.

Speaking of the full scale riot, I am glad the entire season focused on it.  We all saw a season coming based off a riot because it wouldn’t be prison without a good ole fashioned riot.

The riot was for a good cause trying to get their conditions improved as well as justice for Poussey.  Sadly along the way, the lines got blurred as factions started forming and heads started butting.

and the power mainly laid in the hands of whomever had CO Humphrey’s gun in their possession.  My favorite thing that happened was when Angie and Leanne had the power and made the guards do a talent show.  It was hilarious.

Two other favorite scenes were them burning the Cheetos because they were basically a bribe.  the other favorite scene(s) were when Cindy was alone and all kinds of creepy shit was happening to her.  Each and every time something creepy was happening she was basically like ‘hell no. I’m out’.

Now, some characters really grew this season or had interesting events happen to them.  Examples:
  • Taystee with making the strong speech to the press about the conditions inside.  And then being the mediator to iron out the final details to getting their demands met.
  • Dayanara being able to use her artistic skills and owning up to her actions
  • Soso finding a way to channel the anger surrounding Poussey’s death into the memorial which was truly spectacular and moving.  and then in the finale, where she was fighting the system that killed her love by not listening to their demands and having to be carried out.  That seen alone was extremely moving and powerful.
  • Red went from wanting to kill Priscatella to letting him go because she could see he was sorry for what he has done.

and my all time favorite quote from this season has to be “I told you Suzanne, you’re in Bitchfield now.”  It made me laugh so hard and if you somehow managed not to laugh at this quote.  How!?

Lets talk about Priscatella, ugh what an asshole.  Kidnapping the girls one by one and threatening to harm them because it would hurt Red.  It was truly cruel what he did to Red.  But, we all know justice came in the end when the Calvary stormed in and accidentally killed him.  I was completely shocked when I saw it happen.

and finally, let me talk about the finale.  I lost my shit when Piper proposed to Alex.  I let out a high pitched screech out of excitement.  Just hell yes!  Vauseman for the win.  Those two smolbeans are perfect for one another especially with all the history they have between each other and always finding their way back to one another.

Gosh, I thought I was emotional after that nope.  My emotions just kept on skyrocketing as the prisoners being escorted out were separated onto buses.  Flaca and Maritza being separated.  nooo…. I am not emotional I swear.  Fudgesicle.

After they were separated.  I was like.  There is no way in bloody hell could I get more emotional.  Oh wait.  I did.

The ending had me like…

Originally posted by vernybvitday

The ending was everything and more.  Red, Alex, Piper, Cindy, Suzanne, Taystee, Gloria, Nicky, Blanca, and Frieda were the last remaining prisoners down in the out of commissioned pool.  Instead of going down fighting, their mentality went to united we stand and together we fall.

Like shit!  THEY ALL JOINED HANDS AND BECOME ONE UNIFIED FRONT.  As the door blew off its hinges and the screen turned orange.

like you know motherfudging what!?  I need to know if my babies are okay because if the Calvary needs to physically harm them, they are allowed because the asshole governor signed off on it.  Asdfghjkl.

to everyone in the same boat as I currently am, HOW CAN WE WAIT!?  Ugh.


No one tagged me but I want to do it sooooo

  • rules: copy and paste, answer the questions, tag 10 people to do the same!

1. What is your favorite Nancy Drew game and why?

ASH 5ever, for reasons I’ve already subjected you to endless gushing about over the years. SHA, because I’m from/in soulmates with the Southwest (the same part of Arizona, actually) and the game captures it perfectly, and is perfect in every other way. MHM, because you can’t beat a quintessential haunted Victorian, and for nostalgia reasons mentioned below.

2. Have you played all 32 games in the series? If not, which ones haven’t you played? If yes, which one did you play first?

Yep. My first was MHM in 2001. I was already into the books, and I’ve always been intensely obsessed with ghosts, so the title and cover caught my eye at the store. The screenshots in the fold-out cover with their eerie captions captured my imagination. After that it was all I could think about. I talked about it every day for weeks, until eventually I came home from playing and found it sitting on my bed. We couldn’t afford it and I didn’t really expect to get it, so I was beyond excited. Playing in the dark that night was magical. Now I hunt ghosts in Gettysburg with access to an endless supply of haunted houses, but the Golden Gardenia is my favorite.

3. What is your favorite quote from any character in the series?

“It’ll be brief, painful, and full of garbage, but that’s life, isn’t it?” “It’s good to know you’re keeping the mean streets of Pancake City free from crime!” Everything Alexei says.

4. If you could change the ending to any game, which one would it be (no spoilers, though)?

The Silent Spy would have a satisfying ending that did justice to the deep and complex story it had up until then, instead of the rushed, haphazard nonsense we got.

5. Which game is your least favorite, and why?

MED is possibly the absolute worst, for too many reasons to unpack in a paragraph.

6. Which character is your favorite? Why?

do I even need to say it

7. Which character is your least favorite? Why?

Rick Arlen and Tino Balducci. I’ve had to deal with so many of that brand of sleazebag in real life, they make my blood boil.

8. How do you feel about the whole Nancy/Ned vs. Nancy/Frank situation? Do you ship her with someone else? Who, and why?

I don’t think Nancy is particularly interested in either of them, or in settling down at all. To be completely honest, I like the idea of Nancy casually hooking up with hot people she meets on cases, then dashing. I’m especially fond of the idea of her and Zoe having an ongoing rivals-with-benefits thing.

9. Do you have any fun headcanons about any of the games or characters?

Until we met him in person, I used to headcanon that the reason we could never quite catch up with Sonny Joon was because he was in space. I’m convinced that Thornton Hall and Hurley’s train are really haunted. Jamila blogs about classic sci-fi. My crack headcanon about Alexei being a serial killer is a running joke among my entire household. And in my mind, practically every character is queer.

10. If you could visit any of the game locations, which ones and why?

Japan is my #1 travel goal, so the Ryokan Hiei would be first. I would love to be in Nancy’s shoes when there are no other guests left and she has the whole place to herself. Iceland is my #2 travel goal. I’d own the Golden Gardenia, because it ticks every box on my ultimate fantasy home checklist. I’d spend a couple days at Thornton Hall with my ghost hunting squad. I’d deliberately book a room at Wickford Castle when there was a snowstorm forecast, and do exactly what you do in the game. Shadow Ranch, because out in the middle of the Southwest desert is my place. Alexei’s shop, where we would complain for hours while I bought everything in sight. tbh the only place in the games that I wouldn’t want to visit is jail.

11. Did you read any of the original Nancy Drew books? If yes, do you like them? If no, would you consider reading one?

Yeah, I started reading them shortly before I discovered the games. They’re charming, and I enjoy the detailed descriptions of Nancy’s outfits and Hannah’s meals. But they’re also pretty simplistic and frequently racist. Most of my favorite books are more recent. I really like the Girl Detective series, especially Lights, Camera… and the sequel Action! They’re begging to be adapted for a game.

12. What is one thing any good detective can’t live without?

I’m gonna copy and paste what @nancydrewcomplex​ said, because it’s on point… “A smartphone for taking notes, allowing friends to find your location when you are inevitably kidnapped or entombed, social media stalking your suspects, some quick research, and most importantly the camera for swiftly taking pictures of evidence and journal pages and things you otherwise can’t risk taking the time to read at that very moment.”

13. Which game had the best soundtrack?

CLK’s use of the 1930s sound is 👌👌👌 FIN’s music couldn’t be more perfect for a darkened historic theater. It’s mysterious, magical and haunting, like remnants of the music that played in the theater during its 1910s heyday. I love how CAR has carousel music not just on the ride itself, but worked into the many of the songs. Sometimes it’s creepy, sometimes dreamy, like the ballroom theme, which evokes ghostly ladies and gentlemen waltzing around the haunted house that was once the Galaxy Ballroom. And of course, MHM’s soundtrack is a classic. It captures the feeling that the mansion is an isolated bubble of its own history and secrets, unconcerned with the world passing by outside. I love that each room has its own theme, like characters, from the eerily faded saloon music in the basement to the Chinese room to the dark, forgotten sound of the attic.   

14. What is one thing you wish HER would’ve included in any of the games (a conversation, interaction, location, feature, etc)?

More recurring characters. So many of them are way too great to only use once. Also more background on everyone. A big part of the reason I love Alexei so much is that he’s one of the few characters we get extensive background details on.

15. Do you have any ideas for a future game? What is it?

Tons! I’ve posted a couple, with plans for many more.

16. How long does it take you to finish a game from start to finish?

Depending on how many times I’ve played it, anywhere from two to eight hours. Hard to fathom now that my first playthrough of MHM took months. I didn’t yet have the internet to find a walkthrough and would put it aside for awhile when I got really stuck.

17. Did any of the games scare you? If yes, which ones? If no, why?

My first time playing MHM, the “I see you” on the stairs scared me so bad that I never used those stairs again, I took the creaky ones every time. The dog attack in Ghost Dogs scared me to death as a kid. Being outside when the howling started and Red saying “get back in the house” was super effective. It’s hard to scare me anymore, yet I dread going near the burned out ruins in GTH. The bad vibes are so oppressive it’s like static electricity.

18. Why did you join the Nancy Drew fandom here on tumblr?

I didn’t know there was one when I started this blog. I’d seen other “_______ things” blogs and kept thinking of Nancy Drew things. I doubted there were any other serious fans, let alone adults, but figured I’d make the blog anyway if only for my own enjoyment. I was thrilled to hit 20 followers. I was totally blindsided by how fast it took off. I’m continuously grateful and amazed by how wonderful my experience of this fandom has been.

19. What is your favorite Nancy Drew joke (from in-game or even floating around the internet)?

I get a kick out of how SPY is the “namedrop all the fandom’s jokes about Nancy” game. I did not expect how feelsy they managed to make the horse shirt.

20. Who is someone in the clue crew you’ve always wanted to get to know?

Everyone I used to follow has left :’(

21. What are three unpopular opinions you hold about the games?

Ned is annoying and bland af. I don’t mind Fox and Geese. DOG is visually ugly (imagine how much it could’ve been improved by being set in autumn!) and kinda boring.

22. Do you have any fun theories about any of the games?

I know the dates don’t line up, but I love the theory about Lizzie Applegate and Diego Valdez being Frances and Dirk under new identities. The prop lady is Nancy as an old lady, which is why the prop room is full of souvenirs from her cases. Aunt Eloise writes about Nancy’s adventures under the pen name Carolyn Keene, hence the box of yellow-spined books in her house.

23. Who was your favorite animal character featured in the games?

Iggy with his tiny outfits >w<

24. Do other people in your life know about your love for Nancy Drew?

To know me is to know about it. It’s too important a part of my identity to keep on the DL. And I’ve gotten all my siblings and even an in-law into it, so no one’s judging.

25. How long have you been playing these games?

Since 2001, when I was nine.

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Hello, loves! I had a day off (considering I literally worked for approximately fourteen-plus hours yesterday, I needed it, and I’m about to work six days in a row) and so, I have finished another request!


Now, I feel I should explain a few things first, to do with how I had to do this request, but first I shall quote said request:

“hey could you do a maze runner imagine, where the reader is the only girl in the glade and shes a runner, and one day she doesnt make it out so everyone thinks she died but actually wckd took her? So they meet again after some years when they all escape. (And maybe shes together with newt). I hope you understand what I mean and it isnt to much :) And I really like your imagines so far :)”

This one has been a bit challenging for me, because…well, I couldn’t quite figure out how to do it within canon standards—Newt being a non-immune and the Flare Virus being airborne.

Therefore, I’ve taken a few liberties. I’ve noticed, in the movie-verse, it seems that the Flare is not airborne—it seems to be transmitted by biting (which, book-wise, would make enough sense, as the past-Gone Cranks attempt to consume humans), so theoretically, I went with open wounds and by blood—which I think is far easier for me to have Newt survive in that case, than if the virus is airborne and, book-wise, inevitably transmitted to nearly every human.

Equally, I found it a bit hard to figure out what to do with the reader for “some years,” so…well, you’ll see.

I’ve blended the book and movie a bit, though it might not be noticeable—it might be me being paranoid about my writing, but I figured I’d throw you lot the warning.

I hope I’ve done your request justice, Anon—please let me know if you like it!

Everyone, if you read this to the end, please let me know if you’d like a part two? I feel it could, potentially have one, and while it might come a ways down the line, if there’s enough demand, I’ll do it when next I sit down to write, dears.

Faster. I have to go faster. It’s catching up. These are the only words in my head, the only thing I can think; my ribs ache and my sides burn, my legs are ablaze and the breaths I take slice through me.

I can’t run faster.

But the Griever is following me, catching up, too fast to escape, and I scream when its blubbery, wet skin finds me.

I’m sure I’m Stung. I’m dead. It’s all over.

But all I know, thereafter, is that it’s pulling me in…

And I can’t fight it.

The last I can think is of the faces I know. Minho, Ben, Alby, Zart, Gally…


I cling to the thought of him until I lose consciousness.

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if it helps search for it, "Andrew said that he started with Light and Breath, and then Time and Space, as the things you need for creation. Light and Breath being the more metaphysical concepts (especially influenced by Western canon/Christian thought, given that that's deeply fused to our culture), Time and Space being the more quantifiable ones."

Ahhh. That’s a much more detailed comment from her, and gives us some very important information, also confirming some details about how/when Andrew went about coming up with the aspect system that I’d suspected but wasn’t sure of.

Here is the complete comment she wrote on reddit:

I’m gonna hop in from here if that’s okay!! This is another good post.

Andrew said that he started with Light and Breath, and then Time and Space, as the things you need for creation. Light and Breath being the more metaphysical concepts (especially influenced by Western canon/Christian thought, given that that’s deeply fused to our culture), Time and Space being the more quantifiable ones.

He didn’t come up with all twelve aspects right away, either; just the first four, and then the others when he got to that part of the story.

Anyway all this is to basically say that god tier aspects really really invite speculation because there is just enough open space to be fascinating—but no test will really do it. You’re better off thinking it over yourself and choosing what feels right to you.

For a while I was going with Heir of Void as a title for myself but after more stuff I decided on Rogue of Void, it works for me. This was actually two years ago when Andrew put together an info thing for himself on GT aspects—so before Roxy I guess.

I guess the takeaway here is that it’s not really about minutiae; like Homestuck the story and Sburb the game, it’s more about character, both in what your title will be and how your role will take shape. No guarantee that two Rogues of Void will have the exact same abilities, they’ll just be very similarly shaped due to their titles.

Also inversion isn’t a thing I beg everyone to please stop saying inversion

And, similarly important, here’s an earlier response of hers that was quoted just before this:

[…] I’m always really curious to see how people go about coming up with their unified god tier title theories but it seems to me that people pull waaaay too much into it—the titles are meaningful, but definitely do not define every aspect of a player/character, and usually aren’t as all-reaching as they’re posited to be. (For instance: Jade was definitely not using space when she put the bunny together; if anything, she was using her faculty for scientific gadgetry. Not every action a character takes or every thought they have is a result or reflection of their class or aspect.)

I have a lot to say about all this, though I still stand with inversion theory! My extensive comments under the cut.

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Lessons in Preventing Scurvy

So one of the things I love about looking up quotes to supplement the answers and analysis from my wonderful followers’ astute questions is that I find things I don’t expect along the way. This was an observation/connection I found while answering this ask regarding Lord John. 

It deals with spoilers from Dragonfly in Amber and Voyager so you know the drill…

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So was thinking about Cain being brought up again but /without/ Colette and his ablitity to control the mark was textually states as self-control/power not "power of love", and now if Colette isnt going to be brought up again(and not left out in a it's obvious and important that shes left out way) in 10x14, just hypthetically, what would you think that would mean? that Sam will save Dean hence them reframing Cain/Colette by excluding the romantic love part? Or would that not change anything?

I’m starting to get an itchy feeling that this Colette thing might be the most wasted ink we’ve ever spilled. :P *spills some more since we’ve got a tight deadline for whimsical discussion of one of the heavier weights ever dropped on the story* Because, you know, after so much stress, 90% of my expectation is that no expectations either way will be met at all in 10x14, given we’ve elevated this particular dynamic to such a ridiculous level of importance. :P

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SU Theory

Oh my god so this thought just came into my head and it kinda terrifies me, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is like a genuine known theory and everyone but me already knows about it but I haven’t seen anyone talk about it so here goes:


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